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Re: Bike buying - Need suggestions please

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I had a Hard Rock bike mountain bike as my first adult bike and it was great! Then I sold it and bought a Trek which fit better (white with turquoise lettering--beautiful bike!). I then got a Trek hybrid city bike which I still love, and then added an Electra Townie yellow beauty to the fleet! I don't have the Trek Mountain Bike any more, but love both the Trek City Bike and the Townie! They are both excellent excellent choices! Continue Reading


Re: What have you gotten the most wear from this year?

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LL Bean nice pima cotton short sleeved v-neck t-shirts and nice Talbots twill crops. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- September 2014 (includes spoilers)

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On 9/18/2014 annabellethecat said: As I've bla blaed (sorry people) before .....too many times....I DVR that soap so I can FF over what I don't like (now it's most of the show). I did see what looks like (from Hope's expression) as I Fast Forwarded over her 'discussion' with Liam. It looked like she was making excuses for him that 'poor Wyatt' he didn't realize what Mom was doing. I saw her say to Quinn (I thought) 'he is as much a victim as all of us'!!! That's when I stopped the show and hit delete. This show is unbelievable. Either she is dumber than my doorknob or .........anyway, there's... Continue Reading


Re: Staub or LeCreuset

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None of my Staub looks cheap to me. It is nicely made and finished. I think their transparent, rich colors are actually prettier than the crayon-box LC ones. But then I love them too. . . But Staub is more sophisticated looking I think. Continue Reading


Re: Is my decor out dated or what?

In For the Home Talk 1411051796.123

GO for it! I agree it is time to get a new look. Anything gets stale (well except US! ha ha). You will have many years to enjoy a cleaner, less fussy look with fresh paint and colors you love. First I would look at your furniture. Do you need all of it? Does everything have a place and purpose? Do you LOVE all of it? Sometimes getting rid of a few pieces can do wonders--especially if you have a lot of small pieces. Maybe a new upholstered piece? Slipcovers? Next I'd evaluate walls and carpets--see which are in worse shape and get of the worst that you see all time, but keeping in lin... Continue Reading


Re: too scared to read the replies to my post

In Mom to Mom Forum 1411045071.753

Judging from the OP's first posts, I think that perhaps that person needs to seek support from somewhere locally and not in an internet environment. I am thinking this forum isn't what you will benefit from. Continue Reading


Re: strong hints too much ?

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NOT pointing toward any poster, but I think the old saying "A son's your son 'til he takes a wife, your daughter's your daughter all of her life" is often true because some mothers will not tolerate another female coming first in her son's life and will fight the wife tooth and nail forever and forever amen. They do NOT want their baby boy to have his own home and family come first. NOT intended this toward anyone but I'm saying I've seen it happen more than once. So maybe that is how come that saying is sometimes true. Maybe we should say "A girlfriend is a girlfriend tip she becomes a w... Continue Reading


Re: Doc Martin

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On 9/15/2014 esmerelda said: No. He's too unattractive...IMO. GET OUT! SHUT UP! Just the way the Doc would say it huh???? Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- September 2014 (includes spoilers)

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On 9/17/2014 annabellethecat said: Doesn't that sound like a soap? I'm surprised she wasn't pregnant before. This is the most ignorant story line. The way this young woman goes back and for so quickly. Well "ain't that the truth?" And yet remains the paragon of virtue. . . Continue Reading


Re: Staub or LeCreuset

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410992161.637

They are both great! I have more LC, but the Staub is just as good. I just bought the "perfect" pan/wok that is on for $149 now and I really like it! It has a glass lid. Continue Reading

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