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Re: PM Sad

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On 1/26/2015 TrailBlazer05 said: The way she mispronounces the English language is beyond frustrating! This color is "cawed" or for adults she says "adaughts!" And yes, I know she has said in the past that she is aware of this problem but she does nothing to try and improve herself which I find so strange. Who wouldn't want to better themselves?? And furthermore, why isn't talking properly on national television a requirement for being a host?!? ITA. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Regret Getting A Memory Foam Mattress?

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I could never have one. I have back issues and would never be able to get up and turn over being sunk into foam. I have to have a firm mattress that I lay on top of so I can get up and turn over. Continue Reading


Re: Melissa Rivers Files Lawsuit Over Her Mother's Death

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Good for her!! Even if she settles out of court, I hope she takes them for a bundle and I hope they get closed down!! Disgusting!! Continue Reading


Re: Remember the Do you store food and water thread?

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On 1/26/2015 madcity411 said: The East Coast folks living in a major storm prone areas should keep extra food and water. Hurricane, blizzards....etc. What's the big deal? It's just common sense here in the Midwest with tornadoes and snow storms, we just provision, and hunker down! Geez! It's common sense for us east coasters too! We get bad winters. We're not stupid! Continue Reading


Re: anyone else enjoying Joan Rivers collection today?

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I enjoyed the show as we are getting a blizzard. Continue Reading


Re: Half-hour One Product Shows

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ITA and that's even too much !! Continue Reading


Re: O/T... Major Snow Storm for the Northeast...Can you imagine what the grocery store will be like????

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On 1/25/2015 madcity411 said: On 1/25/2015 Matty6 said: On 1/25/2015 twinkies said: those in new England ...... GET MILK ,,,GET BREAD ...GET TOILET PAPER ....AND BOTTLED WATER !!!!!!!!!! WOW! Good advice for those who live there! Geez, WHY wouldn't you have those items it stock as general provisioning? Exactly! I can see maybe the milk but bread, toilet paper, bottled water ?? Doesn't anyone ever go shopping on a regular basis ?? I'm more worried about my old boiler making it through the storm !! Continue Reading


Re: Blizzard for NYC and Boston

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Keep rubbing it in!! Continue Reading


Re: Harper's Bazaar "Seven Must-Have Beauty Products"

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On 1/25/2015 kristan said: Who decides these are the "must haves"? ITA. I wouldn't use one thing on that list. Continue Reading



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All I need this year are some new t-shirts. Haven't gotten any in a few years. Will go to Kohl's probably in March. Continue Reading

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