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Re: Which shoes would you choose?

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#2 or 4......or the one that feels more comfortable. Continue Reading


Re: And the top two dresses are ........................

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#1 is my pick. Like the color best, the hem is lovely and has a more relaxed look. #2 the pink looks to bright and showed wrinkles a little more. The fitting looks to tight. But whatever dress you pick you will look beautiful!! Enjoy it all! Continue Reading


Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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I think #4 is the best. I love the bottom of the dress it gives a nice flair to it and a more comfortable look. That great "mother-in-law" look whatever that is! They are all great, but #4 does it for me. More of a "real great having fun dress!!! Fits your personality!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Recent Questions Directed to QVC

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Oh No! QVC please don't do what the FN did. In my opinion, the FN jumped the ship too fast. You have to wait until all the facts are presented before making a decision. This is a great Lady who has done more for people every where. One mistake shouldn't mean her demise. We need to heal and move on with her. Paula didn't mean to hurt anyone. Last edited on 6/24/2013 Continue Reading


Re: 'Tis the Season for Beauty Gifts from bareMinerals

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Jessica - I am currently using a Taupe color for my eye brows which I like very much in a powder. I would like to find something similiar with b.e. My hair color is a medium/light brown (color it). I really do prefer the powder over the pencil look. Can you help? Continue Reading


Re: Gift Time with Mary Beth - December 8th

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Hello Mary Beth, From previous blogs I understand your whole family was home. And how did things go......to Your and Marks blessings, I sure everything went well. How did your turkey turn out? That is one question I have wanted to hear the most.....I've been quite "iffy" on fried turkeys, so how did yours turn out? I'm sure you and you family had a blessed Thanksgiving and I am sure the Christmas holidays will be the same. Count your blessings! ~~Susan Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason’s Gift Favorites

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Hello Lisa, I was just reading previous replies and couldn't believe what I was hearing.......you are leaving. How about shock! You are such a beautiful and gracious hostess. You will be missed a lot. I can only hope one day you might reappear on the Q! To you and your wonderful husband who has been a rock in your life and continues to be....may God bless you both in your new endeavors..........come back to the Q please, but I understand life gives you chances and you have to follow. Bless both of you. Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David - December 5th Show

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Happy Holidays David! I love all the Christmas music that comes out this time of year. But my absolute favorite is "Merry Christmas Darling" by the Carpenters (especially Karen's voice)! Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David - October 17th Show

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Hello David, I was checking out the food available for this holidays...........yum!! I have a question regarding Junior's Cheese Cakes. Many years ago Juniors offered individual cheese cakes that we perfect for eating and tasting one cake at a time. I haven't seen these in quite a while. Is Juniors every going to offer the individual cheese (in different flavors) cakes again? They sure made a perfect gift and, also, perfect for a household of 2. Can't wait for your Sunday show tomorrow!! ~~Susie Continue Reading


Re: In The Kitchen with David - August 8th Show

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Happy Sunday, David! I would have to say my T-Fal pots and pans. I use one or more everyday. Easy clean up after all these years (from QVC)! The other is Lock 'n Lock!!! I'm always using these two items everyday!! Continue Reading

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