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Re: My taste buds are in need of a recipe! Scalloped potatoes using ranch dressing mix??

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Until you figure out a scratch recipe, use the Idahoan mix on your fresh potatoes. Liquid will probably have to be adjusted as well as cooking time. Sometimes a commercial spice mix is just better than what I can come up with. I strived for years for the perfect spaghetti sauce, then I discovered Paul Newman roasted tomatoes and garlic was just what I was hoping for all that time. Sorry, you did not say Idahoan. Don't know how that crept into my brain. Continue Reading


Re: those of you who get your spices through the mail

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Sometimes there is a reason a company has a lot of customers. I applaud the helping hand method of ordering, but sometimes you just short yourself. That would be Bill Penzey's SISTER, he married later in life and has the cutest daughter and twin boys. Request their catalogue for an occasional peek into their life. Continue Reading


Need help with meaning of numbers on cataract replacement lenses

Last Reply by hckynut 1414106677.46 | Started by depglass in Health & Fitness

I've had one eye done last May. Cataract problems have disappeared. But my distance vision is reduced, also. I'm farsighted and wear glasses for reading and computer. Does reduction have something to do with that number? Nearest doc to get a second opinion from is 100 miles away in bad traffic, so please don't tell me to ask a doctor. I'm planning on going back to original doctor Dec. 2 for the second eye. I just want some reassurance what he did was right for me. If necessary I would switch docs if there is a serious problem here. Continue Reading


Re: Michael former vendor rep for Affinity on HSN Tonight..

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I hope he finds a niche there. Missing is the camaraderie he had with the Q hosts, but that will come when they get to know him. Continue Reading


Re: PAGING GAZELLE77--Someone poofed your comment on the Alert! Albany is on with Isaac discussion...

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Shawn has a very strong belief system and shares a bit too much with the public, meaning us. I can overlook that, but if post #9 is true, someone better straighten her out. Continue Reading


Re: Gluten Free Cosmetics?

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How did you determine that gluten is the culprit in your skin problems? I'm thinking its probably something else. Continue Reading


Re: HELP from anyone with a Shark Steam Cleaner

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I hate to say this, but you might have a broken unit. Fill it up, tighten the cap as far as it will go, plug it in and wait. If it doesn't make any noise after 10 or 15 minutes, push the button that emits the steam. If you don't get steam, its broken. Continue Reading


Re: hardwood floors

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Thank you CB. I never did know what this category was for. Continue Reading


What's on trend besides black plastic eyeglass frames?

Last Reply by blondie1001 1414044832.767 | Started by depglass in Fashion Talk

I'm due for glasses in January after my second cataract surgery, so I bought some black plastic readers to check out the look. I don't like it on me at all, 69, highlighted blonde with fair skin, and they are just overwhelming. I've been wearing wire frames for something like 15 years now and I feel so dated. Is there another alternative that looks somewhat in style? Continue Reading

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