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Michael Phelps is ENGAGED ...

Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1425034257.64 | Started by Pie1993 in Among Friends

... to a former Miss California 2010 - Miss Nicole Johnson ! Continue Reading


Re: Brain Tumor - Astrocytoma

In Health & Fitness 1424552844.967

(((( HUGS ))) bkgirl. I will keep your Son and your Family in my prayers. Kim Continue Reading


Re: Well I got my lab results back today...

In Health & Fitness 1424518815.53

I agree child prodigy - Thanks so much for posting the useful information AdoreQVC ! - I am also lactose intolerant. Continue Reading


Re: It's so cold . . .

In For the Home Talk 1424464444.883

WOW - I thought I heard that same noise last night - and I have almost window 'walls' in my hut. I better go back and check my windows. There was so much condensation on the windows this morning between showers and cooking - I looked around but not much. Continue Reading


Re: Mineral Oil---is it bad for your skin (face)?

In Beauty Banter 1424457760.333

My hands, palms and face where so dry I did use Vaseline on all of those areas. My skin is babysoft. I am staying out of the cold now. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone go to Trader Joe's lately? Looking for suggestions...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424456570.667

On 2/20/2015 Mothertrucker said: Terrier, i go a couple times a week- probably will go tomorrow, as i just finished my last bottle of "Rum of the Gods"!- I will look to see what is new- i so blindly just buy my old favorites..Have you tried the Fig and Olive Crisps? or the Spinach and Kale bites? How about the Cookie Butter Cheesecake? i love their Beef Wellingtons, Pork Gyoza and Pork Shu Mei... OH LORD - that all sounds good. I have not tried the Beef Wellingtons - I looked at them and wondered who told me about them. They also have a Shepherds Pie I would like to try when my Son is in. ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone go to Trader Joe's lately? Looking for suggestions...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424456404.76

You may want to find out if they have been receiving regular deliveries. Our TJ's has been understock due to weather related issues. Continue Reading


Re: "evine live, the fun, new way of shopping."

In Fashion Talk 1424256592.343

I like the Trollbeads collection. For me, the downside of their site is the lack of a Wish List. I have deferred to ShopHQ believing there was a vendor I wanted to 'shop' only to forget who the vendor was. Thank Goodness for the Q Wish List ! Continue Reading


Re: Those who support Dennis Basso

In Dennis Basso 1424215040.523

Instead of going after Basso - you really need to attack the people purchasing and/or accepting his furs. If no one is buying fur then the market will disappear. Continue Reading

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