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Re: Josie Maran, the older French woman and Argon oil

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On 10/22/2014 santorini said: I like her products, but every time I hear that story, I roll my eyes. She was 70 but looked 40. Yeah, right. I can picture friends sitting around trying to come up with a sales pitch with JM. "Let's say you saw someone and she was 70, but looked 50." "No, that doesn't sound impressive enough -- say she looked 40!" I personally don't think there was "a lady" and that the story was made up when she wanted to start her own line, but I do like her face powder and body butter. If she was really 70 and looked 40 she needs to be on TV and show the world. To look 30 ... Continue Reading


Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

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I just saw this on GMA. She is unrecognizable to me. I don't think she's had cosmetic surgery, just maybe a lot of aging. Continue Reading


Re: Opinion on this desk...

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On 10/21/2014 fthunt said: Honest opinion..........No it's not a practical desk - more of a fashion piece - beautiful but ................ First - it's too tall (high) for easy computer access (shoulders will be hunched up for long periods of time). Second - a working desk needs drawers for pens/paper, etc. Top will always be cluttered - no hiding/storage space. And...that cross-bar at knee level will bang the knees. Limits how close to the desk you can sit. It's contemporary and stylist but no student desk! This is just my first impressions - and there's more! You are so right about banging... Continue Reading


Re: Opinion on this desk...

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The desk looks great, but I agree with needed drawers. It will be so much easier to be organized and make things look clean. I like desks that electrical cords can be placed behind and sight unseen. It's a mess to see all the cords. Can't wait until everything is absolute cordless. (Probably not in my lifetime). Continue Reading


Re: Question for Those Having Pergo or Other Top of the Line Laminate

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On 10/19/2014 kachina624 said: I think the engineered wood is just a thin layer of actual wood. I've heard it can be re-sanded and stained one time. Regular hardwood of course, is solid wood all the way through. It's not all the way through as they make you believe. If you look at the side of the planks the wood is very thin. (Paper thin) Continue Reading


Re: Shocked the QVC advertised Malden Mills Polar Fleece sheets when they're not!

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Sorry to hear QVC isn't selling the Malden Mills Polartec sheet sets that I own as I love them. I bought some fleece (Sheex) sheet sets from Bed Bath and Beyond that are very nice. They're on sale too on the website. I believe in the store they sell other fleece as well. If Malden Mills is no longer a company, how can QVC sell MM sheets? Isn't that fraud? Continue Reading


Re: What's the secret to making a GREAT garden salad?

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On 10/21/2014 granddi said: All the above and very cold. I chill a Stainless Bowl to prep and store the salad. Then transfer to my serving bowl. I have a beautiful Robert Lee Morris stainless salad bowl. All the ideas listed are great. I put mine in a stainless bowl and refrigerate. Before serving I transfer to a serving bowl. The lettuce is crispy and fresh. The way I like my salad. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Regret Getting A Memory Foam Mattress?

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I don't know about a memory foam, but I have a Sleep Number bed and it's my best purchase ever. (Not purchased from QVC). Continue Reading


Re: Using Up My Creams & Serums!!!!!

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I've been using mine up too; love it!! Continue Reading

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