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Re: Another stupid TSV

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And this is why so many have stopped watching, myself included. Unfortunately it must be working for QVC be cause we see the same things over and over. I sure miss seeing new things. Continue Reading


Re: Scrub Daddy tsv

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Is this anything like those white sponges that eventually dissolve? I think they are Mr Clean. Continue Reading


Re: New QVC S & H rates

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Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it. There was no doubt for me that prices would go up. For so long everyone complained about shipping and handling on food items. Suddenly it was "included" but all food prices went up over $10. Just what they used to charge. I hardly order anything. I watch to see what's out there and get lots of info from demonstrating them. QVC used to be cheaper all the time even with s and h but that was many years ago. This won't affect me since I rarely order now. Continue Reading


Re: Kindle Fire Hdx vs. Words With Friends

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I have had problems with it too. I have given up playing on the kindle and just play on the phone now. I removed and reloaded the app and had the same problem as the O P. Continue Reading


Re: Reminder about QVC's "guaranteed delivery" for Christmas

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Thank you for the reminder. Remember too that it is winter and the weather has a lot to do with deliveries. No one can control that so give yourself plenty of time. Continue Reading


Re: Now Here is the Gift for the Man who Has Everything!

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Does this leave a residue in the bowl? I'm guessing it's the oil water thing so it sits on top of the bowl. It seems like it would be messy. Continue Reading


Re: Now Here is the Gift for the Man who Has Everything!

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I've heard that people are putting old prescriptions down the toilet and it's affecting us. Yes, as much as you don't want to believe it, you do get to drink this water too. So now we're adding more things to it. Thinking I might go to bottled water for good....lol. Continue Reading


Re: Current info on my wife

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Sending prayers your way Continue Reading


Re: Planet Fitness

In Health & Fitness 1415833855.93

I joined on 4/30 and have been going at least 4 times a week since then. You can pay $10 a month to use all the equipment or pay $20 a month to use the equipment plus have access to tanning beds, red light therapy room, massage chairs or the hydro massage bed. I highly recommend the bed. It's heaven. I am 63 and have COPD so I am not looking for aerobic classes. I go at my own pace and find that I feel much better since going. I don't pay much attention to what is going on (grunting, etc). I walk on the treadmill and have my set routine with the machines and I usually have headphones on with ... Continue Reading

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