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Re: 24 day challenge

In Health & Fitness 1398084468.59

If you eat "normal food" and "no restrictions" then you would be starting out with no reason to do anything different, so I'm not sure what the challenge would be. Continue Reading


Re: Why can't I find a pretty silver metallic dressy shoe

In All About Shoes 1398084291.133

On 4/21/2014 Bungo said: You are not looking hard enough. I beg to differ! Lol Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever seen a Naturopathic Dr.?

In Health & Fitness 1398084249.023

My MD is the chairperson of Integrative/Complementary Medicine at our local hospital. His care provides the best of all worlds, and we're very lucky to have him. Continue Reading


Re: Long Term Care???

In Health & Fitness 1398084093.267

By the time my mom died I was paying 10,000+/ per month. We have LTCI, and as soon as I lose about 10 more pounds, we will be applying for a fee reduction and our agent says we should get it. Continue Reading


Re: ISO JR pin and disappointed with JR and KJL CS

In Jewelry Talk 1398083236.867

I had the same problem and finally, I glued the head back on with SuperGlue, and it worked! If you have no other alternative, give it a try. I'm always very careful when I change the "body"- there are actually 2 changeable bee styles. The one I'm talking about is the one with the spring design. Continue Reading


Why can't I find a pretty silver metallic dressy shoe

Last Reply by Usedtobeoxox 1398084958.49 | Started by violann in All About Shoes

With a 2 1/4" or 2" heel? If I'm just looking in the wrong places, please tell me where you've found yours. Need 8 1/2 W or C. Continue Reading


Re: What did you see - fashion wise - in church this AM?

In Fashion Talk 1398082698.19

I can't remember any verse in the Bible that said or implied that "ugliness is nearer to Godliness" but I do recall something about "gilding the lily". Does that mean that an old Skunk Cabbage like me is free to dress up a little? Continue Reading


Re: Did you have cataract surgery?

In Viewpoints 1398082474.97

On the advice of my ophthalmologist, I wear sunglasses whenever I go out, even on days that are cloudy but glare-y. benzgirl, most progressive ophthalmologists DO NOT currently recommend waiting until cataracts get "really bad". Current thinking tends to be that if you have cataracts at any stage it is better that they be removed when your body is younger, and therefore potentially healthier. If your ophtho is saying they need to "get ripe" or your vision needs to get worse before they're done, you may want to get a second opinion. Continue Reading

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