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Re: Hughes Net & Dish TV service questions

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I know a few people that bring their second receiver box to their cabin from the city 300 miles away, like the one that was in their bedroom. They get a spare dish from somewhere. Whether this is kosher or not I'm not sure. I know one guy who was sharing his service with five people and they found out. Evidently they didn't believe he had five bedrooms. Continue Reading


Re: Saw Jai John Hardy at TJ Maxx today :)

In Jewelry Talk 1416937888.97

God forbid we should get a decent sale price. Continue Reading


Re: facial cyst

In Beauty Banter 1416861289.257

I once had a painful cyst in my armpit. Doc gave me antibiotics, said lancing would just be a good way to get it infected. Continue Reading


Re: Ok, I'm going to say it...Please QVC...

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So you are on the line for 20 minutes waiting to talk to so and so. They run out of time and cut you off, politely or rudely, as I saw Rick do once recently. How do you feel then? Continue Reading


Re: Help! How to make epilator less painful??? Thanks

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If you are a drinking woman, a couple martinis or stiff shots of something might help. I had to resort to this years ago to re-pierce the mis-placed hole in my ear. Get your piercing done at a shop where they do hundreds, doctors don't really have the practice to do this right. Continue Reading


Re: Sephora Black Friday sneak peeks!

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No email for me. As usual I am chopped liver to Sephora. Continue Reading


Re: AOL article: How Many Calories In Thanksgiving! Really!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416859225.253

Two pieces of pie? Maybe later in the day, but not after all that food. So lighten up, whoever compiled this list. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Lesson learned at the Post Office today

In Beauty Banter 1416681942.707

It seems backwards. If are trying to encourage people to use the no employee option, it should be cheaper. Continue Reading


Re: Return TSV and buy a gallon?

In WEN 1416677022.203

What happens if you tire of the TT? Keep the TSV and you will have a variety to experiment with. Continue Reading


Re: The Lock and Lock Lady

In Beauty Banter 1416587016.773

How cute. Now they are styling the kitchen shows? Notice how color coordinated they are? Continue Reading

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