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Re: Paver Driveway - Does anyone have one?

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On 4/27/2015 ID2 said: On 4/25/2015 Abrowneyegirl said: We looked into pavers for a patio but we live in the north east and we have thaws and freezes so pavers are NOT recommended as they require a lot of maintenance due to moving and shifting. The headache was not worth it for us. We went with stamped concrete, it requires resealing every few years but it is not bad. Be sure to work with someone who specializes in stamped concrete, it will be expensive but worth it. Oh my goodness this is so untrue with brick pavers! We had our brick paver patio installed 16 years ago. I live in Michigan wh... Continue Reading


Re: Which of these do you think COORDINATES best?

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#3, although I wouldn't wear a tie or belt at all. Continue Reading


Re: Done with Clarks!

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I love Clarks but am done with them since QVC has ruined the selection. Everything now has a strap and either a low heel or a high heel. I like a slide with an in between heel of about 2 or 2 1/2 inches. They offered no clogs this year either. Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

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Yes. I have worn black to a wedding several times. I see many women who do. I don't change from the church to the reception, I wear the same thing. Continue Reading


Re: Paver Driveway - Does anyone have one?

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We've had a paver driveway for about 10 years now and it still looks great. It has not shifted at all. We live in NY with bad winters. It's smooth and level. No problems shoveling it in the snow. We also never get weeds growing up in between the bricks. My husband's friend owns the company that did it. The main thing is they have to put a thick layer of cement as a base under the driveway. It's not done the same way as a walkway with just sand. It also cost us probably three times more than a blacktop driveway would have cost. Continue Reading


Re: What do you do with yours? Or what did you do with yours?

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I rip up my QVC invoices as soon as I get my bill. Continue Reading


Re: what are you expert in?

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Organizing. It just comes naturally to me. Continue Reading

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