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Re: Stacey Stauffer

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Not naming names, but its hard to believe some people on TV actually have college degrees. In fact, its hard to believe some have gone to high school with the level of ignorance shown. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - QVC CS Disappointment

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If your credit card can handle it, just order the replacement. They will give you credit properly and completely if you mark the item defective. If they don't, then make the call to CS, don't just assume they are going to mess this up. Continue Reading


Re: Free Returns

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They are trying to stop people who buy five of one thing and send four of them back. Your idea would just make it worse. Why not buy 20 things and send 19 back? Continue Reading


Re: The Good Wife 4/26/15 (Spoiler Alert)

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This show has strayed too far off their original path for me. Continue Reading


Re: Awesome Easy Slow Cook Pork Roast =)

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This sounds nummy. We need some new ideas around here, I'll tell you. Boring, boring winter cooking going on here. I broke my ankle, so DH has been doing cooking with my directions. I have to keep it simple, actually he's done pretty well. Re above question about salt: Using any heavily salted addition means I just don't add the salt separately I normally would. That roast would absorb the salt in the soup nicely. Of course, you can't be on a no sodium diet. Continue Reading


Re: Return options (Hsn )

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I think the clock would start on the 30 days from the second ship date. Continue Reading


Re: How Do How Comfy Capris Look On Plus Size Ladies?

In Denim & Co 1430148831.443

I think capris don't make your legs look as short as crop pants do. Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for dry feet

In Beauty Banter 1430148490.313

Another vote for the First Aid Ultra Repair Cream. Best all around, quick absorbing, non-greasy product I've ever used. I can't stand wearing socks to bed, but on a day I'm going to be home I slather my feet in this stuff and wear socks. I'm pretty much a no sock person unless its really cold. That's probably why my feet are so dry in the first place. My second favorite is Dr. Jonathan's cranberry no scented lotion. Unfortunately that comes only in glass, which knocks it out as a travel option for me. Continue Reading


Re: Senior citizen

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I also think today's fashions are just fine for this plus senior. It took me awhile to get into the prints, but as long as I avoid LEGGINGS I'm doing just fine. One World is a bit low for my circle of friends, but I have plenty of cami's to wear under them and anything else deemed too revealing. Continue Reading

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