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Re: Tale of Two Squash Blossoms

In Carolyn Pollack 1412033746.203

I love squash blossoms...I live in SW Colorado in a tourist town..there are many times when there are art fairs here. One year maybe over 25 yrs ago there was one in our Fair Grounds. Most was jewelry and most Native American. I stopped at one booth and there was this beautious squash. Big...Bold and wonderful turquoise. I asked the woman tending the booth how much. She was an older Native American woman and she said 75 dollars..I grabbed it...well not grabbed but nicely took it from her to look at was marked with a magic marker and actually said 750 dollars..the 0 had warn off... Continue Reading


Re: Ordered a necklace from Carolyn's site

In Carolyn Pollack 1412032835.06

Thanks everyone..I'll let you know when it arrives..DW Continue Reading


Re: Promo Code for CP Website?

In Carolyn Pollack 1412032793.143

When I put in my order today I didn't know there was an active code. I went ahead and did a dummy order to test BEAUTY and got the same response you did..said it was applied but it wasn't ..sorry no help here...DW Continue Reading


Re: Ordered a necklace from Carolyn's site

In Carolyn Pollack 1412020458.44

Thanks thats what I thought too...Now I just hope it comes on time..I'm having it sent priority...and Albuquerque is only 3.5 hrs driving time away from where I live..hopefully the mail will get through on time.. DW Continue Reading


Ordered a necklace from Carolyn's site

Last Reply by jugtown 1412091685.643 | Started by dancingwoman in Carolyn Pollack

Hi..I just ordered the American West Sterling Silver Turquoise and Coral Rondelle necklace from Carolyn's was onsale. I also have the 1/2 inch 21 inch length native pearl necklace. I was gonna layer these. I live in Colorado so layering this here wouldn't be a big deal at all..But I want it for a trip to NY next Tuesday. Do you think this is too much to wear there together there or should I just wear them alone?...DW Continue Reading


Re: Bones Spoiler

In TV Talk 1411752421.27

Next week should be sad too. I was shocked...DW Continue Reading


Re: Bones Spoiler

In TV Talk 1411748510.723

Oops just tried the link and it didn't work by putting it into the body of the post..just type it into your browser window...DW Continue Reading


Bones Spoiler

Last Reply by Marsha2003 1412090384.193 | Started by dancingwoman in TV Talk

Did anyone watch the season opener of Bones last night?... Here's a good article to read AFTER you watch contains spoilers...DW Continue Reading


Re: Survivor (spoilers)

In TV Talk 1411674694.06

Hi Lori..I think it was an opossum..but not sure... I enjoyed last night..when they said RI..I looked at DH and said..oh nooo...but it might be ok..actually the first episode was good...hopefully it will continue to be..DW Continue Reading


Re: Help! Tried to download Windows 8 on I Pad and now it is frozen

In Electronics Talk 1411140535.687

I just read on if you update thru iTunes that the update only takes 1g...if you don't it will take 5g and you might have to delete some content to make room for it. DW Continue Reading

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