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Re: Iphone 5/5s or Samsung Galaxy

In Electronics Talk 1409857009.443

Galaxy S4mini owner here, LOVE my phone! Continue Reading


Re: Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

In Viewpoints 1409579934.52

I was diagnosed with MS in the mid 90's due to brain lesions that were found. In 2000 I had a spinal tap and the fluid was clear, no MS. Ended up the lesions were from having Lyme disease. Glad to read you are having a spinal done, that is the definitive diagnostic tool. Good luck Continue Reading


Re: Need Kindle Advice

In Electronics Talk 1409145294.087

I have Kindle Fire and a Nook tablet. The one I use the most? My Kindle 2nd generation! I love this one, easiest to use, just click a button to turn page, no swiping. It will be a sad day when it bites the dust. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever heard of methylation dysfunction?

In Health & Fitness 1408634876.023

sorry to hear what she is going through but honestly, as one of the other posters said as well, once methylation starts, so do the neurotransmitters and depression lifts a LOT. We can talk about it more if you email me. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever heard of methylation dysfunction?

In Health & Fitness 1408634791.083

i don't use this email but will keep an eye out in the next few days to see if you contact me. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever heard of methylation dysfunction?

In Health & Fitness 1408481436.093

Ford, any news on what your daughter is planning to do? Continue Reading


Re: Year old TSV

In bareMinerals 1408481351.243

thanks everyone. Kate, roflmao :-) Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix Presentations

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408481278.87

Ill tell ya, that is one ugly looking machine though. I did notice on one presentation awhile back that when he was making hot soup he actually had a heavy plastic cover over it. I said to myself, "self, that sure must be noisy for him to do that". I have the Ninja, love it although it is noisy as well. I guess you can't get away from that. Continue Reading


Year old TSV

Last Reply by FATCATinCT 1408481351.247 | Started by FATCATinCT in bareMinerals

About a year or more ago I purchased a TSV, the new compact style makeup by BM. I never opened it, still in the packaging. Do you think it is still good? I totally forgot I had it and just found it. thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Need advice...Painting our home

In For the Home Talk 1408382771.353

It really depends on what style your house is. Ours is a contemporary cape, we've had it grey with indian red trim (looked awesome), a grey-blue with white trim and now it is a beige with a white/beige trim that I had matched to match the garage door. There is a house around the corner, a colonial, it has a dark grey body and white trim, totally awesome contrast. Continue Reading

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