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Re: O/T OK Something Bothers Me, So I'll Bring It Up

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Well......since this was posted in Beauty Banter, I think Dan's new puppy is BEAUTIFUL!! I guess I just wish that once in a while something nice could happen that wouldn't have to have some sort of cause, political or moral view thrown on top of it!! People need to be able to do what they wish and what works for THEIR life. I always get the feeling that those who got their dog/cat at a shelter somehow feel morally superior to those who choose another option. Continue Reading


Re: Visa says we're all going to have internet-connected fridges in the future

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More big brother............they'll probably have a camera hidden somewhere in it so when you open it to get something Michelle O will show up on the screen to scold you for what you're eating. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know how to stop AARP from sending so much junk mail, & email?

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They'll stalk you until the day you die......after that, they'll probably dig down to deliver those great insurance deals.............I've never joined and I never will and I am also sick of their junk!!! Continue Reading


Re: Iris (model) Needs to Stop Interrupting Amy

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I'd rather have Iris host the show.....I'm liking her a lot!!! Continue Reading


Re: WHAT'S GOING ON?? I got part of my Bold & the Beautiful in Spanish today!!

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On 3/2/2015 annabellethecat said: This happened to me a few times but usually when I accidentally pushed the button that changes from English to Spanish. I'm curious. Did it change back to English without you changing anything? I wasn't anywhere near the remote when this happened......I was on my computer at my desk....it changed to Spanish by itself and back by itself. Continue Reading


WHAT'S GOING ON?? I got part of my Bold & the Beautiful in Spanish today!!

Last Reply by loveschocolate 1425593871.15 | Started by hulagirl in TV Talk

Right in the middle of the show all the characters (Steffy, Ridge, and later Deacon) started speaking their dialog in Spanish! Did anyone else have this happen? Continue Reading


Re: Jill Keeps Griping Her Hands in the Silver Rings During the Silver Style Show!

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On 2/28/2015 poshmini said: Jill also has a bad habit of moving her hand a lot to show the jewelry while she is talking and makes it hard to get a good look at the styles and so on. Jane does that a lot as well, when she demos jewelry. It's hard to focus on the item. Probably drives the camera person nuts as well. So I just don't watch them. Jane wouldn't be able to say a word without flapping her hands.....they're connected to her voice box! I don't watch much anymore either. Continue Reading


Re: What is the most you paid or would pay for concert tickets?

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I've paid around $120, but would never go over $200 (and hope to never have to go that high). Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations on a Foot Cream/Balm?

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Paige Meadows Foot Cream......I love this stuff. They have their own website (an no, it's not me or a friend/family member, etc.) Continue Reading


Re: JUMPSUITS- are you jumping on board?

In Fashion Talk 1424980790.993

NO, because when I gotta go, I GOTTA GO! I could just see me peeing myself the first time I had to run to the restroom and I'm struggling to get that thing pulled down w/o mopping the floor with it..........way too much work! Continue Reading

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