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Re: Vitamix vs food processor

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I have and use both, although I do use the Vitamix for somethings that I used to do in a food processor (like making pesto, nut butters, etc.) I love the lowest speed setting for a quick fine paste for things like garlic, ginger, or even onion. Continue Reading


Re: Everything You Never Knew About Mascara

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If you want to try a new mascara, go to Nordies make-up counters and ask for samples of products. Most of the lines will provide a free sample (if you have a Nordies card, they will be glad to give you a 2 week supply of almost any beauty product!) Get two or three and compare. I use Chanel "Le Volume" in non-waterproof formula. Continue Reading


Re: How do I get grease off cement steps?

In For the Home Talk 1421289382.173's the same thing they use to clean oil off of animals (safe for the environment) after oil spills. It's the best de-greaser out there. Clorox won't work on will just remove all other organic stains making the grease stained area look worse. Use dawn and a good stiff scrub brush and rinse well. Continue Reading


Re: Judith on FB....a hint of things to come

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When she closed her store in Short Hills several years ago, she opened a boutique in Bernie Robbins Jewelry. I am thinking this will be a similar set up...she will have dedicated floor (case) space to her collection. In other words, it will not sit alongside other pieces, but stand alone in retail locations. Kind of like the way Yurman sits in Neimans now. My local jeweler does this same type of set up with Gabrielle jewelry. I haven't been by her NYC location in some the smaller store now closed too? Finally, I noticed she did not do her sample sale this year. I miss those...b... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS - Please post Judith Ripka January 2015 REVIEWS here... :)

In Judith Ripka 1420855986.583

Just received this bracelet and love it! It has been on my list for a while, so when one popped in I snagged. J291794 Continue Reading


Re: I love David Yurman bangles but....

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On 1/6/2015 GRACIE said: FYI: Taxco was 1st establish in the late 1950's. The twisted cuff bracelet was made in the 1970s. The bracelets I have are about 1/4 wide weighting over 40 grams each. Yes, understood...was just noting that Yurman has been doing the design in the US for 30+ years. Also FYI, Yurman made (don't know if it's still produced) a 10mm, which is just shy of 1/2 inch. Not sure of the weight of that piece, but I'd venture to guess it's over 60's an arm workout for sure! Love all of the silver, Taxco and the designs so inspired. Continue Reading


Re: I love David Yurman bangles but....

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On 1/6/2015 LuvitorLIT said: I love his jewelry I brought quite a few of his pieces from ebay a couple of years ago. I especially love his bangles and his confetti line of jewelry. I was in St. Maarten and his jewelry is sold at some very good discount prices but unfortunately or fortunately his bangles are too small for me. FYI, the bangles can be ordered in multiple sizes. Also FYI, DY has outlets and sample sales...went to one last summer at Chelsea Market in NYC. Tengems also carries Yurman, although not a great selection. Continue Reading


Re: I love David Yurman bangles but....

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On 1/6/2015 customer 5 said: On 1/5/2015 SANNA said: I never liked DY to the point of paying so much for just silver and semiprecious stones and now his turquoise is simulated. I read the description myself. In a magazine advertisement some bangles were being made of aluminum. Those were a limited daughter has two and they are kind of cool. They were not expensive (priced as a piece of designer costume jewelry) and she adores them. Continue Reading


Re: New Season of Fixer Upper...

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On 1/7/2015 chi5925 said: On 1/7/2015 Havarti said: <p class="MsoNormal"I enjoy them, too – they are a fun family with a successful business breathing new life into old homes that have become frumpy and outdated.That said, I do get tired of HGTV (and other channels) taking the lazy approach using cookie cutter format/design styles. <p class="MsoNormal"Johanna seems to decorate every home in her own taste – a farm sink, distressed furniture in every room, rusty tin décor, at least one big clock on the wall, a farm table, etc.She does a fabulous job on each home, but ... Continue Reading


Re: New Season of Fixer Upper...

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On 1/7/2015 ChicagoHeather said: On 1/6/2015 jackthebear said: Fun show, but I noticed they never put a TV in any of the rooms and the style is pretty much all the same in every house. You're right, but I still love this show! I love it when they show the animals at their house and I love how her husband is always bringing more home (2 dogs once, baby chicks, calves to bottle feed, etc.) and her reactions (). The amount of work and the gorgeous results for the amount of $$ is unreal. It makes me want to move there (okay, not really) just for the amount of property I could get versus in Chi... Continue Reading

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