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Java: congrats on the new SS Abyss. And Jena, congrats on staying in the NBZ. As far as I remember, the Sunburst came in red, light blue, brown, hunter green, and pink. Between the 2 of us, I think we have most of the colors. (I have the red, hunter green, and light blue). Too bad we don't live closer or we could trade off. I always wanted the pink, but after it sold out initially, it never seemed to reappear. And I passed on the brown and got the hunter green instead. Always wished I had gotten the brown too, especially when they had the outlet and those great sales. Sunburst may have also... Continue Reading



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I bought the all SS version. Took a lot of self restraint not to buy all 3. The GT was my next choice. I liked each of them. But I have a 2 tone Scuba and lots of other TT from years ago. Also a TT Invicta pro diver with a blue dial, that doesn't see much wrist time. I used to wear TT a lot, but in the last few years, I've worn either white metal or YG. My TT doesn't get much use. Guess I don't need the TT to go with either metal color because I've 'accumulated' watches in every metal color. WOTD: 2 tone Invicta tonneau with white dial and black spinel bezel. Works perfectly w... Continue Reading



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WOTD: today, Monday, thinking of Jena, I wore the Renato sunburst, in red. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1413858434.973

Jena: On the top right hand side of the shop home page there is a shopbusters banner below the product selection choices. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1413857159.127

Java: I have to see the GT and the SS versions of the new Abyss. Caught a brief peak on Ryan's wrist of the SS one.... very hot. TTV price will probably be $ 139... maybe less since it's only packaged in the 1 slot dive case... one can hope. And you are right about the white Karamica... great price, even with the shipping added. Even the other Karamicas listed on shop are really well priced.... sure they might have been less if you caught a sale on wow or ewatches, but still very well priced. Wonder if ewatches or wow have them on sale now also. Not looking, don't need another Kara... Continue Reading


Re: matching bag to outfit?

In Dooney & Bourke 1413811857.91

On 10/20/2014 bbluvr said: I love the tan with the black. Very elegant. These days matching bags is considered a fashion don't. The trend is to mix it up and make it interesting especially when you are wearing basics like jeans and a black top. Consider it an empty canvas ready to add your own individual "art". I agree with this post. All black is not very interesting. Your addition of a tan handbag was a good fashion choice. And as others have stated, it's a good canvas for a pop of color... red, purple, royal blue, bright green. Also lighter neutrals with black are a sophisticated ch... Continue Reading



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Jena: that's what friends are for. And since you are a 'wearer and an enjoyer' and not a saver, I know once you find all your green treasures you will begin to enjoy wearing them again. I registered my orange strap Renato, now I'm waiting for the pink strap one to arrive. And I resisted buying the white mop GT Android Halo (loved the dial), by reminding myself I have a GT Renato with the same beautiful creamy white dial. Need to show that watch some wrist time. It's also time for me to get out those big and heavy Invictas now that the temperature has dropped. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1413729738.723

Jena: look in your watch box.... you have at least 1 Renato with a hunter green dial, don't you? I seem to recall it was you and Pek you got me to buy the 2.25ct WB with the hunter green dial. I also remember there was a sunburst with the hunter green dial, but I think you got the chocolate dial in that one instead. And weren't there some lighter green straps in the sapphire collection or the topaz/sapphire collection? Did you end up with any of those? Anyway, if after going thru your watch box you still want another green watch... well, I understand. I checked out the Invicta ... Continue Reading


Re: Technibond????

In Jewelry Talk 1413729412.573

I have a few technibond items from years ago... some have held up very well, others have tarnished and the tarnish can't be removed. Two things to know.... first of all the recipe for technibond has changed over the years. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, there are a number of different vendors who make the technibond items for hsn. The quality may differ among the different items because they are made by different companies. In my experience, items with lots of prongs (which hold gemstones), do not hold up well. Earrings and necklaces seem to fare better than bracelets or rings,... Continue Reading

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