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Re: Chris Scanlon

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On 1/28/2015 RoughDraft said: She does sound hoarse. Did anyone notice her shoes are about two sizes too big? Poor Chris. I hadn't noticed but do believe you're right. Yep, she's just as ditzy as ever. She difficult to understand and doesn't complete her sentences. I'll be glad when she's finished and gone. Continue Reading


Re: My mother

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I'm so sorry about your mom. She was so young too. It's sad to lose any family member but there is something about mothers that makes their loss especially difficult. I lost mine 11 years ago and think about her every day. There are so many things I want to tell her. I share your sorrow. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Weak.

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On 1/27/2015 brii said: She's attractive, seems pretty savvy- why does she have to do that? Just seems so desperate for attention. I do not like people like that at all. There's no fool like an old fool. Continue Reading


Re: Chris Scanlon

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Hard to watch and listen to. She sounds very hoarse. Sort of a train wreck. Continue Reading


Re: ShopHQ Shipping Labels

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I used one of their smart labels to do a return today. Continue Reading



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All the Sports Savvy I ordered had pants that were two sizes larger than the top that matched. I kept one set which I drastically altered, the rest I tried went back. No, I don't miss them at all. Continue Reading


Re: Bissell Spotbot Little Carpet Cleaner ~ Great Little Cleaning Machine

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I've had one for years to use on pet accidents. It's a fantastic machine for that and so effortless for the basically lazy cleaner. I love that thing. Continue Reading


Re: Do you enjoy sewing?

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I can't imagine raising children and not having basic, rudimentary sewing skills for mending. It also amazes me that so many women here speak of taking their pants out for heming. You-know-where would freeze over before I'd pay someone to hem a pair of pants. I used to sew all my work wardrobe like suits and dressy blouses; thankfully gave that up but do occasionally mend, hem and make curtains or a pillow. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Remember Cornsilk?

In Beauty Banter 1422487624.11

I used it for years but haven't seen it lately. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Oz now pushing Walmart Products

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It's very irresponsible for the OP to post that kind of information unless she has proof to back her claims. If not, keep your mouth shut. Continue Reading

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