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Periwinkle Bathroom--Anyone Have One?

Last Reply by brewhaha 1408654083.23 | Started by NorskyGal in For the Home Talk

Several years ago I found a super cute periwinkle gingham shower curtain sprinkled with simple periwinkle embroidered flowers. I put this in a bathroom mostly used by guests. I was able to find periwinkle rugs & towels to go with it and I even painted the walls a gorgeous light periwinkle. Now it's time for those towels and rugs to be replaced. Does anyone know how hard it is to find anything periwinkle??? So many items that are even called Periwinkle seem to be more purple in color, too. Not a true mix of blue and purple. I know I could put out white towels, but I'd like the rugs and at ... Continue Reading


Re: Collie and/or Art Lovers: Where can I find this print?

In Pet Lovers 1408633633.85

Thanks to EVERYONE who replied to my post. You know, I had found the name Konstantin Razumov associated with this piece of art, but I didn't include it in the post because my sister & I searched this artist a million ways on the Web and only saw ladies who were partially dressed! Also, when you look at the artist's signature on the print itself it sure doesn't look like Konstantin Razumov. So because of those 2 things, I wonder if maybe he isn't the true artist. MarLoCat: Thanks for adding the image to the thread. Sheltie Mom: Printing a picture of this image and having a smaller framed... Continue Reading


Collie and/or Art Lovers: Where can I find this print?

Last Reply by kachina624 1408654236.51 | Started by NorskyGal in Pet Lovers

Does anyone know where my sister can find the following print? We've tried googling it different ways on the web & can't locate find the artist to order the print. (Sorry to just include the URL, but I tried linking it & even copying in the image and was having loads of troubles.) Continue Reading


Re: I have to say this about today's craft day on HSN…..

In Scrapbooking 1406224500.11

I only watched a little of the MS shows, but one host seemed pretty nervous being around her. (Don't know her name but it wasn't Callie.) Continue Reading


Re: What did YOU order today on HSN's Craft Day?

In Scrapbooking 1406223486.64

On 7/23/2014 mewsmomtoo said: Hi Norsky Gal, I got them from their Spin To Win game that is going on this month (go to the Arcade page). I was guessing this was maybe the case. My problem is that when I try to play an arcade game it says I'm missing a nickname. When I click on the Create Nickname button I get the Community Guidelines popup window where I accept the guidelines and then Continue. But nothing happens. And if I try to create a nickname under Account>>My HSN Profile I get an error message. I don't want to call customer service about it and I've searched the forums for somet... Continue Reading


Re: What did YOU order today on HSN's Craft Day?

In Scrapbooking 1406222858.53

During Anna's last hour I also ordered Anna's Elegant Embellishments Cricut Cartridge---even tho I don't even have a Cricut Explore! But if I were to buy a machine, those are the designs I would really want and would use. I was afraid, I guess, that it would sell out & I wouldn't be able to ever get one. (Also, I was looking online & you can get a machine for about $250 at Walmart. It won't come with the initial Anna Griffin stuff but those particular designs don't matter to me.) Continue Reading


Re: O/T What is you earliest childhood memory?

In Fashion Talk 1406150362.877

My earliest memory was at 9 months, the day JFK was assassinated. My parents were going out of town that afternoon and they brought me up to my grandparents' farm for babysitting. We were in the porch and I was being handed over to my grandma when I saw that my grandpa was crying. (He had just heard the news that JFK had died.) I guess the trauma of seeing grandpa crying made an impression on me and that's why I remembered it. Continue Reading


Qstns about B12 Shot (Plz only reply if you've had one)

Last Reply by chrystaltree 1406226351.03 | Started by NorskyGal in Health & Fitness

I've been diagnosed with both CFS & FMS for quite awhile; but truth be told, I've been low on energy for much of my life. I finally thought to have my Vitamin B levels checked by my doctor last week and they were below the lowest number of the acceptable range. So tomorrow I am getting a B12 shot and I'm glad. My questions are: Will there be any noticeable improvement in my energy level? If so, how long might it take for that to happen? I know I can ask these questions at the clinic tomorrow, but I'm a little antsy right now! Continue Reading


Re: Arrival of scrapping - crafting supplies

In Scrapbooking 1406148285.04

On 5/23/2014 Krimpette said: One of the other items I ordered was the Spellbinders Tool 'n One. If you die cut some intricate dies, this is an awesome tool! Makes it so much easier to get those little pieces out of the die, using the brush at the end, as well as the pick. I had never heard about this tool 'til now, so I watched a video on it. I'm ordering it today (along with the foam)! It'll be perfect for using with those Anna Griffin dies. Thanks for the tip, Krimpette! Continue Reading


Re: Is the Cricut Explore worth the cost and the room it takes up?

In Scrapbooking 1406146148.81

I'd like to hear some opinions on this, too, as I've been looking at the same machine. Continue Reading

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