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I doubt if anyone could stop the airing of this show, including Melissa. Continue Reading



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I liked it, not loved it, but liked it. I guess that's all I need, so few things appeal to me now days. I empathize with the long suffering wife putting up with the total lack of responsibility from her husband. (Also ended up ex in my case.) And its unfortunate that one particular guy met his demise, he would have done a lot for that character. I've always enjoyed him, funny or sinister. Continue Reading



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Mysteries of Laura, hit or miss? I say hit. Clever if somewhat outrageous plot line. Wonder how long the writers can keep up this level of, what should I say, slapstick? Continue Reading


Re: too scared to read the replies to my post

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Call your county health department and ask for counseling. Or your city, depending where you live. I'm sure they can come up with some group setting for you with people in your own situation that normally will be supporting, or at least point out issues gently. Fees for this depend on income and often are free. Continue Reading


Re: Callus

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My tech wanted to work on me with some blade thingy. Absolutely not, not cutting anything, period. Continue Reading


Re: Too Little Protein?

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I noticed certain fabrics were very limp from my overdose of fabric softener in the wash. This is what your problem sounds like, too much product, period. Continue Reading


Re: anyone else see this product to solve the "no pump zone"?

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I hate flip tops. It dawned on me the reason I rarely used my Purity was that dang flip top. I put a pump on it from another Philosophy product and its back in my rotation. I'll deal with the bottom of the bottle later. Continue Reading



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I checked our olive bar today and sure enough they were there, but they are called Pepperazzis here. They are good, I bought some along with a bunch of decadent other stuff. Continue Reading


Re: What clothing items have you donated/tossed recently?

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Brand new Buxton handbag I bought from SHQ. The zipper was hard to work. Normally I would let this sit around for years out of guilt but never use it, just like I did the Born shoes that have sat in my closet for at least 5 years. They were a FFANY purchase for the QVC fundraiser. But they made my feet look big so I never wore them. They are both gone, and guess what, the world hasn't come to an end and my mother hasn't come back to haunt me for giving something away. A child of the depression, she was funny about never letting anything go and expecting us kids to be the same way. Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever heard this about zippers before?

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Matty 6, your friend should have sent the bag back, defects are covered after 30 days. Continue Reading

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