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Re: QVC Britain

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The Isaac vendor rep. killed my love of a British accent......does anyone remember Lavinia? (I think that was her name) who was on the Q for a while....nobody could understand her. Continue Reading


Re: Sharon Case (Y&R) Gone??

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On 4/23/2015 JESSA said: It's a shame what they did to Sharon Cases character on that show. They made her into a complete idiot. ITA......this just goes on and on with Sharon......they either need to do something to redeem the character, or have her move on. Continue Reading


Re: Kathy Van Zeeland Bags at Walmart

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That's where they've always belonged.....jmo. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil Thursday

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OP...you didn't mention that the shooter was the mistress husband........what's wrong with people these days.........everybody seems to think that there's always something better than what they have.....this situation was a total mess. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- April 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Wyatt has no idea that "Little Miss Goldigger #2" is as big a con artist as her brother/sister and he seems to be thinking with both heads at the moment....one more than the other. I almost upchucked today at Eric and Brooke (with the obvious hairpiece.....you'd think TV hairstylist would do a better job) fawning all over Rickeee today. Continue Reading


Re: Boy was I wrong about Genie bras

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Genie is all I've worn for the past 2 1/2 years......love them! Continue Reading


Re: Last Isomers TTV (All In One Series)

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On 4/22/2015 Lucky Dog said: Thanks CAmakeuplover and hulagirl. Do any of you use the All In One Series and what are your thoughts? Thanks. I've used Isomers for years and years.......love it!! I really like the "One Series" because it saves having too many bottles around and makes the whole routine simple. I do think I've had good results......I have very few lines and the ones I do have are so faint they're barely noticeable. I think that since I started using the products before I really had any issues has helped keep the wrinkle/line fairy away (for a little while anyway). Continue Reading


Re: Last Isomers TTV (All In One Series)

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Yikes......I got mine today, too......ordered two of the sets....I'm off to check. Thanks for waiting..........both of my sets were good!! Continue Reading


Re: Some hosts own how many of the items?

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Jane Treacy must have to rent a storage facility for her shoes......she seems to buy multiples of everthing she shows. Continue Reading


Re: Should John Hinckley, Jr. be released ?

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NO! He shouldn't even be having these free days every month. Continue Reading

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