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Re: I think I could be an eskimo...I love the cold.

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while I enjoy the snow(as long as it doesn't stick around for weeks) I don't think I would want winter all the time. I prefer spring and fall though over summer since I don't like humidity at all. Continue Reading


Re: My mother

In Q News 1422610958.06

I am so very sorry. My deepest sympathies go to you and your family. Continue Reading


Re: What cleanser product/brand do you use to wash latix painted walls in your home?

In For the Home Talk 1422610838.897

My mom too always used spick and span but then she used that for everything I think, said it cleaned just about anything. Continue Reading


Re: Missing Joan Rivers

In Fashion Talk 1422610703.407

I have always enjoyed Joan but like seeing David on now and listening to his stories as well. I will continue to watch and hope they keep bringing the line to QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Hsn 24hr beauty event on 1/29

In Beauty Banter 1422610618.1

I like the two faced bronzer on my fair dry skin, only one that doesn't look orange or fake on me. Continue Reading


Re: What full coverage foundation works for you?

In Beauty Banter 1422610531.243

I have been using the L'Oreal visible lift serum absolute since it came out and love it for my dry mature skin. I just watched a few videos though on one of the cover girls foundation, 3 in 1 which says it is a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. I would like to try that sometime but I do really like my L'Oreal visible lift serum absolute and applying it with my real techniques expert face brush. Continue Reading


Re: Why? Oh why is Rick hosting the Vicenza jewelry show?

In Jewelry Talk 1422610008.183

When QVC first came on Jeff H use to do all the 18 K gold shows in a tux. I enjoyed that and think he did a fantastic job selling jewelry. He explained everything so well and a lot better than a lot of the ladies do. It doesn't and shouldn't make any difference male or female selling any product at all as long as they do a good job of it. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Boomers 2015 - Welcome!

In Beauty Banter 1422609777.587

Desi, check this out, is what I ordered. Item A262262 Laura Geller Brow Marble Pencil Duo with Sharpener Auto Delivery in Charcoal $26.36 Continue Reading


Re: SSC glycolic cleanser and peels please

In Beauty Banter 1422609567.303

thank you, will check that out Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Boomers 2015 - Welcome!

In Beauty Banter 1422526300.73

Desi, watched Suits and really don't like the character that Lewis plays, guess people are suppose to not like him. We have neighbors that do the same thing plus when DS digs out 2 spots in front of our house for his and DH car(mine is in the garage) as soon as we leave a neighbor takes the spot and parks smack dab in the middle to take up both spots and leaves it there till the snow goes away. We have to pull both cars up on the front lawn then and kill our grass, don't like it but as they say, no one owns the street and you can't keep people from doing that. You have no idea how furious b... Continue Reading

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