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Re: more knee replacement questions

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I had both knees done about 6 months apart. I stayed in the hospital 2 days each. The hospital does have someone come in to help with walking and also to help to make sure you can use the restroom. I used a CPM machine in the hospital but didn't have one at home. My doctor said my own leg resistance was better. I had a nurse come to the house twice within a week and saw my doctor a week after surgery and he said I could go out to PT. Some weeks I went twice, some three times. I did well with both knees. I knew all the exercises from the first knee so really didn't need anyone to come to the h... Continue Reading


Re: Replacement Laptop Battery

In Electronics Talk 1428391750.083

I ordered my 9 cell battery from Amazon. The seller had a high rating and there was a phone number to call if there is a problem and it has a warranty. I found some on other sites but one is sent from the US and then if you have a problem and have to return it you have to send it to China. I checked reviews on some of the online sites and there were a lot of bad reviews. I have used the one that came with my computer for almost 7 years so I feel it was time for another one. Drained the battery to 0 and then recharged it but it still would only take a 61% charge which seemed to run down p... Continue Reading


Re: Sleep Study

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My husband had a sleep study and needed the machine. He would sleep for 4 hours and then take the mask off. He never gave it a fair chance. That was probably 8 years ago. He still snores, holds his breath while sleeping and won't listen to me. The machine is packed away and I doubt he'll ever use it. I think you have to want to use it or it's a waste of money. My neighbor use to fall asleep while on the phone and went for a sleep study. She uses her machine every night and has no problem falling asleep anymore. The machine did make a big difference for her. I would try it, it would b... Continue Reading


Replacement Laptop Battery

Last Reply by furgirl 1428584624.13 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

My Dell battery is not taking a full charge anymore. Is there a site that someone has used to buy a battery other than Dell. I read that some of the batteries are not what people list them as. Don't want to buy off ebay. Any suggestions for a reputable site. Thanks, Continue Reading


Re: 3-25 silver bangles

In TSV Talk 1427271422.353

Thinking about getting these for a 16th birthday. Does anyone know how small they can be made on the wrist. She has a very small wrist. Continue Reading


Re: Low Internet Speed

In Electronics Talk 1426658283.65

I don't know if there are any filters on the land line. I can ask my husband or call Comcast. This afternoon my husband was using his computer in the family room and he is having a lot of trouble with the network bars going out. I looked a the computer and it was strange. I did notice too that there are a lot more people on our "Connect To" than there use to be. I counted 13 others that were online and only 3 had the new modem. So others haven't hooked them up yet. I'll wait and see if Comcast comes up with some way to push the signal. I feel if more people hook up and get what I get ... Continue Reading


Re: Low Internet Speed

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Well just to see if something was blocking the signal we moved the microwave and moved the toaster oven. No change. Could be the refer but can't move that but it is on the same side of the house. So guess I'll just have to move closer to the other side of the house if I want a faster speed. It is better than the years of dial up I had. Just that 26 is so fast compared to 10. I'll just let it be. I just got my printer in tonight since we got the new modem. Our phone still won't take any messages so have to call Comcast. Seems like it's always something. Just for some information to oth... Continue Reading


Re: Have you purchased MyPillow?

In Health & Fitness 1426398934.147

I have the "My Pillow" and I love it. I'm one of those people that has a hard time finding a pillow. I had just about given up on finding the right pillow when I saw this on QVC as a TSV for one pillow. I like a firmer pillow and got the Green one. I figured if it was too firm I could always take some of the foam out. I use a regular pillow case with it and it's fine. Haven't washed it yet. I'm not sure what the cover is made out of cause I cut the tag off. Think it's cotton but not sure. Continue Reading


Re: Low Internet Speed

In Electronics Talk 1426385022.517

I do have WiFi. Just put in the new modem which has it's own router in it from Comcast. The modem is at the far end of the other side of the house. I was thinking, not knowing much about connections, that we should of had it put in the dining room. It wouldn't be in the center of the house but better than where it is now. I would bypass the kitchen. I have it in kitchen on a counter. My suspicion was that there is a full bathroom next to this bedroom and the wall with the tile is just on the other side of one of my walls which would block the signal. Another thing is I live on a privat... Continue Reading


Low Internet Speed

Last Reply by kismet 1426658283.21 | Started by kismet in Electronics Talk

Was wondering if anyone can tell me what would cause a slow speed on the internet. When I use my computer in the family room where the cable comes in I get about 26. I mostly use the computer in a bedroom and I get as little as 10 in here. I live in a one story that is about 85 ft. long. I checked the speed going all the way to the end of the house using the hallway by the bedrooms and it's about 18. When I go into the bedroom just a few feet from the hall my internet slows way down. If I go toward the window it picks up to about 18. What would interfere with getting a higher signal in... Continue Reading

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