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And I never go shopping on an empty stomach. I go in the morning after I eat breakfast, LOL! Continue Reading



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On 10/30/2014 Free2be said: So . . . who writes their list in order of store layout. Hmmmm? I do that too, makes it a lot easier and faster. Continue Reading



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I do. Every single week and I stick to it. If I didn't have a list, I wouldn't know what to buy. I also use coupons. Continue Reading


Re: Well, the weatherman, went and mentioned the "word" today!!

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Not in my area but I know it will be coming soon enough. Every year I detest it more and more. I need to move south. Continue Reading


Re: Do you find this photo of Bethenny Frankel shocking?

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I don't know how anyone thinks that looks good. She looks anorexic as does Kelly Ripa and Dr. Phil's wife, and if TV and photos add at least ten pounds, I'd hate to see what they look like in person. Bethenny looks great in the bathing suit picture 20 pounds heavier. Continue Reading


Re: I made Lisa Robertson's pancakes tonight and...

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Sounds positively sickening to me, LOL! Only thing I put on my pancakes is a little real butter when I eat them which is hardly ever. Continue Reading


Re: Thanking those who return decor due to glitter/sequin issues...

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I won't buy anything that is messy with glitter, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Oct. 29 Today is NATIONAL OATMEAL DAY What do you like in yours??

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Plain oatmeal with a little 1% milk - eat it every morning for breakfast. Continue Reading


Re: Passive ?? Aggressive ??

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To me it is someone who doesn't know how to express themselves verbally so they do things to hurt you. Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraws- TS

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Whatever, not going to argue about it, it's just my opinion. Continue Reading

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