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Re: Korean beauty products! What have you tried?

In Beauty Banter 1408705841.187

I've never used any Korean products, but sounds like maybe I should try. Continue Reading


Re: Constipation

In Health & Fitness 1408705028.077

On 8/22/2014 maestra said: What are the results of a colonoscopy? Have you consulted a gastro doc? I have IBS w/ constipation and my gastro doc recommended Miralax 2 x a day.-Worked for me. My gastro doc also recommended Miralax, but it's once in the evening before bed. It works for me too. Continue Reading


Re: Boyd Bears hibernates

In For the Home Talk 1408145519.92

I had quite a few bears and now realize it was such a waste of money. The only people that made out are Boyds Bears and QVC. I will NEVER buy that household dust collector stuff again. I can't even give them away. (I guess I can box them up and give to Goodwill like I did the dolls). Continue Reading


Dr Denese TSV ~ August 4

Started by Sunshine Kate in Beauty Banter 1407895586.46

I received this TSV yesterday and am disappointed in myself and Dr. Denese. She has 2 oz. of product in a very large bottle. What a waste of plastic! Also, when I travel this 2 oz. bottle takes up a huge amount of space. I should have noticed before purchasing, but she is deceiving by making it look like you're getting a lot of product. Well, I vented, thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Mixed reviews, reluctant to try. How does Wen compare to philosophy hair products?

In WEN 1407894531.683

I don't like Wen at all. It makes my hair like straw and stripped a brand new highlighting job from my hairdresser. I was not happy, and will never again use Wen. The old fashioned shampoo and conditioner works wonders on my hair. Continue Reading


Re: hair is like rubberbands

In WEN 1407463157.843

Wen doesn't agree with my hair either. My hair looks much healthier using a good quality, old fashioned shampoo and conditioner. Good luck... Continue Reading


Re: Venting - What would YOU do?

In Beauty Banter 1407420788.623

On 8/6/2014 gazelle77 said: I would not use it PERIOD. With mold? Are you kidding me? With mold??? I would say the same thing! Continue Reading


Re: Dry skin ? found a great moisturizer ......

In Beauty Banter 1407420580.433

I've been using organic coconut oil (in a jar) for a couple of years. I really like it and it feels wonderful on the skin. Continue Reading


Re: Need suggestion for drug store brand cleansing oil

In Beauty Banter 1407420044.97

On 8/7/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: On 8/6/2014 wackers said: On 8/6/2014 just4me said: On 8/6/2014 kcladyz said: I never heard of a cleansing oil i haven't either. i have enough oil on my skin, especially during summer. You know the old saying that "water and oil don't mix" - well, that is what makes these cleansing oils so effective even for oily complexions as they assist much more in removing all the excessive oil from the skin. Once you add just a touch of water, the CO emulsifies making it simple to rinse or wipe off all the dirt, grime, m/u and any excessive oil remaining on the skin. ... Continue Reading


Re: Deep Purple Is A Designer Favorite For Front Doors?

In For the Home Talk 1407336412.357

I read in a magazine to not paint the front door a dark color. Burglars love dark colors because with their dark clothing a person on the street going by can't spot them easily when they break in. Continue Reading

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