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Re: So Mistaken About the Shipping

In Fashion Talk 1424978659.44

On 2/26/2015 happygal said: The $3 shipping on clothing is ok with me. QVC isn't the most important thing in my life~! I'm careful about what I order. Never shoes because they rarely fit. Shop "as is" and "clearance" to get lower prices and the $3 shipping. If there is something I really want, I have to ask myself if I'm willing to "eat" the return shipping if I don't like it. That helps me decide. Exactly! I just discovered the "last clicks" area and have a couple of things in my "wish list." If after Lent, they're still there, I may buy but I always factor the shipping costs. So to me a... Continue Reading


Re: fashion day on evine live

In Fashion Talk 1424971698.263

IMO each of the shopping channels has its pluses and minuses as far as clothing is concerned. I don't find QVC's quality to be superior to HSN and evine especially if price is taken into consideration. Continue Reading


Re: So Mistaken About the Shipping

In Fashion Talk 1424970761.637

If you don't like the shipping policy, shop elsewhere. QVC no longer has unique products and items of equal or better quality can be found elsewhere. I'm not defending the Q, but no matter what it does it will not satisfy everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Done watching QVC

In Fashion Talk 1424732278.13

My motto is "never pay full price for anything" unless it is something I need. After almost 20 years as a QVC shopper, I discovered the "list clicks" department!! I've given up shopping for Lent but hopefully the items I've put in my wish list will be there in 5 weeks and if they aren't, oh well. If I can get an item for $10 rather than the $25 original price, I'm very happy. I also agree with previous posters that there are plenty of other places on line to shop. And I don't believe a $50 SG top is better than one I can find in other places for a lot less. Continue Reading


Re: What do you think about the new qvc shipping charges?

In Q News 1424289831.357

On 2/18/2015 tinkler said: Has anyone really considered QVC's new shipping rates & policy? For instance I purchased 2 pairs of shoes (didn't fit), $5.00 shipping each = $10.00. They shipped them together so I'm sure it didn't cost that. With their new shipping policy to return them no shipping charge is reimbursed and it cost $8.95 to ship them back. So there is now 18.95 invested in shipping, where otherwise it would have been only $8.95. Their return shipping rates, if using their return sticker, didn't change. They are making a fortune in shipping costs. Lesson to learn, unless it's s... Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1424287437.203

I've had no problems adding to my wish list. I've had items in there for a very long time hoping the price would go down--LOL!--but then I've only have about a dozen items there. Continue Reading


Re: Way to go QVC!

In The Q We Love 1424287317.017

I've actually just put a few "last clicks" items in my wish list. Since I've given up shopping for lent, I expect they will still be there in 6 weeks as have other items I've had in my "wish list" for a very, very long time with no reduction in price. Continue Reading


Re: Oh No....withdrawal!

In Fashion Talk 1424191240.897

I give up buying anything for myself or the house for lent. It is a long six weeks!!! But I feel I've done my penance!!! Continue Reading


Re: George Foreman grill

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424107097.977

We have a GF grill and hubby uses it a lot, for chicken, fish, burgers, chops, etc. It has the detachable plates and he sets a timer to let them cool first and then washes. We have a smaller version but big enough for the 2 of us. Have had it for a number of years and works great. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone ever gotten rid of their wedding china?

In For the Home Talk 1423680323.067

I sold a good portion of my Lenox china to Replacements Ltd. But they were not interested in any of the dinner plates which I still have and use occasionally. You will get the most money for serving pieces, e.g., platters, sugar/creamers, salt & pepper shakers. Was very happy with the price they paid me--well over what I paid for my 45 pieces in 1979--and with how they handled the transaction. No problems. Continue Reading

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