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Re: One of the few REAL MEN left in Hollywood...

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On 3/28/2015 sunala said: On 3/27/2015 Stella Dallas said: On 3/24/2015 hckynut said: Clint Eastwood eeeeeeeeeeeew...he's a dirty old man hcky,,,love Clint. his one house (navy blue down the road) was near my ex-inlaws, 17 Mile Drive....saw his restanrant too in Carmel,,,the Boar's Head I believe. Continue Reading


Re: Necklines

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VaBelle, I'm with ya!!! Continue Reading


Re: NEW fragrance ~~~~ Sea of Love~~~~

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Hello, new here. Just this AM saw the summer scents of Philos. Haven't watched much lately and was excited to see these new scents. why oh why doesn't Philos. offer a sample set of fragrances?? sure this has been discussed before. AND with the new (to me) scents, I'd rather not order the giant size. any suggestions or comments? the new scents sound appealing to me. Continue Reading


Re: One of the few REAL MEN left in Hollywood...

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On 3/27/2015 winamac1 said: That man can park his boots under my bed any time! Those pics of Jon Hamm are awesome! sorry, Win, couldn't post otherwise so 'using' you to quote here but speaking of Mad Men, has anyone watched "last man on earth'? 'Betty' is on the series. took me a while to recognize her, but noticed her mannerisms. again, sorry, Winamac1. Continue Reading


Re: Necklines

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VaBelle, aging doesn't seem to have kept that area very attractive on me. As one ages, things sure as heck change. Continue Reading


Re: Coach - popular TV show with Craig T. Nelson coming back

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(thought you meant the purse when I read the title),,,,glad it's coming back. always liked that show and really like CTNelson. Continue Reading


Re: Coconut oil as a moisturizer

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On 3/21/2015 tigriss said: I use it on my hands and body along with olive oil for my eczema. It is getting to be summer, so sweating is going to happen even more. Sweat aggravates my eczema, so more coconut oil and olive oil are called for. I keep a small bottle or container in the bathroom to rub down with it when I come out of the shower while my skin is still damp and open for moisture. tigriss, I too am a victim of eczema,,for many years. I've used the coconut around and on my lips, but not totally all over the face. I recently have tried it under the eye area for dark circles,,,,read th... Continue Reading


Re: ~~~~ something old, something new ~~~~

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I too love and have used Dawn,,and their 'soak' one too. the new I really like is that goofy Scrub Daddy. I use it to the very end and he really looks sad and begins to shed, then I know it's time for a newbie. Continue Reading

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