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Re: Just a heads up...

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Forgot to mention, the vendor is Vera Bradley. The bags come from the VB warehouse. Continue Reading


Re: "Selfish" - Will you be lining up for a copy???

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On 5/6/2015 KittyLouSoutenu said: Such a class act. (Where's the pukey face emotie?) Please; allow me... Continue Reading


Re: Do you like glass lids?

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On 5/5/2015 BOGOF said: No because they get condensation vapors and you can't see anything in the pot anyway and they are heavy! No, I don't like them. Agree. Continue Reading


Re: Poor Tiger Woods

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Gee, that's too bad. Continue Reading


Re: Tread Mill

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i prefer to use the treadmill when no one is home to bother me. I always wear the safety clip if I'm alone though. (Not that this would stop me from falling and wonking my head.) Continue Reading


Just a heads up...

Last Reply by faeriemoon 1430924309.267 | Started by faeriemoon in Vera Bradley

If you are interested in the Abby bag, ebay has many patterns for $19.99 and a couple of patterns for $16.99. I picked up two of them. Great price for a very cute bag. Continue Reading


Re: Examples of comparing prices Q vs others

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On 5/5/2015 brii said: I'd like to see the quality of a $5.99 shirt... Yes, that example is iffy. However, I will say that I was looking at hot rollers (to get a bit of a lift at the crown of my head) and found the Calista set that the Q sells for $121 for $26 on Amazon. (Yep; I typed it correctly.) Continue Reading


Re: So what do you think the new princess will be named? What would you name her?

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On 5/4/2015 missy1 said: I prefer Alexandria over Alexandra. I think all versions of Alexander and Alexandra have been overused in the past 20 years or so. Continue Reading


Re: What LOGO says about a woman ....

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I think you could ask that question about any of the Q's clothing lines. Continue Reading

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