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Re: TSV orYANY for today

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LipstickDiva: I must have missed it! Uh oh, I'm in trouble! Continue Reading


Re: TSV orYANY for today

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I would have jumped on it had it not been for the attached shoulder strap. My narrow shoulders don't accommodate shoulder bags at all. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone see that about Target?? a gift for frustrated LP buyers??

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Whoa! Just got an email with the LP items on eBay. Holy moly! Outrageous! Continue Reading


Re: had a bad reaction to skincare, décolleté red for days

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I had a chemical burn on my chest and forehead from a line that sells here on the Q. I had to go to the doctor the very next day because it was i*tching like crazy and I couldn't sleep. She gave me a cortisone shot to stop the irritation and swelling and gave me an ointment rx. This happened 2 years ago and I still have a reddish tint to my chest. Continue Reading


Re: Colleen Lopez

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She has a great figure to top it off. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone besides me rarely watching or purchasing from QVC?

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I must echo much of what's been said. I come to these forums more than I watch the Q. If I see one more Clark's program, I'm going to scream. Continue Reading


Re: B. Makowsky

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I have a BMak that is perhaps the most supple leather of all my handbags. Superb craftsmanship - and I got it on clearance at Marshall's! Continue Reading


Re: Cablevision subscribers

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What is the difference? I tuned in once and there was a tag saying it was "Previous Presentation". I don't get it. Someone please explain it to me. Continue Reading


Re: Here's what happened... do you think my actions were justified?

In Health & Fitness 1429552785.293

Good for you! Your primary concern is your mom's well being at this point. Continue Reading

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