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Re: O/T Calling all past and present teachers!

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On 8/30/2014 starpolisher said: It surprises me how many here still love teaching. I work in a large district with 121 faculty members in my school alone. I bet you at least 80% of them are unhappy. I wonder if people say how much they love the kids because it is expected of them. I have met some of the rudest most disrespectful,cruel children I have ever met(and I went to this same school and was born and raised and still live in this town) Yes, I have met a few nice kids but as for the others once I stop teaching I hope I never see them again! It makes me want to move knowing what kind of p... Continue Reading


Re: 70 yrs old and 'drop dead gorgeous'

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I must have very different standards. Either that, or I just don't throw words around. I can't think of a single person, in the movies, on TV, or on a shopping channel that I think is DDG! Very few old-timers (Hollywood stars), too, for that matter. Other descriptive words seem to just fit better: attractive, beautiful, pretty... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Upset At My Instructor At Online Course I'm Taking

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grammarqueen, try not to worry about it. It does sometimes take a little extra to know what your instructor is looking for. You have your own past experience and expectations, and now more importantly, your present instructor's critique. Having my first week of classes last week in a new semester, I relayed to my new students that it may take them some time to figure out what their individual instructors want. I relayed my own story where one particular course & (ambersand!) professor seemed to take me a long time, but I finally figured it out. In my syllabi, and on every individual quiz... Continue Reading


Re: Eyelash loss. Tried castor oil, coconut oil, almond oils, can anyone help?

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Things don't happen suddenly without a reason. There must be something new for you in those last 7 months or so, something that changed. color cosmetic/makeup? cleanser? skincare? method? medication? diet? Maybe you are getting a skincare product too close to eyes? You might want to try stopping the lash curling for a while; maybe this is causing too much stress & making your lashes weak. I would also try good supplements, i.e., those recommended by PMS 24/7. Continue Reading


Re: Did you ever consider .....

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It's just a saying...that skin needs to breathe. That isn't literal, of course. But skin does need to do its own thing, and sometimes without any help from you. Skin does change, however, over seasons & years. When it no longer acts as it did in your youth, and you see the signs of this, I feel it important to nudge it along. What I believe is that they sell too many things and target it to those who really do not need it. I am fortunate in that I know exactly what works for my skin type at this juncture in my life, but it took a lot of trial & error and swallowing a lot of the market... Continue Reading


Re: Shredded Cheese package

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I teach college class over lunch on a couple days, so when I get out, I need something to munch on before I get home for a late lunch. I got these protein bars (Nature Valley), and usually you get 6 in a box. I just grabbed a flavor, never looking to see how many. There were only 5 in the box! I won't get those again. Besides they were lousy! Continue Reading


Re: How do you make Fried Chicken?? I'd like to see how many ways!!!

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I've never deep fried, just pan fried in EVOO & butter, and that -- chicken tenders. Dip in beaten egg (& heavy cream if I have it), then in seasoned bread crumbs, 3-5 minutes on each side. Continue Reading


Montagne Jeunesse Hair Mask is Wonderful!

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1409327036.63 | Started by Harpa in Beauty Banter

I found this in my stash (from a long time ago) and used it this a.m. This really makes your hair look & feel fabulous! I don't think they make this anymore, though they do make other hair masks. I have Strawberry for volumizing. Yes, it does do that! Shine, fullness & no frizz! Just wonderful! Anybody try these? They also do face masks that you can get at Wal-Mart. Has anyone ever tried any? Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Preseason!!!

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On 8/29/2014 yellowrose said: Dallas loses big last night. No wins yet. San Fran should be concerned when they come to town next Sunday. Cowboys will reveal what we've been hiding. (rolling eyes again) BTW gardenman, thanks for getting our weekly threads started up again. Don't worry, yellowrose! Those guys will probably be cut today. Is menacing Witten still on your team? Continue Reading


Re: O/T Calling all past and present teachers!

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I've taught at all grade levels for about 25 years, give or take interruptions here & there. This is my 7th of teaching college. It's as though I've died and gone to Heaven. My students are all very respectful. "Yes, Professor; No, Professor." They want to be there. (for the most part) Have a great school year, everyone! Continue Reading

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