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Re: Cooking Shows: Use of Enamel vs Non-stick Pots & Pans

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421090629.043

Thanks to the people who replied to my post and gave me some insight into pots & pans! Continue Reading


Cooking Shows: Use of Enamel vs Non-stick Pots & Pans

Last Reply by NorskyGal 1421090628.493 | Started by NorskyGal in Kitchen & Food Talk

I'm watching Kelsey's Essentials on the Cooking Channel and she's making a chicken dish. To brown the chicken and flavor the vegetables she used what looks to be an enamel pan. (Sorry..I'm not sure. I just don't know my cookware well enough to be sure.) Then on another dish where she had to brown some pancetta she used a "non-stick skillet" (teflon coated). My life-changing question (LOL) is why did she use an enamel pot for the chicken & a non-stick for the pancetta? Is it because she placed the chicken & veggies in the oven using the enamel pot and you can't put a non-stick skillet ... Continue Reading


Re: Newbie Crafter Needs Help: Does anyone know of a plain 5" x 7" die?

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On 1/6/2015 ChihuahuasForever said: YES! Spellbinders has a set of plain rectangle dies that contain several sizes. They are mostly used for making cards which was why I bought them. The 5X7 is the largest in the set. Thank you for the reply; however, the Spellbinders dies are CLOSE to being 5"x7" but not quite. In Set A, the biggest die is 4-7/8" x 6-7/8". And in Set B the biggest die is 4-5/8" x 6-5/8". Continue Reading


Re: Making a 6x6 card using Anna Griffin cardstock--Need simple steps

In Scrapbooking 1420345671.437 other replies are needed for my original post. I found a way to make easel cards on Youtube and with an easel card I can use my 6x6 AG cardstock. And if I want to make a 'regular' card I found out I would do it the way I kind of figured it would be done (how I described in my original post). Continue Reading


Re: Making a 6x6 card using Anna Griffin cardstock--Need simple steps

In Scrapbooking 1420324325.467

I see my post here has had a lot of views but no replies. Can anyone provide an answer?? Continue Reading


Making a 6x6 card using Anna Griffin cardstock--Need simple steps

Last Reply by mewsmomtoo 1420527086.807 | Started by NorskyGal in Scrapbooking

I've got lots of Anna Griffin card kits that I've made cards from and they're awesome. But I've also got a pack of very pretty Anna Griffin 6x6 cardstock papers. If I wanted to make a card from this cardstock how would I go about it if I don't have a cardbase?? Would I cut a 6"W x 12"L strip of paper, fold it in half to make the 6x6 card, and glue onto the front of it one of Anna's 6x6 cardstock papers? Or is there a different/better way to do this? I've tried looking at Youtube videos but really can't find anything that answers this question. Thanks to anyone that can help me! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Ever Develop Allergic Reaction to Fragrance You've Been Wearing?

In Beauty Banter 1419477870.133

Yes. In the early 80s I had a bottle of Emeraude (cheap perfume--I know! LOL) and wore it a few times. Then one day my sister put it on and I ended up at the clinic in my small hometown with an allergic reaction. My lips started swelling and I started getting hives on my face and I could feel my throat swelling. I started carrying an Epi-Pen after that. Be careful! Continue Reading


Re: worst christmas present

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On 12/20/2014 HeartsNdiamondz said: My sister in law gave me candles from a yard sale with the $2 dollar price tag still on it. The candles were Burned and used too! (It was for our $25 gift exchange). HeartsNdiamondz: That just burns me when people give super cheap gifts for a gift exchange set with a $$ limit. It means you don't want to go over $25 but you should try to get as close to it as you can. The goal is NOT to buy something as far under $25 as you can!!!!!! My hubby's family does stuff like that. They get the nice gifts when they're giving others the cheap stuff. I feel that if y... Continue Reading


Re: Cleaning tub

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Baking soda for soap scum. White vinegar for hard water buildup. Continue Reading


Re: Unsalted butter for homemade cookies?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419200377.613

I remember that my Home Ec teacher 20+ years ago instructed us to use unsalted butter when baking. Continue Reading

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