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Re: My Easter 2014 photos

In For the Home Talk 1397405389.657

I truly enjoyed your pics! What a fabulous job you did mallemo! A labor of love & creativity with great ideas for me as well. Job well done! Continue Reading


Re: Ham...Kansas City vs Smithfield

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397082479.26

I totally agree with chickenbutt. I alternate every year between KC hams ( toffee nut butter glaze is to die for!) and Honey Baked Hams. Both are outstanding IMHO. The perk of Honey Baked Hams is I get to pick up at their store a My Grandma's coffeecake for $12.99 as well as the ham! Hope you go with the KC ham. Continue Reading


Re: Easter Tablescape

In For the Home Talk 1395354302.047

Beautiful job! I truly appreciate everyone sharing pics! You sparked spring fever in me ;~). By the way, tweaking is half the fun! Continue Reading


Re: Our "little" cozy kitchen...with pics!

In For the Home Talk 1395353919.89

Fabulous job SL! I can see myself fitting right in, sitting at your table with you with my pj's on, sipping coffee from your Keurig & eating My Grandma's coffeecake. There is nothing like the combination of JS & VPH to bring warmth & ambiance to any room! Love how you displayed your beautiful pieces. As far as the snarkey dusting comment, I actually enjoy dusting all my pieces I have collected over the years. It allows me to truly cherish &enjoy what I have. Superb job, SL! Continue Reading


Re: Easter Chick Deviled Eggs

In For the Home Talk 1395097042.823

WL, I can't stand how adorable & cute these eggs are! Deviled eggs are my DH's absolute favorite!! I can't wait to try these, although I will ensure my stock levels of Poo- Pourri is adequate and accessible if you get my drift...;-). Thanks for sharing! Continue Reading


Re: Duo-Scented Scentsationals

In Candles 1394922093.523

Thanks for the bulb info. I normally do tealights to get that fast strong scent release. Now I need to find a melter to try your 40w idea. Again, much appreciated mallemo! Continue Reading


Re: Duo-Scented Scentsationals

In Candles 1394893975.73

I looked over 3 others thoroughly as sloppy was the norm and I know what you mean. I found one that was good. I tried your 40w suggestion which helped tremendously but I still can't say I love it enough to keep it. That's a lot of wax I can get in exchange lol! How long do you keep your melter on with the 40w bulb since most melters use a 25w bulb? I like a strong throw as well. Continue Reading


Re: Duo-Scented Scentsationals

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Well, I bought the full sized Pink Lemonade warmer for $15 at WM. It is so pretty when not lit. I tried it for a couple days and now I am returning it. I don't like it when it's on because it is way too bright for me. I am however loving two new Scentsationals scents; Tahitian Black Orchid & Island Palm. Truly outstanding! Continue Reading


Re: VPH & CI Candles Shows Canceled

In For the Home Talk 1394814595.15

I am off today & got caught up on my recorded shows. A Roberta's show was scheduled but a Light For All Occasions was the actual show? A Food show scheduled but Don Aslett was on?? There were three more examples like this. I have Directv & their guide has been very reliable where I live & spot-on with the Q's guide. However, as long as I have been shopping with the Q, I have never seen their programming functionality so hosed up as I've seen lately. I may have to start recording 24 hrs a day so I won't miss my preferred programs...! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone have Northern Nights Zara 600TC Wrinkle Defense Sheet Set H197703

In For the Home Talk 1394752895.593

I have both sets in the Sage & Blush; love these sheets! The Blush is most definately "pinkish". Works for me as my Woman-Cave is done in dusty sage/blushy pinks. I see no peach or copper at all. JMHO. Continue Reading

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