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Re: Prayers needed

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I hope it's a good sign that he recognized your Pastor and communicated with him. I will include him and his family in my prayers. Continue Reading


Re: what brand of vitamins do you use/trust most?

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Just finished my first bottle of NewChapter, and NOT happy to learn that they'd been sold to P&G! Continue Reading


Re: 3 Month Vegan Update

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Best thing in the world to arrive at the life plan that works best for you! Hearty congratulations! Continue Reading


Re: Costco glasses & hearing aids

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On 7/31/2014 lexi said: I had hearing aid test by both Audiologist/ent doctor and Costco. Both came back with identical results. Audiologist wanted $3800.00 Costco $1900.00.............I chose Costco and couldn't be happier. Costco also offers free replacement up to I year. When shopping there I drop off my aids for free cleaning. Have been buying progressive lens glasses for years also and cannot beat their return policy. They will refund or replace anything you purchase ... lexi, could you clarify what you meant when you said Audiologist/ent please? Did the Audiologist have the credential ... Continue Reading


Re: Advice needed: Should I say/write something to my (previous) surgeon and his PA?

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Hi Jasmine- What kind of "closure" are you looking for? I think filing complaints or even trying to contact the first surgeon would wind up being more stressful to you than it would be comforting, and you are the most important and most central figure in your care. I think your successful rehab from your second surgery would be the very best place for your focus. Many yeas ago I had a ghastly experience with a "wonderful" physician, and it took a while to get over it. Fortunately. I almost immediately had an excellent experience with a second doctor, so the first doctor, a real troll, sort of... Continue Reading


Re: What's Going On With Shawn?

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On 7/31/2014 CatLover2 said: It's none of my business what's going on in Shawn's life that's what is wrong with people they to tend to everyone's business but their own. I agree with you 110%, but when someone with relatively widespread visibility "shares" or implies sharing, viewers/shoppers who care for her can interpret her sharing in different ways. I find Shawn enormously refreshing and delightful in her onscreen persona, loved her engagement/wedding stories and anecdotes, but I too sadly remember Judy/JeffREY and recall thinking at the time that it was so sad that so much had been made... Continue Reading


Re: Costco glasses & hearing aids

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ID2 makes an EXCELLENT point. Anyone considering a hearing aid for the first time should have an evaluation by an audiologist who is certified ASHA AUD.CCC. i have not done the research, but I don't believe that COSTCO is able to provide this service. Any other titles, like "certified hearing aid provider", "hearing aid specialist" etc. are basically sales people, for whom SELLING is the bottom line. Continue Reading


Re: Online Masters Degree

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Very helpful ury, especially the points concerning academic writing. I thought APA went out years ago- kind of refreshing to learn it's still around. Thanks so much! Continue Reading


Re: Alex and Ani fans - the "ice cream" bangle is available!

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I get the bracelet and a child gets services- perfect combination. Continue Reading


Re: how about a show featuring talls?

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I feel your pain, but I look for petite pants and tall tops- picture that scenario. I love dresses but usually waistlines are3" above my natural waist. Separates with "average" tops are usually too short too. A show for "talls"? BRING IT! Continue Reading

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