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Re: O/T Lesson learned at the Post Office today

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It seems backwards. If are trying to encourage people to use the no employee option, it should be cheaper. Continue Reading


Re: Return TSV and buy a gallon?

In WEN 1416677022.203

What happens if you tire of the TT? Keep the TSV and you will have a variety to experiment with. Continue Reading


Re: The Lock and Lock Lady

In Beauty Banter 1416587016.773

How cute. Now they are styling the kitchen shows? Notice how color coordinated they are? Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a nude lipstick color

In Beauty Banter 1416586796.92

I settled on the Eva after standing in the store for 20 minutes contemplating. I think its actually one of the darker nudes. I am highlighted blonde with fair but not pale skin. Not surprisingly it is the closest to my all time favorite nude, Bobbi Brown's beige. I think nudes are absolutely the hardest category to get "right." So much depends on whether you are warm or cool. Continue Reading


Re: Walmart Christmas Dishes

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Our local thrift stores pull out all the stops for Christmas. There are many complete sets of dinnerware, some old enough to not be made in China. Also mugs, Christmas décor, etc. Continue Reading


Re: O/T -- Front load washer vibrates??

In For the Home Talk 1416584890.61

I think stores are derelict to not warn people about the problems of front loaders vibrating. Mine is on a laminate floor, meaning not cement. I was warned not to put it on a pedestal. I can put up with the vibration I do have, but if I get too old to bend over for loading, I will go to a top loader on a pedestal. Continue Reading


Re: Is there anyone here that has no drapes or curtains in their home?

In For the Home Talk 1416583191.843

That would be me. None, nothing. Just beautiful woods and a lake to look at. No close neighbors. We live in a log cabin so it doesn't look funny. Continue Reading


Re: T style Jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1416520741.18

I was thinking it might be Tiffany's trademarked design, so I went and looked. It is so generic looking that I'm guessing it will be knocked off by a lot of people. I have to admit I like it and would like to see it in a ring. Continue Reading


Re: Mally's Last 2014 Shows are Today (Nov. 6)

In Mally 1416519830.143

I remember they cancelled a couple shows a few months ago. That's the first visible sign a line is one the wane. The second sign is the lack of Christmas TSV. I remember last year it was so successful and such a value that the one following it didn't do well at all. Or was that two years ago? Continue Reading


Re: State of Affairs - "Pilot" (S1/Ep01) - 11.17.2014

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I never watched Grey's Anatomy, so I wasn't aware she was the blonde star that was such a pain. I thought this new show was "gripping." It kept my attention. I place it in the same category as "The Mysteries of Laura." Both have a bit of light hearted comedy thrown into an outrageous plot line. This one leans more on outrageous than it does comedy. Continue Reading

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