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Re: Do you find this in poor taste or a fun idea?

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The story was just on ABC TV early news. The deed was done at the bride's REQUEST. OK? Continue Reading


Re: Do you find anything wrong with this statue?

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I think the man statue is thinking terrible things..... I hope this tawdry display is not located where children can see it. Continue Reading


Re: Have Never Danced

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Google "box step" . Study diagrams and YouTube demonstrations. Practice by yourself, then teach husband. At most weddings we've been to recently, there was no room on the dance floor to do anything but stand still, clutch your. Partner and undulate slightly, and besides, the music is so inappropriate for ballroom dancing and SO LOUD that if someone was standing right under your armpit and screaming "THIS WOMAN LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT" while looking straight at you, no one, including her dancing partner would hear her. Don't be self conscious. There will be dozens of people "dancing" who will look... Continue Reading


Re: Sometimes I wonder if some people have mirrors at home......

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We were at a CHRISTENING a couple weeks ago and seriously, I thought Mother would be......(self censored). Her "skirt" was approximately 10" long, covering almost nothing, and worn with 6" platform heels. I've never heard of Jesus wearing painted on short skirts, and given the choice between living anatomy lessons and dirt, I'll choose dirt EVERY TIME. Continue Reading


Re: Blurry eyesight, eyeglasses or not.

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On 5/28/2015 Allegheny said: I started developing cataracts in my mid 50s. Finally last fall I had the one in the right eye removed. My left eye will be done when it starts to adversely affect my vision per my physician. I had two previous vision correction procedures done on my eyes so my situation for the cataract removal was more complicated and carried a higher risk then for most people. I and my physician are thrilled with the outcome. My vision in the right eye is almost 20/20 and everything is so much brighter and clearer. Because of my eye situation I was not given a choice of lens, s... Continue Reading


Re: Food for Aunt

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Individual freezer containers of soup, to be frozen and eaten whenever hungry. I had pneumonia while having a miscarriage, and I still remember how wonderful that soup was, whenever I wanted it, even when I didn't want to eat anything. Continue Reading


Re: After conversation with a relative...do you believe in miracles?

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On 5/28/2015 TRAVELER said: I think certain words are tossed around too easily these days, like hero, miracle, God's Will. I don't personally toss the phrase around, Traveler, but it's the explanation in my mind that I believe when something that happens has no worldly explanation. I do understand where someone could vehemently disagree, and that's a major reason why I don't try to push my beliefs on anyone else, nor do I readily accept proselytizing from others. Any "my way or no way" thinking is inherent with major difficulties for me. If Iwrote anything that suggests otherwise, I apologiz... Continue Reading


Re: Do you find this in poor taste or a fun idea?

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I don't go with this "This is my day and I and I ALONE am the most important person in this wedding" approach, and if the bride approved or even better, suggested it, I say cheers to all! More love, more happiness! I'm glad the wedding was a family event when WE got married!!! Continue Reading


Re: After conversation with a relative...do you believe in miracles?

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I'm a major believer in the fact that we can petition for whatever we think we need, but ultimately, I agree with minkbunny- "God's Will Be done". Continue Reading

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