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Re: Enter Our Dell Days Sweepstakes!

In Electronics Talk, Q Did What?, The Q We Love 1400507185.493

If I could go anywhere this summer, I would go to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Continue Reading


Re: Dupes for Vanilla Bean Noel candles?

In Candles 1396836042.76

Have you tried eBay for the real thing? I stocked up on BBW Vanilla Snowflake after they were long gone at the stores. Continue Reading


Re: Punctal Plugs for Dry Eyes

In Beauty Banter 1389240084.937

I had plugs and there was no adjustment period. Unfortunately by the second yearly eye exam they were gone. If you pull down on your eyelid, can you see the tip of the plug? It shouldn't be irritating your eye if it is in place. Continue Reading


Re: Who else misses the old Bath and Body Works?

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My favorite winter scent is Vanilla Snowflake. Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Prime - Worth It?

In Beauty Banter 1387851862.993

Totally worth it for me because I frequently shop online. Besides having things shipped to myself, I have used Prime to have items shipped to deployed military. I paid the $3.00 extra once to have an important piece of Wacoal shipped overnight to my hotel room when I was on a business trip and did not pack all my clothing. The Prime Movie service is just OK, not up to par with Netflix. But they do have my favorite Britcom, As Time Goes By, so I am very happy. Continue Reading


Re: Lets Talk About Window Blinds

In For the Home Talk 1387680807.873

Since you live in the Seattle area, I will give you the name of a local family business. Marianne Clovis - Lasting Impressions She does work for Seahawks team members. She came to my humble home and recommended Hunter Douglas composite blinds. They look like wood, but hold up well in our damp weather and have not been damaged by my two dogs. Her family does the install. I need to call her one of these days to give me a quote on the upstairs. Marianne Clovis - Lasting Impressions marianneclovis.com/ Continue Reading


Re: Remember when QVC used to sell.......

In The Q We Love 1381985912.83

Uniden cordless phones, counter top water filters and paraffin wax warmers. Continue Reading


Re: I have question, does Bg smell good?

In philosophy 1372047907.257

My nose thinks BG smells like spray starch. Continue Reading


Re: Natural Calm: A Powder Magnesium Drink

In Health & Fitness 1364661275.877

For those who are having GI problems when taking magnesium, consider transdermal magnesium oil spray and epsom salt baths or foot soaks. And to learn more about Mag, check out http://gotmag.org/about-mag/ And how to restore magnesium: http://gotmag.org/how-to-restore-magnesium/ Also check out the Magnesium Advocacy Group on FB. Continue Reading

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