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Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- March 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Does Rick ever see or talk to his mother? Something odd going on there. Continue Reading


Re: if dooney and bourke never wear out why own so many

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On 3/28/2015 ruddietee said: With so many people in need of assistance to live day to day how can people brag about owning 40 bags. Lot of money if you add it up. Everyone has more or less than everyone else; and everyone makes choices. You apparently have a computer and people are starving. Can you justify that? Whom do we ask to justify what they buy and have or don't have? That's a dangerous game. It scares me to think about it. Continue Reading


Re: What Makes Your Perfect Tossed Salad?

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I also make a big batch of salad almost every Sunday. My favorite thing is my homemade dressing with olive oil, a tart component (lemon juice, apple, sherry vinegar, champagne vinegar or balsamic), sweet (honey or a tiny bit of sugar or fruit juice), dijon mustard, and sometimes gralic, herbs, buttermilk, yogurt, or even a little mayo or cream. I put whatever I think I've not been getting enough of: dark greens, carrots, ground flax seeds, fruit, kidney or black beans etc. etc. Continue Reading


Re: Mary QVC

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On 3/29/2015 Double-D said: I have decided I want to be Mary QVC when I grow up!! Tell me what exactly what does she do other than gush over David?? No offense, just asking!! How could that possibly not be offensive? Continue Reading


Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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I think No. 4 is fabulous! The darker color brings out your coloring, the cut and length are perfect, and the shape of the skirt makes it more playful--it will move when you walk! I LOVE it! All of them are pretty, and any one of them is a winner! Continue Reading


Re: I was upset when LR left but....

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On 3/29/2015 Rocker said: On 3/29/2015 FLgardener said: On 3/29/2015 12andcounting said: I haven't missed Lisa at all -- didn't really expect I would. I do not think QVC needs to create another host who becomes a "diva in her own mind." ...and you know LR was a "diva in her own mind", just how? Poise and elegance do not a diva make. She was also self deprecatory and humorous and overall, pretty down to earth. Some people just do not like confidence in a pretty woman. I miss Lisa. But i am enjoying her FB . I think when some pretty woman complains constantly about her "flaws" it comes across... Continue Reading


Re: I was upset when LR left but....

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You know, you are exactly right! The QVC "DIVAS" sort of spoil things for other talented, likable, interesting and informative hosts! Continue Reading


Re: How much do you pay your gardener a month?

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$50/week for mowing, edging and grass haul-away. Our lot is about 125 ft x 100 ft, and we pay extra for all weeding, planting, tree trimming, etc. Continue Reading


What's your favorite seasonal candy now?

Last Reply by meezerpleezer 1427797650.99 | Started by Sooner in Kitchen & Food Talk

Mine HAS to be chocolate easter bunnies. The hollow, inexpensive kind. Nothing satisfies like the sensation of biting into a hollow easter rabbit's ears. The crunch, the melting chocolate. . . OH my! I can't stand Peeps, and used to like Cadbury eggs, but either they are not the same or my tastes have changed. I don't care for jelly beans much either. . . or those colored eggs with sort of white don't-know-what-it-is filling. Do they still make those??? LOL!!! Continue Reading


Re: Dennis + Husband

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On 3/28/2015 redngold said: On 3/28/2015 taja123 said: I believe people should do whatever they wish with their monies; however, I have to agree with Reever that 7,000. a night IMO, is a waste of good money! It makes me wonder how they managed to become that rich if that's how they spend. Most wealthy people, do not waste money and that's probably why they have it. The "noveaux riche" tend to want to show they have it. How do you know how most wealthy people spend their money? Oh please. We all waste money if we compare ourselves to what others buy. Do people think everyone spends money t... Continue Reading

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