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Re: clear bowl with compartments?

In For the Home Talk 1425024093.113

I think it was called Fill A Bowl by Lori Greiner. Continue Reading



Last Reply by mousiegirl 1425067131.33 | Started by kismet in In the Garden

Thought I'd pass this on since this plant has flowered two years so far and I am wondering if it will bloom another summer. I found a Calliope Geranium at a local store two years ago. It had two plants in it for $6.00. It turned out to be the most beautiful geranium I've ever had. It's a cross between a trailing and upright. It's a dark red. My home is white so it shows up really well. Check it out online. Mine was about 2 ft wide and I had to put it up on a stand it was hitting the ground. I did nothing to it but just brought it in for the winter in my garage. I'm starting to ferti... Continue Reading


Re: Ortho visit that has me steaming mad! What do you think?

In Health & Fitness 1423467787.983

It took me 3 months to get in and see the Ortho surgeon for my knees. Just so happened on the day of my appointment my daughter called me and told me she was in labor. I told her to call her doctor and I'll get back to her later cause I had this appointment. I go to Ortho and thinking I'll see him the nurse said the doctor was running late and would I see the Assistant. It was only for a consultation so it really didn't matter. The assistant came in and asked if I wanted a cortisone shot. I said I did. So for 4 years I saw the assistant. The doctor and assistant discussed my case and ... Continue Reading


Re: C-Diff

In Health & Fitness 1423280577.097

Thanks everyone. headvase, I was on antibiotics for 3 months and had to be so careful to make sure I washed my hands with hot water and soap. Had to clean everything with bleach. Bathroom, door handles, light switches, remote controls, everything. I didn't let anyone come to the house either. I would think in rehab your mother may get rid of it and then get it all over again because of where she is. I did take 2 Florastor when on antibiotics and continued taking one when I stopped the antibiotics. I will always take one a day. My GI doctor said I didn't have to but I told him I took t... Continue Reading



Last Reply by RedTop 1425224354.03 | Started by kismet in Health & Fitness

OkeyDokey, Finally I'm cleared of C-Diff. I didn't need the implant because after I took 5 days of antibiotics I felt better and things changed. During this time my daughter was checked and found out she is a carrier so she couldn't donate anyway. I talked to my doctor on the phone and then made an appointment to see him to go over things. Because I have to take 2 antibiotics before any type of surgery my GI said to take 5 days of the Vancomycin along with the antibiotics. He said this should prevent any C-Diff from coming back. Also, I told him that I felt that the Vancomycin went thro... Continue Reading


Re: Kitchen Aid TSV FP may Be A Beast but..

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422243576.28

If you go to page 20 in the manual it says the dough blade is best used with 2 to 3 cups of flour. I make pizza dough and double it so I thought this would be easier for me but I use about 5 to 6 cups of flour. Didn't order it for that reason. Continue Reading


Re: Phone Call???

In Electronics Talk 1418966368.187

I can understand my phone number coming through but how does a robocall get my name? Continue Reading


Phone Call???

Last Reply by Pinkroses 1419027208.633 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

There is something that happened that I am confused about. This is about a phone call that came in on my caller ID. I have a private unlisted phone number. The other morning a phone call came in with the ID of my name and phone number. I find this odd since no one here made the phone call and I doubt it could be made anyway. So how does a call come in with my phone number and name. I checked with some friends and my number comes over on their phone as unknown so my ID is still unlisted. Any ideas on this? Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1418097807.2

OkeyDokey, Yes, I know my doctor is very thorough and I'll be fine. He's older and I know he will retire in the next few years and don't know where I'll find such an excellent compassionate doctor. Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

In Health & Fitness 1418020812.003

I will. Were your kids on vancomycin? I feel I have to get this checked out and will tell the doctor if he finds something else that maybe I don't need the transplant. Like he said cdiff is in everyone and some don't show it. I was cleared about 3 years ago. It's just a gut feeling. I had 3 ft of my intestines removed in the 70s due to Crohn's and don't want to have anymore removed that's why I want to have the colonoscopy to make sure things are okay. I've read some horror stories about what it can do to a person's intestines. Should possibly know tomorrow if my daughter is okay. Oth... Continue Reading

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