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Java: glad your new SS Abyss is a winner. You, Jena, and I all got great mop dials. But I agree the platinum mop (like all mop) can be very different on different watches. My friend ordered the GT Abyss and the platinum mop is very nice,, but not as colorful as on my SS one. Don't know if it's random or whether they paired the more colorful mop with the SS where it works so well with the all white metal. And the platinum mop on my Excersion, from years ago, is also very different. I checked out the inventory to see if I could make some use of the coupon which expires early today, b... Continue Reading


Re: Funny review about a customer remove the lock of the dooney samba

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I too passed on the Samba because of the lock... don't like the look or the weight of it. I also passed on the quilted leather handbags because of the 'heartware'. There are more than enough other handbags out there, I don't need to modify something. If it's not right for me, I'll pass. Continue Reading


Re: GILI Milano Hobo - Croco - Zipper?

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If it's a metal zipper you can often ease the problem by rubbing the zipper with waxed paper or a bar of soap or even a white candle. Then work the zipper back and forth. Continue Reading


Re: Same issue with GILI Milano Natural Ostrich?

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I've seen real Ostrich handbags. Depending upon where the leather is from it will have a different degree of 'spots'. So, on a single handbag.... the back or sides my be almost 'spotless' while the front will look more like a typical Ostrich leather. Of course, on the most expensive handbags they match all the panels, but on less expensive handbags so areas are 'spotless'. But no streaking ever. Continue Reading



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Jena, glad you were able to size the watch yourself. I have several tool kits, but the last few watches I tried to size didn't go well. I ended up having to take them into the jeweler anyway to replace banged up links. So, I decided that from now on I'll have them done right in the first place. The big downside is having to wait until I can get to the jeweler (actually a watchmaker). He does great work, and doesn't charge me a lot to size a watch or change a battery. It's just a hassle because he's not close to where I live. Continue Reading



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Java: thanks for the heads up on the TTV and also about turning the clocks back. We will all need to be reminded again. Let us know when you collect your new SS Abyss. Love mine, but it will be a few weeks till I can get it sized. Continue Reading


Re: Structured -vs- unstructured handbags...

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I love the look and feel of unstructured bags, but I don't like to use them. I find structured handbags to be much more useful for me.... it's easier to find things inside and I prefer a handbag to a shoulder bag. When I do carry an unstructured handbag, and I have some... I always use a purse organizer... otherwise the fact that everything is jumbled inside doesn't work for me. Continue Reading


Re: What to wear with aqua Dooney?

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The aqua would look great with any dark color... black, grey, navy, brown, wine, dark green. I also would like it with most shades of blue and many shades of green. Also might look good with yellow, beige, tan, saddle brown. Maybe deep purple. In warm weather I could see it with pink and lavender. Guess the only colors I would stay away from are orange and red... although deep shades of those colors or muted shades might also go with the aqua. Continue Reading



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aubnwa: glad you are enjoying your Scuba. The version you bought is the prettiest I've seen for that watch. My SS Abyss has arrived. Beautiful mop dial and comfortable size case/bracelet. Looks like this one is a keeper. Java: did your SS Abyss arrive yet? Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Like OrYany at All!

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Oryany handbags appeal because they are interesting and the leather is beautiful. However, I prefer structured handbags so I haven't gotten any Oryany handbags.... yet. Continue Reading

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