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Re: Fashion Brands on the other tv shopping network

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I have a couple of K&M dresses and love them. I also like the Affinity for Knits line which is very similar to the old Citiknits. I've been shopping a lot more recently from HSN and Evine than I do from the Q which I feel is overpriced for the quality of the garments. Continue Reading


Re: Where/What is 'home' to you?

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Wherever my DH is be it a Hilton, Best Western, cruise ship, etc. We travel a lot. Born and raised in NYC but IMO that city has become unlivable. We now have a house in Henderson, NV but looking forward to moving back to Chicago, my favorite city, next year. Continue Reading


Re: Interesting-Q brands my consignment shop will not accept

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That's interesting although it makes sense to me since I always thought of consignment stores as places to sell "designer" clothes which none of the shopping channels sell. Continue Reading


Re: Can hosts please stop trying to be cute & just present the product?

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On 5/22/2015 Luv-the-Q said: No, it isn't just you. I don't watch even half as much as I used to. If you post anything on these threads that even closely resembles criticism you will be knocked down. They love to belittle here. I agree with the OP and Luv-the-Q. The OP is expressing her opinion and for fellow forum members to attack her is wrong. I too have been watching the Q for many years and IMO the quality of the hosts has gone way downhill to the point that unless Mary Beth or Lisa Mason is on, I rarely spend more than a few minutes watching. It's a lot simpler and less aggravating ju... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Rinna TSV for June 12th - Printed Top with Neckline Detail

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Don't like rayon/spandex, feels like a rag to me. Also agree that all of QVC lines are looking the same. Nothing to distinguish one from another. Continue Reading


Re: Do you wash brand new clothes even though you know they've never been worn?

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I never used to but I read on this forum a few years ago that a lot of people do and now I also wash everything before wearing. I think it's a great idea and a necessary precaution in this day and age. Continue Reading


Re: Hi-Low Fashions

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Completely agree with the OP. The uneven hemlines and the cold shoulder look are fads and I look forward to their demise. Continue Reading


Re: Ugg - these weathermen !!

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Our forecast today was for a 20% chance of rain. It has been pouring for the past couple of hours with well over an inch of much needed rain. So much for weather predictions. Continue Reading


Re: Washing linen clothes

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I'll stick with my poly and spandex blend. Wash and wear with no special care. Continue Reading


Re: No A.M. Style- 5/16

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evine is having an all day fashion day. Continue Reading

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