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Re: OMG! I saw the cutest white chihuahua

In Pet Lovers 1406582551.82

I am a Chi owner as well. I have two; Lolita & Carlita. They are beyond special so I share the love for these adorable companions. Emmett would fit right in around here! Congrats on your new special friend! Continue Reading


Re: July 2014...Please share what scent you are enjoying this month

In Candles 1406580868.91

I am melting TOBACCO CARAMEL by TenDiget Creations. An incredible scent! Continue Reading


Re: VPH Cloche Lamp

In For the Home Talk 1406580704.097

Nomless, it's 23"H x 11 3/4" Dia. The dome is secured to the base so I cannot add anything else. I'm not sure I would want to but I will soon see! I'll have it by Friday & I'm hoping it will live up to the outstanding reviews. Continue Reading


Re: Valerie's cloche?

In For the Home Talk 1406572593.56

SHOPR, I too have been indulging a litle more than usual this CIJ. On top of it all, I am on Staycation this week with impulsiveness on my mind lol! I have cloche-itis & can't get enough. If you find the price of the soon-to-be VPH cloches, post quickly. My "submit" finger cannot go that long without it's usual workout. Continue Reading


Re: VPH Cloche Lamp

In For the Home Talk 1406572239.013

Thanks for responding Marsha & mousiegirl!. I decided to order it based on your input & the reviews are fabulous! Can't wait to get it. Continue Reading


Re: Valerie Parr Hill - Set of 3 Mini Gingerbread Houses H203148

In For the Home Talk 1406572036.857

I ordered 2 sets for possible staff gifts. I also was hesitant at first. First of all, they are extremely fragile as I found out by installing the batteries. I decided to keep one set for myself, I inspected them all & was able to have one really good set. Luckily, I didn't detect any smell. I was planning on putting one of the houses in the LR glass dome w/mirror when that comes. I am about GB'd out at my house! Continue Reading


Re: If you have been on the fence about any CIJ decor...

In For the Home Talk 1406570947.75

This Thurs is the grand exit for CIJ & yes I just fell off the fence. I'm on vacation this week & I can feel my impulsive tendencies creeping up! I ordered VPH's Glass Dome lamp, 2 Lolita wine glasses & just a few minutes ago, I ordered BL's Mixed Christmas Flowers w/lit base. I had ordered & then canceled the Lenox Tree. Now, my "submit" finger is twitching again to reorder it. There is no hope for me, lol! Continue Reading


VPH Cloche Lamp

Last Reply by BornToShop 1406580704.097 | Started by BornToShop in For the Home Talk

I have wanted H202362, Valerie's cloche dome lamp for the longest time. It sold out quickly & now it's back in stock. Anyone have this and can vouch for the quality and that it's well worth the $77 & some change it would cost? I think this lamp is beautiful. Continue Reading


Re: New cloche with mirror insert

In For the Home Talk 1405605376.163

Price Alert! The price is now listing $7 cheaper than yesterday. I just ordered mine. Continue Reading


Re: Crock Pot Peach Cobbler

In Recipe Swap 1405560239.177

This sounds fabulous! What size crock pot? I can't wait to try this. Continue Reading

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