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Re: AAAAHHHHHH So Tired of Shouting vendors and Host trying to talk over each other during a presentation

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This drives me nuts too!!! (just was reading the 'sensitive' thread). I've always been sensitive to loud noise (love music loud tho), bright light, odors, and I'm a tactle (?) person. When all 'outtalk' each other I switch the channel. bit OT, but I've also noticed that many shows, a lot during the Oscars, show many many pictures in a short time. It's called something,,mashing or something. It hurts my eyes and poor little brain! I wonder if it could bring on an epileptic episode for some people. I honestly do think that with the changing of pictures so fast and lights too. Continue Reading


Re: Gifts from Crows

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On 2/26/2015 sidsmom said: Are crows & black birds the same thing? Every Fall, around Octoberish, certain areas of town attracts a SEA of black birds/crows. Literally, thousands of birds in one area around dusk for several weeks. Just part of their migration, but does anyone else see this? Have noticed this in Va. since moving here from Pa. Half the back yard is totally black with these birds. As Spock says,,,,,'fascinating'. It's actually kind of scary! Continue Reading


Re: When you color your hair at home is it dirty, clean, product, no product?

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just colored mine this morning. Wash it a day or two before, and if any prouct is on it, it's just a little spray. so far so good Continue Reading


Re: May I help you "young lady"

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as a child, when I heard "young lady",,I knew I was in trouble!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Mindless eating

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I'm happy, I eat to celebrate...I'm sad, I eat,,,I'm cold I eat to keep warm (?!) etc. get my FAT drift? Continue Reading


Re: Invisible Glass Wiper Blades

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thanks, hilde,,haven't seen the ad again yet. had an 800#. don't think they were as much as 'those other' super duper wipers. wouldn't that be great if they really worked !!! Continue Reading


Invisible Glass Wiper Blades

Last Reply by hckynut 1423679271.17 | Started by misspammie in Viewpoints

recently saw an ad on TV for these wiper blades for the car. I love the product and wonder if anybody has used the blades. I've heard quite a few 'garage' guys say not to get those X wiper blades, or whatever they are called. I'm a stickler for a clean windshield and just wondered if anyone else has seen the ad or used these. I searched the Q and they don't carry them,,,yet. I've noticed WMart carries IG and haven't checked there for the blades yet,,maybe in the aisle of 'as seen on TV'? pretty new so I doubt if they'd have them. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Rebates Has Been Lowered Again for QVC

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On 2/4/2015 Kachina624 said: On 2/4/2015 misspammie said: whaaa? never got Q thru mr rebates!!!!!! Your loss. I've collected over $4,000 from Mr. Rebates and much of it is from QVC. was refused my reply,,,guess it wasn't nice enough!!!! p o o o o o Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Rebates Has Been Lowered Again for QVC

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whaaa? never got Q thru mr rebates!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you remember exactly what vaccines you've had as a child.

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On 2/4/2015 brii said: On 2/4/2015 SydneyH said: On 2/4/2015 brii said: LOL Vaccine shaming... Right up there with crockpot cooking, panty hose usage and how to hang your toilet paper. Can't make this stuff up. ...and science deniers LOL some have nobody to ask,,,,,real nice replies Continue Reading

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