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Re: Every time I think of purchasing something from this line, I think of all the warnings and don't.

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I tried the Temptations line when it first came out with disastrous results....never again. Continue Reading


Re: Gifts on QVC you'd never buy for anyone

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Any of the food items.....PooPourri...which I have bought for us...and it works....most of the clothing I have seen...Temptations...there are more, but these first come to mind. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - Finale - 11/25/14 - Possible Spoilers

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Don't get me wrong, I am happy Alfonso won, but didn't it seem like he knew already? His happiness was a little underwhelming to me. Continue Reading


Re: Will You Watch the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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We haven't watched it in years...we are generally on the road at that time. Continue Reading


Re: Bette Midler wants publicity

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and mine is the girl....Arianna that is, can't sing worth a dime. She screeches. Continue Reading


Re: Why Is Thanskgiving Day being overshadowed by Stores opening at 6pm

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I'm not shopping on Thanksgiving Day, and in a recent poll, only 40% of Americans said they were. My daughter's future MIL, is going with her sisters to the local mall at 6pm on Thursday...and they moved their Thanksgiving dinner to accommodate their shopping. Continue Reading


Re: TVLand confuses me

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On 11/25/2014 qvcaddition said: In answer to some of the programs like THREE,S COMPANY. We lived in a simpler world of entertainment then. Funnier stuff, not light p#r#n like today. More innocent and family entertainment. That is true..but seriously, that show ain't funny. That's MHO Continue Reading


Re: No Clydesdale commercials

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On 11/24/2014 Jules5280 said: On 11/24/2014 RedHeadedWench said: The reason that their sales are slipping are not due to the Clydesdales...their beer stinks, it has for years. Many younger people are in to the micro brewery and special imported beers...Budwiser has and always will be a cheap dishwater brew. There are lots of people that like that "cheap dishwater" and don't want to spend their money on more expensive micro-brews or import beers. It's how Budweiser and Coors made their empires. Methinks I hit a nerve. And of course that's how they made their empires....remember...back in the... Continue Reading


Re: TVLand confuses me

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I wish TVLand would go back to its regular type of programming. These new sitcoms they are producing are NOT funny IMHO. I wish they would stop with HH, Three's Company, and Friends. Friends is on every darn channel anymore..HH..never liked that show, and Three's Company is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Continue Reading


Re: Do you keep a "Soup Bucket" in your freezer??

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I used to LOL I should start it again. Continue Reading

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