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Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 01/26

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There is a window out in the hall where the apt. is. I saw it, too, and that's what it was. Funny, having taped it six months ago, they chose snow for this day. When Eric isn't whispering, he sounds remarkably like William Holden. If I close my eyes it's even more apparent. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 01/26

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The cold will probably preserve him, stop him from bleeding and he'll be out again to roam among us. Frightening thought. Continue Reading



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They know, and what the heck do they care, anyway, as long as it sells? They've already made their deal with QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Watching Jimmy Stewart in "Spirit of St. Louis"

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I didn't watch it this time, but I loved when he talked to the fly. I loved all his movies but one that doesn't get much attention was, "No Highway in the Sky'' with Jimmy and Marlena Deitrich. Great movie. And then all the ones with June Allyson. I could never pick a fave. Continue Reading


Re: Days SPOILERS, week of 01/26

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I knew I could count on you. As long as I can contact these boards, I don't panic. I need the camaraderie. hahaha Thanks, snow. Continue Reading


Re: Days SPOILERS, week of 01/26

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Hey, snowball, if you read this? Please do me a favor and tell OT my email is down-doesn't look like a quick fix. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- January 2015

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On 1/24/2015 Linders Back said: <br /> I'm thoroughly engrossed with East of Eden by John Steinbeck. There is so much more to the book than the movie or mini-series ever covered. Glad it's snowing today and no football because I really don't want to put it down. Always have been a Steinbeck fan but East of Eden eluded me. I went right for the book after seeing the movie. I was too young, I guess. James Dean did more for me than Steinbeck. I know, I should be ashamed. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 01/19

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Yeah, three problems solved with one bullet. Works for me. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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I am so glad this doesn't concern me because I don't know what she's talking about. I think, life goes on and let's get on with it. Just like always. She was never here. Continue Reading

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