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Re: Disappointed with Sherri's wig

In Fashion Talk 1425137079.74

My experience was absolutely heartwarming. I go to school with a great bunch of early 20's kids. They all RAVED about mine. I can't wait to buy a second style. The only problem I have is that it takes SO LONG for stock in the different colors to be replenished! I bet the Q loses a lot of potential sales because of this. Continue Reading


Re: Oreck TSV -another vacuum cleaner????

In TSV Talk 1425136714.56

I've converted my two latest into earrings, so I guess with this one I'll be starting on my charm bracelet! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason's Husband, Gino, Received Great News Today!

In Among Friends 1425090810.743

This news feels like being given a little promise of Spring. Continue Reading


Re: The striped dress. Are you on team white/gold or team blue/black?

In Viewpoints 1425047638.607

I saw two different photos on FB. One was B&B, the other was W&G. I don't like the dress and I don't care what color it is. Continue Reading


Re: Fresh off the Boat

In TV Talk 1425047189.423

I loved the preview commercoals, was not i pressed with the premier ep, but will try again. I do like the mother and the grandmother. Not sold yet on the son. Continue Reading


Re: I Could Use Some Help With Food Allergies - I Don't Think There Is Anything

In Health & Fitness 1425044425.577

Quinoa is sometimes referred to as the seed or not of a grain, so it's sort of in "no man's land" as far as food groups. If you find you can tolerate it, it's a delicious breakfast food. Hope all of you sufferers can find something that works. Since undertaking my weight loss issues, I've found that variety in eating is hoghly overrated. If you can find a few, maybe a week's worth, meals that appeal to you and are healthy for nourishing your body, that's all you really need. Continue Reading


Re: Galatea Momento pearl. Grab kleenex...

In Jewelry Talk 1425043856.057

Even the commercial is much classier than average. Thanks for posting. Continue Reading


Re: Arthritis in Finger

In Health & Fitness 1425043219

Actually, playing a musical instrument can help keep joints healthy even with the onset of arthritis. There are several instrumentalists who are/were able to continue to play by developing compensations, Les Paul being just one. The disease process may continue, but the endorphins generated while playing help keep things movin' and groovin'. Continue Reading


Re: A Stepfather's Wedding Vows to His Stepdaughter

In Viewpoints 1424984459.593

On 2/26/2015 Lynneuk said: I thought it was sweet but I wondered how her father felt to hear him saying that to his daughter. Not sure what their situation is but if he is around I'm sure he was hurt, A loving father would welcome a stepfather's kindness. Continue Reading


Re: Big Bonanza Silver Day

In TSV Talk 1424955145.35

Hi dogwood. I totally agree with you that what used to be a really fun shopping experience, has dismally tanked. But would you please consider donating instead of throwing away? The value isn't there, and we all know that, but if you make a mistake, as I have done myself, it can mean a lot to some who's down on his/her luck and has nothing. Just a thought- AND I too used to love the NO NAME heavy weight CLASSIC pieces, and have stopped buying ALL "designer" silver. "Designer" is now just a euphemism for "costs more than is realistic". Continue Reading

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