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Re: Gall bladder removed

In Health & Fitness 1424816007.3

I, too, had one of the emergency type situations and my advice to anyone is not to wait until it gets that bad thinking that you can control it. If the gall bladder isn't working properly or if you have stones, you pretty much should save yourself a lot of pain and aggravation and get it taken out. My daughter is in that "waiting" situation right now. She had an ultrasound weeks ago and they said everything looked fine but the doctor wanted her to try a prescription antacid to see if it was reflux or whatever. She has continued to have pain off and on depending on what she'd eat, burping,... Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Had Cortisone or Hyluronic Acid Injections for Knees

In Health & Fitness 1423850927.817

To Betteb-I'm the original poster and I'm 68. Curious as to whether anyone has used Voltaren gel. We have a friend who is using it for severe arthritis in his hands and he says he gets a lot of relief. I have a email in to my doctor asking her about it and if she thinks I should try it before the injections. Will let you know the outcome. Also, my doctor recommended a recumbent bike for exercise since I was telling her about not using the treadmill these days due to a lot of knee pain. She said that water/swimming exercise and the recumbent bike were the lowest impact on joints and to sta... Continue Reading


Has Anyone Had Cortisone or Hyluronic Acid Injections for Knees

Last Reply by Shiloh09 1423874621.167 | Started by patticakes in Health & Fitness

My doctor talked me today about taking either one of these injections for relief from arthritis. Has anyone had either; and if so, what's your experience been like? How painful we're the injections and did you get them from your family practice doctor or orthopedic doctor? Continue Reading


Re: Weight Watchers for Diabetics?

In Health & Fitness 1423069967.383

Kushii-Just got a chance to see your posting above and will be sending you an email. I look forward to "buddying up". I'll email you sometime today. Continue Reading


Re: Weight Watchers for Diabetics?

In Health & Fitness 1423012774.653

Kushii-I, too, would love to but don't know how to do that on these boards. If you find a way, let me know. Anyone knowing how, please let us know. Continue Reading


Re: Weight Watchers for Diabetics?

In Health & Fitness 1422979368.44

Thanks, everyone, for the input. Great advice. To Kushii-I, too, am a Type 2, on Metformin since Nov. 2014 and doing quite well. My numbers have been good every since then; however, still need to loose more weight and need to get better at exercise since I have arthritis as well and exercise is not always pleasant when I'm having pain. Would love to keep in touch with you either here on the "boards" or otherwise. It would be great for me to have a "buddy" as well! Continue Reading


Weight Watchers for Diabetics?

Last Reply by jackthebear 1423073046.133 | Started by patticakes in Health & Fitness

Anyone that's diabetic tried Weight Watchers and what's been your experience? I'm thinking of going on WW since I need to loose some weight and having a hard time. Also, it seems like any of the other kind of diets such as high protein, low or no carb would be more unbalanced and not a good choice for a diabetic. What do you think? Also, would like a brief explanation of how it works. Do I need to join and go to meetings, etc., or can I just do it on my own? Continue Reading


Question About Care of LOGO Clothing for Experienced LOGO Wearers

Last Reply by Andrewsgrandma 1422484598.907 | Started by patticakes in Lori Goldstein

I just purchased a bunch of LOGO clothing for a vacation and enjoyed wearing them but don't know if I should hang or fold when putting away in closet and not sure about laundering. Should everything be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry? Any tips would be appreciated. Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422451897.737

Thanks for all the responses and good advice. I'm considering all of it and trying to make a decision what best fits for our situation. Must admit, I don't like being put in this situation and it's very uncomfortable for me. Continue Reading


Re: Blinking Luminara?

In For the Home Talk 1422362602.5

My older ones do that when they need batteries. I just got some of the newer ones over Christmas but haven't had to replace batteries yet. I just thought they did that when batteries were low. Continue Reading

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