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Re: Unfriended on facebook for not going to a shower!?

In Viewpoints 1425683272.463

Sounds like Jr High nonsense. No wonder I don't Facebook. Continue Reading


Re: Indian Giver?

In Susan Graver 1425682848.543

On 3/6/2015 Cas said: You're kidding right? It's an old expression. You need to get out more!!! ITA!! People look for anything to complain about!! Continue Reading


Re: Article ... Gray hair is hot again

In Beauty Banter 1425682670.507

I guess that's a matter of opinion but I will never go gray. Continue Reading


Re: Statement Necklaces-- I think you either love them or hate them.

In Fashion Talk 1425682459.017

Hate them, although I don't wear necklaces at all. I never see anyone wearing these huge necklaces. Continue Reading


Re: Which host/hosts do you enjoy watching the most?

In The Q We Love 1425682049.45

Jane Treacy, Carolyn Gracie, Pat DeMentri, Leah Williams, Antonella Nester and Dan Hughes are my absolute favorites. The rest of them I couldn't care less about and rarely ever watch unless I really want to see something. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Bauer's voice and talking speed!

In Jewelry Talk 1425662829.65

For the most part, I like Jill. Just sometimes she gets on a roll, in a monotone voice and keeps repeating the same thing - you can wear red, you can wear black, you can wear blue, you can wear pink and she just goes on, she doesn't know when to stop and it's annoying, she also talks over vendors. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a small, good BBQ

In For the Home Talk 1425662559.627

We made our old gas grill into a charcoal grill. Continue Reading


Re: More Money!

In Susan Graver 1425662473.433

On 3/6/2015 handygal said: On 3/6/2015 banjo said: Everything is going up. I went to the dentist yesterday and just regular teeth cleaning went up $15. Groceries prices are very high now. Everything is going up except most people's salaries! ITA!!!!!!!!! I have decided that I would rather save what little money I have and have bought nothing at all from QVC this year and plan on keeping it that way. I'm not and have never been a big shopper anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear white pants?

In Fashion Talk 1425662365.157

If I looked like the model in the above pictures, but I don't so I would NEVER wear white pants. Continue Reading


Re: Jeans with holes

In Fashion Talk 1425507779.493

I don't care if you are 15, you look like a slob! Continue Reading

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