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Re: Need advice re gossipy mail carrier

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Report it. Its harder than h*** to fire a federal worker. Her job is safe. But this practice must be stopped. Continue Reading


Re: RAVES: Isomers and Dr. Jonathon

In Beauty Banter 1406223394.35

Lannie, in case I never have, I'd like to thank you personally for bringing Dr. Jonathan's line to our attention. I am allergic to fragrances and I have found his Corrective Body Lotion to be absolutely the best at maintaining moisturized skin during our harsh winters. I'm your neighbor to the north in the UP. The fact there is no fragrance is an added plus. I tell my snobby girlfriend this product is imported from Wisconsin. Continue Reading


Re: Nail help-Gel removed

In Beauty Banter 1406222897.737

My solution after removing acrylics was TIPS. Continue Reading


Re: Fiesta Ware

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406221364.89

I have mainly colors from the 30's and 50's, but I'm sure you will get many answers on the new colors. Most of these are on the intense side, as you noticed in the poppy. If you go to you will find a link on the left of the page called Colorama. With this handy tool you can change the individual colors of a place setting ad infinitum. Literally hundreds of combinations. My personal favorites are cobalt and sunflower, and turquoise and any orange. Continue Reading


Re: Ot/ how cautious are you?

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I do have a gun permit but would never carry a gun. I got it because my husband collects vintage firearms and he is never around to take the safety class to get the permit. We don't keep loaded guns in the house even though there are never kids around here. I just don't feel threatened where we live, deep in the woods. Its the safest place I've ever lived in my life. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else have problems with products not absorbing?

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That would be me and I have dry skin. I think silicone products are part of the problem. In my case I have to reduce those pea sized amounts and spread them more thinly. It is so bad I can cleanse my face and actually feel what I call "the waxy build up" on my skin. You have to be of an age where they used to wax the floor weekly to understand that. You can get rid of that sheen with Mineral Veil or another finishing powder, like the one from It Cosmetics. Continue Reading


Re: OT Laundry pods

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I also had problem with dishwashing pods under sink. They became literally fused together. I called C.S. and they more or less implied I was nuts, that it couldn't happen to the extent I claimed. Moved on is right. I went back to Finish dry tabs. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Summer is through with me.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406119158.78

I like it cool but like the light, too. I get depressed with lack of sunlight. I need to find a state with the best of both and move there. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Sold Paula's Choice

In Beauty Banter 1406075373.907

I'm a recent convert to her line, well, if you can call one retinol product being converted. Here's hoping they don't go the way of Ojon. Is that company even in business after Estee Lauder ruined it? Not all takeovers are successful. Continue Reading


Re: Jane and handbag presentations

In Suggestion Box 1406065876.08

I watched Prix de Dressage today on Shop HQ. They did an excellent job of going over every detail on every bag. Q could take a lesson from this much smaller network. For the life of me, I've never understood those overhead shots. Jane can't talk in a straight line, I don't care what she's selling. But she must produce, because she's got the shows. Misschristy, you have a very well written post, here's hoping someone in management sees it. Continue Reading

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