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Re: Can you imagine a bedroom like this?

In For the Home Talk 1408575065.157

I have the curtains and lamps ---. nothing else like this. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix Presentations

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408574930.47

The VitaMix is a workhorse of a machine, I love mine and I think it's tacky that Wolfgang did that. Continue Reading


Re: Good Lunch place in West Chester?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408574217.2

LA Tolteca at 907 S High Street is one of my favorite places to eat. Bring your own bottle of wine, and enjoy.... Continue Reading


Re: No one excited about theWEN 613 OTO?

In WEN 1406512208.14

Since when does Wen have to give us prior notice for these OTO's? It bugs me when certain people act if they are offended they were not personally asked about what should be a OTO. None of us are Wen employees. Shesh why must we get a history lesson each time a kit is offered for sale of prior prices - who cares? I've got more of a life than to analyze every product sold. Continue Reading


Re: Hubby Gave Me A Compliment On 613 EDT

In WEN 1403385546.317

Mine did too, and he rarely notices when I buy a new cologne. I'm in love with this 613!!! Continue Reading


Re: Happy 1st Birthday Grace Ella (Gracie)!!!

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1403317218.977

Happy Birthday Grace Ella, I hope that your "Gotcha Day" is filled with lots of chewy toys today. You've got a very special name, and are a beautiful little girl! Continue Reading


Re: How Do You Take Your Coffee

In Coffee Talk 1394942283.64

I am spoiled to a light roast coffee, with a lot of Splenda and French Vanilla CoffeeMate in it. Continue Reading


Re: Kerry the model is

In Fashion Talk 1394941418.947

Hummmm I wonder why this video is no longer up? Interesting..... Continue Reading


Re: Thoughts in the WEN brushes??

In WEN 1394931014.107

I bought two from Sally's and they pale in comparisons to these. Chaz's brushes are the best I have ever used, and glad that I spent the extra money for them. I don't think that you will regret buying them. Continue Reading


Re: Remoist vs. 613

In WEN 1394930787.483

I use them both, 613 twice a week and I use ReMoist every other week and have had excellent results from them. I did the ReMoist treatment today for over an hour and my hair is super soft, and feels much healthier now. It's an awesome product that I highly recommend. Continue Reading

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