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Something else to "worry" about: Who will go to Italy this year?

Last Reply by jewelrymaven22 1422768255.41 | Started by depglass in Jewelry Talk

I'm not losing sleep, just curious. Antonella seems the natural choice, but who gets your vote? Continue Reading


Re: OT: Do You Believe the Reports About Bruce Jenner?

In Beauty Banter 1422753581.903

I don't believe anything I read in the supermarket checkout line. But they have to be right occasionally, so I believe it. I wish him (her) the best. Continue Reading


Re: How can I stop smoking?

In Health & Fitness 1422720761.543

Acquaint yourself with a few people with lung cancer. I can't even count the number of friends we've lost. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss

In Health & Fitness 1422720649.383

How about decreasing estrogen? I'm losing the hair on my legs and eyebrows. (Yeah on legs, boo on eyebrows) Head hair is thinner, but I had a bunch to start with. Continue Reading


Re: Pat was saying how hot she is tonight

In Fashion Talk 1422720342.61

Oh. That kind of hot, I though she was being a bit immodest, tooting her own horn, so to speak. Continue Reading


You know that mansion that burned to the ground?

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1422763989.257 | Started by depglass in For the Home Talk

I heard yesterday the cause was a dried out Christmas tree that caught fire. Don't know if they were still lighting it or not. Moral, get your tree down! Continue Reading


Re: kitchenaide dicer attachment

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422637798.007

I almost bought this, but I already have the 9 cup. Glad you ladies are the guinea pigs and not me. If the kinks are ironed out I might buy in the future. Meanwhile there's always my trusty Wusthof chef's knife. Continue Reading


Re: Any new drugstore finds you're really impressed with?

In Beauty Banter 1422637572.41

Maybelline matte lipsticks from Walgreens and Walmart. They've been out for awhile, good staying power, comparable to high end lines. I have Touch of Spice and Lust for Blush, both in the nude family. Walgreen's frequently runs a buy one get second at 50% off, which about equals Walmart's original price, in our stores anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Bixby's TSV Peridot/ Iolite/ Garnet

In Jewelry Talk 1422629493.877

As time goes on lesser grades of gemstones are being used for jewelry. What QVC and the Bixby line consider acceptable remains to be seen. I guess you have to be your own judge. Continue Reading


Re: Where are the clogs & mules?

In Clarks 1422550282.11

Evidently they are out of style. Too bad for QVC because they must experience less returns. Too bad for me because I still like them. I love laying on the couch after dinner and just kicking off my shoes. But I don't like walking barefoot or in socks, so I can get them on quickly if I want to get up. Continue Reading

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