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Re: Ugg, I hate when I just can't live [wry grin] without a product that is expensive, i.e.:Definicils Mascara!

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Life is short use good products that you love and work for you and wear your jewelry!!! I have found that I spend money trying to find dupes for the good products I love and know they work for me. In the end I save money by just buying the good products from the start. Continue Reading


Re: Black Hills Jewelry

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I had no idea "Fortune". I thought that they were the same company as on the Q and they ended up over at JTV. Continue Reading


Re: Gold over resin jewelry?

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I won't purchase either. Continue Reading


Black Hills Jewelry

Last Reply by corvette mary 1415646259.13 | Started by customer 5 in Jewelry Talk

This line is now on JTV on Tues. Continue Reading


Re: Matte Eye Shadow Help

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Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Continue Reading


Re: 20 Things Women Over the Age of 30 Should Stop Wearing

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On 11/7/2014 Irshgrl31201 said: It didn't say women over 30 shouldn't wear leopard, it said don't make it your whole wardrobe, like just wear one piece of leopard not the whole ensemble. That makes sense. Many on the list are ridiculous but I think not wearing hoop earrings after 30 is the most ridiculous. Hoop earrings are as classic as they come. I do agree with the platform flip flops, those things are horrible. I think they might have meant super large hoops the size of bangles maybe. Continue Reading


Re: 20 Things Women Over the Age of 30 Should Stop Wearing

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While I agree with most of it. I think hoops under 2 inches are fine, and a piece of leopard to uplift a solid color outfit is fine. Jeans are fine as long as they are not super skinny, super low waist, and ripped all over. That site does freeze the computer as someone else posted. Continue Reading


Re: SBD Set of 3 Crystal Eternity Bands Video-Missing Stones?

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Yes there was a stone missing. How embarrassing for Antonella. She was turning the rings on her finger and one of the bands in stainless had a stone missing. I guess it was poor use of glue on the crystal. Continue Reading

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