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Re: Michael Kors stock is tanking

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Not a big surprise. ITA that D & B are close behind. Over saturation. I prefer the not-so-well-known brands such as Halogen. Excellent quality, less expensive and stylish. Continue Reading


Becca or Doll10 Foundation

Started by pommom in Beauty Banter 1432765171.313

The other shopping network had a 30 minute program on Becca. Among a few items was the Ultimate Coverage foundation which was touted as being full coverage, but not heavy or cakey. I've been waiting to run out of the IT cc foundation before ordering another. I went on youtube and saw a couple of demos on the Becca foundation. Both foundations have received very good reviews. Anyone have experience with the Becca foundation and, if so, how do you like it? Continue Reading


Re: Dear Texas

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A beautiful couple and their two children were vacationing in one of the cities that received an exorbitant amount of rain in a short period of time. The tide was so powerful that it lifted the house off the foundation. The husband tried his best to save them, but unfortunately his wife and two children were swept away with the house. The wife called her sister to tell her what was happening and to give her love to her parents. There will be a search for the bodies as soon as the water level drops. Continue Reading


Re: Dear Texas

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PennyT - my son's neighbor had a 100+ year old willow tree uprooted. It was massive and hard to comprehend when I first saw it. Thank goodness it was far enough from the house that it didn't damage it. It is now across their lawn and the limbs are on the street. Continue Reading


Re: Dear Texas

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OP - coming from a Texan, I would not wish this on any state. So much loss, pain, and grief. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else have enough of IT?

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Go numb...too many presentations. Continue Reading


Re: Tell me about TOVA signature perfume!

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Reba: The original quilted bottle of Tova is available on eBay for $200. Continue Reading


Re: What perfume are you carrying in your handbag?

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Carrying the Tova Nights solid perfume compact, too! Divine. Continue Reading


Re: Rubbing Alcohol/Water

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PeterDM - does the vodka/water solution deodorize? I have a dog who loves the couch. I use Febreze from time to time esp when guests are coming over. Continue Reading

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