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Re: TSV Gili Backpack, for those that preordered and have it

In All About Handbags 1427125244.853

Just ordered mine in the tan shade, can't remember the name, wanted the Petal, but also want to get the blush in the Milano, so will wait. Love the Milano style, hope this one is nice. Continue Reading


Show the INSIDE of the bags please!!

Last Reply by DeePa 1426950792.05 | Started by deelor in Vera Bradley

I cannot tell you how many bags I have had to return because these show hosts are so intent on 10 minutes of showing the colors and patterns and NOT showing the structure of the inside of the bags!! New Bag today, first show, two show hosts and company rep! 10 minutes on the bag, and NO description of the inside, NO showing of the inside of the bag!! It really gets my goat! And this show host does it all the time! Continue Reading


Re: OT -- What is your occupation?

In Fashion Talk 1426683955.21

CEO / Publisher (2) mags -Magazine Publisher, Certified Wedding Planner, Skin Care company owner, and Advertising and Marketing CEO. I own 5 businesses LOL! Continue Reading


Re: Searching for a new perfume -- one that is not so shy and quiet, but also does not scream at you either

In Beauty Banter 1426683541.57

I just got Joan Rivers "Now and Forever" and must say I love it! The scent of spring flowers, and living in Massachusetts I need that right now! LOL! It is a great floral, not overpowering. but lingering. People keep asking me what I am wearing! LOVE IT! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone sell their Dooneys?

In Dooney & Bourke 1426511108.863

Does anyone remember when COACH was a brand of Sears and Roebuck back in the 60"s? Mom had a bag for $5.85! LOL! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone sell their Dooneys?

In Dooney & Bourke 1426511015.343

On 2/27/2015 Marzak said: On 2/26/2015 chrystaltree said: Contrary to what QVC tells us, Dooneys are not investment bags. They aren't "coveted" and they are not "aspirational" bags. They are just very nice, well made bags. The department stores often sell them on sale; so, it's not likely that a used bag would go for much money. Women don't dream about someday owning a Dooney. I have two that I want to part with; the first two I ever bought. I think I'll do better trading them in that I would by selling them. I disagree. They are valued in the Twin Cities. I have sold my Dooneys around t... Continue Reading


Re: I think the Hosts/Reps should disclose that TIGNANELLO's are not 100% Leather

In All About Handbags 1426510455.053

Yes, I had purchased the one with the reptile look in Frappe and it went back the same day. Very cheap and not as described! New Hosts really need more education and less cutting corners with avoidance to keep their numbers up. Continue Reading


Wristlets needed to fit I Phone 6!!!!

Last Reply by TY 1426579505.38 | Started by deelor in All About Handbags

What is with these leather designers! Everything they have is for a I-Phone 5 or smaller! What about the I Phone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy?? They have seen these new phones since late last summer, and all they can give us is a 108.00 D&B??? and even that one, if you don't have a slim back to your I phone, it won't zip! Where is Vera Bradley? Sophia? They need to get their act together and give us a 7 1/4 inch phone case wristlet with credit card, zipper and receipt slots!! Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley Recent Poor Financial News

In Vera Bradley 1426269328.093

they need to go back to their origional concept. That is their market. Also need the "Ladies" back in charge and less Male power and ideas! Continue Reading


Re: Host Love Stories!

In The Q We Love 1423850769.44

Mike & I went to school together and in the same home rooms from 1st to 8th grade. I had a huge crush on him and asked him to the 5th grade dance from the pushing of my girlfriends. He said "NO" he had to study ( a real nerd) Plaid shirts and chinos! LOL! He went on to a catholic high and I went to private girls school, then he went to ND and I went to BC so the chances of ever seeing each other again were pretty slim. He went his way and married and so did I. What we didn't know is that on several occasions we lived withing a street or two of each other! After 22 years of marriage, I was... Continue Reading

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