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Re: No self-tanners! Is there a powder or something else one can use on the body?

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http://www.qvc.com/Laura-Geller-Baked-Body-Frosting-Moisturizing-Powder.product.A324014.html?sc=A324014-ISRC 3 Different color options. $33 Also search for Laura Geller's website and she has other color options available there. She has a split pot of Sugar Glow/Honey Glow if you wanted to try to of them. Continue Reading



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Re: Good Buy on Beauty Case set

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On 5/7/2015 ChynnaBlue said: Thank you! That's a steal - if only I can decide on a print. I have the watercolor floral and it is gorgeous! I got another one of those and the black/white damask. ;-) Continue Reading


Good Buy on Beauty Case set

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I love the Joy Mangano Beauty Cases. They have been a life saver for me in organizing my beauty and shower products. This is a ridiculous deal, 4 cases for $29.95 with free shipping. #404-487 HSN Continue Reading


Re: Allure Beauty Box noon EST today (yes, less than an hour!)

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On 4/28/2015 beautymogul said: Where do you pre purchase? Just thinking of the next box in the fall It was by invitation only through email. I have no idea how they select who gets the email. If you receive emails from Allure, always check them. You have to respond and say you would be interested in preordering. Then, if you are one of the first 500 or so to respond, you get an invite to preorder all the boxes a week or so before the actual box launch. It costs like $50 MORE than if you purchased all the boxes separately. Seeing how the items are more drugstore now, it was totally not wort... Continue Reading


Allure Beauty Box noon EST today (yes, less than an hour!)

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http://www.allurebeautythrills.com/ I must admit that I've been disappointed in the lack of high end products in the boxes lately. I am not ordering this one and so happy I didn't prepurchase all the boxes when I had the chance. But for those of you who might use all the products, it is a great opportunity! Continue Reading


Re: got my insider magazine in today's mail !

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On 4/11/2015 Karena said: On 4/11/2015 Krissie2 said: On 4/11/2015 Persephonel said: On 4/11/2015 Krissie2 said: No Mally? As if I need one more cosmetic... no...I miss mally too! She's supposed to be one Monday with some new items. She only has a 1 hour show on Monday. Her nail kit will be clearance priced at $69; I wonder if that is a bad sign. I miss her TSVs and 2 hour shows! She was on this morning and offered a wonderful kit A262525. Three EZ pays! Still available. Continue Reading


Re: Got the IT TSV.....should I cancel..??

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I use light in the CC cream and fairly light in BE. I also have a feeling it might appear a little lighter with the illumination effect. The Model Helen was wearing light (the "70 years young one"). Just don't use too much, it will appear darker. I learned that if I just dot around my face then blend it is perfect. I do use a primer first as well. It is worth it just for those brushes! Continue Reading


Re: It TSV Light vs Medium

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Watch Coach Glitter's review video, she wears medium. It might help give a reference of skin tone color. http://coachglitter.com/blog/ Continue Reading


Re: It TSV Light vs Medium

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On 3/26/2015 Desi said: Not many have gotten the new one so it's hard to say if it's lighter than the original CC. The regular light is definitely peachy. The medium has a more olive-orange tone. I also have trouble with getting a good match because of this . The fair is really good undertone wise on me, but it's just too light. So, I think you might prefer medium but it will probably be a bit dark. Funny Desi, I don't find the light peachy at all, more yellow toned. I found the medium was more orange/peachy. It probably has to do with our skin tones. That is why it is so difficult to sel... Continue Reading

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