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Re: March 5: Dew Drop in gold is LTS, $173.88/3 EP

In Judith Ripka 1425589325.717

Sorry I missed this...wow, that was a great deal! Continue Reading


Re: Have to check....

In Judith Ripka 1425389155.08

Sammy, I have it too...but I don't recall how much it was. And NJ Girl you are amazing. That's for the info about the blog WB. Continue Reading


Have to check....

Last Reply by Sammycat1 1425558468.017 | Started by smarty in Judith Ripka

my jewelry box, but isn't this an oldie but goodie??? J321024 (25, 26)? Continue Reading


Re: tired of bare minerals - anyone have a recommendation?

In Beauty Banter 1425345145.96

In my opinion, the Chanel le beiges CC cream is the best of the best. Color can be a bit tricky to match though. Continue Reading


Re: tired of bare minerals - anyone have a recommendation?

In Beauty Banter 1425237203.6

I am a be user, have been for years...I am in my mid 50s and have been getting really dry skin this winter. I sill love my minerals, but need more hydration (I am enjoying the serum and new rescue formulas). I recently tried a Chanel product that I ADORE...Vitalumier Aqua in the compact (cream) formula. You apply it with a foundation brush and the coverage is build able. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

In Jewelry Talk 1425009294.317

Be still my heart...I'd event take just the shells, without the mabe. Continue Reading


Re: Brain Tumor - Astrocytoma

In Health & Fitness 1424827246.133

I don't know if they are still around, but the American Brain Tumor Association was a great source of information to our family back in the early '90s when a relative had a glioblastoma. I know that Duke University and Johns Hopkins are leaders for certain types of brain tumor treatments. Best wishes to your family. Continue Reading


Re: 14kt polished gold hoop earrings, Costco

In Jewelry Talk 1424826943.433

Costco has great jewelry...very easy to return if you don't like! Continue Reading


Re: What mascara do you use for your lower lashes?

In Beauty Banter 1424826732.077

I never use mascara on my lower lashes...I have long lashes, so I always end up looking like a raccoon because the mascara bleeds onto my under eye area. I use Chanel on my upper lashes (the one in the round cylinder tube). Continue Reading


Re: Anyone notice?

In Judith Ripka 1424800089.673

Yes, DeadEye, I am confident that hers was in diamonds...but that said, I can afford the JRQ version...the other would cost about 2 years of college tuition! Continue Reading

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