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Re: Best K Cup Recommendaton for Milder Coffee :)

In Coffee Talk 1418791184.277

Thanks to all of you for your answers to my plea! I really want to like this Keurig but need to find a softer, less in-your-face coffee to enjoy it fully. I've written down your suggestions and will look for some of them. I do have the Green Mountain in the sampler I believe so will try that tomorrow. Continue Reading


Best K Cup Recommendaton for Milder Coffee :)

Last Reply by kcladyz 1419212321.74 | Started by InStitches49 in Coffee Talk

Needed: some milder form of coffee in a K Cup that I can try. I just got the single serve Keurig and tried the Donut Shop K Cup. Maybe others like it but I didn't even with sugar and milk added. Way too strong for my preferences. I know there are other samples I can try but wondered if anyone here would share their recommendation(s) for mild, mellow coffee--nothing really strong and bitter. I'm more of a hot tea drinker and hot cocoa but want to like coffee. Just need something suggested besides what I tried. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: TSV Canon

In TSV Talk 1418761383.133

It's a Canon T5 18 MP DSLR with two lens and accessories. Check out reviews on Amazon.com and DPReview.com before you purchase. Looks good but then I'm already set on cameras with one DSLR similar to this but a Sony, one megazoom, and two point and shoot pocket cameras. Continue Reading


Re: Jac: Louis Will Be on PM Style 12/15!

In Linea 1418761171.94

PilatesLover, If you look at the items in PM Style last night under "Items Recently on Air" there was a sweater jacket by Isaac that fits the black and white striped item you asked about. Love the colors in the turtleneck, but I prefer a mock turtleneck as often feel "choked" by true turtlenecks. Continue Reading


Re: To my dear friend, Lisa Robertson

In Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1418490558.577

Mary Beth, you said exactly what I've been thinking! Bravo for expressing the sentiments I've felt ever since Lisa made her announcement. I had a career for almost eleven years and loved it but gave mine up to be a "stay at home Mommy" nearly thirty-one years ago and never regretted that change in my life's direction one bit! Life does go by so, so quickly and we need to make the most of every day God allows us to have! Thankful that Lisa has seen this evidently and decided to take a break and refocus what her next years will be like! Continue Reading


TSV Colors and K Cup Question....

Last Reply by NickNack 1418243003.187 | Started by InStitches49 in Coffee Talk

1. If I'm going to get a more universal color, is platinum a good choice? I was leaning towards the dark red color but then noticed my can opener and toaster have more of a silver color. Our appliances are all white, but I thought maybe the white would be too much. 2. Does this model take only the K cups that are prepackaged or can one insert a filter of some kind and put in your own coffee? Can other brands of K cups be used other than Keurig? I've never had a Keurig before and thought it might be nice to try it with all the different types of beverages offered. Continue Reading


Re: Got Good Deal at Dillards :)

In Dooney & Bourke 1418166375.14

I like Dillards most of all for my clothes (especially when there's a sale) and Kohls for our college-aged daughter's basic needs with JCPenney being her second choice. Macys just doesn't have the merchandise and quality I desire so I rarely shop there. And Sears is pitiful and never on my list once the kids grew up. I've been carrying my new hobo bag and love it! It's the perfect size and color for me :). Continue Reading


Re: Got Good Deal at Dillards :)

In Dooney & Bourke 1418012129.553

Interesting reading about your opinions of Macys versus Dillards. I live in the Nashville, TN area and originally our Macys stores were a local store called Castner Knott which was great especially with middle-class shoppers. But years ago it was bought out by Hechts and then that was bought out by Macys. I don't feel like the Macys stores carry enough variety (at least here) in their merchandise and frankly sales aren't sales because of so many exclusions. Dillards has a better variety in what they offer, and when there is a sale it is usually a good sale. My favorite store for some thi... Continue Reading


Got Good Deal at Dillards :)

Last Reply by stevieb 1418167607.907 | Started by InStitches49 in Dooney & Bourke

I've been watching the offerings here on QVC and also on the Twelve Days event at Dooney, but haven't seen anything in a color I really want. So today I went to the local mall and just happened to go into Dillards. There was a 25% off regular price sale on all purses, including Dooney. However, I found one on clearance that was exactly what I'd been wanting--it's the hobo style (A257680) in gray with the tan accents for $159 plus tax! Yeah! I feel like I finally "won" a Dooney bag! Continue Reading


Re: Newer Thread- Gili Milano's are arriving on door steps!! Reviews??

In All About Handbags 1414685229.303

I'm glad now that even though I had ordered the gray ostrich in this that I did cancel my order. From what I'm reading the reviews are a mix with a tendency towards the negative in regards to the stiffness of the leather, quality control in the ostrich dying, and zippers that aren't easy to open/close. Instead I've opted to wait for my D&B exchange of the gray Chelsea (that was obviously a return sent to me) for the dark chocolate brown. Even though it's big, it's not as big as this bag which was a major reason I cancelled after drooling over colors for a whole day. Glad some who rece... Continue Reading

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