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Re: No shopping channels in hospital on TV

In Health & Fitness 1412125807.103

I noticed that the last time I spent a night in the hospital. It made me realize just how addicted I am. Best of luck to you in your recovery, amazing what they can do now, isn't it? Or I should say what they expect YOU to do now. Continue Reading


Re: Love Shawn's Kitchen!!

In For the Home Talk 1412125611.14

Is there a dishwasher? Maybe hidden by the island? I notice she said Joe washes the dishes. Other than that omission, I love her kitchen. I have a septic and no way would I chance a garbage disposal. I came so close to a back up it wasn't even funny. That was due to an inexperienced septic pump out guy replacing the filter in the wrong spot. I had weekend company coming and called the plumber just as an extra precaution, due to a funny gurgling sound. Thank God is all I can say, it would have gone all over the basement and ruined everything down there. Continue Reading


Re: It cosmetics with Alberto?????

In Beauty Banter 1412091563.683

I'm thinking OP doesn't buy much in the cosmetic line. That's not a slam, if she were a heavy shopper, she would have confronted more men and it wouldn't seem so strange. Continue Reading


Re: Ulta Stores --- Are they good to deal with?

In Beauty Banter 1412091256.107

I find the prices the same as S or Q for individual items. We have a fairly new store and they bend over backwards service-wise. I've found no problems with out of stocks. For a quick pickup of something I already use, I shop there if I'm in the area. New items I tend to buy from QVC because of the fantastic kits they put together. I also buy from Sephora to get that 500 point gift. They get my business for multiple item purchases because of the free shipping. I've yet to figure out what Ulta points get me. Continue Reading


Re: Kirks Folly closing their doors... It's over.

In Jewelry Talk 1412090847.827

How many of you that are beating up on QVC have actually made the effort to buy from them online? I think the company was shaky before QVC decided to part company. Reminiscing about how great they used to be doesn't keep them in business currently. Continue Reading


Re: $$$$$ 200 $$$$$

In Beauty Banter 1411933196.627

I buy Wen by the ounce. For me the best deal is the Christmas 5 bottle offering. Its been more like 1.00 per ounce or just a touch more with shipping. I don't obsess over the varyities. Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Clearance Is The Today's Special Over At HSN Monday 9/29

In Jewelry Talk 1411924182.907

They don't use clearance items as the Special, do they? It will be a regular new item, I think. But I love their clearance sales, you just have to winnow the wheat from the chafe. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Shoppers BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Judith Ripka 1411924097.427

A return and refund is better than nothing. Continue Reading


Re: Any Gold Rush addicts on here?

In TV Talk 1411755446.85

This show is in 60 countries and hardly any QVC board people watch? I'm surprised. Yes, I laughed at the diamonds, too. Those guys were delusional. Continue Reading

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