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Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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Desi and pepesmom, yes, it makes coffee, tea and hot cocoa it says just by pressing the button you want to have it make. I think you are probably right, a commercial one but would be nice if they make a home version that is within a decent price range. It made great coffee, much better than the Keurig the Honda dealer has. We had the same weather here today, very windy and really chilly, now is 34 at 3:45 AM. So far they are saying it will be 63 for Easter Sunday. We are going to our usual holiday buffet place since we all enjoy that and we can each have what we want and like. Same here with ... Continue Reading


Re: Please I need advice - stomach issue

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I agree with all above but if it is a sort of bloated pain it may just be constipation. So, if all else fails, ask you doctor about constipation problems if you think you have this problem, just a suggestion. I too don't think a doctor should diagnose on the phone or in a e mail. I wouldn't do or take anything serious till you get a diagnosis. Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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These aren't disks but are more like an oblong pouch with a tiny disk, small button size, on the very top and that is what pokes out once you put that little pouch down into the slot. The front has a large oval glass and on the left side says coffee, tea or hot cocoa, in a straight line down on the left side. There are buttons beside each of those and you press whichever pouch you are going to be putting in the slot when the door opens. Once you press a button the door opens and you put the pouch in and close the door than a bar comes on in that window and show the progress of your coffee(... Continue Reading


Re: OT, somewhat.......Just need to share with someone.......

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forrest, by now you must know your father loves you and is just not an emotional man but is doing his best and by sending this card it is his way of telling you he does love you and does appreciate all you have been doing for him. I think you are a wonderful daughter as well as a wonderful person, good for you. I lost my mom quite a while ago and my dad at 98 3 years ago, very sad so, continue to reach out to your dad now since time is going on. BTW, enjoy all the recipes you post. Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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Janet, yes I like both the scented body lotion and the scented shower gel although the shower gel doesn't last as long of course but the body lotion does have a decent staying power and do like that. I have never gotten meat at Aldi's other than one time when I picked up boneless ribs and boy were they good so, will get them again, very good. I do get honey ham lunch meat, cats love this as does DH with swiss cheese. Desi, broke a record here again, went down to 25, record was 28 same as it was yesterday but yesterday we went down to 24 so, is still very cold at night and days so far are aro... Continue Reading


Re: Favorite eyeshadow primer for oily lids?

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Nothing works better for me than the ELF lid primer for $1. It comes in a tube with a sponge tip applicator and just apply and let it totally dry before doing anything else. I have tried so many others and this works the best for me, go figure. I got mine at Target. Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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Have the same weather here, started to really pour than turned to snow late evening and everything was white, still is on the grass, trees, shrubs and cars yet but is gone off the walks and streets. They only want 34 for a high today and 25 tonight, winter came back. Janet, I got my Rimmel ScandalEyes at Walmart but they didn't have a lot of colors to choose from so I really don't know what other colors they have but I do like the guilty grey and paranoid purple(using this one lightly than smudging, very nice). The brown I got is more of a coppery brown which I really don't care for, prefer a... Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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Happy Passover to all that celebrate. Desi, glad at least the eye and foot aren't as terrible as they were in the beginning, at least a little better. Will try that next time I get that pain. Guess we all have about the same weather, very windy here and is raining but want higher winds later in the day. Going to get the oil changed in my car, don't think it needs it but got a letter from the company, should wait but DH said let's go so, appointment for 7 AM. Janet, I like the guilty grey and also the paranoid purple if you smudge it lightly. Both last longer than the Ulta ones and I can shar... Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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Desi, I hope your foot is a lot better or shortly as well as your eye, both bad things to hurt. That is what that yellow stuff, plasma something I got from Skinn, is a sort of gel you pat on oily or greasy areas with the sponge provided(know you are done with Skinn as am I but do like this stuff for that). I too haven't worn anything else since getting the IT CC cream foundation and now love the IT stain stick duos and haven't worn anything else on my lips since getting that. I am glad I don't need anything under this IT CC foundation so it should be better with the hot humid weather, go more... Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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Forgot, I wanted to tell you I haven't put anything else on my lips since getting that IT lip/cheek stain stick duos. Boy do I like this duo, like both colors and use them both on my lips and my cheeks as stain. The color lasts a long time on my lips unlike other balms and is very moisturizing, lips feel great. I thought if I didn't like these I would just wear them to bed to moisturize my lips since for $29 I wouldn't sent them back but I do really like both colors so, is another thing I will definitely reorder, best product for my lips yet. Continue Reading

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