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Re: Have you ever seen a Naturopathic Dr.?

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On 4/21/2014 Abrowneyegirl said: Here is what I have learned. ND is NOT a regulated "license" or degree. You want a doctor with advanced training in Integrative Medicine. They are the best bet for your money as they are REAL doctors with MD who then go back to cont on with an advance degree with a speciality. Yes they are VERY expensive and YES your exam with be very thorough, lasting several hours. It is one of those things, you get what you pay for and is your health worth the $$$. Good luck and good health to you. Really? OhMyGOD. A Naturopathic DOCTOR is just that, a DOCTOR! they go thro... Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin D3 Test

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On 4/16/2014 Nightowlz said: On 4/16/2014 FATCATinCT said: I just checked my most recent lab slip and it's Vitamin D 25 OH. I get this test done every three months and my insurance pays for it, I have Anthem. Thank you. I knew someone on the boards would know the answer. I was pretty sure that was it. Not sure what all the test consists of the doctor ordered but called & told them I wanted the Vit D 25 OH test. Waiting for the nurse to call me back. The lab wants $253 for this test so if the ins will not pay any on it I will have to order it online & drive a 3 hr round trip to the la... Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin D3 Test

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On 4/16/2014 Barbarainnc said: Just had blood work done,and it checked my Vit D level. I got a copy of the results and it shows Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy. My results were 39.8. That was good, it use to be less than 30.0. I take 2,000 iu of Vit D.3 each day. 39 may be in the "normal" range but it is far from good, the optimal range is 70. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin D3 Test

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I just checked my most recent lab slip and it's Vitamin D 25 OH. I get this test done every three months and my insurance pays for it, I have Anthem. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have Surgery for Nasal Polyps?

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I have had that surgery twice. In the early 80's when I had it first done, it was pure torture. At that time they did a packing which when taken out was like a magic trick of pulling out the scarfs tied together, pulling and never ending. It was so painful. When I had it again 10 years later, with medical advances it was a piece of cake in comparison. No packing, just round little gauze things stuck up your nostrils (like what the dentist puts in your mouth). The only thing I can say that was uncomfortable the last time was I swallowed a LOT of blood but once I was able to vomit the bloo... Continue Reading


Re: Poll from the Y&R - Can't say I am surprised, are you?

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On 3/29/2014 Javala-la said: On 3/20/2014 FATCATinCT said: I agree with what everyone has said here. I don't remember him as the old Billy so I have nothing to compare it to but in my eyes, the guy can't act. Also as stated, there is absolutely NO chemistry between the two, even Victoria looks uncomfortable acting with him. I find myself fast forwarding more and more through the show. And yet, still I watch. I do go almost 7 months not watching but found myself going back. When he played the old Billy he was just out of high school. 2003 Billy and Mac were to be married DNA said they were c... Continue Reading


Re: O/T, car insurance, who do you use?

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Geico, we have had two accidents in the family and both times were very easy, no hassle fixes. That being said... I have $1Million Umbrella with them with $500,000/$500.000 liability on our vehicles. A vehicle was stolen 4 years ago and Geico will not pay a cent under uninsured motorists. The people who were hit, their insurance Hanover, refuses to pay as well. As a result, DH and I are being sued as registered owners and can lose everything even though I have so much in insurance coverage. A representative kept telling me to tell her that I gave so and so permission to use the vehicle a... Continue Reading


Re: *Y&R: Fans of Y&R Soap Discussion Group*

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On 3/28/2014 Sharke said: Today's show: Jack tries to make things right with Kelly. Dylan gets a surprise from Avery. Stitch offers support to Victoria. (Bet Avery is preggers) a new expresso machine? Continue Reading


Re: Something i see here in florida a lot....

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I have a short neck and rarely gets as much color as my face/chest. Continue Reading


Re: For those who enjoy so-called

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I switched ages ago and found the Ronzoni whole wheat tastes the best. Since then I have found I have a very strong intolerance to gluten and switched to brown rice pasta. Brown rice pasta tastes just as good (I think better) than the whole wheat! No gluten, less starch. Continue Reading

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