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Re: Doesn't this bother anyone?

In Fashion Talk 1398373507.807

Fast shipping is not the Q's forte. Continue Reading


Re: Jill can't go one show without the Dooney & Bourke scolding.

In Viewpoints 1398353514.097

I wouldn't mind the "scolding" if I thought for a second any of that beauty qrap worked. I'll take a Dooney or two (or three, or four.....) Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching American idol?

In Viewpoints 1398353128.257

Jena is my favorite. Sadly, I think CJ needs to go. He always sounds off to me; so it's either his voice or my ears. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight Show is the new Wayne's World

In Viewpoints 1398353009.06

I think he needs to find his groove. He's still trying things out. Unlike 99.9% of the Late Show viewers, I never liked Carson. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone an Ina Garten fan?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398352450.953

sidsmom, was that blog from 2001 or 2010? You wrote 2001, but it doesn't seem that long ago. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a good listener, or would you rather do the talking?

In Viewpoints 1398285007.49

Listener. I don't talk about myself much. Continue Reading


Re: Just got an email; another Birkis/Papillio show cancelled....

In Fashion Talk 1398284024.71

On 4/23/2014 VCamp2748 said: Not surprising. Orthoheel seems to dominate now. Oh, well, at least Birkenstocks will continue to be available elsewhere. At better prices. I seldom bought them from the Q, but I used to like to window shop the shows. Continue Reading


Just got an email; another Birkis/Papillio show cancelled....

Last Reply by banjo 1398288748.003 | Started by faeriemoon in Fashion Talk

.... originally scheduled for 4/29. I'd say the writing's on the wall. Continue Reading

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