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On 3/29/2014 evelomaddict said: i wish josie would stop repeatedly dipping her fingers in the whipped body butters. it gets rather disgusting after a while. OMGoodness - I have been thinking the same thing. I cannot watch the finger dipping. I am sure her fingers are clean, but ... It goes along with the word 'moist'. EWW Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Looks Very Different

In TSV Talk 1395433727.81

Judith must be going to Joan's surgeon. She is starting to look like a dark hair Joan. Continue Reading


Re: The mystery of blush...

In Beauty Banter 1393079330.67

On 2/21/2014 Blondelle said: I was never a blush person. Having natural redness in my skin from blotchiness and some broken capillaries I've always shied away from it and chose the lightest ones I could find. I was really surprised though that a blush so much in the violet family as the Cheek Pop in plum would turn a warmer pink on me and look almost like a brick shade that looked pinker on me than in the pot. They really change from what they look like in the pot. What I am finding though is that the plum color which is brighter than what I usually wear is giving me a more vibrant, fresher, ... Continue Reading


Re: Any Pink Eye Tips for Bob Costas!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1392511614.54

On 2/14/2014 Lovely2 said: On 2/12/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: On 2/12/2014 momcat said: Yeah, I've got some tips for Bob Costas, but I better not print them here. YEPPERS - count me in too !!! Continue Reading


Re: Something said on LR Show last night about handbag really made me stop and think...

In All About Handbags 1392511021.027

Try 'Big Buddha' handbags, HOWEVER - there are severals brands of handbags out there that resemble leather. I have been getting away from leather handbags for awhile. It is hard habit to break for sure. Continue Reading


Re: Bethenny talk show cancelled

In Beauty Banter 1392463327.96

On 2/15/2014 PMS 24-7 said: Doesn't Lisa do beauty segments on her show? Yes. I saw a Bethenny segment and Lisa was on. I did not care for the music. Bethenny's set looked like a teenage girls room. Wendy Williams set is pretty tacky too. I am hoping Wendy will merge into something that is not so painful to look at. Grown women sitting in a hot pink furniture with purple accents is ridiculous. Continue Reading


The Men and the Masterbuilt 4 Rack Digital - does anyone laugh at these Men

Last Reply by RespectLife 1392045681.467 | Started by Pie1993 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I could not help but laugh at the Masterbuilt presentation with John and David. John was telling David to 'Hold on' due to David's excitement of tasting the food. It was hilarious to watch the men get excited and the telephone calls from the men buying the Cooker. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Closed My Account over a 35 dollar charge

In Beauty Banter 1390169243.933

Did Q sent you an email and advise you the card you had on file had expired ? I have had that scenario before. Continue Reading


Re: Toys will not reach Grandson for Christmas! Thx UPS and QVC!!!!!!!

In Jewelry Talk 1388147126.697

On 12/24/2013 Susan Louise said: Why did you order it so late? Things happen...weather, accidents, etc... Just saying... There is no reason why ya'll still can't enjoy the holiday...certainly all the joy can't be wrapped around a gift... Merry Christmas! Where is the 'Like' button ? Continue Reading


Re: Would You Buy This House?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1387141820.84

On 12/10/2013 Q2girl said: Nope!!!! I allowed my very responsible daughter rent our house. Big mistake! Every month she had a sob story and asked me if I could lower the rent. I finally asked her to vacate and I sold the house. Do you want to lose everything you have? Just why did they have to vacate the house? Are they spending money on everything but the mtg? Please don't let this become an emotional situation for you. LIKE button, please ! Continue Reading

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