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Re: Happy thanksgiving Everyone!

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I hope everyone's day was as blessed as mine! The Happiet of Thanksgiving to all my forum friends & then some! Now, off to the kitchen to get a piece of pumpkin pie with mile-high whipped cream & yes, chopped walnuts. Continue Reading


Re: Turkey what kind are you buying? how to know what to pick?

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Due to work demands, I'm not able to do my TG weekly ritual & labor of love of brining & air-drying, etc. Someone on this forum recently suggested Trader Joe's brined turkeys. We just had a TJ open up close to me, so DH & I went last night & got a 20 lb brined bird. Chickenbutt, what is your dry rub you put on your turkey after you brined it? TIA! Continue Reading


Re: looking for humorous cozy mystery series

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I also am a huge fan of Diana Mott Davidson's series as well. I highly recommend Elaine Viets, Dead-End Job Mystery series, starting with, Shop Til You Drop". Anyone living in South Fla will especially love it. Witty writing that literally entertains! Continue Reading


Re: Keurig Bad Press......................

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I read that article that just got immediately poofed. Here's my 2 cents; My family & I have owned Keurigs for years, at work as well as home. I have friends who have also been loyal owners for years. But, here I am with my family, healthy as can be, quietly sipping on a great cup of hot chocolate from my forever faithful Keurig responding to this post. While there was food-for-thought in that article; I, at the end of the day will continue to be a Keurig owner. As saversmoms inferred, continue regular maintenance as I have the past many years which is all we need to commit to besides just... Continue Reading


Re: Fairy Lights

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I buy mine from LightsForAllOccasions. Great selection, with or without timers in every shape, color, size & length. Continue Reading


Re: Terrific new Candle Impressions set

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I ordered 2 sets due to arrive tomorrow; the blue & white. I really want the green & "red" as well for gift giving opportunities. It's been 5+ years since I gave my staff flameless candles as a gift, the timing is good so thanks for the review!. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday design Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkin

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Mallemo, I love their website. I venture over there from time to time to drool & dream. They have the most beautiful things; how 'bout those Swarvoski Mushrooms as well? I wish money were no object, lol. Continue Reading


Re: B&BW Holiday House Luminary

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On 11/14/2014 Marsha2003 said: I've been buying the houses annually since they first started selling them, but I think I can finally stop. The 2014 house is super cute, but it's a totally different look from the older houses and as other posters said, the price is ridiculous. The following listing has some close-ups of the details. HOUSE I could not agree with you more Marsha. I love what I have, but IMHO, it just doesn't seem to fit with the original luminaries. Thanks for posting mallemo! Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

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On 11/11/2014 faeriemoon said: On 11/11/2014 lucymo said: On 11/11/2014 faeriemoon said: I would stick with the larger one. They're not my style, but I'd really like the larger one if all the lights were white. Hi faerie, that's my thought too, I much prefer white lights even on the white tree. I'm not a fan of multi lights. But, I do like the trees. Ebay usually has light covers in different colors if the ones on the trees is removable. I don't know why, but I've never liked colored lights. I prefer white with a hint of gold in them (which I can no longer find.) I had a million sets of t... Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

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On 11/11/2014 Jleah said: If you have room to store them, keep them both. You could put the smaller one in a bedroom for a little holiday light, and the larger one could be out in the living room, hallway, etc. However, I think it would look better to remove that garland. It makes it a bit too fussy. Great suggestion & that's exactly what I did today. The small one is my bedroom & it's making more sense to me now! Garland removed from the big one! Thanks! Continue Reading

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