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Re: I Love Wen But Why Do I Have This Issue?

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I'm using Bamboo and 613 right now. Continue Reading


I Love Wen But Why Do I Have This Issue?

Last Reply by Nicole WI 1430333429.263 | Started by patticakes in WEN

I love using Wen on my hair but had to stop about a year ago since it seems to make my scalp flake. I don't know whether it's psoriasis, allergy, dandruff or what. So, I stopped for a while and decided to try again. Now, I've been using it for about 3-4 weeks, and again, my scalp is flaking. Anyone else have this problem or know what causes it? Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

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Sure hope black is appropriate. I have a granddaughter getting married in the evening in June and since I don't really wear dresses nor bright colors, I thought I would wear black evening pants with a black lace jacket over a black sleeveless tank. With it I would wear black dressy sandals, black evening bag and pearl jewelry. I certainly would not wear this outfit to a funeral. Continue Reading


Re: Which Kindle? Fire HDX 8.9 or Fire HDX?

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I just got the 8.9 Kindle fire HDX with Wifi and 4G and absolutely love it. As an IPad owner, I thought I might be disappointed, but not so. I would buy it again in a heartbeat! Continue Reading


Re: Leah and Lisa.

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I love Lisa and I alway have and I see no reason why she couldn't host alone. I think the co-hosting, especially with the disappearing and returning, is a bit awkward to say the least. No sure why anyone would think this was a good way to re-introduce her back on the air. Continue Reading


Anyone Know Next Wen TSV Date?

Last Reply by DoxieMomma 1429300362.27 | Started by patticakes in WEN

Does anyone know the next time Wen will have a TSV? Needing to order for daughter who tried my last TSV and has fallen in love with it. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason

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I agree with the previous posters. I always loved her and she's as great as she was before. I'm so glad she's back. What a wonderful lady and I so love the way she's always prepared with knowledge about the products she's presenting as well as being very friendly and entertaining. Continue Reading


Re: Injections in Knee?

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Update-I wanted to keep everyone updated on my injections, etc. I finally got the approval from the insurance and had the injections yesterday. My doctor prefers Synvsc One so, that is what I was given in both knees. As far as the injections themselves, they were really not so bad. He numbed it first with the spray and I only had minor discomfort as it got to the end of the injection where, I guess, he was injecting at the deepest level. It was not really painful, just uncomfortable pressure but it only lasted a second or two. His assistants were very gentle as they cleaned up the injec... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have a Kindle HDX 4g?

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FYI-I purchased it, added it to my Verizon account and so far, absolutely love it! Continue Reading


Re: Which shoes would you choose?

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1428765778.707

I love #1 and think they look like they're probably going to be the most comfortable, as well. Continue Reading

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