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Re: Pet presents

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Yes...we do. I just blew a chunk o money at Petsmart on Sunday. LOL But we also had a puppy birthday on Sunday, and my Alexzander will be turning 3 on 12/23. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Holiday TV ad this year

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I saw one last night for Publix, a southern supermarket for those that don't know, that made me actually cry. Little girl looking outside on a snowy day next to a Christmas tree...mommy asks, what are you going to do? She replies..I'm going to bake some cookies because he's coming tonight. Next scene, they are in the kitchen making cookies, she's taking the most care to decorate them beautifully. Doorbell rings. She runs to the door with the and dad look puzzled...door opens....there stands Grandpa. Obviously mom and dad thought the cookies were for Santa. OMG, I lost it. Here's... Continue Reading


Re: PM Style Host

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Good Lord, I can't imagine sitting and watching three hours of clothing! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Why was my Lisa farewell - vendors and hosts MIA deleted?

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On 12/13/2014 Sooner said: She's gone, no longer a QVC host, and I'm sure the company thinks it is time to move on as well. Can't say I blame them. When you leave somewhere it is like taking your hand out of water. I could not have said it better myself. Everyone needs to move on. Besides its QVC's board, we are just guests. Continue Reading



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Received mine last week...and the online one is up too. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Holiday TV ad this year

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The ad with the reindeer....and Strange Magic. I love it! Continue Reading


Re: ? about Bill Cosby knock out drug

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Not only is he a serial predator IMHO, he has made thus whole thing racial now with his latest comment. So sad. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite jarred Marinara Sauce?

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I usually buy Barilla and add some of my own spices. Continue Reading

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