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White spots/streaks on clay pots

Last Reply by JustJazzmom 1414203620.003 | Started by pommom in In the Garden

What are these white spots on my clay pots? Are they mineral deposits and will they affect the growth of the plant? Continue Reading


Re: Funny this morning (10-23) Susan Graver

In Susan Graver 1414108290.97



Where is Jane Velez-Mitchell?

Last Reply by Love Roses 1414077803.26 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

Nancy Grace is on for 2 hours all week. Is Jane VM gone from HLN? Continue Reading


Re: Tre sent a letter to the judge

In Viewpoints 1413930291.677

On 10/21/2014 luvmyteddy said: Tre is freaking out about her daughters the closer it gets. She's so afraid Joe will not look after them properly. I would be worried too. She should have thought about that before. Amen and amen. Continue Reading


Re: Tre sent a letter to the judge

In Viewpoints 1413914308.513

scottie - thanks. I'll jump on over there. Continue Reading


Re: Tre sent a letter to the judge

In Viewpoints 1413914087.773

Her attorney resigned stating that this was the last straw. She wrote the letter to the judge unbeknownst to Wendy (don't have last name), her attorney. One cannot tell a judge where they want to serve their time. I'm sure more details will come forward. Ahhh, Tre, you still don't get it. Continue Reading


Tre sent a letter to the judge

Last Reply by terrier3 1414017386.627 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

…requesting a certain prison in Connecticut be assigned to her. Wha??? Continue Reading


Re: HSN TS, Adrienne Landau Robe!

In Fashion Talk 1413897967.777

Beautiful shades, BUT it is not machine dry able. It would look and feel crinkled/wrinkled out of the washer. Continue Reading


Re: Dawn Dish Soap Part 2

In Mom to Mom Forum 1413756415.237

I use it as my facial cleanser, shampoo, to clean my makeup brushes and as a stain remover. Works wonders. Continue Reading

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