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Re: Freedom of Speech and Though

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On 7/30/2014 herekitty_kitty said: On 7/30/2014 Free2be said: If webbies would discern where rudeness or crudeness is in a post -- delete that, let everything else stay. Oh what a wonderful world VPs would be! What may be crudeness to you is the hard honest truth many times. Crudeness and rudeness are in the eye of the beholder. Speaking as a former moderator, you are supposed to follow the guidelines, most do, but there are times you have to use your judgement. It's easy if there are complaints either reported or in subsequent posts. But I have to afree with herekitty....some may perceive ... Continue Reading


Re: Is Mary Beth working full time?

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Okay, who cares? It's none of our business really. QVC has many hosts now, maybe she's cutting back........because she can. Continue Reading


Re: The New Donut Cheesesteak Burger--What do you Think?

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Just the name of the burger made me wince.......but now that I have seen the photo........just.........ICK! It looks like something Paula Deen would come up with. Continue Reading


Re: Cookie TSV

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I actually ordered these for gifts. I ordered a similar set from Cheryl's a few years ago (different ornaments and cookies) and they were a huge hit. I still have some of the empty ornaments that I hang on my tree. It's a good deal if you need some small hostess gifts, or gifts for kids, and the cookies are delicious too! Continue Reading


Re: Valerie's Defective Products

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Quality control used to be so much better in the past...defective items are just not limited to Valerie's things. Although, a few years ago, we had the famous or infamous exploding pumpkins. LOL Mine exploded on my coffee table. QVC was very quick to recall them and issue credits. Continue Reading



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On 7/30/2014 catlover said: Le Creuset Signature Series 13.25-Qt Round Fre QVC Price: $470.00 Shipping & Handling: $16.72 Because it's worth it. I have two pieces that were my mom's...they are like brand new. Continue Reading


Re: Is QVC a healthy place for women?

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QVC isn't here for anyone's health...not even for vitamin sales. They are here for SALES. The reason they sell A LOT of beauty items is because of the markup on these things. Beauty items are marked up anywhere from 100-400%......remember that when they are giving you a "deal"....they are still making a killing. Why do you think Mally can offer her TSV yesterday for over $100 off the original price?! Continue Reading


Re: Freedom of Speech and Though

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There is no freedom of speech the terms of service. Continue Reading


Re: Calling babies by their names before they're born

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My daughter is expecting her first in November, it's a boy and his name is Ethan. We call him by his name all the time, and I even give him a "pache in touchas" when he is being naughty and sitting on her sciatica. LOL Her baby shower is in September and the girlfriends are already ordering and making things with "ethan" and "e" on them. I don't see what the big deal is. My son's best friend is also expecting his first in September, and they call her tummy by his first name all the time. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen's New Product...Yes, It's Real!

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On 7/26/2014 HHC1 said: On 7/26/2014 Danky said: On 7/26/2014 RedHeadedWench said: Soooo, let me get this straight. A person who hid her diabetes from the public (for her image and food product sake), and then came out (so to speak) as a diabetic, because she was a PAID spokesperson for a diabetes now se lling chocolate candy bars. Lisa Renna is paid to endorse you honestly think she wears them ? Really ? How old is Lisa Renna? She might wear depends. Women approaching or in menopause have unstable bladders. It says right in the beginning that Lisa Rinna... Continue Reading

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