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Re: Ladies, would we like a GEORGE SIMONTON section here?

In Fashion Talk 1408658098.727

Count me in! GS line is a winner for me. Continue Reading


Re: Can you imagine a bedroom like this?

In For the Home Talk 1408646632.367

Wow mallemo! I'd have to order new Carole Hochman sleepwear ( my Victoria Secret days are loooong gone). My bedroom is my woman-cave & my ultimate sanctuary. Your pic will be forever on my wishlist. What stunning decor & RCG, that lodge is over the moon! Continue Reading


Re: "As Is" Set of 2 Mercury Glass Square Pedestals by Valerie- All colors available H204408

In For the Home Talk 1408645915.48

On my way to the post office to return my broken silver pedestals, sniff sniff. I am not a happy camper with the USPS & their "basketball" antics with packages. I also am returning the s/3 CI Butternut Pumpkins. The color is hardly different than the orange. No. 3 going back is the s/4 MG VPH Orange pumpkins. The painting was very poor & noticable on a couple & I don't like the visible bases. Oh well, sigh. In the attempt to make myself feel better, I ordered VPH's cloche in the Snowman. I'm feeling better already, lol! SHOPR, love your pics. You have endless possibilities, especi... Continue Reading


Re: Keurig 2.0

In Coffee Talk 1408645114.633

My Keurig Platinum Plus has given me excellent service for years. However, I am intrigued by this new one. I hope they offer it soon in colors; my current one is red. I also would have little use for the pot feature as it is just me at my house who's the coffee/tea drinker. I also see they have restocked all the colors the most recent Platinum Plus (K40957)came in. I have both of these units on my wish list ready to order in case my old faithful stops working. Please post your thoughts if anyone orders the 2.0. TIA! Continue Reading


Re: VPH Lit Pine Cones

In For the Home Talk 1408484480.517

I just received my VPH s/4 orange MG pumpkins today. I really like them except for the base that shows. I can't believe I am considering sending them back because of this issue. I might visit Michael's for some possible trim, garland or whatever. The visible base is just not making me happy. Anyone got any ideas on how I can conceal the base besides placing them in garland, leaves, etc? What's ya' thinking Marsha2003? Am I being too picky regarding the bases being so visible? Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for lighter reading??

In Book Club 1408411705.017

I totally get what you mean by "lighter reading". I highly recommend the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr and the Dead-End Job Mystery Series by Elaine Viets. IMHO, you should read in order, but for me, these are my go-to books when I need exactly what your OP was referring to. Continue Reading


Re: Harvest image on Facebook

In For the Home Talk 1408408222.437

I have been dying to try the Cheerful Giver candle line. I hope you post real soon mallemo when you get yours and can report your thoughts. I'm such a melter of tarts that I haven't bought actual candles for a long time. The FB photos are incredible. Keep on sleuthing…! Continue Reading


Re: Nice Harvest items

In For the Home Talk 1408408022.567

I am off tomorrow and I will most definitely be stopping by. Sometimes I find some real treasures there. Thanks for the heads up! Continue Reading


Re: Attn Born to Shop.......

In For the Home Talk 1408407932.96

The WITCH-A-THON is ON!! I am going to commit to the third week in September (w/e 9-20-14) since I am on vacation. In the meantime, I will be busting out the goods and recruiting DS (tech genius) to help me with posting my extravaganza on this forum or at least the link to get to PB or Snapfish. JPC, I was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically when you said the lantern was big enough to live in! I showed your post to DH and he said at least he and Mr. Crazy have a new "dog house" if there is a need for one LOL! WL, thanks for stirring the pot and accepting the challenge! I also ... Continue Reading


Re: VPH's "Words to Live By" Flameless Candles...

In For the Home Talk 1408406801.18

SL, just checking in and I did not want to read that your sets were not up to expectations. I was waiting for your input when you got yours before I was going to order. I was considering a couple sets but no way now. It is a bummer and sorry this happened to you. Continue Reading

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