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Re: SW Florida for last 2 weeks of February?

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On 11/24/2014 happy housewife said:Anyway though, it will be way way warmer than the Dakotas. You are so right! Thanks for your reply happy housewife! Continue Reading


Re: Happy Thanksgiving

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And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, mewsmomtoo!!! Continue Reading


SW Florida for last 2 weeks of February?

Last Reply by Doxie 1417288042.22 | Started by NorskyGal in Among Friends

(Please only answer if you've been to the SW Florida (Naples/Fort Meyers) area in late February.) I have an opportunity to go to the Naples/Ft.Meyers area, but I love being in the ocean. (I love to shell and I'm not a pool person.) So my questions are: How is the temp of the ocean in late Feb. down there? Will it be too cold for swimming? (Keep in mind I'm from the Dakotas and what's cold to someone from FL maybe won't be to me.) I need some info quickly to help me decide whether or not I should pay for a flight and a hotel for 2 weeks! Thanks!!! Continue Reading


Re: Just ordered the Bare Minerals TSV!!

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wvumountiefan: I haven't seen this particular TSV yet but I've had tons of BE TSV's in the past. Since you've never used any powdered mineral makeup the very best advice I can give you is to start with WAY less than you think you'll need. And then use even less than that! It doesn't take very much mineral makeup at all cuz it's very pigmented. I LOVE BE--have fun! Continue Reading


Re: AG's Paisley Patterns Folders & Dies--the latest Autoshipment

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On 11/8/2014 mewsmomtoo said: Did you see the thread about the $195 million home for sale in LA? Someone pointed out that you would never see your cats again because it is so huge At least I wouldn't have to worry about them fighting, they would get tired of chasing before they would ever have a chance to fight! Its hard to corner a cat in over 12000 sq.ft. I think no matter how huge our house might be, our cats would always be right there in the same room(s) with us. We live in a 4-level split home and our cats like to be where they can see us or at least hear us. (And they like to be able ... Continue Reading


Newbie Crafter Needs Help: Does anyone know of a plain 5" x 7" die?

Last Reply by Kati 1415655653.477 | Started by NorskyGal in Scrapbooking

Instead of using my cruddy paper cutter to cut an inaccurate 5" x 7" piece of cardstock, does anyone know of a plain 5" x 7" die that I can use? I'm new to using dies but I have looked at Sets A & B of the 'matting basics' dies of Spellbinders and neither set cuts an exact 5" x 7". Does anyone know if there's a die set out there that I could use? Continue Reading


Re: New AG Autoshipment: Which Border Die Goes with Which Border Embossing Folders?

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Mewsmomtoo...Are you actually asking me if I tried cutting & embossing these dies & folders to match them up? Of course not! Why would I do that? Well that just goes to show that if I were REALLY interested right now in learning what goes with what I would've tried it out myself! ha! I thought I posted a reply to this thread last night but I'm not seeing it now. I posted this question on Anna Griffin's FB page. Nobody "official" replied to my thread but a gal did reply with "Thistle and Pomegranate Paisley." Just what you thought. Continue Reading


Re: AG's Paisley Patterns Folders & Dies--the latest Autoshipment

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Mewsmomtoo...Did you get two new adult kitties? How's it going? I've introduced an adult cat to another adult cat, but not 2 new ones. As far as my question about which Anna Griffin border die goes with which embossing border folders goes, I've just posted it on Anna Griffin's FB page. I figured HSN would've at least responded to my forum question by now but since they haven't, I went straight to the source. I should've done that to begin with. Regarding Youtube....I love watching crafting videos on there. (Including videos about AG's products.) I love to lay in bed & watch crafting video... Continue Reading


Re: Anna Griffin Super Scrapbooking Sale

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Looking at a recent post on FB there is an item called the Holiday Perfect Palette Cardmaking kit that will be on the sale, which I guess is different from the Perfect Palette Cardmaking kit that's on HSN right now. And this Holiday kit isn't on Anna's own website. So it appears as though this sale is going to be very interesting! Does anyone know---was this Holiday kit something that was sold on HSN last season? Continue Reading


Re: AG's Paisley Patterns Folders & Dies--the latest Autoshipment

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mewsmomtoo, I agree, all of the AG dies & folders ARE very pretty. Do you try them out when you get them? I don't but maybe I should. I just file them away in my AG Embossing Folder Storage boxes with the storage folders. I still don't understand why the estimated ship date was Feb. 2015. Go figure. weird. Continue Reading

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