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Re: 10 Easy Ways to Look Instantly Less Frumpy

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really interesting,,,thanks for posting this! Continue Reading


Re: happy earring backs

In Jewelry Talk 1417885635.87

again, thank you all. I'm checking into these suggestions! Continue Reading


Re: Don't Forget the Live Telecast of Peter Pan tonight!

In Viewpoints 1417884954.59

Becky and KathyPet, I'm with you all the way! somehow I missed the 'making of' and I know I would have loved it. I LOVED this airing,,,I had goose bumps, I cried, I sang along,,,,and yes, I'm in my 60's Continue Reading


Re: Don't Forget the Live Telecast of Peter Pan tonight!

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have it on my TV 'reminder' and had it on my calendar since I read about it here. My son had seen a live broadcast of 'something' long ago and was disappointed. Sure do hope this one is good. I'm so anxious to see it! Thanks for whoever brought this up long ago,,,,with Taylor in it?!?!?!? Continue Reading


Re: Who is giving their kids/grandkids a less technological Christmas?

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GS is totally updated electronically by his parents. I, on the other hand, just ordered those goofy huge bouncy around balls that were on yesterday. electronic, yes, they need 4 D batteries!!! Also got him one of those old fashioned fur ear/hooded type hats from the Q. I'll probably be a bit scoffed at, but that's just me. Continue Reading


Re: Do you tip your mailman during the holiday season?

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bit O/T, but relatively new to this area and our mail has been being delivered at 7:45 PM. Is this normal for anyone else?? also have NOT received bank statements (yes, old fashioned kind on paper). curious to see if anyone else has 'complaints' like mine. Thanx Continue Reading



In Viewpoints 1417668909.95

don't think the Q reruns, it just seemks that way Continue Reading


Re: Electric vs Gas

In Viewpoints 1417668692.767

good one, Kachina Continue Reading


Re: Please help with gift

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On 12/3/2014 dmod nj said: On 12/3/2014 Georgie the 5th said: On 12/3/2014 dmod nj said: On 12/2/2014 Georgie the 5th said: A $50 donation in her name to the New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network. Hi Georgie, I got two of my three mini schnauzers through them. They are an AWESOME rescue. When each of my girls passed, I sent a donation in their name. They are so appreciative of any donation. Hi Donna, yes, they are a wonderful organization. We got our 2nd and 3rd minis from NJSRN but our 4th and 5th from a rescue in FL. You really understand and appreciate a well run organization [NJ] after... Continue Reading

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