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Re: Origami storage

In For the Home Talk 1406658132.95

I purchased the TS that was two shoe organizers and love them! The are very well made, strong material and hold a lot! Continue Reading


Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

In Viewpoints 1406580389.963

It was okay. Would I highly recommend it? No. Wait till it comes to HBO Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know if this is allowed (legal?)

In Viewpoints 1406579792.897

anything hanging over into another's property can legally be cut by that property owner. ONLY up to the property line however. Continue Reading


Re: JTV Gone?

In Viewpoints 1406579666.913

I have cox as well and although it still shows on the Guide, when I turn to it the TV states "temporarily unavailable". I loved JTV! :=/ Continue Reading


Re: Any Movie (at the Theater) Recs?

In Viewpoints 1406579490.71

DH and I saw the Planet of the Apes, it was good. Afterwards we went in to see Hercules and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Continue Reading


Re: 2 great mysteries

In eBook Club 1406577658.64

The J.A. Jance books, do they have to be read in order? Continue Reading


Re: Janet Evanovich fans .............

In Book Club 1406413773.913

On 7/25/2014 Judaline said: Of course. And you are right about the first five books-hysterical. Well, gotta run. There's a viewing today. (just kidding). Continue Reading


Re: Qstns about B12 Shot (Plz only reply if you've had one)

In Health & Fitness 1406226210.21

I have had many of them, once a week for a year then every other for a couple of years. Come to find out I have the MTHFR gene mutation with 91 mutated out of 300. The methylation pathway, if not working properly, will cause the body not to absorb B vitamins. I too have been tired all my life and with the work of a good naturopath, after 57 years im starting to have some umpf. I have to say the shots didnt really give me much energy at all but it "faked" my numbers so they were in the normal range. I wish you luck. Cath Continue Reading


Re: Janet Evanovich fans .............

In Book Club 1406225945.707

I finished 20 and thought, great..she's writing good again. (for me, 1-5 were hysterical then went downhill a little each book after). I am 3/4's through 21 and have to say I am not finding it all that funny. Im a bit disappointed but of course, I will buy 22. Continue Reading


Re: Guess what Y&R veteran is coming back later this summer???

In TV Talk 1406225765.163

O> M> G>!!! I will have to start DVRn again to watch that hunk of a man! Continue Reading

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