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Re: More than 100 Sears and Kmart stores to close

In Viewpoints 1414186309.597

I hope they close the KMart we have in town. It is a pig sty. Continue Reading


Re: Honey boo boo has been cancelled!

In Viewpoints 1414186256.007

Well someone at TLC finally came to their senses! Continue Reading


Re: hosts' pitch of who to give gifts to- seriously?

In Fashion Talk 1414186197.193

It's right up there with "I have this at home" or "I own this". Come on. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone hear Jane Treacy's Christmas gift suggestion with the Clark's shoes ?

In Clarks 1414186138.83

I don't watch Jane..I cannot take her, but that is one of the most ridiculous ideas that I have ever heard. Just as bad as telling people to buy Dooney's and give those for teacher gifts. Yeah, she said that a long time ago. Continue Reading


Re: LR Antique pillar candle holder...

In For the Home Talk 1414178753.253

You can find similar candle holders in any TJMaxx or Marshalls. HomeGoods too. I have seen them many times at those stores. Continue Reading


Re: Mama June's boyfriend

In Viewpoints 1414092725.737

This whole show is gross. Now it's even gross-i-er. Continue Reading


Re: How much of your house do you decorate for the holidays?

In For the Home Talk 1414092513.6

Gosh I used to decorate everywhere, but lately and due to mobility restrictions, I can't. These days I'm happy to get my mantle and tree up, but I am determined to decorate a little more this year, because of company and my new grandson :) Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for Christmas Tree Decorations

In For the Home Talk 1414092328.853

Any natural type picks would do nicely. Consider holly..but try ivy. It would give it a different look. Continue Reading


Re: LR Christmas Show - 10/17

In For the Home Talk 1414032750.67

I received my snowman, the finial ornaments and my owls today. The snowman is soooooooooo cute!!!!!! The finial ornies are nice, I've seen nicer, and the Owls are fur covered, not feathered. Keeping them all. Continue Reading

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