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Re: Pleated pants

In Fashion Talk 1409410445.62

Yeah Beth, I disagree too. Pleats are very flattering indeed on some women, and I personally love a well constructed pleat. Continue Reading


Re: Can this be worn as regular wear or is it suitable only for high fashion events?

In Fashion Talk 1409400569.567

Go to the item # . It is shown in both dressy and sporty styling. Great looking coat. I'd wear it everywhere. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know of a dupe of the "skinnytee".

In Fashion Talk 1409399893.167

I bought some very nice LONG SLEEVED Tees with 7% spandex last week at Costco so you might want to see what there is there as lola mentioned. They were to for $16 and change. They were cotton/modal/spandex and I know that's not everyone's favorite....... Continue Reading


Re: Prayers needed

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What a wonderful update! Continue Reading



In Carolyn Pollack 1409275916.71

I'd LOVE a book about Carolyn's jewelry! Continue Reading


Re: Outlander Fans

In Among Friends 1409228299.237

Thanks SO much teathyme! The clips they show sure are intriguing...... Continue Reading


Re: Find anything new in the grocery store lately?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409227936.053

DH and I have just tried the black bean pasta from COSTCO. DH 's opinion was mixed, but with oil and Parmesan, I liked it quite a lot! Continue Reading


Re: ripka sterling and pearl interchangeable necklace

In Jewelry Talk 1409227823.59

I LOVE that necklace but didn't buy it as the TSV. I think it's terribly overpriced. Hope you will still be able to enjoy wearing it. Continue Reading


Re: Christmas in July repulsive.

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On 8/28/2014 Campion said: Isn't the word "repulsive" a bit strong for a tv show advertising Christmas stuff six months from Christmas? What word do you use for something really obnoxious? No, seriously. I'm curious. Like when people are beheaded on videos or old ladies are hit in the face with the "knock down" attacks? I need a new word, if Christmas shows in summer are "repulsive." Odious just doesn't work for me, so I'm stumped! I'd say rather, Christmas in July is something I don't prefer. And that's true--I have no interest in it. Apparently other people do, so they broadcast it. I simpl... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Calling all past and present teachers!

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On 8/27/2014 2zbeach said: I taught 33. Retired only for medical reasons. I miss it. Wow, me too. The district refused me access of an elevator, and it ended my career. I could have filed a complaint, but didn't bother. Now, I could run up and down the stairs whenever needed. I wish I could find a day or two of work in a school myself. Continue Reading

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