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Re: Who are your top three youtube beauty gurus?

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My favorites are: TiffanyD Jaclyn Hill Tati Continue Reading


I Just Purchased A Benjabelle Brush Tree!!

Last Reply by MidNight 1393897953.66 | Started by shell in Beauty Banter

I am so excited to receive this!! I got the sunflower model (39.95) which holds 4 large, 6 Medium and 16 thinner brushes. I will report back after I try this out. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, the Benjabelle brush tree is designed to hold your just washed makeup brushes upside down to dry, which is the recommended way to dry your makeup brushes. If any of you already own one please share your thoughts. Continue Reading



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I have 84 and counting!! There are some more I want from Sigma, Chanel and Hakuhodo. Continue Reading


Re: If You Like NYX Cosmetics...

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I want to check out the new baked blushes, and the butter lipsticks and the dream catcher eye shadow palettes and the radiant finishing powder which looks exactly like a Bobbi Brown one. Continue Reading


If You Like NYX Cosmetics...

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1389826379.3 | Started by shell in Beauty Banter

There is a whole lot of new products on line at Ulta!!! Continue Reading


Re: NEW Tarte all matte eyeshadow palette

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They also have it at Ulta, I am so getting this!! Continue Reading


Re: Vertigo OT

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I have had issues with vertigo off and on for a few years now, whenever I feel dizzy I use a natural oil blend behind my ears called DiVertigo, it works very well. Continue Reading


Re: Sigma... So expensvie now... WHOA!!!

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I love Sigma brushes also!! I don't find them to be as expensive as other brands, its their shipping costs that keep me from buying from them more often. Makeup Geek has nice quality brushes for a lot less, I have a couple of eye shadow ones and I really like them. Continue Reading


Re: January insider is up

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Is there a link to the insider, I cant find it. Continue Reading

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