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Re: Yesterday I sat on a snake...what fun did you have?

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Now that I know snicks is not squeamish, I'll relate one of my snake stories. When I lived in the real country and my DH was away on a business trip, (my sister lived only 1 mile away), our basement housed the washer & dryer. As I was ambling down the steps I spotted this, this, well, I thought it was, this huge curled up critter, and that was it, brother! I backed off of those steps a'trembling, wondering how I was ever going to get my laundry done. I phoned my brother-in-law in a panic, and he rushed over, duly prepared to tango with the monster in the cellar. A few minutes later he cam... Continue Reading


Re: Meat loaf - pan or no pan?

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On 5/27/2015 mothertrucker said: I normally never use a pan, but recently, for some reason, recently I did, and it made it more, well, compact, and it DID slice better, more uniform, I think, but I don't know if that is important- I like the "glaze: to get all round it .. So I am a little split on this.. It seems no matter HOW many eggs or crumbs or panade I add to mine, they NEVER slice well and awlays crumble more thanI think they should- even when moist, it seems they crumble.. What are your secrets? Do you let it rest after you take it out of the oven? One time I put 3 eggs in mine, ... Continue Reading


Re: Meat loaf - pan or no pan?

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This is the first I'm reading/learning about this method for meat loaf. I would think it would dry out quicker. I like a lot of moisture w/ meatloaf (without having to gravy it up afterward). Also, I like throwing in carrots and/or potatoes in there, too. I always make a catsup/brown sugar/Worchestershire sauce topping and then add a cup of sherry to the meat loaf pan, which is all too yummy! So, I don't even know if I would ever experiment with the method you described. Continue Reading


Re: I am a blush and lipstick addict, so.........

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Lately, I am really loving Edward Bess's Capri. To coordinate with that, Maybelline New Vivids in Electric Orange. Continue Reading


Re: Yesterday I sat on a snake...what fun did you have?

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Better than him sitting on you! That would make me faint clear away! Was he limp afterward? :) Continue Reading


Re: Am I the Only One Who Is Not "Getting" the High-Low Hem Look?

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I get it, just don't care for it (as a whole.) I do like high/low, though, on a wedding dress -- the low being a long train. Continue Reading


Re: Interesting formula to see if shorter or longer hair will flatter you

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Any more attention with this? Next time I see a particularly nice hairstyle on someone, I am going to see if this formula applies (if I can!) Continue Reading


Re: New haircut

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So nice to read that you are happy with your new style! Did you, by any chance, see the thread recently on the formula to determine whether or not long or short hair is becoming on a face? According to the formula, I could go either way, but I've had longer hair most of my life. I've thought seriously a couple times about the chopping block, just haven't done it. Nice to read about it, though! :) Continue Reading


Re: Water Under Moisturizer?

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On 5/25/2015 baker said: What ever makes you feel good, but I have an idea that water evaporates on the face in pretty short order, so I don't see what benefit it would have. I am inclined to agree. Either that, (water evaporation) or it simply allows your cream to spread a little better. If your skin is dry, then I would not moisten skin first. I'm not "arguing a point," but I don't know how it would make a cream work more effectively. Some say not to put water on facial skin at all. (I've dismissed that idea a long time ago.) But I also use Bella Carro's rose water & glycerin, since I ... Continue Reading



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Thanks for sharing your experience. Before they are sewn?!!!! Obviously, that "supervisor" has no clue! Are the garments simply mislabeled? Who knows? But it must be terribly frustrating about sizing, and really, somebody there really should know what they are talking about! If you sent those things back, then you should be adament that they reimburse your return shipping! Continue Reading

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