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Olive Oil Scrub--How to Use It?

Last Reply by icezeus 1406864927.493 | Started by InStitches49 in philosophy

Is the olive oil scrub used with a shower gel or in place of a shower gel? I never understood which of these ways to use it. Just got it and wanted to know the correct answer. Thanks! Continue Reading


Advance Orders for Two or Three Months Away? Explain This....

Last Reply by Matty6 1406559555.55 | Started by InStitches49 in Susan Graver

I noticed recently two different items shown were listed online as being advance orders due in the late fall, one being listed as November even. Now my question is simply why in the world would anyone order a top this early and hope that it comes in by October or November? I'm serious, especially since one of the tops seemed more appropriate for now into very early September. I just can't see waiting that long for any top whether SG or someone else. But maybe I'm the rare bird so to speak :). Continue Reading


Re: Why Isn't the new Dooney & Bourke Samba Satchel listed yet on QVC?

In Dooney & Bourke 1406000883.557

tough_kitty, That easy pay is so tempting and probably was a big part of my giving in, but as you said it's still costing a total of over $300. I got the one Dooney I have on sale for a lot less than original and it was new, not used even one bit. You just have to stalk, so to speak, certain sites either online or in brick/mortar stores. Actually all the bags I have and use (not that many...just five with one being summer only) were bought on sale for great prices. I certainly don't need to break that "record" now :)! Someday I may get this bag whenever it's greatly reduced though. Continue Reading


Re: Why Isn't the new Dooney & Bourke Samba Satchel listed yet on QVC?

In Dooney & Bourke 1405995021.46

Well, I felt so guilty about the cost (even with easy pay) that I cancelled my order. I only have one Dooney and got it on sale recently through another site but love it (Charleston in taupe). So I rationalized that I don't need another, especially with other things to pay for. I just got on Medicare (yeah--reached that magic age) and have to pay for the first three months up front since I'm not on Social Security yet. That's basically the cost of the bag unfortunately. But one has to do the necessary things first in life. Hope all of you enjoy the bag when you get it. Continue Reading


Re: Why Isn't the new Dooney & Bourke Samba Satchel listed yet on QVC?

In Dooney & Bourke 1405967515.817

I'm trying not to cancel my order of the satchel presented this morning (A255164) in saddle because (gulp!) it's a LOT of money for one purse. I looked at the other version (A255171) but thought it looked more "old lady" for lack of a better comparative term. (Hope I don't offend those who do like that style.) So here I sit reading the notes and trying not to hit "cancel" because of extreme guilt. (Hey, this is the price of two textbooks for my daughter in college or one month's health insurance. Now saying those things makes me more nervous.) Help! Is this really worth getting to see ... Continue Reading


Color Question -- QVC Colors Versus Dooney Site Colors

Last Reply by stevieb 1405443398.53 | Started by InStitches49 in Dooney & Bourke

I saw some new Samba leather bags on QVC and was curious as to the colors since only one so far is shown on QVC. When I compared the colors at least on my monitor, there is a big difference. Does QVC get a different dye lot than Dooney? If you look at the gray the bag on Dooney is almost an off-white color. And the saddle is much more orange on Dooney than on QVC. The fir is a drastic difference as well. Which one is the accurate one? Or do I just take a chance with either site in ordering? Continue Reading


Re: Old At 65??

In Health & Fitness 1405440451.263

I just celebrated my 65th birthday on July 4th and prefer to think that I'm "seasoned" (kind of like good wine) rather than the dull word "old." Okay, I may be considered over the hill by some; but at least I get senior discounts and will soon get Social Security and, yes, have a daughter in college (senior at last). If you marry later in life as I did, have babies later (our son is thirty but there was a long eight years between him and his sister) even when the specialist said it wasn't possible (ha, ha!), then you stay younger thinking at least. I figure I'll have to be ninety before gr... Continue Reading


Re: From Louis - August & September Show Dates!

In Linea 1404186561.123

Gardensla, Thanks for the date and the times. Hopefully if any of the new pieces are items I have to have I can get them before the show. I'm on Central Time so that time is 4 to 6 am here, not an hour I'm up anymore since retirement thankfully. Ah, the joy of sleeping a little later most mornings :). Continue Reading


Re: From Louis - August & September Show Dates!

In Linea 1404181018.783

Thanks for the information! I may have missed it, but are there any shows at all in July? Continue Reading


Re: Ladies that sew, please help..........

In Linea 1404179565.937

As a sewer, I agree with several others and recommend you simply return these slacks with a note stating that they were already cut when you received them but that you would like another pair whenever available (if you're really wanting this particular pair of slacks). I've repaired things before when it was a simple tear but the fabric is weakened there, more with each washing and wearing. If you do want to keep the slacks, I'd recommend taking it to a seamstress who can professionally advise you and fix it the best way she knows. Continue Reading

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