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Re: suggestions for best makeup to wear when taking a drivers license picture.

In Beauty Banter 1409329180.497

In our state they use a very low end camera. No one's pictures turn out well. Continue Reading


Re: HSN fashion clearance

In Fashion Talk 1409327672.893

Shop HQ does too. If you are patient eventually that piece of jewelry you have your eye on will usually come up at a good sale price. Clothing often more than 50% off, although I can't attest to the quality. Continue Reading


Re: Providing on screen item info/numbers for all items worn by the models

In Fashion Talk 1409317867.253

We've been asking for years, I don't think it will ever happen, mainly because a lot of those items are not from QVC. Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

In Beauty Banter 1409317400.407

They shaved me for the delivery of my 49 year old daughter. Talk about the need to scratch, for months it seemed, pure agony. I was never tempted again. Now that I'm post menopausal, most of it has left on its own, along with my eyebrows. Continue Reading


Dashlane and other Password Banks

Last Reply by gardenman 1409348178.13 | Started by depglass in Electronics Talk

I'm seeing many ads on TV for Dashlane. They supposedly keep your passwords and allow you to enter through them securely. What's to keep them from getting hacked and someone getting all your passwords? Continue Reading


Re: Poor, Leah

In Fashion Talk 1409260588.79

Leah looks fabulous in heels, but she obviously doesn't wear them 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. So maybe she would wear some of these styles. Continue Reading


Re: Temp-tations in white

In Suggestion Box 1409250396.187

There is also plain old ugly white Corningware that will outlast Temptations for years. No cracking or crazing, I can visualize how "charming" white Temptations would look with that crazing. Continue Reading


How to humanely get rid of bats?

Last Reply by ive been framed 1409321467.84 | Started by depglass in For the Home Talk

We generally have one bat in the space between the house roof and the deck roof. But after years of letting this one go undisturbed, he has invited all his friends to his crash pad. I just went out on the deck after two weeks of hot weather when we didn't use it. I counted a good 20 bats in that crevice, and there are droppings all over the place. Reading online I see that the only deterrent they recommend consistently is mothballs. Since I would need a ladder to get the mothballs up there, and I don't do ladders, I'm hoping someone can recommend a spray that will get them packing but no... Continue Reading


Re: Today Show announced that Brad & Angelina got married this weekend

In Beauty Banter 1409243554.577

I'm just thankful they didn't have one of those over-the-top celebrity studded extravaganzas. Continue Reading


Re: Man oh Man look at the price! J295462

In Judith Ripka 1409243373.093

Here is another example of the sad decline of a previously good line. Stuff like this turns me off so much I don't even watch the shows anymore. Continue Reading

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