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Re: What are your thoughts on owls?

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Hoo, me? I hear them sometimes in our woods, and the sound is sweet and fun, not scary. Continue Reading


Re: More than 100 Sears and Kmart stores to close

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Thank you to all you nice ladies that posted about my sto e- unfortunately, our stove is SO OLD (less than 10 years) that all parts that were manufactured have now been used up and are gone. Planned obsolescence, for sure! Continue Reading


Re: Please share your haircut horror story

In Beauty Banter 1414238975.023

Several years ago, we had an unprovoked double murder in our area, and about two weeks later, my mom offered to treat me to a haircut at a shop that Mom's sister was using. I thought her gesture was so sweet that I took her up on it, and went the next Saturday morning. For a Saturday morning, the shop was curiously quiet, but the stylist took me almost as soon as I got there, so I'm thinking "All good". As she began to cut, I noticed that the operator was sniffling, and at first I thought it was an allergiy or just the real sniffles. As she cut and cut and cut, she began to talk. She was a cl... Continue Reading


Re: More than 100 Sears and Kmart stores to close

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Our local KMart is closing, and I already miss it terribly. I think Sears has gone sour in our house because of our kitchen stove. It is about ten years old and the parts are no longer made. Phooey! Continue Reading


Re: Asked My Neuro Today What I Could Do for My Aging Brain

In Health & Fitness 1414154627.703

Great point, Campion, and don't forget the toxic effects of depressive illness on the aging. One of the reasons I maintain my sometimes manic pace is because it helps to keep The Black Dog under control. Continue Reading


Re: iPad Upcoming TSV

In Electronics Talk 1414152526.413

"Use it up, wear it out make it do, OR DO WITHOUT." I am an old woman who was raised by a whole family of "Depression Babies", and although I admit to having been spoiled rotten as a kid, NOBODY used credit. NOW, I have absolutely NO GRIPE at people who use credit and pay in a timely fashion, maintain low/no balances and NOT depend on credit for living expenses. HOWEVER, doesn't bad use of credit raise MY costs? Isn't poor credit management one of the reasons why the economy is as bad as it is? If someone will convince me that this is not so, I will gladly and humbly apologize!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Remember Fritz's Bumblebee Enhancer...

In Carolyn Pollack 1414151784.877

Hope you LOVE it! I surely do love mine! FEELING LIKE A DOPE- I was thinking of the BUTTERFLY enhancer- now I LOVE this one, and it's not available ANYWHERE. Hope those of you who receive it, LOVE IT! Continue Reading


Re: Mama June's boyfriend

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On 10/23/2014 brii said: How does she continue to find men? Ugh... Don't want to go there.......... Continue Reading


Re: Aunt Helen & Uncle Joe *RIP*

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Beautiful, and SO generous of the family to share it. I have had the good fortune to know several families like this. They weren't called the "Greatest Generation" for nothing. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Regret Getting A Memory Foam Mattress?

In For the Home Talk 1414083336.843

I bought our first Cuddle Ewe (sp) out of complete desperation. We have used them for over 10 years, since I was first diagnosed with fibro. I also have hypothyroidism, and I'm subject to huge temperature swings that disturbed my sleep for years. When it is HOT, they are less hot than any other sleeping surfaces I've ever experienced. When cold, they are comfortable with flannel or knit sheets. They cannot be machine washed, but they can be vacuumed and spot cleaned. Twice a year we hang ours outside on the clothesline and DH wacks it with a clean flyswatter. Lynnj, I don't know where you wer... Continue Reading

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