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Re: The TSV for Sept. 13th

In Dooney & Bourke 1410625296.31

I got this in the mushroom but sent it back as (1) it was too big, (2) it was too heavy, and (3) the inside lining was plastic like. Throw in that the zipper on top and the zipper on back didn't always work smoothly or stuck completely. I have the Charleston Shopper in two colors and love the weight, size, and, yes, zipper on both of them :). Continue Reading


Re: If anyone has recieved the marine in the dooney TSV for sept. 13

In All About Handbags 1410402955.62

I did not receive the TSV but did order another purse from Zappos that was in the marine and found it not as dark as navy. Marine is a pretty medium to dark blue but definitely wasn't a navy in the purse I ordered. I ended up sending my purse back just because I want a true dark navy color (like the navy in Linea fashions). I did order the TSV in another color but returned it because it was much bigger and heavier than I thought and wasn't comfortable on my shoulder. That's just my opinion of course since I have two other D&B bags (the Charleston shopper) and love them. Continue Reading


Re: Received Dooney & Bourke Sept. 13th TSV and It's a Winner!

In Dooney & Bourke 1409192773.51

I sent my TSV in mushroom/black back today because it was defective. The small zipper on the back wouldn't open at all, and the top zipper was iffy about a smooth opening most of the time. Also, I was very surprised to see a cheap red plastic interior. For nearly $300 you'd think there'd be regular cloth lining to be honest. The bag color was gorgeous and the leather was great. However, with the defects and the plastic lining, I also thought it was a much bigger and heavier bag than anticipated. So...sadly I sent it back. I did include a note explaining why which I hope the powers that b... Continue Reading


Re: Received Dooney & Bourke Sept. 13th TSV and It's a Winner!

In Dooney & Bourke 1408667189.033

Finally figured out the number for the TSV and got it in the mushroom. I just hope it's not too big or too heavy for me. I've almost gotten another bag recently but hesitated because of those factors. My fingers are crossed! Continue Reading


Re: College Kids and Distance

In Mom to Mom Forum 1408641178.973

Both of our children only went an hour's drive away from home. When our son left, it wasn't that hard because we had his younger sister still at home. Her first semester she went to a school three hours away and ended up hating the distance as well as the school. She came back, finished at a nearby junior college, and then went to the senior college. She's a senior this year and living in an apartment with two other girls (one of those where each girl has her own bedroom/bath but share a kitchen, living room, and laundry). I still worry some about her just because she's a girl (I know--... Continue Reading


Re: Received Dooney & Bourke Sept. 13th TSV and It's a Winner!

In Dooney & Bourke 1408640567.84

I hate it when they keep deleting any item number or photos of upcoming TSVs because I'd at least like to look and see if it's interesting to me! And the computer TSV I ordered earlier this month is gone with only a note that it's "sold out." I can't even see any reviews or specs or anything anymore. Really?! Continue Reading


Any Reviews from Purchasers of HP Computer on August 3 (AMD10)?

Started by InStitches49 in TSV Talk 1408640212.09

Getting ready today to try mine out after receiving it two days ago, but can't find any reviews of it online. When I click on the item number from my order status, it says item is sold out and that's all!! No information is there at all anymore including the specs. I know I can get some of that from the computer properties list once I turn it on. But I wish I knew what others were experiencing so I'd be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak :). I have had two other HP laptops in the past and have a five year old HP desktop now. The only reason I got this one was to upgr... Continue Reading


Re: Heartfelt Thanks from Shawn Killinger and Joe

In Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1408493099.47

Words can't truly express what I and others feel for you and your husband at this time. Just imagine a great big group hug and that is the best expression. I, too, experienced loss of two children after our son was born and each time it felt terrible. Then when all seemed over and a specialist had even said a sustainable pregnancy was never possible we found out we were expecting again. I was 42 years old! Most of the nine months was spent in a semi-state of apprehension and concern. I didn't even get nursery items until a few weeks before the due date as to not "jinx" things. So eight ... Continue Reading


Re: Demonstrate vacuuming some real dog hair

In TSV Talk 1407707151.88

Come to my house and try a vacuum on rugs with Pembroke Welsh Corgi hair all over them! Ha, ha! That'll test any vacuum! I personally think the Shark vacuum I got last year right before we got the puppy is the best I've ever had. Haven't had or tried the Dyson but the Shark beats my older Oreck hands down for getting all the doggie hair up! Continue Reading


Re: Have Questions About the Newly-Designed HP Pavilion Laptop? Ask our Experts!

In Electronics Talk, TSV Talk 1407109064.713

Can I remove all of McAfee if I don't like it and would rather install another antivirus program? Continue Reading

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