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Re: Egg Nog Bread Pudding Loaves

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On 12/19/2014 Jane Adams said: Wonderfulworld, I have made them, its so delicious and rich especially if you sneak in a little more eggnog like me. They do not dry out because of the eggnog mixed in with it. Pie1993, I've never tried using Pillsbury but you could use Pillsbury Dough, or you could use dough made from scratch Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Can't Eat Her Food

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I won't eat at a home that is dirty. Continue Reading


Re: What we let our pets get away with

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On 12/19/2014 Carmie said: I have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. One is prim and proper, very beautiful and has perfect behavior, except for trying to sneak into her sister's bowl to eat her food. I have to always watch her at feeding time. She looks around to see if I am watching, and if not...she will finish up the food in record time. Sometimes I stand out of the way, not to be seen and catch her right before she has taken that first bite. When I call out, she pretends she is not doing anything wrong and slowly walks away. The other sister is clownish with fur that never lays down strai... Continue Reading


Re: Egg Nog Bread Pudding Loaves

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What would be an alternative to the Rhodes Anytime Cinnamon Rolls. I would love to try this. Thanks for taking time to post. Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's Christmas Presents...

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They have a great smelling pine tree liquid hand soap and hand lotion in a caddy for $4.99. Continue Reading



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On 12/14/2014 lennox25 said: On 12/13/2014 brewhaha said: He would be a good host for PM Style. Brew, you are killing me !!!!! ... and I fell for that suggestion - JUST FOR A MOMENT !!! - I invisioned the models dancing around Steve ... Continue Reading


Re: WARNING!! Do not update Adobe Flash/Reader . . . it contains malware that may give you potentially dangerous pop-ups.

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I could not run Youtube videos or any videos for that matter and I did receive the Adobe update 'warning' AND I DID DOWNLOAD the update. I can now run Youtube, ect. again. I also receive an update to download Yosemite OS yesterday and I have NOT done that so far due to many people I know who have been parked at the area Apple store for the last 2 months. AGAIN - who was your source ? ... and Thanks ... Continue Reading


Re: What is going on?

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On 12/8/2014 valeriecherish said: Many agree with you. There is another thread about what a snooze-fest QVC is this year. They really need some new, different products. Ugh - wasn't there a Keurig TSV 2 Sundays back ? If shoppers are bored can you imagine the Hosts ? Maybe a Host will freak out and start screaming or take their clothes off. YOU NEVER KNOW Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

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You may want to do some research for taking this supplement. I think there was a thread going around about Fosamax. You can also Google for more information. I did take it for several years - faithfully every Sunday morning and stopped because it was very hard to digest. Continue Reading

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