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Re: OT Animal Seizure - Help!

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We use a vet that gives rescues a special deal. Of course the rescue group bears the brunt of expense until the dog is adopted. That includes shots, spay/neuter, often a dental cleaning, heart worm check and microchip. Collies often have eye problems (thank AKC judges for that) so we use a very expensive canine opthomologist. One thing my dogs don't have is stomach trouble. They got a bag with several cans of chunky soup and hominy. They pierce the cans and lap up the liquid, then reduce the can to a flat pancake, eating all the contents. You wouldn't believe the stuff they've eaten...all foo... Continue Reading


Re: Phone number scam?

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Actually a lot of people report this happening. I suspect it's a trick to get you to answer your phone. Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Novice would appreciate your Expert opinion

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On 9/22/2014 sweetiekitty said: with all due respect, comparing native american jewelry to Balinese jewelry is apples and oranges. Do YOU like it? When you look at figural jewelry from John Hardy's (not Jai) line, do you feel like it is a fair deal. In my opinion, I much prefer the croco stuff to the more matronly looking Judith Ripka stuff which is just as expensive if not more. In judging the differences, I consider the amount of silver and materials used and the amount of labor that went into making the pieces, as well as the level of skill involved. You can't compare a finely hand-crafte... Continue Reading


Re: OT Animal Seizure - Help!

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You can say that again! I go through at least two bags a month. Continue Reading


Re: Clarks and Ryka on Zulily

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Most items take about 2 weeks to arrive; a few get to you very fast. Some never arrive. They have the most wonderfully verbose excuses for non-arrivals. Lots of fancy language that says nothing. It's actually funny but of course, disappointing. They usually give you a credit for that. Overall I've had a lot of fun shopping there and have received some great bargains, mostly shoes and bedding. Continue Reading


Re: How do you feel about Organizer bags?

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When you don't work, you don't need anything other than a small bag as you do your errands. I do like several outside pockets on a bag but forget the built-in wallet. I have my own small, compact wallet I prefer. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody else thrilled with Alberti?

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I like him okay, but thrilled? I don't think so. Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone tell me what pumpkin puree is?

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On 9/22/2014 ical said: Canned Pumpkin: What Is It Really Made Of? A lot of professional and home chefs swear by canned pumpkin for its convenience and consistent flavor and texture. But we recently learned something rather surprising about this pantry item... It turns out that some canned pumpkin is actually – gasp! – squash. http://www.thekitchn.com/pumpkin-pie-filling-what-is-it-69123 Isn't pumpkin a variety of squash? Continue Reading


Re: Colposcopy

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You won't even know you've had it. If you have polyps, they clip them off and biopsy them. You will be asleep and won't even know it. It always takes forever to get the results. They are most often non-cancerous. Continue Reading

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