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Re: Wrong color sticker on powder,it,tsv?

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I agree. I noticed that the medium powder is definitely lighter than the light powder. Weird! I am keeping both kits as well just because I want two brushes and they aren't included in future shipments. I'll swap the powders around for the summer. Continue Reading



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On 1/29/2015 sherrilz said: I think I do like this kit. I really get sucked in when I watch beauty presentations. I am always looking for something better. I am 46 with acne prone skin. I'm starting to get wrinkles and have discoloration. I have tried just about everything. Thought I'd give this a shot. I do like this. I wasn't sure at first. I bought light and medium and they are very close in color. I think medium is a little more orange. I may keep that for summer. When I first put it on, I was unsure. I think it looks good once I set with the powder. If I wait like 10 minutes it really mo... Continue Reading


Re: Yes Hair Removal Tool - Anyone try this??

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On 1/31/2015 Bigbro said: I haven't tried it. But here is a review. Wow, scroll down and read those comments. It seems it is simply a razor with some form of pad to remove stubble left behind. I would steer clear of this one! Continue Reading


Re: Isomers Immortal

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On 1/30/2015 HappyDaze said: On 1/30/2015 cassiem said: On 1/30/2015 HappyDaze said: On 1/30/2015 Nadine said: You get five very tiny vials in the kit along with a 1.7 moisturizer to use with, You're suppose to use only one vial a week for five weeks. If you use all the vial before the week is over you are suppose to wait for the seven days and then use another vial for another week etc very sketchy details . you can use everyday or skip a day. The whole thing is really not making sense. See that is not what I remember her saying at all. What I remember her say is to use a vial and, whether ... Continue Reading



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I agree with all the positive comments. Love the kit. When your husband says your makeup looks natural, you know you have a winner. I looked at him dumbfounded, I mean, he is a guy, no clue about makeup and says the perfect thing. Prior to the kit I use the CC cream with the celebration foundation over it in light. The light powder from this kit is a little lighter in color which I am thrilled about! It doesn't look muddy at all and definitely helps hide the pores. I love the under eye cream, no reaction or tearing of my eyes, and they are sensitive. For an SPF eye cream that is amazi... Continue Reading


Re: Only 400 Isomers TSV Left if you want it, buy it NOW

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Sold out. You can still get the Copper P liter and it is only like $10 more than the TSV price. I'm sure there will be some OTO later in the day. Continue Reading


Only 400 Isomers TSV Left if you want it, buy it NOW

Last Reply by susandee 1422123626.997 | Started by susandee in Beauty Banter

Only 350 Isomers TSV Left if you want it, buy it NOW Continue Reading


Re: Very aggravated with IT TSV order!

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I preordered light and medium. Received the light 2 days ago, the medium is nowhere to be found. It shows shipped but in limbo, as if UPS hasn't even picked it up yet. Frustrating to say the least! Continue Reading


Re: It TSV numbers active now

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On 1/17/2015 Desi said: I opened it - I fail, lol. Glad someone else managed to do it, sorry guys. Thank you for trying Desi! Continue Reading

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