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Re: The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns Premieres November 25 on Lifetime Channel

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On 11/23/2014 raven-blackbird said: coming from a VERY Catholic in which my grandmother held out hope that one day this wild child would become a nun.........she gave up that hope when I was about age 5...........having gone to Catholic schools all my life, Sisters of Mercy (affectionately known by us as the Sisters of NO Mercy) and the Dominicans.......Catechism in the basement for 20 years (Franciscan nuns) I can say with all clarity..............have had enough "nun" to last me a lifetime..................................raven Amen & amen! The sisters that taugh... Continue Reading


Re: Apply products don't "just work"

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On 11/24/2014 glb613 said: On 11/24/2014 jackthebear said: I searched for appletv not working and this was one of the hits I could start here If I have a computer problem I usually enter my problem in the search bar and see what I get and go from there. HTH Do you really think I don't do my own searches before coming here? If so, think again. Whoa! Breathe... Continue Reading


Re: Awkward Josie and Jacque

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By the end of the day, JM's hair looks so greasy. Ugh. That and the constant slathering by the models is a big turn off to me. Continue Reading


Re: The Grinch That Stole Christmas

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Has anyone seen The Snowman? It is exquisite. No spoken words - just imagery. Beautiful animation with a beautiful message. Check it out. My fave of all time. Continue Reading


Re: I purchased the most beautiful Christmas cards already.

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On 11/23/2014 ILikeShade said: On 11/23/2014 Joselyn33 said: I've only received one Christmas card. I'm expecting one from all of you. So get to it! :) Merry Christmas Mellie!!!!!! Just in case "something happens" to your account again....or mine....nooooooooooo.'s ok to say it back to me even though I'm Jewish. I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!! ILikeShade: It works both ways! I'm not Jewish, but am volunteering at a crafts fair at Temple. Continue Reading


Re: Cosby's Right Hand Man speaks out.....

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He is an arrogant, self-absorbed, mean person. Continue Reading


Re: Who is unhappy with the insane QVC shipping rates

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One would think for a multi-million (dare I say billion?) dollar business, they would cut the customer some slack with their ridiculously high shipping. Puh-leeeze. Continue Reading


Re: LOVE my new Foundation

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On 11/23/2014 I am still oxox said: Olive skinned girl here, I just hit the buy button and hope this works for me, I am always in the endless search for the perfect foundation, maybe this will be it Let us know how it works for you. I have olive skin, too. Continue Reading


RHWOA - Observation (no spoilers)

Last Reply by physicsnut 1416849871.43 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

How in the world do they hear each other while their mouths are going non-stop at the same time? And, strangely enough, they must hear what the other is saying because they keep responding. It gets so bad that captions are used at times. I've noticed this for quite some time and am amazed at how they communicate. Dizzying. Continue Reading


The Grinch That Stole Christmas

Last Reply by BeckiWV 1416841619.347 | Started by pommom in Viewpoints

What a delight to watch Dr. Seuss' creation! The expressions on the dog's face made me laugh so much - poor little dear! I had the best 30 minutes of TV last Friday night. So good to bet back to the basics. Continue Reading

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