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Re: Is there an EASY PAY event tomorrow, Memorial Day???

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EVINE has everything 15 percent off today. Continue Reading


Re: Strange cough attack -- has this happened to you?

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I do know of several people who have had that cough attack - I think someone said it is the pollen - which is going to be very bad this spring/fall due to the harsh winter. Carry some hard candies or something to soothe your throat. I think Shawn had it during her presentation with Barbara Bixby. Take care of yourself - Continue Reading



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I love it - the small size and no bacteria hiding in the brushes. I use mine 2X daily on my face, neck and under the jawline. Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite wine with or without a meal?

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On 5/20/2015 jeanlake said: Keep going back to Riesling - specifically Pacific Rim but haven't been able to find it lately. Occasionally I like champagne. I had some Barefoot a few weeks ago - it was delicious. I also tried Black Box too. I guess I will continue to sample until I hit the right one - YEARS AGO a friend turned me onto Riesling and I cannot remember the brand he favored - it was very good. Continue Reading


Re: Rubbing Alcohol/Water

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Thanks for taking to post. I love the eye glass cleaner. I had a pair of expensive but scratched sun glasses and used the cleaner from the eye Dr. and the lenses cleared up. I was ready to donate the sunglasses to the Homeless guys. Continue Reading


Re: Hope Lisa Mason is okay

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On 5/22/2015 mousiegirl said: I had no idea that Nancy had a son, or breast cancer, but I did think her daughter was adopted, though I never knew it until now. She has been through so much, but keeps her bubbly personality going. Wow - everytime I turn read around I hear something about Nancy's personal life. I really enjoy her perky spirit - the breast cancer I could deal with (I have had some very very serious health issues myself) - but to lose a child is horrendous. I really do not get time to watch the Hosts but when I can I will watch Nancy. Continue Reading


Re: Patricia Nash handbags on another network ...

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I have two Patricia Nash bags and one wallet wristlet. TJ Max and Marshall's also carry her goods - the prices are excellent. I saw the Italian Folklore pattern (LEATHER) in person at TJ Maxx - drop dead gorgeous !!! Evine conducts very good sales but the problem with the on-line shopping site is no way to request an advance notice email when a favorite vendor is appearing. Continue Reading


Re: Barbara Bixby

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On 5/21/2015 barb40 said: J319595 is up now, in 5 colors, $116. I don't know if it will be the TSV or not... The citrine and blue topaz are NEW colors - and the $116 price is the price I believe AFTER the TSV was over. I wonder where Godfreako is ... Continue Reading


Re: Barbara Bixby

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I bought all three rings also. I love them but would like to see something different. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's $3000 purse and $350 dress

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On 5/16/2015 kagey said: I don't come in here often because of the constant negativity. I swear some of you would criticize a newborn baby because their cheeks were too pink. I admire the OP for putting herself out there. I hope she knows she is not the only person who may have felt this way. Personally - I was in Cosmetic sales for 18 months and it was embarrassing how many women thought Cosmetic Saleswomen who Goddesses. Continue Reading

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