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Re: Justified - anyone still watching?? (might be spoilers)

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Yes! Wasn't that just perfection? Great line. Continue Reading


Re: Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest) on The View

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I've seen him on one of the religious channels-TBN I think and he is very religious. He is also very handsome and nice and a good actor. He's kind of too good to be true. There's a Jimmy Stewart Story? Seriously? I'm going right now to find it. Continue Reading


Re: Justified - anyone still watching?? (might be spoilers)

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Wow, you find them likable? Surprising. Most are so unsavory. I LOVE Sam Elliot and I thought he just plain stole the show. I love Boyd. But it's the people like that Dewey person and his low life brother I couldn't stand. And remember Big Mama or whoever she was? What a piece of work. What a great show. Continue Reading


Re: Justified - anyone still watching?? (might be spoilers)

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OMgosh it was great. I agree, they couldn't have thought of anything better than the way it ended. I was so glad Cowboy got his, while Raylan only got a flesh wound. Winona looked fantastic. So are we to surmise that was her new husband? I didn't quite get that. I didn't think Sam Elliott would die, just be put behind bars. I would say, if there were more episodes, that Boyd,if he did get out of prison, just to be on the safe side, would pay this Caroline person a visit and see if her driver's license really was stolen by Ava. Just because he's Boyd and that's what Boyd would do. I also love... Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- April 2015

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I didn't like it or her or anyone. I PTB not even half way thru knowing this was not for me. Too many good books out there. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 04/13/2015

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The man knows everything. I knew when he was talking to Adrienne that he knew Lucas was in there. He didn't disappoint. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 04/13/2015

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Yeah, I was wondering if she even informed Maxine. Brady told Mel he had to call so and so and have him fire up the jet. But how did she get there so fast-even before Brady. That jet must be parked right around the corner. Don't forget to fit Kristen into the Salem Inn. That's where she stays when she's in town. Somebody has it bad for JJ and her initials are Eve Donovan. Continue Reading


Re: Broadchurch

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Oh, thanks. I miss all the good stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Broadchurch

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He sure is good looking but the character is nuts if you ask me. Hot and cold he runs. I must have missed the Agent Carter series. PBS? BBC? I also believe your statement: I'm convinced Joe is really guilty. But I think he may not be convicted because this show is always looking for more drama. Continue Reading


Re: Any products that help with puffness under the eye?

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On 4/16/2015 betteb said: Look for an eye cream that contains caffeine or coffee bean extract. It shrinks the tissue temporarily. 100% Pure has one. They have a small .03 oz size so you can try it on the cheap, but it takes so little I suspect that size would last a long time. Free shipping no minimum. http://www.100percentpure.com/collections/eye-creams/products/organic-coffee-bean-caffeine-eye-cream-0-3-oz This did nothing for me. Nothing ever has till I tried Isomers Immortal Eyes-two products and they're the most expensive products in her line. It figures. But it really has made a diff... Continue Reading

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