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Re: General Hospital ~ January Thread

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I love how Billy Miller is bringing some excitement to this show. I can't wait for Jason to remember who he was and he will save the day rescuing Sonny from prison. Luck/Fluke makes me want to take a long nap. Sam is just too promiscuous for me. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Rumors for February Sweeps

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Eileen Davidson is 55 years old according to Wikipedia. But of course this is a soap so anything is possible. Why was I thinking that Dylan and Sharon had a one night fling when he first came into town. She was down on her luck as usual and he was there to comfort her and they formed a friendship. Did I dream this? Can Victor not do anything legal or the right way? Why must he try to manipulate everyone? I am ready for Joe Clark to leave town, this eye candy guy is boring to me. I feel bad for Neil but I think Devon and Hillary are more suited to being together. Continue Reading


Re: OK Southerners.......and misplaced Southerners...OR ANYONE.....

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In Mississippi we have the Bryan brand. They are smaller red wieners and we love them. They are not the spicy kind. Continue Reading


Re: Can Anyone Describe DK Cashmere Mist Scent?

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Cannot describe it, but can say that I have received numerous compliments on how nice it smells. I love it and so does my honey. Continue Reading


Re: Opinons on Spin Mop?

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Ours is used weekly, we love it and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Super simple to use. Continue Reading


Re: I really enjoy Sheri Shepherd....

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Those two have such fun together, always enjoy them together. Continue Reading


Re: o/t ... which juicer? any advice?

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I had a Breville and it was horrible - the cleanup was insane a horrid mess. Purchased a Vitamix and never once regretted it - it's a juicer and so much more. Costly but well worth the price of it. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Denese vs Josie Maran

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I absolutely love my Dr. Denese HydroShield serum and for me, it cannot compare with Josie's. The moisture I get from Dr. Denese is outstanding. It's pricy but excellent. Continue Reading


Re: Dyson AM05 Hot & Cold heater & Fan

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You must also take into account where you live and the weather conditions compared to last years. For example I live in the South and I also bought one of these Dysons last month too and my utility bill was $100.00 less, and I attribute it to having a milder weather last month. Needless to say I am well pleased with ours. Continue Reading


Re: Shipping rose overnight

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It's insane to expect customers to pay these outrageous prices. I'm going to be buying locally and supporting hometown business as much as possible. Continue Reading

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