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Re: OMG! I saw the cutest white chihuahua

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On 7/28/2014 BornToShop said: I am a Chi owner as well. I have two; Lolita & Carlita. They are beyond special so I share the love for these adorable companions. Emmett would fit right in around here! Congrats on your new special friend! I have another post in this forum asking for information on chihuahuas. Would you share your dogs' personalities with us? I'm curious. They are so precious. Continue Reading


Re: When the time comes

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It's a series on the Animal Planet. It's an hour long and different breeds are presented. They end each dog presentation with how well it will do in a home/apt, child-friendly or not, temperament, potential health issues and grooming needs. I have yet to see a chihuahua presented, but could have missed an episode or two. It comes on Saturday mornings. I thoroughly enjoy learning about dogs. Fun to watch. Continue Reading


Re: What's Going On With Shawn?

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magic - ITA. I got tired of the poor victim shtick. Continue Reading


When the time comes

Last Reply by Sharke 1406657056.19 | Started by pommom in Pet Lovers

The light of my life, my American Cocker Spaniel, is full of vim & vigor. She's 14 years old and the picture of health. I have been thinking, though, after it's time for her to go to the Rainbow Bridge, of adopting a chihuahua. At least, that's how I feel now. It could be a long, long time before - or if - that time comes. My concern is this: I've heard, seen Dogs 101 and read that chi's are high strung and are big yappers. The barking doesn't concern me, but I prefer a calm companion. I would like to have a smaller dog. My baby girl is small for a Spaniel, but I can't carry her in my arm... Continue Reading


Re: OMG! I saw the cutest white chihuahua

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What a handsome chi Emmett is, indeed! Continue Reading


Re: Saturday Or Sunday.... What Is Your Favorite Day Of The Weekend ?

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Retired and every day feels like the weekend. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone try the last TS Joy Mangano's pillow ?

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On 7/26/2014 kittymomNC said: Based on my last fiasco with JM''s hanger sets, and the reviews on the fragrance sticks, and tried her readers glasses and sent them back.....I don't think I want anything she offers..... The fragrance sticks are a joke and a total waste of money. Continue Reading


Re: I always thought Jessica Walter was a pretty lady, who do you think is/was?

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Another vote for Natalie Wood. I almost named our DD after her. Sophia Loren Catherine Deneuve Continue Reading


Re: Jacobean

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Another word that is botched is huarache. ALL of the hosts pronounce it ha ra chi. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is pronounced wa ra che. The h is silent. This coming from a Latina who has worn them all of her life. Continue Reading


Re: Online Masters Degree

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PS - forgot to mention that she's been applying for job opportunities in her field for more than 3 years. Continue Reading

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