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Re: What bag did Jane have on the couch with the a White Mountain boots?

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Sorry, I didn't notice.... I have noticed when I watched her present a couple pair of shoe that they're not showing her bare feet....not watching the whole show though. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- October 2014 (includes Spoilers)

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On 10/23/2014 Pook said: What is Maya doing anyway in that meeting? Isn't she just a model for Hope for the Future? I'm sure there are many employees who have been the longer and are far more important to the company!! You read my mind......I worked for a Fortune 100 company for 30 years at corporate headquarters.....no way would someone in Maya's position (probably would have been considered as equal to a grade 3 clerical position in our company) been allowed in a meeting with the corporate board........Rick should have fired her on the spot when she entered his office spreading her tales.... Continue Reading


Re: Hey "hulagirl" about Dish

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Thanks....will do! I think they'll pull it out in the end, though! Continue Reading


Re: my chin just hit the floor! recieved e-mail about my return

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I remember sending something back once for an exchange and ended up with a credit to my credit card instead.....no explanation re: no more in stock or anything other reason. Continue Reading


Re: Tre sent a letter to the judge

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I guess we can only hope for Joe's deportation after their jail time is over.....yeah, like that will ever happen! Continue Reading


Re: New Jeans

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On 10/22/2014 songbird said: On 10/22/2014 moonstone dunes said: Perhaps by "straight" HSN jeans you mean they don't fit skin tight like the legging jeans in the example the OP gave. Those legging style jeans look great on the size 2 models in those images and I would even suggest that those images are photoshopped, after all, they are selling an expensive garment that will sag at the butt and bag at the knees, just like any pant or jean. Mannequins don't move. Skinny style jeans have 10" openings. Straight style jeans don't. Skinny jeans are just as snug as leggings, but have a much thicker... Continue Reading


Re: What has happened to Denim & Co???

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Seems to me they still have the same old stuff.....elastic waist pants, huge t-shirts, and fleece. Continue Reading


Re: Texting

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It's against the law in my state to hand-hold your cell phone and talk and also no texting.......big deal! The law is never enforced......every single day when I'm behind the wheel I'm dodging people (everyone from soccer moms, grandma's, teens, and guys in trucks) with their cell phone attached to their hand trying to do it all while driving........I hate it. I have no idea what is going through their minds......the especially scary ones are the older grandma types that have enough of a problem even handling their cell phone when they're sitting in a chair, but they feel they HAVE TO ANSWER ... Continue Reading


Re: Tre sent a letter to the judge

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I want to see her in about 6 months in an orange jumpsuit and gray roots growing out.....so sick of her and Juicy.......she IS dumb as a stump, but I think when it comes to money, her brain cells kick in and I'm sure she was in on what her hubby was doing......both total scam artists. Continue Reading


Re: Renee Zellweger

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Did she go to the same doctor as Kenny Rogers?? Continue Reading

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