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Terry: I have 627-291 in blue and SS. Is that the Scuba you got? If not, which one? Continue Reading


Re: Why are we so crazy about handbags? Especially Dooney & Bourke...

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Hi Cindy: you are not alone. Lots of handbag lovers here and we understand.... we share your love of handbags. I just finished the week long process of switching my handbags from summer to fall. I have more handbags that I need. Yet, I spend time on handbag forums and contemplate my next purchase.... as soon as the sale price is good enough. Continue Reading



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Thanks for starting the new thread Java. Happy Labor Day.... are you working on a project today? Continue Reading



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I passed on the ttv also. Too large for me. And I'm trying not to buy any more watches or handbags for a while. I've accumulated too many of each this year. Continue Reading


Re: I'm In Buckley Florentine Heaven!

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Handbagaddict: I don't think anyone has seen these new colors yet. In my experience, the same color is the same shade in the same collection in back to back years. What I mean is that grass or palamino will be the same this year as last year in the same leather/collection.... like pebbled leather or Florentine leather. But if you compare different leathers or different collections the color might vary. Palamino in Florentine might not be the same as palamino in a glazed or pebbled leather. Continue Reading


Re: Clearance priced oval stainless steel watch...

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benzgirl: I don't have this watch, but I have a lot of watches. When you get the watch, judge for yourself. I've seen some of the type of comments reported for other watches, and manufacturers get returns of watches, based upon things that aren't defects, but part of the watch design. For example, the comments about the second hand not working unless the watch is in chrono mode, Most chronograph movements have a small second hand in a subdial (usually at either 3 or 6 o'clock positions, depending upon the movement) and that small second hand is the constantly running second hand.... Continue Reading



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Lots of watches this weekend. And I'm also seeing some of the older styles being brought back... original Lady's Bolt (Swiss parts mvmt), JT SAN III ladies (it sold out again). Nothing tempting me. Continue Reading


Re: 14k White gold rhodium plating

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Rhodium plating on gold will wear off over time. How quickly depends upon the quality of the original plating process, and that varies. If the underlying gold is alloyed white gold, then you might not see much of a difference. The jewelry won't look as shiny, but it will still be white metal. But, if the underlying gold was yellow gold, then when the rhodium wears off, you will see a yellow metal. Not all 'white gold' jewelry is really alloyed white gold. Less expensive items are often yellow gold that has been plated with rhodium to look like white gold. And it's often diffic... Continue Reading


Re: Hot Handbag Trends for Fall 2014???

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On 8/28/2014 3star said: I've been in he handbag industry for years, and for,those ladies who are interested in what's new, here it is: small to medium bags no more than 11 inches to 13 inches at the most, top handles with an envelope over flap, smooth colorful leathers, zipper closures, squared kelly bag corners, bucket bags, trend for tassels is slowing down, chain handles everywhere, small to petite crossbody bags, textures such as snake are still going strong. 3star: thanks for the info. We all have our preferred style of handbags, but it's interesting to know what's current. I can p... Continue Reading

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