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Re: O/T so tired of the TSV being only $5 less than the QVC price

In Beauty Banter 1418829328.867

OP and others, its always been like this, nothing new. But I sure am not happy when I find I have missed getting that "lousy" 5.00 because I was out of town and away from a computer. If you shop at Sephora and Ulta for the same lines, you will not find the same TSV deals. QVC is still tops at that. Continue Reading


Re: Walmart Beauty Box arrived today.....

In Beauty Banter 1418827841.79

I won't cancel, there's always hope of a brighter tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: O/T SPOILER: The Voice Winner

In Beauty Banter 1418827599.383

We still don't have an answer about the rollers. I think the non-country vote got spread among the three others, paving the way for CWB. I hope all the people on this year's show get a chance to go further. We had some really good talent this time, I'm happy they brought some of them back for the last two shows. I don't really remember that from before, but I was only a casual watcher. Now I'm hooked and can't wait for next season. This show is miles above American Idol and all the nastiness. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Tignanello?

In All About Handbags 1418769429.863

mac116, I would send that bag back as defective. What do you have to lose? I sent my first B Mak bag back years ago for the exact same thing, cracking handles. It was four months old (I had used it until it just looked terrible) and I thought I had nothing to lose at that point. They gave me credit on my debit card and I've gone on to buy several B Mak bags since. In that case it worked well for them, and me, they have all held up well. Continue Reading


Re: What is the shelf life of a mascara?

In Beauty Banter 1418764984.353

Sealed? I would use it in a heartbeat. If bacteria is never introduced, I don't know how the mascara could "spoil." Continue Reading


Re: I want these nails.....

In Beauty Banter 1418764776.897

This is the cleverest design I've seen. My lifestyle doesn't call for nail art, but I would totally go for this if I could find someone local. I'm trying to figure out how they do the black plaid part. Continue Reading


Re: Heartburn and the GERD

In Health & Fitness 1418685964.717

I take Prilosec, two of them a couple hours before I take Celebrex. When I do have heartburn in spite of the Prilosec, I take a cool blue 150 mg Zantac. Works in about 1/2 hour. Continue Reading


Re: What is the name of the long narrow table that goes behind a sofa if your sofa sits out in the room?

In For the Home Talk 1418685543.76

I think étagère means shelf, but I'm going to go look. QVC's program put the French accents over the word, not me. I took French but I don't remember all the marks. (Its a set of open shelves for small objects.) Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear Liz Taylor rep let it slip, he knows where Lisa is going...

In Fashion Talk 1418684662.343

My post #85 was not meant to be negative. Cash Cow simply means generates most sales. "Lisa loves the limelight" is a statement of fact, not a criticism. I'm neither a LL or a LH, I think she did a terrific job here at QVC and I'll miss seeing her. Continue Reading


Re: Which items in your kitchen will be desirable vintage pieces in the future?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418669887.7

HH, check prices on Ebay and Replacements Ltd before you determine you have stuff with no value. Silver has melt value if nothing else. I have a huge collection of 20-30's Depression Era kitchenware, mainly salt and pepper shakers that went on the stove. I also have my family's Fiesta from the 50's. All the new items from China I'm buying now? It usually breaks within a few months anyway. Just try to find a thermometer that actually works. Continue Reading

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