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Re: Newer Thread- Gili Milano's are arriving on door steps!! Reviews??

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I'm glad now that even though I had ordered the gray ostrich in this that I did cancel my order. From what I'm reading the reviews are a mix with a tendency towards the negative in regards to the stiffness of the leather, quality control in the ostrich dying, and zippers that aren't easy to open/close. Instead I've opted to wait for my D&B exchange of the gray Chelsea (that was obviously a return sent to me) for the dark chocolate brown. Even though it's big, it's not as big as this bag which was a major reason I cancelled after drooling over colors for a whole day. Glad some who rece... Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

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I had ordered the grey ostrich bag but after seeing it presented last night cancelled my order. I'm glad for those of you who have ordered (and some who have already received) the bag, but I just decided that it was too big for me. As a retiree, I don't carry as much as I did when I had a career. I do love the color selection though and would love to see a smaller satchel, tote, or hobo with a snap in these colors. The black was much prettier presented on the air than I'd thought from looking at the photos and even the video. However, I already have one black D&B bag which is my go-t... Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

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I'm in trouble because I yielded to the constant temptation of "Will I be sorry if I don't get one of these GILI TSV handbags?" I was alternating between Chestnut Croco, Grey Ostrich, and Natural Ostrich but settled on the Grey Ostrich because it's a color I don't have. (And it won't bother me if it's more of a taupe grey than a true grey either.) I'm still wondering how huge this bag will look on me, but decided that it was worth the try. I'm afraid that once I got my first D&B months ago, I've become a handbag nut. Nothing like a new hobby in one's senior years (although I just rece... Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

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gigy, That's what I'm wondering, too, because this bag is lovely but HUGE! I've been debating whether to get it because it's different than any bag I've ever had. However, the Chelsea shopper by Dooney and Bourke is the biggest one I've ever gotten (birthday treat to myself recently), and I'm still getting used to it at 14 inches wide. This one is three more inches wide and a lot "floppier." I'm probably not going to get it because it might overwhelm my middle-aged body :). And I'm just wondering how the value of it over time will rate compared to a D&B bag? (No offense...just an ho... Continue Reading


Re: Should New D&B Chelsea Come Wrapped in Blue Protector Sack?

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I know that if I'm paying over $250 for a handbag that I'm going to use the rest of my life then I want something in new condition. When I looked at the handbag in the daylight, it was obvious that someone had used it before, not roughly but enough that it wasn't worth paying as "new," only as "as is" (which wasn't how I bought it). This is only the third D&B handbag I've bought and probably will be the last for a long time. If I'm not satisfied, then I think I justifiably have a reason to return it and get another bag. It wasn't just about the color gray; it was about the condition i... Continue Reading


Re: Should New D&B Chelsea Come Wrapped in Blue Protector Sack?

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VERDICT--I returned the gray Chelsea and will get a chocolate brown one instead. I called Customer Service and told them that somehow I just believe I got sent a return. She told me that there were no more gray bags, so my second choice was chocolate brown anyway. The new amber color is interesting but looks a lot like the taupe I have in Charleston, and I wanted a distinct difference between the taupe and black bags I already have (without going to pink or orange though). Anyway I firmly told her I wanted a NEW bag and not another return. We'll see what happens in a few days . Continue Reading


Re: Should New D&B Chelsea Come Wrapped in Blue Protector Sack?

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Thanks for your replies. I'll check it out more in daylight tomorrow as it came too late today. On the surface it looks okay. I'm just not too sure now I want to keep the gray--leaning towards swapping it for dark brown or amber color. It's hard to discern the true tone of a color by looking either online or on the screen. And none of the local stores, even though I live in a large city, have the Chelsea at all right now :(. It is bigger than the Charleston bags I own but I like the unique style. I prefer a double handled bag over a single handle like a hobo. Continue Reading


Should New D&B Chelsea Come Wrapped in Blue Protector Sack?

Last Reply by stevieb 1414099683.167 | Started by InStitches49 in Dooney & Bourke

Question: I got the Chelsea shopper today in the gray, and it was inside the blue D&B dust protector bag. When I got my D&B bags locally, they were not packaged that way in that the blue bag was folded inside the handbag. Is this the way QVC normally packages new D&B bags? Also, I noticed that while the handles were wrapped in clear plastic wrap, there was only one paper packing bunched on one side of the bag inside. I'm just wondering if this was a return which I got repackaged the best someone there could do. Also, I'm not sure I want the gray color once I get it home. Bu... Continue Reading


Re: Dooney new website up

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One thing I like about the new design is that the photos of items show up clearer and perhaps a little truer in color. There are still glitches though. And I found a new interesting color in some purses--coffee. If that gets on Q there will be a comparison needed with amber and perhaps taupe or tan. I wish on both Q and DB that you could put the same purse in different colors next to each other to get a comparison color chart :). Continue Reading


Re: Re-Order - Kate Shirt - Sneak Peek NEW Colour CLAY!

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Question--do you think this is a style that needs to be ordered one size up? The measurements look a little tight to me especially with the fabric content. Leaning towards the new stone and clay colors but don't want to get the wrong size. Usually I'm a medium in most Linea items. Continue Reading

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