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Re: Is QVC Helping You Check Off Names From Your Xmas Shopping List?

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On 11/24/2014 brooklynite4ever said: No. Brewhaha please refrain from quoting since most have nothing to do with the comment or question. I like her funny interjections. Continue Reading


Re: Who else loves to wrap gifts?

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I hate it. I use gift bags. Continue Reading


Re: Couldn't believe this! How do you like it?

In Jewelry Talk 1416847654.417

I'm sure it would look beautiful on the right person. Not my taste or style at all. Continue Reading


Re: Am I The Only One That Has Virtually No Gifts To Buy For The Holiday Season?

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I don't have much. Thank goodness. My daughter and son are the only two that I buy a gift for. They each get one big gift and then some smaller things and gift cards. My daughter already picked out a $300 Rebecca Minkoff handbag and two Alex and Ani bracelets. My son picked out an Apple Ipad. My husband and I don't exchange. We give money to my inlaws, two nephews and three nieces, my parents do not need the money, they like lottery tickets. And just a little hostess gift for my SIL who has Christmas Day. I got her the cutest little wine glass ornament. My daughter loved it so much she bou... Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Brownpants Delivered FTP

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Are we using code names now for the UPS guy, LOL! Mr. Brownpants. I haven't heard that one before. Continue Reading


Re: Well That Was a Disgusting Commercial

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I haven't seen it but it can't be more disgusting than the new commercial about the effects of smoking with a woman who was 53 when she died who looked like 93. Always comes on during Judge Judy when I'm trying to eat and I almost want to vomit. Have to turn it off. Just watched the Kohl's one on Youtube, never saw it before, cute. Continue Reading


Re: Ok, I'm going to say it...Please QVC...

In Beauty Banter 1416754872.477

For the most part, I don't mind them, but there are the few exceptions. Last night with Tova and Jill, the lady sounded like she was 80 and was gushing over watching Tova since the beginning and how Jill was like her adopted daughter, you could tell she would have gone on and on but Tova cut her off and then they cut the phone call off. I was embarrassed for the caller. Continue Reading


Re: Is QVC Helping You Check Off Names From Your Xmas Shopping List?

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No. I used to purchase Philosophy body wash for my daughter for Christmas but their prices have become completely ridiculous and then add S&H and tax. Continue Reading


Re: So, You do not like turkey......What do you cook?????????

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416683994.1

I make the turkey for everyone else. I'm not a big fan of turkey. Maybe have one little piece, and I don't like gravy at all. Continue Reading

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