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Re: Just Saw the Strangest Thing!

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momshan, this was more the size of a dragonfly. Perkup, def not hummingbird moths. Those are little chubbies, and I have seen them before. All I could find online so far was a crane fly, that flies slowly, but I don't know if this was it. I'll look in my North American Wildlife book. That's always helpful for identification. I just wondered if anyone knew off hand. You guys were helpful and solved my bat mystery! :) Continue Reading


Re: some of the best new drugstore finds

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I'm looking more & more at e.l.f. Not really to save money, but if you are penny conscious these days, you can't beat those prices! I picked up the Clarifying Pressed Powder for a, if you're against talc, which I reversed my opinion on this, it also has 1% salicylic acid, which I was interested in, not that I have troubled skin. I simply cannot believe my eyes after I press that onto my skin! And I still look this way at the end of the day. It seems to have the nicest finish! (Haven't looked to see where it's all made!) I did get a brush a while ago that I like & use. I wa... Continue Reading


Re: what a little brat : /

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I think it is common, especially if 2 females or 2 males are staking out territory. I've only had one pair at a time at my feeder, and they are never really together for feeding. My sister on the other hand, always gets a small group who compete for feeder space. Continue Reading


Just Saw the Strangest Thing!

Last Reply by Harpa 1406761072.823 | Started by Harpa in In the Garden

This white thing slowly floating through the air for some time, and finally landing in a shrub...did not look like an insect, but was sort of dragonfly-ish; was not a hummingbird, but small like that; did not flap any wings. It was traveling in a horizontal direction as if to find shelter in that shrub! Looked like it had some sort of a tail that pointed downward. I kept watching, hoping it would come out, but I haven't seen it again. Present windspeed = 9 mph. This was not something that the wind carried, though. Anyone? (I've only been drinking tea all day!) :) Continue Reading


Re: National Lipstick Day---what's your shade...?

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I think that was yesterday. But every day is lipstick day for me, and there are just too many shades that really do look nice on me. I generally use a palette... Continue Reading


Re: Mally, Do you need Glas-ses?

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When you demonstrate a product, you need to "bring it home" to the viewer, as if we are sitting in the model's chair using it in our everyday lives. Why she continues to make eye lashes looking like that is beyond me! The other thing she was doing was not softening the highlight in the inner corner of the eye. That looked stupid to me! But one thing I did notice was that Mally highlighted her own cheekbones much better/softer than she used to, and that did look nice. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else over the nude and neutral craze ?

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I'm not over nude & neutral, though I don't often go this route. I do like natural, and for me, brunette/brown eyes, light-med skin tone, I feel I need more definition. I would rather not do anything at all, because basically, I have beautiful skin, my lips w/ natural pigment, and my eyes are lively. But I just look so much prettier with more definition. I rarely use colored blush, though. A more natural tone in blush looks better to me. Continue Reading


Re: Tatcha Skin Care

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The thousand years is a bit far-fetched. A hundred or a couple hundred for a book, and I would have no problem swallowing that. It may have been a thousand year old recipe, which sounds more likely. eta: I guess we all need to check our hearing! story Continue Reading


Re: Mally's TSV

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On 7/29/2014 Colonel Meow said: suzy - thank you so much for being kind enough to help us out! The way you explained it made it seem like something I could probably do myself. Thanks for being wonderful! Colonel Meow, I am one of suzy's star pupils. :) Thanks again, suzy! Just fyi: URL means Uniform Resource Locator. Continue Reading


Re: those eyelashes

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Those eyelashes would scare Tammy Faye into reform! Continue Reading

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