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Re: Unbelievable!

In Super Saturday 1406521990.03

They can tell whether or not it's been opened. When UPS accepts the package back, whether it's the driver or at a store, they immediately notate it on their little machines. Over the years I have often done this when I couldn't cancel or learned something negative about an item after it shipped. Never have had any problem. I get credited like clockwork. I even leave packages for UPS to take in the area at my front door. I put a note on it so the'll know it's outgoing. Continue Reading


Re: How do we really know that Sleeping Beauty mine is closed?

In Carolyn Pollack 1406516121.63

Haca, If you want to read some creepy, "google" Navajo Skin Walkers. They are supposedly spirits that assume animal form and pursue mostly, I think, Indians. I would poopoo this whole idea except that I've read reports from reliable sources, including a couple of state troopers, that have experienced them. Continue Reading


Re: Hot Dog Lover's!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406515436.437

I haven't had a hot dog since Wranglers disappeared from the shelves. Continue Reading


Re: Graphics

In Q Did What? 1406515251.857

On 7/27/2014 pepes mom said: I miss the days of the sizing and the red, yellow or green dots. Those, I could see. We're old school here- have a 27 inch TV in the living room and won't be replacing it until it dies. (Its from 1989). I can't see beans with the new graphics they are using. I can't see those size graphics either. Not everyone has HD service. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti Gone?

In Q Did What? 1406514663.703

He's not gone. Was on last night. Continue Reading


Re: Dishcloth help please

In Among Friends 1406514456.767

I use Handiwipes that dry very fast, can be washed and reused and when they become tattered, I throw them away. Continue Reading


Re: Accumulating greeting cards

In Among Friends 1406514322.217

You could always scan them into your computer, then destroy. I don't keep junk like that. It accumulates and becomes overwhelming. Continue Reading


Re: Lorie Grenier

In Viewpoints 1406514120.65

Typically she has the inventors of the products demonstrate them. The "big strong man" thing is not an issue...the inventor knows the product best. Continue Reading


Re: Cruise Line Refuses Refund

In Viewpoints 1406513246.003

We had a similar experience in my family in 1992. Parents and I booked a cruise in Alaska on Glacier Bay Cruises. I was to meet them in Seattle as they were driving their motor home. Somewhere in Idaho, dad became deathly ill and had to have major surgery. Mom, who didn't drive then due to being legally blind, called the cruise line and asked that they change one ticket to my sister's name and we'd forfeit one ticket. These people insisted she come to their Seattle office IN PERSON to change the ticket. She had to have her brother in Oregon fly to where she was in Idaho, then then made a dash... Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen is gearing up for a serious comeback

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406511851.143

I saw an interview with her recently regarding her new venture. She looked awful...appears to have aged 10 years. I've seen turkeys with better looking necks. I didn't like her shows then and surely won't be watching now. Continue Reading

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