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Re: So , what's for dinner on this beautiful sunday?

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Mmm, can you set an extra plate? :) We never cook dinners, only lunches, and we've already had our Sunday usual - sauce! And you know what goes with the sauce! Continue Reading


Re: What food are you currently addicted to, if any?

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I can't say I have any cravings or addictions. If it were anything, it would have to be green leaves; i.e., spinach or Romaine or something. (just not Iceburg) :) I can go w/o for a day or so, but after that, I want my green leaves! Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin C products for the face that Dr. Oz is touting?

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On 4/26/2015 UMDTerpFan said: Thanks for the clarification Harpa. I did watch part 2 of the video and he never says anything about a specific brand. Part 2 starts with the two participants getting off the trampoline & then DR. Oz talks with the two doctors that are also in part 1 about vitamin c's effects on age spots, and that vitamin c taken topically is 20% more effective for skin then taking it orally. They also talk about L Absorbic acid being the most effective of the c's, buy it in a sealed air tight dark container, use it together with hyaluronic acid and vitamin e and works well ... Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin C products for the face that Dr. Oz is touting?

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I did say how that product name happened to come up. I didn't mean to lead anyone down a rabbit trail. (The advertiser obviously capitalizing on Oz's show.) I don't watch Oz. I was intrigued with the OP's question, and you can always look up those shows online. In search, I typed "dr oz and vitamin c for skin." The videos were in 2 parts. When watching the first, Oz did not specify any product in particular; he was only referring to the ingredient, vitamin C, and giving an illustration of a trampoline (and how C gives bounce back to the skin.) The 2nd never loaded, and I didn't try to get it ... Continue Reading


Re: Serious Skin Care Retinol?

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This might give you an idea. (from wiki) Vitamin A: 1 IU is the biological equivalent of 0.3 µg retinol, or of 0.6 µg beta-carotene Since the number of IUs contained in a new substance is arbitrarily set, there is no equivalence between IU measurements of different biological agents. For instance, one IU of vitamin E cannot be equated with one IU of vitamin A in any way, including mass or efficacy. Continue Reading


Re: Consult Beaute- early review

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I'm not an ingredient pro, but I've been looking at skin ingredients for a long time. I just looked up the serum and not the others, and I have not seen a presentation. But it is an interesting mix, and if you are getting some visual beneifts, I wouldn't be surprised -- the sodium hylauronate, the caffeine, the silica, the glucosomine... As far as a being a source of collagen, that is up for debate. You can stimulate your production of collagen with other things, but it is argued whether or not topical collagen actually has that skin benefit. Continue Reading


Re: ? for Former Tova Signature users

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I've not been able to find a substitute for Vintage Tova. Sometimes I wear the watered-down versions, only because it's still a favorite. The sub that people were talking about a while ago (forget the name) wasn't adequate in any way, shape or smell. Continue Reading


Re: How about Vionic and Ryka?

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I like Ryka, they fit well, but I have my own orthotic in them. I think they discontinued the rocker style that I particularly like. I even wrote to them to ask for a substitute, but really got no help. I have a new pair of Rykas waiting in the wings. I tried on a Vionic, but that was a sandal - (sent it back.) Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin C products for the face that Dr. Oz is touting?

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On 4/23/2015 Harpa said: Sanoserum? Sanoserum The Oz video never loaded, but this product name was there. Was this the product, or not? Continue Reading


Re: Your favorite eye liner? I'm on the hunt!

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Sephora waterproof work perfectly for me. No primers needed. And if you like colors, there is a rainbow of them. Continue Reading

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