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Re: Barry Manilow Is On Q Right Now

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I love Barry Manilow but I think he's wrong in saying, 'we came up with a way to sing with some of the greats who are no longer with us' or something to that effect. What about Natalie Cole and her father? She sang Unforgettable with him over ten years ago. It was beautiful. But it's nothing new, Barry. Continue Reading


Re: Gracepoint

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smoky, ITA. I read something you might get a chuckle out of-OR you might not like it. It was said lightheartedly so I know she meant no harm, but she said it makes her smile when someone refers to the Smokies as mountains. She said she lived out west for a time, and those mountains make the Smokies look like hills. I thought it was funny-do you think it's true? Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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The 30th is Sami's last DAY. What can happen? EJ would never have put her thru what she went thru so we know he's not alive. But if Stef's stuff brought him back, why would he run from him? He'd stay with him. Will he send for Sami? So many questions, so little time. Beats me. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 13th - October 19th

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lori, on the cover of the new SOD it said Allison Sweeney is disappointed. I assume it's about the rotten ending they gave us. I didn't have time to find the article, so I'm quoting from just the cover. Do you know anymore? Continue Reading


Re: danky

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On 10/19/2014 game-on said: twin.... do you make pasta by hand or use some sort of a machine? also I wondered if you are an identical twin? and are you close to your twin? Yes, thanks for the welcome. I don't think I can take much more. So many of you have such heavy burdens. It is just too sad for me to read so how much harder for you to bear? I know I just joined, but I'm fading fast. I have no words, but I will be listening if it's ok. I don't have the panic thing but I have an anxiety thing. I think I know what you all are talking about, yet I don't. You guys are in the major leagues, I'... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 13th - October 19th

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In my DAY we called this double talk. But the first part of it, I can understand. Sounds like something I'd do. Basically nothing, and put no pressure on myself. Soaps are a tough business they say, so I get him. But the last paragraph, double talk. He is so enjoying his freedom but that's going to pass and then is anyone going to be interested? And WHY is he working on his American accent if he won't be needing it for anything? Didn't get that part either. He ruined the whole show so I'm a little ticked off at him. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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I can't eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I always think of Nicole Simpson when I see this brand at the grocery. (all stores here closed long ago). She was there that night, before it happened. They also revealed the contents of her stomach, can you imagine??? To publish that????? Anyway, just wanted to say that Trader Joe has chocolate coconut ice cream, made from coconut milk I think. Trouble is, Joe gets it when he can get it at a reduced price (I questioned their lack of it last time) and let them know what I thought-didn't do any good, but I haven't looked for it in a while. He's lucky I ... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Judaline 1413806694.973 | Started by Judaline in TV Talk

Anyone watching? Lots of characters, I'm trying to keep track. They said it would be a different ending, but they didn't say it was a different murderer-could be anything. I will continue to watch because I like David Tennant so much. Just don't like the copy cat thing from the British. Broadchurch was so much better. I wonder why they did this? If it's going to be a series, well, ok, at least we won't know the ending of the new episode. I really hope there is one. Continue Reading

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