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Re: Smudging Eye Liner--HELP!

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I use and love Mally's Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner use them in both deep olive and gunmetal since I line my lower lash line as well and these 2 colors work for both top and bottom lining for me. I do put my cheapie $1 ELF lid primer on first that so many mentioned about here on these boards. You just need a little bit(comes in a tube, glass, with a sponge tip applicator) and let it completely dry. I usually put this on right after my foundation than do the rest of my makeup then my eye lining last so the primer is totally dry, works for me. I get sheer. Continue Reading


Drug store mascara rec please BUT not a wet goopy one

Last Reply by Jerseygirl1266 1425413718.947 | Started by doglover3 in Beauty Banter

I hate spending so much on mascaras so would love to find a drug store mascara but so far no luck since the ones I tried were wet and goopy. When they are like this my sparse lashes(long enough bur I need volume) just get clumped together which I hate. Benefit They're Real is very wet for me and looks very spidery and clumpy. Mally volumizing is decent but would rather find a decent drug store one if possible. I don't like spidery lashes or fake looking ones but do like them to look a bit thicker than they are. So, if anyone can suggest a decent mascara for volume that isn't wet and goopy ... Continue Reading


Re: Who is buying the Perricone TSV ?

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On 3/3/2015 chisos said: I ordered the Perricone TSV. I have never used Perricone so we Will seeee. Any recommendations for products are appreciated. same here, never tried this line but took a chance after watching the final presentation. I sure hope I like this. BTW, I have mature dry skin so any help or rec's using this would be appreciated as well. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Boomers 2015 - Welcome!

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Desi, I recorded Static as well but didn't watch that yet either. We sure had our share of both snow and ice this year but just glad we didn't get the ice like we did 2 years in a row that was really bad and we lost power from all the ice on branches and wires than came down. So far even though we had a lot of ice(want more today and tomorrow) it didn't do any damage other than we couldn't get out. Some creepy ones are okay but not real scarey creepy or I can't sleep, lol, bothers me. Well, I caved and got the TSV Perricone which is a first for me to spend so much on 3 pieces of skin care so,... Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the use AHAs accelerates skin aging?

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I know I had to stop using it. I asked my family doctor what was the matter with my facial skin all of a sudden and he asked if I was using an AHA, I said yes. His sister is a derm doc and doesn't recommend this. This was about 6 months ago though for me and my face has improved since I stopped using this. I think Linda Marshall of Elysee is an honest person and trust her judgment when it comes to skin care as well as my family doctor since he gets all his info from his sister and is how I decide what I want to use and not use, by him. Continue Reading


Re: "Ain't Love Grand"...... New York’s Oldest Married Couple Celebrates With Joint Birthday Party

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That's what it's all about, bless them. thanks adoreqvc for posting this, wonderful long life together. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Boomers 2015 - Welcome!

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Happy March to you ladies as well and sure can't wait for spring now that it is getting so close. Luvmy3z, I am sure both you and your DH are like me and mine, would love to bring them all home and felt so bad we couldn't. Will check BJ's out for those if you like them and they work for you. Desi, saw on our weather station that if you get 6 more inches of snow it will be your snowiest winter on record, really something huh. This February is our 2 nd worst for both cold and snow. I can imagine with all the snow and now the ice there are a lot of trees, limbs and roofs down. We didn't get at a... Continue Reading


Re: Need a good split pea soup as well as tomato soup please

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On 3/1/2015 Zhills said: "Add a couple of teaspoons of sugar to tomato soup or sauce because it helps balance out the acidity of the tomatoes and bring out the natural sweetness." that is what I was always told as well. My cousin married an Italian guy that is a great cook and said to always put sugar in my pasta sauce. I use his recipe of course so yes, I do put sugar in almost everything I make with tomatoes. Mothertrucker, I do have an immersion blender so thanks. PinkyPetunia, will try that next time and yes, will add broth or something since for pea soup he likes it a bit thinner. For ... Continue Reading


Re: Need a good split pea soup as well as tomato soup please

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cookie and mothertrucker, both sound very very good and did copy them, thank you Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Cut Of Meat For Pot Roast

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my gram, my mom and now myself, only use boneless chuck roast. I do mine as they did though, stove top. I have a large, guess you would call it a chicken fryer although I don't use it as such. It is very deep, wide in diameter and has a high domed lid. I brown my roast on both sides(sometimes coat it first in flour but not always) than I add russet potatoes, whole carrots and whole onions(med size) than add some low sodium beef broth, bring to a boil than immediately turn down to a simmer and simmer with the lid on till the meat is done and tender, about 3 hours. Of course this depends on t... Continue Reading

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