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Re: Astaxanthin?

In Beauty Banter 1412182467.447

Thanks for the article, SeaGal! Continue Reading


Re: Astaxanthin?

In Beauty Banter 1412181356.107

On 10/1/2014 SeaGal said: Pronounced asta xan thin Thank you for correcting me above, I am sorry I disseminated bad info re: doseage. SeaGal, this is not really a correction....the pronunciation would be spelled (as in a literal interpretation) asta zan' thin. As far as dosage, my supplement is lutein w/ astaxanthin; and at this moment, I don't know how many mg of astaxanthin is in there. But I actually never heard that astaxanthin supports energy. I would also be a little skeptical about it (on its own) "tanning" skin. Continue Reading


Re: TOVA is the BEST !

In Beauty Banter 1412180610.69

This a.m. I spritzed on vintage Body, Mind & Spirit. How old is that? It is just as vivid and long-lasting as ever! (not really my fav) I even just recently got another Tova Signature. I know it is nothing like the original, but I am very hard to please in the fragrance department. Continue Reading


Re: Astaxanthin?

In Beauty Banter 1412180347.463

Hope everyone can pronounce this! :) Even I would not bank on a supplement for my sole sun protection. But I do attribute a diet full of antioxidants that helps keep my skin from getting age spots. Continue Reading


Re: No shopping channels in hospital on TV

In Health & Fitness 1412180009.203

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery, gazelle! Continue Reading


Re: If you had to survive on the food that's in your house right now, how long would you last?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412179930.173

With careful rationing, we could extend it to a month or two. But we'd be surviving off the food and off the fat. (Only we're not that fat.) :) Continue Reading


Re: Couture Designers Bayou and Others

In Fashion Talk 1412179749.06

If only BB had brought some petite versions! I love his book! Continue Reading


Re: New Benefit blush palette

In Beauty Banter 1412171394.603

On 10/1/2014 Poppet1 said: Hi Harpa! I have Benefit's "Dallas" box o powder blush. It is a lovely flush of color. How does "Coralista" show up on the skin? Is it very pigmented. I am fair. I had tried "Dandelion" in the past and it was too light (if you can believe it) on me. It hardly showed up at all. Considering that the box o powders are $28 each, this palette is a great deal! Hi, Poppet! I think the Coralista is very nice! I am fairly light, too, and I think it has a nice payoff. And in between coral and pink. Try applying with a tighter brush. I don't know where I got my brush that I u... Continue Reading


Re: Alberti and skin care/makeup shows this morning

In Beauty Banter 1412168837.897

I haven't seen him w/ beauty presentations. Nice to know he lets the vendors talk about the products that they know about more than he does. I really do not want to hear about the hosts' personal experiences with products any more. Not your personal experiences, but theirs. Continue Reading


Re: Sisley Black Rose?

In Beauty Banter 1412168492.527

The oil does look nice (235.) w/ plum oil.... also magnolia essential oil to help reduce dark spots. But they say to avoid using around the eyes. Why would they say that? Continue Reading

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