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Re: My Dance Class last night

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On 8/20/2014 KittyLouWhoToo said: On 8/20/2014 misspammie said: bit OT, but, KittyL,,just noticed your ciggy,,,did you see the movie? sorry for the interruption HI misspammie, No, I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to. Have you? Kitty, Yes, I saw it and absolutely loved it. (sorry, should have typed siggy,,,typing is getting worse, grrr) You'll be glad you go to see it! Continue Reading


Re: we all have our favorite Robin Williams movie...do you know what his was

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did I already mention Word According to Garp??? loved that right up there with Awakenings (edited to,,) just watched One Hour Photo last night,,,many of his movies have been on cable lately. Continue Reading


Re: Decorating Suggestions Please

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I have the large clear one in a large crystal ashtray filled with tan colored stones (the kind you get at Wmart etc) and it sits on the marble at the end of my bathtub. I have a large pink one (looks like a large ring) sitting by a pink fringed lamp (got from the Q years ago)..also have a deep blue ring one sitting by the pink one. Yes, I love sparklies!! Continue Reading


Re: My Dance Class last night

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bit OT, but, KittyL,,just noticed your ciggy,,,did you see the movie? sorry for the interruption Continue Reading


Re: Halloween Candy: Tricks and Treats

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On 8/17/2014 brewhaha said: I've turned a few tricks on Halloween. I'll just BET you have!! Continue Reading



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On 8/17/2014 circles said: how many of you were practicing your smiles and grins while reading this thread....lol.. No peeking at me!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: The price of pillow shams - a rant!

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long ago on here, I'd mentioned that I'd purchased a dark brown spread and 2 shams from Q. Welll, after packing the spread in one of those space bag things,,,when I took it out allll the fluffy nice stuff was squisheshed to one end of the spread. Grrr. No fixing it. but kept the shams. I ran into the same problem you stated, and usesed the brown shams with another set and it looks beautiful (in my eyes anyway). I shoped long and hard for shams, and, as you have said, it IS a sham for what they cost. I'm sure you'll find 'plain colored' ones that will work with your ensemble!! good luck... Continue Reading


Re: Coconut Cream Dessert for Tinkrbl44

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Hellooooo, I'm not Tnkr, but just copied this recipe, thank you!!! sounds wonderful Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Things our mothers did that we don't - fashion and otherwise.

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On 8/15/2014 ivey said: Ponds cold cream slathered on at night. But she had great skin to the end at age 85. Home permanents (Lilt) for all of us. She always did mine right before school pictures so I could have the worst looking bangs in junior high. I've been traumatized ever since. Ivey, NOOOooo not the worst. I still remember in the morning before pics, and my mother wet my bangs and cut them with NASAL SCISSORS , the curved kind!!! Now THAT was a beautiful coc keyed set of blonde bangs! Oh, yes, let's add a butterfly barette to the mix!! (edited to finish,,,,,just suddenly disappeare... Continue Reading


Re: Why are so many things referred to as she?

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On 8/9/2014 newziesuzie said: On 8/9/2014 stilltamn8r said: Although English doesn't, most other languages use gender as a qualifier.. Le vs la in French for example. In these languages, most common nouns are aligned a feminine gender, cars, boats, etc.. Seasons, planets, many animals, certain other objects are almostalways masculine.. I guess it's probably a hold over from that.... Thank you, interesting factoid! to add onto this, pardon me, if I remember correctly, in Spanish a radio is EL radio if iit isn't turned on,,,,,however, it is LA radio when it is playing!!! Hmmmm, say I! Whatdo... Continue Reading

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