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Re: ~ discount handbags - I'm looking for an online source. Thank you.

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Don't forget ILOVEDOONEY which is the online Dooney outlet. Continue Reading


Re: Michael Kors Handbag.....Help Me Decide

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You could also check to see if there is a MK outlet you can visit. As for your 'moral' decision.... that's personal. No one needs a $500 handbag, no one needs multiple $200 handbags, no one needs to eat out, go on vacation, buy a fancy car, own a diamond engagement ring, etc. But we all so some of these things. For me the decision comes down to personal choice and responsibility.... do you pay all your bills on time? Do you have money saved for emergencies and for the future? Do you take care of your family? Do you give to charity, either with time or money? If you say yes, and yo... Continue Reading


Re: New Lockwood Satchel...? Anyone got yet?

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Love the style and the size. Personally don't love the lock, but I'm considering that style in the embossed lizard, so I guess I've decided it's not a deal breaker. As for the suede.... in general, it can look old and worn faster than an all leather Dooney. However, it does hold up well and if you use a suede brush once in a while you can keep it looking good. My friend used a lighter blue all suede Dooney a few years ago. The bag got really tossed around and was well used. It held up, but the suede got dirty as it spent a lot of time on the car floor. I think the blue and black... Continue Reading



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Have to go pick out my watch and handbag to coordinate with my outfit. Flurries today, but much better weather than yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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Sam: you could also call one of the Dooney outlets. Starting tomorrow night, all outlet handbags are half off, plus there are some $99 specials. Don't know if they have what you want or if it's shippable at those special prices, but it's worth a call. Have the Dooney product number and your credit card ready and don't call when you think they might be busy. I know that's a challenge on the holiday weekend, but I'd call first thing when they open Friday, before the masses hit, or very late Thurs night. Not all outlets will ship and not all items are shippable, and not all color or ... Continue Reading


Re: A couple of issues with Domed pebble leather satchel

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Half of my registration tags have very light printing. so this is not new or limited to this style. As for the other issue, if it bothers you, and it sounds like it does, return the handbag. Everytime you see it you will be annoyed by the defect. BTW, which handbag did you get? Continue Reading



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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I missed the shows last night too. But I checked online and everything I liked has a case size that was too big for me. Didn't see that speedway deal tho. Continue Reading



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Congratulations Aprimo. Enjoy your new Abyss collection. Glad you got the great prices. A special thanks to Aprimo and Jena for alerting us to the first great price reduction on the Abyss. We all asked for credits after paying a higher price when it was a TTV just weeks earlier. And some of us bought another one as it was too good a price to pass up. Timing is critical in many things, especially capturing the best sale prices. Continue Reading



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Golden: see my updated post....caramel in that handbag looks like a caramel candy. Continue Reading



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Even the same color name can be different on different leathers, so it's very confusing. Natural in Florentine is different from natural in pebbled leather. Caramel is usually similar to natural, but a little darker. I haven't seen the coffee in real life, but it's probably a little darker than caramel and doesn't have as much yellow as the caramel does. Dooney's saddle varies a lot.... sometimes called saddle, sometimes saddle tan, sometimes saddle brown. Saddle is a darker shade than caramel with more red undertones. I just checked the Dooney site... the caramel looks like a typical Dooney ... Continue Reading

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