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Re: Jill's "moment" with that cake

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I love me some coconut cake...but $60 for one?! Bite me! Continue Reading


Re: The UPS Man just told my husband that I needed help!!

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I would call his supervisor. No reason for a comment like that. Continue Reading


Re: How much would you pay for a wedding dress?

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My dress cost $825 and the hat/veil was another $150, that was in 1984. I still have it! LOL Continue Reading



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I am a light red, strawberry blonde if you will, and at age 55 (almost 56) I have never colored my hair. The last time I went to have my hair cut, the stylist told me not to bother because red was such a hard color to match. I may just let it go..I don't mind having a small amount of gray in my hair, after all, I think I have earned most of them. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Best Food Item QVC Sells Is?

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I ordered the croissants a couple of years ago, and they were very good. The Grandma's Coffee Cakes are fabulous...but you can order them from their website. Chery's Cookies are good family loves them, but they are better from their site too. I will say this, I ordered a David's Cookies set about a month ago from HSN, and they were TERRIBLE. I called and got a credit. They were dried out like they had been sitting in a warehouse too long. Continue Reading


Re: 3-Piece Glass Cloche Dome with Mirror Insert and Footed Base H203479

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I have seen cloches everywhere...much better prices too. Continue Reading


Re: Question Re Other Shopping Channels

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The only one that comes to mind is Colleen from HSN. I dont watch ShopHQ that often, so I cannot speak for them..but I am sure there are one or two hosts that are featured. Continue Reading


Re: Where Do You Keep All Your Decor? Like Valeri's

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I have different color bins for all my decorations. Green and red for Christmas. Blue for Easter. Brown and Orange for Fall/Halloween Clear for patriotic Continue Reading


Re: Who's got the time, skill, storage space, and $ for this type of Christmas decorating???

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On 7/21/2014 magicmoodz said: On 7/21/2014 Rocker said: On 7/21/2014 luvingit said: Surely you know what that program was all about. I am a cynic. Does her house really look like that at Christmas? Or Like Logo demo, the more they model, the more we want to buy? If you wanted the entire look, what would you have to do.. hmmm. Only people with big houses or attics or garages have the space to store lots of Christmas. I think I have quite a bit and I am tapped out. There was a time I went for the disposable Christmas. Fresh everything and throw it all out. I will probably do some of that again... Continue Reading


Re: More Christmas Decorating Shows Like Lisa's

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On 7/21/2014 mominohio said: Great post. I was very busy today, but I was going to post the very same idea! This type of show is so much better than the complete hodge podge of products thrown at us in a general holiday show. Q has let all their more upscale home decor go, and it is a mistake. This type of offerings need to show up more often. Yes, I agree. Not everyone likes cutesy penguins and kitties. They are cute, but they have their place. Continue Reading

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