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Re: Will you be boycotting Black Friday?

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No. I would not boycott, but I do think getting up and being at the store at 4 am is ludicrous. I have my normal shopping to do at Rite Aid tomorrow whether it's black friday or not, and I will be going in the late morning and not buying anything to do with Christmas. Continue Reading


Re: turkey day tsv by Susan G

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I like the black but I can tell by the way it looks on Pat since my shape is a lot like hers, it's making her look big, that it wouldn't look good on me. Continue Reading


Re: Cars are for boys? Really?

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I had cars, tracks, and trains as well as barbies, easy bake ovens, etc., and I'm about the same age as Pat and only had a sister. Continue Reading


Re: Ruining Black Friday

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The day is ruined for the people who want to enjoy Thanksgiving with their family and can't because they have to work. Continue Reading


Re: Sad at this time of year...

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The holidays cause so much stress and angst for me. I don't enjoy them at all. Continue Reading


Re: As you look back at this year, what will you be giving thanks for?

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On 11/25/2014 brewhaha said: One year closer to the end. I can relate. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Do you remember Christmas Club Accounts?

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On 11/25/2014 brewhaha said: I never needed one because I was always good at saving money. LOL! So was I until I had two kids!! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & The No More Wiggle/Jiggle Dance - PM Style

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On 11/25/2014 pommom said: I sense that Lisa is starting to let go and relax. She's ready to move on. Exactly. For some reason, she never wanted to get involved in the dancing, now she just doesn't care. As I suspected, she can dance perfectly fine, that was just her excuse in the past because she didn't want to. And the dancing doesn't bother me at all. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Do you remember Christmas Club Accounts?

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My daughter and I were just talking about that before. She works at a bank and they still have them. I thought that was gone a long time ago. I used to do it like 30 years ago. Continue Reading

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