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Re: Diamonique of the month....

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This was an advanced order they started shipping out today. Continue Reading


Re: QVC gems vs. other shopping channels

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I feel that HSN now is overloaded with Michael Anthony's 10K gold. I prefer 14K or 18K. I understand that for some people who don't wish to have any tarnish issues prefer 10K to buying silver they'll have to care for at some point. I feel that ShopHQ has too many 14K rose gold jewelry pieces. I can understand having some pieces but not their majority. JTV has a fair amount of 10K gold and 14K. Less of 18K but I think they are working on it. However most of these 14K and 18K pieces have no video on the their website. So to get a look at them you have to depend on catching a gold show. Al... Continue Reading


Re: $7.00 On Shipping For A Blush?

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These are the times when we all should be looking a shipping costs before we press the "confirm" button. Continue Reading


Re: Please don't Let JudithR take over Diamonique!

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It is a shame they don't have more designers. Continue Reading


Re: Are Jewelers Still Removing Watch Links for Free?

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The jewelry store that I have a good relationship with never charges me to remove links. But they do charge customers $5. The Rolex store doesn't charge to remove or add links even if you didn't buy your Rolex from that particular store. The Tag and Omega stores do the same. I think that $15 is a little much for links. Even watch batteries aren't that much. However having a good watch serviced is a lot more. Continue Reading


Re: Smashbox on HSN tonight at 8pm

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On 7/15/2014 Grade1Teach said: I saw two Smashbox shows and was not impressed at all. They were showing their Halo Liquid Foundation and a few other items. There was nothing new and barely anything with color. I thought they would have pulled out some great new color kits or products that would really demonstrate what this brand is about. It was very boring for an introductory show -- Disappointed! I was disappointed as well. All the shows I've seen so far have been boring. Continue Reading


Re: Thanks to all who recommended Revlon Colorstay!

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On 7/8/2014 lakes said: Color Stay Whipped is the best ever! The one in glass jar - sorta looks like a gel - goes on very smooth, covers great and lasts all day. Perfect for hot humid weather. Has many shades so you can find the perfect match. I tried Revlon's Colorstay Whipped foundation because I saw Emilynoel83 on Youtube talk so well about it. I was very happy with this foundation. It did not settle or change color throughout the day. I live in a very humid hot climate area. It went on very smooth and stayed put all day. No need for touch up. I did apply a loose powder at the end o... Continue Reading


Re: Can't believe how much QVC is charging for the expandable charm bracelets

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I don't own any Alex & Ani. But from what I've heard from people who have them. The ones not made of silver are $28 each and the ones made of silver are more. They also have some in goldtone but don't know the price. I think that if QVC wanted to compete with Alex & Ani bangles they should have gone the route of making them in stainless steel which would have been cheaper than then Alex & Ani silver ones. Also for those who wanted to have these bangles in gold and not the faux goldtone of Alex & Ani. That way would have something for everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn and Lisa

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On 7/4/2014 EastCoastViewer said: On 7/4/2014 Q4u said: I'm really enjoying this show too! With all the hair placement and waist straightening that Lisa's been doing, calling out "get one for me" made her actually look comfortable! I don't mind Lisa at all but wish she'd dress down a little more, you know, quit the extensions, tone down the make up, wear things she won't pull at and just be comfortable! And I was thinking how good Carolyn looked considering she admitted she's SO tired. Love how much they're laughing and getting a kick out of each other. Yup... really enjoying the show! ... Continue Reading


Re: Free Pandora Bracelet

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On 7/2/2014 motherinlaw said: On 7/2/2014 customer 5 said: There is a Free Leather Bracelet Promo: (single strand leather) from July 10th - July 20th. Then there is a Free Bracelet Promo: Sept. 18th - Sept. 21st. Free silver barrel clasp or bangle with purchase of $100. Or Free two tone bracelet with a purchase of $500. The Summer 2014 collection is very the teal colors! Yes many nice colors. They will also be showcasing some pieces in rose gold for those interested. Continue Reading

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