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Re: Paula's Choice Products on Nordstrom's site

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On 4/15/2015 haircut100 said: For PC fans, there are dozens of her products on the Nordstrom's website. Thanks, that's news to me; love Nordstrom. Continue Reading


Re: AOL.com down anyplace else?

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I seriously thought it was obsolete. Continue Reading


Re: Woolite?

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I've never heard of a warning against using Woolite as I've used it for years. Have often wondered if it's just an expensive dish soap though. Continue Reading


Re: Saving money with QVC clothes

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I agree with you Baileysue. Continue Reading


Re: Anti-Virus about to expire so checking your recommendations for a good one

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I've used Kaspersky going on for 5 years. I tried one of the free ones and got a bad virus. Luckily, I got rid of it and immediately went back to Kaspersky with no problems. Continue Reading


Re: Do you do your own nails at home?

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I've had manicures and pedicures for many years and always enjoyed having them. However, I'm finding it difficult to find a nice clean establishment with skilled operators. Tired of trying, so I bought all the professional supplies and am doing them myself. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa Mason today?

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I missed her debut on Monday. Anyone know when she will be on air again? Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone ever walk/run in athletic sandals?

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On 4/14/2015 kaybee said: I walk in my Keen Whispers. These are great for the summer heat. There are other brands designed like this one also. I would never wear a regular sandal or flipflop (for walking/running) for the very good reasons Colonel Meow listed. Continue Reading


Re: Fed Up With Health Insurance Company

In Health & Fitness 1429054178.067

It sound to me the doctor's office 'dropped the ball', as others have said. There are other older medications like Pradaxa that may be more affordable for your mom if this happens again. Maybe ask the doctor about something else more affordable. Good luck to you and your mom. Continue Reading

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