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Re: What one thing could you do to enrich your life in 2015?

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I am going to quench my thirst for knowledge. I've signed up for a couple of classes, have ordered and received my books (required reading) and can hardly wait. Continue Reading


Re: Is Laura Geller's Signature Red Lipstick Too Dark

In Beauty Banter 1418937654.89

On 12/18/2014 hopi said: pommom. Red lipstick is like a big handbag, large faced watch or 3 inch heels, it's all about attitude, confidence and style. If you feel uncomfortable or that it's wearing you that don't do it. I say go for it and Happy Holidays to you and yours. You are exactly right. The minute I put this on when I got home, I felt quite s3xy and ready to approach the holidays enthusiastically. I feel quite pretty wearing this shade if I do say so myself. And I cherish that feeling nowadays. Continue Reading


Re: Old host resurfacing

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Someone posted the other day that she'd been seen with Donald Trump. I recall a few years ago, somehow she was hosting and he was on with her. Her couldn't take his eyes off her and complimented her quite a bit. I do believe he was smitten with her. Continue Reading


Re: Is Laura Geller's Signature Red Lipstick Too Dark

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Update: stopped by Ulta yesterday afternoon to check it out. It was so sheer it was a rosy pink on me. Cruised the aisles and found the perfect red. It's put out by Urban Decay and the name is a little provocative, so I won't submit it here. Those of you who are UD fans will know exactly which one it is. It is a beautiful, vibrant red that did a lot to light up my complexion. I have a couple of holiday parties to attend in the next few days and this one will be an excellent shade for my attire. Love it! It's the "bomb" (included in the name). Get it? Check it out. Continue Reading


Re: In 6 weeks........

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Carolyn announced yesterday that her first gardening show is in January. Continue Reading


Re: Dogs...the closest thing to angels on earth.

In Viewpoints 1418780498.793

I came down with the flu a few days ago and my sweet Sophie has not left my side. She slept next to me last night. Continue Reading


Re: Is Laura Geller's Signature Red Lipstick Too Dark

In Beauty Banter 1418780302.027

SuzyQ3 - I appreciate your candor and diplomacy. I agree with what you said and will look for a nice red sheer lipstick. Continue Reading


Re: My kitty is up to no good

In Pet Lovers 1418773774.937

My cat used to pull down scarves and drag them to his bed. I had to go to higher ground. Continue Reading


Is Laura Geller's Signature Red Lipstick Too Dark

Last Reply by pommom 1418937654.09 | Started by pommom in Beauty Banter

…for a 67-year young damsel? Continue Reading

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