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Re: HSN TS, Adrienne Landau Robe!

In Fashion Talk 1413893204.517

It was tough between the purple or gray but opted for the latter. I ordered my usual size, M/L. I'm eager to try this line. And DH doesn't know he already bought my Christmas present!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Technibond????

In Jewelry Talk 1413660336.697

I too have several pieces and have had no problems with any of them--necklaces, earrings. To my uneducated eye, it looks like gold to me! Continue Reading



In TSV Talk 1413645048.857

On 10/18/2014 chrystaltree said: .....as long as "fresh" doesn't mean stepping back to 2001....lol I would love 2001 when Koos, Victor Costa, Peterboro baskets and numerous others since departed vendors were on. Those were the days!! Continue Reading


Re: Capes, Capelets & Ponchos...are you wearing something from your closet or purchasing a new one?

In Fashion Talk 1413162426.29

I recently bought 2 capes, 1 from Slinky and 1 from Hot in Hollywood both from HSN. Looking forward to wearing them when it gets cooler, still in the 80s here in Las Vegas. Continue Reading


Re: Shop HQ improving? No. Just no.

In Fashion Talk 1413078907.043

I personally think that the only thing QVC does better than the other shopping channels is it's website. ShopHQ's is the pits. HSN is OK. Otherwise there are good and bad hosts on all 3 channels. And good and bad items also. Continue Reading


Re: Marc Bouwer

In Fashion Talk 1413050178.933

I, too, watched MB last night on ShopHQ. I NEVER watched him when he was on QVC. For some reason in the past his appearance just turned me off but last night, I really enjoyed the show. Didn't buy anything this time but the prices are good and because of fashion day they were offering a lot of incentives. I like his designs--they have structure and style, something I personally see lacking in a lot of clothes the Q offers. Continue Reading


Re: Bell's Palsy

In Health & Fitness 1412900910.813

Thank you all again for your help and support. It's only been a week so not much improvement yet. The neuro wants me to have an MRI but I see no point in that. I will continue to take the meds, wait a few more weeks and then decide. Why do doctors prescribe these tests which in this case I feel is completely unnecessary? To protect their butts and make money??? Both my PCP and the neuro made quick, confident diagnoses and the neuro gave me some standard tests to see how I responded. No problems. One of the many things that are wrong with our current medical system. Continue Reading


Re: Bell's Palsy

In Health & Fitness 1412789837.267

On 10/8/2014 pvtdevinmom said: I also would not use an eye patch. Your eye is still staying "OPEN" under the patch and it will dry out even with ointment. Drops are not enough. You can use those during the day. Buy the Johnson and Johnson 2X2 sterile gauze pads and cut them in half or smaller. Take a small piece of the Nexcare tape and tape just the top and the bottom of the gauze. Then apply over the eye. Thank you so much, pvt.! You have offered specific, helpful advice and I greatly appreciate it! You're right about the eye patch. Except for making me look like Long John Silver, I don'... Continue Reading


Re: Bell's Palsy

In Health & Fitness 1412788360.773

Thank you all for your input. I had conjunctivitis in my right eye which was successfully treated. Then I started having pain in my left ear and jaw. My left side is numb--cannot smile without leering!!--but no other pain or discomfort. My primary concern is for my left eye which does not blink. Just bought some "artificial tears" and an eye patch. This is not life threatening and does not lead to stroke although the neurologist wants me to have an MRI which is doubtful I will do. My problem with the medical system is that doctors do not keep things simple. He prescribed 2 drugs. I p... Continue Reading


Bell's Palsy

Last Reply by MalteseMomma 1412983409.477 | Started by castlenv in Health & Fitness

Just been diagnosed with this. Has anyone had any experience with Bell's? I am taking a steroid and viral meds but understand that it just takes time for the muscles to get back to normal. My main concern is that I am unable to blink my left eye and need to keep it covered. Any info/support is appreciated. Continue Reading

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