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Re: A254211 $699.00 Pathetic

In All About Handbags 1427409108.653

The worshippers are rumaging through the couch cushions looking for change..... Continue Reading


Re: What a bad hairpiece this morning

In Fashion Talk 1427405308.157

I can't figure Jayne out. She seems to dominate anyone she is paired with. Continue Reading


Re: No Idol chat tonight? (Spoilers possible.)

In Viewpoints 1427401673.367

On 3/26/2015 gidgetgoeshawaiian said: Here's my top 5: Clark. That's it. Beyond Clark, I don't like the others. Couldn't care if they stay or go in what order. I'm inclined to agree with you. Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Outrageous Price Increase

In Fashion Talk 1427401302.613

On 3/26/2015 05gage25 said: On 3/26/2015 corvette mary said: I wouldn't own an item with the brand name GILI...! Got it Love it, who cares if you have it and love it...! You couldn't pay me to wear a brand named for the whims of a shopping channel host. Her followers think they're buying something "classy", while I think they're buying something the exact opposite of classy. Nothing against this particular host; I would feel this way about any host's attempt to claim their product was "high end." Continue Reading


Re: Only about four months till Christmas in July!

In For the Home Talk 1427390430.6

Good; I can start planning to avoid it now. Continue Reading


Re: Extraordinary life TSV

In Fashion Talk 1427390346.76

On 3/26/2015 Bird mama said: Faerie - if you get back to this thread, I didn't order the bracelet. I thought for sure they would present it on air and that maybe it would be in Jill's afternoon show or Jane's evening show - hmm, nothing, nada. I know this is picky on my part, but my eye goes straight to the sterling silver mark and made in Thailand stamp that is in the ark. I don't know why they couldn't stamp the ark on the opposing side, where no one could see it. When you receive yours, please post a review okay? Hi, Bird! I cancelled. I too waited all day, checking in on the Q and chec... Continue Reading


Re: Venting....The Q Customer and Host

In Viewpoints 1427336848.693

It's a shopping channel. They have to have decent hosts. You say you don't care who you watch because it's the product that interests you, but many don't feel that way, and won't watch a host they don't like, so they will never see the product. A vicious circle, I guess. Continue Reading


Re: Questions on straw bags

In All About Handbags 1427336033.543

I saw a Banana Republic straw bag several years ago that I really liked. Still kicking myself for not buying it. Continue Reading


Re: No Idol chat tonight? (Spoilers possible.)

In Viewpoints 1427335531.4

Remember when these Idol threads used to have over a hundred responses? That poor show isn't going to make it. I too have watched it since the very beginning. Continue Reading


Re: No Idol chat tonight? (Spoilers possible.)

In Viewpoints 1427335382.89

I think they sould have saved the girl with the bad weave. Continue Reading

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