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Re: Bare SKin serum foundation review

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I think there is a definite learning thing with this foundation. When I first got it I looked in the mirror and was shocked how dry my skin looked. Since then I use a good moisturizer. And primer with it. I do upward stroke with the brush and then my fingers. It looks ok now. I don't want to send it back till I give it a chance. Because of the long winter my skin is dryer now, once it get really warm this will not look dry I'm sure of that. In summer makeup just melts on my face this foundation may only have that soft glow look and I may love it then. Continue Reading


Re: What are others doing that im not with the bare skin foundation

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I tried it with Bare minerals primer it worked a little better. I checked it out out doors it looked more like I was wearing a powder. I guess in summer when it hot it will look ok Continue Reading


What are others doing that im not with the bare skin foundation

Last Reply by PA-RN 1397758131.923 | Started by little daisy in bareMinerals

I have the right shade, but it looks dry on my face. Tried moisturizer still looked dry, tried primer no luck. I have been so looking forward to getting it, now I can't get it to give me a sheer natural look. Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Serum Foundation

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I wear the medium beige in the loose I took the bare beige in the serum perfect match. I can't use two drops on the brush that is too much for me, it really does have coverage. I like a more sheer foundation so I have to mix it with a little moisturizer put it on with the brush and then go over it with my fingers to make it more sheer. It's more of a Matt finishes with this serum . Continue Reading


Re: My Bare Skin foundation has shipped

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Mine shipped today also, I'm so happy can't wait to get it. I have such high expectation about it being really great, sure hope I'm not disappointed. Continue Reading


Re: In the serum foundation would bare nude give you a more tan look then bare beige?

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I am getting them both, one will be perfect the other will go back Continue Reading


In the serum foundation would bare nude give you a more tan look then bare beige?

Last Reply by ginabfly 1397160268.03 | Started by little daisy in bareMinerals

I pre ordered. When it first came out I ordered bare beige, now last night as I looked at bare nude that girls face looked a little tan to me. With summer right around the corner I think I would like to have more color in my face, but don't want to look yellow. What do you think? Continue Reading


Anyone have some good recipes for the nuwave oven

Last Reply by Sharke 1396638497.16 | Started by little daisy in Recipe Swap

I received mine a few days ago it did come worth a cookbook but would like recipes that others have tried the turned great. Trying to keep my family eating healthy. Continue Reading

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