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HSN clearance - nothing like a good sale price to warm a cold day

Last Reply by stevieb 1425572086.603 | Started by depglass in Jewelry Talk

Checked my usual suspects, Xavier mainly. Lo and behold there was a ring at 19.95 I had looked at months ago. Should have stayed up and checked last night, plenty of sellouts. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Are you naturally an organized person or do you have to work at it...

In Fashion Talk 1425516671.997

Organized? I threw in the towel on that one years ago, and promptly lost it in the huge pile of stuff on the laundry room floor. Continue Reading


Re: Target

In Fashion Talk 1425494358.44

Have you ever tried to buy a cosmetic item at Target? The ones I used to shop have the shallowest inventory I've ever seen. Go in on a Monday morning and half the section was wiped out. And as far as letting people go, you can't find someone to help you in ours to start with. Continue Reading


How to avoid botulism when smoking fish in Masterbuilt smoker

Last Reply by rosehill 1425517435.827 | Started by depglass in Kitchen & Food Talk

I remember years ago there was a case of botulism in smoked fish from a small commercial smoker, the guys that catch their fish in the Great Lakes and then smoke them. Is this an issue when using the Masterbuilt smoker? I used it for fish once before I put it away for the winter. I'd like to get educated before spring. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone catch Amy wearing torn jeans on Inspired Style?

In Q Did What? 1425418558.853

If these jeans are so darn cool, why isn't QVC offering them? Its like they don't have the courage of their convictions. And as far as the shoe size goes, she has to wear what they give her. Continue Reading


Re: QVC charging extra to send things back.

In Q Did What? 1425417919.083

The point of this policy is to discourage returns. Just like Shop HQ has always done. It works, I've returned exactly one thing to Shop HQ over the years. All I can think of is $15.00 . . . $15.00 . . . $15.00 . . . when I'm tempted to order something I'm not absolutely sure of. Continue Reading


What's the secret of turning the pages on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Last Reply by Susan Louise 1425415958.87 | Started by depglass in Electronics Talk

A friend loaned me this, thinking I would like it well enough to buy it from her. I love it, I can read while we are watching TV in the dark at night. One serious problem, I can't turn the pages consistently. She said tap it on the edge of the screen, right or left. About 50% of the time nothing happens, or a dictionary word turns up. I've turned it upside down, different angles, varied the strength of the taps. She had the same problem. Continue Reading


Re: C'mon. 'Fess up. What cooking related item have you bought that you REALLY don't need?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425410122.827

I have a several years' old bread maker that I was saving for DH's retirement. Well,. he's been retired since Dec. 10 and I haven't pulled it out yet. I guess I figured we would sit around eating bread. Continue Reading


Re: An update from Lisa Mason

In The Q We Love 1425409895.85

Great news, keep praying for them. Continue Reading

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