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Re: Need help with eyebrows! Please.!!!

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On 3/23/2015 Good4u said: Forget everyone's suggestions above my post. I say this with good reason, the best way to achieve a consistent look is eyebrow tinting and this has become my holy grail and I only use eyebrow pencils as fillers. If you are careful not to get facial cleanser on your brows, the eyebrow tinting can last for as long as six weeks. I love, love, love it and only use brow pencils now as the tinting begins to lighten. I found the most inexpensive eyebrow tinting kits on and the eyebrow tinting product is Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint and I happen to use medi... Continue Reading


Re: 'healthy' hair spray....

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What do you want this hairspray to do? Protect your hair, nourish your hair, or hold your hair? If it's holding, then I don't know of anything, but others may. I gave up holding spray a couple years ago, and I am so much happier without it. My hair is just above shoulders/long layers, and if the wind blows, I just fix it with my fingers. My hair is so much healthier without holding spray. Continue Reading


Re: Mixing oils

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Serena, I'm just a novice, but oils act as emollients, protecting and nourishing our skin, and I do not think mixing them affects their performance in any way. I mix 2 or 3 all the time. What I do not mix is vitamin C. I always put that on seperately. I do not mix AHAs, and I do not mix retinol. Continue Reading


Re: do you take the weekend off? from you skincare regime?

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On 3/23/2015 dnna said: Do you think that is a valid suggestion Re: Skinn's new Take the weekend off set? I do- actually I have been doing that with just a very simple cream with no peptides or super actives etc. because my skin gets dried out somewhat from too many miracle creams and wants just moisture. so that routine has been working for me. I also heard Linda Marshall (Elysee) say on one of her shows that if something does not seem to work for you, take a few days off and then restart. I can't remember what specific products she was talking about but she also has a night treatment to cle... Continue Reading


Re: skinn is getting expensive

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On 3/23/2015 gokat said: It's called marketing, and as consumers it's our responsibility to figure out what serves us the best. I use Skinn and have for many years. A little planning, smart shopping, discipline and my lineup competes well with drugstore/B&M brands pricewise ...AND I get the results I'm after. gokat, I just like what you said! :) I never watch Dimitri. Is that what he calls some of his products -- non negotiables? That's really a hard sell, I think! I only have a few really non-negotiables for, what I think is, the best skin care line of defense for me...vitamin C, AHAs... Continue Reading


Re: does nick chavez refuse to work with the hosts who are wen users?

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I'm guessing that the vendor knows ahead of time who will be hosting, and they mostly likely do their hair before the show in order that the host can help brag about the products. In any case, I cannot use core products from either WEN or NC, although I like/liked pieces from each one. Q used to offer different hair cleansing things, but I guess not so much anymore. It's hard to think any other vendor selling S & C or cleansers would be able to compete at the same rate as those two, although, I wish there was more of a variety, if anything just to have more choices, and I don't mean WEN "... Continue Reading


Re: OMG I just noticed HSN now carries that Henrietta egg cooker, remember it?

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I got it when it first aired on Q, and got it for gifts, too. Everyone loves it! It was the first time I saw an egg cooker that steams to cook. She works great, and I use mine a lot. Continue Reading


Re: Wen styling cream applied in shower

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"WEN" you apply the styling creme, take some time and work it into the ends of your hair as Chaz shows. As you do that, you are wringing out your wet hair, yet working the product in at the same time. I use a regular towel and do not end up with frizz (but I use other S & C). Continue Reading


Re: does nick chavez refuse to work with the hosts who are wen users?

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On 3/22/2015 brewhaha said: What a sham. Oh poo. This board would be as stale as week-old bread without your posts! :) Continue Reading


Re: Need help with eyebrows! Please.!!!

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I think the whole secret in applying brows is in the tool -- like the Smashbox eyebrow brush. Even if you use a pencil, and then brush it down with nothing on the brush, the brush makes everything look completely natural. Continue Reading

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