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On 7/29/2014 brunette8706 said: On 7/29/2014 susandee said: On 7/29/2014 brunette8706 said: What celebrities does she "Make over"? Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna... Need more? Really? I just never heard that. I thought Beyoncé had her own makeup artist? I think Sir John is Beyonce's makeup artist now, but Mally has worked with her in the past. She has also worked with Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, quite a few artists. I know Mally can get "cray cray" but I actually find her funny as heck. Continue Reading



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On 7/29/2014 brunette8706 said: What celebrities does she "Make over"? Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna... Need more? Continue Reading


Re: Help with foundation color

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Get the medium. You can always add some bronzer. If tan is too dark, you will look muddy and dirty (for lack of a better term). IF you have time to run to Ulta before purchasing today, the colors run very close to her liquid foundation they carry. I use the light in this foundation and warm it up. I use medium in IT Cosmetics BB cream if that helps. Don't forget you can always return and swap the color if medium doesn't work or warm it up and just change your second auto-delivery to tan. Continue Reading


Re: Mally's TSV

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On 7/29/2014 LipstickDiva said: There is a review for the kit and it's 1 star. The reviewer said the foundation was pasty, runs dark and is a very small amount. I love the kit and use everything in it. I use Light in IT Cosmetics and Smashbox. The light is NOT too dark or pasty at all. You don't use a lot of product to get a beautiful finish. Check out musings review here http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2014/07/mally-simple-steps-u-u-love-review-swatches.html with a swatch of the Light. I love Mally's cosmetics and am slowly switching over completely to her line. Honestly, it surprised m... Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics CC Your Most Beautiful You TSV Shipment 2 backordered?

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Has anyone's shipped yet? Mine is still on backorder. Continue Reading


Re: Crown Make up Brushes

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If you have Amazon Prime, I recommend going to Amazon and purchasing the Real Techniques sets. You can buy both sets for $32 with free shipping. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know what Andrew Lessman's ts for tonight will be..............

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Did they post the TS early or will the price be lower than 99.90? I want to use my coupons! ;-) Item Number 357-100 Continue Reading


Re: Mally Foundations

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On 7/14/2014 doglover3 said: Hope you like it as much as I do. Yes, light is lighter than the IT light and much more neutral, very nice shade. I think the fair would be more for porcelain complexions? I really debated before ordering but I did right. Doglover3: Oh my goodness! This foundation is beautiful! I only tapped the brush into the foundation twice, used VERY little and it covered the full face completely. At first, I thought it was even too much foundation. This little compact will probably last longer than I originally thought. I have had it on for about 2 hours, did not use a... Continue Reading


Re: Expiration Dates ~

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I use this website often to check manufacture date and expiration dates: http://checkcosmetic.net/ Continue Reading


Re: Mally Foundations

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On 7/12/2014 doglover3 said: I just got my July TSV from Mally with her new foundation, love it. I am a light medium leaning much more to the light side. I got light, was leery since I have heard her foundation run dark, yellow or orange, not in this one. My light is perfect for me, no yellow, very neutral and is very buildable(read post on Mally TSV). this is a first for me with her foundation. I have dry sensitive skin and this works for me but of course we are all so very different. Maybe this one is different in other ways, maybe not so orange or dark as some have found in her other found... Continue Reading

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