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Re: Do you ever "guess" anyone's REAL age when asked?

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On 10/17/2014 Remee said: The point is, good breeding states you don't answer direct questions like those.Ever. guess you bred in the garden of eden I swear I saw 'garden of eden' as your siggy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,very sorry if I'm wrong, If not???? Continue Reading


Re: over 45???: important RESUME Tips from Business Insider

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On 10/17/2014 reese2 said: On 10/16/2014 minkbunny said: Reese, our Rolodex sounds much like yours. It is actually inside a case that has a lid that closes down over it. Dark brown bottom, tan top. It has two sections that "roll" side by side - one for current clients and other contacts, the other for closed files and extra blank cards. Some old ideas are really good ideas. They absolutely are! hey, guys, I'll bid $$ on it!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: LR Christmas Show - 10/17

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anyone know this? still couldn't get item # to go thru Grandin. I got the two owls on HSN. yep, I bet everyone else knows this already, but I didn't. I'm thrilled I got them. Continue Reading


Re: Is there a way to stay signed in?

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dooBdo, I'd read before about telling of this signing in 'line' vs. forums and I so appreciated it. I'm NOT patient, and when I'd switch and had to sign in again it made me angry. thanks to you I know now. (others said change browsers,,,,,,,yea I know that). anyway thanks again dooB Continue Reading


spell check

Last Reply by golfcartrider 1413760541.89 | Started by misspammie in Suggestion Box

sum of us would love to have spel chk. back again. we need the hep. some yell at us for not speling corect. it's a nasty thing. wood ease our minds. plz hep us Continue Reading


Re: I Love Lucy -Fun Facts

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On Peaches McPhee said: Recommendation: Lucille Ball Museum in Jamestown, NY. Small, hole-in-the-wall, but a must for a true fan. I'd lived in Sugar Grove, Pa. about 15 min. from Jamestown, NY. it's quite the thing to have Lucy's parafanalia (? where's spell ck) there, saw gowns and props. very interesting and Jamestown is very proud. Continue Reading


Re: LR Christmas Show - 10/17

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On 10/17/2014 Susan Louise said: On 10/17/2014 lucymo said: GrandinRoad, long eared owls. These are so cute, I got the large set of two and the small set of two (61956) $19.00 for small $29.00 for large. Also available in Snowy owls, same price I believe. Hi Lucymo, Those are adorable! I bought so many owls last year...LOL. I got LR's set of 3 white ones, then I bought several online of varying sizes...some more white and some brown ones similar to the ones in your pic. I also got a bunch of small ornament ones for the tree. I was curious about the 'zebra' owls it shows as a new LR item unti... Continue Reading


Re: neck lines for older women

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I'm reviving this 'gone amuck' thread. this AM I saw a woman on TV (just might have been on the Q) wearing a beautiful Navy blue long sleeved top. It was cut rather low BUT the neckline was scalloped and in the scallop was a crochet effect. However, she had a white top underneath it also. It showed thru the lace like detail and was very pretty. THEN on Pioneer Woman she had the same top on but with no white layer underneath, and it looked fine. Was a really nice top. Anyone happen to see of what I'm speaking? Continue Reading


Re: VPH magnolia wreath/garland

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thank you all, I got the garland, no doubt about that. I'd just heard something about the magnolias being wrapped. probably just 'protected'. thank you all for responding. I'm anxious to this this. It's my 'splurge' for the season. (I say that now,,,I'll have more 'splurges' I'm sure!!) Continue Reading

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