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Re: Alert About Playground Danger

In Viewpoints 1396455953.1 This is the link to the incident in Illinois. It is from Facebook. Continue Reading


Re: Alert About Playground Danger

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On 4/2/2014 Marp2 said: A single incident is bad enough but two in different states in such a short time frame ... Sometimes I think that publicizing it causes copycat reactions. I realize that we need to make people aware of these sick ********** but I think it gives to many others ideas. What a sad world it is sometimes. Continue Reading


Re: Alert About Playground Danger

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I saw this on Facebook too. I think the one I saw said it was in Illinois. You have to be pretty sick to do something like this to poor innocent children. There is a special place in he(( for you. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Think This Is Childish...or is it just Me....???

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They want you to think that because so and so wears it you want it too. It must work for some. I buy what I like and could care less who else wears it. Continue Reading


Re: Josh Elliott leaving GMA

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On 3/31/2014 CelticCrafter said: Remember when it was Charlie and Diane that did the show? Now they need 5 to take their place. Yes I enjoyed it then. I agree that there are to many now and they talk over each other to much. I think George and Robin could handle it alone and let Ginger do the weather. Continue Reading


Re: O/T How can a restaurant have the nerve to tell you how much to tip?

In Beauty Banter 1396369147.6

I also think it's a good idea. Some people can't figure out what to tip. As a former waitress and bartender I think some people need help. I am glad you realized it is not the server's fault and tipped anyway. Continue Reading


Re: So - how many of us in this BB are campers?

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I don't know if you would call it camping. It's more like a summer home. It's a 40 foot RV with 2 bedrooms, Directv and all the comforts of home. We keep it in one place and I wake up to a beautiful lake view every day. Our RV is located very close to DH's employer so we stay out there all spring and summer to avoid the commute. We are surrounded by friends here and a few also spend every day here. My great dane loves being able to walk out of his "big doghouse" and right into the lake whenever he feels like it. As the saying goes....I'm livin' the dream! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Discontinued Home Land Line and Using Just Cell Phone?

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We did it about a year ago. We spend most of the warmer months at our camper. I couldn't see paying for it to just sit there. We each have cell phones so there is always a way to reach one of us. Continue Reading


Re: I love Judith but these prices are ridiculous...

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As long as people are buying it the prices will continue to go up. Just my opinion....I don't buy pieces because they have a designer name on them. I have some lovely pieces from years ago that are 10k and 14k gold and even a few diamonique rings set in gold. I prefer those to paying for someone's name. Continue Reading

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