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Re: Philosophy sale??

In philosophy 1416174454.98

I was just searching to see if anyone knows when the Friends and Family sale is?? Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore Facial Cleanser

In Beauty Banter 1416174391.187

tigress and F1 wild, I'm 59 with dry, sensitive skin. Not many wrinkles thanks to my Mom :-) Have been searching for something that was gentle, did not cause white bumps and that was cruelty free. This line meets my requirements. My skin seems to have changed a lot lately and this is the first line that has agreed with my skin and keeps my skin hydrated. Love the makeup line also. Use the mascara, eye liner (so creamy and stays put) powder and BB cream. Will try more in this line in the future. Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore Facial Cleanser

In Beauty Banter 1416084005.097

I have replaced all my Philosophy products including Purity cleanser with Salma Hayeks Nuance line at CVS. There are several cleansers to choose from. I use the Chamomile. The AGE AFFIRM line in this brand has replaced my When Hope Is Not Enough. Love the firming neck balm. Plus No Animal testing :-) Continue Reading


Re: Ellen Degeneress

In For the Home Talk 1414254711.843

I'm like pood, I haven't watched QVC for months but agree with mel b this show was a breath of fresh air. I actually sat and watched the entire hour. Love Carolyn's hair cut and they worked well together. Very funny in my opinion:-) Continue Reading


Re: My beloved dog is gone. Will the pain ever ease?

In Pet Lovers 1413817720.127

Canada61, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Faith. I have not been on the boards for quite a while. When my little dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma 3 yrs ago I came on this board to express my feelings, I had guilt I had somehow done something to bring about this diagnosis (which of course was not the case) 2 months of Chemo and we lost her 3 Oct 2011. This group supported me through her diagnosis, death and grieving. The pain is truly a physical pain, like a broken heart:'( A quote by Kahlil Gibran is my favorite When you are Sorrowful, Look again in your Heart and You shall see ... Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Without Cruelty Products

In Beauty Banter 1395344195.333

Wow, all I can say is Thanks!! I will check out all your suggestions:-) Teddy Continue Reading


Beauty Without Cruelty Products

Last Reply by suzyQ3 1395352389.893 | Started by Teddy55 in Beauty Banter

Hi all, I am searching for a non drying skin cleanser preferably cruelty free. I have tried quite a few and they seem to dry my skin (both cruelty free and non) Just turned 59 and have pretty good skin otherwise:-) Have been interested in this brand for awhile and wondered if anyone here has tried them OR can you recommend another. I do like the ALBA brand for moisturizer but have not tried their other products. TIA, Teddy Continue Reading


Re: Difference between Kitchen Aid Stand mixers

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1394225558.66

Just went online to Kohls and purchased the Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer and the 9 cup food processor, both in black. The Kitchen Aid processor I currently have is 11 cup (purchased from the Q) but think the 9 cup will be ok. Did tons of research and with the sales, $30 rebate(Mixer), reviews (Black and Decker toaster for $19.99) PLUS my 30% coupon I think the prices were great. Can't wait to get them!! Continue Reading


Re: Kidney Bean Salad

In Recipe Swap 1394142171.497

Oh my goodness this brings back memories. My mom used to make this when we were young,many many yrs ago. My sister and I were just talking about this recipe although neither one of us has ever made it since leaving home (40+ yrs ago) She also never had it written done. Thanks for posting it june1 Continue Reading


Re: Please tell us whether you have tried the recipe or not

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1394141122.42

I agree. When I'm looking for a particular recipe I always ask for a "tried and true" one. Helps to know someone has already tested it. Continue Reading

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