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Re: Anyone Going To Watch Fargo

In TV Talk 1397671841.793

I started to watch it..it was on 11pm here..kinda late and I fell asleep watching it..not because it was boring..but because it started so late...I checked and it's on ON Demand so I'll watch it tonight...DW Continue Reading


Re: Act of Kindness by a Vitamix employee at Costco

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397574297.55

On 4/15/2014 chrystaltree said: Well, I'd be leary about letting Vitamix know about this act of kindness. For all we know, there's a company policy against employees doing something like this. I just went to the vitamix Facebook page and the story is there...It says it was posted 22 hrs ago...DW Continue Reading


Re: New store in town - Nordstrom Rack

In Fashion Talk 1397148592.42

I shopped there a couple weeks ago when I was in Az...I got a pair of Keen sandals ..in purple for 59.00..that was a pretty good deal..DW Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone a vegetarian?

In Health & Fitness 1397138171.803

I've been doing Dr Fuhrman's way of eating for 2 1/2 years and have lost and kept off 45 pounds. It's a way of life now for me. DH eats vegan 3 nights a week. The other nights I make lean meat healthy meals for him. DW Continue Reading


Re: Need Help With New iPad Air

In Electronics Talk 1395844053.14

I too kept my old email addresses..Just follow the advice everyone has given you...Its all very easy..DW Continue Reading


Re: Need Help With New iPad Air

In Electronics Talk 1395793533.2

I just set mine up three weeks ago..it was one of the easiest things I've done..don't be afraid its really easy...As a matter of fact..I'm thinking my next computer is gonna be an iMac...DW Continue Reading


Re: Gmail iPad iPhone and Mac Question

In Electronics Talk 1394682113.17

On 3/12/2014 Meeras said: the solution is exactly what liznori describe here. I emailed her the solution that liznori suggested..but I guess I was just wanting to know if she's deleting them on her iMac..why they weren't being deleted on her iPhone or iPad..? DW Continue Reading


Re: Gmail iPad iPhone and Mac Question

In Electronics Talk 1394680824.003

I don't know if she has her iPad or iPhone linked to her iMac..I can ask her..but..I have an iPad and PC...and it works for me and I didn't link anything...why wouldn't it work for her?..DW Continue Reading


Gmail iPad iPhone and Mac Question

Last Reply by voyager1980 1394682695.743 | Started by dancingwoman in Electronics Talk

I was talking to my one of my gfs tonight on the phone..she also just got a new iPad. She asked me about my gmail. I told her everything seemed fine..when I delete an email on the computer it reflects the deletion on the iPad. She said she had deleted thousands of old emails in gmail on her Mac, but they are still showing up on her iPhone and iPad. She can't figure out how to get rid of them other then "edit" and checking them one by one and then deleting them..Does anyone have any other suggestions for her to help get rid of the emails on her iPhone and iPad faster than checking them one... Continue Reading


Re: Where Can I Find Nutritional Yeast In The Supermarket?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1394629316.893

I usually can only find it in one of our Health Food stores. I've never seen it in our regular food markets, but I live in a small town. DW Continue Reading

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