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Re: Why are we so crazy about handbags? Especially Dooney & Bourke...

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You ladies are making me laugh!! I switch out my Dooney's when I feel like it and for some reason, everyone notices. The question is always "Is that a new one?" Actually it isn't. I haven't bought a Dooney in awhile, but I do have a collection! I just keep switching them out and everyone thinks it's new! When I first began dating my now husband, he started noticing I was showing up with different Dooney's for different occasions, or just because I switched it out. He asked me "How many of these do you have?" I said "Start counting the changes." Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Are you or were you best friends with your mom?

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My Mom and I were always Mother and daughter with a respectful relationship. We became best friends after my now ex husband decided I was trash and walked out of our 20 year marriage. Seven months later, my whole family died. She was among them. She was my rock and my confidant. So in the end, yes, we were best friends. She always will be and I will carry that in my heart forever. Continue Reading


Re: Baking my fruit pies for Labor Day Bash

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On 9/1/2014 terrier3 said: On 9/1/2014 adoreqvc said: I would never make anyone do anything they did not want to willingly do. I'm sure you are a kind and gracious employer - just as you are with your guests. But LABOR DAY is special. I hope you are paying double time! Do you know how many people work on Labor Day??? It isn't a holiday for everyone. I worked today and my husband who owns a Greek restaurant is working until 11:00 tonight. He was there since 10:00 a.m. Labor Day. Yes, some people do have to go to work on this day. And everyone I know, including me are happy to do so. Work = ... Continue Reading


Re: Man oh Man look at the price! J295462

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Sorry you haven't received quality Ripka jewelry. I have. I know nothing about WEN. I don't use it, I don't need it and I have no interest in it. Continue Reading


Re: Man oh Man look at the price! J295462

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On 9/1/2014 terrier3 said: On 9/1/2014 SoftRaindrops said: That is completely subjective because the raw materials used in both brands of jewelry are almost identical. In fact it just so happens that the factories used for many "designer" jewelry pieces are exactly the same ones used for ordinary readily available jewelry sold to the masses. Slap a designer name on it and you "think" it is somehow special. Jewelry is not a topic that will ever be objective. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If you are buying jewelry for resale value, considering the high mark-up of David Yurman, you will g... Continue Reading


Re: Who Owns Ripka's Yellow Goldtone Chronograph Watch?

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Me2Me, I have the Chrono in all three colors and every one of them has held up beautifully! They do get a LOT of wear when of course I'm not wearing my Regent which I also have in all three colors! I LOVE the Chrono and the Regent! Both are great choices in any color you choose! Continue Reading


Re: Man oh Man look at the price! J295462

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On 9/1/2014 GoodStuff said: On 8/28/2014 Crazed4Gems said: I am an August baby and I am quite fond of peridot but I'm not THAT fond of it! That is seriously highway robbery!! Actually, this doesn't qualify as "highway robbery", because no one is coercing people to buy the bracelet at gunpoint. What's truly distressing is that some people are willingly dropping that amount of money to own a JR/QVC piece that is worth only a small fraction of the quoted price by any objective standards........and are willing to believe the purchase is worth it. Just. Plain. Sad. Why is this "distressing" to y... Continue Reading


Re: What Cha' Wearing for Labor Day?

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My "Live" cuff and my LBT ring. Continue Reading


Re: Why are we so crazy about handbags? Especially Dooney & Bourke...

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I'm a Dooney girl all the way. I carry nothing else and haven't for years. Dooney reflects my style. From satchels to totes to drawstrings, I have them, I wear them and I love them!! Continue Reading


Re: Long haired girls what do you do with your hair when you sleep

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I don't do anything with it. I just lay my head on my pillow and go to sleep. Continue Reading

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