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Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

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No matter what this dinnerware is called we have enjoyed them it is so nice to have big bowls that will hold cereal and a banana and it makes a nice soup bowl. To me dishes is dishes it comes with 4 dinner plates 4 cups 4 saucers 4 bowls they can be called Breakfast/Brunch dinnerware to me there all the same there for food. To me these dishes are luxury they are so nice we use them everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner. Thank you for the info on dishes I never knew dinnerware could mean different things you learn something new everyday Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

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On 10/17/2014 KJPA said: Autumnsunset, what a happy post! I enjoy reading other shoppers' pleasure with the items they receive. When you wrote that you never really had nice dinnerware I almost cried! I'm so glad you got some that you like and please enjoy them in good health! And BornToShop and anyone else who bought them, hope you also enjoy them!! KJPA thank you for your kind post that was so nice of you. I do love these dishes they are so pretty no never had dishes this nice my dishes came from Wal-Mart and they were not as nice as these. To me this dinnerware is luxury when I saw the... Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

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On 10/17/2014 BornToShop said: I also got 2 sets, they are beautiful! We use them for everyday, it's a pleasure to dine with such beauty yet they are durable as well. The bowls and cups are perfect size for us. I am still wanting the matching S/2 serving bowl & platter for $49.95. We too are using them for everyday I love the bowls I just gave my hubby a bowl of soup he said these are sure nice dishes they are so pretty we only bought one set. Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

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I have no idea what brunch dishes look like since I never been to a brunch as long as the dishes fit in my kitchen cabinet I'm happy and they do fit. Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Dinnerware H201017

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On 10/17/2014 ceekay said: They do look beautiful! I hope you enjoy them for a long time. I ordered them and then cancelled the next day. I had them in my Wish List for quite some time. I decided the bowls were too large for my purposes. And I need dishes like I need an extra 10 pounds. They are still $69.99 at overstock with free shipping (says 4 left) if anyone missed the LTS price. Thank you they are beautiful dishes I never had really nice dinnerware it was the lunchtime special price that did it they were on that day for $60.50 so I bought them. We need large bowls for soup so this was... Continue Reading


Lenox Dinnerware H201017

Last Reply by Lillyrose 1413736221.327 | Started by autumnsunset in Kitchen & Food Talk

If anyone is looking for a nice set of dinnerware check out Lenox H201017 there on Clearance price I ordered them on Sunday Oct 12 when they were a lunchtime special price I received them today Oct 17 they are beautiful heavy but not that heavy. I am so happy I treated myself and bought these dishes. There prettier in person and they arrived well packed I love the cups nice handle on them and the bowls are big. Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's ?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413389254.207

Thanks everyone wow everything sounds so good I'm writing everything down thank you all for your help Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's ?

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On 10/15/2014 duclane said: Yes to veggie meat department--love their pizza's especially the French type with all mushrooms thin crust. That is my main store. Cheeses are wonderful and good prices-love their no nitrate bacon. Just love everything. Thank you so much for posting I heard about Trader Joe's but never been there I was telling a friend I sure like to go she has never been either so she said lets go together. We are excited I wanted some flavor coffee I hope they have a good selection and I want to try there pizza I just want to try everything. Continue Reading


Trader Joe's ?

Last Reply by graycatsrule 1413511960.167 | Started by autumnsunset in Kitchen & Food Talk

A friend is taking me to Trader Joe's what is good? I never been how are there pizza's and I like flavor coffee do they carry that? and do they have a meat and veggie fruit department? I sure appreciate any info. Thanks everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Dell TSV 9/7

In Electronics Talk 1410015101.173

Thank you so much. Was hoping for a 17 in. Continue Reading

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