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Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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Aha! I knew I heard it here. Yes, twin, they have ruined the character. Continue Reading


Re: Broadchurch

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Finally got to see it-yes, so much better now. Hope they stay on that track. I forget-what is Hardy's illness? Having a hard time with the dialogue since my CC went out. But I just get the gist of everything. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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I love when two people who haven't seen each other in ages say upon meeting (usually in the park), 'who were you talking to on the phone just now?' I would have to respond, well, hi, how are you, and what've you been doing since we met last year? I have never seen such nosy people in my life-always wanting to know who was on the phone. I think someone here said that Nicole or Ari I should say, is very disappointed in what they've done to her character. She should put her foot down. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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OMgosh, snow, you are so right. Two peas in a pod. Like father like son. I never even thought about this. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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Told ya, snow. Those baby blues got me right away. I wonder how tall he is? I think he looks like he's not very tall. Very appealing, tho. I like the actor who plays Daniel, but Daniel is such a dud. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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It's like OT always says, 'check your brains at the door.' I know one thing. Nicole could turn up anywhere. She's in every restaurant, goes to people's homes, she's ALWAYS at the hospital, why is she on the show? What's her game? She needs a man in her life then she'd forget about all this piddly stuff. It's like the writers are groping-groping for something to do with her. Hopefully she'll meet a guy in some other town and will settle there and raise lots of nosy busy bodies just like her, but as I said, in another town. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2015

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Bob White? Seriously? I love it. Continue Reading



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I wish I had a horse to change to in mid stream. hahaha Sorry, but you left yourself wide open for that one. Some kids with handicaps are brought up like your daughter probably brought hers up. I admire her-I'll bet she was tough with her (very hard to do). They both sound pretty special. I am waiting for a Maxi Cooper to be invented-if it ever is, that's the car I want. If not that, a Bentley, hahahaha. I love cars. I loved those station wagons with the wood on the sides that are in the old movies. They nicknamed them Woodies but I can't remember their real names. Continue Reading



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On 3/27/2015 game-on said: judaline.... your son sounds so precious.... am I sensing he might have some special needs? if I am wrong, I apologize. I am proud of both of my children.... my other daughter has a handicapped child, my only grandchild. My beautiful granddaughter got viral meningitis when she was a few days old and got cystic fibrosis.... my daughter became a lawyer. My daughter didn't design the costumes(I wasn't very clear).... she made sure the dancers got them on when they were supposed to and fixed them when they had any damage.... and made sure they were clean.... she was a c... Continue Reading



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You are right, gamey. I just thought you knew. Maybe it was a man that your daughter decided to go away and forget? I know, I've seen too many movies. She has to be one talented girl. Well, I think I'll go out and get on my horse and meander a bit down by the ol' stream. Oh, that's right, I don't have a horse!!! Drat, drat, double drat. We had some snowflakes today, but the weather man said to take heart, next week will be in the 70's. I think that's just about enough of this foolishness. It's almost April and if we 'see clouds, upon the hills, there soon will be crowds, of daffodils.' Can'... Continue Reading

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