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Re: G.I.L.I Wallet - Searching for Natural Ostrich Version

In All About Accessories 1421959359.38

Saw one on Ebay last week, it went quickly as it had a buy it now on it. Continue Reading


That Byzantine price is crazy!!

Last Reply by rac71 1422112301.07 | Started by deelor in Jewelry Talk

I saw the TSV for the bracelet, do they really think we can ALL afford 150.00 a month for 6 months?? Couldn't they have picked something a little less "Pricy" for the TSV? Wow hope they can sell them all and don't get them back before the second payment is due! Continue Reading


I'm counting "fresh from the fair" on gold day!

Last Reply by sidsmom 1421811104.907 | Started by deelor in Jewelry Talk

LOL! I am soooo tired of this worn out phrase, and I know others are too! I should keep count of how many times they use it at the gold day event! Maybe that will get their attention to find NEW ways to tell us it is new! Continue Reading


Re: My Birthday Dinner Mini Drama

In Jewelry Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1421595004.897

My Goodness! What an adventure! You should have said to Peter, "Do you know who I am?" LOL! Continue Reading


Re: My daughter is engaged and getting married - what do I need to do?

In Fashion Talk 1421594067.03

Congratulations and Best Wishes to your daughter and your family. I would suggest getting a good Bridal consultant, who is certified and not one that just hung out her/ his shingle because he planned his cousin's wedding a few years ago! LOL! Make sure they are a member of a reputable group such as ABC Association of Bridal Consultants. And get more then 1 quote! If you need names in the Washington area let me know, as we are members of ABC and could probably recommend a couple of them. Continue Reading



Last Reply by Lowry83 1421267802.897 | Started by deelor in Beauty Banter

I am in love with Fresh Cream, and use all the products except the spray. I think the spray is a little to much, however, I love the shower gel and use that for every shower, and the body souffle, which stays with me all day. I purchased the 32 oz body lotion and left it on the Conference table in the office. It was FULL at Christmas Break. Today before a Conference meeting, I went in there and it is down to less then 1/4 of a bottle! LOL! Everyone is coming in and as they sit down, they pump it into their hand, and use it as a hand lotion. My marketing manager arrived, and said, "Who brought... Continue Reading


Re: Okay, it's official! Shawn just Announced new Monday Schedule!

In Fashion Talk 1421171059.857

NOT a Lori fan, and little less with Issac, guess I can watch the apprentice now! LOL! Continue Reading


So Happy for Lisa and Gino Mason!

Last Reply by Alsee 1421460282.91 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

As many of you know, Gino Mason has stage 4 cancer. This morning Lisa said on Facebook that the tumor sites are shrinking! Gino's Dr. was very happy with the results he is showing. Asking everyone to continue praying for his recovery. :) Continue Reading


Love my Philosphy Fresh Cream but...

Last Reply by glmama 1420249367.133 | Started by deelor in Beauty Banter

I purchased the Fresh Cream shower gel, body souffle and the spray. I loved using the gel last night, and the body souffle, but the spray! It is sooooo sweet, that my husband said I smelled like our local bakery! I thought this was suppose to just leave a lingering light odor? I love the first two, and only used a spritz on my robe and pillow, but OMG it was sooo overpowering! Back it goes! Continue Reading


Ms. Levin back to the TV!

Last Reply by kelsey17 1419772123.317 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

So glad to see Kathy is joining the new Evin network. (formally ShopHQ) Her, Pam and Judy! Should be a good mix! see her hot flashes page http://www.shophq.com/l/kathy-levine?stop_mobi=yes Continue Reading

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