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If you are taking prescription medications - NO BLOOD ORANGES

Last Reply by Kachina624 1422160540.82 | Started by Pie1993 in Among Friends

I take a variety of medications from a transplant I had almost 10 years ago. There is a growing list of foods I am unable to eat - and I am sure there are many others out there that cannot eat fruits like grapefruit and pomegranate (I know there is some other fruit to 'shun' but I cannot remember what it is). You can add blood oranges to that list. My Doctor from Hopkins called me this afternoon to advise me my monthly labs where off and asked if I was eating certain foods. I knew about grapefruit and pomegranate but I did not know that blood oranges is another fruit to avoid. Continue Reading


Re: Help me talk myself out of buying an expensive piece of jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1421967518.04

On 1/22/2015 CalmInTheHeart said: On 1/22/2015 baileysue said: Wow I am surprised by all the good answers I am getting. However, I am just as confused. I will try to remember Admire, don't Acquire. Hadn't heard that one before. If my husband were alive, he would probably get them for me, but then I would have places to wear them. Oh my. What to do.... Bless you. I'm in a similar situation....saving for future expenses. But it's so tempting, isn't it. What usually helps me is to say "wait a week" and I usually don't want the item by the time the week is up. If I still want it, I wait anothe... Continue Reading


Re: OT: not getting the Flu vaccine put me into respiratory arrest and the ICU for seven days

In Beauty Banter 1421931513.51

Take care of yourself Poodlepet2 - and Thanks for taking time to share this ordeal. Take it easy and 'enjoy' your PT too. Continue Reading


Re: I need a meatloaf recipe!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421856119.86

I would make meatballs with 2 pounds of ground beef - I do not have a standard recipe for meatloaf - however when I do make a meatloaf I buy the pre-mix ground beef and pork meat mix labeled Meatloaf Mix - it is delicious. I usually use a recipe from Continue Reading


Re: LORAC Spring 2015

In Beauty Banter 1421507583.603

oh you just had to show that palette. I won't wear any other eye shadow but LORAC - it is the absolute best for my light/medium skin tone and it wears like no other. I received the notification several times for the unzipped Gold and promptly deleted the ad. Now - I have to go there Continue Reading


Re: Let's really call it

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420913373.847

On 1/10/2015 Pie1993 said: ooopsy ! Continue Reading


Re: Let's really call it

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420913341.74

a slab of prime rib and a MARYLAND crab cake with roasted veggies on the side and a beer too. Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics snail slime is correct

In Beauty Banter 1420899540.293

On 1/9/2015 JeanLouiseFinch said: On 1/9/2015 suzyQ3 said: From the wiki page on placentophagy: Although the placenta is revered in many cultures, there is scarce evidence that any customarily eat the placenta after the newborn's birth.<sup id="cite_ref-Cultural_4-0" class="reference"[4]</sup> Do you really need to have the last word on EVERYTHING? My gosh! I think the women here are perfectly capable of looking things up for themselves, and may come to a different conclusion. Furthermore, wikepedia is hardly a good resource. High school teachers and college professors will not acce... Continue Reading


Re: So many damaged Kitchenaid TSV stand mixers.

In TSV Talk 1420897596.607

On 1/9/2015 KYToby said: I do not understand where the how the OP claims "so many" people had issues. The reviews do not seem to indicate this. Additionally, the OP claims that QVC only posts positive reviews while claiming that many people posted negative reviews. Again, I do not understand this. Tens of thousands f these mixers were sold, and inevitably, there will be a few with problems. These mixers are built and packaged well in advance. During the packaging process or shipping process, something could happen. It is understandable. If one received a damaged mixer, either QVC or KitchenAi... Continue Reading


Re: So many damaged Kitchenaid TSV stand mixers.

In TSV Talk 1420897047.313

On 1/6/2015 ID2 said: Why on earth order it from here when every store out there sells them???!! Bed Bath and Body had the same Q model on sale and with a rebate for $100 LESS than the QVC price two weeks before Christmas. They had a HUGE variety of colors too. The price was $212 after discounts and rebates. Continue Reading

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