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Re: I broke my Keyboard Kindle a few months ago and now...

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DH has a Kindle Keyboard..I have one and we have an extra just in case...I don't use mine that much anymore now that I have an iPad Air...and iPod Touch..but it comes in handy when I want to read outside..no glare...and I actually think when I'm reading for a long time that its easier on the eyes...DW Continue Reading


Re: Under the Dome

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On 9/9/2014 colliegirls said: Has Barbie ever NOT had blood on his (cute) face??? In the beginning of last nights episode I said to DH..look no blood on Barbie..but after a few minutes...there it was...DW Continue Reading


Re: Under the Dome

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On 9/9/2014 Javala-la said: On 9/9/2014 colliegirls said: More surprises last night! I really look forward to this show because it has suspense but not gore. Now I have to watch this evening it is a fun one isn't it Stephen King has such a way to entertain... Yes he does..I love SKing..but alas...this series is so far beyond what the book was all about..I love the series and loved the book but its so different if it weren't for the name Under the Dome you'd almost think it was a different book..DH won't let me tell him how the book ended..lol...DW Continue Reading


Re: Veggies with Verve

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409759655.9

On 9/3/2014 Marsha2003 said: I have THIS ONE and have really enjoyed using it. I'm not sure I have the strength to use the Microplane version. I have one similar to this one too..had it for years..Q sold it under the Fuller Brush brand name..It works great and there are different blades for different cuts. The blades are really sharp and you have to be careful while washing it..DW Continue Reading


Re: What watch is she wearing?

In Jewelry Talk 1409334081.403

I also saw a pic of maybe her wearing a bunch of bracelets and a watch while watching CP this morning..she had a ring on that looked like stacked rings but more intertwined..I was wondering what ring that was...DW Continue Reading


Re: New Carolyn Pieces

In Carolyn Pollack 1409329739.98

I just bought the 21 inch by 1/2 inch native pearl necklace from CP site. It was 20% off..DW Continue Reading


Re: $100 is worth what in your state?

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On 8/20/2014 VCamp2748 said: $98 plus change, or a one quarter oz pot plus some to buy snacks Gee we must live in the same state..Colorado...lol...DW Continue Reading


Re: WOODSTOCK --------------

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I was there too...I had flowers in my hair..it was wet and muddy..it was great and it was not so great when the mud got everywhere...and I'm still with the same man..lol...we got married after Woodstock and have been together all these years..I graduated from high school that year too...DW Continue Reading


Re: Longmire Fans

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On 7/31/2014 Judaline said: And she always sides with Walt. She didn't say one word to the poor deputy. Just walked out with Walt. Yeah...I thought the whole thing was a little mean...I was actually a little disappointed with that scene...DW Continue Reading


Re: Longmire Fans

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I agree with everyone..about things getting drawn out and confusing...I'd like to see at least one or two things resolved this season..and Vic is getting so annoying...never really liked her to begin with.. DH and I thought it was funny at the end..the music they played is the same song that is the theme song to VIKINGs..its by a group called Fever Ray...DW Continue Reading

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