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Re: Laptop Battery Question?

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Thanks everyone for posting she did take it out. Continue Reading


Re: Laptop Battery Question?

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On 7/29/2014 Campion said: I take it you mean "leave the battery plugged into the wall" and the answer is yes, it's no problem to do that. I do that with my HP. It's always plugged in unless there is a thunderstorm. Yes she wants to leave the battery in the laptop not take it out and just keep the laptop plugged into the wall 24/7 I read on the internet some articles said yes you could leave the battery in others say take it out. She did contact HP chat they told her to remove it. My husband said it should be ok left in that the battery should not over charge. She is worried if she does leav... Continue Reading


Laptop Battery Question?

Last Reply by Caffeina 1406667371.833 | Started by autumnsunset in Electronics Talk

My friend got her new HP laptop yesterday it is just for home use she keeps it plugged in 24/7 she did charge the battery but she was asking me if she can leave the battery in all the time I told her I really didn't know. Can anyone tell me if she does leave it in will it damage the laptop? Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV on July 13 ?

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My friend received her HP laptop this morning she loves it I love it too! she got the red wow what a neat laptop Intel i5 is really nice loads fast and the screen is so sharp she put in some music it was very loud and clear. She said this was a good buy for her. If you bought the July 13 TSV I hope you enjoy your new laptop as much as she is. Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV on July 13 ?

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My friend is waiting on her HP laptop she said it is due Monday July 28 she is so excited I hope she likes it. I like to know if i5 Intel is faster then AMD A8 8GB 1TB and is the case of the laptop really scratch proof. I hope the people who bought this HP TSV laptop will post on how they like it. Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV on July 13 ?

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On 7/26/2014 LasVegas Dot said: I got mine yesterday, 07/25/14. Have her check for Bluetooth. I can't find it. Also, my receipt was missing from my box, AND they took down all description of this laptop. If I remember right I don't think it comes with Bluetooth because when I was looking at the specs I asked my friend you use Bluetooth for anything she said no I said good because I don't see it in the specs. I have Bluetooth on my AMD but I never use it what color did you get I think she got the blue or white but not sure her laptop is due here Monday. You like the non scratch laptop? If y... Continue Reading


Re: Air mattresses

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I bought a air mattress from Wal-Mart queen size last Nov called InTex on Thanksgiving day there special paid $25 I love it no problems. I have a 12 year old poodle that has a bad disc and our vet said she could not be jumping up on to our King Serta that is 18 inches high with the mattress topper and she was not happy being locked in her kennel at night so I bought a air mattress and we sleep on the floor in the living room. I think it is very comfortable. Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV Intel i5 on July 13

In Electronics Talk 1406388370.823

I was just bumping this up to see if anyone ordered the HP TSV that was on air July 13 and if you did have you received it yet and if you have do you like it? Continue Reading


HP TSV Intel i5 on July 13

Last Reply by nutmeg3 1406602792.93 | Started by autumnsunset in Electronics Talk

If you ordered this TSV have you received it and if you have how do you like it. My friend ordered the TSV her laptop is due next week. Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV on July 13 ?

In Electronics Talk 1406033991.823

Thank you for posting my friend just called me this morning she said her laptop shipped yesterday too she said EDD on FedEx website says Monday July 28th she is so excited. Continue Reading

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