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Re: Lenox Flatware Question

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On 8/22/2014 kachina624 said: On 8/22/2014 pink dogwood said: Here's my take on tableware - as long as they're 18/10 I'm in. I won't waste money on anything less, it's just not worth it b/c they do not hold up, they're light weight, and very flimsy/bend. Find yourself a great pattern and go for it - enjoy your beautiful table. The designation 18/10 doesn't have anything to do with the quality or weight of flatware. It simply means that nickel has been added so it will maintain its shine. 18/10 has to do with the quality of the metal for sure. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- August 2014 (includes spoilers)

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On 8/22/2014 loveschocolate said: Can't stand Wyatt or Hope for that matter. They deserve each other. I agree. I hope Liam DOESN'T get HOpe back. He was happier and a better person with Steffy. It was fun then. HOpe is nothing fun about her. She is too self-possessed to have a good time. Continue Reading


Re: Lenox Flatware Question

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On 8/22/2014 jbnh said: I bought the Lenox 18/10 stainless set (H196303) in the devoted pattern and it is beautiful. I use this as my everyday and also for company. My guests usually comment on the weight and how solid and substantial they are. I think they are much nicer and heavier than Oneida, which I have owned in the past and liked. This set is in the continental size as opposed to the American size and I prefer the larger size. I have only seen Oneida in the American size. I will only buy flatware in 18/10 stainless. I throw them in the dishwasher, no babying and they come up perfect ev... Continue Reading


Re: The #1 funniest snack I have ever seen! I can't wait to make this for potluck at the Senior Center.

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On 8/21/2014 VCamp2748 said: I can't decide if they look funny or creepy My vote is for creepy. I think they would be best served at Halloween. Continue Reading


Re: Can you see this picture? Testing.............

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He's a cutie! Are you singing to him or did you just tell him what the TSV is? LOL!!! Have fun with your new best friend! Continue Reading


Re: Grandma's MAGIC CAKE with variations..

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How about: Chocolate with raspberries? Vanilla or almond flavoring with peaches? Blueberries and raspberries for red white and blue? Cinnamon and nutmeg and apples? Continue Reading


Re: Can Anyone Identify This Beautiful Power/Bronzer brush?

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On 8/20/2014 beautybuster said: I was in ulta yesterday and the SA had suggested their brushes. Said they were getting good reviews. I was looking for a eye shadow crease brush since they no longer will be carrying the studio gear line. I opted to buy the japonique one which I will be returning. Maybe I'll try the tweezerman. I certainly encourage you to do that! Then we'll get a review! Continue Reading


Re: What to wear for a L-O-N-G plane trip

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On 8/20/2014 happy housewife said: When i am flying I prefer to be comfortable - generally, unless it is very warm I wear Denim & co two pocket pants, and depending on the weather - either a polo shirt or a nice T or a sweater or mock neck. You don't see anyone getting all dressed up to fly anymore and , honestly, I would not either.Be sure to wear shoes that are easy to slip on & off. OP has to look professional when she gets there. Hubby has to do that a lot too, so you have to really plan for looking good when you get off the plane but yet being comfortable as well. It is an art... Continue Reading


Re: Can Anyone Identify This Beautiful Power/Bronzer brush?

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Well, we all learned something I guess. Which in this case could be a bad BAD thing! LOL! Continue Reading


Re: Can Anyone Identify This Beautiful Power/Bronzer brush?

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On 8/20/2014 fab23 said: @Sooner It's Tweezerman. They have it on their website! Click on Brush IQ... WOW! How did you find that! It must be that one!!! THANKS and I figured one of you smart ladies would know the answer. It sure LOOKS good! And so does the Givenchy one! LOL!! And the Chanel one. . . uh oh! Continue Reading

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