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Re: Have you had this happen? Stopping and waiting for a Funeral Procession.

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Processions have the right of way here, so I wouldn't qualify it as politeness to follow protocol. Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of new york.....REUNION PART 1... 7/29/14.....with "news", gossip, spoilers

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In all fairness, Couric's show is not on Bravo and I suspect people are turned-off by her, not the format. Any way, I did laugh hard when ADiva claimed Russ and Carol's relationship was an 'open' one. Continue Reading


Re: general real housewives "news" and gossip for july 2014

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On 7/28/2014 sunshine45 said: i had read her long blog about that sydney! interesting stuff......wonder how much of it is true? It makes a certain sort of sense, Dylan's due date was very suspect. I'm now hearing she did not quit RHOA. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette/After the Rose Discussion - Possible Spoiler

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On 7/29/2014 croemer said: I think they WILL get married. I saw true love in their body language and in their eyes. Maybe so, but reports have him already hooking up with his ex. I guess we all see different things on this show. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette/After the Rose Discussion - Possible Spoiler

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On 7/29/2014 Solar said: CHRIS for the next bachelor is my vote. Anyone with me???!!! -Solar I prefer Arie. Andi is getting raked over the coals in stories in the media on the radio, lol. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette/After the Rose Discussion - Possible Spoiler

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On 7/29/2014 VaBelle35 said: Andi did to Juan Pablo what Eric did to her. Andi did to Nick what Juan Pablo did to her. I'd say the show came full circle. I didn't care for Andi on Juan Pablo's season and I really came to dislike her in this season. I have to admit, her actions with Nick gross me out, especially since she is now claiming she 'loved' Josh from the start. I too doubt they will get married. Continue Reading


Re: Where is the Real Housewives of NJ thread?

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I'm curious about Jim. He says he has a professional conflict of interest with Juicy, why is he filming? Continue Reading


Re: MarketBasket grocery store chain

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TG, I don't think they use the Demoulas name any more. Can't remember when they officially changed it though..... Continue Reading


Re: Another Baby Dies in Hot Car.....

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On 7/28/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: The laws have to change. These people need to spend life in prison. As far as I am concerned this is MURDER. This has been all over the news lately and should be at the fore front of everyone's mind. When the laws make this a crime, punishable by life in prison, you can be sure that the incidents of this happening with greatly decline. Of course, you will have your bleeding hearts out there that will say that life in prison is extreme. In most circumstances, a conviction of a capital offense will result in a life sentence. We already know that for the most part... Continue Reading

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