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Ecclissi TSV

Started by pommom in Jewelry Talk 1425477451.53

Has anyone received it? Mine has arrived in Dallas, but it doesn't show that it's out for delivery. I know it's been just a few days since the TSV. I'm just to eager to receive it! If you're wearing it, tell me what you think. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1425304656.393

Had there been a minus one, I would have posted that rating for a Clientele gel cream that gave me a chemical burn. I gave it one star - this was a couple of years ago. Never appeared. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Bauer's voice and talking speed!

In Jewelry Talk 1425304449.773

Jill is a very pretty woman and will age well. Continue Reading


Re: On my third can of Static Guard :(

In Viewpoints 1425223476.103

On 3/1/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: For Christmas I got a goofy gift, which turned out to be GREAT ..... it's two natural "humidifiers" consisting of bowls with porous balls .... you place water in the bowl and the porous ball seeps the water into the air. I have one in my bedroom and one in the living room, sitting on the DVR. the water needs to be filled every other day .... and while it may look too lame to do the trick ... NO MORE STATIC !!! (I'll try to find out where she got them) Tinkrbl - please find out where I can buy these! I'm got a pot with boiling water going now. (Why didn't I think ... Continue Reading


Re: Harry Connick on American Idol

In Viewpoints 1425217630.9

He is the quintessential musician. Knows his stuff. Continue Reading


Re: On my third can of Static Guard :(

In Viewpoints 1425217387.077

Thanks so much. I'll look into it right away. Continue Reading


Harry Connick on American Idol

Last Reply by Gooday 1425225598.217 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

Whoa! Was I surprised at the change in his approach to judging the contestants. He's backed off being blunt. Now he's complimenting just about everyone. Anyone else notice? Continue Reading


On my third can of Static Guard :(

Last Reply by hckynut 1425227914.173 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

This is getting ridiculous. I am being buzzed everywhere I go in my home. The light switches, opening the door to the dryer, opening the sliding glass door, taking off my robe (crackle, crackle, crackle) so, of course, the next thing I touch is going to zap me. Yesterday I tried carrying a softener sheet tucked inside my sleeve. Big deal. Bupkiss. Even though the snow is melting in Dallas, I guess there's plenty of dry air in here. I would appreciate any tips. This is getting so old. Continue Reading


Re: Mama June & Honey Boo Boo

In Viewpoints 1424904456.357

Knowing full well what the topic was going to be, do you think Mama agreed to do it for the money? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching the Cosby special on CNN ????

In Viewpoints 1424892042.943

Sorry I missed it. Got wrapped up watching The Graduate (for the nth time). Continue Reading

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