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Re: As a child, what did you think that turned out to be...

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I could never be an actress,,because I could never remember all my lines for the movie,,,all at once. AND they had to wait all that time for the youngster in the movie to be grown to finish the movie with him/her as an adult. (not done yet) if I spoke too much I'd use up all my words and couldn't speak later in life (hmmmm still worry about that one). I have many odd things I thought of as a child, won't go into it. I was a thinker, but it now seems kind of embarassing. Oh, and those poor people that had to get up in the middle of the night to say that commercial again!!! thought the sam... Continue Reading


Re: Quiz~~What Historical Era Do You Belong In?

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On 4/10/2014 biancardi said: 31st century, baby!! Always looking towards the future.. I wish I could live there. "Command: Greetings. Message: We are happy to meet you. here's an endless supply of money and a card for the new Alien Gym. You are going to love the future!" sorry to 'quote', I couldn't get to just 'reply',,,,,I'm with you, Biancardi, 31st century. makes no sense to me!! Continue Reading


Re: How do you usually feel, first thing in the morning?

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On 9/25/2013 MrsLorraine said: On 9/24/2013 brewhaha said: Disappointed. Oh dear, I hope that was a joke! darn well it wasn't a joke,,,,,,,,,,,,,got cha Brew Continue Reading



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On 9/21/2013 lulutoby said: Good Saturday Morning! Misspammie, I found the tree looking for beautiful trees lulutoby,,,,REMARKABLE thanks!!!!!!!! for sharing Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone here had floaters .. I went to my eye doctor... and he is telling me I need laser surgery.

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I see them in extreme sunlight. my doc said no big deal. I'd check with other doctors before surgery of any sort. I do think it's relatively common. (now i'll get blasted) Continue Reading


Re: If your husband said he didn't like your nail polish----

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margo, could be a bumpy night, heck with him.....I like the idea of paint his nails while he's asleep!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Halloween Decorating

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moxie, LOVE that pumpkin, gotta get me to some Pinterest!! its really lovely. Continue Reading


Re: Life on Earth will end in...

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you will be in outerspace somewhere on a device for salvation, and you'll get a note from the Q saying your payment is overdue and to please send it immediately. Continue Reading


Re: Halloween spending!

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Moxie, need bones??? Order a bunch of wings over a weekend and have allllll eat them up and save the bones. Pinterest, have not yet 'joined'. waiting to go with the kids down south,,,,they understand computers. I've checked it and was afraid of being s u c k e d in on something. but seems like i'LL LOVE this site. I think it's gonna be a "danger, Will Robertson" I think I'll go nuts!!!1 anyway LOVE your ideas very thoughtful and beautiful. Continue Reading


Re: Facial Texture, eek!

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as for switching sides during sleeping, well, I had diverticulitis a few years ago and it's a BIG difference what side I sleep on. oh life gets weird and stupid and complicated as we age. anyway. use the satin pillow case etc. and the AM I noticed this just happened to be the night after I had a flu shot in one arm and a pneumonia shot in my other arm.....so how does one sleep, grrr. I guess I'm just wahhh wahhh wahhh, but I was really surprised to see the difference on before/after face. my friend laughed, didn't take it too kindly, she has so much c r @ p wrong with her, grrrr. put me... Continue Reading

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