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Re: Alberti on PMS

In Fashion Talk 1418689626.3

I have no problem with a man doing women's clothing. I think Bill Green does a super job at HSN with Slinky and other vendors but then IMO he's one of the best hosts on the air. Continue Reading


Re: How about Diana Perkovic at QVC? She was great at HSN

In The Q We Love 1418494214.193

OP, I really miss Diana. More than I will miss LR. I wish Diana would reappear as a host somewhere! Continue Reading


Re: One Thing that I Really Like About HSN...

In Fashion Talk 1418252307.307

The ONLY thing I like better on QVC than HSN are these forums. I enjoy reading them and get some useful info. Otherwise, for everything else HSN is superior. Continue Reading


Re: 20" or 21" Carry On.....Help Me Pick

In Fashion Talk 1418149575.627

We just returned from a 2 week cruise from South America that included 4 formal nights. We each brought a 21 inch and a small duffel bag or tote. Had access to a laundromat on the ship. Had plenty of clothes. With all the great fabrics now available there is no need to check bags. A 21 inch suitcase is definitely large enough. Continue Reading


Re: What is up with lack of information inside of the on-screen description window during the on-air presentations?

In TSV Talk 1415728289.203

What bothers me is that on the size chart for clothing they give what IMO useless info, e.g., the size of the collar, etc. All I'm want to know is bust, sweep, maybe sleeve length. Keep it simple and straightforward. I think QVC feels that because we make an issue about the measurements, they want to get even by providing every little detail. Continue Reading


Re: Slinky

In Fashion Talk 1414436575.203

On 10/27/2014 dobiesrule said: Voice is annoying, but products are great. As far as I can tell, same fabrication as Chico's travelers at much less cost. Completely agree! Plus the items often go on sale. Love Slinky! Continue Reading


Re: QVC Shipping/Delivery: Waiting for the Pony Express!

In Fashion Talk 1414076749.42

Completely agree. I ordered from HSN, Amazon and QVC within 48 hours of each. HSN was delivered yesterday, Amazon will be today, QVC ????? sometime next week???? Considering the volume of shipping they do, s&h should be a lot cheaper and a lot faster than it is. Another reason I seldom order from the Q. Continue Reading


Re: HSN TS, Adrienne Landau Robe!

In Fashion Talk 1413893204.517

It was tough between the purple or gray but opted for the latter. I ordered my usual size, M/L. I'm eager to try this line. And DH doesn't know he already bought my Christmas present!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Technibond????

In Jewelry Talk 1413660336.697

I too have several pieces and have had no problems with any of them--necklaces, earrings. To my uneducated eye, it looks like gold to me! Continue Reading



In TSV Talk 1413645048.857

On 10/18/2014 chrystaltree said: long as "fresh" doesn't mean stepping back to I would love 2001 when Koos, Victor Costa, Peterboro baskets and numerous others since departed vendors were on. Those were the days!! Continue Reading

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