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Re: I am a blush and lipstick addict, so.........

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I'm so over lip gloss. I only wear it occasionally. My lipstick collection is well over 100. But blush? I'm more than content with my BE Glee I've been wearing for years. Go figure. Continue Reading


Are you a frustrated HGTV remodeler? What kind of homes would you tackle?

Last Reply by raining 1432740750.76 | Started by depglass in For the Home Talk

I noticed an ad in some local paper, to the effect of looking for a couple (obviously with decent personalities) who are remodeling lakefront homes in our area for consideration of a future TV series. I have no idea if this is for HGTV or not. It got me thinking, what would you and your SO hypothetically get into, home wise, if you were doing shows for TV? I love these shows and wish I had discovered them before we built our log cabin. I'd only make a couple changes and may still in the future, but I love kibitzing these couples and offering my advice. No, Christina, that fake-looking fl... Continue Reading


Re: "New" QVC

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I'd never order four of anything until I tried one out. What happens when you have to return them and find out you are not getting your original shipping back? You probably are not aware of this change, either. Continue Reading


Re: Cooks Essentials pressure cooker

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I take mine out and run it through the dishwasher. It still has the food smell, whatever, I've given up. I do put it back on, though, or I'd lose it. Continue Reading


Re: Locking Mailboxes.

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I pay about $100.00 a year for a PO box at our local small town post office. Well worth the peace of mind, I can leave it for days and not worry. I get so many packages between Ebay, TV shopping, mailed scrips, etc., it just makes sense. We would be running into town for them all the time anyway. If you are in a larger city, you have 24 hour mail service. We have regular hours but you get used to it. Continue Reading


Re: Blacklist Finale

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Sometimes I think the writers have never settled on who her father is. I don't think they knew when the series started and I bet they have fights about it to this day. Continue Reading


Re: battle creek finale 5/24 spoilers ok

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Rats, I loved this show. I started because I loved Mayhem (you have to follow Witters career well to know what I'm talking about), and I used to live 60 miles from Battle Creek. I kept with it because its a well acted quirky well written show. Continue Reading


Re: Kim Kardashian - Really?

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As far as I'm concerned, her 15 minutes is about over. Continue Reading


Re: Not as many shipping choices now.....

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I used to get Priority to a PO box for the same price as the cheapest, before they started the $3.00 stuff. Now it starts out UPS and sometimes gets bounced back to QVC because you can't ship to a PO box by UPS. They have moved our sorting center to a larger city and it has created headaches all over the place. We live a mile in the woods,, my only alternative is a box on the road where stuff can get stolen or a PO box. They don't give me a UPS option to deliver to the house, which UPS will do. Confused? They are, too. Continue Reading

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