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Re: Bye Bye Pores-- THE BRUSH

In Beauty Banter 1413988236.737

The brush is awesome. Now Ulta has a whole collection of IT brushes both expensive and a little less expensive. Love the concealer too. Continue Reading


Re: Kiehl's Products

In Beauty Banter 1413987679.453

I second the Avocado eye cream. Continue Reading


Re: Why no Bobbi Brown section?

In Beauty Banter 1413987254.45

I don't like Bobbi's eye shadows due to them not having much pigment. I've bought many over time and they have all shown to have very little color pay off. I love BB lipsticks though and do splurge on them. These are my favorites: "Pink Beige 62" Lip Color "Sandwash Pink 22" Lip Color "Desert Rose 25" Rick Lip Color "Washed Seashell 52" Creamy Lip Color "Tawny Pink 10" Creamy Matte Lip Color I am also wanting to purchase her new Lip Color in "Blush". These lipsticks last and moisturize never drying. Continue Reading


Re: A question for those of you who don't wear white metals

In Jewelry Talk 1413897659.8

The majority of the time I wear yellow gold. But there are times when white looks better. As with teal colors or a pearl grey. With those colors I usually wear white gold. I do have some silver pieces too that I might mix in with white gold. Continue Reading


Re: Diamonique Warranty

In Diamonique 1413551379.373

On 10/17/2014 Bellbe said: I have a different problem with Diamonique warranties - have any of you ever lost a stone in a ring? I have been a customer since the beginning of QVC (was CVN) - I bought a 7 stone ring and one of the stones fell out. Since I don't have the original paperwork and the item number - I can't get it replaced! I can't wear this ring at all. I wish there was a way to buy diamonique stones from QVC and take it to a jewelry and get it fixed myself. I'm so heartbroken! This ring was so beautiful...and I haven't seen one like this since. Who hangs onto paperwork over 25 yrs.... Continue Reading


Re: Audrey Hepburn TS

In Jewelry Talk 1413480007.677

On 10/16/2014 BOYINTX said: On 10/16/2014 stevieb said: I never thought of AH as a jewelry maven, likewise Grace Kelly. As mentioned above and as I noted in another thread, seems to me that if they wanted to go 'Hollywood' with a 'movie star' jewelry collection, Liz Taylor was the way to go... AH might well have been a humanitarian and all 'round wonderful person, gifted actress and style icon, but I'm not sure she has quite the historical interest of a JBK to keep a jewelry line front and center for long... I watched a few minutes of the show last night and found it actually rather boring. W... Continue Reading


Re: Audrey Hepburn TS

In Jewelry Talk 1413464721.53

On 10/16/2014 willdob3 said: I find it odd that they have a jewelry line for her when she really did not wear much jewelry. I don't think it was very important to her. I thought the same. Showcasing someone like Princess Diana would have been better. At least they would have had plenty of pictures of Diana wearing each jewelry item. Much like with Jackie. Continue Reading


Re: Signature Club A TS today-----any thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1413292868.97

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by some of the products and the price. Continue Reading


Re: Shark ,again for p.m. style?

In Fashion Talk 1413292246.76

I found it to be a poor decision as well. How many cleaning devises does one need to see on TV? Continue Reading


Re: IT Foundation Shades

In Beauty Banter 1413122690.967

Is there an item number for this TSV? I would like to see what "It" has upcoming. Continue Reading

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