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Re: Are you a NUTRITARIAN?

In Viewpoints 1409594398.357

Ovo-vegeo-Paleotarian I think! Continue Reading


Re: Do you Eat Anchovies?

In Viewpoints 1409593887.84

Love them, and their oil is VERY nourishing, but I avoid them most of the time because of the intense salt. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Are you or were you best friends with your mom?

In Fashion Talk 1409592459.94

My mother and I were super close when I was very little, and as soon as I hit puberty I became a shrieking b***h monster and for a long period of time, we were pretty much not close. When my dad died, we somehow sort of reconnected, and until we lost each other to her dementia, we were as close as sisters. I'm very grateful for that time. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss turquoise with matrix?

In Jewelry Talk 1409591571.447

I prefer it, and I don't care for pristine turquoise stones. It's nice that there's a type of turquoise for every taste. Continue Reading


Re: No more Black Hills shows

In Jewelry Talk 1409591402.61

On 9/1/2014 di-mc said: I don't own any Black Hills gold, mainly because I don't care for 10kt and 12kt gold. Does anyone know why they don't make 14kt? There used to be some 14k wedding sets online. I've never seen anything shown by Jim in 14k. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV September 16........

In Dennis Basso 1409576581.607

I think this is more moto inspired, ie. multiple zippers and semifitted, than true moto style. Handsome looking garment, though. Continue Reading


Re: What do you remember the most about Joan Rivers?

In Jewelry Talk 1409575689.68

On 8/30/2014 Alsee said: I'd rather she be remembered for her comedic talent - not selling junk jewelry on a shopping channel. And even though she is now on life support, let's think of her in the present tense. Her butterfly series, some of which were sold with a very handsome shadowbox frame, were very, VERY high level costume jewelry. They never fail to garner compliments. I think fondly of her for her humor, compassion, philanthropy, AND jewelry design. Continue Reading


Re: I have really enjoyed watching QVC the past few weeks.

In Among Friends 1409514624.143

On 8/30/2014 golfcartrider said: On 8/30/2014 Pook said: On 8/30/2014 birddrops said: Why start a thread like this? Ridiculo us... I don't see any point to it either!! I'm hoping I DON'T see a point! But I'm afraid I might. Continue Reading


Re: This is really out there, but with proper training, would you want to go into space?

In Among Friends 1409514383.917

Nope. My dad worked in the rocket "industry" for years, and I used to tell him that I thought we ought to get more done here on earth before we started messing with other places. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody planning to get the iphone 6?

In Electronics Talk 1409513807.963

I loved the pictures I took with my iPhone before I installed one of the updates, and I haven't taken a good snapshot since. Wish I knew why that happened. Continue Reading

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