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Re: Why do they lie?

In Beauty Banter 1397593775.92

I was thinking...if they are presenting a concealer, and say that is all they have on their face, that they really mean, it is the only concealer they have on their face. Of course, if that is what they mean, then that is what they should say. Continue Reading


Re: Does tarte hAve another new foundation

In Beauty Banter 1397593574.583

She just presented this the last time she had an hour show. http://www.qvc.com/tarte-Colored-Clay-SPF-15-Liquid-Foundation-with-Brush.product.A251481.html?sc=A251481-Zone&cm_scid=zone&cm_sp=MERCHZONE-_-Featured:+Best+Sellers-_-1 Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of Philosophy and Rudeness That Prevails Today!

In Beauty Banter 1397593050.697

Today before class I overheard my one student ask the other: "What's that you're wearing?" She gave a reply referring to her clothing. 1st student: "No, I mean your scent. Because it's really strong!" not at all in a nasty tone, just quizzical. She was a bit concerned because they (voluntarily) sit next to each other. So, that was a much nicer way to let someone know their fragrance is overpowering. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried this newest craze in skincare, Nerium Ad made from the oleander plant?

In Beauty Banter 1397563382.683

I think the toxicity is only through ingestion. However, anything that has a reputation of being poisonous, (in whatever form) I would avoid also putting on my skin. That's just me, though. (Not to mention the way it is marketed.) Continue Reading


Re: Question About a Duvet Cover

In For the Home Talk 1397562715.463

Thanks, everyone! My old duvet didn't have them, which I had for years, so this was new for me. I'm sure the newer down comforters have those loops. Loops would be easy to make & sew on the comforter. Usually when I shake it up, I always made/make sure that all the ends of the comforter met the ends of the duvet. Continue Reading


Re: So, when was the last time you fell and skinned your knees?

In Health & Fitness 1397509384.877

Very sorry about your accident! Are you patched up? Were you bleeding? It was 2 years ago for me! Right knee, right hand. I was on a shore vacation with my DD and her family. My DGD and I were anxious to hit the beach! There was this stupid hump in the road (that slows the cars) and I was giggling and talking with her, and I couldn't catch myself. With all the skin things I have, I still see where I injured my knee & hand. I think if I had left off the Neosporin, and stuck to my herbals, I think I would have healed more quickly, to be honest. Continue Reading


Re: Ready to give up on Tria laser

In Beauty Banter 1397507837.4

olive, isn't there a Tria support line that you can call? Continue Reading


Re: Question About a Duvet Cover

In For the Home Talk 1397494982.29

On 4/14/2014 Happy Elizabeth said: I just tie the ties around the corners of the comforter. I guess that's the only logical thing! :) Even though I didn't do it. TY! Continue Reading


Question About a Duvet Cover

Last Reply by whitelinen 1397565785.953 | Started by Harpa in For the Home Talk

Recently I bought a new duvet cover, and never realized until now that on the inside of the duvet, there are ties on all 4 corners. That's because I inadvertently put the washed duvet on inside out! There is nothing on my feather bed to tie the duvet onto at the corners (or anywhere else)....? What are those ties supposed to do? They are only about 6" long. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Grant Vit C ~

In Beauty Banter 1397492380.103

Mistic, to be honest, I don't know how effective the natural sources of the C vitamin are going to have on skin. I can probably be safe in saying that you shouldn't experience any adverse effects; i.e., no skin burning, (at least from anything that is a natural C source) with those formulations. They do have propanediol in them, and that's what (I think) HappyDaze had problems with recently. I don't know what all the PTR camu camu things have in them. Maybe you want to look at that, too. That seems to be something that people can use with no problem. Continue Reading

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