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Re: Let's talk toaster ovens......

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Not anymore. They are made like junk. I had one for years and years and it worked great but the handle finally snapped off so couldn't open and close the door without getting burned. I've been through 3 different ones in the last 3 years, they're all made like junk. Take forever to cook anything in, only thing we use it for is to toast. Continue Reading


Re: Is there hope that Leahs shoe show has shuffled off the lineup

In Fashion Talk 1411248589.803

I hope not. So much better than most of their lame shows! Continue Reading


Re: Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage

In Viewpoints 1411248557.327

I wouldn't know. So true about the wine!! Continue Reading


Re: Talk about shock!!!!!!!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411248344.663

On 9/20/2014 forrestwolf said: I live alone......I am one person, and can understand how families are finding it difficult to eat, but do not understand how they can afford fast food prices, instead of eating at home.........It made me understand the struggle of families to eat......... And think about a family of 4 with kids in college and driving and 4 cars and insurance and maintenance on cars, etc... Continue Reading


Re: More Amy Stran Please

In The Q We Love 1411248173.493

She doesn't inspire me, she annoys me, I never watch her. Continue Reading


Re: Do you still go "all-out" decorating for Christmas...

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On 9/20/2014 willdob3 said: Got rid of the tree & all the decorations. Now I can relax and enjoy the holidays. LOL, love it!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you still go "all-out" decorating for Christmas...

In For the Home Talk 1411246234.88

No. Been there, done that. My kids are grown and I am downsizing. Small prelit tree that goes together in 3 sections. A few ornaments. A few statement pieces for decorations and that's it. I don't feel one bit guilty because no one could barely be bothered helping, want everything but don't want to help, got tired of that. Doing for myself now so I don't have to bit@h and complain and nag anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Kelly Osbourne wears a Joan bee tonite on E!

In Joan Rivers 1411231385.233

On 9/20/2014 goldenretriever said: Melissa did an excellent job with this special....the best. I laughed out loud many times, & I only teared up towards the end when Kelly & George got teary. Even though I'm angry at HOW she passed, I keep telling myself that Joan left us at the top of her game. You know she would have wanted to go out on a high note, rather than ailing in any way. God was ready for her, & she's probably there helping the souls who needs a little extra sunshine. Make em' laugh til they cry, Joan. You are so right and at 81! She was amazing! I agree that Melissa ... Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Our cruise excursion makes a stop at a 'clothing optional' beach - would you??

In Beauty Banter 1411230968.79

OMG, NO! Maybe if I were 20 years old again, not now in my 50's! Better put a lot of sunscreen on. Continue Reading

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