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Re: Lisa Robertson on Good Morning America?

In Q News 1427232520.543

This is not a new fact, I believe she was on GMA (or maybe it was Today) before regarding her stalker situation. Continue Reading


Re: Ordering A Pizza What's Your Pizza Combination ?

In Viewpoints 1427035557.827

Pizza Hut thin crust chicken taco!!! Continue Reading


Re: What brand jeans do you wear?

In Fashion Talk 1427035439.517

Expensive....JBrand, Cheap........Old Navy Rockstar! Continue Reading


Re: Brahmin Handbags

In All About Handbags 1427035395.697

They're too stiff for me....I prefer a softer bag. Continue Reading


Re: does nick chavez refuse to work with the hosts who are wen users?

In Beauty Banter 1427024809.853

How in the world would anyone in the general public know the answer to a question like that.......and anyone in a position to know would never be posting such information on a board like this. Continue Reading


Re: Come on sandal season....I want a pedicure!

In Fashion Talk 1426768267.38

I get Shellac Pedi' my new spring season one last week!! (mani, too). Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley Recent Poor Financial News

In Vera Bradley 1426717841.743

I used to like some of their prints (Yellow Bird was my favorite), but when they started all those harsh "pop art flower child" type prints, they lost me forever. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- March 2015 (includes spoilers)

In TV Talk 1426717656.303

On 3/18/2015 SmallTownChic222 said: I was in such shock my legs went numb and I started laughing and nearly fell on the floor! LOL SO HARD!!! But I do think because of the fact she had a kid, they are either tricking us, or Myron was the FATHER of the baby instead of the mother. But I seriously hope it's true because it is too good!!!!! "Myrna" was MYRON??????? Diet Coke came out my nose!!!! OMG.....too funny! Did he get the surgery in prison? Now days, aren't prisoners asking for and getting the states to spring for it? I sure wasn't expecting that one. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Spoiler or Rumor???

In TV Talk 1426697655.22

I want to know what gives Stitch the authority to make any changes or to speak with in any way Victora's security company? He's just her shack-up, not the owner! Continue Reading

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