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Last Reply by Sooner 1419097506.097 | Started by autumnsunset in Kitchen & Food Talk

I just heard on the news a Thai company just bought out Bumble Bee Tuna and they also own Chicken Of The Sea this is news to me and I love Tuna who owns Starkist Tuna? Continue Reading


Re: Dell TSV E-226576 Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 1TB HD

In TSV Talk 1418575162.66

Have you looked on QVC website because I bought a Dell 17 in i7 5 months ago with a backlit keyboard and I love it I returned three HP's because I did not like the keyboard or the screen or the sound so far I am very happy with my Dell and it runs cool too. I went to local stores could not find what I wanted went to Dell's website and QVC price was still a lot better then Dells own website. People will say QVC sells old technology I do not buy old technology I printed out the specs took it to a computer geek who knows computers he said get it he said this was top of the line. I'm very happ... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Where To Draw The Line For Tipping

In Beauty Banter 1417705045.41

No tipping here only in restaurants. We live on a fixed income because hubby has gotten three pay cuts the last three years. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV Dec 4

In TSV Talk 1417704034.65

On 12/4/2014 TaxyLady said: I broke down and bought it for myself. I got the black. You never can go wrong with black and it looks dressy. I liked the navy but did not care for the other colors. I decided to get my sister the navy I know she likes the color blue purple too but I went with blue I'm just not sure of the animal prints. Continue Reading


Dennis Basso TSV Dec 4

Last Reply by meezercats 1417731207.3 | Started by autumnsunset in TSV Talk

Happy Holidays everyone anyone ordering the Dennis Basso TSV today. I'm thinking of getting it for my sister but I can't decide which coat. I like the animal print but my sister is a plus size lady and I don't know if I should go with the navy or go bold and try a animal print. Maybe I should tell my sister she is getting a coat for Christmas and let her pick out her own. Continue Reading


Dennis Basso TSV Dec 4

Last Reply by Sunshine Kate 1417742588.807 | Started by autumnsunset in TSV Talk

Anyone know what the TSV is from Dennis Basso Thursday Dec 4 ? The item number and price. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Continue Reading


Dennis Basso TSV Dec ?

Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1417564120.517 | Started by autumnsunset in TSV Talk

Does anyone have any info on Dennis Basso TSV Dec 4 item number is it a jacket long coat price ez pay? I sure appreciate any information. Happy Holidays everyone. Continue Reading


Re: I'm taking my turkey out of the freezer today, to thaw in the refrigerator !!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416754778.32

Hubby took our 16/1/2 pound turkey out of the freezer late Thursday night I want to make sure he is thawed good. Last year we took him out of the freezer on a Sunday he still had ice in the cavity what a pain to get that ice out. Continue Reading


Re: Am I The Only One That Has Virtually No Gifts To Buy For The Holiday Season?

In Viewpoints 1416703113.647

No gift buying here no one left in our family to buy Christmas gifts for all our family has passed on just hubby and I and our three dogs. They get there Christmas gifts and treats hubby works part time at a pet store so I don't even have to go out and look I just tell hubby here is some money buy what ever you think the dogs will like. No going to the stores or to the mall and no fighting traffic and no buying Christmas paper or bags we hang the toys and bags of treats on the tree. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a laundry cart that I can roll easily

In For the Home Talk 1416695912.583

We bought a wire basket with nice wheels from Bed Bath & Beyond for $49.99 about a month ago we use ours for groceries it folds up hubby really likes it and it holds a lot rolls easy too. Continue Reading

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