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Re: Fairy Lights

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I buy mine from LightsForAllOccasions. Great selection, with or without timers in every shape, color, size & length. Continue Reading


Re: Terrific new Candle Impressions set

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I ordered 2 sets due to arrive tomorrow; the blue & white. I really want the green & "red" as well for gift giving opportunities. It's been 5+ years since I gave my staff flameless candles as a gift, the timing is good so thanks for the review!. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday design Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkin

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Mallemo, I love their website. I venture over there from time to time to drool & dream. They have the most beautiful things; how 'bout those Swarvoski Mushrooms as well? I wish money were no object, lol. Continue Reading


Re: B&BW Holiday House Luminary

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On 11/14/2014 Marsha2003 said: I've been buying the houses annually since they first started selling them, but I think I can finally stop. The 2014 house is super cute, but it's a totally different look from the older houses and as other posters said, the price is ridiculous. The following listing has some close-ups of the details. HOUSE I could not agree with you more Marsha. I love what I have, but IMHO, it just doesn't seem to fit with the original luminaries. Thanks for posting mallemo! Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

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On 11/11/2014 faeriemoon said: On 11/11/2014 lucymo said: On 11/11/2014 faeriemoon said: I would stick with the larger one. They're not my style, but I'd really like the larger one if all the lights were white. Hi faerie, that's my thought too, I much prefer white lights even on the white tree. I'm not a fan of multi lights. But, I do like the trees. Ebay usually has light covers in different colors if the ones on the trees is removable. I don't know why, but I've never liked colored lights. I prefer white with a hint of gold in them (which I can no longer find.) I had a million sets of t... Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

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On 11/11/2014 Jleah said: If you have room to store them, keep them both. You could put the smaller one in a bedroom for a little holiday light, and the larger one could be out in the living room, hallway, etc. However, I think it would look better to remove that garland. It makes it a bit too fussy. Great suggestion & that's exactly what I did today. The small one is my bedroom & it's making more sense to me now! Garland removed from the big one! Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Christmas porcelain Christmas tree DISAPPOINTMENT!

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On 11/11/2014 Susan Louise said: I ordered two of the white trees. Although the illumination from the LED light is bright enough to allow the star on top to shine bright, only the yellow lights really light up too. The red, green and blue bulbs are just too saturated with color. From across a room, it looks terrible...only seeing the yellow bulbs lit. IMHO, I am surprised that 'Mr Christmas' didn't choose the various colored bulbs more wisely. Couldn't they see that it is an issue? And I wondered why only 4 colors? It wouldn't have cost anymore to have a wider variety of colored bulbs on the ... Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

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On 11/11/2014 SHOPR said: Switching gears, BTS. How large is the hole in the bottom of the Q tree? Wondering if it would accommodate a bright CI or Luminara candle, or a brighter battery operated light strand inside. Just a thought on how you might make the blue and green bulbs brighter... The battery box is triangle shaped to accommodate 3 C batteries & is glued solid completely around bottom of the tree. You give a great idea, maybe DH can figure something out as he is very handy. He would have to proceed carefully as to not damage the tree. Thanks for the idea! I'm off tomorrow so I'l... Continue Reading


Re: New Luminara Lantern

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On 11/11/2014 SHOPR said: BTS, Isn't this new lantern in the same style as the set of 3 lanterns you recently ordered in red? I think they look really good. My choice would be the bronze. Good morning SHOPR! You are correct! Those red lanterns are by far my most favorite purchase so far this year. They have the fancy textured glass insert that adds to the charm as well. I'll post pics when I can get DS to help me. This new Luminara lantern is very simple & a bit smaller than the Churchill lantern. The white will be perfect for my bedroom Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

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I was hoping my decision would be made by this morning & nope, I still can't decide. You all gave compelling points & I thank you for that! I'm going to seperate them in different rooms & then see how that goes. I just can't bring myself to box up & send back the tree from the Q yet. Continue Reading

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