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Re: LAMO Boots TSV delayed shipment

In All About Shoes 1416935574.4

what is the new price for these booths. I ordered mine at midnight went the where a tsv. I'm bummed over this and still waiting. I cant understand why it's taking so long. I'm now wearing my old booths Continue Reading


Re: Whipped Argan Oil?? Total lie about ingredients.

In Beauty Banter 1416935220.81

I love the stuff, I had knee surgery and put over my scar because the doctor said I needed to message it twice a day. My knee turned great. I use it every day. Continue Reading


Re: What dry dog food have you used to get your dog to lose weight?

In Pet Lovers 1416581877.8

Thank you for you response, may I ask what food did you use. My vet keeps saying science diet but I don't know if it's a healthy food. I'm so confused on what to do. Continue Reading


What dry dog food have you used to get your dog to lose weight?

Last Reply by forrestwolf 1416770647.017 | Started by little daisy in Pet Lovers

The vet says it needs to be 350 or under per cup Continue Reading


Re: What is the WORST beauty related product you ever used?

In Beauty Banter 1415578735.83

I have use Wen before, so I thought I would order the Six thirteen. It made my hair limp and I could not do a thing with it. My husband asked me if it was conditioner. I'm sending it back. Continue Reading


My hair is so limp after using the six thirteen shampoo

Last Reply by KJPA 1415933290.31 | Started by little daisy in WEN

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but since I started using this I can't do anything with my hair. I purchased the gallon size, now I'll have to pay to ship it back. Continue Reading


Why do most dry dog foods have high calories.

Last Reply by happygal 1415478460.21 | Started by little daisy in Pet Lovers

I have been checking out dry dog food labels and most have hight calories. I think that's why so many dogs are over weight. My vet is very tough on calories. He says since last winter so many come in over weight. He like science diet. I won't feed my dogs any thing with by products in it. I walk my dogs 3 times a day to make sure they stay slim. He say feed them a food that's no more then 350 calories per hard to find one that the dogs will eat. Any suggestions. Continue Reading


Re: llamo TSV went to backorder

In TSV Talk 1414933660.883

I just checked with CS and they said they are trying to get all the booths they shipped out back. So they stopped all shipment. I don't know for sure but it almost sounds like there was a problem with the booth. This sounds very strange Continue Reading


Re: llamo TSV went to backorder

In TSV Talk 1414926431.73

Yes I got the same message and I ordered at midnight ,this is not fair. Continue Reading


What does it mean when something is on back order

Last Reply by Campion 1414926397.693 | Started by little daisy in Beauty Banter

I ordered the Lamo booths the tsv at midnight. Now it says there on back order. I would think the people who order first should get the product first. Now I have to wait. Continue Reading

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