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Re: Isoniaziad medicine for TB *FatcatinCt*

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Hi Springers, The Quintiferon test is a blood test. I am shocked that the doctor is not following him for liver testing. This med can cause some serious liver damage! I go for bloodwork every two weeks and have a complete metabolic panel done, liver and kidney functions as well. If the doc gave him a script, he is probably on the daily taken for 9 months protocol. Anyone with latent TB will have his/her information given to the CDC and was told that they will follow up with me after completion of the treatment. I don't know what the ramifications would be that he was given this drug and ... Continue Reading


Re: Has your computer or power been acting strange?

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Not only my computer, my TV is acting possessed! Continue Reading


Re: Y&R spoiler - Austin faked his death

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I watched today after a long hiatus but keep up to date reading these posts. I have to say that I am liking the new Adam better than Michael Muhney, who would have thought?? Question for you, please. I read a spoiler that stated that Michael is pushing Lauren towards Cain. ??? Romantically? He's young enough to be her son! Continue Reading


Liquidation Channel

Last Reply by Kachina624 1429317427.707 | Started by FATCATinCT in Jewelry Talk

Has anyone purchased jewelry through this channel? Their items are really inexpensive but look really nice. Have you found the jewelry good quality, etc? thanks Continue Reading


Re: High parathyroid level. Anyone else have this?

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On 4/16/2015 lavendar said: I had a high hyperparathyroid and normal calcium. It was a problem with my vitamin D. I have absorption problems and need to be on high doses. Do not go to this board for advice. I don't know what your problem is but this is not the right place for answers. Your primary can test your vitamin D. I saw a world class endocrinologist at Mass General Hospital in Boston who dx problem. I did not have a rapid weight gain but have three autoimmune diseases that cause many problems. "world class endo" or not, did he test for VDR polymorphisms? If you do not absorb vitamin... Continue Reading


Re: High parathyroid level. Anyone else have this?

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A high PTH with normal calcium is considered "mild hyperparathyroidism" The PTH is what regulates the calcium in the blood and since yours is normal, is why there is no rush in your appointment. Your symptoms don't actually fit in with parathyroid disease but sound more like the thyroid itself. Did you have your Free T3 and Free T4 done as well? Most docs run only a TSH and that is worthless. TSH is produced by the pituitary gland, not the thyroid. Continue Reading


Re: WEN - Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

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On 4/13/2015 KJPA said: On 4/13/2015 FATCATinCT said: I like Wen too but couldn't justify the use of so much water while others have barely enough. FATCATinCT, many of us posted on this thread stating we don't use that much water. It doesn't take 10 minutes of rinsing. Many of us said we don't use anymore more water than we do with regular shampoo and conditioner. I am not knocking Wen, but I couldn't justify the water usage, for "me". I found for "me" I had to rinse, rinse, rinse. Continue Reading


Re: Fed Up With Health Insurance Company

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DS worked for many years at Boehringer-Ingelheim, the makers of Pradaxa. They do offer help for those who cannot afford the medication. You may want to check it out. Continue Reading


Re: Isoniaziad medicine for TB *FatcatinCt*

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Springers, did you have the blood test done or just the Tine test? I am probably spelling it wrong but it is the Quantiferon Gold test you should have done to be absolutely sure you have Latent TB. To go through the protocol for a false positive would s*uck. Continue Reading


Re: Isoniaziad medicine for TB *FatcatinCt*

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Hey Springers, I just saw your post. I just today took my 9th dose out of 12 this morning. The side effects for me have not been at all what I expected, all in all I am doing quite well. My liver ALT test went up one point over high normal but went back down the following week. My serum calcium went up a bit but is back down to normal as well even though I am having some discomfort in the kidney area but nothing to write home about. I am, however, taking L-glutamine for gut health due to the antibiotic killing off good bacteria and reduced glutathione for liver support. I do think this is wha... Continue Reading

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