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Re: Eclipse pieces

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Pics up so thinking today's shows Continue Reading


Re: I Think It’s Time for a New Adventure

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*~*~*Dear Lisa~ Wish you well.... can't believe this and that I just heard your announcement live... Was in shock. Still am.. I hope this is your choice, 100%. May you have many wonderful new adventures and always remember those of us that admire you and will miss you in our homes on the Q... On to bigger and better adventures! BRAVO girl!! You are a class act all the way!! I bet you're getting your own show somewhere else ;) Blessings!! Continue Reading


Re: *~*~*Anyone receive Judith's 14K clad white MOP Eclipse ring?? = J293881*~*~*

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On 6/16/2014 Dallas-Dame said: Hi, Star. I received the MOP clad suite on Friday and I must say that the enhancer and stud earrings are magnificent. The ring, although stunning, is just too large on my hand. I have long, thin fingers and it completely overpowered my hand. The workmanship is impeccable and I'll be sad to return this piece. Unfortunately, it's a size 5 so I can't give you a "shout out" on the return. Have a lovely day! Thank you for your reply Dallas! :) Wear your new suite in good health and great times and enjoy!! Are you certain you wouldn't get used to a big, bold slice of... Continue Reading


*~*~*Anyone receive Judith's 14K clad white MOP Eclipse ring?? = J293881*~*~*

Last Reply by Dallas-Dame 1403102844.897 | Started by star826 in Judith Ripka

This is the ring I was on the fence about due to the 14K clad. It has already received five, *****5 star reviews*****... in fact rave reviews... Wondering if Judith might bring it to us in the usual platinum/rhodium plated sterling that most Ripkanistas have built their personal collections around... Hmmm, decisions... LOL ***If you have received this ring, please let us know your opinion... *** And if you bought a size 9 and have decided to return, do give me a shout out! :) It looks gorgeous! Happy Monday to all the Ripkanistas and my friends on the forums :) Make it a great day people!! ... Continue Reading


Re: *~*~*HELLO Ripkanistas! Info please on how the gold clad rings are holding up*~*~*

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On 6/10/2014 Dallas-Dame said: Hello, Star. I've been collecting from Judith's clad offerings since they were first introduced at the Q. I'm very pleased with the finish, durability and beauty of these pieces. I own clad rings, bracelets, chains, enhancers and earrings and they've held up quite well...each piece looks brand new. After each wear, I wipe the piece(s) with a soft jeweler's cloth and store them carefully. The clad color is a perfect match to Judith's 18k couture pieces...and they work beautifully together. If you decide to give it a try, I hope you're as pleased as I have been an... Continue Reading


Re: *~*~*HELLO Ripkanistas! Info please on how the gold clad rings are holding up*~*~*

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Hello anisha~ Thank you for your reply :) Hope you are enjoying the clad items, sounds like you are as you have more than one item.. I'm a Ripkanista from the beginning days on the Q wheb these forums were called the bulletin boards and had a live chatroom... (2002-ish...) Was normally on many times a week but took a much needed break from the routine. Nice to meet you and again, I thank you for your reply! Greatly appreciated! ;) Hey Sammycat!! How are you? Thank you for the kind welcome back... just needed a many months long breather! LOL Hiope all is well with you too! Hi tropicalbeachgir... Continue Reading


*~*~*HELLO Ripkanistas! Info please on how the gold clad rings are holding up*~*~*

Last Reply by Oneanddone 1402516204.83 | Started by star826 in Judith Ripka

WOW!! Longtime no see! :) Hope all is well among the many Ripkanistas that remember me! Looking for info on how the gold clad rings are holding up. I'm not one for plated jewelry but am tempted by a gold clad ring from Judith. Good or bad, please let me know your experiences with any gold clad rings from Ms. Judie. Much appreciated!! Missed you all! ~Star826 Continue Reading


Re: Vote For Your Favorite New Fall-O-Ween Design For A Chance To Win Angel's Witch Hat!

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***** SPELLBOUND for the WIN!!! ***** *~*~*HAPPY QUACKTASTIC FALLOWEEN ALL!!*~*~* What I LOVE about Halloween? A few things... The children get so excited to dress up to enjoy the holiday :) Seeing the amazing costumes that others create to celebrate Halloween, A chance to dress up in my Quacktastic Halloween fashions all month long and put a smile on others faces... The BEST feeling is to make someone else smile!! :) Been a Quacker since the "50 in 50" tour when Jeanne sold the 2 blouses with fabric insets. AND my black cat's birthday IS Halloween!! ... Continue Reading


Re: Wedding Wednesday - Can You Guess What's In The Box?!

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Hi Shawn~ If it's not his wedding band from Tiffany's, then I'll guess maybe an engraved watch for all the happy times to share together :) or a sterling engraved money clip for prosperity for a lifetime?? OOOHHHH, those Tiffany boxes are so wonderful to give and receive... I say you're his gift on your wedding day!! He's a VERY lucky man to be marrying you!! You're a breath of fresh air and a joy!! And so full of fun! ***Might you consider asking the Q to hold a belated wedding celebration this Summer for you and Joe that your fans can come to the Q and celebrate with you two? Blessings to ... Continue Reading


Re: Paging Star826 re: CP's Mariposa ring

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Hi Cloud!! :) Thanks to a sweet forum friend who emailed me that you had paged me, I hope you enjoy it! It's definitely a ring to cheer you when you see it on your finger! :) Hope you enjoy and wear in the best of health and happiness! Wish I knew it was on sale again... Might have bought a few as gifts... Was the price better this time then when you found it on sale during their last sale ?? I haven't been on the forums in a couple of months... Not even to read... Just needed a break. Thank you for remembering me and how special that ring is to us! Wait til you see the colors!! Have you ck'd... Continue Reading

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