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Anyone Else Had Orders Vanish from Order Status?

Started by InStitches49 in Q Did What? 1396154005.973

Don't know if "Q Did What?" is proper place for this, but in the last two to three days I KNOW I placed two orders (one a waitlist for a SG faux leather jacket and the other an event price on a Josie Maran set of body butter and hand lotion) and saw them on the Order Status. Just now I checked that order status and saw neither one of those items listed anywhere. I've sent an email to Customer Service about this, but I wondered if this had happened recently to anyone else. And, yes, I know without a doubt that I had both of these ordered :). Continue Reading


Re: New Faux Leather Jacket (A252481)

In Susan Graver 1395935843.223

BlueCollarBabe, Thanks for the kind remarks. I've read the notes here and on the product, and evidently some ladies got a different quality jacket than I did. There's no stitching problems on mine, and frankly the wrinkles have mostly worked themselves out from hanging it in the closet and/or wearing it anyway. I have written other reviews of items I received and either wore or at the least tried on and found inferior in one or more ways. But when I do find an item that is worth a positive review then I write it. I buy a few SG items from time to time and more often buy Linea items. And,... Continue Reading


New Faux Leather Jacket (A252481)

Last Reply by InStitches49 1395935843.317 | Started by InStitches49 in Susan Graver

Just got this new jacket (ordered on 16th and got on 20th which is surprising) and love the soft camel color plus the feel of the jacket. I wish now I'd gotten the rusty orange color for fall. I do have a request for Susan Graver that this jacket be done in a few other colors such as deep navy and dark brown for those (like myself) who'd love it for early fall wearing in warmer areas such as the South where I live. Loving this jacket for sure as it's a lot better faux leather than I've had before. Continue Reading


Porcelain Print Top (A252352) Is Online

Last Reply by H20gal 1393535674.57 | Started by InStitches49 in Linea

Just noticed this is online now and ordered my top in the neutral or twig color. There's also yellow, blue, and pink for those who like those colors. I ordered the medium even though I'm in between the small and the medium but didn't want it too tight at the bottom. Always wondering though on some of the items if I've gotten the correct size.... Continue Reading


Re: The New Anorak (A251586): Mine Arrived Today & I Love It!

In Linea 1392951285.547

I'm anxiously awaiting the charcoal gray jacket because while i liked the fit of the taupe jacket which I received today, the color is too gold based (at least to my eyes) than I like for my own use. I'm glad a lot love the color, but for me I feel the charcoal color will be more my preference. Why it took longer to send that one is beyond my comprehension though . Continue Reading


Re: The New Anorak (A251586): Mine Arrived Today & I Love It!

In Linea 1392687952.31

I have this coming in both colors. I started out thinking I'd get only one but ordered both of the colors because each has its season to wear. And after just watching the brief segment on PM Style I'm glad I did get both of them. My one hesitant moment was knowing they are dry clean, but hopefully the home dry cleaning kit is still available and I can do them that way. The light color will probably be the one needing it first. Continue Reading


Re: WOW!!!

In Linea 1389892071.983

While I love watching Louis and the ladies show the fashions, I think that having him on more would be detrimental to his creativity as well as the quality of the fashions he desires to give us. I'd rather wait longer for the great fashions he presents, even when only a certain number of them may be things I need or that will be workable in my lifestyle. And to be honest my credit card can't take many more presentations each month! Continue Reading


Re: 1st Time Linea Buyer Here...

In Linea 1389829460.353

Welcome to the new Linea ladies! You will discover Linea is like eating potato chips...you can't just buy one item. Soon you'll discover you need one of this, one of that, two of another and on it goes. I'm "guilty" of this for sure! (And I like it.) Continue Reading


Re: The New Gray Elbow Length WK Sweater!

In Linea 1389829314.723

Just got this in the new gray color in medium and love it! I went back and ordered it in the navy, white, and coral. While I can't wear it today in Tennessee (34 degrees with cold wind) I can wear it in spring, summer, and fall. In spring and fall I may need a jacket or sweater over it depending on the weather. In summer it'll be perfect for all but the hot, muggy days and especially inside air-conditioned buildings. Now this wasn't all I got, ladies, but had to rave on this one since I know it fits me perfectly! Thank you, Louis!!! Continue Reading


Re: Linea boyfriend cardigan - anyone able to order?

In Linea 1389807707.25

Waiting and stalking on the computer but no luck on finding this item yet....hope it shows up before really late because I don't know if I can wait that long. Patience is not my virtue when waiting for Linea items to be online! Continue Reading

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