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Re: QVC Birthday Post Card, Tote Bag...UGH!

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I havent received a birthday card from QVC in over 3 years. As a matter of fact, I havent received one of those "holiday" cards either. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still play Candy Crush?

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Yes, I still play...I'm at level 653 now, and I also play on the other side..the Odus the Owl game. It's addicting as all get out. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Latest Joan Rivers News (as of 10:50 pm ET)

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On 9/1/2014 Love Roses said: I kinda think she's gone folks. In other words, she's left us. I hope she recovers, but as time goes on, the hopes dwindle. If she does recover, I would hope she takes a long, and well deserved, rest before she does any publicly again. Continue Reading


Re: Got Temporarily "Banned"

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On 8/29/2014 brii said: Does that mean they are banning by IP address now? That's exactly how one gets banned, they use your IP address. Continue Reading


Re: Zulily? I see frozen stuff

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I am almost addicted to Zulily. The shipping is a little slow...but they are actually getting better. The last couple of items I received within a week. They are quite up front with their shipping policy. Love their stuff! Continue Reading


Re: For Those of You Who Purchased VPH's New Gingerbread House...

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If you are an eBayer, you can find these gingerbread houses if you search under "RAZ". That's who manufacture's them. There were several up the other day. Just helpin' Continue Reading


Re: Remember Madame X??????

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That is a good movie! Continue Reading


Re: What Did Your Father Teach or Impart to You During Your Childhood?

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My father left us when I was 10, so nothing other than perhaps...what not to look for in a man. Continue Reading

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