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Re: How to apply IT CC Cream?

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A brush will waste the most product. I like a Beauty Blender sponge for blending or fingers as I don't like wasting product. Continue Reading


Re: Pre de Provence Argan 100% Pure Oil ON HSN

In Beauty Banter 1427415028.897

On 3/26/2015 1978christian said: I prefer Shea Terra Organics' Argan Oil. Nothing added and first cold pressed. If this one has a "refreshing citrus scent" there must be essential oils added for fragrance. I also prefer STO argan oil, even over Josie's. Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

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On 3/26/2015 Reba055 said: Sorry, but once again the government had to jump in to "fix" a problem, and created a nightmare. How could anyone have foreseen that happening! The bottom line is the majority of Americans had access to affordable health insurance through their employer or with Medicare or Medicaid. If they would have gotten off their a$$es and went after insurance fraud and abuse of the loopholes in the system, and corruption at for profit hospitals and clinics, they could have provided a means for those who fell through the cracks access to affordable healthcare. Of course our emp... Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

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I agree, the ACA is just horrible and it's not going to get any better. Personally, just for me, I don't like paying for my family's medical expenses as well as others. Continue Reading


Re: Large Roma Tote

In All About Handbags 1427402584.417

Have you seen the quality in person of these bags? IMO, not good at all. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

In Q News 1427402505.09

When? Does anyone know? Continue Reading


Re: How long do you leave your coffee on for?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427401923.8

That's what is good about a Keurig, always fresh!! Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Outrageous Price Increase

In Fashion Talk 1427401803.09

I ordered one GILI bag several months ago and was appalled of the lack of quality for the price. I returned it the same day. Don't know what QVC is thinking, or maybe lack thereof. I'll never order another one and sorry I ordered it the first time around. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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On 3/25/2015 Anonymous2012 said: On 3/25/2015 brii said: I never really cared for her. She always was speaking to someone off camera and made a lot of inside jokes. All her euphemisms seemed phony too. I agree. But oh well, apparently the Q has been desperate as they have even been looking for program hosts on Craig's List. Can you post the official ad from QVC on Craigslist. How can you tell it's authentic? Continue Reading

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