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Re: HSN is getting nicer all the time

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On 10/16/2013 Tricolor said: Why do I love HSN? Let me count the ways. 1. Offers flex pay on almost everything on air. 2. Generous 20% coupons that go out several times a year. 3. Free shipping on many high end beauty Todays Specials. 4. Quick returns. 5. Beauty items offered using come in affordable kits. 6. Arcade games to win coupons. Currently must have a Smartphone to do that but in the past could be accessed by any computer. Gotta love HSN! 7. HSN doesn't charge me sales tax. 8. Doesn't charge sales tax on shipping. 9. Doesn't send letters re: cancellations or returns 10. Calming to wa... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: When did you know that the love of your life was the one?

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On 10/2/2013 just bee said: When I was going through a tough time doing my nursing clinicals at one of the worst nursing homes in the city, I prayed every day on my way home that God would give me the love of my life. One Saturday morning I was headed to work and I opened the garage door and there he was. I held my hand out to him and he was receptive. I invited him into the house and called work to let them know I'd been delayed. I did everything I could to make sure he didn't belong to another, but no one claimed him. Almost four years have passed and he's still here. Better-half loves him,... Continue Reading


Re: Left over Quinoa what to do?

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Want something easy? Mix in fresh blueberries and almonds. We love it for breakfast! Continue Reading


Re: Continuing eye problems

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I had the same problem after LASIK, with extreme dry eye syndrome. I changed Opthamologists and my new one out me on an RX steroid drops, called Lotemax. I use them twice a day. No more problems. He does check every 6 months to ensure my eye pressure remains in normal range. On 10/1/2013 mistyblue said: I developed severe dry eye syndrome after LASIK 5 years ago. I got multiple duct plugs, tried many eye supplements, drops, ointments, etc. had problems with dryness, itching, aching eyes, and blurred, distorted vision. Was finally referred to a corneal specialist, whose only advice was to wear... Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for new host replacement?

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On 6/9/2013 3star said: Since we have a majority of women, a male host would be perfect. My suggestion would be: 1. A male 35- 50 yoa ( no age discrimination, but that age has broad appeal, IMO) 2. Professional sounding voice ( like Dave James) 3. Command of the English language 4. Knowledge of the product he's selling 5. 100 watt smile that he uses constantly 6. The ability to dialogue with the women audience in a gracious and respectful manner Sounds like Dave King. Oops...forgot. They got rid of him, too. Continue Reading


Re: One of My Doctors Says No More Calcium Supplements -- Anyone Hear This???

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On 5/28/2013 AllAboutTech said: Doctors need to do a little more reading. Just a smidge. Along with taking calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and such for bones, taking vitamin K is necessary for the protection of the heart while supplementing with those minerals. There are some good sources of info on Amazon about the topic. My doctor said the same thing about vitamin K. Continue Reading


Re: tarte aqualillies palette - anyone use this palette?

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Hi! I use this palette. I love all the colors so much I bought three total. Got them from tarte.com. Yes, they seem to be waterproof. It takes Purity to get it off for me. Love all the colors!! Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Nail Polish: Back At Last + Blog Chat 5/20 1-3 pm ET!

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Hi David. These sunglasses are fabulous!!! I already had the black ones and came back for the blonde and the turtoise. Awesome quality! Continue Reading


Re: I Hate Cancer!

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Bless your heart. Praying for you both. Continue Reading


Re: Marybeth WoW

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On 5/11/2013 Alsee said: All I could see we're those teeth - they were as big as her wig She was having fun! It was so enjoyable watching her get all those different looks. Continue Reading

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