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Re: Crocheted Clothing - need help :(

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If you're talking about something like a lining I think it could be done if the crochet isn't too large. It may be expensive because you would need fabric that matched the duster and then the time the seamstress spent on it. I don't know what things cost in your area. I made a Halloween costume for my granddaughter when she was a toddler and the fur was rough on the inside. I just sewed a lining to the main body pieces and it was fine. Question is also would this duster be washed? If so the lining may not fit as well after washing. If it was me and I really wanted the duster I would make... Continue Reading


Re: Letter from a Mom to her Daughter

In Mom to Mom Forum 1412402992.363

SisterSisto, I can identify with what you're going through. I'm more or less in the same position as you. Kids grow up and have their own life. I too have grandchildren and don't see them as much as I would like. My daughter wasn't raised like this either but it is the way she is. I keep to myself and talk to my son-in- law from time to time. My grandkids are on facebook so I do keep in touch with them. My husband and I are fine and I just asked my daughter the last time she came up to call at least once a week just to make sure we're fine. She thought I was kidding, I wasn't. No pho... Continue Reading


Re: Zpack medication

In Health & Fitness 1412317765.727

I took this about 9 years ago when I had bronchitis and pneumonia that seemed to be coming back over and over. I never had any side effects from it. It took care of the problem and if I can remember there aren't too many you have to take. Wouldn't hesitate to take it. Continue Reading


Windows Photo Gallery

Started by kismet in Electronics Talk 1411991789.873

A few weeks ago I couldn't get online or any webpages. I finally fixed the computer and had to reload firefox, updates, reload some other programs and got it fixed. The problem now is my pictures are not accessible to put in an email when I hit insert on hotmail. The pictures are in Windows Photo Gallery. I tried to put some in an email from pictures and while it says I have 250 in there I open the folder and it's empty. So I haven't lost my pictures I just can't seem to get them into an email. I have downloaded more since having a problem with the computer and they do download in my pictures... Continue Reading


Re: Increase in skirt size linked to increase in BC risk

In Health & Fitness 1411960021.233

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 60. No one in my family had it. I was lucky and it was stage 1. I saw a lot of women in radiation that were thin. One was in her 70s and she looked frail. Another was close to 80, frail and in a wheelchair. There were a lot of us there. I know body fat produces estrogen but I still think the genes make a big difference. 5 years after being diagnosed my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was about 70 and very thin. This was on my father's side too which is now taken into consideration. My neighbor's mother in law was in her 90s and g... Continue Reading


Re: C-Diff

In Health & Fitness 1411958939.17

I agree that you don't have to be on antibiotics at the time and can get it a few weeks later or months. I didn't get it until I was off antibiotics for 9 months the first time. I did have a lot of them in a year period due to surgery but was fine. When a person has had problems with the colon you know that blood is not normal. That was my first sign, no pain, nothing. This time no antibiotics except for 2 in April of 2013 so there was no reason I got it from what I was taking. Blood again and I was in the walk in clinic. For some reason I guess my pain tolerance is high. I was taking ... Continue Reading


Re: C-Diff

In Health & Fitness 1411873695.32

KippyK3, you know I felt that I just had a problem with colitis and took the medication for that. But the pain didn't go away like it usually does. In both instances the really first sign was blood. I knew from Crohn's disease that when you see that something is wrong. Seemed like both times it happened on a weekend that's why I didn't wait and went into the walk in clinic which is opened from 8 to 8 every day. Years ago I was at work and had a slight stomach ache, went home and knew something was wrong. The next morning I was at my GP and was told to go to the hospital. End up with 3 f... Continue Reading


Re: Clindamycin has

In Health & Fitness 1411872453.323

It seems today that some doctors don't feel you need the antibiotic with knee replacement. The nurse working for my specialist said her doctor doesn't recommend it and she had knee replacements. My knee surgeon does. I've seen what my mom went through so taking two antibiotics before a procedure is not a big thing for me. If I had to take 2 every week I would be worried. I am allergic to penicillin so really have no choice. If I got an infection in my knees then I would need a stronger antibiotic. So preventing is better than treating an infection. I don't know about a hip replacement... Continue Reading


Re: Clindamycin has

In Health & Fitness 1411804784.14

Yes, my doctor gave them to me. With knee replacements I have to take an antibiotic before a dental appointment and anything that requires medical care like if I cut myself and had to go to the ER. I had to take 2 before my colonoscopy last year. If I didn't take them I could get an infection that would go to my knees. My mom had knee replacements and got an infection that went to her knees and she was in the hospital for awhile. Continue Reading


Re: C-Diff

In Health & Fitness 1411795829.95

I've been taking the Vancomycin since Tuesday and I'm feeling a lot better. I feel a little tired but other than that I'm pretty good compared to the Flagyl. I'll never use that again ever. I find it strange that my insurance wouldn't pay for the IV to be mixed up for $200. at a compounding pharmacy. The capsules cost $1,200. my copay $5. Makes no sense to me. If my insurance would of paid for the liquid I would of saved them some money. I do have a question for those that have ended up in the hospital. Did you have any signs a few weeks before you went to the hospital. Like cramping or... Continue Reading

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