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Re: Laugh for the Day

In Viewpoints 1432741450.763

"Too much sand at the beach" is my favorite. Continue Reading


Re: Loreal Julianne's red lipstick

In Beauty Banter 1432741249.46

If the pics are accurate, I'd call that color pink. Continue Reading


Re: TSV and thoughts on CP through the years

In Carolyn Pollack 1432741119.777

I am not now, nor have I ever been a fan of southwest jewelry. However, Carolyn seems like a lovely woman and her jewelry appears to be of excellent quality. It's just not for me. (Annnnd; I'd rather watch jewelry that I don't like over Dysons, Sleep Numbers, NutriCrap, computers and the like...) Continue Reading


Re: Please Make A Shawn's Hear My Soul Speak Bangle

In Jewelry Talk 1432739160.313

On 5/27/2015 Firefly3 said: why do people start these threads? There is nothing wrong with the original post. However, regarding a bangle; I don't think they will make a bangle if they already have a cuff. JMO, so I could be wrong. Continue Reading


Re: 118 FACET STONES (meh?)

In Judith Ripka 1432732938.2

I like the 118 facet stones. Have a few pieces. Continue Reading


Re: Meat loaf - pan or no pan?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1432732689.473

I used to use a loaf pan, but now I do the sheet pan method. I like that it browns all around. Continue Reading


Re: Yesterday I sat on a snake...what fun did you have?

In In the Garden 1432732566.637

The main reason I'm a container gardener. Not foolproof; but a little less risky. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Remember Simona Collini, the Italian jewelry designer?

In Jewelry Talk 1432672907.313

Yes; I also enjoyed the jewelry designs of Paola Valentini. Continue Reading

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