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Re: Pricing is OUT of CONTROL

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I, too, was just about to start a new thread on this subject as well as the charges for returned items. I used to like several lines from QVC and purchased them on a regular basis. Now, the prices have gone up, quality of fabric has gone down, sizing is all over the place and the charges to return the inferior items is ridiculous. I don't think I'll be purchasing much clothing from QVC in the future. Continue Reading


Need Advice on Lisa Rinna Clothing

Last Reply by wonderwoman100 1431998189.213 | Started by patticakes in Fashion Talk

Being that I have never purchased this line, I'd like to know from those who have how the sizing runs as well as the quality of her clothing. I really like the skirt and top that they had on this afternoon, as well as the vest; however not sure if I should order my regular size or what. If you've purchased from this line, please tell me your experience. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason is a treasure

In The Q We Love 1431340960.803

Absolutely love her and so glad she's back! Continue Reading


Recommendation for Drug Store Primer

Last Reply by Ccassaday 1431279622.487 | Started by patticakes in Beauty Banter

Can anyone recommend a good drug store primer for under liquid makeup? I'm looking for something that's non tinted that maybe would just fill in and smooth over a bit. Is there anything out there like that that's lower priced that the ones on the Q? Continue Reading


Recommendation for Reasonably Priced Self Tanning Product

Last Reply by Beauty$Junkie 1430919387.013 | Started by patticakes in Beauty Banter

Here's my problem. I've purchased many of the expensive brands from the Q and otherwise and can't find one that doesn't streak or turn me orange. My skin tone is fairly light, not porcelain but definitely light skinned with med. blond hair and blue eyes and I've not found one tanning product yet that really looks good on me. I'm looking for a reasonably priced one that I can buy at the drugstore or Target, etc. that might work. Don't want to pay a ton of money for another that's a disappointment. I'm not looking for a deep dark tan just a little color mainly on my legs. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading


Question About Wedding Gift for Grandchild

Last Reply by hennypenny 1431103421.913 | Started by patticakes in Among Friends

I'm wondering what would be an appropriate gift for a grandchild getting married. We'd like to be generous; however, we are both retired and living on a very fixed income and we also have 6 other grandchildren, two of whom are graduating at the same time and the rest are close behind. We're really not in touch with what a usual amount would be these days since this is our first getting married. What would be an average amount all things considered? Continue Reading


Re: I Love Wen But Why Do I Have This Issue?

In WEN 1430164021.873

I'm using Bamboo and 613 right now. Continue Reading


I Love Wen But Why Do I Have This Issue?

Last Reply by Nicole WI 1430333429.263 | Started by patticakes in WEN

I love using Wen on my hair but had to stop about a year ago since it seems to make my scalp flake. I don't know whether it's psoriasis, allergy, dandruff or what. So, I stopped for a while and decided to try again. Now, I've been using it for about 3-4 weeks, and again, my scalp is flaking. Anyone else have this problem or know what causes it? Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

In Fashion Talk 1430132902.833

Sure hope black is appropriate. I have a granddaughter getting married in the evening in June and since I don't really wear dresses nor bright colors, I thought I would wear black evening pants with a black lace jacket over a black sleeveless tank. With it I would wear black dressy sandals, black evening bag and pearl jewelry. I certainly would not wear this outfit to a funeral. Continue Reading


Re: Which Kindle? Fire HDX 8.9 or Fire HDX?

In eBook Club 1430086178.38

I just got the 8.9 Kindle fire HDX with Wifi and 4G and absolutely love it. As an IPad owner, I thought I might be disappointed, but not so. I would buy it again in a heartbeat! Continue Reading

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