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Re: Need advice about a neck rash!!

In Beauty Banter 1418991080.887

I had the same problem and the culprit for me was Dr. Denese's products. The rash on my neck was so red and bumpy, it looked like a burn. I quit the products and took Zyrtec (OTC) and it helped stop the itching quickly. It took at least a week before my skin was back to normal. Continue Reading


Re: Great dry shampoo!

In Beauty Banter 1418863770.21

I like the fragrance of the Suave Moroccan spray also, but that's it. It seems to weigh my hair down. I'm searching for one that smells terrific as well as makes my hair feel clean. Continue Reading


Re: Potholders?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418855404.263

WS is my absolute favorite. Continue Reading


Re: DIY Haircuts due to No Trust-

In Beauty Banter 1418854737.57

I can relate to the O/P. I have no trust in hairdressers. Most of all don't care what they're doing. I wonder sometimes if hair cutting is even taught in beauty school. Or, maybe there's not much time spent on cutting hair. My main problem is hairdressers that talk continually while cutting my hair when they should shut up and pay attention to what they're doing. Remember, I'm paying for a hair cut, not to hear you talk. I'm also finding it must be very difficult to cut hair the same on one side of the head as the other. I'm paying a perfect price, with tip expected. I'm not getting a ... Continue Reading


Re: O/T so tired of the TSV being only $5 less than the QVC price

In Beauty Banter 1418851784.747

I never pay attention to the TSV's. They're nothing at all special, and don't save much money either. Continue Reading


Re: 7 layer salad question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418851477.627

I make a seven layer salad and have never heard of tossing it. I like the looks of layers. Continue Reading


Re: Lots of Bobbi Brown on sale at Nordstrom

In Beauty Banter 1418698303.873

Is there a particular reason BB is on sale at Nordstrom? Isn't it unusual to be on sale? Continue Reading


Re: Malden Mills sheets

In For the Home Talk 1418570550.68

I own MM sheets and just love them. Mine will shred slightly the first 2 or 3 washings, but after that next to nothing. I only wash one king sheet and one pillowcase together and dry. Then wash the king flat sheet/pillowcase together. I have a large capacity washing machine too. Continue Reading


Re: Who will be going to Italy now?

In Fashion Talk 1418478818.627

I hope they won't have any shows from Italy anymore. It was such a waste of $$$ for everyone concerned. Ridiculous, really. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

In Jewelry Talk 1418439322.923

Extremely overpriced dime store jewelry and I won't be buying for sure. Continue Reading

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