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Interesting Beaudry find-

Started by Newnick ame in Jewelry Talk 1422114143.747

If any of you receive the Helzberg Diamonds advertising, take a look at the Beaudry Facets in the Valentine's Day flyer. None of the items there look exactly like the QVC Beaudry offerings, but they're similar enough to compare. The Q prices seem a little lower to me. Continue Reading


Re: I miss Sports Savvy!

In Fashion Talk 1422063861.2

I just donated 17 Sport Savvy MicroFleece zip front jackets. They were the absolute BEST thing for drafty school classrooms, amd they were my business uniform for about 10 years before I retired. There is NOTHING like them at the Q or anywhere else. YES- I miss Sport Savvy!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Feb Skechers TSV

In TSV Talk 1422021199.293

Very surprised at how mch I LOVE the clogs that were the TSV in September. Do the sneakers come n WIDE width? Continue Reading


Re: Is This A Scam

In Electronics Talk 1422019546.957

On 1/23/2015 jordan2 said: Well I just saw on GMA this morning this scam is still around. Please be aware of it and notify any elderly people you know because they seem to be preyed upon the most. We NEVER pick up our "house" phone unless we can identify the number on our call screener. Several weeks ago, one of these calls came through as a "local" call, and I answered it. Taped message! Phone frauds don't even feel the need to make live calls! I hope there is technology in the works to stop this intrusive annoyance! Continue Reading


Re: My Strange Addiction YIKES

In Viewpoints 1421934727.97

THIS one even I can't watch! Continue Reading


Re: Would you believe her

In Viewpoints 1421934573.65

I have a friend who cleans out her refrigerator four times a year, so I'm quite sure she's having an affair with her insurance man. You'd better keep an eye on this, OP. Continue Reading


Re: Duncan the parrot

In Among Friends 1421934015.883

A very beautiful parrot. Continue Reading


Re: Thinking About A New Computer

In Electronics Talk 1421933640.053

Before I had cataract surgery, I thought I would see a larger screen better, so we bought a 17" MacBook Air, and came to find out that The screen size actually didn't make so much difference- I could change the font size on a smaller screen. The next time, I'll have one of the Apple sellers demonstrate font sizes on laptops of various sizes so that I can make a more educated decision. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R will be back....

In The Q We Love 1421930119.407

Love Lisa (both/either of them) hate acronyms. Never got the GILI concept of merchandising. Continue Reading

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