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Re: OT/Happy Jewish New Year!

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On 9/25/2014 Caffeina said: On 9/25/2014 Ms X said: Happy Jewish New Year! Does anyone want to tell us about the traditional customs and food ingredients of this celebration? Friends have described the Seder to me and it was interesting. I believe that's around Easter. The Gentiles in this video describe the food perfectly! Thanks so much - Continue Reading


Re: If you're going to be out or away for a couple of days....

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On 9/25/2014 curlywhitedog said: On 9/25/2014 Peaches McPhee said: Good grief, no. I knew a smart professional woman one time, went away for a few days, and stockpiled meals for her (apparently, helpless) husband to eat. No, he is not disabled in any way. She said that if she did not, he'd just eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day. I actually lost alot of respect for her that day. Why would you lose respect for anyone who does something nice for someone she loves? Although my husband never asks, or worse, demands, that I cook for him (goodness knows, he's as far from helpless as ca... Continue Reading


Re: Outlet much do you do?

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One of the evening shows - Inside Edition ??? - did a story on just this subject last week. The Stylist interviewed did a review on clothing from J.Crew. She pointed out the sub-par workmanship of the clothing in comparision to the items sold in the actual stores. I do not care for the merchandise in outlets. The last time I shopped at an outlet was the Tangier Outlet Mall on the Eastern Shore - 6-7 years ago and I was disappointed. Continue Reading


Re: QVC return tracking is subpar

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I agree. I wish they would upgrade to the HSN return system. Continue Reading


Re: Check out Lisa's Torture of the Week - Pull Ups

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I really enjoyed WATCHING those segments - but something about her Trainer creeps me out. She is very fit ! Continue Reading


Re: Courtney's Wedding Dress

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I love the dress - GORGEOUS ! Of course the QVC Ladies brought 'it' too. Food looks tasty - I love one of those cupcakes. FINALLY - Thanks for posting the pictures ! Continue Reading


Re: I am begging the forum police to take down the Fiestaware post, Please??

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Why do you care ? I keep reading your request AND it is annoying me ! MOVE ON - don't you have something better to do ??? Continue Reading


Re: Talk about shock!!!!!!!!!!

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.... I am still stuck on the idea of driving 45 - 50 miles ONE WAY for decent shopping .... Continue Reading


Re: I Just Found a Large Turtle in My Yard - in AZ Desert?? A Message from Joan? :)

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On 9/14/2014 MJ FAN 4 EVER said: They just came from the animal EMT and said it's been dead for hours. I couldn't have saved it as it was my first time outside since my early morning walk and it wasn't there then. He also said that it came from a water source... there is no water source anywhere near my home... nothing. Perhaps it was a pet and someone got rid of it. Thanks everyone who wanted to help. Sad it had to flip over. Apparently, some folks take everything literally. irony is missed on some I guess. I am sorry. I know this was stressful situation for you because you did not know wh... Continue Reading


Re: I Just Found a Large Turtle in My Yard - in AZ Desert?? A Message from Joan? :)

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On 9/14/2014 Goldie76 said: On 9/14/2014 spud188 said: Yes get out there and flip it over. This is one of the most amusing posts I have ever read on this forum. Thank you. I'm not being facetious or snarky. I think it is really amusing. (Of course we do want to save the turtle. Someone must turn it over.) I with you Goldie76. I cannot wait to hear what happens next ! Continue Reading

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