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Re: TSV bangles sizing ?????

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In the presentation it says you can squeeze them to make them smaller. But I think you can only go so far. For me my wrist being a 5.5 there is no way to squeeze these or the Alex & Ani to fit a truly small wrist. Continue Reading


Re: Lipstick Queen- worst customer service

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On 3/24/2015 depglass said: I got the email but now I'm glad I got diverted before I ordered. No savings is worth that kind of grief, I just don't have he patience for it anymore. Its a pity, because she does make nice lip products. I'd rather pay full price than put up with this much hassle as well. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R. on GMA

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On 3/22/2015 Anonymous2012 said: Anyway, I will be watching GMA on Tuesday to see Lisa! Thanks to the OP! Yes I will DVR to fast forward to LR segment to find out the reveal. Thanks for posting about this since I don't watch GMA. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R. on GMA

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On 3/22/2015 sherylsiu said: Why are you all so into Lisa ,trying to figure out what she is going to do or where she is going and then to go back and forth on what every little thing she says or does!yall are worse than teenagers.She is probably sitting back having a good laugh.Grow up Different strokes for different folks. Some love to know all about celebrities and some love to know all about The Royals or First Ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Think Carolyn Has An Extension On Her House

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Some of what hosts say may be true. But really, every host buying everything they present they'd need storage warehouses for all of it. I think sometimes they might give stuff to friends and family. I don't think they keep everything they buy. If they really buy it. Continue Reading


Re: Red lipstick after 40?

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Ivana Trump wore red lipstick for many years. When she switched to a light pink lipstick she looked years younger. Also remember that if you have thin lips any dark color will make them look even thinner. Continue Reading


Re: Reviews of e.l.f. Translucent Loose Finishing Powder

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It is good. It has been compared to Make Up Forever HD powder. Continue Reading


Re: Goodbye PM Style

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On 3/16/2015 tough_kitty said: On 3/16/2015 OldFoogey said: Ok so the Dansko`s are adorbs and so comfortable that you will want to wear them to bed. Shawn, they are shoes for heaven`s sake!! IMO there were better choices for a host for this show and yes I`m changing the channel. "adorbs" was the best part....NOT.....I get the use of short cuts in text messages...but on TV?? Seems odd. I don't like it just like I don't like to hear "fab", "delish", or "hon", but perhaps it's just me.... I don't know how she was able to do the new on CBS with speech like this. Or did she just acquire this for... Continue Reading


Re: QVC Plus shows question

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On my cable company QVC Plus just shows a repeat of the regular Q channel shows. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney is wearing pandora!

In Jewelry Talk 1426464731.137

I noticed the Pandora bracelet very pretty. She also had a silver link bracelet with a cute heart charm dangling. Don't know what brand that one is. Continue Reading

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