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Re: reviews on the t3 2 feather blow dryer

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Love mine! Check COSTCO before you purchase! I saw them there but I don't know if it was just that one time. I've had mine for years, have thick wavy hair and it dries my hair beautifully in 10 minutes; it used to take 30. I've had no electrical issues with the dryer at all. I always pack it up after it cools down and am careful to not drop it or bump it. Continue Reading


Re: ULTA Beauty Steal Too Faced Bulletproof Brow

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On 9/10/2014 Good4u said: I'd prefer to hear an honest review first…thanks. Check out You Tube, there are beauty bloggers that have reviewed the product. I figure if it doesn't work, I can simply return it. But I'm tired of the wax, powders, gel, etc. Supposedly this product is a one step. We'll see! Continue Reading


ULTA Beauty Steal Too Faced Bulletproof Brow

Last Reply by BellaCarro 1410409367.06 | Started by susandee in Beauty Banter

If you have been looking for a new brow product, today's ULTA Beauty Steal is Too Faced Bulletproof Brow for $15. I've been wanting to try this product so I grabbed one. Comes in two colors Taupe and Brunette with brush. Continue Reading


Re: Next Allure Beauty Box....when?

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Goes on sale 9:01am PST (12:01pm EDT) ON 8/26. Visit and view post #30 for a photo. I'm underwhelmed and so happy I didn't purchase the three boxes ahead of time when I had the chance. Continue Reading


Re: IT Cosmetics - CC Cream - How do you like this?

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On 8/19/2014 Sandgirl said: On 8/19/2014 NCGIRL said: I bought it on auto delivery when it was a tsv. I ordered the tan which i wear in the celebration foundation. I have light olive skin. I love it but the tan was to dark for me and had to change color to medium and its perfect. My holy grail foundation love it THANK YOU!!! If you have Olive skin, I doubt that you and I could both wear medium so I'm thinking I better go with the light..... hummm confused on what color to go with haha I wear light in the IT Celebration foundation and Medium in the CC cream. The Medium shade is VERY forgivin... Continue Reading


Re: IT Cosmetics - CC Cream - How do you like this?

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Get the medium! I am usually light in BE but the light in the IT CC was a little ashy on me. The medium is perfect for me during the summer. This product is wonderful and I have combo skin, am 53 and I simply set it with powder or Mally's Face Defender (which sets it the best!). Continue Reading


Re: OT: bruised tail bone

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I've chipped my tailbone and it hurts like mad. Check out for some ideas about sitting comfortably and pain relief until this passes. It will get better! Continue Reading


Re: tarte sale....

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It is actually Monday 8 AM PST, not Sunday! Continue Reading


Re: OT Dad - cancers

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On 8/16/2014 HappyDaysRcomin said: dad has had 8 treatments. He is sicker than ever and very skinny and weak. My mom is exhausted and feeling like she is not strong enough at times. My dad is getting bad results on blood work. Liver counts still very high. I feel so angry and sad at the same time. I hate what is happening and can't do a thing about it. I wish I could take his pain for him. He doesn't deserve this. No one does. My mom suffers from migraine headaches...about 5 of them a week. She is the strongest person I know...she hides them from my dad so he don't worry. Please c... Continue Reading


Re: Next Allure Beauty Box....when?

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The large Allure Beauty Box was supposed to be shipped in August and December for those who preordered. It is my understanding that Allure moved the August release to September to coincide with the September magazine issue. Not sure as to a sale date yet. If I hear anything I'll post! Continue Reading

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