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Re: How to Get Rid of Overlay about "We've Changed"

In Q Did What? 1429019522.597

NC Bandwagon, Yes, I saw that X and click it. But having to click it every time I go to the QVC page on my computer is a little annoying :). I guess I'm just a fast learner and once I know some things have been changed, I want that reminder gone as soon as possible. (And that comes from a baby boomer who has learned computers and video games and cell phones as much as I can!) Continue Reading


Green Video Screen? How to See the Video on New Format?

Last Reply by fingerlakesny 1429011180.457 | Started by InStitches49 in Q Did What?

Okay, now instead of a video showing the product as presented online, I'm getting sound with a solid green screen! Help! All other videos are showing fine on my computer(s) but not the QVC ones anymore! What is going on?! Continue Reading


How to Get Rid of Overlay about "We've Changed"

Last Reply by InStitches49 1429019522.133 | Started by InStitches49 in Q Did What?

Each time I bring up QVC's main page, there is an overlay of print about what has changed on the site. I don't need to see this forever but it still comes up! Is there a place to click to end this showing up each time I open the home page? I think it's been on there way long enough for most people to get the message frankly and it is annoying! Continue Reading


Re: Striped Sweater (A265576) & Swing Jacket Up (A365536)

In Linea 1428157982.227

I want all three colors! But I particularly want the red and blue striped one as my birthday is July 4th! Just debating which size to order--bust is 38 and the small is 39 while the medium is 41. The cotton content is what makes me think I ought to go with the medium, my usual size in Linea. Continue Reading


Re: SHARK LIFT-AWAY TSV Coming up....

In For the Home Talk 1423793261.153

Love my Shark Lift-Away Professional vacuum! It outperforms my older Oreck vacuum hands down! Granted the Oreck is lighter weight and easier to carry upstairs to do the family room. But as the owner of a Pembroke Corgi dog who sheds all year long (worse, yes, in the spring), the Shark picks up a ton of loose hair. This is the best investment I ever made in a vacuum and would do it again if needed. By the way, when our daughter in college moved into her apartment we bought her a similar but smaller Shark vacuum to use. Anyone who's on the fence should get this because you will be amazed! Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Items Continuing to Increase

In Fashion Talk 1423691581.05

Thanks to all of you who answered my posting! Good to see I'm not alone in what I've been observing, too. One thing I forgot is that I like the fact Louis Dell'Olio of Linea will write in his blog as well as say online from time to time that the cost of manufacturing a certain piece in a particular fabric has increased or that not everyone will like a style or color depending on her shape or need in lifestyle. That to me is a compliment from a well-known designer who recognizes the wisdom of the buyer. Then there are those other vendors who practically shout on television that everyone "mu... Continue Reading


Fashion Items Continuing to Increase

Last Reply by luvshopping 1423850951.83 | Started by InStitches49 in Fashion Talk

Perhaps it's just that I'm retirement age and notice costs more than I did when working, but to me it seems that many of the fashion brands have increased quite a bit over the last year or so. In fact some of the items have jumped five dollars or more just in the past months. And somehow it seems this coincided with the "new" shipping rates and policies. I'm not afraid to buy Linea as I know the pieces I get are typically classics and well-made. Sometimes I'm not sure about sizing and hesitate there especially when no measurements are provided. But Susan Graver and LOGO (which I haven't bo... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear what Shawn said about Monday nights?

In Q News 1423539192.82

From my own viewpoint, I'm not interested in watching QVC much anymore at all. Monday nights may have been a little repetitious with Lisa's constant chatter about how wonderful each item was but there was humorous banter between her, the vendors, and the models which sometimes broke the ice, so to speak. Now PM Style or whatever replaces it is just boring to me. And with the new shipping/handling and the dropping of click here sizes, well, looks like I'm through buying a lot of clothing and other items on QVC. Continue Reading



In Linea 1423510722.83

Wasn't looking or listening but that tee could be (1) vintage--as he uses older Linea pieces or (2) sneak peek of something coming later in Linea. Continue Reading


Re: If you need to return items do it before Feb 17

In Linea 1423461715.443

I've always been selective about ordering only Linea pieces that I need in sizes that I'm pretty sure will fit me. Still I've had to return several over the years just because the sizing was off enough to warrant not keeping them and exchanging them for a better size (if even available). Now I'm really going to limit what I buy and with even a question about the size in my mind I probably won't risk it. One other thing I've noticed already on some items is that the price has increased recently evidently in an effort to "recover" the cheaper shipping and handling. That's really deceptive ... Continue Reading

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