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Re: Trio TSV

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Using the keyboard on this I get a tinny sound on all the keys. Is this normal with something like this or should I be concerned with the noise. Also, I had to put my account information in to pick up my wifi. Haven't signed up with T-Mobile yet. If I had to send this back how do I get my personal information out of it. Continue Reading


Re: Trio TSV

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raining, do you by any chance have a cell with T Mobile. I thought that's what the partnered meant but have no idea. I basically got this so my husband would have something to do when we go to the doctor since he waits for me. Our traffic here is so bad and if both of us go we can use the carpool lane. Otherwise we're sitting in traffic. I have wifi at home so it's not a problem here. I thought the free T Mobile would be great so he could use it while waiting. It would be more than enough usage. Just got my Trio. Any suggestions on setting it up other than what is in the box. Read tha... Continue Reading


Trio TSV

Last Reply by kismet 1431935584.03 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

I went on the question and answers for this product and someone asked if this would work with 4GTLE if is was partnered. The answer Yes. Can someone tell me what "partnered" means on this. Continue Reading


Re: Tech experts

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I purchased this for the free TMobile. Find out now that I'm in an area that has 4GLTE. Looking at the page it's on, one question was asked about the 4G. Answer, does not support 4GLTE. It seems that 4GLTE is over most of the country and shouldn't it have been said that this would not support it when the host was selling it. Tried to cancel and it was sent out in less than 24 hours after purchasing it. Never had anything sent out that fast. Wonder how many people will return it. Also, it's sold out on another site with the free TMobile and it sold for $79. Got good reviews there too. Continue Reading


Re: Replacement Laptop Battery

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The seller from Amazon is taking the battery back but didn't offer to send another one. Is giving me a refund and paying for the return. Their CS is very good. I did contact the other companies since I didn't see my battery in their store. One said the battery should last 3 hours but they only have a 90 day warranty which I feel isn't much. So waiting for the other company. Think it may be just a hit and miss with these batteries. I want a 9 cell and they are harder to find. Continue Reading


Re: Safe Insect Repellant Needed!!

In Health & Fitness 1429697251.103

I'm the same when it comes to mosquitoes. I'm the choice for dinner all the time. I've used Skin So Soft by Avon for years. I also have used it mixed in water as a flea dip for my dog. I don't particularly like the smell but it works for me. Continue Reading


Replacement Laptop Battery

Last Reply by kismet 1429867837.683 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

Can someone tell me what to expect from a replacement generic laptop battery. I had a 9 cell when I got my dell. It lasted for years and originally I think it had 5 hours on a full charge. I ordered a generic 9 cell battery and I have I think about 2 hours on it. When I charge it it says full charge but it never says the same thing twice as far as time and percentage left. It says it charges fully but the time is always different. Is this what the generic batteries are like? What can I expect for less money? Continue Reading


Re: more knee replacement questions

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I had both knees done about 6 months apart. I stayed in the hospital 2 days each. The hospital does have someone come in to help with walking and also to help to make sure you can use the restroom. I used a CPM machine in the hospital but didn't have one at home. My doctor said my own leg resistance was better. I had a nurse come to the house twice within a week and saw my doctor a week after surgery and he said I could go out to PT. Some weeks I went twice, some three times. I did well with both knees. I knew all the exercises from the first knee so really didn't need anyone to come to the h... Continue Reading


Re: Replacement Laptop Battery

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I ordered my 9 cell battery from Amazon. The seller had a high rating and there was a phone number to call if there is a problem and it has a warranty. I found some on other sites but one is sent from the US and then if you have a problem and have to return it you have to send it to China. I checked reviews on some of the online sites and there were a lot of bad reviews. I have used the one that came with my computer for almost 7 years so I feel it was time for another one. Drained the battery to 0 and then recharged it but it still would only take a 61% charge which seemed to run down p... Continue Reading


Re: Sleep Study

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My husband had a sleep study and needed the machine. He would sleep for 4 hours and then take the mask off. He never gave it a fair chance. That was probably 8 years ago. He still snores, holds his breath while sleeping and won't listen to me. The machine is packed away and I doubt he'll ever use it. I think you have to want to use it or it's a waste of money. My neighbor use to fall asleep while on the phone and went for a sleep study. She uses her machine every night and has no problem falling asleep anymore. The machine did make a big difference for her. I would try it, it would b... Continue Reading

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