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Re: Wow, clearance prices

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The "last clicks" section can also be worthwhile. Got a couple of George Simonton tops and have my eye on another which I plan to purchase when Lent is over. Would never spend the original price of these items but for $20-$30, I'm in! Continue Reading


Re: What a Price Jump!

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As always, buyer beware! Continue Reading


Re: Just Got Back From Olive Garden Restaurant

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I agree with Goodstuff. We don't go often (my DH likes it more than I do) but we've always had a decent meal and to spend $100 for 2 had to involve a lot of extras. I'm actually very happy to see OG and other "chain" restaurants when we travel. They have saved us from starving on more than 1 occasion! Continue Reading



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A lot of "foreign" cars are manufactured here in the U.S. When the cost for a new car is so significant, I would want the best quality I could afford regardless of the company name. Continue Reading


Re: Graver's stuff on just reduced clearance

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I can afford it but don't think most of SG is worth it. Like to get bang for my buck. Continue Reading


Re: I went clothes shopping today and the experience made me realize...

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On 3/21/2015 occasional rain said: Online shopping is good for those who can't get out or who live miles away from shopping centers. For me, I want to see it, touch it, and judge the quality before I buy. There are exceptions, sometimes I get attached to something I see on the shopping channels, something I wouldn't find in B&M, I buy those. Couldn't agree more. I don't understand how people can just order from QVC or any shopping channel without actually comparison shopping even if it's only on other websites. QF used to be unique--those button covers were gorgeous--but now I rarely s... Continue Reading


Re: What do you think of JM TS on HSN (Luggage)?

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On 3/21/2015 Kachina624 said: I have a set of Joy's luggage, not the set being shown today. Boy that was money down the toilet. I made two airline trips with it and stuck it in the garage awaiting the next visit by the Salvation Army. It was a constant battle trying to get that stuff out of the house, into the car and airport. The largest piece wouldn't even stand up when it was packed. It was awful and the TS probably won't coincide with your next trip so by the time you use it, it will be too late and too expensive to return. If it's anything like her other luggage, it's garbage. On the oth... Continue Reading


Re: I Really Enjoy Jorge from Waterford on Evine

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Completely agree with OP. Even tho I'm not planning on buying more Waterford, I enjoy watching the shows. Especially enjoy him when he's working with Brian. Great team! Continue Reading


Re: Medications

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DH is 69 and I just turned 65 and enrolled in Medicare. We take no prescription medications and whenever we have to fill out a form or get asked about it, people are surprised that we don't. We do take a multi vitamin and a couple of other vitamins but that's it. We both thank God that so far we have no major medical problems that require meds. I sometimes wonder about those who take so many meds. What would happen if they gradually stopped or reduced the amount of them? Continue Reading


Re: Do you live by a fashion budget?

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No, but I know the maximum I would spend on any given item. Continue Reading

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