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Re: Will Ship

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Yes, Pagan, but furniture or some electronic gadget is something we may actually need. Why wait for a piece of jewelry or item of clothing that in all probability can be found elsewhere readily? I'm still curious to hear from someone who is on a "will ship" list for jewelry or clothing and why???? Do you keep track of what you've ordered and do you change your mind? Continue Reading


Re: Will Ship

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Thanks, fat belly. It's reassuring to know there's at least one person out there who feels the same way as I do. I thought I would have gotten more responses to this but I know I'm in the vast minority on this topic and so many others!!! Continue Reading


Will Ship

Last Reply by Pagan 1411966428.023 | Started by castlenv in Jewelry Talk

Has anybody ordered an item that won't ship for at least 2 months?? I'm not sure why anyone would do this. It seems somewhat common on QVC but I don't recall the other shopping channels doing this. What's the point?? Continue Reading


Re: hsn

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On 9/25/2014 Isabella 2 said: Has anyone found a quality reasonably priced fashion line @HSN (excluding designers)? I love Slinky and have rarely been disappointed. Same with CSC although she doesn't seem to have too much available. The couple of items I've ordered from Nikki Poulos have also been fine. I put what I like into my "favorites" list and if and when, it goes on sale, HSN will notify me. There is nothing I need immediately that I can't wait for and HSN's sales are significant. Continue Reading


Re: Liz Lange!

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I'm curious to know where you wear this dress?? It's long with what appears to be a lot of volume. Do you wear it to work? shopping? I like the style although she has done this dress to death, but have no idea where I would comfortably wear it. Continue Reading


Re: A slow-brewing fashion movement

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I agree with Skylands. First of all, I never pay full price for anything. There is nothing that I need or want so badly and immediately that I would pay $50 for a top or $150 for a cashmere sweater. Plus, I honestly have not found that more expensive means better. I get bored with my clothing faster than it wears out and stylish clothing is found in all price ranges so I'd rather have 3 lower priced items than 1 expensive item. Continue Reading


Re: The Quickest Way to Pack Like a Pro

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I agree with Sooner. Unless you're going to one place and staying this video is ridiculous. I've been traveling domestically and internationally for over 30 years and would never pack that way folding one garment into another. I use something similar to what clista suggested but not cubes. And I also roll garments especially tops and dresses. I have gone to Europe for more than 2 weeks, even cruises for 2 weeks, with 2 carry on pieces and had no problems at all. Continue Reading


Re: Thanks to poster ___ who recommended ___

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I agree with Golden about the Salux clothes. Never heard of them. Ordered 3 from Amazon and I love them!!! Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1410652439.403

My DH loves their shampoo and conditioner. Continue Reading


Re: your favorite non-leather handbags, shoes?

In Fashion Talk 1410652384.127

LeSportsac and I'm starting to get into VB. I never buy leather bags, too heavy. Continue Reading

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