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Re: Most rubies are mostly lead glass

In Jewelry Talk 1406584445.05

I happily buy filled rubies since I will never be able to own a "real" one. Chuck Clemency is my "supplier" (I liken him to a drug dealer) and my two rings from him are both under $100.00. One is rather opaque and leans towards purple, the other is clearer and leans towards red. Both are combos of smaller stones, only one stone is above one carat. No, I'm not testing them in any sort of solution. I was disappointed with QVC's ruby offerings on Gem Day. Continue Reading


Re: **Used Car Questions**

In Electronics Talk 1406565675.897

At 880 miles, it may have been driven by one of the dealership's salesmen. Ask. We actually did buy a truck one time that had been returned. It was geared to tow a trailer and the purchaser found out it wouldn't tow HIS trailer. We got several thousand dollars off and were very happy with the deal and the truck. If this dealer has a good reputation, ask friends, I think you will be just fine. Continue Reading


Re: Please need help finding where i can purchase eye glass frames?

In All About Accessories 1406563391.993

I just used my old frame a couple weeks ago. Tried on every reasonable frame in the shop. Not going the internet route, what are the odds they would fit? Continue Reading


Re: A ? about thank you cards

In Among Friends 1406563094.68

No. You are going above and beyond. Continue Reading


Re: If someone trashes a rental house on purpose....

In Viewpoints 1406562862.79

And DH wonders why I won't rent out a house we own sitting empty. No income, but no repair bills or legal bills, either. Continue Reading


Re: Please add mm size of gemstones to descriptions

In Suggestion Box 1406562725.78

Everyone else uses mm's, we can be educated to understand them, QVC. Continue Reading


Re: tignanello Where is Allison????

In All About Handbags 1406562068.813

Nothing against the new girl, I just like Allison. Continue Reading


Re: Bought a Roomba and loving it.

In For the Home Talk 1406561991.55

I have noticed that items available at the stores are not available online. Continue Reading


Re: If only I had $120,000

In Jewelry Talk 1406561813.85

Guess I better up the limit on my Visa card. I wonder what they will say? Continue Reading


Re: JR quartz and crystal stones...

In Judith Ripka 1406561620.397

Quartz is a stone, crystal is glass. Pretty universal, although I bet there are some designers that don't stick to this. Continue Reading

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