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Re: Bath towel recommendations

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On 11/26/2014 gtx said: I purchased new towels for guest bath recently for my Thanksgiving guests. They are Wamsutta brand from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I washed and dried them two times and my dryer filter was filled to brimming with lint or whatever the substance is that comes off them. Does anybody have a recommendation for a brand of towel that you like? I would like to find some without so much lint. I found this usually only happens after the first two or three washings, then it's through linting. I agree with rec's the ladies left below if you want to try a different brand. Continue Reading


Re: Tarte TSV made in China

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I refuse to buy food and cosmetics made in China. I have a choice and I'm sticking with it. If people would stop buying, there would be a change. Continue Reading


Re: Slow Cooker Challenged

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I have a couple slow cooker cookbooks and my slow cooker came with a cookbooklet. I've never had anything not turn out perfectly. Continue Reading


Re: Didn't think there could be less tissue paper on the roll but every time I buy it, the roll gets smaller.

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On 11/23/2014 marky said: Pretty soon, the width will be two inches and the core will be even bigger. Can't believe how little is on the roll now. Are there any brands out there that are better value for the money? O/P, what brand are you talking about? I buy Member's Mark from Sam's; no complaints. Some of the cheap brands are not really a value, but cost more in the long run. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & The No More Wiggle/Jiggle Dance - PM Style

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On 11/25/2014 Junebug54 said: There are those of you that will stop watching PMS but then there are those that will now begin to watch it again. Me being one of them. I am looking forward to a new host!! Me too! Continue Reading


Re: Has Lisa R said where she is going or what she is going to be doing in the future?

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On 11/23/2014 Ms X said: Didn't Lisa Rinna say Lisa will be around when they were on-air together recently? Since her announcement, I've considered her becoming a QVC vendor the most likely outcome. People keep saying that's not the case because she will be giving up her QVC FB page. However, Susan Graver doesn't have a QVC FB page but instead has her own that seems exactly like the page Lisa started. Another factor in support of this is that Lisa seems to have had a lot more time off since her announcement. Is that correct? If so, maybe she's working on her new venture with QVC. If she's lea... Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran attractive

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JM is very pretty. Professional make-up helps too. I've seen her without makeup and she's attractive. Continue Reading


Re: Does This Happen With Anyone Else's Home Manicure?

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On 11/23/2014 RachB said: Do you put the seche vite on immediately? The wetter the polish underneath, the better the seche works. In fact, after the second coat of polish, I don't do both hands before applying seche. I'll go thumb to pinky on one hand and then thumb to pinky on the same hand with seche. Then I move on and repeat on my second hand. I've been doing my nails for years and I've done a lot of experimenting with products. Using my favorite method, I usually get at least 6 days chip free, and sometimes up to 12. I cook and clean, too! I'll list my polishing method below. Brush OPI C... Continue Reading

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