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Question for Those Using Skinn Ultrasonic Applicator

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1418659551.223 | Started by patticakes in Beauty Banter

I got this gadget with my latest eye kit; however I'm not sure about how to use and exactly what creams, etc. to use it with. Do you use yours over eye, under eye and other parts of face? Continue Reading


Re: New to Skinn Products--Need Recommendations

In Beauty Banter 1418313103.253

To NYCGRL-Sorry to appear really dumb, but what's the TTV or DWP? Also, which 6x product? I think there's more than one. Continue Reading


I Need Suggestions for A Gift

Last Reply by GoodStuff 1418237051.76 | Started by patticakes in Among Friends

My granddaughter recently got engaged and I feel we should give a gift to her fiancé; however since we don't know him very well, we're not sure what. Help..... Continue Reading


New to Skinn Products--Need Recommendations

Last Reply by NYCGRL 1418601893.697 | Started by patticakes in Beauty Banter

I'm not real familiar with all the products; so, I need some recommendations for which products I'd want to use for older skin. Fortunately, my skin is good and I don't have too many lines or wrinkles but I would like something for the small lines starting around my eyes, 11 lines and "smile" lines. I don't really need a cleanser as I've used Purity for many years and love it but I could use a mask. Recommendations, please. Continue Reading


Anyone Hear of This Diet Product?

Last Reply by hckynut 1417995690.833 | Started by patticakes in Health & Fitness

Someone we know was telling us about Carraluma. Anyone hear of this? Continue Reading


Anyone hear of this diet product?

Started by patticakes in Health & Fitness 1417911050.88

Someone that we know was telling us about Carraluma. Anyone know anything about it? Continue Reading


Need Advice on Exercise Bike

Last Reply by The Bird 1417911676.523 | Started by patticakes in Health & Fitness

I need some recommendations on a stabile and reasonably priced exercise bike. Since I have arthritis in my joints, it is difficult to keep up with some other exercise and I've had to put my treadmill on hold. My doctor has recommended a bike since it's easier on the joints. If anyone has experience with one, please let me know your recommendation as, at this point, I am not keeping up with my daily exercise. Continue Reading


Portable Cell Phone Charger Questions

Last Reply by ChynnaBlue 1417016975.76 | Started by patticakes in Electronics Talk

I am looking for a portable charger that will work for IPhone 4 as well as IPad and perhaps IPod. This is a gift for someone who travels quite a bit and I'd like something that could be recharged but I'm not really sure if that's possible. I've seen QVC offering the Halo a lot but still not really sure if this is the best or is there one out there that I should be looking into instead. I'd appreciate any advice you have as I'm really not that savvy about these devices. Continue Reading


Calista Tool Question

Last Reply by lovesrecess 1416372367.537 | Started by patticakes in Beauty Banter

I just received mine today, and was not exactly sure about using it. Do I blow dry my hair first with product in it or do I use it damp or just towel dried, or what? I didn't see where it said anywhere in the literature that came with it. Continue Reading


Re: Did you see the Farmhouse Rules lady make that drink this morning?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415562593.43

Love her and her show. I think she's a refreshing change from some of the ladies on the other cooking shows that seem to think that lower and lower necklines appeal to those of us that enjoy watching and learning something new from the cooking channels. Continue Reading

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