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Things don't turn out well in my nu wave oven. Need Helpi

Last Reply by kachina624 1412107395.96 | Started by little daisy in Recipe Swap

I have tried steak turns out tough, chicken not. So. Good also. If your good with this thing please give me some pointers. Continue Reading


Re: Rescue pup got a Wen bath

In WEN 1411432064.377

I enjoyed your little story, I hope you get to keep her she sounds sweet, and I think you and her will be a good match. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have the Jawbone 24 braclet?

In Beauty Banter 1411235923.68

Sorry to here it, I have A small wrist but got the medium. I only take it off in the shower. I know they said you can shower with it but I'm taking no chances. Continue Reading


Anyone have the Jawbone 24 braclet?

Last Reply by little daisy 1411235923.72 | Started by little daisy in Beauty Banter

I got one a few days ago, it pretty awesome.if you have one please tell me how you like it, Continue Reading


Wondering how everyone likes there Fit bit braclet?

Last Reply by DrKelli 1411051333.08 | Started by little daisy in Electronics Talk

Was it worth the money, did it help you reach your goal? Continue Reading


Just got my new sharp rotation lift away that was a tsv, i have questions.

Last Reply by kate2357 1409951644 | Started by little daisy in Beauty Banter

I want to get the caddy do they sell it on qvc? I noticed I do not have a bag for the attachments, does it not come with one? When doing stairs is there any way to put more power in the wane? Continue Reading



In TSV Talk 1409626975.34

I have the Dyson could not wait to get it. It did put a dent in my budget but I really wanted it. Now I'm going to try this navigator . I think the Dyson is over rated. I have and older Vacumn that I use to clean the family room it has more power then the Dyson. I don't want to have to carry vacuum's up and down the stairs. So I'm really hoping this navigator really does what they claim not just hype to sell vacuums. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn Killinger - A Personal Story

In Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1407928337.813

I have not watched Qvc for a while and heard Pat say you need prayers. I am so very very sorry. God bless you and Joe you are one of my favorite host I will keep you in my prayers. Continue Reading


Re: Got a new puppy now the three year old dog growls at him

In Pet Lovers 1407804928.163

Had a member of the family, bring the older dog to meet us at the park Continue Reading

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