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Re: Whats your opinion on a tragedy home

In Mom to Mom Forum 1396861690.513

Has anyone ever watched The Dead Files? I would never buy a home where there was a suicide or murder. I think there is negative energy in such a home. Even before watching this TV show I felt this way. Why take the chance of having a problem in a new home. Right now I live in a house that was new. Sometimes my neighbors and I feel that this was an ancient burial ground since out of 7 homes we had three people with cancer. My parents bought a house when I was young that was built in the late 1800's. I suppose someone must have died in the house but we never had anything happen. It's ... Continue Reading


Re: Radiation burn

In Health & Fitness 1395632265.623

I was checked several times a week by the nurse when getting radiation. Was told to tell her if any discomfort occurred in between the checks. Saw the doctor once a week. By the 6th week I had to skip a day and was given Silvedene and some gel pads that are used on burn victims. It does get worse before it gets better. Continue Reading


Size of PDF

Last Reply by glb613 1395647589.747 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

I downloaded a PDF pattern. It opened at 93.8%. Can I assume that this is the size of the pattern or should I increase the size to 100%. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone on the Dr. Oz Quick Two Week Diet?

In Health & Fitness 1391057410.507

Just wanted to check and tell everyone this diet does lose weight fast. I lost 9 pounds in a week. I didn't drink the veg broth and I didn't take baths. I stuck to it very carefully and I could feel the loss after about 4 days. Didn't weigh until one week. I'm afraid that my appetite isn't that good now and I may slow down the weight loss this week. Sometimes it's hard to eat when I don't feel hungry. I do drink the green tea and the water with lemon. I had some chicken broth so hope that will work just as well. Even if I lose a few pounds this week it is still worth it. So for some... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone on the Dr. Oz Quick Two Week Diet?

In Health & Fitness 1390541749.87

I started this Sunday and have lost 5lbs. I stuck to it pretty much except I will have a cup of decaf coffee after my smoothie. It took awhile to get use to the hot water and lemon. I like lemon but wanted coffee. I had my smoothie afterward but didn't put flaxseed in it. Forgot to get that at the store. Dr. Oz said it helps to lose weight. He also said that caffeine increases the appetite and most people do use cream and sugar, I do not. The first day was fine since I ate more Saturday, Monday was worse I was hungry, Tuesday was better and Wed and Thursday I had no appetite to eat mor... Continue Reading


Re: Question for those who use Clairol Natural Instincts?

In Beauty Banter 1390110963.61

I've been using NI for about 5 years. I liked the Lasting Color they use to make but discontinued it. I use the light cool brown (14) since I have a reddish cast to my natural hair and it turns it a little red. I don't want red. As I've gotten more gray I've gone to the lighter brown. I only have gray in the front and some on the sides so I don't put the color through my long hair until 10 minutes before I wash it out. Don't want the color to darken the ends too much. I tried the 2 week packet once and it left my scalp almost orange and when I saw that I washed my hair immediately. Too... Continue Reading


Re: NuFace TSV

In Beauty Banter 1388630707.03

Thanks for the information on the dental implants. I did order it and it won't come until the middle of February. I can call the company and talk to someone about the implants and can always cancel the order. Continue Reading


NuFace TSV

Last Reply by jewelsluvsbeauty 1388633292.533 | Started by kismet in Beauty Banter

Can this be used if a person has dental implants? Usually don't find things out like this until you buy it. Considering it but wondering if anyone knows. Continue Reading


Re: Sewing Patterns for American Girl Dolls

In Among Friends 1386999055.633

I purchased my patterns from ebay. Good price and free shipping. I also noticed that Etsy has patterns on the site for sale. Continue Reading


Re: New Dishwasher

In For the Home Talk 1386998706.233

I purchased the dishwasher with an extended warranty. So for five years it's covered. We didn't care for the Bosch and the only other one we liked was the KitchenAid. Looked at the Sears which was similar to the KitchenAid and decided against it because of the service. So will have it delivered next week. Continue Reading

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