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Re: CBS New Access App and a Fee

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I had Cox cable here yesterday to change out my DVR box and he was telling me soon even basic cable will require having a box, for a fee of course. What a racket and unfortunately living in a rural, wooded area, Cox is the only company that works in my area. I was thinking yesterday at that time I will drop cable and stream but if the networks are going to be charging...??? geeze Continue Reading


Re: Ninja Cooking Recipes

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413817535.53

On 10/19/2014 FATCATinCT said: making the sweet and spicy pork baby back ribs today . Well, the ribs were fall off the bone tender but DH and I did not like the rub. Also, the beef broth used boiled down to nothing and I had to add additional liquid. Continue Reading


Re: O/T How do u deal with in-laws that u absolutely hate?

In Beauty Banter 1413817289.817

so glad to hear im not the only DIL who feels that way. My MIL passed in April and when I heard I promptly sang in my head, ding dong the witch is dead. my bad Continue Reading


Re: Why are the HH hangers so special?

In For the Home Talk 1413742426.057

DH can't stand them since he's too lazy to take the hanger off the pole and likes to just pull his shirts off. I love them, they really do save so much space in the closet. To make a point to DH in the same amount of space on the pole I had 36 hangers to his 23! (I am plus size, he is not so my clothes are more bulky). Continue Reading


Re: Ninja Cooking Recipes

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413742156.52

making the sweet and spicy pork baby back ribs today . Continue Reading


Re: My daughter is in pain

In Mom to Mom Forum 1413741948.403

my 32 year old son was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis 3 or so months ago. It is so sad as a parent to see your child suffer. Two years ago he was running marathons, going to the gym every day and very very active. He can no longer run as he gets tendon issues so easily but still works out every day but at a much lower intensity, the dr can hardly believe all that he can still do which is probably his godsend. He started Humaria (sp?) recently, hopefully this will help him some. It pains me to know what the end result can become, bamboo spine, a spine that does not bend. So sad...... Continue Reading


Re: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

In Scrapbooking 1413741482.74

thanks Lady Chanel :-) Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Went to Thyroid (End) Doctor...RESULTS

In Beauty Banter 1413741235.653

See a naturopath if you can, they will do all the necessary blood testing for you. Good luck. Reminds me of a doc I had at UCONN medical. I was diagnosed with fibro back in the early 90's and had no relief so I bit the bullet and drove across state to see this one "fabulous" doc. He took one look at me and told me I was too young, blah blah. I wrote to hospital and got a nice reply several months later. Doc was now "teaching only" and has been taken off staff seeing patients. I am sure it was not my response but one of many and was more than likely the final straw. Continue Reading


Re: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

In Scrapbooking 1413579321.483

Lady Chanel, thanks so much for your reply! Did you get the DVD on how to use them? Thanks for that tip, I will definitely check them out. Continue Reading


Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

Last Reply by FATCATinCT 1413741482.38 | Started by FATCATinCT in Scrapbooking

I was very interested in these markers while watching the craft event but unfortunately did not order them figuring I would at a later time. Well, I snooze, I lose, they are no longer even on the website :=/ but are available elsewhere. Do any of you have these and would you recommend them? I know they are a lot less expensive than Copic and others. thanks Continue Reading

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