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Re: Fibromyalgia

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Small caution- even some of the very best doctors will ultimately admit that they will try EVERYTHING before even examining for Fibro. For me, getting a diagnosis took literally YEARS, because my pattern is unusual- I have lousy miserable flares often followed by WEEKS of relatively very comfortable functioning. If my doctor saw me in a comfortable phase, he'd think I didn't have fibro. Finally, he saw me two or three times in the same flare and admitted after checking for the pain spots that I did have it. I have also had autoimmune thyroid disease, a typical cmbination. Continue Reading


Re: Tamflu - why don't doctors give it to family members - it could save so much misery.

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On 12/6/2014 adelle38 said: On 12/6/2014 OkeyDokey said: Elderberry syrup or homebrew elderberry tincture. Elderberry syrup should be available at many pharmacies. I actually made some homebrew from dried elderberries, but it is not suitable for children because it is alcohol based, after all. Tamiflu was over the counter for many years until somebody figured out that they could make a ton of money by pulling it making it prescription only. Isn't elderberry wine what Cary Grant's aunts used to kill their "gentleman" is Arsenic and Old Lace? Yes, Yes, but with their own "special ingredient" ... Continue Reading


Re: How Comfy pull on jeans

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Wow kittymom, you and I are definitely in the same boat. I love "How Smooth", but they've been so changed that I thought about trying a pair of these, but reading the copy, I'd have no idea what size I'd wear. Might as well just skip it. Continue Reading


Re: Rug shedding any suggestions?

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I have one in my DR that has survived 2 disasterous floods, was professionally cleaned, and STILL sheds, but the nap is as lofty and beautiful as when it was new, so I don't worry about it anymore. It's about 14 years old. Continue Reading


Re: we go again

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Worst sequence of holiday TSVs in memory. A total unrelieved bore. Continue Reading


Re: My kitty is up to no good

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Our Buddie was a Christmas arrival 3 years ago. We had no desire to add a kitty after Weeble died, but after a year, we decided to respond to my lifelong dream of adding an orange Tabby to the menagerie. Why an orange Tabby? Because I had never known an orange Tabby who wasn't mellow, graceful, sweet, and thoughtful. That is, until Buddie!!!! Named for his extraordinary resemblence to Will Farrell in the movie "Elf", our Buddie is a nonstop nosy, talky, rambunctious, annoying, adorable mess of catattributes all rolled up in one. His favorite playtime for TWO YEARS was 2am. Now he is an equal ... Continue Reading


Re: What are Your Most and Your Least Favorite Christmas Songs?

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Burnsite, you get it! Nice to share an "opinion". Continue Reading


Re: Gifts For The Elderly~

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On 12/13/2014 graycatsrule said: Shopping for my grandmother was quite he challenge. We would get clip on earrings, cardigan sweaters, full length slips, bengay, african violets, cookies, stamps. The list sounds easy enough, but finding clip on earrings that only cost a couple dollars was a challenge. She would lose them, so we didn't like to spend alot. She was 94 when she passed. Her mind was very sharp. The thing she cherished most was visits. Give the gift of time. She got such a kick out of holding my sister's babies. Sweetest post ever. Both you and she were blest. You got it right. I l... Continue Reading


Re: What are Your Most and Your Least Favorite Christmas Songs?

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On 12/19/2014 abbeythe8th said: On 12/19/2014 Newnick ame said: Favorites- Carolling, Carolling, and any other Alfred Burt Christmas Carol. Least Favorite- O Holy Night, sung by anyone. It makes my flesh crawl. I'm happy that others cherish it. O Holy Night makes your flesh crawl? I too love most traditional carols but my favorite is Adeste Fideles. Here's another great version. Yeah, I wish it weren't so, but it does. That's why I'm so happy that others think it's beautiful. Musical taste is very subjective, and I'm happy there are so many kinds of music for us all to love. Continue Reading


Re: A14-year-old executed in 1944 could get new trial

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On 12/18/2014 Cakers1 said: They gave him ice cream to get him to confess. This child was innocent. Not only did they need the phone book, but Stinny was so slender at 90 lbs that the hood actually flew off at the first jolt. Horrific. The Emmitt Till case, also a 14 year old black child, is considered the turning point for the start of the civil rights movement. Although the two white men were acquitted in that case, they were interviewed later and admitted to the killing. Double jeopardy. I immediately thought of Emmett Till also. Tragic, both cases. Continue Reading

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