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Re: S/3 Glass Mosaic Egg Luminaries by HR

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I would be the last person tooting my love for CR2450 button battery operated items, however my set is still going strong as well. I stand corrected! I'll be interested to see what blue "hue" they will be; more ocean teal, powder baby blue, or a soft royal blue. I have received a couple flameless candle show cancellations via e-mail so it will be interesting to see what show this new color set will be debuted. To be continued...! Continue Reading


S/3 Glass Mosaic Egg Luminaries by HR

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I see that H204525 is now on W/L in a color called, Robin's Egg Blue...yay! I have this set in the white (thanks to PeterDM) and this has to be one of my most favorite items I have purchased in a long time. I just betcha this item is returning with the new color plus the white & purple. I could work in the new blue set, but I'm not interested in overkill, hmmmmm...or am I? lol! Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- May 2015

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I am reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD again in anticipation of GO SET A WATCHMAN'S July 14th's release date. I'll be watching the infamous Gregory Peck movie as well. I couldn't be more excited about this highly anticipated book! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Want To Discuss Security Systems?

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On 5/3/2015 GinaV24 said: hmmm, I have ADT, but I just checked out frontpoints website. They have some pretty interesting options so that might be worth considering. My issue is, I simply did not/do not trust anyone after that horrible day. I hope & pray nothing breaks down because that would require a repairman/woman to have to come into my home. Frontpoint took care of that for me. I want my money's worth; I want protection during my family's most vulnurable times, like sleeping, etc. I have no reason to leave the impeccable service I have received to date. Continue Reading


Re: Loud, Noisy, Repetitive Lisa Mason!

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On 5/8/2015 brewhaha said: Loud, noisy & repetitive. Much like your threads. Brewhaha, you are simply the best! You are sooooo spot-on ALL the time, lol! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa and Valerie together pure magic!!

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Lisa Robertson who???? This Lisa gets it right, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing with her with my Gal Pal Val! Lisa Mason is back better than ever! Continue Reading


Re: How do you acquire your reading material?

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I get all my reading needs from my local Barnes & Noble & my Nook. Continue Reading


Re: May 5 Decor Shows

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I can't wait! I purposefully scheduled myself off that day so I wouldn't miss a thing. The deal sealer for me is Lisa Mason on with my gal pal Val, so glad Lisa is back. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Want To Discuss Security Systems?

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We were victims of a home invasion soon to be 3 years ago & needless to say, we have a security system I wouldn't dream being without. I highly recommend Frontpoint Security. Took DH less than 20 minutes to set up. They were top rated back then & I see they still are. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen any benefits from taking fish oil supplements?

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On 12/19/2011 hckynut said: Has anyone seen any benefits from taking fish oil supplements? I see them every time I have a lipid blood workup, which is every 6 months. Do by any chance take fish oil with Astaxantin? Continue Reading

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