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Re: ?? about Josie Maran 100% Pure Argon Oil vs. other 100% argon oils

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On 10/22/2014 golfcartrider said: Another question, do I replace moisturizer with Argan Oil or use both? Moisturizers are traditionally an emulsion of water & oil. If your skin is used to that, then I don't think you would find an oil (any oil) complete by itself. A young skin can get away with this, since their skin mechanism acts in a younger way: self-exfoliating every 28 days, sebaceous glands working properly (unless you have problematic -- acne -- skin)... If you are sticking with Josie's things, then add the milk. Or, you can add drops of oil to a humectant (like aloe or HA) or an... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone derma rolling?

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I've wondered about the derma rollers, too, also the Tria users. Not a peep from anyone these days. Haven't done either. I've only half-considered derma, but would rather stimulate collagen in other ways; i.e., slowly over time. Also, I really do not want product penetration so deeply. (All kinds of reasons why not.) I don't doubt derma rolling (and Tria for that matter) works, but both are invasive, and a jolt to the skin mechanism, and might be beneficial for temporary use. So interesting to read everyone's experiences, though! Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran, the older French woman and Argon oil

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On 10/23/2014 MissBetsyW said: Does anyone recall - it must have been 15-20 years ago - that Josie Maran's father was a vendor on QVC? I think his name was George Maran. He sold a product that was a natural-based earth-toned powder, and the one color could be used on the entire face, for a blush, an eyeshadow, a bronzer and a lipcolor. Anyway, I remember that at some point she came on with him and then after that it was just her, and I never saw him after that. Just wonder if anyone else remembers? Are you thinking of Michael Maron, the makeup artist, who used to bring his Mojave Magic thing... Continue Reading


Re: Which Lipstick Color...

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Quinny, how you are doing your eyes sounds really lovely and complimentary! I would choose a color that stays within the peach family.... on the order of.... keeping it light. I wish I had the exact name of this, but alas! It was not divulged. You said you didn't want bright or bold colors....but, if you were to apply a bolder color with a lip brush (and not from the bullet), you would have all the control of applying it lightly. You can also tone it down with a lip balm over and/or under. Here's one to check out: Revlon Colorburst #235 - this one is matte, but I think they also have regular... Continue Reading


Re: What's the secret to making a GREAT garden salad?

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We went to Seasons on Sunday. My DD walked away with 7 bottles of flavored balsamic vinegars and an EVOO. I only purchased 2. But any of those fabulous balsamic vinegars or infused olive oils would dress up whatever you threw in the salad bowl! seasons Continue Reading


Re: Two BIG complaints about small stuff in lot of new cookbooks

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Legitimate complaints, Sooner! It's been a long time since I've gotten a cookbook! I used to have quite a collection, but donated a lot of them. Most of the recipes I use are handwritten anyway, within the pages of my cookbooks! I hardly ever watch the cooking shows anymore. But if I needed something, there's way too much info on-line, and that is easy to research. Continue Reading


Re: WHY WHY WHY don't you put the Perricone on the face of someone

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On 10/21/2014 ChynnaBlue said: On 10/21/2014 ROMARY said: I agree........some creams need to be patted on, others rubbed on upward, etc. I'm thinking in the under eye area, eye creams should probably be patted on, to prevent stretching of the very delicate skin. At least that's what we were told to do a hundred years ago. (lol) I actually think most of that "this cream needs rubbing, this needs patting, apply this upward, massage in circular motions" stuff is hogwash. The cream doesn't know how you're applying it. Be gentle, don't tug or pull, if you're going to rub, go against gravity, not ... Continue Reading


Re: Asked My Neuro Today What I Could Do for My Aging Brain

In Health & Fitness 1413923905.59

I don't know why more don't recommend playing a musical instrument, especially in ensemble. Diet, exercise, music (in the form of playing) & reading (spiritual exercise too!) -- all are a must in my book! I have often wanted to form ensembles in nursing homes with melodic & percussion Orff instruments. I am definitely going to pursue this in my next life chapter. Continue Reading


Re: Using Up My Creams & Serums!!!!!

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BTDT a couple years ago, so right now I don't have to use anything up. Just my daily things, which are so simple, really, yet the most effective for me. I still have a couple of ingredients on the back burner, but I am not enticed in the least by the latest & greatest -- gadget or cream/serum. Continue Reading


Re: Profector pro brush, yea or nay

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I've looked at this because a friend has one and loves it. But it does seem hard to handle. I'd be there all morning trying to make a curl. I'm happy using the Chi for touchups, (I don't have to stand there & hold it, and I'm not tugging my hair through the teeth of the brush) and nothing beats Caruso steam setter for zero damage & quick results. Continue Reading

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