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Re: Host Bobbie on HSN

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On 7/29/2014 Charming1 said: I rarely watch any shopping anymore but I used to watch Hsn a lot a very long time ago and always liked Bobbi. I think she is professional and a gracious host. She always let the vendors speak without speaking over them. I always thought she looked great. You remind me of a woman in my gym who wanted to know wasn't I hot with all that long hair. I just plainly stated NO. Guess she thought my hair was too long since hers was cut extremely short so she must like short hair. I don't understand why people think it's okay to impose their expectations on others. shou... Continue Reading


Re: If you could turn back time….

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sorry, Mrs.G,,,,,,I get confused Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Customer Service the Greatest

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kind of new to Amazon. since I'm not a 'prime member' or whatever, is there a way to check on shipping (esp. free) before I submit an order? can't seem to find a way. sorry for interrupting Continue Reading


Re: A frivolous curiosity....

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On 7/28/2014 croemer said: Mine follows me every where. She is sitting on my shoulder as I type...it can be painful at times. I feel bad because she will get up to follow me to the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room etc. an about the time she gets there...I am on to another room. bless her little hort Continue Reading



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possum, I've been biting my lip, but you may just have made me a collector of teapots. darn you!!! Continue Reading


Re: Things I've kept for sentimental value

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happy hw (seem to be running into you lately),,,I have many 'sentimental' things around and on the walls etc. a few days ago there was a thread on 'do you have 'whimsey' things around'. Yes,,but to me they're all extremely personal and so I don't give a hoot what others think of them on display on my home. They all mean a lot to me and that's how it is. When I was a really young woman, people would ask for my decorating 'prowess'?? and I'd just say,,,use what YOU like and what means something to you. I'm no decorator by any means, but my home is comfy,,,,,and seems to be comfy for all. Continue Reading


Re: Dollar Tree buying rival Family Dollar for $8.5 billion

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On 7/29/2014 gardensla said: I find both of these stores depressing, full of really junky junk and not fun at all. But, obviously I'm in the minority because that's a lot of dollars! ever get a '$10 or $20 gift card for a young child to use there? There's decision upon decision and thoughts of giving to others. It's a good thing (as Martha says) Continue Reading


Re: Scrub Daddy

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got mine quite a while ago on ebay, no s/h. I use mine frequently and really like them. Wanting to try on my wheels on the car, but trying to figure out HOW DO I GET BACK UP OFF THE GROUND (don't have a wee stool)!!!!! Think they'll be great. Continue Reading


Re: I used "prid" to get a splinter out if my finger.

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I'm going to get some for sure, but is this similar to "echnathal" (?????) cream. As kids we called it 'black salve' and it smelled, but I swear it could cure a broken arm (I am SO kidding, so don't yell!!) Continue Reading


Re: If you could turn back time….

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sorry to get away from the 'flag and praying' thread, but with this title does anyone else have Cher singing "turn back time' running thru their heads? Continue Reading

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