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Re: Opinions From Lantern Lovers, Please

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I hope the pic posted; DS is not home until tonight to help me with this. I just got this and love the terrarium look. This has endless ideas for me with my coastal/beach theme. Thanks for all the opinions; Dennis Basso's will not be coming home. I am sure there will be a "Lantern Extravaganza" going forward into spring and summer. It will be nothing but Luminara for me going into my lanterns. I am off to HomeGoods and Pier 1 thanks to all of your recommendations. If anyone sees the Churchill Lantern available again before I do, please post or I'll be making a deal with SL for one of h... Continue Reading


Re: Swan Creek

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Good to hear you like the drizzles SHOPR! I haven't tried GINGER MARIGOLD and BLACK PEPPER & VERBENA yet. I'm off today & tomorrow so think I'll test drive those 2 scents. I haven't tried any of their candles since I'm a total melter these days. Sorry to hear about the smoking factor. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Spiral Ham

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I am an avid Honey Baked Ham fan as well as Kansas City Steak Hams. However, I am intrigued about the Trader Joe's ham. We just recently had a TJ'S open up close to us recently. Continue Reading


Re: Opinions From Lantern Lovers, Please

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My apologies, I failed to post the item #s; H204896 @ $30 and H204896 @ $40. My son is not around to help me post pics. Continue Reading


Re: Opinions From Lantern Lovers, Please

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On 3/25/2015 ShellBell said: Personally, I think Pier 1 has much prettier lantern options. Such as: JMO. Wow! Those are fabulous! They also don't have the attached flameless candle which is what I am struggling with. Luminary would look fantastic in all the ones you posted. Thanks! Continue Reading


Opinions From Lantern Lovers, Please

Last Reply by BornToShop 1427636035.76 | Started by BornToShop in For the Home Talk

I am such a lantern snob; the Luminara's Churchill design is my most favorite. I have it in black, and I could kick myself for not getting it in the cream. I still have it on my wishlist and noticed even though it's sold out, the price rose to $47.00 plus. That tells me it's coming back soon. However, I saw Dennis Basso & his new 21" & 16" Watermill Lanterns w/timer offered in black & white. I really liked these. I am a huge fan of his home line. What are your thoughts regarding his new lanterns? I think Luminara will be making a big statement going forward. I prefer this line as ... Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso Mercury Glass Lit Trees....Gorgeous!

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Hands down one of my most favorite holiday purchases last year. I got the silver; they are nothing short of stunning. They have weight and the battery life is excellent as well. I am tempted to order the gold. I highly recommend these! Continue Reading


Re: What do you think about Erik Larsen's books??

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I am a huge fan of Erik Larson. My favorite is ISAAC'S STORM & his latest; DEAD WAKE. I highly recommend this author! Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2015

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Any ERIK LARSON fans on this thread? His latest; DEAD WAKE is masterful. I traditionally do not read nonfiction but he writes in "fiction fashion". I highly recommend his others; DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY & ISAAC'S STORM. He is an outstanding storyteller of historical & pivital events. Continue Reading

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