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Re: Fresh cream lip sugar scrub

In philosophy 1424999483.933

I like Philosophy's Fresh Cream lip scrub. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown makeup brushes

In Beauty Banter 1424962219.09

I have quite a few of her brushes all have been wonderful. Pricey yes, but when you consider how long they last then it is worth it. To me it comes down to cost per use. I use these everyday and for years these have lasted in good condition. These also hold up wear to washing. The bristles do not fall off when washing or on your face when using. I also own Chanel and again pricey but the same good brushes. I prefer to pay more and have good brush that lasts thru daily use and washes well. Soft bristles both that pick up product well. Continue Reading


Re: $3.00 is just fine

In The Q We Love 1424961209.877

On 2/23/2015 stevieb said: Ah yes, all is well with the Q... For some, it always seems to be... I'm not ordering much these days for a variety of reasons, but did order some kitchen shears and paid five bucks (not three) for shipping. Yes that's right, five bucks to ship a few pairs of scissors... Certainly, for some items the new rates are better, for many items they aren't, and then there's the matter of no discounts for multiples and no return of original fees when an item doesn't pan out. Taken all together, the 'bargain' just isn't consistently there. While I never expected across the bo... Continue Reading


Re: Are the eliminating PM Style??

In Fashion Talk 1424874906.84

Maybe its time for a good book. Continue Reading


Re: Noisy Kids in public places?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1424874359.677

I've noticed parents today have tuned out their kids yelling. However before they became parents it used to bother them but after having kids they tune it out. I try to stay away since the parents refuse to do anything about it. Continue Reading


Re: Big Bonanza Silver Day

In TSV Talk 1424874067.7

On 2/25/2015 orphan annie325 said: Thank you pink dogwood for voicing my sentiments exactly. I clicked on my e-mail for the TSV and couldn't believe they had to have an expensive item to offer. Not everyone is able to afford paying this much for a watch, much less want to. I know they say that silver is up in price, but the other shopping channels offer reasonably priced silver jewelry. Indeed other shopping channels offer cheaper silver prices. Also if silver has gone up, just take your silver somewhere to try and sell it and see the wake up call you get Continue Reading


Re: Done watching QVC

In Fashion Talk 1424787070.237

On 2/23/2015 ROMARY 1 said: Some folks can't get out and/or are too busy to drive to malls, shop from store to store, etc. It's a lot easier to see items on the models and order. And the price of gasoline is sometimes the same amount (as shipping charges)(and/or probably more) because of driving around from store to store, mall to mall. Not to mention the time in trying to match/coordinate items. I agree that if getting out is a problem then you just have to pay for the convenience. Continue Reading


Re: Done watching QVC

In Fashion Talk 1424786957.27

On 2/23/2015 Crisso said: I doubt a person can find much in fashion at retail for under $30, other than for some sort of accessory. TJ Maxx has many designer tops and bottoms at under $30. And when they have their red tag it is reduced more. The best price is the once a year yellow tag that is their final sale price and can $3 for a pair of jeans. Continue Reading


Re: DUST in your home

In For the Home Talk 1424786576.633

I live in FL and once a week for furniture is good. If I wait two weeks I will see dust on furniture. However my wood floors is a different story. I have a 5lb long haired Chihuahua and its not the dog hair dust. We just must make dust on the wood floors. It is extremely annoying. Continue Reading


Re: What would you have said?

In Fashion Talk 1424786012.393

I would say that since manners and decorum have gone downhill lately that one should expect some inappropriate comment at some point. I really hate it when someone absolutely keeps asking if it is real and what is it. I certainly don't ask people. The most I do is say that is a lovely piece and leave it at that. Continue Reading

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