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Re: Just Scored Two Great Handbags on ebay

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On 4/16/2014 PinkSugar said: One day & your wondering if you should be concerned. Give them a chance. Some sellers only ship a couple of days a week. One of the vendors notified me immediately. Going on that vendor's example. Evidently, they're not all as quick to respond. I use paypal and it took seconds to pay for my purchases. They have their money, I want my merchandise. Simple as that. Continue Reading


Re: And they wonder why the malls are dying

In Beauty Banter 1397666759.39

There is a mall in Dallas that's pretty upscale and still going strong - NorthPark. If (and that's a pretty big if) I go it's w/my DD who loves to shop and only rarely do I accompany her; however, I must say that it has some very nice, reputable stores as well as the teen stores for young girls. A fave of mine is Papyrus - beautiful stationary & paper products. It's been there for decades and only improves with time. Now if that one goes, Big D is in trouble. Not a mall shopper, either. Continue Reading


Re: Fargo TV series premieres tonight

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Fargo was a continuous blood bath. Very little story line. I'm out. Done. Continue Reading


Re: Just Scored Two Great Handbags on ebay

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On 4/15/2014 terrier3 said: So what did you get? I got a pebble leather Cole Haan tote in lime (my quest of months is over!) NWT and another Cole Haan satchel in mahogany - NWOT. Can't wait!!!! Both on sale to boot. Continue Reading


Re: Breaded Chicken - Need Advice

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397663329.587

GREAT recs & advice from the Masters! Continue Reading


Re: Just Scored Two Great Handbags on ebay

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Anyone have experience with ebay vendors shipping? This is the first time I've not received shipping notification w/in 24 hours of ordering. Continue Reading


Breaded Chicken - Need Advice

Last Reply by Sister Golden Hair 1397706162.19 | Started by pommom in Kitchen & Food Talk

How can I keep chicken breasts breaded while baking in the oven? Once I baked them on foil w/o an oil coating on the foil. Stuck to the foil. I oiled the foil today and the breading stuck to the oil. What am I doing wrong? Continue Reading


Fargo TV series premieres tonight

Last Reply by adelle38 1397665819.537 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

From the previews, it looks pretty interesting. I'm tuning in. FX @ 9 pm CST Continue Reading


Re: Where is B Makowsky?

In All About Accessories 1397601332.337

On an island, sitting back and sipping adult beverages on the beach. Continue Reading


Re: Why is Tignanello sooo expensive now and with fake "man made" trim? What happened?

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The last Tig handbag I bought a couple of years ago was the last. The PVC smell was overpowering and just wouldn't go away even after exposing it to air and direct sunlight as recommended by a shoe repair shop owner. It went back. Never again. Continue Reading

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