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lianne: you got a really great price on that watch. Just be sure to look it over very carefully when it arrives to be sure there are no chips in the ceramic or missing stones, etc. Then test the watch.... remember it's a scre*w down crown, so unscre*w it, set the time and date, push the crown in and wind the watch about 25 times, then scre*w the crown back in. Then let it run and see if it keeps time. In my experience Wow is good on returns. And if the watch is defective they will email you a prepaid UPS label. Sometimes you need to keep after them. Also, sometimes the credit i... Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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Enjoy the Ruckus. I will look forward to your very colorful and descriptive commentary. It's almost as good as being there. OK, it's not nearly as good as being there, but it's still wonderful to read your postings. Continue Reading



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Jazzy: glad you are OK after your scare. Hope it never happens again. Your new watches look great. I'm taking my Android in to be sized tomorrow. I've messed up too many watches to try to size it myself. I'm impressed that you were able to do that one and the Celano also. The Ladies Excersion on the bracelet is the OTO tonight. 626-145 for $226. It's a good price, BUT, and it's a big But.... it has a Chinese movement. Love the watch, but not the movement. Also, for anyone considering it, it weighs 11oz. This is one really, really heavy watch. I have the original, from year... Continue Reading



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mzj2u: welcome back. Hope you are doing well. Yes, we are still going strong thanks to lots of new posters who have joined our little group and a few old timers. I'm glad you are still enjoying your watches. I seem to be a collector.... I enjoy what I have, but keep searching for new and exciting. jena: you have a tough decision to make. You like the watch but are questioning it's price and potential quality issues. My decision was easier. Although I wanted to love the watch, I didn't love the look of the version I got. The price and wobbly stem made the decision to return ea... Continue Reading



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Jena: I found that I had to unscre*w the chrono pusher and then press them very hard to get them to work. I also found the crown very wobbly. I thought that was just the one I got, but maybe it's in the design. It made me uncomfortable too, as the crown is very delicate and often not covered by warranty. My watch is going back tomorrow. I didn't love it enough and the wobbly crown sealed the deal. It's disappointing on what was supposed to be a reserve watch, high end. Continue Reading



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Lady Zeus marked up to $890 regular price, on sale for $750. I will have no trouble resisting at that price. Continue Reading



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Jena: The pink and the white strap JT SAS sold out. The brown strap/GT was still available. Wow also had 1 of the pink, it was priced at $50 more than the sale price you paid. It seems to have sold out also. A lot of larger watches lately are very thick.... even the new Android rotator. Once sized, the thickness doesn't seem to be an issue for me if I wear the watch above the wrist bone. Continue Reading



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equss: there are 2 stores I have ordered from on the bay and they are reputable... one is The Watchery (which is owned by the same co. that owns world of watches and ewatches) and the other is Espiga. Espiga is owned/run by the father of the man who designs the Renato watches. Until about 2 years ago he also owned Renato but it was sold. He has stayed on as the design head. I've bought several watches from Espiga and he is very reputable and great to do business with. His prices are usually very good, but it always pays to check around to see if you can do better. The only downside i... Continue Reading



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Jena: guess the pink JT Specialty didn't make you socks roll up and down. Since Terry loves her SS/blue so much, I thought the pink one would be more special than the one I got. Anyway I've decided to return the goldtone one. I like the watch and I wanted the watch for it's complexity and engineering. But it's just too expensive a watch if I don't love the look. It's not that I didn't know what I was getting or what it would look like. But someone in the flesh, it's not that special. My other JT, the SAN III has an amazing mop dial. The dial on the Specialty is nice, but not spe... Continue Reading


Re: Eye flashing light, zigzag shapes. What is it?

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There are lots of different problems with eyes that may have similar symptoms. A torn retina and ocular migraines are very different things and ocular migraines don't cause a torn retina. I've had ocular migraines (zig zag flashing aura in the outer corner of the eye) for several years, and my sister does also. Several ophthalmologists have told me they are not dangerous. Bright lights and glare seem to bring mine on. Sometimes they last a short while, sometimes much longer. I find the best thing to do is to put in drops (like Tears) to soothe the eyes, then close my eyes until the ... Continue Reading

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