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Re: O/T... Major Snow Storm for the Northeast...Can you imagine what the grocery store will be like????

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422310496.51

One storm a couple of years ago we were without power for 11 days, another 6 days. I live in a very rural area, cul-de-sac to boot, so we are one of the last to be plowed. So this is why we shop when we hear "big storm a comin". In case of no power, can't use a stove and we don't normally eat cold food items. Continue Reading


Re: Symantic endpoint protection

In Electronics Talk 1421507041.09

no, mine doesn't look like that. I don't have Norton, which is a symantic program. I have symantic endpoint. Looks entirely different. Continue Reading


Re: Symantic endpoint protection

In Electronics Talk 1421443050.493

On 1/16/2015 lovestoteach said: I just checked for live updates and it did. However, when I clicked on scans -- a full scan has never been run. So I need to do that even though it has only been truly running for two full days. My weekly full scan I will schedule for once per week. It also has a check box for Facebook... this is interesting... I have never done this one before. Do your options look the same? nothing for facebook. The Proactive Threat updated to today but the Antivirus/anti spyware and the Network Threat protection has not updated since January 5th. Continue Reading


Re: Symantic endpoint protection

In Electronics Talk 1421442106.97

I update every day but there are no updates to be had. Once in a while there won't be updates for several days but 11 days is pushing it. Continue Reading


Re: ipad security

In Electronics Talk 1421441955.907

On 1/16/2015 WIlliam Joseph said: Because everyone from Pakistan is a terrorist right? Gimme a break. No William, but I was directed to a website once that went there and got a trojan. So, once burnt, twice shy. Continue Reading


Paging Winimac

Last Reply by mochachino 1421451944.17 | Started by FATCATinCT in Health & Fitness

It was suggested that I give you a shout out as you may know the answer. Does Ambien and Ubiquinol have a cross reaction? After taking I have been waking up very dizzy, vertigo horrible that I cannot function throughout the entire day. If you can shed any light, greatly appreciate it. Continue Reading


Re: Ambien??

In Health & Fitness 1421441693.58

too all you other posters, thank you so much for sharing your experiences! They are greatly appreciated. Continue Reading


Re: Ambien??

In Health & Fitness 1421441602.757

On 1/16/2015 Madisson said: ZZquil is just diphenhydramine, which is the same ingredient in most other OTC medications. Just buy generic diphenhydramine (Walmart brand) and save a lot of money. FATCATinCT, are you taking any other prescription medications at the same time that you take your Ambien? There could be an interaction. Another thing is that Ubiquinol can lower both your blood pressure and your blood sugar...causing dizziness. Are you saying that your doctor has absolutely no appointments available? Wow...I would change doctors fast. Ask to see a nurse practitioner or physician's ass... Continue Reading


Re: Ambien??

In Health & Fitness 1421441397.723

On 1/16/2015 depglass said: I personally had much better results with Lunesta over Ambien. With Ambien I totally lost my memory for that amount of time between taking it and going to sleep. I once ordered a Tig bag with auto order on the phone with absolutely no recollection when I saw the email confirmation the next morning. I immediately went back to Lunesta. Both Ambien and Lunesta are now generic. I didn't have any luck with Lunesta, unfortunately. Too funny about the Tig bag, my favorite. Sounds like something i'd do. Continue Reading


Re: Ambien??

In Health & Fitness 1421441328.72

On 1/16/2015 imaclotheshog said: FATCAT, you should page the poster Winimac. She is very knowledgeable about prescription drugs, as she is in pharmaceutical sales. will do. Continue Reading

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