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Re: 2014-2015 hockey season....SPOILERS...scores/game results.....

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Rangers/Pens Game 5 Congrats to our guys for making this a short series. They played Ranger hockey most of this game, but seem to lose it at times. I sure hope Zuc doesn't have a broken jaw or something too serious to continue playing in this post season. He is a big factor to this team and cannot be replaced. I watched a Red Wings player take a shot in the game that I had DVR'd and watched last night, and I know he left the game right away and did not return. No blood that I could see and that usually is an indication of the puck hitting him flat, as opposed to with the 1" edge of the puck... Continue Reading


Re: Is there a link between Genetically modified babies and transgender children?

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Is there a link between Genetically modified babies and transgender children? LucyGoose, I haven't a clue what the above sentence even means. Continue Reading


Re: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

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On 4/23/2015 adelle38 said: I'd say he got off easy. adelle38 I can think of a person(s) that has and is doing much worse things and thumbing the nose at the law, and has been doing it for going on 3 decades now. And the nose thumber(s) have never put on a uniform to protect anyone in this country. You got your "above opinion", and mine is the paragraph above this sentence. Continue Reading


Re: Hawaii set to pass new smoking bill

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On 4/24/2015 hyacinth003 said: The bill is ready to go to the governor to be signed. It would be the first state to raise the smoking age to 21. They say 90% of people start smoking by age 19. Opponents say that you can fight for your country at age 18, but can't buy cigarettes under this law. I remember when that got the vote to age 18! The new bill includes fines for under age 21. Hyacinth hyacinth003 Sounds great, but like many other bill that becomes law, it is only as good as it's enforcement. I don't know if they still have cigarette machines because I don't pay that much attention w... Continue Reading


Re: I desperately need labs done but doctor is refusing?!

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Get all your medical records, including all procedures you have had done in the past, from that doctor and find another one. Don't waste anymore time with a doctor that refuses anything, within reason, that you request. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Know Anyone

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I've been accused of that right here on this BB. While I do talk a lot about myself, it generally is prefacing when I am trying to pass on something in my life's experiences. Yes, I know 2 guys very well that would ask "hey john, how ya doing now that you are out of the hospital", only to quickly move on to something about themselves. Also had a guy I considered a close friend do this to me after my close to a month in the hospital. I listened to his problems and then he said " I gotta run, I'll get in touch with you later"! That was in June of 2008, and I am still waiting to here from him. ... Continue Reading


Re: what are you expert in?

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Hi tansy, Nope not even that subject. Learned a lot for sure, but far from being an expert. Hey, thanks for your thoughts. Continue Reading


Re: If you love deli meats . . .

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Hi Ford1224, When in the 8th grade, our Principal Nun at the school thought it a good idea to have our class visit 1 of our several Packing Houses. Now this is where the meat processes start, which was watching a live animal be killed, and following step by step the process. Several classmates got physically sick long before our "tour" of this facility was finished. Maybe this, later in my life, was an influencing factor in why I decided to eliminate all meats from my eating programs. Was a day I will never forget for sure. Continue Reading


Re: what are you expert in?

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I don't claim to be "an expert" at anything. Continue Reading

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