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Re: Longmire Fans

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On 7/31/2014 Judaline said: And she always sides with Walt. She didn't say one word to the poor deputy. Just walked out with Walt. Yeah...I thought the whole thing was a little mean...I was actually a little disappointed with that scene...DW Continue Reading


Re: Longmire Fans

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I agree with everyone..about things getting drawn out and confusing...I'd like to see at least one or two things resolved this season..and Vic is getting so annoying...never really liked her to begin with.. DH and I thought it was funny at the end..the music they played is the same song that is the theme song to VIKINGs..its by a group called Fever Ray...DW Continue Reading


This looks like an interesting new robot

Started by dancingwoman in Electronics Talk 1405702156.667 DH sent me this link this morning. Looks interesting but expensive. DW Continue Reading


Re: Longmire Fans

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Btw, that woman was frying bologna all wrong. You have to notch the edge so it stays flat and doesn't curl up. LOL..I said the same thing to DH...ya gotta notch the edges so it doesn't curl up.. DW Continue Reading


Re: Longmire Fans

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I like Branch too...not so much Vic though.. The guy that plays Chance seems to always play creepy characters..wasn't he in the original Fargo?...DW Continue Reading


Re: Longmire Fans

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I think Vic went back in the Sheriffs truck too..I was wondering where Branch went you think he came upon Walt and Chance at the duel and maybe shot Chance?...just thinking here.... Continue Reading


Re: iPod Touch 5th generation charging

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On 7/6/2014 VolvoGirl said: On 7/6/2014 metfan85 said: You can use the Ipad charger to charge your Ipod but not vice versa. The Ipod charger is not strong enough to charge your Ipad. I don't think you even get a charger unit with iPod. I didn't. It's just the cable, not the wall adapter part. I think they figure people will use it and charge it plugged into their computer. Yep just got the cable not the charger adapter..thats why I asked the question..thanks to everyone that answered...DW Continue Reading


Re: iPod Touch 5th generation charging

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Thanks VolvoGirl..It seems I have to carry all kinds if chargers..Adaptors and cables with me..if I can condense them its so much easier..DW Continue Reading


iPod Touch 5th generation charging

Last Reply by luvsiamese 1405517432.84 | Started by dancingwoman in Electronics Talk

I just bought an iPod Touch 5th generation so I can carry it with me and listen to audiobooks. My question is..can I charge it with my iPad Air charger. Can I use the same usb cord and adapter from the iPad Air or do I need to use the usb cord that that came with the iPod plugged into the adaptor that came with the iPad?...I hope I said all that sounds confusing after I read it back...thanks..DW Continue Reading


Re: Problems using ipad photos as wallpaper

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There are some free apps for resizing the pictures..I did a search in the app store..I don't have my ipad with me right now but I did find a couple free ones that work pretty well..DW Continue Reading

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