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Re: Selling your old gold and silver

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When I sold gold I had no problems getting a lot of money. I only sold when gold was highest and only items I hadn't worn in years. Sadly silver is very different. It is treated as scrap metal. They weigh it and the amount you get is "nothing" compared to what you bought the item for. As far as designer pieces in silver you'd need to sell to someone who can appreciate that piece. If not it will get weighed and you won't get nearly what you spent on it. Getting so little for silver makes you think twice before ever buying any piece of silver designer or not. Continue Reading


Re: This is not a "steal"

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On 7/25/2014 kcladyz said: I never saw 32oz that price anyplace that is usually a price for the 16oz I have never seen this either at TJ Maxx or elsewhere for that price. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Buying The Bronzo TSV Today

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On 7/24/2014 NYCGRL said: I wonder if it will sell out. Lots of Vicenza today, but I'm finding that it is mostly bronzo with a small dose of silver and maybe 1 or 2 pieces of gold thrown in (which I can't afford) - I guess that is to appease the customers who don't want any mystery metals. I couldn't believe how a Vicenza Gold show turns into Bronzo. Extremely little real gold in the show. Continue Reading


Re: Diamonique of the month....

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This was an advanced order they started shipping out today. Continue Reading


Re: QVC gems vs. other shopping channels

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I feel that HSN now is overloaded with Michael Anthony's 10K gold. I prefer 14K or 18K. I understand that for some people who don't wish to have any tarnish issues prefer 10K to buying silver they'll have to care for at some point. I feel that ShopHQ has too many 14K rose gold jewelry pieces. I can understand having some pieces but not their majority. JTV has a fair amount of 10K gold and 14K. Less of 18K but I think they are working on it. However most of these 14K and 18K pieces have no video on the their website. So to get a look at them you have to depend on catching a gold show. Al... Continue Reading


Re: $7.00 On Shipping For A Blush?

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These are the times when we all should be looking a shipping costs before we press the "confirm" button. Continue Reading


Re: Please don't Let JudithR take over Diamonique!

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It is a shame they don't have more designers. Continue Reading


Re: Are Jewelers Still Removing Watch Links for Free?

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The jewelry store that I have a good relationship with never charges me to remove links. But they do charge customers $5. The Rolex store doesn't charge to remove or add links even if you didn't buy your Rolex from that particular store. The Tag and Omega stores do the same. I think that $15 is a little much for links. Even watch batteries aren't that much. However having a good watch serviced is a lot more. Continue Reading


Re: Smashbox on HSN tonight at 8pm

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On 7/15/2014 Grade1Teach said: I saw two Smashbox shows and was not impressed at all. They were showing their Halo Liquid Foundation and a few other items. There was nothing new and barely anything with color. I thought they would have pulled out some great new color kits or products that would really demonstrate what this brand is about. It was very boring for an introductory show -- Disappointed! I was disappointed as well. All the shows I've seen so far have been boring. Continue Reading


Re: Thanks to all who recommended Revlon Colorstay!

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On 7/8/2014 lakes said: Color Stay Whipped is the best ever! The one in glass jar - sorta looks like a gel - goes on very smooth, covers great and lasts all day. Perfect for hot humid weather. Has many shades so you can find the perfect match. I tried Revlon's Colorstay Whipped foundation because I saw Emilynoel83 on Youtube talk so well about it. I was very happy with this foundation. It did not settle or change color throughout the day. I live in a very humid hot climate area. It went on very smooth and stayed put all day. No need for touch up. I did apply a loose powder at the end o... Continue Reading

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