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Tonight Show is the new Wayne's World

Last Reply by Marienkaefer2 1398320030.47 | Started by Sooner in Viewpoints

I know I'm old, but this is a silly silly stupid show. It seems more like Wayne's World (that too dates me) than anything else. Juvenile and unsophisticated would be two words to describe the mess. Sorry, I tried, but it seems the humor is lacking in any point most of the time. At least Wayne's World was stupid AND funny. Sort of. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Says I Need Both Knees Replaced (need all the advice I can get!)

In Health & Fitness 1398310244.98

On 4/23/2014 happy housewife said: Anyone who goes into any surgery with an attitude that they are going to fail will , in fact, do poorly. if you can't approach this with a positive, can do attitude you should get some counseling to help you with that before you schedule the operation. TKR requires a lot of positive input from the patient both mentally and physically. This is a really crass response to someone who has a lot of valid questions and needs some sympathy and encouragement. Good grief. Continue Reading


Re: I wish I had more of this in my life..

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398310003.173

I love company, but NOT drop-in company! Continue Reading



In Book Club 1398276469.38

I got some way after the museum incident and still thought it was one of the most boring things I ever read. I've read a lot of long boring books, almost every classic on any reading list, and I simply could NOT get through this thing. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Mom's Moving In

In Fashion Talk 1398215016.44

There was another thread about grandparents babysitting grandchildren and how hard that was. My mother was thinking about moving her mother in and her doctor asked her if she could take care of an infant now--all the time. My mom said oh gosh she didn't know about that. The Dr. said well, you will be taking care of an infant that weighs over 100 pounds and has a mind of its own and is used to calling the shots, so how are you going to manage that? It really made her think about what would be involved. Continue Reading


Re: Do you LOVE your DISHWASHER?

In Fashion Talk 1398214190.46

I love our Bosch! We are on our second one and both have been wonderful! Ours has a door panel we had finished to match the cabinets. The machine is quiet, efficient, and does a great job washing dishes. No filter cleaning issues here! Continue Reading


Re: plants that can withstand exreme winds..

In In the Garden 1398213822.913

When I saw the title I thought "Probably lives in Oklahoma!" Continue Reading


Re: OT - Carpenter Bees....HELP

In Beauty Banter 1398213006.257

My uncle had them in an old barn. We called them "wood bees" and laughed because we turned them into "has beens!" We got the oars out of his boat, then we would go knock on the barn and when the bees came out it was batting practice. We got rid of them that way! Not that I am suggesting that as a solution, but we saved the old barn! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1398212721.51

Talbots! TONS of them! On sale! Really! SALE! LOL!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone an Ina Garten fan?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398186771.323

On 4/22/2014 BeckiWV said: On 4/22/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: I enjoy watching her cook, but the set-ups are always so contrived and scripted that it's a bit ridiculous. I'm not doubting that they love one another and enjoy their lives together, but that's also made me wonder how scripted the sweetness between Ina and Jeffrey might be. I was also disappointed when I read in this forum that she refused to grant a "Make a Wish" request to a sick child a few years ago. That has altered my opinion of her as a person. I believe I heard that Ms. Garten did not refuse the child and that she didn't... Continue Reading

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