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Re: Has Lisa R said where she is going or what she is going to be doing in the future?

In Q News 1416704305.23

I don't know myself but my suspicions are that she is going into designing just from the comments I've heard on the Q. For example last night Alberti asked her when was her necklace going to be shown on QVC and she appeared to be caught off guard by the question, and then she said Dec.12.... it seemed be an awkward silence for a moment as if he had let the cat out of the bag, but she handled it well. IF -- that was the case, then again I could be totally reading more into it than it was. Continue Reading


Re: Shipping rose overnight

In Fashion Talk 1416703798.43

It's insane to expect customers to pay these outrageous prices. I'm going to be buying locally and supporting hometown business as much as possible. Continue Reading


Re: HBO's Olive Kitteridge

In TV Talk 1416703614.567

I never read the book but thought the show was excellent. We really enjoyed it. Olive is a tad strange, but yet I found a tiny bit of myself in her -- somewhat misunderstood at times yet loving her family. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ November Thread

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Spencer just grates on my nerves, I cannot stand to watch or listen to him. I agree Alexis and Sam both needs to put their girls away. As much as I enjoy watching this show, it reminds me of how normal my family is. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchenaid hand mixer

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416703153.303

I have the digital one from QVC and I love it. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Adam's grandmother?

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Adam has made Sage a deal I am sure, that's why she is going along with this farce. It's going to be interesting to watch it play out, just hope they don't drag it out too long. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown powder eyeshadows - thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1415993509.253

Cannot compare to IT Cosmetics eyeshadows for color, longevity, and price IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Marybeth

In Beauty Banter 1415992863.48

I've enjoyed watching Marybeth for years, and she is still as beautiful as ever. Like all of us, she is aging too she is no longer 30, she looks fantastic I think. Continue Reading


Re: Finally a Message From ME2ME

In Judith Ripka 1415992077.397

Wow you certainly have been through so much. My heart goes out to you. I will say a prayer for you Christine. Keep your positive attitude up. God bless you. Continue Reading


Re: TSV from Lori Grenier

In Fashion Talk 1415991926.73

I bought her older one at a much cheaper price, and felt it was not worth that price and I sent it back. For that money it should have been much more sturdier and it wasn't. I am not falling for her stuff she claims she invents. (insert laugher here). Continue Reading

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