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Re: What's one make-ahead trick that saves your holiday sanity?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397863811.48

I agree with Chynna Blue, make reservations. I haven't cooked a holiday dinner in 7 years now and my stress level is zero. It took DH awhile to get on board with this idea, but now he looks forward to holiday dinners out. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397863598.48

I get these popup "invitations" frequently, from anyone from HSN to Eddie Bauer. I don't think I've gotten one from QVC, but I did get an email survey recently. If its a legitimate survey from anyone, it will leave you alone if you hit the no button. I think your problem is from someone outside QVC. Continue Reading


Need help with bird ID

Last Reply by Clover29 1397832743.07 | Started by depglass in For the Home Talk

We have seen the most unusual birds this year, evidently they don't live around here. (UP of Michigan) White breast and head, grey on back. What is distinctive is there is a white stripe going down each wing that forms a V on the top of the tail. Larger than a robin. We can't find this in our Audobon book. Continue Reading


Re: When Returning An Item

In Jewelry Talk 1397773675.49

If you don't own a printer and you have lost your packing slip, you can get the info from order status page. Most important are order number and your customer number as well as name and address. Just print plainly and you will get your refund. Continue Reading


Re: Bronzo Jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1397756115.067

I don't watch it, I don't buy it. If other channels can still afford to do pieces in silver, so can QVC. Its like they are pinching pennies until they cry out in pain. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Pollack designs

In Jewelry Talk 1397755960.907

I like the fact her line is made here, supporting American jobs. I've been somewhat confused by the changing brand ID but I did buy the last TSV bypass bracelet and matching ring. Continue Reading


Re: The Thing Is

In Dooney & Bourke 1397750577.267

I just read last week where someone had carried three bags in a row for weeks each. It is to the point I won't order a bag unless its new, no matter who makes it. Same for apparel and appliances. I've just had it with a returns department that won't screen this used stuff out. They can't even seem to screen returned defects out. Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed w/ customer service

In Dooney & Bourke 1397750297.06

If this happened with a first quality QVC bag I would have sent it back even if it were months later. I bet you would have gotten a refund. I guess the moral is check every purchase. I'm one that used to buy cheaper apparel at the end of the season for the following year. After enough mis-ticketed and severely shrinking items, I now check everything when it is purchased. Continue Reading


Re: Dirty sheet at dr. office

In Health & Fitness 1397746140.363

Maybe a compulsively neat patient refolded the sheet and put it back. Continue Reading


Re: Tweezers

In Beauty Banter 1397745340

I have two sets of Tweezerman (one was free with something) and I always put them back in the tube with that little silicone thingy holding the tips together. Continue Reading

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