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Re: Lisa's reason for being on Project Runway Tonight

In Fashion Talk 1422019888.487

I for one really like watching Lisa on he Q. Since she left I have never looked at her Facebook page or project runway. So many time you hear of different celebrities, leaving hit tv shows for something better but very few ever find what they where looking for. The public loses interest in them, and they simply disapear. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Should I quit my job?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1421674218.117

I would leave, staying there will after a while affects your health. Your health is much more important than any job. I have been there I have done that and I have stayed, Bad Idea. Continue Reading


Re: calling all IT girls!

In Beauty Banter 1421673057.73

Mine has already shipped I'll have it Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't wait. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1421672264.2

I alway like Lisa a lot but now that she is gone. I watch qvc for the products not the host. Their all good.. Bottom I've moved on also. Continue Reading


Re: IT TSV application?

In TSV Talk 1421671383.567

I would use a different brush. I have the production the tube and have a brush that gives me a nice finish. I did order the new tsv Continue Reading


How did the woman that where on the golden globes get that glow to there skin.

Last Reply by Luv_My_Beagle 1421523476.937 | Started by little daisy in Beauty Banter

I noticed this when these ladies where giving out the awards, there skin looked so lovely. I wish I knew what they did. I hate that flat look on my skin, would love to get that glow. Any ideas? Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Gross has beautiful skin.

In Beauty Banter 1420810904.677

It refreshing to see someone selling anti aging products that has not had a total face lift. There is a vendor that sell skin product but had so much work done she look totally different. If they don't believe in there products then why should I believe what they say about them. Continue Reading


Re: Can I put the fitbit on an ipad and a sansung galaxy phone.

In Health & Fitness 1419900264.033

I can't find it for the ipad only the Samsung galexy phone Continue Reading


Re: Need help with my new sansung galaxy s5

In Beauty Banter 1419900146.36

Maybe I'm not using it the right way, just got phone today Continue Reading

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