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Re: girl scout cookies

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I was a GS leader for 8 years, a Service Unit Cookie Chair for 4 years, and a staff Membership Manager for 3 years. I also served on the Sevice Unit Cookie Board. There are no quantity discounts allowed for troops or individuals. What this parent is doing is wrong, and should be reported. The same goes for price per box discounts. If the Council decides on $4.00/box, no one should be selling them at any other price. Continue Reading


Re: Big Boring Silver...

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On 2/28/2015 meowing kitty said: I spent my money on a new Brahmin bag instead. </ A much better buy, I am sure. I love my Brahmin. Continue Reading


Re: Ellen

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On 2/27/2015 fthunt said: To RedHeaded - umm - after reading 28 replies to this posting - didn't you get (at least) a clue what Q shoppers are thinking? Start with 101 in Marketing Class = boring products - probably available at Walmart at reduced prices. (please read all 28 replies) Ummm... fthunt, my question was directed to you...you gave no explanation for your opinion. Second, I am fully aware that this product line is pretty common and can be purchased at any brick and mortar store or online....as are 90% of QVC's other products/lines. But many of QVC's customers either don't know that... Continue Reading


Re: The new shipping is s-l-o-w as molasses.

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You get what you pay for...and I think most of the slower shipping right now is due to the weather. Continue Reading


Re: Fundraising Calls...

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On 2/23/2015 terrier3 said: I rarely use my land line phone. It's hooked in to my ADT system. I don't even have messaging on my land line. People who know me call on my cell. Yesterday (Sunday) I had 11 calls from telemarketers asking for money. Every disease imaginable. One woman even said - "Wow - you are hard to reach - I've been calling your number for days!" She was with the Susan Komen Foundation. I have never donated to them and never would donate to them. How do you get off lists for fundraisers? I hate that! They call and act as if they actually know you! I tell them point blank, ta... Continue Reading


Re: Priceless Iraqi Artifacts Destroyed by ISIS

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I saw this picture yesterday, and thought that they may not be actual ISIS folks. ISIS generally hide their faces. Whomever it is, its a terrible thing that they did. Continue Reading


Re: Ellen

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On 2/27/2015 fthunt said: won't last long on the Q. Why do you think that? Continue Reading


Re: Kelly threatened to quit Fashion Police...

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I have always thought this was a horrible show, my feelings have not changed. Continue Reading


Re: no more Poo-Purrie?

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Jane.com has a knock off on their site today. Continue Reading

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