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Last Reply by KittyLouWhoToo 1414778051.61 | Started by depglass in Fashion Talk

She does it on purpose, Shawn, I mean. Whatever. Continue Reading


Re: Oct. 30 Today is BUY A DOUGHNUT DAY What is your favorite doughnut??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414700556.16

I'm not a donut person at all. We have a shop that makes the best anything, my favorites are Boston crème filled and lemon filled. This place is my downfall. Continue Reading


Re: Adding a little spice to my life...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414700453.993

Last year they had gift sets. I ordered two and ended up keeping them both. Continue Reading


Please put "Advanced Order" on the screen

Started by depglass in Suggestion Box 1414700240.133

Its not enough to just mention it in the presentation. We are busy cooking, doing housework, answering the door, whatever. If we are away from the TV and can't hear, we need that info. I hate initiating an order on the phone auto order system or on the internet and finding out then that the item is Advanced Order. Continue Reading


Re: Grammar -- I rest my case

In Among Friends 1414690880.543

And then there's Charles Barkley . . . "speak intelligent?" Continue Reading


Re: Grammar -- I rest my case

In Among Friends 1414690768.243

Home schooling is the biggest mistake in education. The percent of parents that are qualified to do this is small. We are raising a generation of kids with no structure and no basic skills. Continue Reading


Re: ABC News Takes Over ‘The View’ As Ratings Dwindle (Exclusive)

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I gave up years ago. Now I watch the news and shopping channels. All day long. My, that sounds terrible. Continue Reading



In Viewpoints 1414690408.56

My nearest market is 25 miles away, the others are 30. So I'm pretty good about remembering the list. I keep it in the back right pocket of my jeans. I always shop in jeans because of the pockets. And the keys go in my right front pocket. If my purse gets stolen, I can always get home. Continue Reading


Re: Liquidation Channel jewelry?

In Viewpoints 1414690257.89

You can spend several hundred and get rubies and sapphires with inclusions. That's pretty much what is coming out of the mines now days. Also many opaque stones in those two categories. I buy from them and Rocks TV, basic gemstones in basic styles. Learn your millimeter sizes or you will get surprised with very small stones at times. The big three will have higher prices, but more intricate and creative designs, also consistent higher stone quality. All three allow returns. Rocks also allows returns. They have a tendency towards light stones and the settings are minimal and basic in b... Continue Reading

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