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Re: TSV Tennis Bracelet

In Judith Ripka 1419035053.037

Q42: I agree. I don't understand how some pieces hit the mark and others fall flat. There is supposed to be quality control. Not on my bracelet. It fell flat. Sheesh: It wasn't sitting out in the cold. It was hand delivered to me in L.A. I received it three days ago. The stones were flat from the day of delivery up to the present. The stones didn't need "warming up". They're just dead. Continue Reading


TSV Tennis Bracelet

Last Reply by Sammycat1 1419090704.22 | Started by Oneanddone in Judith Ripka

I received my TSV 118 facet tennis bracelet in the silver a few days ago and it's going back. For those who received a sparkling faceted bracelet, enjoy it!! Mine had zero sparkle and the stones looked like sheer glass. No faceting at all in the stones. Back she goes. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka all on 5 easy pay!!!

In Judith Ripka 1418342761.63

I bought the TSV in Silver and a cuff I already own in the Rose, this time I bought it in the Yellow. I'll miss tonight's show, but happy shopping everyone!!! (Yellow cuff shown below.) Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

In Jewelry Talk 1418336170.357

Will it sell?? EVERYTHING sells to those who like it. Continue Reading


Re: ripka tsv info

In Judith Ripka 1418260989.98

On 12/10/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: what is it? Continue Reading


Re: Yo! 12/10/14 - Miss Judie's in the house!

In Judith Ripka 1418258941.87

Hi kap!! Hope to chat with you tomorrow! I'm definitely getting the TSV bracelet in the silver....that piece just SCREAMS to me!!! I'll have to set my alarm to score it and then back to bed. Your purchase sound beautiful!! The BGB is open and ready for the shows!!! Continue Reading


Re: Judith TSV is blinding!

In Judith Ripka 1418255870.787

Congrats paintbrush!!! I am SO getting this bracelet!! So happy you love it, and I know I will too!! Continue Reading


Re: Posh Presents......really?

In Fashion Talk 1417821823.203

I consider a "Posh" present a Birkin bag. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka December Shows/TSV

In Judith Ripka 1417821525.507

Hi ladies! I saw this beauty when GF posted it. This is a DEFINITE buy for me!!! Continue Reading


Re: Come on Qvc

In Beauty Banter 1417221380.377

QVC's "Better Than Black Friday" is a joke. If you don't want to shop the B&M stores, go online and search. You can get MUCH better deals. Continue Reading

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