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Re: luminara

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Is this what everyone is excited about? Continue Reading


Re: Where do you leave your dog when going on vacation?

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I have a woman who belongs to a national pet sitter's organization, come in once a day and feed my three dogs, give them fresh water and play with them a bit. I have put them in a kennel but they are much happier with this arrangement. I get cell phone photos and a detailed daily log of her visits. My dogs are older, well-adjusted and none suffer from separation anxiety. I noticed my sitter and a couple others are listed on Angie's List. Continue Reading


Re: Angelina's Wedding Gown

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The wedding was held for and mostly planned by their kids. I doubt they have much concept of what a 2nd or 3rd time bride should wear. The reception was a pizza party. There were only 20 guests. They have a right to do what's best for their family. I say bravo! For considering the feelings of the kids. Continue Reading


Re: Everybody Got The Memo

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On 7/17/2014 rat2e said: HSN has been using the theme 'It's fun here' for a long time now. Maybe QVC is following their lead? Anyway, fun is better than no fun. A better value on quality merchandise would be great fun! QVC is trying to be funner than HSN. Continue Reading


Re: Rose of Tralee

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On 9/1/2014 ChrmyKitty said: Who is this idiot???? She can't pronounce Connemara or Tralee???? Where is Jane???? I'm so disgusted as usual the Irish get the S*** hours and limited airing!!!! Where is the TSV? Quacker Factory can have a TSV any day of the year!!!! Again where is Jane???? This host is terrible! You complain the Irish get bad hours? Boy, that takes some nerve! Of all the nationalities in the world, the Irish are the only ones getting their own shows. Why, I'll never know. They have the most dull and mundane merchandise. What we need is a Mexican or Japanese show. They show some ... Continue Reading


Re: I got a USPS package today - Labor Day ????

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USPS has been running a TV ad mentioning something about Sunday deliveries. Continue Reading


Re: Another child died in a van

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On 9/1/2014 Yazova said: On 9/1/2014 sylviahomeatlast said: WHO are these people that fatally lose their children? Trash. What is your definition of trash? Until you've been in the place of these people, you have no right to judge them. Continue Reading


Re: samaritan or busybody?

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On 9/1/2014 Lucky Charm said: I hate when I see people riding bikes and running their dogs at the same time. The fat butts are sitting on a bike seat and the animal is running AND trying to stay away from bike wheels (SPOKES). You want to WALK your dog, WALK with it. You want to RUN your dog, RUN with it. You want to repeatedly throw tennis balls into the waves for your dog to retreat it, jump in every other time too with your clothes on. It's very high and mighty of you to tell others what to do. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone is capable of performing all the physical feats you ... Continue Reading


Re: Everyone here is so concerned about Joan Rivers ----

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This thread is inappropriate and offensive. Continue Reading


Re: Do you Eat Anchovies?

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I dislike anything that tastes fishy so I don't eat much seafood and that definitely includes anchovies. Continue Reading

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