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Re: Matt Lauer Fired From "Today"

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On 3/16/2013 Mumof2 said: I thought Matt just signed an extension with NBC, so if they fire him, I would think they would still have to honor his contract unless he did something very wrong. I could not imagine him on Jeopardy. I know I will miss Alex if that happens. I thought I heard that too about the extension. I remember at the Olympics he introduced Ryan Seacrest and they joked that Ryan was after his job (I guess E! is part of the GE empire). I like Willie Geist. He's relatable and doesn't take himself too seriously. Matt is a party pooper and comes across as being in a bad mood m... Continue Reading


Re: Anybody watch "Family Trade"?

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Hey Croemer - He's selling some of the syrup to food stores for $$ and went to one restaurant and asked to do a barter with them -- syrup for credit to eat there. It's pretty clever. He's got some younger family members who have to help with fulfullment and get upset at the kinds of deals the old guy makes. The pigs are turning into a problem because the daughter has a soft spot for animals and won't auction them off. She's finding a nice place for them to live out their lives. That's so sweet IMO. Continue Reading


Re: ***ShowMe***

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Hello all!! Just popping in to say HI!! Last edited on 3/16/2013 Continue Reading


Anybody watch "Family Trade"?

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It' on Game Show Network right now and it's fascinating. A guy who owns a car dealership helps cash strapped clients by bartering for the car downpayment. In one deal he got $2500 worth of maple syrup and another he got about 9 pigs. LOL. Now HE has to figure out how to sell that stuff to get his money back -- hopefully more than what he paid. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else dismayed by the House Hunters episodes ?

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I watch House Hunters regularly. I've seen plenty of episodes where the buyers are looking for something lower end. IMO the realtors show the "hunters" what's in their budget except for the occasional episode where they need a reality check. I really love the show -- especially the international version. Some are on tight budgets when going to another country an it's interesting to see what the same money buys. Continue Reading


Re: Matt Lauer Fired From "Today"

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Here are some articles from NY Post <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" <tbody> <tr> <td align="center" width="140"</td> <td valign="middle"'JEOPARDY' CONSIDERING MATT LAUER AS NEXT HOST - NYPOST.COM <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" <tbody> <tr> <td>March 15, 2013</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="s"The answer to the “Jeopardy” clue “Alex Trebrek's replacement” has a new and surprising question:“Who is Matt Lauer?”The beleaguered host of ...</td> </tr... Continue Reading


Re: Please vote for my buddy

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I just voted again an he's staying at 6. They do ask for name, email, location but you can put in fake info if you're not comfortable releasing any of that information. With that said, let's try to get Unlucky Victor up a few spots by the end of the day. *follow link (will open in separate window) *scroll slightly down to Pet Contest and you'll see a somewhat hidden search bar where you can type in "victor" and he'll come right up as unlucky victor. *scroll down slightly and press "submit my vote" (says something like that) and you're done. They give you an option to opt-in to their newslet... Continue Reading


Re: Please vote for my buddy

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I just voted and unlucky victor is still at 6 Last edited on 3/14/2013 Continue Reading


Re: This is freaky, creative and just plain cool

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LOVED it!! THANKS for sharing! Continue Reading


Re: Chelsea Clinton's Million $$$ Apartment On Madison Square Park

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On 3/14/2013 Pqfan said: I wonder how many minutes it would take for me to ruin that kitchen? One spaghetti dinner should do it. <h1> LOL!! me too!</h1> Continue Reading

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