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Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427408361.303

I had more of a problem with Paul Deen slobbering all over her fingers and then shoving food into people's faces and mouths. Continue Reading


Re: Trans--Expecting Too Much?

In Viewpoints 1427408164.913

On 3/26/2015 Qwackertoo said: I seriously doubt Bradley Bell and his staff of writers can do this plot any compassion for those who live the life of a transgender person. They can't even get regular plots to resemble anywhere or anything that might closely reflect the "real" world. They will quickly gloss over it and move on to the next affair or crisis. It will receive a glancing PSA type treatment and then to the back burner it will go. Probably not. I do not watch B&B, but I happen to not change the channel the other day, and caught two women talking about the transgender thing. I ass... Continue Reading


Re: Opinions From Lantern Lovers, Please

In For the Home Talk 1427407819.8

Oh I love lanterns! I have purchased some beauties from Pier One and Zulilly and I have them all over the house! Continue Reading


Re: Only about four months till Christmas in July!

In For the Home Talk 1427407762.99

On 3/26/2015 DUSTI spring said: Lol these remarks are hilarious. But, i have to say that i have bee ordering like a fool these past few months on alot of LIsa's xmas items, which I Love!!!!!!!!! I have been able to get some of those Lisa items over at the "As Is" area....she and I have the exact same decorating style...and for that I will miss her. I hope they bring some similar items back this year. Continue Reading


Re: How often do you cry?

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I cry a lot actually for both happy and sad things. We had some devastating news health wise in our family yesterday and we are just sad in this house right now. Continue Reading


Re: Why not be nice and give Lisa Robertson respect she deserves?

In Q News 1427212119.79

On 3/24/2015 Stella Dallas said: Oh please, she's an ex-salesperson, not the Pope. Exactly. Continue Reading


Re: Holy smokes! 4lbs of bacon for how much????

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427212008.513

I am trying to understand the obsession with bacon. Everything is "bacon-y" theses days. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson on GMA Tuesday, March 24

In Beauty Banter 1427211807.35

On 3/24/2015 stevieb said: On 3/23/2015 ellaphant said: same old, same old! the LR haters back! can't stay away from anything to do with LR. Isn't it the truth... And their comments, oy, so trite and predictable. I wonder if they even realize how petty (and oft times resentful) they sound...? Predictable, because it's the truth, and that's hard for LR lovers to admit. Many of these posts (all over the boards) are just like stalking! The first thing I would do, if I were Lisa, is GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA, if you are that afraid of stalkers. I will admit, that I watched the interview this morn... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R. on GMA

In The Q We Love 1427156688.943

On 3/23/2015 jessa said: On 3/23/2015 lizzief said: On 3/23/2015 OR Nurse said: just saw the promo for the show tomorrow. she was interviewing with Robin Roberts and will be talking about why she left QVC. I saw the promo as well. Robin asked her if the stalker was why she left. Of course we have to wait to hear the answer, but I had the impression the interview will be more about stalking than why she left. She's already said why she left, to explore other opportunities. I doubt you're going to hear anything else, but we'll see tomorrow! Maybe she'll explain why somebody with a stalker posts... Continue Reading

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