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Re: The Church of Kris Jenner

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On 4/18/2014 scotttie said: A LOW tax shelter. Why don't they just pay their darn for real taxes. I'm sure they pay quite a bit, this may have been suggested by their advisors...... Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of orange county....4/14/14.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

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The new housewife is creepy and I feel sooo sorry for Briana........... Continue Reading


Re: The Church of Kris Jenner

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A simple tax shelter, I'd be more 'worried' about other established religious organizations....... Continue Reading


Re: Why do you like posting here?

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Entertainment purposes mainly. I've seen some truly odd proclamations here....... Continue Reading


Re: Tootsies ready?

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Currently rocking a glittery blue/green teal color on my toes. I try to get a pedi every 6 weeks or so, year round. Continue Reading


Re: Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87

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He was a great writer, I may have to bump up one of his books from my to-read list.... Continue Reading


Re: Sorry Gals! Readem and Weep!

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Tom is a terrific actor, but Laura needs to think very carefully before wedding imo. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone following this disturbing story

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On 4/17/2014 Irshgrl31201 said: I guess she found it easier to do this instead of simply getting on birth control. What a pig. Hope she spends the rest of her life in jail. There's a medical term for women who do this, can't recall what it is, besides murderer of course. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Doubtfire

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Is Robin going to reprise his role? Continue Reading



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I use MrRebates every chance I get....... Continue Reading

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