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Re: Update on Cdiff

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OkeyDokey, I read the page that you posted. I always feel that alternative things can work. I am taking BP pills and shouldn't drink grapefruit juice but I can call the pharmacy and see if I can if I take it hours after my medication. My GP told me the second time on vancomycin to not take it with food. Said the food may be binding the vancomycin. So I ate at least an hour or later after taking the pill. I also called the pharmacy and asked about florastor. The pharmacist said to take it halfway between each dose of medication. Don't take it together. So I did that too. I talked to t... Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

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OkeyDokey, Were your children on antibiotics before getting this? I wasn't that's why I can't understand why I got it. I had it 4 years ago after antibiotics took the flagyl and wasn't tested for 3 months. No one emphasized rechecking back then. Maybe if I had gotten checked 2 weeks after the antibiotics I would of still tested positive. Either way I'm going to see my specialist in the city to see what he suggests. I feel good I would say better than I have in awhile. Continue Reading


Re: Update on Cdiff

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Thing is I wasn't in the hospital or taking any antibiotics. I had it a few years ago but it cleared up the first round of antibiotics. Then I had knee surgery and was on antibiotics. I don't know if my immune system was low and it just took over or I picked it up somewhere. I have been taking Florastor which is the best to take for this along with the antibiotic. Been dealing with this since September. I do wash my hands with hot water and soap and always have. I feel good so hopefully the antibiotics have done some good. ibb38, do you mean taking the IV by needle or by mouth? My GP... Continue Reading


Re: Question About Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1416542314.913

Before I had my knee replacements I could barely do stairs. I would walk up with the better knee first. It was very painful too. Now I can walk up stairs with no problem. I take them whenever I can. I do find it's easier to walk up than walk down but still put one leg in front of the other and not walk one at a time like I did before. I don't have stairs inside my home so I don't walk them daily. After PT I used The Step to exercise on. I even raised it higher to work out more. I feel things get better over time and now walking my outside steps without any banister is so easy. It to... Continue Reading


Update on Cdiff

Last Reply by OkeyDokey 1416635196.74 | Started by kismet in Health & Fitness

I posted awhile back about CDiff. Well I've gone through three rounds of antibiotics and was just tested again and I still have it. My doctor suggest I see a GI doctor which I will call tomorrow. I was going to go anyway if this last test was positive. I've taken Florastor since being diagnosed, 2 a day, and will continue with that. Was hoping that the vancomycin would clear it up but guess not. I went through 10 days of vancomycin and then 15 days of vancomycin. Still have faith it will clear up. Continue Reading


Re: Trying to Avoid Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1415706487.24

Fortune, Just wanted to mention that sometimes it takes more than a week for your joint to feel better after having a shot. Sometimes mine would take over two weeks. I found that if I rested for 2 or 3 days and didn't push the knee that it worked better. Once I had a shot by a resident and got a bump alongside the shot. Found out that the shot didn't take. That's when I went from sports medicine to a doctor that takes care of arthritic knees and surgery. I originally had two meniscus tears repaired. Another thing my doctor gives a spinal just before they start surgery so you don't feel p... Continue Reading


Re: Trying to Avoid Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1415593354.743 Fortune, Here's a youtube page on the minimally invasive procedure. There are others on youtube showing the surgery itself. Hope this answers some of your questions. Continue Reading


Re: Trying to Avoid Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1415256673.43

I had both my knees done about 4 years ago. I wanted them done earlier because I had so much pain but the doctor said I was too young and to wait. I took 5 Aleve a day, had cortisone shots, had lubricating shots and decided I didn't want to live with this pain any longer. Finally at 64 my Ortho said he would do it. I probably could have gone to someone else that would have done it sooner but I felt very comfortable with this doctor. I had minimally invasive surgery on both knees and I feel great now. No more Aleve. I knew the risks and didn't worry. I went in with a positive attitude ... Continue Reading


Re: Crocheted Clothing - need help :(

In Fashion Talk 1412419624.497

If you're talking about something like a lining I think it could be done if the crochet isn't too large. It may be expensive because you would need fabric that matched the duster and then the time the seamstress spent on it. I don't know what things cost in your area. I made a Halloween costume for my granddaughter when she was a toddler and the fur was rough on the inside. I just sewed a lining to the main body pieces and it was fine. Question is also would this duster be washed? If so the lining may not fit as well after washing. If it was me and I really wanted the duster I would make... Continue Reading


Re: Letter from a Mom to her Daughter

In Mom to Mom Forum 1412402992.363

SisterSisto, I can identify with what you're going through. I'm more or less in the same position as you. Kids grow up and have their own life. I too have grandchildren and don't see them as much as I would like. My daughter wasn't raised like this either but it is the way she is. I keep to myself and talk to my son-in- law from time to time. My grandkids are on facebook so I do keep in touch with them. My husband and I are fine and I just asked my daughter the last time she came up to call at least once a week just to make sure we're fine. She thought I was kidding, I wasn't. No pho... Continue Reading

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