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Re: Baking pans--what do you use most?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409691895.233

I bet I have a favorite everyone else hates, the silicone baking sheets QVC used to sell. I use them only for cookies, any other use will eventually ruin them. For scalloped potatoes, lasagna, cakes, etc., I use Pyrex glass. Continue Reading


Something good going on with Isaac clearance items???

Started by depglass in Fashion Talk 1409691623.27

I'm not watching today, but I was just ironing, something that happens only a few times a year. I reordered one of Isaac's tops that washes and wears beautifully because it is on clearance and the shipping came to only $3.00. Is there some special going on or is this just a fluke? Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409674983.153

I'd let the house burn down first. The neighborhood "caretakers" are busybodies who gossip about the interior of all the neighbors' homes. (She's so lazy she has a cleaning lady, they let their cat pee on the floor, etc.) If these people knew, they wouldn't let them in the house. Continue Reading


Re: Well, there goes another jewelry brand...

In Jewelry Talk 1409674686.28

Where is my QVC jewelry money going? ShopHQ for the most part, the only QVC jewelry I have bought in 2014 is three pieces from Carolyn Pollack. I also buy very carefully from Liquidation Channel, Rocks TV, and HSN. I buy only gold and silver, and I've got a secret for you. Sterling is not as expensive as certain people would have you believe. As far as I'm concerned there is no reason for the existence of Bronzo. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Please list your best tips for Retirement Planning

In Beauty Banter 1409427521.973

Try to go into retirement debt free. Pay off the mortgage, get advice from your tax preparer when to do this if you have a lump sum coming to you in your pension. Get off all credit cards and learn to live on a debit card or cash. Pay your cars off if possible. Then you will have a realistic idea of what you need to live on. Continue Reading


Re: suggestions for best makeup to wear when taking a drivers license picture.

In Beauty Banter 1409329180.497

In our state they use a very low end camera. No one's pictures turn out well. Continue Reading


Re: HSN fashion clearance

In Fashion Talk 1409327672.893

Shop HQ does too. If you are patient eventually that piece of jewelry you have your eye on will usually come up at a good sale price. Clothing often more than 50% off, although I can't attest to the quality. Continue Reading


Re: Providing on screen item info/numbers for all items worn by the models

In Fashion Talk 1409317867.253

We've been asking for years, I don't think it will ever happen, mainly because a lot of those items are not from QVC. Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

In Beauty Banter 1409317400.407

They shaved me for the delivery of my 49 year old daughter. Talk about the need to scratch, for months it seemed, pure agony. I was never tempted again. Now that I'm post menopausal, most of it has left on its own, along with my eyebrows. Continue Reading


Dashlane and other Password Banks

Last Reply by gardenman 1409348178.13 | Started by depglass in Electronics Talk

I'm seeing many ads on TV for Dashlane. They supposedly keep your passwords and allow you to enter through them securely. What's to keep them from getting hacked and someone getting all your passwords? Continue Reading

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