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Re: If you could turn back time….

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On 7/28/2014 TX-starlight said: On 7/28/2014 Allegheny said: I miss the time when people weren't so much in a rush, when more kindness and courtesy was extended. YES!!!! I am so sick of people being rude when you try to help them. This thread is funny to see....I posted the exact same thing on my FB pg yesterday. "If you could turn back time" far back...was what I posted (just for fun). I am 61 & times WERE so much better in 50-60's, in SO many ways. Those were hard hard times for many women then. Not much of a prospect for a job if you needed one. And not for minorities either... Continue Reading


Re: Old At 65??

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I don't know--but I see coming to terms with your age as taking the opportunity to do the things you want to do. That way, you won't get to where you can't do them and have regrets. Get your affairs in order, cherish your loved ones, and have a good time! Continue Reading


Re: If you could turn back time….

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I don't miss much from the past except long-gone relatives. I sure wouldn't go back to living like we did in the 1960s. If you lived in a small town or city you had little access to books, cameras, or other items that you can get easily today. A lot of food was out of a box and what was fresh was pretty bland. Food was maybe good, but dull. Now the world is at my fingertips! And so are spices, fresh seafood, exotic fruits, technology, music, and lots of other wonderful things! I would be bored to pieces living like the 1960s again! LOL!!! Oh, I miss my horses! Continue Reading


Re: Best Cleanser that's gentle but won't break the bank

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Every year I buy the big pump bottle and 8 oz bottle set of Purity that Nordies has on their sale. I think I pay $52, no shipping, for both. It works well for me and I don't spend money trying out other things that don't work. Continue Reading


Re: Best corn on the cob ever. She added sugar to the water.

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On 7/27/2014 kittymomNC said: On 7/27/2014 gkelly5744 said: On 7/27/2014 Sooner said: Home-made cream corn isn't worth making if you don't add a pinch of sugar. You aren't from around my area!! I have never heard of adding sugar to boil corn on the cob before but it sounds interesting and surely would never add sugar to cream corn! Come on to the "deep South" and we will make you some cream corn that you will think you have died & gone to Heaven when you eat it and no sugar added! LOL . I must be in the minority but I was raised on "field corn" and even then sugar was never added to it!... Continue Reading


Re: Best corn on the cob ever. She added sugar to the water.

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On 7/27/2014 sarpy said: Anybody here tried microwaving your corn? Do not have to husk or clean the corn. 4 minutes to an ear. No work and very good. I do that, I husk and clean and wrap it in a damp microwave safe paper towel then put in the microwave! A friend of mind would put the ears in the dishwasher (no soap of course!) and let it run for I can't remember how long for big family gatherings. If the corn needed to hold it was warm and steamy in there and it was fine--she said! I have not tried it, but hey why not? LOL!!! You could put a LOT of corn in there! Continue Reading


Re: Do you make more elaborate dinners on Sundays?

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Sunday is a great time to make a big roast, turkey breast, ham, or pot of soup, stew or chili then use that as a base for meals for the rest of the week. We've always done that. Saturday was always the day to buy groceries, shop, run errands and play. Sunday is the time to go to church and/or relax and cook. Continue Reading


Re: Old At 65??

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Someone mentioned "respect" and to me that is the crux of the issue right there. If all of us who are old admit it, are not ashamed of it, and don't let others make us ashamed of that, we are respecting who we are. That's the only way to get rid of the stigma associated with being old. Continue Reading


Re: Women With Control TSV for Monday July 28th

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On 7/26/2014 imaclotheshog said: Well darn, all the pieces are poly/span. I was hoping some of the pieces would be the cotton blend she does. Hmm. I think I'm passing due to the fabrication. I wonder if the material is heavy. Me too! I'm not going to order because of that. I also have no use for the pants or the shell. I'd love that dress and cardi in a cotton blend fabric! I would order that in a heartbeat. If the petite is a little short, wear dark tights with it! Continue Reading

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