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Re: Wolfgang is back

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That little bitty rice cooker of his is very nice. It works quickly and makes enough for a meal for two people. I love mine! Continue Reading


Re: Do you go to restaurants alone?

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I have done a lot of going alone, and never take a book. I just sit there and enjoy my meal. I also think that a LOT of people who worry about being "judged" or talk about people being "snobs" must be judgmental or snobs themselves. Who thinks like that unless you are guilty of it? Continue Reading


Re: Need a Dress for a Wake and Funeral STAT

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On 7/24/2014 champagnepoodle said: On 7/24/2014 colliegirls said: People don't wear just black to a funeral anymore. Anything conservative and darker in color is fine. ITA! I've seen everything, pinks, reds, anything goes. We are not there for a fashion event. No one is going to judge on outfit! Sure people do judge an outfit. If you don't wear something appropriate, you are sending the message that you don't respect the departed or their family enough to show up in something appropriate. Or that you don't know any better. . . Continue Reading


Re: Need a Dress for a Wake and Funeral STAT

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On 7/24/2014 gardensla said: On 7/24/2014 pink dogwood said: IMHO most of these photos are not wake/funeral appropriate. I'm not at all trying to be disrespectful to those who posted these either. And I also do not at all think it's a must to wear black. I wore grey for my Father's funeral (it was December). Mother's was in April but I can't even remember what I wore then although I think it may have been navy. Surely you have grey, brown, navy (or black) to wear. You have many other things to be concerned about rather what to wear. I am very sure you can find something already in your closet... Continue Reading


Re: Costco Salmon

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406172446.14

I try to buy salmon that is not farm raised, and is not caught and or processed in Asia. It can be found, but you have to look. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- July 2014 (includes spoilers)

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On 7/23/2014 Mmsfoxxie said: On 7/23/2014 hulagirl said: Well, well, what little scheme does our friend Wyatt have up his sleeve to get Hope back.....I can't imagine! He's such a liar, isn't he? Can't stand that character. Liam's gonna let Wyatt and Hope make a total fool of him. Don't think I can go through this triangle again and care. That diamond is ugly and gaudy. And in that STUPID cheap box. Oh sure that's what you'd keep a rock like that in! LOL!!! Continue Reading


Re: Living out of a Can

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On 7/23/2014 lolakimono said: The general term used to describe zones like these throughout the country is "Food Deserts." This also refers to the economic state of people; a household is said to live in a food desert if it doesn't have access to a car or public transportation, and lives more than a mile from a grocery store. According to the USDA, there were 2.3 million such households in 2009. Here's what that looks like spatially, broken down by county: While there's lots of local variation, the emerging theme is one where relative poverty and food deserts coincide spatially, particularly... Continue Reading


Re: Living out of a Can

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On 7/23/2014 ValuSkr said: Of course you are correct: canned and processed are not as healthy as fresh. However, mominohio hit the nail on the head: not everyone can afford fresh food or has access to it. In their situations, canned foods are economical and not bad if you watch the sodium. Further, cans themselves are more easily recycled / better for the environment than all that plastic packaging we see these days. People shouldn't be made to feel bad about what they have to eat. Life is a real struggle for some and having a can of something to eat that you worked for is something to appl... Continue Reading


Re: How much would you pay for a wedding dress?

In Fashion Talk 1406169241.767

I don't consider it any of my business what people pay for anything. Continue Reading


Re: Your Local Post Office

In Among Friends 1406169169.38

My pet peeve is retired and non-working folks who show up at the Post Office during the normal lunch hour for working people then COMPLAIN loudly about the crowds! Continue Reading

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