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Re: Have to brag . . .

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How refreshing and uplifting to see such good news on these boards! Congratulations to both your daughters and to you, Mom! This type of news brings such good energy to us. Continue Reading



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Kerri - not flattering. Continue Reading


Re: You know that commercial for Sears Optical with the woman and the raccoon

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When I worked at a library, I checked out a documentary on raccoons - I think it was entitled Raccoon Nation. They are very intelligent critters. They work the neighborhoods and look/wait for signals when people inside dwellings have gone to sleep. They can twist open anything. Lift heavy trash bin lids, scale walls - well, just about anything you can imagine. A raccoon and her litter (is it called this?) made a garage their home. One of the little ones fell and couldn't get back up a tall fence. The dog was in the yard and was leery of it so kept its distance. The mother raccoon noticed her ... Continue Reading


Another Emmy Question

Last Reply by Complicated 1409020958.817 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

I didn't see James Gandolfini's (sp?) picture. Did I miss it? Continue Reading


Who sang "Smile" on the Emmys tonight?

Last Reply by AnikaBrodie 1409024289.46 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

What a beautiful and haunting voice and a touching memorial to those who passed this year. Continue Reading


Re: Tiny House Nation: the kitchen

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Cabin fever would set in within a day. Continue Reading


Re: L. Robertson

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Frankly, the whole bucket of ice thing is so unnecessary. No connection to ALS at all. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney toledo buckley bag sold out

In Dooney & Bourke 1408534973.543

I am soooo glad I'm not drawn to it. Continue Reading

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