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Re: Grandchildren and Germs : )

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On 3/30/2015 makeup face said: Thank you ladies for ALL the information. I will be a first time grandma in September Oh makeup face, congrats, there's nothing like being a grandma! Continue Reading


Re: Do you get regular Facials?

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I was going every 4 months for several years and getting a specialized facial for rosacea with Physiodermie products. I haven't gone in almost a year and my skin shows it too. It's an hour plus drive one way and haven't felt well enough to venture out that distance. Continue Reading


Re: Ford1224 - I stumbled across this Lyme disease article

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Hey Ford, I owe you an email. Put it off as I know you were in the process of a move. Hope to get back to you soon. Hope all is going well, Cath Continue Reading


Re: Grandchildren and Germs : )

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I had to laugh at your post because good God, ain't it the truth! My grandson is 10 months old and although I do not care for him on a regular basis, I do care for him when he is ill. Thankfully I am available and the parents do not want to infect the other infants at daycare so they have me watch him and boy, I have not been more sick than I have been this past year! Hubby and I call him, "little germ", lol. I've had numerous colds, pink eye and the flu. I do have to say it's all worth it, being able to snuggle him and love him up while he is sick is priceless. They grow so fast and it ... Continue Reading


Re: CBS This Week's Evening Schedule

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On 3/20/2015 javala said: On 3/20/2015 FATCATinCT said: March Madness comes but once a year. I'll get over it. GO HUSKIES! that is a silly reply the programs are always being pre emptied for something and all these stupid reality shows every things a mess... Madness may come once a year but it goes on for 6 days seems like 24/7 They have sports channels for this or have you forgotten.... I bet you don't even watch... lol, why is it a silly reply? It appeared you were complaining about basketball taking up the entire CBS lineup. And YES, I do watch and have watched hours on end. Continue Reading


Re: My forsythia are suprising me

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Oh Stella, I just looked with my good eye. They're not blooming. :-/ Continue Reading


Re: CBS This Week's Evening Schedule

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March Madness comes but once a year. I'll get over it. GO HUSKIES! Continue Reading


Re: Betula By Birkenstock on Kohls website~on sale too!

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Betulas is sold by Christain (family member) and are not a "true" Birkenstock. The footbed has been changed slightly so not to be an exact replica. More than likely due to patent infringement. They do not fit the same or feel the same but are cheaper. Continue Reading

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