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Re: How long would you bake this cake? Make an educated guess.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418130370.03

I, too, would start testing (in the center) @ 45 minutes. Depending on how the toothpick looked after the first test, though, would determine at what interval you might want to test again. Continue Reading


Re: Cookie Disaster at My House

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418130030.82

vickisok, did you get to taste the bad batch? And, did you take a picture for posterity? :) I'm glad your 2nd batch turned out well! Continue Reading


Re: Calista Tools Hot Rollers...

In Beauty Banter 1417561003.833

On 12/2/2014 ECBG said: Would like to use those, but I feel ill if my head gets hot. Is that a problem? If you use the lower setting, nothing gets too hot. When I tried the higher setting, the curler itself seemed almost too hot to handle. I got the longer curlers, though I have above-shoulder hair. I wanted to do soft spiral curls. I am amazed at the results, but I am still not sure if I want to keep them. They are very heavy, especially if I have all 12 on. Also, the clips do not hold well at all, or maybe I am not able to clip them in properly. Also, I can't seem to use 2 days in a row be... Continue Reading


Re: Are you a fan of column dressing?

In Fashion Talk 1415829526.447

Yes! Column dressing works particularly well for petite height (the tonal element) and the pop of color dissuades from being too boring. Continue Reading


Re: Trac phones

In Electronics Talk 1415138917.313

I'm really glad I got a Tracfone, cause I'm like you, don't use it that often. I got the triple minutes, too. I just ordered from the Tracfone website. One of these days I'll update the phone, but right now, it is serving my purposes. Continue Reading


Re: 50+ Women Do You Only Wear Brown And Gray Eyeshadows Now?

In Beauty Banter 1415138253.917

I'm just not into a whole lot of colors just now. I'm 61, and I like the shade of nondescript gray/taupe in the Incognito Dior palette. If I could find just the right flesh tone for me...I've been looking for it for awhile. Continue Reading


Re: PONDS clarant b3 Rave + Thank You MissButtercup

In Beauty Banter 1415138066.493

This may sound like a juvenile question, but is that Clarant Ponds considered more a moisturizer or a treatment cream? TY! Continue Reading


Re: Eye puffiness gone! A possible culprit???

In Beauty Banter 1414622107.273

It's interesting how the Dermawand stimulated your skin enough to help w/ the eye puffiness. That's what it sounds like to me, anyway. There really is something to facial lymph massage, and eye lymph massage. When I apply eye serum & cream, I always press it in (after having smoothed the other treatment things on). You can look up an eye lymph massage on youtube. Usually you start at the inner corners/over the brows and press towards the outer corners. I agree with you that the eye area needs continuous moisture to ward off lines & creases which can come from dryness. You could try a... Continue Reading


Re: Does this mean I now have dry skin?

In Beauty Banter 1414621389.66

Hard to tell. How old are you? Can you wash your face with just a mild something (or even just water!) and forego using anything at all for a day? night? And then feel your skin to see how it's doing. There may be other mitigating contributors -- age, like I inferred, diet (are you getting enough EFAs?) cleanser (like okiebug suggested) & other exfoliation, environment (where you live or your home heat/air quality)... When I adopted the vitamin C & AHAs in the a.m./retinol (the lowest strength) in the p.m. and changed my moisturizer to aloe vera + drops of oil, also thrown in is a dr... Continue Reading


Re: How to PART your HAIR for maximum attractiveness

In Beauty Banter 1414413313.91

I really like this demonstration of the different effects that a simple part can achieve. I wish they hadn't suggested "adds four years," "subtracts five years," but to let our own eyes decide what looks more attractive. I'm not sure, though, that this provides a once-size-fits all; if we can adopt those as general rules...because it all has to do with your face shape & other facial features, length of hair, etc. That particular model has a bit of a low/average forehead, and that also plays into where the part might look less flattering. Continue Reading

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