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Re: September Design of the Month

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This is a beautiful watch--no matter which version you are talking about. It's funny isn't it how jewelry sometimes has so much meaning and then sentimental value when given as a gift. It's something you often associate with special occasions. If I get a watch at retirement, I'll have to buy it myself. . . Continue Reading


Re: Joan River's video: conversation with Melissa prior to cosmetic surgery procedure

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If she comes out of this, the stories and jokes she will make! I so wish her the best and feel so sorry for her family and loved ones. Continue Reading


Re: September Design of the Month

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On 9/1/2014 happy housewife said: Wouldn't it really irk you if you paid $55,000 for a watch and saw a TV shopping channel had an almost exact copy for $59 ? LOL!!! NOT at all! My watch $55,000 would be real gold, have real big or lots of diamonds and other stones perhaps, and be a brand name that I would be very happy to own. A $59 watch and a $55,000 watch have NOTHING in common except they may or may not tell time accurately. I have a gold dress watch with diamonds surrounding the dial. It was a 40th anniversary gift, it is precious and much cherished and something I thought I would never... Continue Reading


Re: Baking pans--what do you use most?

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On 9/1/2014 Snowpuppy said: Sooner, I'm with you! Love, love my Nordic Ware! I started ramping up my baking again about 2 yrs ago. I got to the point where I could no longer stand the taste of store bought bread. I went back to baking my own as well as biscuits on the weekend. On the rec's here I did pick up a jelly roll pan from USA Pans. Nice enough, heavier than Nordic Ware but it doesn't clean up the way Nordic Ware does. Sooner, I will be picking up a couple of 13x9 Nordic Ware pans shortly. Usually the price on the other channel is less expensive than Nordic Ware's page and includes the... Continue Reading


Re: Have you cut back on buying cooking appliances or gadgets you use a few times

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You know, I don't consider my rice cooker, bread machine, VitaMix, mixer, toaster or egg cooker gadgets. That's what I would call appliances, and for me, are about up there with the dishwasher. Gadgets? Waffle maker (but we use ours a lot and love it), quesadilla maker, George Forman grills and things like that, choppers, slicers, dicers, hand-crank food processors, egg cooker (for some--not for me it isn't a gadget! ha ha), pressure cooker, hand mixer, etc. etc. Things along those line would be things I'd call gadgets I guess. Most of what MSM sells, LOL!!! Also my GARLIC PRESS is a must--a... Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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On 8/30/2014 HappyDaze said: On 8/30/2014 bunnypink said: Maybe because of my age but I didn't realize there are still women out there rocking a fur bikini-haha :) I thought we all at least trimmed/groomed now. This thread sure is an eye opener! All of my friends & female siblings/mom have waxed/trimmed/shaved forever! We don't find the topic a big deal or anything to keep secret either. We just talk about it like any other hair removal! I know, I was surprised at all the ladies who don't do some kind of grooming down there. I think some women need to do something or take more drasti... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss turquoise with matrix?

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There is lots of turquoise out there with matrix! If you have Native American gatherings in your area, lots of times there are vendors there with jewelry A LOT of southwest museums have jewelry online. Sometimes you find good sales on it, but the museum shops have the real deal. Look around it is out there. I thought most of the non-matrix stuff was Persian or not USA turquoise. Maybe they make little stones out of it or importing the raw ore. . . Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

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On 9/1/2014 house_cat said: I'm surprised by the responses in this thread. I can only assume that my OP was unclear. I expected that my forum friends would accept it as a hypothetical situation. we hardly ever seen to answer your questions correctly. I guess we're just a D- bunch huh? Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

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On 8/31/2014 HonnyBrown said: A body in the chest freezer her DH helped my DH bring inside! LOL! Deer? I LOVE deer chili! Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

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First I wouldn't worry about the oven being on. Second, no, not really in the kitchen. . . It get "put to bed" every night and wiped up, so it's ok, the entry hall might have a pair of shoes sitting there, but no underwear hanging from the lamps or anything like that. Yesterday's papers? OK by me. The garage door I'd worry about. The oven? No. Continue Reading

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