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Re: Anyone Have Surgery for Nasal Polyps?

In Health & Fitness 1396375181.543

I had surgery for this 1-1/2 yrs ago. Find an ENT that you trust. I got a referral from my sis-in-law who had the same surgery. I was having to practically stand upside down while blowing my nose to get anything out. And I was sniffing all the freaking time. (What an annoyance to people around me!) The surgery itself is not bad. He'll get antibiotics and a pain med. Regarding the packing, I had nose tampons (ha ha!) and I won't lie--the packing was painful because of how large it was--lots of pressure. But the pain meds help greatly. When taking out the packing, be sure to spray lots of salin... Continue Reading


Re: Maintaining a Natural Look While Aging -- Shirley Jones

In Beauty Banter 1396374195.767

To me, Shirley Jones is ageless. She hardly seems to have aged throughout the years. She's gorgeous. Continue Reading


Re: Original Well Rested vs Well Rested Eye Brightener?

In bareMinerals 1396373567.653

Thank you, LovemyBE! I thought this was maybe the case but didn't know for sure. Continue Reading


Re: Can someone please help me with Liner Shadow colors ?

In bareMinerals 1396039840.56

On 3/28/2014 LovemyBE said: I am seeing color descriptions on bareescentuals.com. Don't forget to check the eye shadow shades too, not just the liners. For example, Passionate Plum eye shadow is a deep matte plum which sounds like the perfect liner. If its not dark enough you can apply it wet. The eye shadows have descriptions & tell you the texture too (matte, shimmer, sheen, etc..). Now I see them. If I don't click on the option to view all the colors, then I can see the descriptions. Thanks! And thanks for the hint about Passionate Plum! Continue Reading


Re: Can someone please help me with Liner Shadow colors ?

In bareMinerals 1396030103.32

On 3/28/2014 Happy Elizabeth said: Sometimes eBay will have the best pictures. I often browse there for different photos of products I want to try, even if I don't actually purchase on eBay. You're right. I had totally forgotten about that. Maybe someone will have an older color that I'm running out of, too. (Green Tea comes to mind!) Maybe someone can recommend a good plum color that is older & not readily available anymore. And maybe I'll be able to find it on eBay. Continue Reading


Can someone please help me with Liner Shadow colors ?

Last Reply by NorskyGal 1396039840.563 | Started by NorskyGal in bareMinerals

I need a purple and a green liner shadow in a matte powder form (not pencil). There's sure not a lot to pick from on QVC so I'm looking at bareescentuals.com. Problem: They don't describe the colors on this site; they only show color swatches and heaven knows those are not always accurate. So can someone plz describe the following colors for me OR recommend a different site with more liner colors? The colors I'm wondering about are For Real, Legit & Sure Thing. Continue Reading


Original Well Rested vs Well Rested Eye Brightener?

Last Reply by NorskyGal 1396373567.72 | Started by NorskyGal in bareMinerals

Does anyone know if the Well Rested minerals I've been purchasing these last several years is different from the Well Rested Eye Brightener powder that's in the kit Well Rested Bright Eyes Fatigue Fighting Trio? Continue Reading


Re: Battery Operated Pedi Callus Removers

In Beauty Banter 1395933296.13

Thank you everyone for your replies! Continue Reading


Re: Do you need to put stuffing in purses when storing them?

In All About Handbags 1395933230.337

Thanks to everyone for all of your replies! Continue Reading


Re: Does QVC still offer flat rate S/H with a BE order from the catalog?

In bareMinerals 1395932737.85

Okay. Thanks everyone. That's what I was thinking, too. Continue Reading

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