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Why dosn't the Q carry Picnic tablecloths!

Last Reply by Vamp 1432397481.19 | Started by deelor in Kitchen & Food Talk

I cannot find a plastic fitted tablecloth for my outdoor oblong patio dinner table! I have looked EVERYWHERE!!! Even Ebay. It is a standard size 52X70 nothing exciting, but need a fitted one with an umbrella hole in the middle. I would think the Q would carry those! (sigh) Continue Reading


Re: Asking for her hand in marriage???

In Fashion Talk 1432229779.43

On 5/21/2015 Vamp said: On 5/21/2015 redngold said: On 5/21/2015 ChynnaBlue said: My father won't be marrying the guy, so why is his permission needed? This harkens back to the days when women were property and marriages were business transactions involving dowries or an exchange of goats. I disagree. It's a gesture of respect from a young man that wishes to become part of a family. I agree with ChynnaBlue. To each her own... It would help if the family was respectful to each other, I am all for it! Continue Reading


Re: Asking for her hand in marriage???

In Fashion Talk 1432229565.277

Personally, I think it is a wonderful thing to do. It shows the man to be concerned about the families feelings of their daughter's choice, and gives them the opportunity to get closer. My husband asked my dad, and 3 days later my dad died, so I always felt special that he gave his blessing to our marriage. Continue Reading


Re: Eric and Alice Roe

In Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1429902401.383

If it's hard for me to picture Eric all grown up and married, I cannot imagine how it is for you and your family! I still have visions of him sitting on the floor at the Q playing with the toys while you did the toy shows! WOW I feel old! So beautiful a couple, you and Mark must be so proud! :) Continue Reading


PLEASE bring back JR Python Sunglasses!

Last Reply by NYwoman 1429537114.567 | Started by deelor in Joan Rivers Classics Collection

The Python sunglasses were the BEST!! I have been checking the secondary market to buy more, but can't find them., they fit like a glove, I got tons of compliments on them and people asking where to find them. I have the black and the brown and really love them! Where them everyday. DAVID !! BRING THEM BACK!! Even if it's a limited run! Joan raved about those glasses, she would be thrilled if you did that for us! Continue Reading


Re: Bring More Liquid Knit Tunics

In Susan Graver 1429533370.05

I am with you! More liquid knit PLAIN tunics, no stones, glitter etc! Continue Reading


Love SG but...

Last Reply by NYwoman 1429536562.677 | Started by deelor in Susan Graver

I love SG Liquid knit tops, but I am sick and tired of them putting necklaces on the the tops, and also all the sparkle and stones she is using. If they want to show a necklace with it, show it on the model, better yet, give her her own jewelry show where it should be. When I am buying clothes, especially tops I want to see and visualize the necklace with MY jewelry or not, not these heavy stoned pieces that hide the necklines! Thanks , feel better now :) Continue Reading


Re: How are you carrying the Backpack Purse?

In All About Handbags 1428846061.807

Returned mine, liked the leather but the bag is to small for me Continue Reading


Re: I wish they would show new stuff and OTO's first

In Dooney & Bourke 1428845691.753

I feel your pain! I had to go online to get the description of the bag that was the OTO last night! I was mad because I was settled in bed, but had an interest in that bag. Jill kept Tempting everyone, and saying get yours now before the color you want sells out! Well show us the darn bag!! We want to know WHAT we are paying 238.00 for! The bad part of placing the order ahead, and then canceling after the show if it is not what you want, is that if your using a debit card, the bank has it pre-authed for several days! Which means that money is not avail to you! Get it together show hosts and t... Continue Reading


Re: Which shoes would you choose?

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1428775622.45

Shoe 3 with dress 1. Dress one is beautiful and would look awesome on you, but keep the shoe simple so it does not take away from the dress :) The Confident Woman. Continue Reading

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