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I Need a Cuticle Fix

Last Reply by ChynnaBlue 1397838114.453 | Started by patticakes in Beauty Banter

I really some suggestions from those of you that have pretty well-manicured cuticles. I use a cuticle product when I do my own manicure and gently push back cuticles but they always get jagged looking and sometimes even grow onto the nail. Is there a product that really works well that I can buy at the drugstore to keep them from splitting, getting jagged and downright nasty looking? Perhaps I need to use a daily product since my hands are in water frequently during the day. Any recommendations? Continue Reading


Re: O/T Need a new washing machine....after 3 years..argghhhh, any recs?

In Beauty Banter 1397390534.607

I, too, just got rid of an expensive GE front loader that I've only had a few years. I should have gotten them to take it back from the very beginning as I was never satisfied with it. I did a lot of research and ended up buying a Maytag Bravos XL and absolutely love it. It is so quiet and cleans great. I am very, very satisfied! Continue Reading


Re: Osteoarthritis Treatment

In Health & Fitness 1397297711.27

So happy with all the responses and new information. I started some turmeric and proteolytic enzymes yesterday and will try for a month or so. I had never heard of these enzymes before but I do favor any natural/supplement treatment opposed to pain killers and prescription anti-inflamatories. Also getting some of the Sombra cream, which I never heard of before. Continue Reading


Re: Osteoarthritis Treatment

In Health & Fitness 1396884139.467

My worst pain is in my feet and ankles; however I do have some at times in hands, shoulder and other joints. For gazelle77-This is the first I'm hearing about proteolytic enzyme. Please tell me more. What brand and where do you buy? What are the dosages? Continue Reading


Re: Osteoarthritis Treatment

In Health & Fitness 1396876994.387

I am so appreciating all the suggestions and definitely am going to try some of them. I really don't want to go back on prescription pain meds, if I can help it. I think I'll buy some Bio-Freeze and have already ordered some turmeric and will try that, too. I do have some Arnica gel, which I use from time to time, and I'll continue with that. Keep the ideas and suggestions coming. I'd be interested in what dietary changes people have made, also, that seem to help. Since being diagnoses in Nov. with diabetes and high blood pressure, I am pretty careful about my diet and have been loosing... Continue Reading


Osteoarthritis Treatment

Last Reply by patticakes 1397297711.733 | Started by patticakes in Health & Fitness

I'm looking for advice from those using any successful over-the-counter/natural supplement for treating thir symptoms. I saw my doctor the other day and she suggested upping the dosage of arthritis strength Tylenol since I don't care to be taking Meloxicam any longer. I'm wondering if anyone has been successful with tumeric or other supplements or over-the-counter products. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Purchase a Memory Foam Mattress From

In For the Home Talk 1396211970.35

Hopefully, someone will respond that has purchased one of these. I am looking at the Novaform Serafina or the Primafina; however leaning toward the Serafina because my understanding is that it's a little firmer. The Serafina is supposed to be Med/Firm and the Primafina Med/Soft. Continue Reading


Anyone Purchase a Memory Foam Mattress From

Last Reply by brandiwine 1396460529.037 | Started by patticakes in For the Home Talk

If you have purchased a memory foam mattress from, I'd be interested in which one and if you like it. Advice on which one to purchase and the differences, if you know, such as comfort, durability, quality. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have Tempurpedic or Sleep Innovations Mattress?

In For the Home Talk 1395926471.223

Anyone purchase a gel foam mattress from I'm looking at the Novaform Serafina and I understand it's a pretty good one. It's med/firm which is what we need for our back issues. Continue Reading


Re: Red Yeast Rice, Once More

In Health & Fitness 1395919095.73

Unfortunately, mine is not borderline, it's high and I know this time she'll want to do meds. Are these natural formulas capable of reducing your cholesterol drastically or do they just reduce it by a couple of points? Continue Reading

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