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Re: My husband just might be leaving me soon.

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SO FUNNY! My DH was used to what he was seeing- it was I who received the shock when I looked into the mirror after surgery. Remember the old movies when they filmed Doris Day with a layer of vaseline on the lens.........? Continue Reading


Re: Grandchildren and Germs : )

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You might want to google "QUERCETIN". I take it every day, along with Turmeric, Gnger, and VD3, all said to provide mmune support. I also take Cayenne and eat a veggie hefty food plan. One brief sinus infection while many of my friends were down with awful respiratory stuff this last year. Continue Reading


Re: Why would this be?? Every friend I had in high school, has had knee replacement,

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I cannot adequately describe how much better my weight bearing joints feel after major weight loss. I had made a list of all the good things that might happen if I could lose weight BEFORE I began making major lifestyle changes, and that was one of them. And at 85 pounds less, it has happened. No more knee pain! Continue Reading


Re: Portion Control Containers

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On 3/30/2015 qualitygal said: Measuring cups and food scales work just fine. I agree with your piint, but the colored boxes with lids mean that you can set up a day's worth of meals and grab them quickly when you're ready to eat. Continue Reading


Re: Fake posters???

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On 3/29/2015 Mindy D said: I'm entertaining The President and First Lady for supper tomorrow night. Does anyone have a chafing dish I can borrow? Sweetheart, don't even bother. Only fresh raw veggies are served at the Whote House. We were discussing that very subject the last time they were here..... Continue Reading



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I see 2 MAJOR ISSUES with the TSV. First, there is no mention of size in any of the written copy. Second, no silver gray in the Classic Page style????? One of the most beautiful, classic styles for mature women and no silver???? I can get away with a light blonde, and I've ordered one, and if it helps you at all OP, I find that these wigs are much stretchier than old fashioned wigs. I didn't watch the whole midnight presentation so I don't know if the HairUWear rep said anything specific about size or not. I'll be watching the upcoming presentation, and if they say anything in particular abou... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever have their Pyrex explode?

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I had a Pyrex coffee pot explode, and also at least one white corning saucer. I blamed myself each time. The coffee pot was on a flat electric burner, and the saucer had been in the oven and was then placed on a cold surface. Two very major "no-no's". Continue Reading


Re: Fake posters???

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On 3/29/2015 Kathleen said: There have been two instances in recent memory where another poster has taken something I've written and a few weeks later wrote exactly what I wrote (word for word) and passed it off as her/his own statement. I could have done that, and if I did, I truly apologoze. Sometimes I even do it to myself. Sometimes I contradict myself....?? Continue Reading


Re: Weight loss update

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YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Fake posters???

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WOOF, JACK!! Continue Reading

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