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Re: Fibro ladies, mattress recommendations please?

In Health & Fitness 1418756666.78

In desperation I purchased from Sleepy's a Dimension mattress. They came in 4 different choices according to your pressure points (laid down and computer showed pressure points). I paid $3200 for the mattress and box spring and have to say it is the best set i've ever purchased. The set is handmade by Kingsdown. Continue Reading


Re: I miss Linda Dano

In For the Home Talk 1418755371.047 here she is co-hosting. I want to say I remember her on some cooking segments as well. Continue Reading


Re: I miss Linda Dano

In For the Home Talk 1418740880.133

Linda is alive and well. She must live here in CT as she is good friends with and quite frequently on a local show called Better Connecticut. Continue Reading


Re: Fibromyalgia

In Health & Fitness 1418340478.087

On 12/9/2014 Kachina624 said: First you might inquire as to where the OP lives. Lyme disease doesn't occur everywhere. I've never heard of a case of it in NM. Yes, lyme IS everywhere. Where have you been? My llmd has people fly in from all over the world with severe cases of lyme. Continue Reading


Re: Need toilet help!!!

In For the Home Talk 1418339757.56

I heard The Works is wonderful but cannot purchase it here in CT and cannot be shipped here for some reason or another either. I have over 30 parts per million of iron in my water and have every system Culligan makes in my basement and I still get some iron. What I use is a product called Iron Out. Stinks to high heaven but it works. Continue Reading


Re: What changed?

In The Q We Love 1418147907.717

Once upon a time I had the TV tuned to QVC all day long. As i plugged along in my day the hosts kept me company, made me laugh and the products made me stop and take pause. I loved that they sold things you couldn't find anywhere else, and, at a great price. Now the hosts give me anxiety, I haven't watched since I got an email about the Ninja 4-1 that I tuned in to see what it was about. The TV went on and after the presentation, the channel was changed and has not returned since. I miss that QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Fibromyalgia

In Health & Fitness 1418146957.547

copy what shoppingT said, I was just going to post lyme as well. Continue Reading


Ninja Cooking system 4-1

Last Reply by shoppingT 1418221556.31 | Started by FATCATinCT in Kitchen & Food Talk

The TSV from a month or so ago. Who sent theirs back? I had been loving this machine but it seems that every time I use it, it gets hotter and hotter in temperature and really needs close monitoring. I made a pasta sauce in it for the 3rd time, this time I had to add water like every 20 minutes because it boiled down to nothing. (I did use organic sauce this time). For the price, I don't want to have to fret over it every half an hour. My DH threw the box away, I do still have the receipt, can I ship it back without the original box? It's been so long since i've returned anything, well ... Continue Reading


Re: Did you know that UPS has a call center in the Phillipines?

In Viewpoints 1417990281.393

My son uses the Phillipines for a call service for his company as well. He pays $3.25 an hour, that's good money for them. Not only do they answer the phone, they do mass mailings for him. Cannot get that service here for that price. Continue Reading

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