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Re: Say it isnt so? Richard Gere.......

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I have ALWAYS loved how he walks,,,,,how he moves. That alone drives me nuts!! Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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It's me again,,,,the 'women in the sea with their children' poster. NOW I'll let you know that I just so happen to have a MINI SCHNAUZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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JUST sayin what I'd written before,,, yea for odor and chafing and all the other 'normal' reasons. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else have coyotes or bobcats in their area?

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still new to Virginia yet, but am learning slowly what we're sharing this territory with. Early morning, out with the dog ON LEASH, we hear and see a hawk above,,,love that sight and noise. Have owls but haven't see one yet. Again out with my dog early saw what I thought was a Huskey next door. Stupid me,,,started calling to it. then I noticed it lower its head and glare at me with the most gorgeous blue eyes (just like that commercial for the dog food with the foxes). Realizing what it was then, we moved rather quickly to the back door. It sure was a beautiful animal. Also have coyote... Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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me again. having read the entire post, another poster (writing about tattoos) reminded me of a trip to the GYN's office. While in the waiting room, there was a family there discussing this very topic. Not only were a few women there, but two male family members too. It was discussed about a 'lady' they knew having a tattoo of a lovely butterfly 'down there' and you can use your imagination of the description of just WHERE AND HOW IT WAS POSITIONED!! I sure got an education waiting in that room that day Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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On 8/29/2014 champagnepoodle said: Makes one wonder...why do we have hair there to begin with? A dear friend of mine told me years ago (we happened to be talking about this for dear knows what reason) and she said "think cavewomen walking into the ocean or pond or whatever to get fish. she said the children would hold onto the hair 'there' for safety". Take it for what it's worth, but I remember that yet today. Have no idea how close to true it is and I'm letting it go at that. thought I'd just share it tho!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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On 8/29/2014 spookyghost said: On 8/28/2014 TRUE said: On 8/28/2014 spookyghost said: I trim down there all the time. I use beard trimmers. I used to just shave but I started getting these horrible and painful abscesses. I would use a new razor every time so I have no idea why after 20 some years of successfully shaving down there I couldn't any more. So now I use the trimmers. So sorry if this was way tmi for everyone! Lol I used to nair, and would get those cysts .....and will be 70 next month and just went to Gyn to have it removed I was so upset and embarassed they were so kind and said t... Continue Reading


Re: suggestions for best makeup to wear when taking a drivers license picture.

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On 8/29/2014 gazelle77 said: On 8/29/2014 lynnmc2066 said: In our state the license is good for six years which is just silly. (When you are of a certain age do they think you look the same for six years?) I had mine done last month and the photo is absolutely horrific. The camera angle was too close - I look like a Halloween pumpkin with glasses. I'm thinking about "losing" it and having another photo taken. I had to show it recently and the store clerk started laughing hysterically. Didn't help my self-esteem don't feel bad. years ago I was at a bank doing paperwork for buying a house. ... Continue Reading



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Deb1010, I've seen this and it isn't pretty in the slightest,,,it's heartbreaking. AND I was in no way being snarky before. Continue Reading

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