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Prix De Dressage on ShopHQ now....

Started by hulagirl in All About Handbags 1406047777.593

....for those interested. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Cason! Yes, another thread! :)

In Fashion Talk 1405989709.423

She's one of my faves......love seeing what she wears and think she's doing fine!! GO COURT!! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1405864037.01

I do not watch any Christmas show on any of the shopping channels.....I hate all that junk they seem to pull out every year.....just my choice. Continue Reading


Re: Handsome face on the royal baby!!

In Viewpoints 1405820882.393

They're a handsome family.....George is a cutie! Continue Reading


Saw Persecuted today.

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1405847050.16 | Started by hulagirl in Movies

Not bad.....makes you think. Continue Reading


Re: Diane Gilman has sold 85,000 jeans today!

In Fashion Talk 1405820629.45

Those things are the skinny tee of jeans...... She could stretch them across the street! No wonder they sell......everyone can wear a size zero! Not crazy about how they bunch up on some of the models' legs. Continue Reading


Re: Fire hair cutting

In WEN 1405701938.297

I think this is the second go-round for this in my lifetime.....didn't they do this crazy stuff back in the 70's?? Total gimmick imo. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- July 2014 (includes spoilers)

In TV Talk 1405635703.343

It should be on TV guide channel this evening! Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of orange county....7/14/14.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

In Viewpoints 1405631515.33

On 7/17/2014 terrier3 said: Heather is the only HW who appears to be smart, level headed, NOT a drunk, and has manners. Of course the others are going to pick on her! They are a bunch of witches all looking to out do one another in the CRAZY category. I actually get uncomfortable watching Heather interact with her DH and kids....ALWAYS with the watered down vodka. Don't you mean Shannon and her watered down vodka?? Continue Reading


Re: Nancy Hornback

In Fashion Talk 1405619266.09

I think she should be promoted......maybe gem buyer!! Continue Reading

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