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Re: Courtney's Wedding Dress

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I love the dress - GORGEOUS ! Of course the QVC Ladies brought 'it' too. Food looks tasty - I love one of those cupcakes. FINALLY - Thanks for posting the pictures ! Continue Reading


Re: I am begging the forum police to take down the Fiestaware post, Please??

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Why do you care ? I keep reading your request AND it is annoying me ! MOVE ON - don't you have something better to do ??? Continue Reading


Re: Talk about shock!!!!!!!!!!

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.... I am still stuck on the idea of driving 45 - 50 miles ONE WAY for decent shopping .... Continue Reading


Re: I Just Found a Large Turtle in My Yard - in AZ Desert?? A Message from Joan? :)

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On 9/14/2014 MJ FAN 4 EVER said: They just came from the animal EMT and said it's been dead for hours. I couldn't have saved it as it was my first time outside since my early morning walk and it wasn't there then. He also said that it came from a water source... there is no water source anywhere near my home... nothing. Perhaps it was a pet and someone got rid of it. Thanks everyone who wanted to help. Sad it had to flip over. Apparently, some folks take everything literally. irony is missed on some I guess. I am sorry. I know this was stressful situation for you because you did not know wh... Continue Reading


Re: I Just Found a Large Turtle in My Yard - in AZ Desert?? A Message from Joan? :)

In Joan Rivers 1410825354.433

On 9/14/2014 Goldie76 said: On 9/14/2014 spud188 said: Yes get out there and flip it over. This is one of the most amusing posts I have ever read on this forum. Thank you. I'm not being facetious or snarky. I think it is really amusing. (Of course we do want to save the turtle. Someone must turn it over.) I with you Goldie76. I cannot wait to hear what happens next ! Continue Reading


Re: Ray Rice Cut by Baltimore Ravens

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On 9/9/2014 Cardamom said: Now I haven't read all the responses so this may have been said but Janay issued a public apology via twitter apologizing for her role in the incident. Sad! 4 mos. later the Ravens deleted it. Roger Goodel interviewed Janay with her abuser in the same room. :(. That's pretty bad. Not that she would have changed her story one bit. Why is everyone mad now?! What did they think happened in that elevator?? And even after everyone treated him like a hero giving Ray Rice a standing ovation at home. He makes me sick. I swear he was smirking like the cat who ate the canary ... Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil had a little work done

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On 9/9/2014 moonstone dunes said: He made a joke about "having work done" but it was to show off his updated TV Studio. He has that guy on, Gary Giordano, who took his escort GF, Robin Gardner, to Aruba. He has a book out. Robin disappeared while he said they were snorkeling, but he says they went to a rocky beach area that is dangerous. It made no sense. Then he left her drifting out to sea. He took out a million dollar travel insurance policy for them and made his beneficiary his mother and Robin's beneficiary was to be him. He is a slime ball and very slick. Robin's sister also appeared on... Continue Reading


Re: Ray Rice Cut by Baltimore Ravens

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On 9/8/2014 Rottie_mama said: On 9/8/2014 mstyrion said: On 9/8/2014 Rottie_mama said: Why would she marry the abuser? MONEY, LIFESTYLE yes, cynical but more than likely accurate. I think it would be a good idea for you to educate yourself on the details of how abuse happens and what it does to the victim. Your point of view is very antiquated and I'm afraid bordering on misogyny. Thank you but I am educated. No, my opinion just stems from working with football players and seeing, up close and personal, the women that flock to them because of their money. Could I be wrong about her, maybe... Continue Reading


Re: Ray Rice Cut by Baltimore Ravens

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On 9/8/2014 sunshine45 said: you mean absolutely no one can be REFORMED?......i absolutely do not agree and i am NOT naive. You are naive - these type of men do not change overnight - and no one believes this is the first time he hit her either. Continue Reading


Re: Ray Rice Cut by Baltimore Ravens

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On 9/8/2014 coco14 said: On 9/8/2014 sidsmom said: There's something nagging @ me about this. Yes, he assaulted this woman. But she didn't want to prosecute. AND why did this woman marry this guy AFTER the assault? The State doesn't like it, the League doesn't like it, the public doesn't like it, but.....the one person who should not like it....doesn't mind. Should we...not mind? Weird. WE should mind, because it sends such a bad message to young women, one that is repeated over and over - that it is okay to love, to live with, to marry, to have children by, these abusive men, when in fact i... Continue Reading

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