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Re: host please wear your correct size

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I agree that the hosts, models and vendors wear things at least two sizes too small. I like things to have room, especially jackets or coats. I like to be able to button them with extra room. I normally buy a bigger size than I need to be comfortable. That's just me. Continue Reading


Re: Do you always wear your wedding ring or set ?

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Never. Never wear rings, don't like them. My ring didn't fit me anymore, I didn't care for the style of it or the yellow gold color anymore. I sold it a while ago. Never had an engagement ring, just a yellow gold and baguette diamond band. Continue Reading


Re: The Ellen Degeneras line

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My first thought was why? Doesn't she have enough money? She's just sticking her name on a product like the rest. I'm not interested. I don't care for any of it, seems to be just a mishmash of the same old products, nothing special. Continue Reading


Re: Why Jay Leno never had Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show

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On 10/18/2014 millieshops said: By the by, I generally liked Joan, but all the fawning over her on the boards since her death is just that by some - fawning. I'm not about to dig to find it, but there were threads some time before she died that complained viciously about her mouth, complained viciously about her humor against another celebrity, etc. I don't know who you're referring to but I wasn't one of them. I have always been a big Joan fan. I never posted on any of those threads. You're welcome to check my posting history. Continue Reading


Re: TSV Host

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I can't stand the product. Not watching any of the presentations. Continue Reading


Re: Why Jay Leno never had Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show

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He's a jerk just like Carson. So glad Joan made her own way and had a great career. Continue Reading


Re: How about Jennifer Coffey to Host PM Style?

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Great idea. I like Jennifer. I could actually watch the show again. I haven't watched since Courtney came on and won't be watching if they make her the permanent host. Continue Reading


Re: What will the Joan Rivers program be like without her?

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On 10/13/2014 ibb38 said: I missed the first half of the show- the tribute at the end was wonderful. Anything done in the beginning? In addition to what ibb38 said, in the beginning they also showed a tribute to Joan from Dennis Basso and Jill and David spoke about their 4 hour meeting the week earlier and all the wine they drank, LOL! I caught the very beginning including the bee pin and then saw the last 30 minutes and the final tribute. Continue Reading

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