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Re: Enter Our Dell Days Sweepstakes!

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Lemonade for the drink. The tartness combined with the right hint of sweetness is so satisfying! Food- all the fresh vegetables and fruit available --- tomatoes and watermelon. Grilling rounds out the favorites too! Continue Reading


Re: Enter Our Dell Days Sweepstakes!

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Fantasy trips--- Hawaii, Israel. At this moment, more important to us is, just getting away for a while. We need it! A quiet place that we can just refresh ourselves. Nothing fancy just beautiful scenery, maybe a waterfall and being left alone. Continue Reading


Re: Have questions about the Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Tracfone w/1200 min/text/data? Ask our Tracfone Team of Experts!

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You said it can't scan bar codes, isn't that a function of the app though? Can it scan a QR Code? Is the Service Date a year from the Activation? Will this phone be updated to Jellybean? Thank You! Continue Reading


Re: Enter Our Dell Days Sweepstakes!

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The memories that stand out the most is when my husband got a deal on tickets to a local amusement park that for us is a 2 1/2 hour drive. We planned many months ahead, not only to purchase the tickets, but the actual getting ready for the trip. I started writing lists of EVERYTHING we needed, what luggage, the contents, and the bag they were packed in. I made so many lists that those lists had lists, and those lists... After all the planning the actual day was so wonderful. No more lists! Of course only after every item was checked off those lists. Going and being in that moment is always a ... Continue Reading


Re: Enter Our Dell Days Sweepstakes!

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At this moment I do not have a tablet. That does not mean I can't imagine the the things I want to do----Play Candy Crush, and the Farm Animal Saga, and I saw a Garfield game, and many, many more. I like to be productive by getting our banks app to make it easier to mange online. Like to go to favorite websites and get the exclusive content offered. Hmm, like to browse with convenience of a small device while I lay in bed, or easily carry to needed location. Just want the take advantage of all the new ways of interacting I see and hear about with a tablet. Oh, of Course Go to QVC! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone remember this host?

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On 4/30/2014 kachina624 said: Does anyone remember Donna Harfenist? She was a favorite of mine. I believe she left to have a baby and became a sahm. She was one of the classiest hosts. Donna is an interior designer here is her site. Started to like Patricia when she called her wedding the "coronation" and liked how she talked about her daughter. Daliza was always warm and bubbly definitely a fave. Agree with you curlywhitedog, miss all those host. The Good ol'Days! Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ April Thread

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On 4/29/2014 grandma r said: ITA, Remee. I truly believe these writers are trying to tank GH. Today's episode was interrupted by ABC News to cover a press conference by the NBA commissioner. Not really an event that had to be covered live, especially since the local stations will be covering the story. Have always found it funny, that no matter the time GH is on it has to be interrupted by some live breaking event. Sweeps started Monday. Continue Reading


Does anyone remember this host?

Last Reply by Hibi 1399581942.897 | Started by Damitas in The Q We Love

Patricia Batista(not sure I am spelling that correctly)? It has been a few years and was thinking of past hosts and she popped into my head because we were trying to figure out the age of her daughter. Anyone have an update about her? TIA! Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ April Thread

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On 4/10/2014 RainCityGirl said: Once again, they have introduced yet another character, plus there are more to come. Rick Hearst's son is set to debut there too. Why not tie up loose ends on all the other stories they have going with the current characters. This has become a three ring circus. Hadn't heard that one. I know it the past his son was to be in a background scene but I thought that had already happened. Do you know who is son will be playing and when? Just a few spoilers I have heard------ * * * * Luke = Bill Eckert. Ned will notice something is off and mention it to Tracy. I thin... Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ February Thread

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On 2/18/2014 grandma r said: Felix was so close to having Brad admit the whole truth about Ben. Who is bankrolling the Jeromes???? Could it be the evil Cassedines, or possibly the character being played by Donna Mills? I'm assuming she will be someone from Nina' s family. It has to be someone with a boatload of money, and, Ric Lansing doesn't have that much. Jerry doesn't have that much nonexistent, but, Jax probably does. Can't wait to find out. I love Anna, however, how did she not send a team of officers to Miscavage??? When she called there, Heather' s flunky told Anna that he was looking... Continue Reading

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