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Re: Clayton came home today

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Congratulations on your new handbag. I'm glad it's love at first site. Sounds like you and Clayton had a very intimate afternoon. Continue Reading


Re: Need some tips on selling old gold jewelry . . .

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You should get prices from more than one place, ideally within a day or two as the price of gold changes. Before you go, find out the closing price of a troy ounce of gold from the day before. Then do some calculations so you know the value of 24K, 18K, and 14K gold on a per gram and per pennyweight basis. Most places buy in pennyweights, not grams. The more you know, the better able you will be to evaluate the price you are quoted. For reference: there are 20 pennyweights to a troy ounce of gold. There are 31.1 grams to a troy ounce of gold. 24K gold is 100% pure gold (24 parts pure... Continue Reading


Re: Summer only or year-round?

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It seems that any color can be worn at any time of the year... depending upon the fabric and texture. This winter light pink and light blue wool winter coats are the height of style. I think with lighter colors in the colder months, the fabric is really important. Leather is more substantial than a fabric and seems to work better in the colder seasons. A croco texture adds even more substance. If you live in a warm climate, then the seasons aren't as distinct. In the colder climates, with the leaves changing color, many welcome it as an opportunity to bring out seasonal colors and ret... Continue Reading


Re: Dooney ladies, how to tell if your Dooney is well made?

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The issues some people have been reporting on the new drawstring are chips in the coloring of the drawstring. Also one person reported a stain on the front of the bag, as well as some deep flaws in the leather (under the finishing). I haven't heard any complaints about the Chelsea, but that comes in several leathers so they might not be all at the same level. Any handbag can have a defect, regardless of price. I think Dooney is relatively high quality, but it's mass manufactured. I would doubt that every handbag is inspected. If it is, then my standards are higher than the standard... Continue Reading



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Andrea: the more we look, the more we want, the more we buy! I even thought about that RG ladies Renato.... such a good price, I like the watch (I already have it in YG and SS). Don't need another RG watch. I spent twice as much for a RG ladies Vulcan with a brown dial not to long ago, so I clearly don't need another RG brown dial watch. but I thought about it anyway. Sanity ruled, and I backed away from the computer. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney ladies, how to tell if your Dooney is well made?

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On any handbag, in addition to stitching (as described in post above), I look to be sure the leather is consistent around the entire bag, that the color is even, that there are not deep scratches or cuts, that the handle is properly finished and attached. Of course I check to see that there are no stains or marks or areas where the color is missing. I also check the zipper to be sure it is evenly sewn into place. I check the interior to be sure that the lining isn't cut and the zipper pockets work. I also check to be sure the clasp/closure works. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney's loss...Coach's gain

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Enjoy your new handbag. In my experience Coach bags are very different from most Dooney bags. The Kinston hobo is very structured. Is your new Coach hobo also structured? Continue Reading



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I got an email this morning from TheWatchery about a sale on Renato watches. Quite a few, but only 1 woman's watch, the RG, brown dial, WB with diamond subdial @ 6. Really good prices on all the watches listed. Too bad there aren't more ladies choices. Continue Reading



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Brahmin has a few (very few) outlet stores, where the bag are on sale all the time. Check their web site for locations. Also Nordstrom pre season sale (in the summer) usually includes one or two styles of Brahmin at around 30% off. Continue Reading

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