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Re: got my insider magazine in today's mail !

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On 4/11/2015 Karena said: On 4/11/2015 Krissie2 said: On 4/11/2015 Persephonel said: On 4/11/2015 Krissie2 said: No Mally? As if I need one more cosmetic... no...I miss mally too! She's supposed to be one Monday with some new items. She only has a 1 hour show on Monday. Her nail kit will be clearance priced at $69; I wonder if that is a bad sign. I miss her TSVs and 2 hour shows! She was on this morning and offered a wonderful kit A262525. Three EZ pays! Still available. Continue Reading


Re: Got the IT TSV.....should I cancel..??

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I use light in the CC cream and fairly light in BE. I also have a feeling it might appear a little lighter with the illumination effect. The Model Helen was wearing light (the "70 years young one"). Just don't use too much, it will appear darker. I learned that if I just dot around my face then blend it is perfect. I do use a primer first as well. It is worth it just for those brushes! Continue Reading


Re: It TSV Light vs Medium

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Watch Coach Glitter's review video, she wears medium. It might help give a reference of skin tone color. http://coachglitter.com/blog/ Continue Reading


Re: It TSV Light vs Medium

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On 3/26/2015 Desi said: Not many have gotten the new one so it's hard to say if it's lighter than the original CC. The regular light is definitely peachy. The medium has a more olive-orange tone. I also have trouble with getting a good match because of this . The fair is really good undertone wise on me, but it's just too light. So, I think you might prefer medium but it will probably be a bit dark. Funny Desi, I don't find the light peachy at all, more yellow toned. I found the medium was more orange/peachy. It probably has to do with our skin tones. That is why it is so difficult to sel... Continue Reading


Re: It TSV Light vs Medium

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Definitely the light, it has the slight yellow tone you want. I use both colors and medium is muddier on me. Get the light now and you can always bronze it up and switch to medium in the next delivery if you want for summer. It is always safer to go with the lighter option. Continue Reading


Only 1200 left in Fair if you are interested

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Only 1200 left in Fair if you are interested in the IT TSV. Continue Reading


Re: FYI: IT Cosmetics TSV MAY ring up at NON-TSV price through your email!!! ++

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The one time only purchase price was correct but if you then clicked over to A/D, the price increased. I called customer service and they fixed it for me. So I don't know why they didn't for you. You can order the one time only then convert to A/D manually after submitting your order. Copy/paste this: http://www.qvc.com/EMAIL.product.A262750.html?promo=RD0&cm_ven=APTSV&cm_cat=ITCOSMETICS_032515&cm_pla=ACTIVE_LOW&cm_ite=HERO_A262750_ITC:ItCosmetics&sc=MAIL&cvosrc=email.cheetahmail.2097197584 Continue Reading


Re: Just got email to order IT TSV now.

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Another beauty blogger video preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN0r1v3hZ5o Continue Reading


Re: foundation color in tsv

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I found this website really helpful. The blogger works for Bare Minerals. http://www.loveshelbey.com/2013/11/how-to-choose-your-bare-minerals.html Continue Reading


Re: O/T: The Q is hiring!

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On 3/5/2015 haleypie said: On 3/5/2015 susandee said: haleypie: My husband was born and raised in Spokane, WA. We lived there the second year of our marriage after he graduated from seminary. I loved it. Mad they closed Cyrus O'Learys though. That layer dip rocked! ;-) I love Spokane! Is his family still here? Sounds like you've been back relatively recently. Cyrus's is gone, and so is C.I. Shenanigans! He has tons of friends still in the area, but no family. His mom passed away 3 years ago. Spokane was my first introduction to Kettle Corn and Pig out in the Park. Oh my goodness! Continue Reading

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