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Clayton came home today

Last Reply by LuvitorLIT 1411233155.433 | Started by deelor in Dooney & Bourke

Clayton came home to live with me today. He was brought by the nicest man who came in a brown truck to drop him off. I opened Clayton carefully as my nose sucked in the wonderful smell that surrounded him. I opened all his pockets and peeked inside to see all the delicious suede and cotton linings. I zipped every zipper, and snapped every snap. I tested the pockets on his side to make sure that my phone fit as I stroked his soft leather body. ' I saw that Clayton had brought a blue blanket to keep him warm and clean when not in use. I wrapped him in the blue blanket and tucked him neatly on t... Continue Reading


Joan' s bee pins are going for up to 200!

Last Reply by memyselfandI 1411122446.1 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

I just read on E-Bay Joan's pins are going for up to 200.00! I have two to sell, and don't want to take advantage of people like that! Continue Reading


Re: My Choice to Host "Fashion Police" Is....

In Fashion Talk 1411070575.647

I would love to see Woopie Goldberg! LOL!! Just kidding! Continue Reading


Re: New Dennis Basso suede moto jacket

In Fashion Talk 1411070505.31

Just got mine in Terra Cotta! Color is awesome! fit is great!! Continue Reading



In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1410543908.903

New quilted riding boot TSV slated for October! A little different but awesome colors!\ We cannot pre order though, upsetting!! Continue Reading


Re: Will There Be A Mizrahi Riding Boot TSV?

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1410543844.383

Simply georgeous new riding boot TSV in the new insider, and have on 5 easy pay but they will not let us pre order!! grrrrr! Continue Reading


Re: What do you remember the most about Joan Rivers?

In Jewelry Talk 1409490728.687

I did not like the title on the thread, she is not dead, she is in critical condition, but not dead! Please reword what you enjoy about Joan Rivers, would sound better. I love her whit and humor. Her interaction with the show hosts, especially Lisa Robertson. "Love Ya, love ya back, mean it! " Makes me laugh every time she says it! Prayers to the family for a fast recovery. Continue Reading


Re: Bag Lady Back!

In Lori Goldstein 1408885075.82

I do not care for Lori Goldstein's clothing for myself, however others do, so why be mean and say horrible things? Everyone deserves to make their own style, and others have NO RIGHT to dictate what you should wear! I bet if we all went through YOUR closets we would discover some interesting finds!! If you don't like her or her line DON"T WATCH! Quit trying to create trouble and hate threads! Grow up ladies and act like the adults you SAY you are! Continue Reading



Last Reply by ChynnaBlue 1410981127.933 | Started by deelor in Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Last year I bought the black and the tan quilted riding boots, and went back to get the dark brown and my size 10W was gone, so I would have gone to an 11W but that was gone too1 Please Isaac, it says it is your BEST selling boot, then please bring it back in larger sizes !! I need the brown for my new suede outfit! Continue Reading

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