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Re: Scoop: Susan Sarandon to Play Marilyn Monroe's Mom in Lifetime Miniseries

In TV Talk 1413653417.61

Bravo, Keri, for what you said. (I am morally opposed to quotes, so I guess I can't use it.) Continue Reading


Re: Horrible surprise when I removed the softener cup in my washer...

In For the Home Talk 1413653063.893

I just went and checked, no gunk. Whew! I use unscented softener and will continue to do so. I now have a ground level laundry and a dispenser. In my old house I had no dispenser and the laundry was in the basement, so I never used it. Frankly I consider it an affordable luxury. Continue Reading


Re: Did someone bump up all the old threads?

In Jewelry Talk 1413650626.69

BOYINTX that would be Jeanne Bice of Quacker Factory if you haven't read that already. I don't think this person is smart enough to write a computer program to do this. Just pathetically lonely. Continue Reading


Re: Making mango salsa but need to tone down heat

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413647569.367

If I were making this I would use the red pepper flakes they have in restaurant shakers for pizza. Simple to find and you can keep testing for heat as you add it. Check Penzeys website. The catalog has a good description of Scoville units and I'm betting the website does, also. Continue Reading



In Temp-tations 1413647241.967

I never plugged it in. Original prices warned me off, although they have risen. Reading the board confirmed my belief that the quality just can't be there. Continue Reading


Did someone bump up all the old threads?

Last Reply by brewhaha 1413684069.313 | Started by depglass in Jewelry Talk

I notice everything is July. There is nothing current worth discussing? I'm one of those people that never goes past the first page. Continue Reading


Re: those of you who get your spices through the mail

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413643271.63

I have heard Spice House is Bill Penzey's sister. Continue Reading


Re: Taxes on items ordered thru mail

In Jewelry Talk 1413643032.03

I feel like muddying the waters. No one on Ebay charges me tax except those in my own state. Continue Reading


Re: Are Jewelers Still Removing Watch Links for Free?

In Jewelry Talk 1413642787.65

On my Isaac Mizrahi ceramic watch, one told me they didn't have the tool. The second did it for $5.00 but he sold the store. Just last week I had the battery changed at yet a third store and they charged me $20.00 after yet another jeweler said he couldn't do it. Prices here are all over the place for everything. I'd like to find one full service place to which I could bring everything. I buy a lot of rings at auctions and I need sizing service on gold, silver and platinum. I think they are all upset we rarely buy from them, just want service. Continue Reading


Re: Reality Check

In Jewelry Talk 1413583399.817

Where do you think TJ Maxx gets their jewelry? Some of it is from QVC suppliers. Continue Reading

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