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Re: Who uses a very cheap facial cleanser BUT expensive serums/moisturizers, etc.

In Beauty Banter 1410740966.433

I just nothing but Purity Made Simply, it has served me well over the past 15 years and I never want to change. Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409549047.827

I would rather leave work and go home to check it myself... With some of my neighbors, I just cannot imagine trusting them to go inside my home. Continue Reading


Re: How long should you keep unused makeup?

In Beauty With Benefits 1409548818.43

On 7/29/2014 Moonlady said: Three months? Ridiculous! In other words, I keep them a lot longer than the cosmetics manufacturers wish I would. I agree as I do the same. Continue Reading


Re: It comestics host clothes

In Beauty With Benefits 1409548650.333

I love the It Cosmetic's line and use these products almost exclusively. Jaime is a great presenter of them. Like her I also am a plus size woman, however I absolutely cannot pull off wearing a solid color tighter dress and would never try to. She is a beautiful classy woman. I think she would look better in a larger dress size, but she is obviously confident dressing as she does. I am glad she doesn't go overboard with tons of distracting jewelry. Continue Reading


Re: philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash

In philosophy 1409547363.56

I've had this same problem, only to discover they had fallen to the bottom of the bottle. Shake extra hard, and turn your bottle upside down and they will mix with the liquid. Continue Reading


Re: Purity, other uses?

In philosophy 1409547278.98

I've actually used it to help remove a makeup stain on a blouse. Continue Reading


Re: Can you imagine a bedroom like this?

In For the Home Talk 1408575065.157

I have the curtains and lamps ---. nothing else like this. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix Presentations

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408574930.47

The VitaMix is a workhorse of a machine, I love mine and I think it's tacky that Wolfgang did that. Continue Reading


Re: Good Lunch place in West Chester?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408574217.2

LA Tolteca at 907 S High Street is one of my favorite places to eat. Bring your own bottle of wine, and enjoy.... Continue Reading

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