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Re: Jill can't go one show without the Dooney & Bourke scolding.

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She's too preachy for my liking - use my remote. Continue Reading



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We had a sheltie-mix who blessed us for 14 years. The sweetest, most gentle dog I've ever had. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil and Robin's Informercial

In Among Friends 1398208368.44

YES! How desperate can they be? This is so off-putting. I personally don't think Robin is an authority on anything. She is a good promoter, though. Huge difference. I'm sick of this self-promotion - if it's not Phil hawking his latest book, it's Robin's book & now skin care line and not to mention his son's publishing company. Now that I know how they operate, next time I see this coming on, I'm switching channels. Enough already! Continue Reading


Re: Wow if this is true...Oscar Pistorious

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Attorneys always coach their clients. Continue Reading


Re: New male host...Alberti

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He's a delight. Fresh approach. Continue Reading


Re: No way to post reviews of new GILI tote purchased?

In All About Handbags 1398131973.857

Coming from a handbag snob, I don't trust the quality of GILI bags and have never been tempted to purchase one. Continue Reading


Tori Spelling

Last Reply by MoJoV 1398299802.323 | Started by pommom in TV Talk

Is she really going to go through another reality series highlighting their troubled marriage? It makes me so uncomfortable when I see clips of it. Continue Reading


Re: I love the New Reality Show Chrisley Knows Best!!!!!!!!!

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I plan my outings around this show. It is the BEST! I appreciate the fact that they are quite wealthy and the don't spoil the kids. Continue Reading


Re: Bethanny Franel cancelled!

In TV Talk 1398007388.8

Lots of screaming and screeching on her show. Don't watch. Continue Reading

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