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Re: Courtney Getting Married

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Who cares. Good for her. They act like they're the only ones to ever get married or have kids. All the hoopla is totally ridiculous. None of us are family or friends. Continue Reading


Re: Leah Williams says.......

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Maybe for her lifestyle with her salary, not me. Continue Reading


Re: Anxiety/Panic Attacks

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When I feel one coming on, the only thing I can do is get up and move and walk and walk and keep drinking water until it passes. I get tunnel vision and feel like I'm having a heart attack. Continue Reading


Re: Do you know many or any women who have NEVER worked?

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Yes. A woman I know. Had her first kid at 18. She comes from a rich family, father was a builder, had a brand new house handed to her. Got divorced when her kids were in their early 20's, she got the house that she has divided in two, she gets about $1,500 a month for the apartment, and she is still harassing the ex-husband for half of his pension. She broke up the marriage by cheating on him with someone she met on the internet. She is the epitome of disgusting and pathetic. Continue Reading


Re: My son was injured last night

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Thank goodness he is okay!! Do they know what caused the blow out? I am neurotic about maintaining all four of our vehicles even though it costs a fortune, to avoid problems. Just spent $650 for new tires for my son's Jeep. Continue Reading


Re: Can you wear wool next to your skin?

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NO! At my age, I wouldn't even own anything wool! Continue Reading


Re: Antonella

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Antonella looked very pretty. She is one of my favorites. Really enjoyed the show. Continue Reading

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