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Re: If you could retire anywhere in the USA

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I am retired now and have been for 12 1/2 years. DH is able to retire in another two years then I am hoping to become a snowbird, somewhere nice and warm. I am thinking Naples, FL. The flight is not too long and we can drive it if need be. Continue Reading


Re: If you could retire anywhere in the USA

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On 3/1/2015 Perkup said: I've lived in four places I loved - each for slightly different reasons, and each with varying climates, but I'd be happy to be in any of them. Notice that Louisiana is not one of them!!! Ridgefield, Connecticut Decatur, Georgia Hendersonville, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Perkup, my son lives in Ridgefield. I'm curious why this is your first pick? Continue Reading


Re: Questions for those who watch Blacklist

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Yes Annabelle, this is going to get real interesting! Good for Lizzy though, that detective is out to get her for his murder. Continue Reading


Re: The Haves and Have Nots new season

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On 2/26/2015 chickenbutt said: HisElk - I totally agree with you. I just watched the current episode last night. I've noticed the last episode or two that it's picked up quite a bit from when this season started. The cadence seems more normal and certainly more palatable. That Veronica - man, she's just so bitter and awful. It just gets worse and worse. It brings to mind an old one from my childhood - (something like) 'no one is so blind as he who refuses to see'. I want Jeffery (I guess they spell his name that way) to get a new mom! He's a good person and very sweet. She will be the death o... Continue Reading


Re: Latent Tuberculosis

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Thank you adell38! I am anxiously awaiting for my DH to come home to take me to the Dr. I don't trust myself to drive, this is going to be a very long three months! I went to my rheumatologist to discuss the biologics, do I really have to do it?? She did an ultrasound of my wrist since it was painful and sure enough in just a couple months time, I show abnormalties in my wrist and thumb area. Fun is... I want to say, when I was told I should get off gluten, dairy and soy my first thought was, oh the fad... Had I done it a year or so ago when I was told, I more than likely would not have g... Continue Reading


Re: I Could Use Some Help With Food Allergies - I Don't Think There Is Anything

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Did you just have blood testing done through a regular lab? I have had Quest food allergy testing done and they do the proper Ig, those are the true allergies. My thinking is you have food "sensitivites". With these you should go gluten, dairy and soy free along with any other sensitivites you may have being found by an ALCAT or Biotech lab or another specialty lab. To the poster who asked about lettuce. Other than iceberg, the others are high in folate and thiols which can reek havoc on ones body who are sensitive. Since MTHFR genetic mutation is common, this is the methylation pathway and h... Continue Reading


Re: Latent Tuberculosis

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On 2/11/2015 ~k~ said: FATCATinCT, good luck with your treatment. Thank you for starting an informative thread. Know that you aren't alone in this, I'm not sorry I did it. But, like you, I had questions & fears. Keep your facts in front of you & I wish you the best! Thank you -k-. (sorry can't see well enough at the moment to find the squiggelies) I took my first dose last Friday and thought that I was doing really well, no affects at all. Until yesterday. My eyes are so blurry, I am dizzy, my body hurts all over along with a very stiff neck. Insomnia is killing me! My next dose is to... Continue Reading


Re: Questions for those who watch Blacklist

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ohhh lol. I had that episode DVR'd and didn't watch until last night, that's why I didn't remember it. Continue Reading


Re: Arthritis in Finger

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Apple Head is a new poster and perhaps doesn't know John. That being said, I have been here quite awhile and I too was surprised at John's curt response. Continue Reading


Re: What to do with articles, clippings that I want to save.....

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I scan mine and put them in a folder on my computer for each topic. (I also have it backed up on a flash drive) Continue Reading

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