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Terry and phoenixbrd: I paid $599 when I bought that black Celano ceramic LP with the inner and outer diamond bezel and the paisley dial. And $599 was a great price for what the watch is.... Swiss made, good quality diamonds (but small ones), good quality Swiss automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and good quality ceramic. If you can get that watch for $600 or less, it's worth the money. You can buy nice ceramic watches these days for under $100 (on sale), but they aren't the same quality as the LP Celano. (Full disclosure, I have many inexpensive ceramic watches, and well as several... Continue Reading



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phoenixbrd: good luck with your jeweler and your Renato. If it's the standard size Beauty (36mm) then the bracelets are usually very long. Most ladies, even with a 7+" wrist can remove at least 1 or 2 links. Also there are half links on each side of the Beauty bracelet. Hopefully your jeweler can take care of it in a minute or 2. Unscre*wing the links is very straightforward. Some ladies do it themselves, but I've found that the scre*ws are often very tight (and sometimes have a special 'glue' called Loctite to keep them in place), so I often don't have the strength to remove the li... Continue Reading



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phoenixbrd: Sorry this happened to you. Renato watches are usually very well made. I need more info. If it's a bracelet watch, do you have extra links (which would have pins/screws)? If so, it's a simple matter for a jeweler to swap out a link. Generally Renato bracelet watches have scre*ws, not pins. It's possible a screw wasn't tightened properly and that's why it fell out, or there was a problem with the link. So substituting another link would solve the problem quickly. And the jeweler could check the other scre*ws also to be sure they were in properly. If it's the pin that attaches t... Continue Reading


Re: A question for D&B handbag owners...

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On 4/15/2014 Pagan said: I would buy duplicates of other items but not two identical handbags as I think the chance of something happening to a handbag are miniscule. They're also very prone to the whims of fashion and few styles are really classic. However, if you really love it and are seriously worried about losing/damaging it, I would wait at least a year before considering a duplicate purchase. Something that seems like a favorite today might not be your first choice next April. I totally agree... I would not buy 2 of the exact same color and style. But I have often bought multiple col... Continue Reading



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Terry; great find. That's a beautiful LP watch and the price is outstanding. I already have that watch, or I would order it for sure. The black mop is beautiful, the diamonds sparkle, and it has a great Swiss automatic movement. Continue Reading


Re: Please help....comparing two Dooney Florentines

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SL: enjoy your new Dooney. For a big discount we all make a few compromises.... dust bag, stuffing, etc. Besides, you end up throwing out the stuffing anyway. Continue Reading



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Terry; thanks for the review. I've been tempted by that watch, but not at the price, even the OTO price. We have to say no to some watches. Sorry it didn't work for you. Continue Reading



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Java: you are right, they call it the specialty model a Subaqua Swiss (SAS), not a SAN III. Continue Reading



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Terry: so many beautiful watches. It's a hard choice. Didn't you also get the other JT recently, the sportier one that came in 2 sizes? Continue Reading



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Java: so sorry DJF is facing more problems. I'm sure your friendship is helping him. Please tell him that although we don't 'know' him personally, we consider him our DJF (once removed) and he is in our thoughts. Terry: that JT blue mop dial sounds stunning. Yes, I want it too. But I wasn't looking for another white strap watch. What I have noticed about the JT watches with mop dials is that the mop (and dial design) are really beautiful. The dial is what convinced me to order the JT Specialty. I wanted a Specialty, the high polished case was beautiful, but the dial was outstan... Continue Reading

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