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Re: Update On Pumpkin

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I'm praying for Pumpkin.It makes me so sad to when I hear of anyones fur baby not feeling well.Hope the shot helps and he feels better. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Oh my,so much going on. I am praying for all in need. Shop I was crying as I read your post,poor Joey and you. I hope and pray with all my heart the biopsy is benign. Sugarbear,Oscar and Pumpkin are all in my prayers too. Thanks so much Sammycat for mentioning everyone and meI am a bit better now,had a bad lupus flare and had to go on a high dose of prednisone but its helping some,going to take a while. A girl night out sounds like a dream and its so true that nibbling on MrSchmoo's pink paw pads is better then drinks or pain meds,would make me so happy. I just love kitty feet and their littl... Continue Reading


Re: Prayers Again For Tigger Please

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Its always nerve wracking when our babies aren't quite themselves but glad Tigger is feeling better. Continue Reading


Re: Candle lighting prayer vigil for all the animals.. with or without candles 8PM tonight.

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I'm so sorry I missed this but I do pray everyday for all the ailing and homeless furbabues. I hope I make the next vigil. Tissyanne I always pray for your Sugarbear everyday. Continue Reading


Re: I'm Feeling So Discouraged

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I too have no advice but will keep your baby in my prayers. I so hate hearing of any animal not feeling well,breaks my heart. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Shop I am keeping your Joey in my prayers.I am so sorry to read that he had to have emergency surgery.Sending prayers for you too. I saw on another thread that Tissyanne's Sugarbear is having some issues too.I may not always be here everyday as I am having lots of health problems but I do pray for everyones fur babies. Such a lovely picture of Fergus,what a beauty he was,a gentle giant. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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This last post and the picture has me literally drowning in my own tears.What a beautiful photo,sweet Cubby showing how he has love for the person who is showing him love and affection. Such cruel people to do this to Chubby but look at him now.This picture is making my heart smile.God Bless them both. Such a lovely tribute to your FIL and your DH who clearly was cut from the same cloth.Such wonderful men in your life,right on down to Mr Schmoo. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Aww Fergus looking like that for a treat,no way I could say kno. They sure know how to make us give in. MrSchmoo sleeping so soundly and cuddly in his bed makes that list of meds all so very worth it. How lucky was he that you and your DH found him,not too many people care for their pets so lovingly and thats sad. beastie so good to see you back here. I was wondering where you have been. Continue Reading


Re: Today was my brothers Memorial!!

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Thank you all so much. I saw some pictures and they were lovely. I can't wait for the video. Doxie I love what you said about hang ten. Tommy's friend said his ashes just formed a big circle and stayed that way for sometime around the surfboard. I am sure Tommy had a hand in that and was happy his remains went to sea. Continue Reading


Re: Libby and Patchy...

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Such a happy post and I have happy tears. I too would have loved to see that. So glad Libby is doing as well as she is,thank you Lord. Continue Reading

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