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Re: Pat DeMentri

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On 3/28/2015 wvumountiefan said: I will say that I do like her new hair style. I would cut mine, and I'm letting my bangs grow. I know it would be a mistake if I cut it as it would never look as good as that. I know, it helps to have it done by a hair stylist too. :) For years, Pat had very short hair. It was so cute on her and made her look very youthful. I wish she'd go back to it and quit flipping her hair around. Continue Reading


Re: Gary is a delight on the Denim and Co show!!

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On 2/26/2015 True2daQ said: I like Gary. I think he handles himself in a professional way on air without being stiff. He interacts well with Carolyn and the other hosts. I really can't understand the negativity in some of the posts. As for how he dresses on air, I never thought it was anything but professional. I like to think I'm a pretty good judge of character and I think this is a good man who has class. I thoroughly enjoy Gary's contributions to the D&C shows. I think his appearance is very appropriate for the types of casual wear he is selling. He'd look silly dressed like David Da... Continue Reading


Re: What -- if any -- are your gardening goals this year?

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nomar, You might consider a drip irrigation system. I have one I installed myself about 15 years ago. Each plant gets its own emitter and the whole thing is on a timer (Walmart). I get the components at Lowe's. I usually have to do some minor maintenance and repair in the spring, then I don't think about watering again all summer. I live in the desert so gardening without a drip system would be a major PIA. Continue Reading


Wonderful Surprise

Last Reply by Lila4now 1427609226.88 | Started by Kachina624 in The Q We Love

Just when I thought this was going to be an evening reading a good book, I discovered the D&C show with Pat and Gary, two very agreeable people. What an enjoyable, if expensive, night this turned out to be. From their pleas to use automated ordering, others must be enjoying it also. Continue Reading


Re: What's the CHEAPEST Phone?

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Go to HSN and buy their $79, Tracfone with 1500 free minutes and a year's service. I don't think you'll find cheaper cell service, and it's a good phone. They have several but I like 349-870. Continue Reading


Re: Why does customer service chat keep lying to me over and over again?

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I can understand your frustration but consider this. The CS person you spoke with is sitting in a call center somewhere and can see your order. She can guess when it will be shipped based on past experience. Products like appliances are usually shipped directly from the vendor, and CS really cannot be exact in predicting what another entity will do or when. They are giving you their best estimate. They are not lying. If you are going to make purchases from a place other than a store, you need to relax and roll with the punches. You sound like receiving this blender is a dire emergency. There ... Continue Reading


Re: Still Don't have TSV Ninja Cooker!

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Mine was one of the advanced order colors (blue) and it has shipped. It should be delivered Monday or Tuesday next week. Continue Reading


Re: What -- if any -- are your gardening goals this year?

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Dr. Huey must be the rose I fought for years, little more than a weed. I bought a patented lilac hybrid tea but decided after a couple years that it was really ugly after having been in bloom a day. It faded at warp speed. I cut it off at ground level thinking I would be rid of it. What came up in it's place was a dark red, almost burgundy rose. It must have been a climber since it put out long canes. I fought that thing for years before finally getting rid of it with a herbicide. Continue Reading


Re: My Toenails Fixed Themselves. Here's the Mystery

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I'd be willing to bet big money that none of the things you mentioned had anything to do with the fungus disappearing. There are many types of fungus. Maybe the one you had just grew out. I've had that happen. Continue Reading

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