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Re: O M G!!

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That's a shame Blingy; so disappointing. That's what so often happens with aqua. Just wait, another will come along. Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Flatware Question

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On 8/22/2014 Sooner said: On 8/22/2014 kachina624 said: On 8/22/2014 pink dogwood said: Here's my take on tableware - as long as they're 18/10 I'm in. I won't waste money on anything less, it's just not worth it b/c they do not hold up, they're light weight, and very flimsy/bend. Find yourself a great pattern and go for it - enjoy your beautiful table. The designation 18/10 doesn't have anything to do with the quality or weight of flatware. It simply means that nickel has been added so it will maintain its shine. 18/10 has to do with the quality of the metal for sure. You are mistaken. If I... Continue Reading


Re: Turquoise Lovers

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Sharke, that coral bracelet is 7 3/8". The stones are smaller than those on the reversible bracelet. I just happen to be wearing the coral today with an orange shirt. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Aimee Kestenberg???

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Her bags have surged in popularity. She's probably gotten too important to appear on QVC. We never see Sara Blakely anymore either. Continue Reading


Re: Evil Eye Jewelry.....Do you like it/wear it?

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I think, like skull jewelry, it's creepy and just awful. Continue Reading


Re: Collie and/or Art Lovers: Where can I find this print?

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On 8/21/2014 happygal said: On 8/21/2014 kachina624 said: On 8/21/2014 happygal said: That is the sweetest picture. The look on the dog's face. That's a collie for you. I have two. They must be beautiful dogs. Lots of fur, lots of grooming too, right? Are they the same color as the one in the picture above? I have one sable & white like the picture and one that is predominantly black with white ruff and legs, tan eyebrows and points. Yes, lots of grooming. Continue Reading


Re: Turquoise Lovers

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Sharke, Once you get tired of the reversible, you can go for "shades of coral". Continue Reading


Re: considering a pressure cooker, need feedback

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On 8/20/2014 Cardamom said: I have a stovetop model from mantrra. I've had it 15 years and it was only $30. I love it. It won't quit working as long as your stove works and you can put the entire thing in the dishwasher. You will make meals fast. They will be moist and taste just like you've done them in a crockpot. I have used a stove top model for fifty years with great success. I also have an electric and always hold my breath as to whether it's going to operate correctly. There's a lot to be said for the stove top; it always cooks as it should. Continue Reading


Re: Rue LaLa Shipping Price

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Yes, they have always charged for shipping. They do, however, give you free shipping for 30 after you've made a purchase and paid for shipping once. Continue Reading


Re: Jay King on

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I know his turquoise often is not natural but I don't suspect his other stones as having been victims of hanky panky. I like rocks and that is what his jewelry is all about. Continue Reading

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