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Re: Suggestions for Repositionable Adhesive

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Thank you everyone for the replies. I'll tell you what I've been doing---I've been taking pics of my layouts. Then I study them to see which one I like best. So far, so good. Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for Repositionable Adhesive

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Thanks for your reply, Louisa May. I should've been more specific in my question. I don't want to put much repositionable adhesive on my embellishments because if I don't like my card's layout I want to be able to take the adhesive off the embellishments so I can put them back in my stash for a later card. Continue Reading


Suggestions for Repositionable Adhesive

Last Reply by NorskyGal 1414780404.903 | Started by NorskyGal in Scrapbooking

Can anyone recommend a good repositionable adhesive for cardmaking? I'd like to temporarily adhere embellishments to my Anna Griffin cards while I contemplate whether or not I like the layout. I think I'd like a runner best, vs tape or a liquid glue or spray glue, as it'd be easier to use. But if you are in love with something, please just let me know about it, whatever it is. And it has to be a light adhesive..meaning when/if I take the embellishment off it doesn't remove any paper with it. (Which I guess is the definition of respositionable.....! Continue Reading


Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

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Renee has not lost weight because even at her thinnest (which was most of the time) she had a round, "baby face." If she had lost weight, she would be a skeleton. What I wonder is can a person 'thin' their face somehow? Or maybe she reduced her cheek bones? Because it's definitely lost its fullness, which I know comes a little with age, but not to the extent that we're seeing in her most recent photo. Continue Reading


AG's Paisley Patterns Folders & Dies--the latest Autoshipment

Last Reply by Lady Chanel 1414712990.967 | Started by NorskyGal in Scrapbooking

Did anyone get an email yet from HSN saying that their Anna Griffin's Paisley Patterns Folders & Dies (the latest autoshipment) has shipped? If so, did you happen to notice the Estimated Arrival Date on the email? Mine says 2/25/2015! haha Continue Reading


Re: Mascara/ Eyelash Primer

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My lashes have become short & sparse with age and I have found Clinique Lash Building Primer (item #A168835) to be FABULOUS! I apply two coats, letting the first coat dry before applying the 2nd coat. Then for mascara I LOVE Almay's Get Up and Grow! The combo of the two--for me--is fabulous and I actually have lashes again. (And I love the wand with Almay's mascara.) Continue Reading



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Sorry to hear you're having these issues. I STRONGLY recommend you see a psych doctor or psych nurse--someone who has studied psych meds and knows the ins and outs of them. Please do NOT depend on your primary care doctor or a General Practitioner regarding these types of meds. Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Ever Unmounted Their Wooden Stamps?

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On 9/24/2014 mewsmomtoo said: You just had to tell me the website name! Now I have gone over there and looked around and I am impressed. Have fun! I hope you find some goodies! And since you like needlepoint, have you ever checked out the site They're based out of the town I live in and are supposed to be a pretty awesome company. I used to go to their retail store all the time when I used to cross-stitch. Continue Reading


Re: Anna Griffin Clear Stamps--Trim or no trim?

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mewsmomtoo--Thanks for the reply. I don't know how these stamps are going to turn out. I haven't finished trimming them so I haven't tried them yet. I'll have to get out a craft knife and polish up the edges. When I ordered this set I thought it would be such a good thing to have but we'll see, I guess. Continue Reading

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