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Question About Care of LOGO Clothing for Experienced LOGO Wearers

Last Reply by Andrewsgrandma 1422484598.907 | Started by patticakes in Lori Goldstein

I just purchased a bunch of LOGO clothing for a vacation and enjoyed wearing them but don't know if I should hang or fold when putting away in closet and not sure about laundering. Should everything be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry? Any tips would be appreciated. Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422451897.737

Thanks for all the responses and good advice. I'm considering all of it and trying to make a decision what best fits for our situation. Must admit, I don't like being put in this situation and it's very uncomfortable for me. Continue Reading


Re: Blinking Luminara?

In For the Home Talk 1422362602.5

My older ones do that when they need batteries. I just got some of the newer ones over Christmas but haven't had to replace batteries yet. I just thought they did that when batteries were low. Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422310023.117

Another clarification---about 20-25 for a sit down at a country club. Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422306904.233

Perhaps I should clarify, this is not a bridal shower which I'm also expected to help with and participate in and attend more than one shower, this is a luncheon given as "thanks" to the bridesmaids. Also, this is in addition to the shower gifts for the multiple showers as well as wedding gift and also two high school graduation gifts and a contribution to the mission trip for the bride's two sisters. All this is within a three week period. Don't really think I have "negative" feelings about the whole thing, just wanting to keep everyone happy without totally breaking the budget. And, no, I... Continue Reading


What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

Last Reply by KarenQVC 1422673309.34 | Started by patticakes in Among Friends

Very long story short, I have been approached by my daughter-in-law's sister asking if me and my adult daughter would want to help host a bridemaid's luncheon for my granddaughter, her niece. Here's my issu with that. Firstly, they have not included us in any other part of the wedding planning until now when they really just want and need us to contribute financially. Secondly, my husband and I are both retired and on a very fixed income. My adult daughter is a single parent who supports two daughters totally on her own on a very average income. Neither of us has a whole lot of extra money. A... Continue Reading


Re: Thrilled For My Gal Amy!!

In Fashion Talk 1420712381.38

What did I miss? Can you fill me in? I haven't been able to watch much t.v. in the last few days and it seems some changes/announcements were made. Info please. Continue Reading


I Need Tricks and Tips from Savvy Travelers

Last Reply by ivanatrump 1421628906.64 | Started by patticakes in Among Friends

Even though I have traveled quite a bit, I have to admit I get nervous every time I have to pack and get ready for a trip. I guess I'm not as organized I'd like to think. I'm now getting ready for a week long trip to Vegas and would really appreciate hearing from all who have mastered the art of traveling, packing, etc. The one thing I do with my clothing is try to keep all in the same color family to avoid too many shoe, bags and accessories. Other than that, I think I'm lack--especially when it comes to keeping track of flights and carry on stuff. Help... Continue Reading


Need Recliner Recommendations

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1420163507.27 | Started by patticakes in For the Home Talk

I think I'm going to have to retire the Lazy Boy recliner/rocker that I've had for over 20 years and need a recommendation for a replacement. I would ordinarily purchase another Lazy Boy; however, the last two purchases that I've made from them have been a disappointment. I think that Lazy Boy, like so many other manufacturers, have lessened their standards while increasing their prices and I'm not sure I want to purchase another piece of furniture from them. Anyone purchase a recliner recently and have a good recommendation, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for a standard "lady" size reclin... Continue Reading


Re: Question about dryer balls...

In For the Home Talk 1420029069.553

You can make your own wool dryer balls. I made some about a year or so ago and they're still going strong. Love to use them especially with microfiber and towels and anywhere you don't want to use fabric softener. I believe you can find the instructions if you google them. Easy to make and easy to use. Continue Reading

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