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Re: Wen - Jack's got a following...

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On 9/30/2014 sjk73 said: You don't need to assure me of anything but that maybe you're passing along misinformation. I distinctly heard them call her his wife, like I said maybe they were looped or were up too late. Someone said I don't know where they get this information, well, I got it from the show. Why should I not say what I heard? Others do it. Anyway, I did not start this thread about a model but I know what I heard. Don't worry, I'm done with this nonsense anyway. Sometimes it's best to just say oops I made a mistake, perhaps I misunderstood when you don't know things for a fact. ... Continue Reading


Re: Alberti and skin care/makeup shows this morning

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Alberti is such a professional and does a great job, regardless of what show he is doing. Continue Reading


Re: Sept. 29 Today is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY What do you like in your coffee??

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I love my Wawa coffee mixed with French Vanilla cream, and lots of Splenda. I know it's not good for me, but I do enjoy one cup a day. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix TSV - Free Shipping

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Something must be wrong, it should never take two weeks to receive your order. I would call ASAP. Continue Reading


Re: I need me some Billy Miller!

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Wish they would hurry up, I too am having Billy Miller withdrawals. He's such a great actor! Continue Reading


Re: It cosmetics with Alberto?????

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He is fabulous and does not talk over the vendor like some of the females do when they get excited. I just love Alberti, he is precious! Continue Reading


Re: Emjoi

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Watching it persuaded me to buy one. And if disturbs you then change the channel. Problem solved. Continue Reading


Re: Who uses a very cheap facial cleanser BUT expensive serums/moisturizers, etc.

In Beauty Banter 1410740966.433

I just nothing but Purity Made Simply, it has served me well over the past 15 years and I never want to change. Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

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I would rather leave work and go home to check it myself... With some of my neighbors, I just cannot imagine trusting them to go inside my home. Continue Reading

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