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Re: How much would you pay for a wedding dress?

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I spent $300 in 1979. If I were gettng married for the first time and having the same type of formal wedding I had then I would probably expect to pay $1,000-$1,200 for a dress. Our reception cost about $25/per person for a sit down dinner but now I think it would be at least $125-$150 per person. Deanie, you're right. I remember thinking back then I wanted to rent a dress but 35 years ago that wasn't really an option. I wonder why it hasn't become more popular. If it's the sentimental value, I'm pretty sure most wedding dresses wind up in a closet and are forgotten. Continue Reading


Re: Not impressed with Nordstrom Rack

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I'm not impressed with Nordstroms period. For my taste too trendy and too expensive. Continue Reading



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Something from HSN is better than nothing from QVC! I have several free shipping and was able to use one on an already discounted, but not clearance, CSC dress that was $25. Also an Antthony that is reduced but not clearance that I will again save $6 in shipping. I’m not complaining!! Continue Reading


Re: Wimbledon Anyone?

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I got my wish!! Bye, bye Maria and Rafa!! Go Eugenie and Roger!! Continue Reading


Re: Wimbledon Anyone?

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Anybody BUT Maria! Can't stand her "sound effects." Also hope Nadal goes home soon. Go Roger!!! Continue Reading


Re: LOGO or Liz Lange?

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I like the LL top but would never wear leggings--hate anything tight around my legs. I don't get the Logo look. Too clingy and sloppy looking to me. Continue Reading


Re: big news about vera bradley company...

In Vera Bradley 1404083891.647

And although I'm in my 60s I'm just starting to get interested in VB. I like the new patterns, especially Venetian Paisley and Bittersweet and if the price point gets below $40, I'll buy. In addition, a VB store is opening near me so I'm looking forward to what it will offer. Buying a purse in a Hallmark store just seems strange to me. What kind of selection can they have??? Continue Reading


Re: HSN phone call blooper

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I remember years ago when Lisa Mason was on the air. A caller said how much she loved Maggie Sweet--at that time an HSN product. Lisa just looked into the camera with a blank expression on her face and thanked the caller and got her off the phone quickly. Callers do get confused!!! Continue Reading


Re: Wimbledon Anyone?

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Yes, I enjoy watching the grand slam events although there are certain women players I refuse to watch because of all the grunting they do!! I love the Williams sisters and am surprised they are still playing. I think it's time for them to stick to doubles and become the female version of the Brian brothers. Most of the women they play against are 10 years younger and I think it's beginning to show. Love Roger and will miss him when his career is over. Novak has grown on me the past few years now that he is "bouncing" less and other players are doing it more!! Can't stand to watch Nadal ... Continue Reading


Re: The new $60 Bill

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I've never bought a SG or Chico's top because $40 is the top (no pun intended) price I would pay for a top. I love the JM brand at Macys and also CSC and Slinky on HSN when they are on sale. Never paid more than $30 for any of them. Continue Reading

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