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Re: Hubby Gave Me A Compliment On 613 EDT

In WEN 1403385546.317

Mine did too, and he rarely notices when I buy a new cologne. I'm in love with this 613!!! Continue Reading


Re: Happy 1st Birthday Grace Ella (Gracie)!!!

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1403317218.977

Happy Birthday Grace Ella, I hope that your "Gotcha Day" is filled with lots of chewy toys today. You've got a very special name, and are a beautiful little girl! Continue Reading


Re: How Do You Take Your Coffee

In Coffee Talk 1394942283.64

I am spoiled to a light roast coffee, with a lot of Splenda and French Vanilla CoffeeMate in it. Continue Reading


Re: Kerry the model is

In Fashion Talk 1394941418.947

Hummmm I wonder why this video is no longer up? Interesting..... Continue Reading


Re: Thoughts in the WEN brushes??

In WEN 1394931014.107

I bought two from Sally's and they pale in comparisons to these. Chaz's brushes are the best I have ever used, and glad that I spent the extra money for them. I don't think that you will regret buying them. Continue Reading


Re: Remoist vs. 613

In WEN 1394930787.483

I use them both, 613 twice a week and I use ReMoist every other week and have had excellent results from them. I did the ReMoist treatment today for over an hour and my hair is super soft, and feels much healthier now. It's an awesome product that I highly recommend. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ March Thread

In TV Talk 1394930554.55

I absolutely hate that Luke is becoming a dirty old man, it's creepy and why isn't Kiki speaking up. I don't like where the writer are taking this story. Wonder what the connection between Donna Mills and Nate will be. Going to be interesting. I always liked Ned's character and look forward to him coming back. Poor AJ cannot even be safe in an ICU, from Ava. Continue Reading


Re: Poll from the Y&R - Can't say I am surprised, are you?

In TV Talk 1394930248.013

I agree Hooty, he doesn't appear to be very mature. I've missed seeing you around here lately. Hope that you've been doing well. Continue Reading


Poll from the Y&R - Can't say I am surprised, are you?

Last Reply by FATCATinCT 1396205134.79 | Started by Mama Deb in TV Talk

From the Soaps she knows website there is an active poll asking our opinions on the recast of Billy... Totally working out 7.5% Not working out 76.9% Just okay 14.9% Undecided 0.7 % I realize David Tom that he was the original Billy Abbot however, Billy Miller took this role and made the character lovable, and David Tom is simply not working out according to the majority of those polled and I happen to agree with them. What do you think? Continue Reading


Re: BINGO!!!! Jack saw what I saw re: Kelly!! (Y&R)

In TV Talk 1394905840.34

I am glad this actress is leaving as I am not fond of her. Yet am sad that Cady is taking her place. I like her a lot and fear that I'll end up disliking her for this role as a bad girl. I don't care who they hire for Adam it will never be the same! Can say that I'll miss this Chloe. Continue Reading

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