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Re: Carolyn Gracie

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I love Carolyn when she hosts with Carolyn Pollack, Jim from Black Hills Gold, Lee Sands, etc. Actually, I have never seen Carolyn seem out of her element. She always does a great job no matter what she is selling. Continue Reading


Re: Is the flu still out there?

In Health & Fitness 1427319033.853

My 78 year old mother was sick with the flu for a month. She says she will now get the flu shot. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen has a new show

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427318954.17

Good for her! She deserves a second chance, just like everyone else! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver vs Valerie Par Hll

In Fashion Talk 1427154689.587

On 3/23/2015 brewhaha said: They each have their own personalities and I like them both. ITA. I like them both. I don't understand this thread comparing them, makes no sense to me. Continue Reading


Re: Did or does Quacker Factory ever make tees than you can machine wash and dry?

In Quacker Factory 1427111408.487

On 3/22/2015 3dog1 said: I think Jeanne Bice was a big cotton fan. Angel used to talk about adding spandex and/or poly, but most of the tee shirts I see presented are cotton. No matter what I did to launder them, and did not dry them in the dryer, but they would come out wrinkled and looking boxy. And, the embellishments didn't hold up. Couldn't handwash everything, so I stopped buying. That's why I won't buy anything QF because it's always 100% cotton and doesn't hold it's shape. I like some of the simpler Quacker tops but won't purchase anything 100% cotton. Continue Reading


Re: Do you ever "make do" before buying?

In For the Home Talk 1427038966.133

On 3/17/2015 RedTop said: I absolutely make do before I run out and buy anything. I don't like spending money on just stuff, or anything I don't truly need, and expect to use often. ITA! Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn's Weight Loss

In The Q We Love 1427038914.48

Carolyn is always attractive, nice hair, great personality, great host, just the way she is. Good for her if she loses some weight. Continue Reading


Re: do you think it is OK for a relative who is staying with you to drink alcohol if you do not drink ?

In Health & Fitness 1427038652.307

I wouldn't care as long as they didn't get nasty or falling down drunk and, of course, not going out driving after drinking, as long as they stay in the house. Continue Reading


Re: You can now buy Olive Garden Italian Salad Dressing in the grocery store!!! ☺

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427038562.323

LOVE that dressing, but won't buy it. I don't want to be eating it all the time. Continue Reading


Re: Is Pandora out of style and dated?

In Jewelry Talk 1426958781.157

No, I don't own one or want one, not my style. If I liked it, I would wear it, I wouldn't care if it was dated or not. Continue Reading

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