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Re: Earth Origins TSV - Opinions?

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have never tried them. contemplating because they're a bit cheaper than the Vionic, which I really like. EO looks like it has a nice arch support, but not quite as much as Vionic. That's what makes my feet feel better, that giant arch! know what else I wish for,,,,,an insert you could wear with sandals. Suurree that's gonna happen, that'd kill all their sandal sales. Oh well, I dream on. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a smiler?

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On 4/28/2015 brii said: Sometimes people don't smile because they're self-conscious about their teeth. used to smile a lot, kind of known for my smile. lately have noticed my front teeth are 'smaller'. no $$ for dental and now try to hide my smile. I miss it. Continue Reading


Re: Other than typing, do you do any form of exercise?

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recently ordered one of those 'leggersizer' things. seems easy on joints. have a real bum ankle/foot/leg. don't laugh,,.it's a start! Continue Reading


Re: Printed dresses

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just this AM a designer (can't remember who) said all over prints 'are older' to me meaning matronly. of course, he was selling a cardigan with print. Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of new york.....4/21/15........with "news", spoilers, gossip

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these 'youngins' guys are just taking their 15 minutes. I feel sorry for the cougars, but also wish I had their energy and $ !! probably wouldn't go that way anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Do you remember the Curtain Rod Dress that Bob Mackie designed for Carol Burnett?

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Is it on tonight???? How much????? Is there a wait list???? I must have one!!!!!! How is the sizing????? Please, know I'm kidding. I think Mr. Mackie is one of the most kind wonderful gentlemen (along with Nolan), and I love his designs. I too remember this episode on the C Burnett show,,,,,makes me laugh to this day. Continue Reading


Re: Mashed Potato Pancakes

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On 3/14/2015 Mary Bailey said: My Mom taught me how my Polish Grandmother made them. I make mine from grated raw potatoes and onion. I add eggs, floiur, baking soda, pepper and salt. I drain the grated potato mixture in a colander. I cook them in an electric fry pan(so I can control the heat) at 350. The edges need to be really cooked before they are flipped. Dad loves them plain and will eat them as soon as they are cooked. Everyone else is lucky to get any. My sister likes applesauce on them, sour cream for me. I never had them from mashed potatoes. It sounds good also. Mary, this is how m... Continue Reading


Re: Mashed Potato Pancakes

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KATEY, haven't read the thread yet, but I saw your title and said "yoi yoi",,,,my mother used to make these for me for a very special occasion,,,I never did because they were so messy...and really hadn't learned to cook yet. I'm anxious to read on.! bless you for starting this thread!! Continue Reading


Re: Q is just 'unwatchable' - everyone talking at the same time!

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let's not forget the 'fast talking',,,,to me many sound like they're speaking a foreign language Continue Reading


Re: At last, thank goodness...

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On 4/21/2015 Graciesmom said: OR the girl moves left but the bra goes right ... always a strange look for a girl in a strapless wedding dress !! Loving the sheer sleeves and top ... Thank you Dutchess Catherine for that revival !! yes, yes, yes, it just isn't part of her dress that moves with her, it goes its own way!! always thought this was totally "was the bride aware of this'? Continue Reading

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