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Re: For Those of You Who Purchased VPH's New Gingerbread House...

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If you are an eBayer, you can find these gingerbread houses if you search under "RAZ". That's who manufacture's them. There were several up the other day. Just helpin' Continue Reading


Re: Remember Madame X??????

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That is a good movie! Continue Reading


Re: What Did Your Father Teach or Impart to You During Your Childhood?

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My father left us when I was 10, so nothing other than perhaps...what not to look for in a man. Continue Reading


Re: angelina made an honest man out of brad this past weekend. married.

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On 8/28/2014 terrier3 said: On 8/28/2014 minkbunny said: terrier, you seem more incensed over Brad moving on from Jen - than Jen is I'm HAPPY he left her. I think Jen is self absorbed and talentless. She just lucked out by being in an ensemble show that made billions in syndication. I never liked Friends and I don't like her interviews either. I don't think she has been in one movie worth watching either. The latest interview, where she said she had her T shirts tailored, was typical. She hasn't grown at all over all these years. I also don't like Chelsea, her close friend either. That's my... Continue Reading


Re: August 31 Today is INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY How do you eat your bacon??

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I must be in the minority....I really do not like bacon. Continue Reading


Re: Christmas in July repulsive.

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Repulsive is a little strong don't you think? If you don't like something or a certain program, don't watch, it's very simple. No one is forcing you to sit and watch it. Holiday items start showing up in STORES earlier and earlier every you not shop there either? I have to agree with MJ12 on this too. If you base your feelings about certain programming for a holiday season, that's really sad. Continue Reading


Re: If you suddeny came into a LOT of money----

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If I came in to a lot of money, yes I would gift some to my children...but not an obscene amount. Most of it would be either invested or given to charities or I would start a foundation for grants. Continue Reading


Re: Name a Few Skills Your Mother Taught You by the Age of 10

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Actually my great-grandmother taught me how to crochet on my fingers when I was 8. My Nana taught me how to cook several dishes, and how to peel potatoes the "right way" LOL, also how to embroider. My mother taught me how to sew and do needlepoint when I was about 10. Continue Reading


Re: My Son March 9, 1965-August 26, 2014

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So sorry Mama Mia. Prayers to your family. Continue Reading


Re: A guy on House Hunters today ...

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I have to watch this show with a bunch of soft things to throw at the tv when they say stupid things. I saw one the other day where the wife didn't want to buy a certain house simply because one bedroom had carpet, where the rest of the house had hardwood floors. First of all, people are unable to "go up and down the stairs" at any age. #$@#$ happens. I am 56 with several spinal issues that have gone from bad to worse the last few years, and I cannot get up and down the stairs that easily any more. We are currently in the middle of uncluttering and downsizing in order to move to a smaller and... Continue Reading

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