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Re: You in Comparison to Your Mother

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My mother loved clothes, and I loved rummaging through her things and playing dress-up in her dresses and shoes. Though she never wore jeans (something she associated with the poverty of her own childhood), she allowed me to change into them after school. I’m 68, love clothes as much as my mother did, and feel fashionable in well-cut jeans. Mom is gone, but I’ve kept a few of her prettiest pieces. They’re beautifully and carefully stored and bring back fond memories whenever I look at them. Continue Reading


Re: I am LOVING the Red Carpet Show

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I, too, am enjoying the show. Hosts look beautiful, and Glam Squad Panel is a lot of fun! Courtney is a great interviewer! Continue Reading


Re: GILI March TSV Backpack has SHIPPED!!!!

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Hi Ladies, Item number is A267131. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Strawberry Sour Cream Cake

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Saw the recipe this afternoon and hurried to the market for strawberries. Baked the cake, and it is delicious! Thanks for such an easy, yummy recipe! Continue Reading


Re: Jill Bauer

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I suspect we could find fault with every one of the QVC hosts—not a Walter Cronkite or a Peter Jennings among them. However, they are “show” hosts, and, of all of them, Jill Bauer delivers the information we need to make decisions about our purchases. She doesn’t “gush” or “fawn” over the vendors; she rarely engages in double hyperbole; she understands the English language and speaks articulately and intelligently on her feet. Is her voice a bit nasal? Yes. Does she speak a bit too fast? Yes. Can the intonation be annoying? Yes. Do I tr... Continue Reading


Re: Devastation in Yarnell Az

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Heartsick over this devastation. Our condolences to the families and our thanks to the courageous people who put their lives on the line for the benefit of others. Continue Reading


Re: Photos from Vicenza - Behind the Scenes with Lisa and the QVC Team!

In Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1372714696.36

Thanks for taking us behind the scenes! Appreciate all that you and QVC do to make something special for us. Always enjoy the shows and the glamour! Continue Reading


Re: JAI by John Hardy

In Jewelry Talk 1372270431.643

I love this line, too. The pieces are beautifully designed, and the silver is substantial and lustrous. Already own 5 pieces, and, after watching Jill and Scott last night, ordered 3 more! Some of the patterns do appear to be recycled from Angela by John Hardy—at least two virtually duplicate pieces I have from the earlier line. But it’s the new looks that, for me, are just so stunning and seem have a contemporary, and even an urban, edge to the traditional artisan patterns. I agree the prices are high. That’s why I limit myself to the OTO (when available) or a featu... Continue Reading


Re: Gold Rush TSV Byzatine Bracelet

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I am also on advanced order for the 14k gold byzantine bracelet. But just for comparison, I looked at the technibond (14k over sterling) byzantines sold on HSN and purchased the 10mm which is 7/16" wide. It's beautiful and substantial. I won't know until my TSV arrives how well my technibond will measure up (color, weight, etc.). But right now, alone or paired with other 14K bracelets, the technibond cannot be distinguished. I wear it often, and though I don't know what jewelers would have to say about durability, this byzantine holds up very well. The TSV is going to have to be a "knock... Continue Reading


Re: PIA cuff TSV as an OTO--a rude awakening!

In Judith Ripka 1355453811.113

Most of us understand tQVC's pricing policies and recognize that even a TSV may eventually go on "Clearance." My Judith Ripka charm bracelet and Monaco rings--as well as a number of my previous jewelry purchases--are now clearance items at a substantially lower price. So be it. But when a TSV is considered "sold out" to allow for one or two OTOs in the later shows, one does not expect the sold out TSV to reappear as an OTO 9 months later. This is not an issue of a disgruntled shopper or an attack on Ms. Ripka. It is an issue, at best, of a lack of consideration for the number of QVC shop... Continue Reading

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