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Re: Phone Call???

In Electronics Talk 1418966368.187

I can understand my phone number coming through but how does a robocall get my name? Continue Reading


Phone Call???

Last Reply by Pinkroses 1419027208.633 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

There is something that happened that I am confused about. This is about a phone call that came in on my caller ID. I have a private unlisted phone number. The other morning a phone call came in with the ID of my name and phone number. I find this odd since no one here made the phone call and I doubt it could be made anyway. So how does a call come in with my phone number and name. I checked with some friends and my number comes over on their phone as unknown so my ID is still unlisted. Any ideas on this? Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1418097807.2

OkeyDokey, Yes, I know my doctor is very thorough and I'll be fine. He's older and I know he will retire in the next few years and don't know where I'll find such an excellent compassionate doctor. Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1418020812.003

I will. Were your kids on vancomycin? I feel I have to get this checked out and will tell the doctor if he finds something else that maybe I don't need the transplant. Like he said cdiff is in everyone and some don't show it. I was cleared about 3 years ago. It's just a gut feeling. I had 3 ft of my intestines removed in the 70s due to Crohn's and don't want to have anymore removed that's why I want to have the colonoscopy to make sure things are okay. I've read some horror stories about what it can do to a person's intestines. Should possibly know tomorrow if my daughter is okay. Oth... Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1417942416.833

Right now I'm waiting on the results of my daughter's tests. If everything is fine then a date will be set for the transplant. Will have to go on antibiotics again for a few days, then off, then a cleanse and then the procedure. Just want to know what's going on. Some of my symptoms don't sound like totally Cdiff and my doctor is a little confused on all of this. One problem is that he says I can't take an antibiotic before the procedure. I have knee implants and should but he said that he checked and I'm far enough out to be fine and some doctors today say you don't have to take them f... Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1417519023.283

I'm back again. My specialist went over my records from my GP and I've been corresponding with his nurse and he says he wants me to have a fecal transplant. I figured as much since I've been on 3 rounds of antibiotics, a total of 35 days. I pretty much knew this and just want to do the best to get rid of it. I haven't been on antibiotics so I don't know how I got it. So as it stands now my husband or my daughter will be the donor. There are tests to be done on either one of them and I can have this done before Christmas. I'm just glad there is something more than antibiotics. I don't mind hav... Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1416633596.857

OkeyDokey, I read the page that you posted. I always feel that alternative things can work. I am taking BP pills and shouldn't drink grapefruit juice but I can call the pharmacy and see if I can if I take it hours after my medication. My GP told me the second time on vancomycin to not take it with food. Said the food may be binding the vancomycin. So I ate at least an hour or later after taking the pill. I also called the pharmacy and asked about florastor. The pharmacist said to take it halfway between each dose of medication. Don't take it together. So I did that too. I talked to t... Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1416558074.117

OkeyDokey, Were your children on antibiotics before getting this? I wasn't that's why I can't understand why I got it. I had it 4 years ago after antibiotics took the flagyl and wasn't tested for 3 months. No one emphasized rechecking back then. Maybe if I had gotten checked 2 weeks after the antibiotics I would of still tested positive. Either way I'm going to see my specialist in the city to see what he suggests. I feel good I would say better than I have in awhile. Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1416543033.137

Thing is I wasn't in the hospital or taking any antibiotics. I had it a few years ago but it cleared up the first round of antibiotics. Then I had knee surgery and was on antibiotics. I don't know if my immune system was low and it just took over or I picked it up somewhere. I have been taking Florastor which is the best to take for this along with the antibiotic. Been dealing with this since September. I do wash my hands with hot water and soap and always have. I feel good so hopefully the antibiotics have done some good. ibb38, do you mean taking the IV by needle or by mouth? My GP... Continue Reading


Re: Question About Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1416542314.913

Before I had my knee replacements I could barely do stairs. I would walk up with the better knee first. It was very painful too. Now I can walk up stairs with no problem. I take them whenever I can. I do find it's easier to walk up than walk down but still put one leg in front of the other and not walk one at a time like I did before. I don't have stairs inside my home so I don't walk them daily. After PT I used The Step to exercise on. I even raised it higher to work out more. I feel things get better over time and now walking my outside steps without any banister is so easy. It to... Continue Reading

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