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Re: Any good mysteries?

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I've posted my rave review for THE GIRL WITH A CLOCK FOR A HEART by PETER SWANSON; a debut thriller that is being made into a movie this month. I loved this book! I am a third way through of THE GIRL ON A TRAIN by PAULA HAWKINS. OMG...what a fabulous start so far! It took me about 60 pages into it to start the heart pumping, so making plans to read this one straight through tonight, it's that good.. Continue Reading


Re: I'm ready for CIJ 2015

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On 12/8/2014 Marsha2003 said: I never watch QVC. My DVR automatically picks up Valerie's and Lisa's shows, but otherwise I would never know of anything interesting being offered except for all of you informed posters. My new year's resolution (already made) is to limit my purchase of decorative items significantly this year. So, I'm looking forward to Valerie's spring and summer shows for the ideas, but not for the products. Same with me, Marsha. I work so many hours so I also zip through my recordings. I made a pact with myself for 2015 regarding home decor. Whatever I purchase, I have to p... Continue Reading


Re: Themed Christmas tree or lifetime collection of ornaments?

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A lifetime collection since my son was born 19 years ago. The cool thing about that is, he has taken over complete responsibility of decorating the tree the past 3 years! Tells me how meaningful it is to have family or anything meaningful connected in such way that become new traditions to be carried on & enjoyed. Continue Reading


Re: Harry London Shipping Today???

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Well, today I just got an email notification from UPS that a HARRYLONDONQVC was being delivered tomorrow! YEA! At least I get one out of the 3 I ordered, plus the $10 credit. Good luck to any of you in the same situation I was in! Continue Reading


Harry London Shipping Today???

Last Reply by BornToShop 1418085419.167 | Started by BornToShop in Kitchen & Food Talk

I had ordered 3 sets of the Harry London Nutcracker Tins back a couple months ago. I just received notification 1 order is shipped today??? What's up with that??? Has anyone else received notification? I will be estatic if so. I am sooooo sad for their warehouse burning down. My fingers & everything else I have is crossed that my delivery notification is legit & it is in fact on it's way!! Continue Reading


Re: Happy thanksgiving Everyone!

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I hope everyone's day was as blessed as mine! The Happiet of Thanksgiving to all my forum friends & then some! Now, off to the kitchen to get a piece of pumpkin pie with mile-high whipped cream & yes, chopped walnuts. Continue Reading


Re: Turkey what kind are you buying? how to know what to pick?

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Due to work demands, I'm not able to do my TG weekly ritual & labor of love of brining & air-drying, etc. Someone on this forum recently suggested Trader Joe's brined turkeys. We just had a TJ open up close to me, so DH & I went last night & got a 20 lb brined bird. Chickenbutt, what is your dry rub you put on your turkey after you brined it? TIA! Continue Reading


Re: looking for humorous cozy mystery series

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I also am a huge fan of Diana Mott Davidson's series as well. I highly recommend Elaine Viets, Dead-End Job Mystery series, starting with, Shop Til You Drop". Anyone living in South Fla will especially love it. Witty writing that literally entertains! Continue Reading


Re: Keurig Bad Press......................

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I read that article that just got immediately poofed. Here's my 2 cents; My family & I have owned Keurigs for years, at work as well as home. I have friends who have also been loyal owners for years. But, here I am with my family, healthy as can be, quietly sipping on a great cup of hot chocolate from my forever faithful Keurig responding to this post. While there was food-for-thought in that article; I, at the end of the day will continue to be a Keurig owner. As saversmoms inferred, continue regular maintenance as I have the past many years which is all we need to commit to besides just... Continue Reading


Re: Fairy Lights

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I buy mine from LightsForAllOccasions. Great selection, with or without timers in every shape, color, size & length. Continue Reading

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