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Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

In All About Handbags 1414166623.72

I bought the croco and the cream snake. Want the Grey ostrich next Continue Reading


Who Knew Alberti was a pop singer!

Last Reply by ritasNo1Fan 1414193121.623 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

I just watched Alberti doing a beautiful love song in his native language, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! He said he was a pop singer in his younger days, just beautiful. It was on his Facebook Page, and on You Tube. He won best Male singer for it! Take a look! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1413907791.393

No, as I got the lizard for that price and it had the snap so it is from the second group. they did not have the lizard in the first group. There are WAY to many prices jumbled up on this item. Very frustrating to me. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413907548.69

It is on Facebook that she may be joining the Design team division of JR Fashions. Only repeating what I read, don't shoot the messenger. :) Continue Reading


Re: O/T How do u deal with in-laws that u absolutely hate?

In Beauty Banter 1413895669.773

Call Dr. Laura! You won't like what you hear, but it will be the truth! This is not a forum for airing personal gripes. Continue Reading



Last Reply by KJPA 1414164559.657 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

QVC Had all the GILI Roma 2 handbags on clearance for the last couple of weeks. All of a sudden, a couple more patterns come in the everything changes! Back to 187.00 from the clearance of 129.00. NOT RIGHT Q!!!!! You can't just up the price once the SAME STYLE and it is the same style bag goes on sale, and give it a different item # and expect that we will go along with that! Very upset with this!! I have been waiting for the snake, it's in and not 187.00! Disgusted! Continue Reading


Re: Where's Iris?

In Fashion Talk 1411398360.777

Lisa has a pic of her and Iris on her Facebook page. Iris broke her leg. Continue Reading


Re: Clayton came home today

In Dooney & Bourke 1411397838.81

Thanks Ladies! It was fun to post! Clayton decided to go to work with me today, and some of my staff are babysitting him as we speak. I think they are a little envious! LOL! Hope you all enjoy your D&B bags, and can't wait to speak with you again. :) Continue Reading


Re: Will There Be A Mizrahi Riding Boot TSV?

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1411397502.737

The wide calf is great! I have an 18 inch calf and it fits me beautifully! I got the Expresso and am going back for the wine color. Wish I could get them all, the fit is a dream! But I bought the ones last year now on clearance in Cognac and black and it is a tight fit in the calf so he must have listened and made these a little larger. The quilted material is a rayon blend that has a brushed feel. It looks like suede and has a hand like suede but is not suede. The leather is soft and supple and just amazing! The hardware buckle and the pull tab on the zipper are in gold and stunning jewelry ... Continue Reading

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