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Re: Great article: How IT cosmetics became a 100M brand

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Does anyone remember buying IT Cosmetics from a store in the mall called Trade Secrets? I bought the Undereye cream many, many years ago before Jamie had anything to do with it. Continue Reading


Re: Mahvelous fringe shrug monday TSV

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What's the item #? I don't see it as the 9/20 TSV. Continue Reading


Re: Question on eating out........

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I have seen the guide on my restaurant bill and it doesn't bother me. I'll tip however much I desire. Continue Reading


Re: Argan Oil

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I have used Josie's and Shea Terra Organics argan oil. I like them both, but probably prefer STO's because it's less expensive. If I need a moisturizer a bit lighter, I use grapeseed oil, heavier than argan oil is marula oil. I alternate depending what time of year I need more or less moisturizing. Continue Reading


Re: Stay put pencil liner

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On 9/16/2014 Shelbelle said: On 9/15/2014 Sunshine Kate said: On 9/15/2014 Shelbelle said: My fave is Palladio Retractable Herbal Eye Pencils, comes in many shades, very inexpensive and lasts all day, use on top and bottom lids. get them at Sally's and ebay. How is Palladio on the waterline? Excellent!!!! Shelbelle, I went to Sally yesterday and bought the Palladio retractable. I couldn't wait to try and even though I only wore it for about 4 hours, so far so good! I also noticed it's made in USA and around $6. So much for things costing more being made in the USA. Continue Reading


Re: Using only "best" products from Paula's Choice?

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On 9/17/2014 pinkberry said: I think Paula's reviews are a good source but I would never rely on them as my only recommendation. She gives excellent info on irritants and sensitizing ingredients, which is very helpful. But on the other hand she always recommends products loaded with silicones, which can be a problem for many people. Of the products she rates Best, I've liked some but others have been really bad. She has also slammed products that I love and have used for years. To put it simply, I would use her objective info on ingredients and studies, but I wouldn't rely on her opinions on ... Continue Reading


Re: Can I Buy Demi-Permanent Haircolor at Drugstore?

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On 9/15/2014 tigriss said: There are tons of ammonia free hair color at the drug store. It will say ammonia free on the box. Try <h1 style="margin: 0px 0px 0px 25px; padding: 0px; font-weight: normal; font-size: 2.2em; font-family: Arial; clear: both; line-height: 28px; color: #35393d !important;" Garnier Olia Haircolor Lightest Golden Brown</h1> Not the shade, but the brand. It is supposed to be very gentle. I use red, so those ammonia free ones are not great at dying such bright colors. There are tons of those with great oils added to them to be gentle! Thanks, I'll add this one ... Continue Reading

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