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Re: The TSV bras

In Viewpoints 1397883241.26

I think unless you have miniature tatas you can't wear a Genie bra outside of the house. Continue Reading


Re: Thigh Gap

In Viewpoints 1397878195.593

I'm fairly certain I don't have any gaps anywhere. Continue Reading


Re: Why did my bundt cake burn outside, moist inside?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397868048.09

Were you using a dark coated pan? I never had good luck with dark pans, things always burned. I only use stainless for baking now. No non-stick stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's top on Shawn says accessorize today?

In Fashion Talk 1397867898.91

Is it an on line feature or a TV feature? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know if Shawn's striped top a Q item?

In Fashion Talk 1397865267.323

Thanks for responding, girls. Someone on another thread said it's Shawn's own shirt, not from the Q. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's top on Shawn says accessorize today?

In Fashion Talk 1397865184.59

It was the shape I liked (I started the other thread earlier today), not the color. Continue Reading


Re: KIm Novak personally hurt by comments about her appearance at the Oscars

In Viewpoints 1397856213.84

On 4/18/2014 brii said: I don't know if that picture was altered, but she is hardly recognizable. I agree. Apparently you can't state the obvious here or you're a basher. Continue Reading


Re: Kim Novak did hear the cruel comments

In Beauty Banter 1397855372.517

On 4/18/2014 jaxs mom said: So it's bullying her to attack the incompetence of her plastic surgeon? She freely admits that she had the work done and frankly who ever her Dr was should be sued. As should Melanie Griffiths. There is nothing wrong with aging, or with gaining weight. But plastic surgeons shouldn't make you actually look worse than you would have without the work. It wasn't Donald's place to say so. By attacking the incompetence of the plastic surgeon, he's insulting KN. I didn't think she looked good either, but discussing it here isn't the same as tweeting it (or whatever DT ... Continue Reading

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