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Re: Paging The Jim Shore Witch Fans

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You are correct on the Witchathon! DS has promised to help me post my girls & I'm hoping within this week. I think JS is amazing when it comes to his witches. I promise you, your collection will grow as you find that certain charm he invokes in the witches you take a shine to. I'm sad that Halloween is fast approaching & Fall will soon be Winter, meaning it will be time to put them away until next year. Continue Reading


Re: I Just bought these Lanterns...

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On 10/17/2014 itsmetoo said: These are so pretty! I just love how different they are and they'll look especially nice at Christmas. OT, BornToShop, are you going to post pictures of your Jim Shore witches? DS promised he would help me get the Witchaton posted in the next week, grrrrr...! I hate being so co-dependent on my techie son but I'm sooooo busy at work as well. One of these days I'll get pic posting figured out so I don't have to wait for him. Thanks for liking my new lanterns. They look fantastic with VPH's Snowman Cloche. Stay tuned...! Continue Reading


Re: I Just bought these Lanterns...

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HHW, what a great idea! I'm thinking of pulling a "WL" who painted her Kirkland's lantern red last month. I have 3 sizes & I'd love the small size in cream for my bedroom. Thanks for the suggestion! Continue Reading


Re: I Just bought these Lanterns...

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I just got mine today & they are beautiful! They do require some minor assembly; the glass inserts were packaged seperately but wrapped safely. The hanging tealight holders are really cool since I don't have to use them if I would rather use the space in the lantern to do something else. Right now, I'm simply enjoying the lanterns lit with the tealight holders. No question, one of my top 3 most favorite purchases yet this year! Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413583544.223

On 10/17/2014 autumnsunset said: On 10/17/2014 KJPA said: Autumnsunset, what a happy post! I enjoy reading other shoppers' pleasure with the items they receive. When you wrote that you never really had nice dinnerware I almost cried! I'm so glad you got some that you like and please enjoy them in good health! And BornToShop and anyone else who bought them, hope you also enjoy them!! KJPA thank you for your kind post that was so nice of you. I do love these dishes they are so pretty no never had dishes this nice my dishes came from Wal-Mart and they were not as nice as these. To me this dinn... Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

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I also got 2 sets, they are beautiful! We use them for everyday, it's a pleasure to dine with such beauty yet they are durable as well. The bowls and cups are perfect size for us. I am still wanting the matching S/2 serving bowl & platter for $49.95. Continue Reading


Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Coffee Cake...Yum!!

Started by BornToShop in Kitchen & Food Talk 1413388538.487

When I was in Dunkin' Donuts yesterday, I picked up a Pumpkin Coffee Cake they had sitting on their counter along with a Original Coffee Cake ($5.99). This is the moistest coffee cake yet! Absolutely delicious! This one gives My Grandma's Coffee Cakes a run for their money. Do not even hesitate to try this & if anyone has tried the original, I'd love your feedback. Off to get a 2nd piece...! Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Book Set

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Hands down for me, Robyn Carr's Virgin River Series. Continue Reading


Re: The New Duraflame TSV Is Beautiful!

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On 10/13/2014 sparklestar said: I have not received mine yet. Maybe today. I'm getting excited. I gave the one I had to my daughter last year because she moved to an apartment in an older home and it was drafty. She was supposed to just borrow it but you know how that goes. I got the grey and I can't wait. I was wishing I had it last night ... it was chilly in the house but didn't want to turn on the heat yet. I just covered up with a blanket but the warmth of that heater would have been nice. You will LOVE the French Grey. I used to have the cream from last year, but "donated" it to justif... Continue Reading


Re: October 2014...Please share what scent you are enjoying this month

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I am melting PUMPKIN VANILLA by Swan Creek Candle Co. Love their line of drizzle melts. Continue Reading

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