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Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 6th - October 12th

In TV Talk 1412973892.283

I haven't been here in a long time but I just had to come and see how Jud and Snowball and whoever else shared the DiMera men are doing today. Continue Reading


Re: Logo clothes ugh

In Lori Goldstein 1410986892.433

I haven't posted on these forums in ages - but when I saw this post - then read OP's other posts - don't even know why they bother to even turn on QVC! BTW, I myself to love LOGO - have over 50 pieces! Continue Reading


Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka February 2014 visit - what are you getting/interested in?... :)

In Judith Ripka 1392531866.157

I ordered the coated topaz cuff and ring - paid almost $14 for s&h and they have to send it their cheap way. Called a week ago to say there is something wrong - there had been no movement since 2/4. I had received a necklace that they mailed a day later two days before. They said I had to wait til the 16th to call. Now the ring is sold out so I don't even want the cuff without the ring. I can't understand why they have to use that third party service. For $14 s&H you think they could at least send it usps priority - and they'd still make money. I bought $7 dish towels - they se... Continue Reading


Re: 2 JR OTO later today

In Judith Ripka 1391359524.383

I've learned my lesson on TSVs - in a few months it will be marked down at a much lower price as a OTO! Continue Reading


Limited Quantity Price

Last Reply by ennui1 1391362914.41 | Started by gojo in Judith Ripka

Was going through my wish list this morning and noticed J277330 - 20" Blue Sapphire Station Necklace - was $319 - now $153.35. Thought it would go great with the pia cross - well all of the pia pieces! Had to have it! Continue Reading


Re: Returned an item and it was shipped back to me

In Fashion Talk 1390014180.463

The orthaheels was a pre-order - they weren't being shipped til 1/15 - I ordered two pairs and just received mine yesterday and today. Continue Reading


Re: I won the Spin 2 Win on HSN

In Beauty Banter 1386395505.893

I won free shipping too the other day. But a few months ago I actually won an arcade game. Well, using your points to put in for prizes. I won $100 electric tea pot. I have the same brand in the coffee pot - it's a bright orange - the electric tea pot is a bright shiny yellow. Continue Reading


Re: Costco Finds

In Beauty Banter 1384130286.76

SilentDance - I bought them too! I bought them to send in my mother's care package but I opened them - just had to taste them. Delicious! Also, the bags of dark chocolate pretzel crisps - I bought 2 bags of them - one for her and one for me! I knew if I opened them they would never make it in her care package! Continue Reading


Re: Chaz New Pups?

In WEN 1381975779.493

Love them! Continue Reading

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