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Re: PM Sad

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On 1/27/2015 K9buddy said: You can trust Amy's styling advice. Sandra is one of those hosts who say that if you buy this it will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe that you already own. If you own this item you won't need to worry about how you look without it. She's more like a used car salesman who will say anything to sell an item (maybe the higher ups are putting the pressure on her because her sales aren't that great). Amy seems to give thought to her styling advice, This is apparent in how they both dress as well. I liked the co-hosting idea. I don't mind the younger generat... Continue Reading


Re: lemons!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422290082.483

Lucky you with your ready to harvest lemons! They wouldn't last long at my house; I use about 1 lemon per day. :) I tried Aarti's Moroccan Carrot Salad recipe and really enjoyed it, if you feel like trying something totally different. I was pleasantly surprised to try lemons that way, and was trying to think of what other combinations I could use with cooked lemons. (Haven't yet.) Continue Reading



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I wish I had never experimented with WEN, not because of the expense, but because of all the time & effort. Though I do like his styling things, it was very much hit or miss w/ the CCs. I simply could not use the SAM at all, and that is supposedly the most "universal." Also could not use the Fig, which made my hair feel like straw. Couldn't use 613, though I like the ingredients. The best results I got was from CA, but I didn't or ever have oily scalp or hair! It was a science lab for me, because the CCs that were supposed to be for my type of normal hair simply proved to be otherwise. Ne... Continue Reading


Re: More pedal pushers

In Denim & Co 1422194186.017

Yes, definitely for petite ladies, and ones that do not bag at the knee, so fabric w/ some stretch. Even I would be interested in these! I'll put in the rest of the order... No elastic waistbands, no cuffs, side or front fly zip okay, side seam pockets, nice assortment of solid colors, including denims, but even tasteful vertical stripes or prints. Continue Reading


Re: Stitch Fix

In Fashion Talk 1422190993.043

My DD got me a gift subscription over a year ago. There are some neat things about SF. They have my sizes down perfectly. But the last few "fixes" for me have been very disappointing regarding styles. No matter how specific I am in describing what pieces I am specifically looking for, they invariably send me things I do not want. My daughter, on the other hand has gotten quite a few things from them. One neat thing is that they've introduced me to brands I wouldn't have known about otherwise. They seem to do a nice job of actually styling the pieces...they put together outfits, suggesting way... Continue Reading


Re: So distressed about weight gain.

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You can't just eat and be inactive. (I don't know if this is part of the problem.) I've never followed diets, except I do believe in food combining, especially if I want to keep pounds from creeping up. Let the largest percentage of your food be totally healthy, and don't deny yourself of anything. But it helps to balance everything out with some kind of activity. Activity & healthy food = body working optimally. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite neckline and why?

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Necklines can make or break a piece, at least for me. You really have to go with the frame (size) of your body and height to achieve the most flattering look, I think. I'm petite, size S, and I like jewel, scoops and Vs, sometimes boats, but sqares are so nice, but you hardly ever find them. I rarely wear turtles. Continue Reading


Re: Volumizing Spray Q

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sonechko, thank you! I did have a video up, but then my computer went kafluey. Now that you've explained that, I do remember watching him w/ the spray. Continue Reading


Volumizing Spray Q

Last Reply by sonechko 1421945473.71 | Started by Harpa in WEN

I love Chaz's styling things: his brush, styling creme & glossing serum, but I never used the volumizing spray before, which I just ordered. Can you please describe how you use this? on dry or damp hair? as a refresher spray? before blow drying? as a setting spray? Do you just use a little? And... Does it really give you more volume? TIA!! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1421771884.923

They are showing you different ways to style the pieces, but it is comical, and annoying if you are interested in something. Like last night when they were showing the new WWC jeans, and all the models were wearing long tops so that you couldn't really see any of the jeans' details. Sometimes I think Mickey Mouse is at the helm. Continue Reading

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