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Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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On 4/25/2015 esmeraldagooch said: Thank you Jersey Born. Oh darn Smarty, I was hoping I was going to meet you this year. Shopping help perhaps? I have two graduations this June, one for my daughter in HS, the other for my daughter who graduates from college. I haven't even begun to think about July yet...but I definitely will let you know if I need a set of shopping eyes! I am so thoroughly enjoying my strand from last year's ruckus shopping trip. Each and every time I wear that strand I get comments on it. Your GSS necklace is simply lovely. I have been so tempted with several earrings on... Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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On 4/24/2015 esmeraldagooch said: Smarty, There are more dangles and studs with mabe` Sea of Cortez shells at Kojima Pearl Company. Call and ask Sarah if you're interested. Douglas is coming to the Ruckus in July in LA. Why not come and meet him in person and select your's from the pearls and mabe he will be bringing? ezzy, I would love to take the trip to LA...I really enjoyed pouring over all of the videos of the past ruckus and the vendor presentations. I don't know if it will be in the cards for me, though, as it depends on my work schedule. But I will definitely be with you all in spi... Continue Reading


Re: 2 LTS

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Thanks Jersey Continue Reading


Re: 2 LTS

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What was the price on the earring? So sorry I missed!!! Continue Reading


Re: ripka weekly show

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As Excel takes JR branding to the lifestyle market it will be interesting to see what other products will fall under the Ripka brand. My guesses are renewed handbags, fragrances, scarves and other accessories. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know what to do when one of the stones fall our of JR bracelet?

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If it is a dmq piece you should contact CS...dmq has a lifetime warranty and they will repair or replace the item at any time. Continue Reading


Re: New ripka watch

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I believe it is just like all of her other watches...stainless steel on the "silver tone" and ionic plating on the rose and yellow. I believe only her very first watch (many years ago) was sterling. Continue Reading


Re: A265563 Missoni ZIG ZAG maxi has a zipper!!

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On 4/9/2015 JustJazzmom said: On 4/9/2015 smarty said: I am confused, these appear to not be Missoni...are they just copies? Missoni inspired. Thanks JustJazzmom! BTW, I have purchased several Missoni (not copies) items at Anthropologie and there is always a smattering at our Neimans and Nordies outlets! If you like the look, check them out. Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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On 4/4/2015 esmeraldagooch said: The dangles matched my mabe` and I asked if Sarah had any other SoC pearls in stock and she brought our a ziplock with three matched multi color pearls. I asked if she could remove the rubies from the dangle earrings and add the multi color SoC half drilled at the bottom. Those are gorgeous earrings...wish I saw them first! Continue Reading

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