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Re: Is any on having issue with Yahoo e mail on their I phone

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I know two people who have complained they are locked out of their Yahoo email accounts on their computers. One individual called tech support at Yahoo and did a 'refresh' and lost several programs which had to be re-installed. Continue Reading


Re: Please Do Your Research First

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Thank You for taking time to post this information Continue Reading


Re: O/T How do u deal with in-laws that u absolutely hate?

In Beauty Banter 1413799391.037

On 10/19/2014 CalmInTheHeart said: It is your husband's job to ensure his parents treat you well. He needs to step up and put some boundaries in the relationship. BINGO ! My MIL only called - TO SPEAK WITH ME - when someone needed money or a favor. My ex was such a coward I lost all respect for him when his Mother said 'Stop acting like an idiot' to our 4 year old - with a Kitchen full of people. It became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The ex said NOTHING - that is why is the EX. Continue Reading


Re: Your Poncho Has Arrived!!

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On 10/17/2014 jojobeans said: Ordered the mulberry. Looks beautiful. My very first Linea, very excited. oh Lord - I told myself not to look. I cannot decide RIGHT NOW - but I think I will get the Olive. I have several ponchos - but they I think they are shorter than the one pictured. Continue Reading


Re: Just Noticed the Christmas Trees in all the Shows...

In Fashion Talk 1413325551.69

I noticed a tree with brown, orange, yellows, gold, ect - Fall color tree in the Kitchenaide demonstration. I thought it was very pretty and appropriate for a Kitchen. It does make me sad to see Christmas decorations so early - 25 percent of the shopping year is considered Christmas Shopping Season. Sad. Continue Reading


Re: One reason I think she left

In Jewelry Talk 1413325102.757

On 10/13/2014 Rainbow Girl said: Maybe she has enough money and just wants to retire, travel, and enjoy life. - a friend of mine bought into Google way back before anyone heard of Google and 'retired' at 50. Lisa has made some serious money and she may haved invested wisely and decided to do what she wants. Personally - I saw Suzanne at 3 am this morning (?) and she looked as fresh as a daisy but the hours must take a toll at same point. Maybe Leslie and Lisa are going into business. I wish her health and success in her future. Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maron attire

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On 10/14/2014 Q4u said: On 10/14/2014 valeriecherish said: I don't like dowdy either, but I hate tacky. And she looked tacky last night. It's very possible to be slender, beautiful, sexy, <em>and</em> professional. Holly Mordini, formerly of Smashbox, comes to mind. You're right, Holly Mordini was incredibly gorgeous and also incredibly PROFESSIONAL. I loved watching/learning her make up tricks and I spent a fortune on her products. ... and she never acted 'cute' either ! Continue Reading


Re: Easy Pay on Request

In The Q We Love 1413115210.367

I have cut back my spending at Q tremendously years ago - I had so much jewelry and not enough days in the year to wear each piece ! With that being said - I have not received any EP on demand either and I am was glad too. However I have called CS several times and requested an EP on an item and that request was granted. I would call CS and see if someone will help you out. Continue Reading


Re: How You Know When You Are Out of Shopping Control!

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On 10/11/2014 gk27 said: The old adage, "out of sight, out of mind" really rings true for me, especially now that I am getting older. I decided t o get the skinny, flocked hangers and a lot of the wide, shoulder inserts to slide over the top so now I am able to hang up most of the whisper knits. The only ones I don't hang or the E.N.R. they are to heavy and will stretch. The others are fine. Being able to see everything (and I hang by color) stops me from overbuying. That is exactly what I did and it has helped immensely. Continue Reading


Re: Bactrim: beware of this antibiotic because

In Health & Fitness 1413029758.567

I have heard of this happening. I also know a kidney transplant patient who attributed prescribed Bactrim as the reason for her transplant. I take Bactrim every other day as part of my drug protocol for my lung transplant. I also drink a lot of water too. Take care yourself - I hope you recover soon. Continue Reading

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