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Lara Spencer Promoted to Co-Host On GMA

Last Reply by maryebrown 1398018116.533 | Started by kachina624 in Viewpoints

NEW YORK, April 18 (UPI) - Good Morning America Spencer joins Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos as co-hosts. "A key member of our on-air team, Lara Spencer, rejoined ABC three years ago - bringing her style, humor, sunny confidence, wonderful journalism and storytelling to GMA," he said in a release. "Lara is clearly an essential ingredient in the success we have enjoyed and I am so pleased to announce that Lara has been elevated to co-host of the program along with Robin and George." Spencer joined GMA in 2011 as the show's lifestyle anchor. Her new deal will net her $3 million a year.... Continue Reading


Re: TIA? (Transient Ischemic Attack)

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My sister was talking to my dad on the phone at my house when he started talking gibberish. She told him to give the phone to me, described what he'd said and I immediately took him to the ER. They diagnosed it as a TIA. When we got back home several hours later, he couldn't find the bathroom but afterwards he recovered rapidly. He had a heart attack two months later which resulted in his death shortly thereafter. Continue Reading


Re: closing e-bay and pay pal accounts

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I had an issue with a seller this past week and had to call eBay. I did get a woman in India but I didn't wait long. She had to leave the line to consult with someone on how to solve my problem, but she satisfactorily fixed everything and now it's all good with no complaints from me. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone have HSN's TSV-Wolfgang P's SS Bowls?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397956207.187

The most important thing to consider is, do you have room to store these huge bowls? I have a set (not these) and they are always a problem. Continue Reading


Re: HSN'S Colleen Lopez Jewelry Show today-Yowzah!

In Jewelry Talk 1397954269.057

I don't remember her ever being at QVC; there was a brief period that I lived where there was no cable. Must have been then. Right after she started at HSN, I heard her get into it with a customer on the phone who said they were giving the wrong info on a cell phone they were selling. The conversation got quite heated with Colleen sort of losing her cool. Only time I ever saw that. Continue Reading


Re: Ranch for Sale

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On 4/19/2014 Amaly said: I've never considered living in NM, I think of desert. The Northern part of the state is very mountainous. Both Santa Fe and Albuquerque have mountain ranges right outside of the city limits. Continue Reading


Re: Get ready! Dr. Phil's son has a new business..

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Oprah owns this show. I think she needs to step in and put an end to the McGraw sales conglomerate. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh some people!

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I have to use Caremark, CVS' mail order pharmacy where I get a 90 day supply for one co-payment. In almost every order I get halves of pills. I often wonder if they count that as a whole pill or what I'm supposed to do with it? Continue Reading


Re: Gem Week on ShopHQ

In Jewelry Talk 1397940467.633

If I could have some of those, I might like pearls. Otherwise I think pearls are bland and uninteresting. Not a fan. Ennui, did you know that Colleen is on with jewelry this afternoon? She had the most gorgeous 25ct London Blue ring and a bracelet for just under $500/each. There is just no end to the temptation. Continue Reading


Re: What or Who is Jackie Jane?

In Fashion Talk 1397940043.547

Cute? This is a grown man; I think he's an idiot! Continue Reading

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