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Re: The Body Blade actually works...

In Health & Fitness 1427408475.817

How about the upper arms? If I can get rid of those flags I'll try anything! Continue Reading


Re: Any good lip balms that have a hint of color?

In Beauty Banter 1427408159.993

I like Fresh, more expensive, but I have a few that came in kits. My favorite is Plum. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

In Q News 1427406883.03

Great news! I'll be watching and I haven't been lately. Continue Reading


Re: Gold, chivron style with pins in them upper half of ring, bottom half solid band. Made in Texas I believe.

In Jewelry Talk 1427394276.05

Imperial Gold is what came to my mind, too. I had this ring but sold it on Ebay years ago. That's where you can look if you are searching for another one. They are out of business. I believe that construction technique was called riccio. Pronounced reechio. Rhymes with screech. Continue Reading


What do you think of Evine's new 10P TS time? Should they all do it?

Last Reply by CHEX 1427283719.83 | Started by depglass in Beauty Banter

Personally I like it. I was in the habit of staying up until 11 PM to see everyone's new TSV's. I'm in central time. If they all switched, I could get a decent night's sleep. Actually TSV's aren't that important anymore, but old habits are hard to break. Continue Reading


Re: Lipstick Queen- worst customer service

In Beauty Banter 1427241725.853

I got the email but now I'm glad I got diverted before I ordered. No savings is worth that kind of grief, I just don't have he patience for it anymore. Its a pity, because she does make nice lip products. Continue Reading


Re: Buyer Beware-So mad right now!!!

In Beauty Banter 1427120788.81

Major shippers are entitled to substantial discounts we consumers can't take advantage of. My pharmacy has a long list of meds and interactions with food posted right on the wall. Quite daunting for someone starting from scratch with this information, and I can see why OP was intimidated. HSN should go out of the way and do a "good will" refund. Continue Reading


Re: e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen, sheer loose powder

In Beauty Banter 1426870404.247

I'm glad to read of this. I had the similar product from Bare Minerals, but a design flaw had the applicator opening accidentally twice, with powder all over the vanity and floor. Continue Reading


Re: Constipation, sick of it.

In Health & Fitness 1426790040.293

Miralax every day. Dependent? Yes, but hey, it works. Continue Reading


Re: OT -- What is your occupation?

In Fashion Talk 1426787307.727

Retired, after "careers" as a men's sportswear buyer, sales rep for Maybelline, and antiques dealer. This is the best job of all. Continue Reading

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