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Re: Which items in your kitchen will be desirable vintage pieces in the future?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418872854.51

Copper pots. I just got rid of all but 2 pieces of corning ware because I find I really don't use it much if ever any more. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite jarred Marinara Sauce?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418869976.79

The basic one Target sells because I can flavor it any way I want it. Continue Reading


Re: Forrestwolf and all bread makers here, speaking of english muffins...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418520096.543

I have had a set of those rings for about 35 years and have made them many times and they were easy and good! It was fun but I haven't done it in years! Continue Reading


Re: LR Posh Christmas

In For the Home Talk 1418511872.687

OK, those of you who idolize Lisa and will call me a "hater" get right on it. I think she sees herself as Madison Avenue, has taken advantage of her contacts at Q, and will emerge in some New York based business that leaves her still on tv and able to wear more ball gowns and be a socialite. My guess? It's still something with the Ripka enterprise--or something similar. In recent years she has not sold many things "ordinary" or items most of us would use or been in any every-day-life type role at the network. She's been in ball gowns and selling what at QVC passes for "high end/Madison Av... Continue Reading


Re: Party Noise

In Fashion Talk 1418510912.873

Well, I turned it off because I was afraid it was a potluck thing and involved food people brought from home! Continue Reading


Re: Do you eat gifts of food that you receive during the holidays?

In In the Garden 1418510630.637

On 12/13/2014 JustJazzmom said: This thread has been funny and eye opening!! All who say they won't eat food sent from friends/neighbors I guess never ever venture out to eat in restaurants (if they kept with the philosophy of if I don't see it made in front of me, I won't eat it). You miss out on many things that are enjoyable in this life. Well, you have missed a lot of responses because lots of us who don't eat many home made food from a lot of people we don't know VERY well eat out all the time. I'm picky about restaurants and avoid a lot of the chains like Olive Garden where kids mostl... Continue Reading


Re: Why was my Lisa farewell - vendors and hosts MIA deleted?

In Fashion Talk 1418508866.033

She's gone, no longer a QVC host, and I'm sure the company thinks it is time to move on as well. Can't say I blame them. When you leave somewhere it is like taking your hand out of water. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendation for a Quality Pressure Cooker

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418493451.34

The best I've ever had by far is the stovetop Fissler. It is wonderful! It is expensive, but it is easy to use and works great. Continue Reading


Re: Wolferman's English Muffins

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418483115.583

I have had them several times and to me, they are nothing special. Continue Reading


Re: Food from China

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418482262.68

It is up to us to do the best we can with finding food that we think is safe and good for us. It is a sad fact, but I look at everything I buy now. It is irritating to have to do this and time consuming. But if the consumer just buys whatever, we'll only have whatever to eat. Continue Reading

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