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Re: Y&R Sage

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I think Sage and Adam are two of a kind.....both are shady. I've ALWAYS hated Adam.....he's pure evil in my book. Sage is a manipulator and keeps saying things and inserting herself where she doesn't belong (on purpose).......she's knows exactly what she's doing. I'm so hoping this is Adam's baby and it isn't years before it comes to light. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson with another GILI prototype bag we might never see.

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She has MY shoes on! Kind of surprised..... No Gumby jeans. Continue Reading



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Although I belong to both, I still think Costco is much better....jmo Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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I'm so over the transgender thing, too! She & Rick need to be punished for their horrible treatment of everyone..... Continue Reading


Re: Nordstrom mascara sale!

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Thanks for the heads -up......got my Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara.....at $26 a tube,that's a great savings!! Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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I knew it!!! Myron and Rickeee will never pay a price for their arrogance and horrible treatment of Ally, Ivy, Caroline and just about everyone else they came in contact with.......how typically predictable of Brad Bell and his writing staff. Continue Reading


Re: Mad Men, who will be watching?

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My eyes are bleeding from binge-watching the marathon, but I'll be there for the finale!! I still miss The Soprano's and I will miss Mad Men just as much. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's $3000 purse and $350 dress

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I just looked up her bag on the LV website.....(not a fake site).....it's not $3,000.00. The price is $1,650.....................for gawd's sake, leave the poor woman alone to buy what she wants and live the way she wants to live. Continue Reading


Re: Jacques Cohen espadrilles

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I also lived in them.....really wish they'd come back, but they would probably cost a fortune.....they used to be pretty cheap. Continue Reading


Re: Any erno lazslo skin care fans?

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Not since the late 70's......I was a 1:00! Continue Reading

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