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Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- July 2014 (includes spoilers)

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Deacon and Brooke might have been a hot couple, but he was her man is off limits for her and it's creepy. Continue Reading


Re: Real Housewives of OC-Hey Shannon!

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Yes.....I've never been and have no desire to go! Continue Reading


Re: How to refuse someone who invites herself to stay for a week at your house

In For the Home Talk 1406853222.12

Tell her that you would be happy to make a hotel reservation for her nearby, but it would not be convenient for you to have house guests at this time! Continue Reading


Re: Who are your top five favorite hosts

In Viewpoints 1406837215.39

Dan H. Shawn Jennifer Courtney Carolyn Continue Reading


Re: I've always hated Wyatt, but he's as smarmy as his mommy......(B&B)

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What the heck is wrong with Rick??? Saying ok to a press conf. called by Wyatt w/o knowing what it's about! Scumbag Wyatt at his best and stupid Hopeless going back for more. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney

In Q Did What? 1406732356.453

I like Courtney and think she has a good sense of style even when she's stuck wearing some of the Q stuff......she's the one I tune in to see what she's wearing. It doesn't bother me that the Q is promoting her wedding.....if nothing was said, people on this board would be speculating all over the place wondering this, that, and whatnot (and you know that would happen). I wish her and her fiancé the best!!! Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of orange county......7/28/14.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

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Between Shannon's OCD, depression, and drinking, she's driving herself nuts. In her attempt to control everything, she controls wonder her marriage is in shambles. Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of orange county......7/28/14.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

In Viewpoints 1406597239.7

Oh brother......Shannon can stuff herself with vitamins and whatever, but her poor kids, too???? Can't you end up with toxic levels of some of this stuff? Continue Reading


Re: Best Cleanser that's gentle but won't break the bank

In Beauty Banter 1406570600.423

Clinique cream foaming cleanser......(pink in a tube)......LOVE IT!! It's very gentle and rinses off like a dream. Continue Reading

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