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Re: Can't Get Firefox or IE

In Electronics Talk 1409457971.633

nutmeg3 Thanks for the information on the sites. I do have Norton in my computer and will take it out tomorrow. I see on the forums that other people have had the same problem, exactly the same problem I am having. I hoping that Norton is the problem. I've taken it out before and it takes time. Will using Safe Mode do any harm to my computer? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Can't Get Firefox or IE

In Electronics Talk 1409386392.66

I think I can pretty much say that my problem is that I can get online but I can't open any webpages. IE says a Connection Problem but I can't see where the problem is. I tried some of the suggested options by Microsoft but can't find an answer. I'm in safe mode now and would like to know if using safe mode can harm my computer? Not computer savy like most but try to find what is wrong. Hoping someone can suggest something to try. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Can't Get Firefox or IE

In Electronics Talk 1409376831.097

I'm using Vista and my computer said to update to 9. I did get 9 in in safe mode but I can't connect to Internet Explorer when I connect as usual. Only connect in safe mode. I can't believe that a update could do so much to my computer. My computer normally runs well and I have no problem. Now I'm looking how I can connect normally to the internet and get IE9. I checked and IE 9 is in my computer. When I connect normally is says there is no connection but I am connected. For now I can only use IE in safe mode. I assume I'm not protected online. I can't run any of my security. I have... Continue Reading


Re: Can't Get Firefox or IE

In Electronics Talk 1409361467.737

I did do a system restore and dated it 8/1/14 and it restored to 8/29 which was after the problem started. I was concentrating so much on Firefox, which I only use, that I later found out that my Internet Explorer is no longer supported. I'm sure I had IE9 in but now it says I have to update to 9 and the update on the page is for a 64bit. I have a 32 bit so it's no good for me. So until I can get IE 9 in I can't use the computer. I can't find where the download is that I need. Any suggestions where to find a 32 bit IE 9 download. Continue Reading


Can't Get Firefox or IE

Last Reply by kismet 1409457971.65 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

I downloaded an update in IE last night and now I can't get on IE or Firefox. I can get on IE in safe mode but that's it. I tried a system restore in safe mode that didn't fix it. I tried a system restore not on safe mode and it says I don't have enough of space on disk. I ran the disk degrag and cleaned as much as I can. Computer was running perfectly before the download last night. Today I turned it on and IE updates said 55 had to be downloaded which all of them were put in as I got them. I did notice in my Updates Page that the update from last night was not there. Also in program... Continue Reading


Tria - corrected date to 7/27

Started by kismet in Beauty Banter 1405996876.93

Second try, does anyone know what the TSV will be for Tria products. Continue Reading


Re: Tria - 2/27 show

In Beauty Banter 1405996755.387

Yes, thanks for pointing it out. I should have seen it. Continue Reading


Tria - 2/27 show

Last Reply by kismet 1405996755.437 | Started by kismet in Beauty Banter

I see that Tria has a show on 2/27. Does anyone know what the TSV will be? Continue Reading


Re: Tria- Time Running

In Beauty Banter 1401593219.22

lyn in MI, I timed each zone and they are 3 minutes each. I kept the tria going constantly touching the skin and made sure of that. I do the forehead last because this has to be sometimes changed to an up and down motion. So I figure that takes up a little time. It say approximate time on the brochure. I started to use it after my two days off, it was charging for two days, and when I turned it on the battery low light came on. I just went ahead and used it to see if it would go dead. It didn't. Hope I don't have a problem with it in the future. I didn't get it for wrinkles. I have v... Continue Reading


Tria- Time Running

Last Reply by kismet 1401593219.237 | Started by kismet in Beauty Banter

I've been using the Tria for about 5 weeks. I do like it but I noticed that on the second setting and third setting the time running is different than the brochure. On the third setting it can run as long as 12 to 13 minutes total. It does say approximate time in the brochure but wondering if anyone has the same problem. Wonder if there is any harm using it for a longer time. Also, just started to have problems with charging. Will plug it into my computer to see if that will fix it. I already have the replacement charger. Continue Reading

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