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Personalized script inital necklaces on Q

Last Reply by little miss sunshine 1414606599.923 | Started by deelor in Jewelry Talk

I see that the Q carries them again, they had them years ago, and I remember Mary Beth presenting them and explaining how to order them. I would LOVE to see the Q put some of these great initial looks in their jewelry shows again before the holidays, AND ON EASY PAY! They are great and would be soooo affordable! Would love to give as gifts to daughters. Continue Reading


Re: Review of Gili Milano

In All About Handbags 1414520429.223

I purchased the chestnut croco and the cream snake on Wednesday at 12:30 PM. They were shipped and I received them on Monday morning, in fact I opened them as I was watching the 9 am show. I did not pay any extra. Lisa kept saying on her Facebook Page that on Wednesday at noon they would be revealed and if you wanted one at the 178.00 price to click the link, which I did. They took A LOT of pre-orders, there was also an E-mail sent out. I wish I had gotten the grey ostrich, I put it on waitlist on Monday morning, and then cancelled it because I decided to add the brown snake, but now wish I a... Continue Reading


Re: Review of Gili Milano

In All About Handbags 1414425918.63

Just got my new bags!! The Chestnut Croco is AWESOME!!!! The Color is incredible! I also got the cream snake, and that is stunning too! I had the grey ostrich on waitlist (Yesterday!) Idon't know why she said it sold out this morning, anyway, I also am getting the brown snake. LOVE these bags! My lori Grenier insert works perfectly in this bag, and keeps it organized!! Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

In All About Handbags 1414247816.377

On 10/22/2014 Shoppergal said: So I have to be friends with Lisa on Facebook to get a chance at preordering this bag? I don't do Facebook. Hey Shopper gal, no you don't have to go to Facebook, there is a email from Lisa that lets you go direct to the page to get the TSV Price. It is on the QVC Website also. Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

In All About Handbags 1414166623.72

I bought the croco and the cream snake. Want the Grey ostrich next Continue Reading


Who Knew Alberti was a pop singer!

Last Reply by ROMARY 1414370552.923 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

I just watched Alberti doing a beautiful love song in his native language, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! He said he was a pop singer in his younger days, just beautiful. It was on his Facebook Page, and on You Tube. He won best Male singer for it! Take a look! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1413907791.393

No, as I got the lizard for that price and it had the snap so it is from the second group. they did not have the lizard in the first group. There are WAY to many prices jumbled up on this item. Very frustrating to me. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413907548.69

It is on Facebook that she may be joining the Design team division of JR Fashions. Only repeating what I read, don't shoot the messenger. :) Continue Reading



Last Reply by KJPA 1414164559.657 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

QVC Had all the GILI Roma 2 handbags on clearance for the last couple of weeks. All of a sudden, a couple more patterns come in the everything changes! Back to 187.00 from the clearance of 129.00. NOT RIGHT Q!!!!! You can't just up the price once the SAME STYLE and it is the same style bag goes on sale, and give it a different item # and expect that we will go along with that! Very upset with this!! I have been waiting for the snake, it's in and not 187.00! Disgusted! Continue Reading

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