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Re: Is there anyone here that has no drapes or curtains in their home?

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I live in a high rise. Our the exterior walls are ALMOST all window. We have 2 HUGE ficus trees and an umbrella tree blocking the view in. I love it. I do not know if I could live somewhere with traditional windows again. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Alberti?

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VERY EARLY MORNING - 3am - 4 am. I turned on the TV very early one morning and there he was. I love Alberti. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown powder eyeshadows - thoughts?

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On 11/13/2014 winamac1 said: They are gorgeous shades in the pans. On the lids, way way too powdery and very little pigment unfortunately. Excellent description of application issue - I L-O-V-E LORAC from the southern station. I would recommend any of their products but the eye shadows work perfectly for me. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prindables

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On 11/15/2014 mominohio said: I only buy the ones with the Pink Lady apples. Always been good. If they aren't, just call QVC and they will refund your money, no questions, and no need to send things back. I heard or read the Pink Lady apples where best - somewhere. We started ordering from the Q at least 8 years ago - most likely even longer - and had very good results. The last batch I ordered the apples where too small and more candy than apple so I stopped. I gave most of these apples out - and worried I would get a bad batch again so I stopped. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prindables

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On 11/15/2014 tigriss said: Buy great apples, cut them up into slices, sprinkle with lemon juice to keep them from browning, and chill. Melt some caramels in a small crock pot sprayed with cooking spray and melt some chocolate chips. Get your sprinklings together: mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, sprinkles, peanut butter chips, etc......Then when the family arrives, set out your ingredients and they can custom make their apple dippers. I also do a bowl of peanut butter for those that like that as a base covering. This is cheaper, fresher, and custom, plus fun for the kids. You can also get... Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore Facial Cleanser

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On 11/15/2014 Shelbelle said: Cerave Foaming cleanser, Simple Foaming Cleanser This gets my vote too ! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Prayers needed please

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On 1/11/2012 Arley said: Julie - I am soo sorry for your problem. I think it is a disgrace what is happening in this country when someone is diagnosed with a catastrophic illness and not only are they afraid of their disease they have to be frightened with the insurance co. This can happen to any one of us. Something has to be done in this country so that you can get the treatment you need without having to FIGHT for your life but a CORPORATION!!!! I had a transplant and I know how scarey it is. I was fortunate but not everybody is. God Bless you and I will be praying for you!!!! The people i... Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prindables

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On 11/15/2014 jennys kid said: On 11/15/2014 luvtoshopathome said: Apples are not at their best in spring summer. I love apples but find they aren't that flavorful and mushy at those times of the year. I would only buy the Mrs. Printables in the winter, but I've never bought them because I make my own. When I'm done making them they wind up weighing 2 ponds each! I dip them in caramel dip twice in dark chocolate, then put nuts (usually a mixture of pecans and cashews) all over them, dried cranberries and small salted pretzels then pour more chocolate all over them and then drizzle with white ... Continue Reading



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On 11/13/2014 ury said: My sis and I combine our families the Sunday following Thanksgiving. No Thanksgiving Day in-law conflicts this way. Just a casual day. We're going with brisket, turkey breast, mashed potatoes, seasoned roasted vegetables, yam and baked apple casserole, deviled eggs, sweet Hawaiian rolls, and we're spoiling the family. We're providing favorite desserts and will send the leftover sweet temptations home with the families. Brownies, pumpkin pie, blackberry pie, cinnamon rolls I know of a Family where the siblings and their Families gather on the Saturday after Thanksgivin... Continue Reading


Re: Thrift Store Score.

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On 11/14/2014 Pie1993 said: You are lucky. Our Good Will is picked through or over priced - I am serious. The surrounding neighborhoods are upper-middle class to wealthy residents who donate several times a year. Someone did ask the Manager about charging $3 for a middle size glass vase and the Manager replied they where keeping up with the Market Prices. Really ? - since everything in the store is DONATED and USED. We still shop at Good Will because you can find some good stuff - but it used to be very upscale goods at reasonable if not give-a-way prices. Continue Reading

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