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Re: Anyone Ever Get a Vitamix and Return It?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409073703.93

I don't even use my blender so I'm amazed that so many people spend over $400!!!! for a Vitamix. To make smoothies and soup???? To get my veggies I eat a salad and I love fruit. Seems like an expensive way to get the basics. Continue Reading


Re: Reviews - UGH

In Fashion Talk 1408909689.75

I do read the reviews especially the low ratings. If there is a pattern with several reviewers saying the same negative thing, I will pass on the item. I ignore the ones who give a low rating because they didn't realize it was 3/4 sleeves, red instead of orange, etc. Those reviews are irrelevant. Continue Reading


Re: Diane Gillman

In Fashion Talk 1408909462.207

She is the SG of HSN. Totally unwatchable--loud, hyper. Continue Reading


Re: Almost $60 for a hooded sweatshirt!!!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1408810047.567

I am far from being "poor" but I like to get value for my money. $60 for something I am sure can be found for less than half of that is not good "value" IMO. But then there's always the "C" for convenience which I think most people take advantage of. It is certainly not "Q" or "V." Continue Reading


Re: Depressing

In Fashion Talk 1408655127.227

I don't understand why you would keeping buying from a source that obviously doesn't work for you. Try other vendors and give up on QVC. They aren't the only game in town. It sounds like QVC is just a habit with you. Continue Reading


Re: What to wear for a L-O-N-G plane trip

In Fashion Talk 1408464501.673

On long flights I like to wear my Slinky pants with pockets and a similar--poly and spandex--top. It's stretchy and does not wrinkle. Not sure what corresponds on the Q, they have so many different fabrics. Make sure you wear socks, it can get cold on the plane, and a sweater/jacket again in a stretchy material. Bon voyage!! Continue Reading


Re: Whatever happened to Koos & Indigo Moon?

In Fashion Talk 1408460617.833

I have 1 Koos jacket and wish I had bought more. It's reversible and I always get compliments when I wear it. Koos was a little rough around the edges at times!! IM I never liked. I do miss Victor Costa another one who I should have bought more from. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Expert? Really?

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1408379056.863

I think IM was/is a "couture" designer and I remember being impressed when his line came to Target. Now I would imagine that he has a "team" doing his design works and his actual involvement with his QVC products is limited. I personally like a lot of his stuff but with s&h, it is a little above my price point. Continue Reading


Re: QVC's Target Demographic

In The Q We Love 1408289531.26

Jackielee, speaking for myself, I can't remember the last item I bought from QVC and have less than 10 things in my "wish list." I do enjoy reading these forums. I have learned some interesting and some useful things and have gotten a lot of laughs. I don't think the posts have been "snobbish." As I said in my previous post and I agree with Goodstuff that the audience is middle aged with significant discretionary income. I also agree that the personal factor of the hosts is important. When home shopping from TV started decades ago they (HSN/QVC) were the only game in town. Now every sto... Continue Reading


Re: QVC's Target Demographic

In The Q We Love 1408212879.857

I think the target is women in their 50s and 60s with a significant amount of discretionary income. They have been shopping with QVC for years and it has become a habit. They are not interested in comparison shopping and believe they are getting high quality "designer" looks from SG, IM, Linea, etc. This target audience also likes to try different beauty products with cost not a big consideration. Continue Reading

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