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Re: I Miss the Old Diamonique

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sorry a bit O/T. month or so ago I took a tennis bracelet to have the clasp fixed. Then I'd heard on here that Diamonique has a lifetime warranty. could I have sent it into the Q to have it fixed? it was 14K. Thanks for any info. Continue Reading


Re: New haircut

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sounds great! I too have lost the bob from high school, went with inverted bob and then my hair went insanely thin, so growing back a bob. You sound just like 'hair' problems. Think is I was a real 'hat wearer', and since my hair has thinned, my hats are too large!! That's how much my hair has thinned. The grey is unruly. I had no idea this was yet another 'horror' of aging! (i know it's minor, but it was a surprise. with hair so thin I'm afraid to cut it short. Love the spikey short look, but not on my big face (also starting to look like a man, I swear. Continue Reading


Re: Frozen Grapes! What Else do you Freeze for a Refreshing Treat?

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I too freeze grapes and add them to plain old ice water. also love frozen slices of cucumber in water, AND the wonderful frozen wedges of lemon. I do love water!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Hawaiian Cake

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YUM!!! my Dad loved this! nice memory Continue Reading


Re: Love you, Susan, but please stop using 'literally' so often and incorrectly

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my latest big gripe is "kind of like",. even "sort of just like" the list goes on. Isaac, the dear, is a real user of "kind of like". Continue Reading



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beautifully put!! Continue Reading


Re: I watched "Still Alice" last night . . . [Possible spoilers]

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On 5/23/2015 Lucibee said: I have trouble focusing sometimes. I also am guilty of tuning people out. I WISH I could turn people out. I truly do. Continue Reading


Re: Pittsburgh soap street?

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On 5/24/2015 raining said: On 5/24/2015 misspammie said: On 5/23/2015 raining said: Are you referring to Pittsburgh Street Soapworks? It is on Pittsburgh St in Uniontown, Pa? yes, in Uniontown,,,used to live in Connellsville, it's there and I hope thriving for years to come I have a cousin who grew up in Dunbar and now lives in Leisenring. We are going up for their 50 th anni. party this summer. raining, Dunbar, home of the infamous original Pechins!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: A262510 Alegria Leather Slip-on Sandals w/ Strap Detail - Venus

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On 5/24/2015 misspammie said: are they all 'snakey'/?/ VIONICS PARDON ME,,,,,,,,,not taking my response, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Continue Reading

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