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Re: Need help with bird ID

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On 4/23/2014 Luv_My_Beagle said: The bird you describe is likely not the snow bunting based on the size you describe. Wild Birds Unlimited has a nice description for bird lovers... Good sleuthing, Luv_My_Beagle! The white plumage is their summer dress. They are known for their flashing white wing patches. #547 in Audubon. No wonder you couldn't find this, depglass! Continue Reading


Re: Equate brand skincare - inexpensive knockoffs with great ingredient decks!

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On 4/23/2014 kcladyz said: All Equate is is "name brands" repackaged in Walmart brand bottles so you are getting the exact same thing as the name brand. Walmart ( and other companies) buy another companies surplus and sells it to us at a cheaper price. I only know this for they taught this at my job ( long story) I am in the drug business and all that Equate Ibuprofen is Advil repackaged. That is why insurance companies will pay on drugs from one source and not the other. For some reason drug insurance companies will not pay on something that been repackaged. basically anything with Equate, C... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

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On 4/23/2014 suzyQ3 said: <br /> *********************************************** I'm not sure that I understand what's bad about synthetic ingredients, as long as they are both safe and effective. Just the fact that we humans have had a hand in their making doesn't automatically make them something I personally will avoid. suzy, my response was not to debate synthetic v natural. I was merely second guessing what MBR (& Josie) may have meant in the presentation. Maybe they didn't mean synthetic at all. We would have to ask them. There are several Q (and other) vendors who have... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

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The only questionable ingredient in that deck is ethylhexylglycerin. (preservative) This is from Truth in Aging. They are calling it a synthetic. Whereas Josie doesn't. (She also says that about propanedoil.) Ethylhexylglycerin is a synthetic compound derived from grains and plants and works by reducing interfacial tension on the cellular walls of micro-organisms, promoting their more rapid destruction and a wider spectrum activity (Source). Safety Measures/Side Effects: Although Ethylhexylglycerin is generally considered safe, it has been found to be an irritant to the skin in two studie... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

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On 4/23/2014 cassiem said: This is why it's so confusing: scientifically, all matter is a chemical. Matter is anything comprised of molecules, which are elements (think periodic table, things like hydrogen, oxygen, etc.) that are combined through a process like heat, light, pressure, etc. Water is a chemical H2O. When people say a product is chemical free, I scratch my head, because no product is chemical-free. I suppose what they attempt to say is that the product contains no synthetics. Continue Reading


Re: Need help with bird ID

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Larger than a robin would be 10-13". A gray jay? (Not too many birds have a white head.) But that doesn't account for the white stripes on the wings. #425 in the Audubon book. #426 - Gray Kingbird...? Continue Reading


Re: Ingredient listing protocol to changeā€¦ Is this true?!

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I just wish they'd be required to give percentages of some of the ingredients, like if it's a retinol product, then the % of the retinol. Also, with any of the "magic" ingredient/s they are extolling! And they should all be required to give the percentage of water (aqua)! Has anyone ever seen a jar or bottle with water as the last or middle ingredient? Continue Reading


Re: Almost Time for the Hum Feeder in the Northeast

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On 4/23/2014 twopeas said: On 4/23/2014 KJPA said: Harpa, who or what is Mustache? Just what I was going to add to my reply until I saw yours. Harpa? The squirrel who owns the property and lets us live in the house! :) I confess, I am not smarter than he is. We are cohabiting, (several years now!) but I give up. He wins! Continue Reading


Re: Strivectin-AR retinol night cream...

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Blondelle, I think it is both the vitamin C and retinol that is helping to lighten skin. Both of these are gently helping in skin turnover. Are you seeing smoother skin also? It won't hurt to try either the AH (which I've gotten at Ulta already), or the RoC. The percentage of retinol in the AH is .15%, but there's no way to know the percentage of retinol in the other products unless you ask the company. Continue Reading


Re: Almost Time for the Hum Feeder in the Northeast

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On 4/22/2014 KJPA said: On 4/22/2014 JustJazzmom said: On 4/22/2014 KJPA said: Southeast PA here. Put mine out last week and changed nectar already. No sign of any yet but I'm a newbie. I do have a yard-full of other birds like goldfinches, sparrows, robins and cardinals. Maybe it's too crowded for hummers? We are on the edge of a park so I hope they have enough space to share the air I'm not sure-- I'm sure those who use these feeders all the time can answer better than me but don't hummingbird feeders have to be away from the traffic of the regular bird feeders? They prefer their own area... Continue Reading

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