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Re: Joan rivers

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I just read on the newsfeed that she has no intention of apologizing. I think she's losing it. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight Show is the new Wayne's World

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I did not like Johnny Carson at all. I did not like Jay Leno at all. Dave has his moments. Conan O'Brien is just not funny. Jimmy Fallon is sort of funny. He is playing to a certain audience..young viewers. Dave plays to the older crowd (of which I am one). For that matter, I don't get Craig Ferguson at all. Continue Reading


Re: Top Shopping Channel Pet Peeve

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I hate to say it, but almost everything these days makes the hair on my neck stand up on shopping channels. The over used cliche's, the product redundancy, the misinformation, and the catering to certain demographic groups. What irritates me the most is the sales pressure tactics that are used to make you think that are getting some sort of bargain, and 2...that something is in limited availability. That drives me crazy. Someone mentioned Sleeping Beauty Turquoise...if its so limited, why does every shopping channel have it? Same with the Kingman Turquoise! I rarely watch any more....... Continue Reading


Re: Texting Driver Who Slammed Cyclist: I, Like, 'Just Don't Care'

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Unbelievable... but you know, many young people are this way today. Continue Reading


Re: Patti Reilly infomercial

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I happen to catch Patti in another infomercial in the middle of the night with Joy Mangano...with those terrible fragrance sticks she sells. I wonder if she will pop up on HSN at any time now? Continue Reading


Re: Printed pants by Susan Graver

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Sorry, but these pants are hideous. They look like something Honey Boo Boo's mom would wear on a good day......especially the brownish ones. They look like camo. JMHO Continue Reading


Re: Oy Vey, a warning!

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I have never toasted Matzoh. Continue Reading


Re: Cost of tax prep

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I did my own this year...$29.99 after rebate for the program. In the past I have paid between $400-$500 to have them done. Frankly I think it's a ripoff of gigantic proportion...unless you have a really complicated return. Continue Reading


Re: Would you call the police if you witnessed a mother drinking beer while breast feeding?

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Frankly, its none of anyone's business unless the woman was drunk and causing problems to herself or the child. Drinking while pregnant is not illegal. When I was of child bearing age...all of my doctor's told me to have either a glass of wine or beer if I was having problems with breast feeding. It relaxes and helps release the milk. Continue Reading


Re: What is YOUR favorite........considered Southern.........recipe

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On 4/3/2014 GoodStuff said: On 4/2/2014 princessaurora said: First rule of Southern cooking: real mayonnaise in chicken salad. Second rule of Southern cooking: Miricle Whip in everything else. Unless you are enlightened. Then it is Ranch Dressing on everything! Also the bologna sandwich, home grown tomatoes, and iced tea. Sorry, but no Miracle Whip for this old Southern girl! It's mayonnaise all the way at our house -- usually Hellmann's or Duke's -- in chicken salad, tuna salad, potato salad, egg salad, devilled eggs, pimiento cheese, sandwiches, and everything else! And Ranch is not a big ... Continue Reading

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