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Re: Horrendous prints/fabrics

In Fashion Talk 1397738435.527

ITA!! Everything she has lately seems to be in wild prints, colors or embellishment. I never understand QVC and all the wild prints and ugly colors. I might have thought about trying her crop pants if they came in a plain normal color. Continue Reading


Re: Black or Stainless Steel

In For the Home Talk 1397599391.32

White. I've had white appliances for about the last 25 years. Continue Reading


Re: So, when was the last time you fell and skinned your knees?

In Health & Fitness 1397520584.033

OHH! That hurts! I fell last summer, tripped on the curb up the driveway. Lived here 25 years and never did that!! Skinned my knee and elbow. My daughter fell last month running in the park in the woods by herself (I hate that she does that, NOT safe!) but she tripped over a stump and ripped a hole in her leggings and her knee. Continue Reading



In Quacker Factory 1397520381.367

I don't have anything Quacker Factory. I have liked some of their simpler "sophisti-quack" tops but wouldn't spend that kind of money on 100% cotton that stretches out of shape. I did try a pair of their crop pants but had to return, they had a very weird fit. I like Angel and enjoy watching the shows though. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else notice?

In Fashion Talk 1397520198.58

Thank Goodness!! I can actually watch it tonight without Courtney!! Continue Reading


Re: Isaac and Antonella

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1397515153.49

Yes, thank goodness a different host besides Shawn with Isaac. Shawn is okay but I get tired of the nonsense between those two. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Has your pharmacy ever made a mistake?

In Beauty Banter 1397515061.98

Yes, twice that I recall. One time with my daughter's antibiotic dosing amount and another time with my son's asthma inhaler, gave me the wrong one. You have to watch everything!! Continue Reading

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