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Re: 82 yr old mother and dementia/very violent...

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If the state agency charged with assuring the welfare of your mother and you is unresponsive, I'd get on the phone with my state legislators and raise Cain. These people are there 24/7 to handle such situations and they're not doing their job. The squeaky wheel gets the oil so get on the phone and raise a mighty squeak. Once APS counselors know you are willing to raise a fuss about their apathy, you'll get plenty of attention. I feel so sorry for people with adult family members who have mental illness and are out of control. It's sad beyond belief. What's a person like yourself or an elderly... Continue Reading


Re: Q Throws in the Towel?

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Getting rid of leftovers from many years past. Wonder if we'll see the road kill coat this year? Continue Reading


Re: Order Status ??

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Actually I've had orders stay "in process" up to the day IV received them. Tracking this time of year is iffy at best. Fortunately their priority is delivery, not tracking. Continue Reading



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It's really the IDEAL gift...fits handily into the gift closet, even lots of them. Good for men or women, home owners or renters, even auto owners. In decorator colors and designs will enhance any decor or jazz up the garage. You don't need to know a size or style preference. Can be used inside or out, any time of year, day or night. What a wonderful, versatile gift idea! Decorator Colors. Just need to week for animal prints. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Security tag still on Kohls purchase

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I bought a Coach handbag at Rue La La and every time I went in or out of any store it set the alarms off. There was something you couldn't see or feel in the bag. One day I was in Lowe's Garden Department when it set the alarm off. I told the cashier about my "problem" and she did something that permanently inactivated it. Continue Reading


Re: Hi Everyone :-) Ipad 2 Backorder question

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Both Apple and Best Buy have payment plans like Easy Pay. In the end you'll pay a lot less for the product at those places rather than QVC. Buying electronics from the Q is the most expensive way to purchase them. Continue Reading


Re: Angry Over Customer Service-Not Consistent In Their Policy!!!

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I don't see the need for a big rush to the garbage can. I'd hold onto my apples for a couple of days and see what transpires. The USDA should have already made a determination as to the source of the bacteria. Surely by now they know what brand was involved. Continue Reading


Q Throws in the Towel?

Last Reply by cosmic1 1419170467.733 | Started by Kachina624 in Q Did What?

Sunday must be the day they surrenders for the season. There is 2 hours of Carolyn's Closet in the morning and an hour of Denim & Co. In the evening. Mistake? Continue Reading


Re: Car ads at Christmas (tie in to gift)

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On 12/20/2014 Pqfan said: I was always wondering where they got those giant red bows to put on top of the cars in those ads. I guess they had them made lol My sister bought a new Nissan right before Christmas 2 years ago. She told them she'd buy it only if it came with a big red bow. It was in the car when she picked it up. Continue Reading


Re: Isaac-Designed Boxes of Kleenex at the Market Today

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Yeah, Isaac and Thomas Kinkaide both with their schtik on all manner of junk. Continue Reading

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