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Re: Dell TSV 9/7

In Electronics Talk 1410015101.173

Thank you so much. Was hoping for a 17 in. Continue Reading


Dell TSV 9/7

Last Reply by autumnsunset 1410015101.277 | Started by autumnsunset in Electronics Talk

Does anyone know what the Dell TSV is tonight? Thanks Continue Reading


TSV 9/7

Last Reply by moonchilde 1410117175.97 | Started by autumnsunset in TSV Talk

Does anyone know what the TSV is for tonight? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

In Q News, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers 1409863192.007

Rest in peace Joan I will miss you so much. I admired you as a person and for all the years you have worked maybe I didn't agree with all your jokes but you have made me laugh in the past. You will be missed by the world I know you are in Heaven with God and his angels and you are with your love ones friends and your dogs. Melissa and Cooper my prayers are with you stay strong your mother and grandmother would want that she is at peace now and we all loved her so many times she made me laugh I remember her on Johnny Carson and seeing her on game shows what a lady she made the world laugh she ... Continue Reading


Re: Thoughts and Prayers for Joan Rivers' Speedy Recovery

In Hosts & Personalities 1409251774.423

Joan I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and God's blessings I'm sending you my love and prayers. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver Star Trek Collection

In Susan Graver 1408903477.027

OMG she is going after the trekkies is this for real. I was never a Star Trek fan when the shows was on the air. Continue Reading


Re: Returning July 13 HP TSV

In Electronics Talk 1408577382.07

It just takes time to learn things if I remember right I got frustrated with windows 8.1 too my hubby said you will figure it out just take your time and I did. I love windows 8.1 I got excited the other day I was just reading things on 8.1 I came across something I read and I told my hubby I didn't know windows would do that. Just give windows 8.1 a chance you may just like it I know I do. Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: Returning July 13 HP TSV

In Electronics Talk 1408543183.463

We bought the HP TSV on July 13 we love it there is nothing wrong with the laptop or windows 8.1 it just it takes time to learn. Windows 8.1 is the operating system there is nothing wrong with the laptop. Technology changes every day if people don't like windows 8.1 the only other option is a Apple computer which are expensive. I'll stick with my HP and windows 8.1 Continue Reading


Re: 08/03/14 TSV

In TSV Talk 1407025379.52

On 8/2/2014 smjjcj said: Thank you!! Your welcome I hope you get your computer that your looking for. If you get the TSV Sunday just wanted to tell you my friend just bought the last HP TSV with the new bright colors just thought I let you know if your interested in the red it is a bright red fire engine red but very pretty. Continue Reading


Re: AMD vs Intel

In Electronics Talk 1407020664.653

We have always been a HP family never had a Dell we have two HP computers a all in one AMD a HP laptop AMD just bought a Intel i5 for our granddaughter for school we like the Intel the best starts up fast pages load fast. Continue Reading

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