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Re: Got a call from my husband today...

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My husband thinks I have sense enough to buy a Christmas tree! Really! And he would laugh really hard if I told him that someone thought I should discuss it with him first. Other than that, you get the same old "I'm so much better than you" from a poster here any time MONEY pops up as an issue. But I have to tell you, the quote: "It's a Christmas tree and not the Hope diamond!!" is one of the tops I've read in all my years here! That is a real "gem" -- pitiful pun intended! I have laughed so hard over that one and will probably repeat it to people until my dying day! Absolutely brill... Continue Reading


Re: Got a call from my husband today...

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On 10/1/2014 happy housewife said: I said vows in front of every person I knew as well as the Lord God that I would be in that marriage "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, FOR RICHER OR POORER ...UNTIL DEATH US DO PART." and I fully intend to keep that promise. I feel sorry for anyone in a marriage who doesn't feel it is the single most important thing in their life. Nope. I believe there are valid reasons for ending a marriage. It has nothing to do with it simply being "the single most important thing in their life." It has to do with some lives being ruined by who they married. We aren't all pe... Continue Reading


Re: If Someone Opened Your Clothing Closet What Would They See?

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Shoes, purses, dresses, shoe boxes, etc. and hangers with about 5 bras each on them--I put my bras on hangers. What you would NOT see: The floor. Continue Reading


Re: what makes the ninja better than crock pot cooking

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412195197.353

Doesn't a Ninja TSV mean a new version is coming? SOON? I'll add I'll bet they are getting the new one ready to sell toward the holidays as a MUST have. Continue Reading


Re: Got a call from my husband today...

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On 10/1/2014 happy housewife said: On 10/1/2014 kachina624 said: If I were working and had to hide my purchases, I'd dump the guy. It's your money too. Well, I am certainly glad I am not married to anyone with that attitude. I entered my marriages - both of them - with the attitude that they were for life, not just until he p*ssed me off by being reasonable. If you are working, you have the right to buy a Christmas tree without asking "mother (husband) may I?" No, I wouldn't have married that kind of guy either. HOWEVER, I would issue a LARGE BOX WILL BE COMING warning ahead of time! LOL!... Continue Reading


Re: Microsoft has announced WINDOWS 10

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I have been in computing more than 30 years and the NUMBER ONE thing I have learned is: Whatever the new software or hardware is, wait just a little while to see if it needs quickly updated (UH-OH!) then get it, learn it and shut up because if you ever get more than one or two majorreleases behind, you will often be VERY sorry. There will be things you love and things you despise, but you might as well move with the herd. Continue Reading


Re: How do you layer your pizza?? I've got a homemade one in the oven now !!

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Lightly brush olive oil on the crust, sprinkle with grated parm. cheese. Add whatever toppings, (ham, black olives onions, bell peppers, mushrooms or any combo etc.), herbs and spices, salt and pepper, then lightly spread tomato sauce/topping over. We make sure toppings are not piled thick at the center and go to the edges so the crust doesn't get soggy in the middle and too crisp at the edge. Then we bake until the crust starts to brown--425 to 450 degrees. At that point, we pull it out and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on and then cook until that starts to brown. Let cool a little th... Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- October 2014 (includes Spoilers)

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They should ditch Deacon. He serves NO purpose. What does he do for a living? Is he wealthy? I wish he and Quinn would fly off together. I wish Brooke would marry Bill and they could stir up a lot of things together. And I wish Maya would disappear. And Carter find someone nice. Continue Reading


Re: Program hosts and personal stories....

In The Q We Love 1412173207.067

You are right StevieB. They have to do something to try to make those dogs hunt! And I gotta tell you, the kennel is FULL of dogs. Continue Reading


Re: Microsoft has announced WINDOWS 10

In Electronics Talk 1412173111.313

Microsoft has always had this problem of not doing what they do best and longing to be Apple. Microsoft has long been obsessed with being cool instead of just getting the job done--and that has always been their strength. It is like if I wanted to be tall so badly I'd go around in super high heels and keep falling off of them. . . Poor Microsoft. Life must be so stressful for them! Continue Reading

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