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Re: Bill Cosby ugly situation

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Mr. Cosby ruined his own legacy by being a serial predator. He probably should have sought treatment instead of trying to pay off his accusers. Continue Reading


Re: Will you be boycotting Black Friday?

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I'm not 'boycotting' but if the need arises, I will shop for what I need. Continue Reading


Re: Update - Cleveland Shooting

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Walking towards police, who may or may not think you are armed when they specifically tell you not to, is just not advisable. I suspect this killing will be considered justified based on what the details are being published to date. Continue Reading


Re: Why Is Thanskgiving Day being overshadowed by Stores opening at 6pm

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Doesn't bother me in the least. Every year the topic of how retailers do business this time of year is heavily discussed. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ November Thread

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Hmm, MyKill and Rosalee might be promising.... Continue Reading


Re: Congratulations Jessa and Ben!

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On 11/3/2014 Joselyn33 said: On 11/3/2014 BlueCollarBabe said: Along with saying Jessa and Ben are younger than they are and that JimBob picks their husbands for them. He doesn't btw. Any young man who contacts the girls about dating gets referred to their father (their choice) and he screens them. Then it's up to the girls if they are interested and all the older girls have mentioned turning guys down who had spoken with their Dad. But why let truth get in the way when it's so much more fun to mock and deride what they don't understand? I honestly think that some people believe this family ... Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ November Thread

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Man, Roger was bringing it hard yesterday. I predict an Emmy...... Continue Reading


General Hospital ~ November Thread

Last Reply by gardensla 1417075569.573 | Started by SydneyH in TV Talk

How long will the wedding from H@ll go on? Continue Reading


Re: Oscar Pistorius update

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On 10/28/2014 scotttie said: Do you think the sentence was a just one? From what he was convicted on, yes....... Continue Reading


Re: Oscar Pistorius update

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The prosecution should move on, their case for murder was not strong enough... Continue Reading

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