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Re: Lisa Robertson - Women of Distinction Award

In Fashion Talk 1416425260.09

I am so happy for her. I received the Woman of Distinction award for Western Mass last year, 2013. It really is an honor, and is an event that is celebrated by many cities and states in our nation. Continue Reading


Re: GILI Madison Watch what you buy!

In All About Handbags 1416419308.55

Hi Stevie B I agree with you. It was really disappointing to get the bag and have all that wrong with it. I might try it again, we'll see Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Large Roma Tote - Order starting at noon EST 11/17/14

In All About Handbags 1416419159.707

I can't find it! all that comes up is the croco! Continue Reading



Last Reply by JavaQueen 1416434368.753 | Started by deelor in Dooney & Bourke

I got my grey Shelby TSV in the mail today. I tried putting my Lori Grenier organizer in in.. to tight and does not make it easy to get anything out, and pushes the great center zip up against the other side wall making both useless. ((sigh) So, I took out the organizer, and put my items in. It is very heavy! Beautiful bag, but heavy! I need to adjust the shoulder strap. My arthritic fingers are saying.. nope.. not me. Don't kow what to do! Do I keep it or send it back. I bought it because I have a simular one in Nylon that is shaped the same, called an editor's bag and I love that that one h... Continue Reading


Re: GILI Milano Hobo - Croco - Zipper?

In All About Handbags 1416242602.55

Mine was a little tight at first, but now it is loosening up . The bag has taken on a great shape, I am using Lori Grenier's insert and it weighs the bag down a bit, so now the zipper is straightening out. Continue Reading


Re: GILI MILANO hobo in brown snake - any reviews? Please help.

In All About Handbags 1416242496.347

Sent mine back, did not like the pattern, very milk chocolate looking Continue Reading


GILI Madison Watch what you buy!

Last Reply by deelor 1416419308.27 | Started by deelor in All About Handbags

I Purchased the GILI Madison bag in ostrich. I had the Roma 2 and never had the opportunity to carry it, so I sold it on EBAY and decided to put the money towards the Madison because I loved the style. I got it Saturday Morning and went back the same day. The ostrich had paint streaks all over the front of the bag, paint OFF the raised dots instead of on the dots, and just awful looking! Also so many creases in the leather, I could not stand it! Now I am sorry I sold my Roma 2 ostrich, that bag was perfect! Continue Reading


Is there a Holiday TV TSV??

Last Reply by glorydays 1416251410.11 | Started by deelor in Electronics Talk

Does anyone know if there is going to be a TV TSV this year for the holidays? I bought a beautiful Sharp 42"a couple of years ago, but want to move that to the bedroom and replace with a new one in the family room. I wanted to see if the Q is planning one this year before I go out and have to look. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's blouse

In Fashion Talk 1415561411.997

On 11/9/2014 lovestoteach said: On 11/9/2014 EnglishRose88 said: On 11/9/2014 ashleigh dupray said: just wondering how LR styled this blouse? loose as a tunic or tucked into a skirt with a jacket? She had it tucked in her GILI faux leather pencil skirt (no jacket) with her $1800 Jitrois corset belt, $1000 Loubie red sole shoes, $35k Cartier watch. Oh, so totally do-able! although not quite like this! She must have had a hot date Continue Reading


Ordered the GILI Madison bag today

Last Reply by Favorite Son 1415569644.367 | Started by deelor in Fashion Talk

I ordered it in the Olive, because I need a green bag, but the more I thought about it, the more I was not pleased with the depth of color on it. I went back and ordered the Port Wine. BOTH TIMES I really wanted the Saddle Ostrich! LOL! But I have the Ostrich in the Roma 2 ( sigh) Hubby says, "Sell your Roma 2 Ostrich on E-Bay - then order the saddle." Ok, good thought, what do you think? I did sell my Roma 2 snake on EBay and bought the Milano brown snake on the Q which I like so much better! Oh decisions! Hate to make them! LOL! Continue Reading

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