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Re: Everyone here is so concerned about Joan Rivers ----

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Very odd comparison. You just like to stir up controversy. I've always given you the benefit of the doubt, but I see it now!! Continue Reading


Re: Hubby is poking fun at me because of this thing that I do.. do you do it, too?

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I feel that way all the time. In case I don't return, I don't want anyone to find the house a mess. It's always clean and organized even if I just run around the corner. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Upgraded to stable.......

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Yes, I heard on CNN that she is in stable condition. I hope she will be okay. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner's new longer hair style

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The man is NOT aging well at all! Continue Reading


Re: No Words necessary.... Lena Dunham.. What was she thinking?????

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I agree with Joan Rivers's comments about her. I also agree with the OP's title, there are no words, at least that I would say here, to describe her. Continue Reading


Re: Putting Women on a Pedestal?...Literally

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All part of the act. Didn't see it, but I love the show and am glad it won the award, also Ty Burrell. Continue Reading


Re: Do the fonts look different to you?

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Yes, they are huge. I couldn't even get in under my favorites saved on my bookmark, had to resave it from the web. Strange. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver is out of control this sunday morning

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I didn't see the show but I am a Susan Graver fan. I enjoy her enthusiasm and her shows. I highly doubt she is nervous about Lori Goldstein, her clothing is totally different than Susan's. I have to say I don't care for the "competent" host Rachel, never watch her, I'd rather hear Susan talk about her line of clothing and not the host. Continue Reading


Re: L. Robertson

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I would just donate and skip the challenge. I wouldn't have ice water poured over my head. Sorry. Continue Reading

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