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Re: Ben Affleck and Jennnifer ~ Divorce?

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On 5/28/2015 SydneyH said: On 5/28/2015 lulu2 said: I'd take Scott Foley over Ben A any day. I've been reading about their impending divorce for years. Supposedly he likes a little extra curricular activity. I don't know about cheating, but the gambling has been an issue, supposedly.......... If his gambling is as bad as reported, I would have already been divorced. Continue Reading


Re: Is Tempur-pedic really worth the higher cost for a MF mattress?

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I would not pay the price for a Tempurpedic when there are so many high quality memory foam mattresses available from other sources. I got one from a website I found online and ordered about five years ago. I got free delivery to the front door. I was able to drag it to the bedroom and remove the wrapping, a major chore. They are very heavy. The mattress itself has been heavenly; no complaints at all. Unfortunately I can't remember who the seller was but they had a large selection of MF mattresses. Continue Reading


Re: Just read this AM in the newspaper ...

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D.R. Horton is going to build 180 homes on an unused 9 holes of our local golf course. It's not setting well with the people already in homes around the area whose view of the mountains will be ruined. Continue Reading


Re: New Charm Bracelet?

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I can't believe the price on this bracelet. Michael Vallatutti on Evine recently had a show of his exquisite Gems en Vogue charms and featured an almost identical bracelet in his silver/palladium alloy with clad gold touches for $28. Continue Reading


Re: Denim and Co TSV

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On 5/28/2015 raining said: Who is it that makes these self appointed fashionistas think they are so stylish and have such great taste anyway? IMO, most of what they say I take offense to. Who's being mean and critical? I don't read anything offensive. Not everyone likes everything. That set would not fit into my lifestyle and would be too many layers for a desert climate. Continue Reading


Re: Just Curious.....IT Cosmetics and Plastic Surgeon Relationship

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If a cosmetic company is going to consult with a doctor, you'd think it would be a dermatologist. I take everything these cosmetic pushers say when selling with a huge grain of salt. "Consulting" could consist of virtually any degree of involvement. Continue Reading


Re: Denim and Co TSV

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We had the Sketchers shoe week before last. Continue Reading


Re: FUN - Secret QVC Society

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On 5/27/2015 kalli said: Kachina, I have been trying to ask you something and I'm never on when you are... Kali, I'm usually on late afternoons and evenings but I do usually follow up on my posts, so ask away. Continue Reading


Re: TSV and thoughts on CP through the years

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I don't care for The American West line. I don't like the use of brass and don't want anything with leather. To me, that jewelry looks more "biker" than Southwestern. I agree that the swirls are in danger of being overdone. Tx Starlight, get yourself on eBay and sell your unwanted items. Lots of people are looking for pieces. Continue Reading


Re: If you use Splenda, I want to ask a question about baking with it

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I usually use Splenda half & half with sugar. Sugar is what give the nice brown color to baked goods. I think you need some. Continue Reading

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