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Re: Primer, please!

In Beauty Banter 1426285489.93

Here is my latest routine that seems to be working (at the moment at least!): I have a script for Spironolactone--big help! In the mornings, I press/dab/smooth Philosophy's Total Mattness (comes in a jar with dropper). Then add moisturizer, the primer. Currently I am in love with LORAC POREfection Mattifying Primer. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver TSV on Thursday

In TSV Talk 1425571134

I love the front and that it's a tunic, but why is it long-sleeved? It's March, and even though there is ice and snow on the ground, it will be warm soon. Continue Reading


Re: Perricone MD will soon be launching...

In Perricone MD 1420509865.823

I just wanted to add about the color of the foundation, I talked to a Perricone rep at Sephora a while back and she said it was good for shades 3 to 8 on a scales of 1 (lightest) to 10 (darkest). Continue Reading


Fit bit... Waving arms vs. walking?

Last Reply by Azcowgirl 1420167756.47 | Started by c j in TSV Talk

How does the Fitbit worn on your wrist know the difference between me only using my hands/arms versus me walking? (I use my hands a lot when talking, especially when I am teaching.) I have the One and clip it on my bra. I've just always wondered this and never heard anyone address it. Continue Reading


Is there an outlet store at QVC in San Antonio?

Last Reply by SKV 1416708192.137 | Started by c j in Beauty Banter

We are headed for for a quick trip next week and I was wondering if there happened to be an outlet store there. Does anyone know? I tried searching but didn't come up with much. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Super Oily Skin Help! New foundation..

In Beauty Banter 1406167861.737

I am super oily too, especially in this Texas summer! I am on birth control and a script called Spironolactone to help control the oil. You name the brand and I've tried it. Lately I have been using Bobbi Brown's BB cream since it is geared toward oiler skinned people. Right before school let out, I was in Ulta and the Philosophy rep was there. She introduced me to their Total Matteness serum and a Matte makeup primer. I bought the serum and really think it helps. They were out of the primer so I might go back before school starts to check on it again. I am a teacher and hate the idea of stan... Continue Reading


Re: Have any of you tried yummie shaperwear?

In Fashion Talk 1404236193.29

I was intrigued by the TS. I watched it last night and then tried to order it about an hour ago but when I got to the pay part of the order, it told me it was sold out. I tried a second color and it was sold out. I wish they would post that on the website! Continue Reading


Re: Splurged on Chanel Today!!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1392261120.657

How fun! I've never tried Chanel but a friend of mine swears by their lipstick because it doesn't dry out her lips. I did stop by YSL one day and their lipstick is pretty creamy. In fact, I bought two colors. Another customer told me their lip glosses are really great! Continue Reading


Re: La Mer vs. Sisley - Oily Skin

In Beauty Banter 1390363097.233

me again... go to Neiman's beauty. click on beauty product specialist. Okay. Adding a link won't work for me. Continue Reading

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