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Re: Dooney TSV email is out $268

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Just a dumb question. I'm not a designer-anything person. Having said that I often wonder if spending more money to get a dooney for example, would be a good value in terms of longer wear and better quality? Normally I buy purses at kohls or wherever. I don't care whether other people carry the same bag. But I'm starting to wonder if investing in a higher end bag would be worthwhile. Thoughts? Oh and I only change purses seasonally. I like to carry one bag for a few months at a time. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Foundation that stays put under surgical mask?

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ennui There is nothing for me to "get over". You hold an archaic viewpoint that isn't going to change. just know that equating makeup with nursing skill, as you implied with the words vanity and concentrate, is offensive to nurses every where. The only thing I need to "get over" is thinking that conversation with you holds even a molecule of importance. I will leave you to your outdated, stereotyped opinion and will focus my energy on grieving the death of my boy. What a crazy idea it was to think I would find pleasant diversion here. Continue Reading


Re: Foundation that stays put under surgical mask?

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On 4/4/2014 ennui1 said: Stop wearing makeup? Since you're a nursing student ... at some point, you'll get over the vanity aspect and concentrate on the OR patient. When my mom was in ICU, none of the nurses wore makeup. and when my son was dying in the trauma care unit after his accident in Nov, every RN I encountered was wearing makeup. Should I now wonder if wearing makeup diminished their ability to "concentrate" on trying to save his life? I'm now semi retired after 42 years of being a working RN and I indulged my "vanity" (!) every day by wearing tastefully applied cosmetics. Your rem... Continue Reading


Re: does anyone wear acrylic/gels with tips anymore

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today at my new hair salon I saw a friend getting a shellac mani. She highly recommended the nail tech and I have very positive vibes about the salon in general, skill level of personnel, attention to cleanliness and fantastic service. So I made an appt for a shellac manicure next week. We'll see how it goes. The other customers said theirs are lasting 2 full weeks. So like someone said on this thread, it must have a lot to do with quality of products used, and the skill of the tech. And taking her time~this is an appointment only salon. Once again, thanks for all the input. If I end up not c... Continue Reading


Re: does anyone wear acrylic/gels with tips anymore

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appreciate the varied responses. for those of you who do the artificial nails, where do you go? to one of the high volume walk-in places? or a hair/day spa salon where nails are done only by appointment? what is your preference? Continue Reading


does anyone wear acrylic/gels with tips anymore

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I have tried the shellac type overlay, found it to peel off within a week. my own nails are brittle and they break as soon as the length is past my fingertip. With osteoarthritis becoming more noticeable in my hands, I feel they would look prettier and more balanced with longer, beautifully manicured nails. I've tried many products to improve my natural nails, but nothing has made much difference. Likely cause of the dry, brittle nails is aging. I'm 62, it is what it is. In my area I do see people with gel type nails, though I think most people are doing the shellac/gellish as opposed to acry... Continue Reading


Re: Question re TOVA fragrances

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A year or two ago I bought Tova Platinum, it smelled nice. Not exactly like the original. But then I tried the latest incarnation of Tova Signature. That one is very very close to the original, to my nose. And when I started wearing it my son said it reminded him of how I always smelled when he was a kid. that was back in the 80s and 90's when I only wore original Tova Signature. I will tell you that other people occasionally tell me I smell good. So when this bottle is gone (I wear it daily) I will absolutely buy it again. hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: OT...kinda. How many ladies here live the kind of lifestyle...

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On 2/28/2014 MarenSeattle said: My High School Senior Prom. 1970. Not once since then. haha laughing here! me too, 1969. Well if you want to get technical I was dressed up in a floor length gown for my first wedding in '79. No formal events since then. I am deeply rooted in the upper Midwest, and not in a major metro area. Around here we are casual for most things. Plus I am not a red carpet type. More like a beige, stain-resistant carpet type lol. I don't run with the "in" crowd I guess. Continue Reading


Re: advice and question re Bobbi Brown cream shadows

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hmm. I am about fifty miles from a BB counter, however I go to that town once a week for something else. Might go a little early next week and take a look at the eye makeup in person. That way I would know exactly what I was getting. Continue Reading

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