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Re: Women judge each other by their handbags???????

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On 7/27/2014 Junebug54 said: Actually I can tell a lot more about a woman by reading some these comments. Exactly! Continue Reading


Re: Women judge each other by their handbags???????

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I am not into handbags and don't notice what anyone else is carrying and couldn't care less. Continue Reading


Re: Lorie Grenier

In Viewpoints 1406410727.267

Since you're complaining about her, try spelling her name right, it's Lori Greiner. Continue Reading


Re: Do you make more elaborate dinners on Sundays?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406410566.633

I usually do cook a roast beef or pork roast, roast potatoes, veges, biscuits on Sunday in the fall/winter. In the spring/summer, it might be a london broil, lobster tail, salad, corn on the cob. Continue Reading


Re: Jennifer Coffey (SIC?)

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She is one of the few good hosts. I love her hair! Continue Reading


Re: In tough economic times, where are your first line cuts made?

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Never go out to dinner, rarely go to the movies, don't buy anything for ourselves only necessities, no house repairs everything is falling apart. This has been my life for the last 6 years with 2 kids in college and the economy going down the drain. Continue Reading


Re: Mary Beth's "sweater-topper" right now?

In Fashion Talk 1406330095.147

Yes, I saw her during the Lori Greiner show and thought she looked really good. Continue Reading


Re: Jill's "moment" with that cake

In Viewpoints 1406202945.323

I hate when any of the hosts show food. They all go overboard and act like they've never eaten before. Continue Reading

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