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Re: Goodbye, beautiful little darlin' girl

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I am so sorry.What a beautiful little girl,I know how heartbreaking it is to lose ones fur baby.My cats are my children too.Only time can help your daughter and prayers too. Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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Does happy housewife have a happy hubby,me thinks not,such a crab.Why come to a pet forum just to be judgmental.People here are looking for ways to help pets not kill them.There are so many other threads you can spread your sunshine on. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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What a beautiful picture and yes he sure was a wise kitty.The way MrSchmoo photographs is so unreal,perfection,its almost as if God is always shining the flash on his wonderful creation.He is Ghandi and Budda all rolled up into one magnificent cat. Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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I say feed him for sure.Eventually he will come to trust you and then try and capture him to get him fixed.We have been feeding ferals for years.A shelter lent us a trap and we paid very little to them to have the kittys fixed. Those saying no,thats so very cruel.The cats didn't ask for this life to live outdoors,it's because of selfish thoughtless humans that these kittys are forced to live an awful life and beg for food.If everyone spayed and neutered,feral cats would become extinct.Its not the cats fault,its the uncaring people.Spay,neuter and keep cats indoors,no more problems with strays... Continue Reading


Re: Brodie at Rainbow Bridge - April 23

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I'm so very sorry.I can hardly see through my tears to type.I will keep you in my prayers. I agree with you about showing our pets how much we love them every single day for we never know when they may suddenly leave us as I l had happen too. Brodie sure won't be alone,he will have so many great friends waiting to meet him at the bridge. Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Hi everyone.Its been a while.Seems like its slowing down here though.I have had a rough time between the eyes and my orencia treatment but doing better now. Desert you are quite the little shopper and you do score some nice buys.I rarely get a deal.I love Korres products,there body lotions are amazing. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Awww,King Schmoo.Love the comparison of Schmoo and the Lion.Indeed MrSchmoo had courage though,he didn't need to get if from the Wizard. slh I am so sorry your dad had a setback.I am praying for him. Continue Reading



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My kitty Cookie does so many cute things but one I love is in the morning if she wants me to get up she crawls up my body and plops down on my chest very close to my face and starts giving me little kisses.14lbs of kitty plopped on my chest,lol Continue Reading


Re: What beauty item would you not purchase again?

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Way too many to list but some real losers for me: Wen,mineral makeup,Dr Perricone,smells like I rubbed sardines on my face,retina A,destroyed my skin,most self tanners,I'm orange and smell like wet dog. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Sammycat I just love that plaque that says you left your paw pints on my heart.Its so beautiful and your entire garden is just as close to Heaven as can be.I am sure MrSchmoo who so loved looking at it is still admiring it form up above.How wonderful to find a little piece of him today,he sure does miss his Mom and is telling you is is not far away. Sorry that your sisters marriage isn't working but hope she enjoyes her stay with you. Continue Reading

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