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Re: Rite Aid this week 40% off Physician Formula for the face, Thanks for those that recommedend the super CC cream

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I will certainly let you know how I like both. This week is a great time to try PF at 40% off. I do see they changed their customer card and can use it at Macy and other places so is a good deal. We have a Rite Aid about 4 minutes away so is very handy and I get my Revlon lip gloss there when they have that at 40% off. Continue Reading


Re: Physicians Formula - What's new?

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not new but this week at Rite Aid PF has their face products on sale 40% off. I want to try PF super CC cream as well as the PF argon oil (forget it that is a BB or a CC cream). I know the CC cream gets great reviews but haven't heard much about the argon oil one but was recommended to me, both really so will try them both at 40% off this week. Continue Reading


Re: Pittsburgh soap street?

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MrsSweetieBear, I just had to comment on your signature saying at the end, love it. My Favorite People are dogs and dogs are my Favorite People. My next door neighbor has a sign on her dog, ''Our Dogs Live Here, You are Just Visiting" love it too. We have 3 dogs now but had 6, all inside house dogs of course as well as feed and house 7 feral cats. I also like the saying Will Rogers said. " If dogs don't go to heaven, than I want to go where they go''. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Boomers 2015 - Welcome!

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Desi, we have a lot of what they call Patient First around here and closes at 10 PM but my sister said her family doctor would rather she go to the ER after doctors hours instead of going to any of those other places. We have 3 big local hospitals that are close, one is less than 5 minutes away but we always go to the one that is 15 to 20 minutes away because that is where we always went. I was born there, had everything there as well as DS and is where DH got his treatment for Lyme disease. We just feel better going to that one and service is excellent as well as staff. It is a big teaching ... Continue Reading



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the pencil you posted looks and is exactly like mine but the writing on it isn't the same although it says the same thing but in different places? Under where it says EYEBROW PENCIL mine says CRAYON A SOURCILS than under that it says professional. than there is a sort of arch drawn than under that is says BROW filling and DEFINING than DEFINITION ET DESSIN DES SOURCILS but the pencil looks the same, maybe a newer or older version on the packaging? I got 001 dark brown. thank you feline groovy, must be you that recommended it. I too find no reddish hues like so many browns have. This is by fa... Continue Reading



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I just wish I remembered the name of the person that recommended it. It is really very nice. I like the way it goes on, lasts and looks and feels good on. I just can't believe I like this so much for this price but I do. I thought the same thing, would never find one I really like but do like this. I will say I do like the Mally pencil duo for $18 at her website but won't pay $12.50 for shipping and I like this one just as much so, glad I tried it. You know how it is, think how good can something for under $4 be so I was surprised. Do give it a try and post back. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Boomers 2015 - Welcome!

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Desi, I was the only one there when I got there than a man come in than a couple with 2 small kids and that was it. When I left there wasn't anyone in the waiting room. I think with all the patient first places they now have all over the place it is taking some away from the ER's although those others close at 10 PM. I like Battle Creek, too bad it is cancelled. I don't care if I know the end of WP or not, stuff like that doesn't bother me knowing an end, wouldn't keep me from watching any shows I like. Continue Reading


Re: What Beauty Purchases did you make week ending 5/22/15????

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not from here but I did pick up at Walmart a Rimmel brow pencil in dark brown for $3.47 and I absolutely love it much better than my IT or ybf pencil that I am on AD for but going to now cancel. I love the Mally brow pencil duo from her website but won't pay $12.50 shipping so, picked this up after someone recommended it as their favorite and love it. Continue Reading


Re: Pittsburgh soap street?

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I can tell you her Beautiful is spot on. I was at an Estee Lauder counter and the clerk said I know you are wearing our Beautiful aren't you. I just said yes I am. I also like PSS Lovely as well as Vanilla Orchid(great for summer) as well as Cashmere Mist, Honeybee sweet, Bamboo Sugarcane, Ibiscus(sp) and DH loves the coconut almond or almond coconut. I know there are a lot of others I like as well but off hand, forgot them. Continue Reading



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While shopping at Walmart 4 nights ago I picked this Rimmel brow pencil up, LOVE it. I was on AD for ybf from HSN as well as IT from QVC but my favorite was Mally's brow pencil from her website. It comes as a duo in a small box and both are double ended. It is like a regular pencil and is $18. the only bad part is her shipping is $12.50 which I won't pay. so, I picked up this Rimmel at Walmart for $3.47, yep, $3.47 and it is almost identical to the Mally I love and may be even nicer. It only comes in 3 colors, hazel, dark brown and black. I got it in dark brown having almost black brow hairs... Continue Reading

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