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Re: O/T -- Front load washer vibrates??

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I am praying for the day my front loader croaks , can't stand the thing. I had a lot of vibration problems as well, the machine was not balanced properly. Continue Reading


Re: Is there anyone here that has no drapes or curtains in their home?

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We live in a rural area and although I do have neighbors, we have trees on all four sides of us. Our house is contemporary so we have really large windows (floor to ceiling in LR) and windows are plentiful. For years I had nothing on the windows and for some reason it started creeping me out wondering who was outside looking in, too many Jason movies I guess. Anyway, I ended up buying custom vertical blinds for several rooms and put up curtains in the bedrooms. Helps keep a moderate temperature too. Continue Reading


Re: Here I go again!

In Health & Fitness 1416589730.507

On 11/20/2014 hyacinth003 said: On 11/19/2014 Sammycat1 said: As a person with spondylolisthesis (spine) and various other maladies who has a sister for a physical therapist, I can tell you that ice is for inflammation, not just bones. In certain instances, although you might think ice is not best, it actually is in the early moments of a pull or injury...depending on its location. I learned this the hard way. I feel your pain. Because of my condition, severe back spasms that drive me to my knees can hit at any time -- and some respond better to cold than to heat. Best wishes to you to feel b... Continue Reading


Re: Lancome Genifique skin care line - thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1416589488.67

Thanks ladies, I knew I had read that they owned another company, same product just cheaper price point. I just couldn't remember which one it was. L'Oreal, good to know Continue Reading


Re: Gloria's on B&B

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I haven't watched B&B for years but had the tele on for background noise. Judith Chapman is such an interesting woman, I've read she speaks 5 languages fluently and is a master yoga instructor. Continue Reading


Re: THE MILLERS Cancelled By CBS Midway Through S2

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Will Arnett is one horrible actor. Continue Reading


Gloria's on B&B

Last Reply by straitgirl 1416975934.103 | Started by FATCATinCT in TV Talk

I just happened to look up and see her on and she looks stunning! Has she gone over to their show now? Continue Reading


Re: Lancome Genifique skin care line - thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1416505874.92

I had a makeover done by them and ended up buying the whole kit and kaboodle, $641 worth! skin line and make up as well. I do have to say in just the very short time I used the products I noticed a remarkable difference in my skin! After several days the products literally burnt my face, I had to go on prednisone for the inflammation. Thankfully, Macy's took everything back. So, if you have sensitive skin, this line won't be for you. I think it is Estee Lauder (???) that is the same line, just a cheaper price point. Continue Reading


Re: New kohls rewards program

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Here in CT our stores do not take expired kohls cash unfortunately. I was in Kohls today, found myself on the clearance rack a nice jacket, a couple of tops and on sale 8 baby outfits. I went in front to cash out only to find the line went all the way across the store and lined up almost to the back of the store with only two registers open. I walked to customer service and dumped all my stuff on the counter and walked out. Heck no, wasn't waiting in that line! Deal or no deal and I have a 30% off coupon. Continue Reading


Re: The Have's and the Have Not's New Season

In TV Talk 1415297291.09

I love this show as well, the writing is good but some of the characters just can't act, i.e. David for one. Continue Reading

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