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Re: Patti Reilly infomercial

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I happen to catch Patti in another infomercial in the middle of the night with Joy Mangano...with those terrible fragrance sticks she sells. I wonder if she will pop up on HSN at any time now? Continue Reading


Re: Printed pants by Susan Graver

In Susan Graver 1397748544.607

Sorry, but these pants are hideous. They look like something Honey Boo Boo's mom would wear on a good day......especially the brownish ones. They look like camo. JMHO Continue Reading


Re: Oy Vey, a warning!

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I have never toasted Matzoh. Continue Reading


Re: Cost of tax prep

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I did my own this year...$29.99 after rebate for the program. In the past I have paid between $400-$500 to have them done. Frankly I think it's a ripoff of gigantic proportion...unless you have a really complicated return. Continue Reading


Re: Would you call the police if you witnessed a mother drinking beer while breast feeding?

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Frankly, its none of anyone's business unless the woman was drunk and causing problems to herself or the child. Drinking while pregnant is not illegal. When I was of child bearing age...all of my doctor's told me to have either a glass of wine or beer if I was having problems with breast feeding. It relaxes and helps release the milk. Continue Reading


Re: What is YOUR favorite........considered Southern.........recipe

In Recipe Swap 1397507820.403

On 4/3/2014 GoodStuff said: On 4/2/2014 princessaurora said: First rule of Southern cooking: real mayonnaise in chicken salad. Second rule of Southern cooking: Miricle Whip in everything else. Unless you are enlightened. Then it is Ranch Dressing on everything! Also the bologna sandwich, home grown tomatoes, and iced tea. Sorry, but no Miracle Whip for this old Southern girl! It's mayonnaise all the way at our house -- usually Hellmann's or Duke's -- in chicken salad, tuna salad, potato salad, egg salad, devilled eggs, pimiento cheese, sandwiches, and everything else! And Ranch is not a big ... Continue Reading


Re: ~~ A Really Sweet Letter on Facebook That Shawn Wrote to Joe ~~

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On 4/14/2014 winamac1 said: On 4/14/2014 evelomaddict said: she's connecting with her customer base which will turn into sales. genius. Exactly…it's all about sales. I hardly ever go to her page or any other hosts' Facebook pages so I didn't see it. But, it is all about sales and job security. I think Shawn is cunningly smart, and she knows what her fans want so she shares info that will ultimately help her with her sales and fan base. I highly doubt that most of these hosts would be on FB if it were not for TPTB. If she shared what was posted on this thread, I think it's a bit in... Continue Reading


Re: "Extreme Couponing"

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I have watched this show a few times, and I would like to know where the stores are that allow you to use 30 coupons for the same item. No stores I know of do this. A few of these hoarders/couponers do donate to churches and food banks..but most I think keep their bounty for themselves. Who knows, maybe they resell stuff on eBay. LOL Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Easter Candy

In Viewpoints 1397409978.913

Stale Peeps. They have to be stale. Continue Reading


Re: Don't get the fascination with TT

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397310866.093

On 4/12/2014 happy housewife said: Why is it that those who are not attracted to TT find it necessary to write post after post after post about how much they dislike this product? Don't like it don't buy it - see how simple that is? They have sold tens of millions of these sets on QVC - they are making money on them - that is the point of QVC - sell products and make money.When you walk through the mall do you find you have to love every item you see up for sale? When I read posts like this one I always think the OP is jealous of Tara and her success. No, its not jealousy...the stuff is thro... Continue Reading

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