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On 5/25/2015 monicakm said: Oops this was supposed to be a thread of it's own. Is it just me or is the Q not putting much effort into Diamonique like they did 10+ years ago? I really miss "the good stuff" and the 100 facet pieces. I know there are some 100 facet pieces but the whole line has gone down hill :( I miss it. The Q might not be putting effort into DMQ due to putting there interest in Judith's DMQ pieces. Continue Reading



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On 3/4/2015 chrystaltree said: Try Bella Luce from Jtv.com. Bella is every bit as good as Diamonique and HSN's Absolute. They have a lot pink Bella jewelry. Do give JTV "Bella Luce" a look they have a big selection of colored simulated gems. The prices are good as well. I think there is a sale going on. Continue Reading


Re: So now you're dead...

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On 5/14/2015 surfk said: On 5/14/2015 jaxs mom said: OP seems to be assuming that the we care about the scrap value of our jewelry. I have my great aunts necklace. I don't care what the scrap value is. My daughter will likely keep whatever jewelry like my wedding and engagement rings and possible something else that has sentimental value and she can do what she wants with the rest. I don't care. I don't buy jewelry as an investment for my heirs. Its not so much that I care, personally. I mean, as others have said, I'll (we'll) be dead when all of this hocking is being done. But there are tho... Continue Reading


Re: So now you're dead...

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On 5/13/2015 Vamp said: I buy whatever pleases me and have never given two thoughts about what will happen to it when I am gone. Neither of my children have any interest, but I suppose my daughter will take most of it or the two of them can sell it, give it away, or use it for Monopoly pieces. I don't care. Life is too short. No one will value something the same way you do/did. You earned the money then you should spend it the way you want and the way it makes you happy. When you think of how many hours you had to put up with whatever to earn the money. Buy what makes you happy. Continue Reading


Re: So now you're dead...

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On 5/13/2015 Nananana59 said: I'm taking mine with me!!! You can since some caskets come with a draw just for that. Continue Reading


Re: Cleaned Out My Entire Stash Today!!!! Whoo Hoo

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I do this every end of year in December. It is a great feeling to start out the new year clean of stuff I won't use. The stuff that was new I donated. Continue Reading


Re: What can I do for exercise - I have many areas of concern?

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I would suggest "Classical Stretch". If you look on the website you see it is a lot more that simple stretching. And I would also suggest "Kundalini Yoga" with Nirvair since his is done at a slower pace. Continue Reading


Re: NEW ~~Bobbi Brown SHIMMERING SANDS Eye Palette

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On 4/27/2015 imaclotheshog said: I absolutely HATE the glitter shadows she is doing now and to make it worse she puts several of them in each new palette. I won't buy them! Bobbi's "Browns Eye Palette" for $45 has only one shadow that hints at shimmer. But when you put it on it does not have high shimmer, sparkle or glitter. It is a nice every day palette that you can also do a smoky eye with. Of course you do need to use an eye shadow primer first. Continue Reading


Re: NEW ~~Bobbi Brown SHIMMERING SANDS Eye Palette

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I agree. In the beginning Bobbi didn't offer glitter or shimmer eye shadows to the extent that they are offered now. It seems that once her company was sold they started in with the shimmer and glitter intensely. Continue Reading

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