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Re: Anyone miss the old quacker factory?

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When QF first came to the Q I was impressed by the button covers. They were great! Only bought 2 items not with button covers and wound up giving them away pretty quick. What QF is selling now can be found in b&m stores much cheaper. Continue Reading


Re: What brand of clothing fits your body the best?

In Fashion Talk 1398260576.087

Slinky and CSC from HSN. JM from Macys. Nothing from the Q except I got my first IM dress and love it! Continue Reading


Re: Next time my Mr. Coffee goes out, I'm going to instant Folgers

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398218167.033

LOVE Folgers Instant! I would never spend $200+ for a Keurig or any other coffee maker plus the expense of the individual packs. Prefer to spend my money elsewhere and Folgers tastes good to me!! Continue Reading


Re: Coldwater creek

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A few years ago I told my husband that if he ever wanted to buy me anything!! just go to CWC. For the past couple of years that hasn't been the case but recently I have again found many things I like. I do wait for items to go on sale which they inevitably do and now I have a $20 coupon which I guess I better use soon. I will miss them. Not too many stores left. Fortunately, Macy's is doing well!!! Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Question for experienced cruisers

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On every cruise line we've been on--NCL, Celebrity, HAL, Carnival, RC--the tips were mandatory and automatically charged to the bill and if we get the "open seating" they must be prepaid. We have no problem with that since all the service people work very hard. We do eat most of our meals in the dining room--like being served!! As far as the beverage packages it depends. HAL has a good deal, Celebrity not so much. We always book our excursions through the ship and ahead of time. All the tix are waiting for us when we get to our stateroom. I like to plan ahead! and not being concerned a... Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one who has lost interest in cleaning?

In For the Home Talk 1396707995.7

I completely agree. I'm in my mid 60s, don't work and clutter is not the problem in our home. But I used to be more disciplined about housework now I do it when I have to. Fortunately, hubby is even less critical than I am, so once every 2-3 weeks for cleaning is about my schedule. I also feel this way about dieting. I could lose 10-15 pounds and when I was younger I would have gone to WW by now. But I think it's just easier to buy larger clothes!! No motivation at all!!! Continue Reading


Re: Jane Tracy Denim & Co Show!

In Fashion Talk 1396631292.95

I didn't see this particular show but I agree way too much time is spent on one item. I don't understand why they do this. 5 minutes should be the max on any item except maybe electronics. I would think they'd want to show as many products as possible in an hour. All the other shopping channels seem to do a better job at this than QVC. Continue Reading


Re: What do you carry for essentials while on a cruise?

In All About Handbags 1396293680.937

You don't need to carry much while on the ship. Basically your stateroom card. The ships I've been on sell small pouches which I found come in very handy for the card, tissue, lipstick. On shore a small cross body bag and tote for umbrella, jacket, any purchases will work. Keep it simple and lightweight. Bon voyage! Continue Reading


Re: fashion shows HSN and SHOPHQ

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I have about 3 times the number of items in my HSN "favorites" list than I do in my QVC "wish" list. Have bought more fashion from HSN in the past year but except for Kate & Mallory on Shop HQ not so much from them and except for an IM dress, nothing from QVC. Continue Reading

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