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Re: Got Questions About the Trenc Micro 2013 Titanium Antivirus Plus? Ask the Experts!

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I have interested in Micro Trend. I however would love to get your premium protection with all of the other programs included. How does it work if I purchase this but want to get the other progrmas you office on your website? What can I say I want it all. Continue Reading


Re: Floral lace dish set

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No cannot find out anything either. I called QVC and Temptations with no help. I am waiting for it also. Continue Reading


Re: New QVC trick...

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Ok. I will say this. Alot of item ship directly from the vendor. When you place your order it is sent relatively quick to the vendor so your order can ship. If you are unsure about ordering something put it on check status till you have time to check it out. Continue Reading


Re: Accessorize the FunTab Pro 7" 8GB Android 4.0 Kid Friendly Tablet w/Apps by Ematic!

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I would like to know if the app store has free apps or are all of the apps only available to buy at a fee. That for me would be alot of money to spend when I have to purchase two tablets. Please advise. Continue Reading


Re: WEN to Be Smart, Just don't fall for it - WEN by Chaz Dean

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I have been so curious about this product. I am not a rich person but love to make my hair look better. I did start using Ojon and have had better results with it since starting to use it. But always look for the the next best thing. My only issue is my Ojon is like $90 probably for two 33 oz bottles and have been using them for over a year (only need 1 pump for my hair below my shoulders). When I watched the WEN show that was offering free shipping Chaz said he used 1 to 2 pumps and the models with longer hair like mine or longer only used 2 to 4 pumps. Well if you look at their website it s... Continue Reading

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