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Re: I am begging the forum police to take down the Fiestaware post, Please??

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Who is this Fiestaware thread really bothering? So what? I am personally tired of seeing umpteen thousand threads about Ripka and WEN with people's hair falling out! Yeah remove those too! Continue Reading


Re: A Lisa Roberson Christmas 2 hr special...

In For the Home Talk 1411323168.963

I will check it out, but I doubt I will buy anything...it probably be a mix of decor items and that GILI stuff for gifts. Continue Reading


Re: Collections

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Lord, I have Hummels from my grandmother and mother, and I don't know what to do with them....and they are the older ones too. I have tried selling them, no one wants them, so they are wrapped carefully in a storage box. I collect Bombay Company trinket boxes, I have a few, they are not worth much, but I like them. I have a few pieces of Belleek, but I don't consider myself a collector. Radko ornaments and finials are my real collection. Almost time to whip them out too! Continue Reading


Re: did they poof the thread about the person who " just wanted to die"?

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On 9/20/2014 Colonel Meow said: On 9/20/2014 straitgirl said: On 9/20/2014 Colonel Meow said: On 9/20/2014 Ford1224 said: I had just finished my comment and went to submit it and got "commenting period closed." What if that girl was really in trouble? That thread wasn't political, nor religious, nor nasty, nor current events, nor even controversial. All responses were encouraging and positive. JUST WHAT CAN WE POST??? I don't think it was the posts. I will venture a guess to say that Q was trying to preemptively distance itself from a situation that might potentially cause them to hold some ... Continue Reading


Re: Polly Bergen passed

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I remember her selling some brand of cosmetics a long time ago. RIP pretty lady. Continue Reading


Re: Quick Please....do you tip your plumber?

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Tip? For what they charge???!! Never. Continue Reading


Re: Not Buying A ChristmasTreeThis Summer

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I don't see this as an act of "greed"...they are selling trees. Buy one, don't buy one. Hobby Lobby has tons of trees out already, I am sure Michael's has them too. I was in Target yesterday, and stuck in the corner, behind the clearance racks of garden items..and the new Halloween stuff...were Christmas lights. They order the seasonal stuff at least 8 months in advance of the season. So, they will probably start ordering and planning Christmas 2015 in March of 2015. I will say this, the TSV seems a little expensive to me, but then I haven't priced trees in a long time. Continue Reading


Re: Hunting related product sold by QVC

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On 9/19/2014 JobGirl said: But for QVC this seems contrary to the image they're trying to create for their viewers and customers. what image is that? I only thought they trying to make money and meet supply and demand to me QVC has no "image" do they?? Image? They are a retailer. That's all. They sell...what sells. Continue Reading


Re: Congress recently passed the Sunscreen Innovation Act

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Congress passed a sunscreen innovation act. That's all well and good, but I would be more impressed if they actually did some real work and passed some sort of legislation for SOLAR ENERGY. Continue Reading


Re: All Things Pumpkin!

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Am I the only one that HATES pumpkin anything??? YUCK...BLECH!!! Continue Reading

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