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Re: Shaklee Healthy Home ?

In For the Home Talk 1411381636.953

I've used Shaklee products for years and absolutely love them. The Basic H, which is the one you can use for windows, degreaser, general cleaning, is the bomb! Cleans like nothing else. I also keep a bottle of Basic G, which is their germicide. This is also a concentrate; so, you'll have enough concentrated solution to refill your spray bottles for quite some time. I'm still working on the concentrate I bought a couple of years ago. Also, there's nothing like their Nature's Bright, additive for laundry. I don't use it in every wash; however I do use it when clothes are particularly dir... Continue Reading


Re: Need a new computer and would like advice

In Electronics Talk 1411380620.717

I have a MacBook Pro; and as far as I'm concerned, nothing compares to Apple. No matter what the advertisement or sales pitch (and I've used quite a few professionally as well as personally), nothing compares. It's worth the extra money. As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for". Continue Reading


Re: Recipe Organizing Program for MacBook?

In Electronics Talk 1410894158.8

Thanks for the info. Paprika is the one I'm leaning towards. The only feature I would have wanted that it doesn't have is the ability to scan personal recipes into it, but I understand it is easy to copy them from a website. Continue Reading


Recipe Organizing Program for MacBook?

Started by patticakes in Among Friends 1410862828.14

Anyone have one that they like; and if so, which one? What are the pros and cons of the the program you're using? I'm having to replace mine that was lost due to a computer repair. Continue Reading


Recipe Organizing Program for MacBook?

Last Reply by patticakes 1410894158.857 | Started by patticakes in Electronics Talk

Anyone use/have one; and if so, which one and how do you like it? What are the pros and cons of this program? I'm having to replace the one I had since having a computer repair which wiped out mine. Continue Reading


Recipe Organization Program for MacBook?

Last Reply by house_cat 1410790900.883 | Started by patticakes in Kitchen & Food Talk

Anyone have a program for Mac that you're happy with; and if so, which one and what are the features that you like. I had one, which I wasn't totally happy with; however, computer went in for a repair and it's now gone. I'd like one that would allow me to scan recipes I already have and/or recipes from other websites. Any suggestions? Continue Reading


Vionic Question

Started by patticakes in Fashion Talk 1409947242.197

For those that have tried both, do the Vionic fit and feel like the Orthoheel or are they different? If so, how? Continue Reading


Wood Flooring Question

Last Reply by Kitlynn 1408990585.457 | Started by patticakes in For the Home Talk

I need some tips from those who may have had wood flooring installed recently. What are some of the things I need to know before choosing one and things you wished you had known? Also, and this is a biggie. About how much can we plan on spending a square foot installed? I know the wood prices vary and I think we'd probably choose something about mid range. Continue Reading


Where's David?

Last Reply by paShar 1409055719.393 | Started by patticakes in Kitchen & Food Talk

I missed very beginning of the show and thy were saying something about him as I tuned in. Anyone hear what they said? Continue Reading


New Concentric Mixing Bowls

Last Reply by gkelly5744 1409004646.17 | Started by patticakes in Temp-tations

I really wanted either the Fall or Old World brown but both sold out before I could get to them. I wonder if there will be more come into stock. Anyone text or email Tara about this issue; and if so, what did she say? Continue Reading

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