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Re: Or Paz

In Jewelry Talk 1430021020.203

Seems to me like they treat Hagit very shabbily. She is usually on in the middle of the night and not often. Continue Reading


Re: My Pillow, ugh.........

In For the Home Talk 1430020814.863

You wonder how anyone could talk for an hour about a pillow, but I get the feeling that guy could talk all night about his pillow company. Continue Reading


Re: Stacey Stauffer

In Q Did What? 1430016701.56

On 4/25/2015 circles said: reminds me of the weather person on channel Fox 29 news...(she is no longer there) anyway she would give the weather and then point to entirely different states...counties....cities...with the darn map right in front of her...none of which were right....she was laughable...then one day she was gone....and never came back and no explanation... People who major in meteorology in college take tons of geography courses so there's no excuse for such ignorance. Continue Reading


Re: Recycling Q shipping bags

In Among Friends 1430016319.43

I don't think they're the kind of plastic that is recycled. Continue Reading


Re: Isaac and Bridge Hampton Poll? Where would your ideal weekend getaway be?

In Fashion Talk 1430015825.657

My heart is in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. I'd be happy to go there and never leave but not this week-end. They're under a winter storm warning expecting a foot of snow! Continue Reading


Re: What food are you currently addicted to, if any?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1430015544.003

I was in Target last week for the first time in months. In the food section they had cashews with a crunchy toffee coating. I got hooked. Just bought one package so will probably be going back soon. I can't get my mind off those nuts. Continue Reading


Gathering of Nations

Last Reply by Justice4all 1430018072.357 | Started by Kachina624 in Jewelry Talk

The worlds largest Indian pow wow is be held this week-end in Albuquerque. There are about 3,000 participants from tribes in the US, Canada, and Mexico dancing in their native costumes in the UNM basketball gym. I understand there are tons of vendors selling jewelry and other crafts. I've never been to this event. Too many people milling around and I have mobility issues. I'd love to see some of the spectacular costumes though. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh, it's the mypillow blue shirt again

In TSV Talk 1430003725.27

I believe they recommend blue for TV and to avoid bright white. Continue Reading


Re: Anuschka Hand Painted Leather Handbags

In Fashion Talk 1430003576.313

I have two but have never used either. I decided they're rather garish. The paint is more iridescent than it appears on TV, although they're nice quality. Continue Reading


Re: New AW Available

In Carolyn Pollack 1430002321.737

Unstabilized Persian turquoise doesn't fade; it turns an unattractive shade of green. If you're careful not to expose it to perfumes, hairspray and if you keep your fingers off of it, you should be able to wear and enjoy it. Continue Reading

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