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Re: OMG! Just turned on QVC. That Printer is only $80?

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Pretty good price but QVC charges me state tax and that runs it up higher than I can buy it elsewhere. I actually pretty much stick with Canon. I bought my present on on Black Friday way over a year ago. It came with 5 individual ink tanks, which is the only way I will buy a printer, and a package with different types of Canon Paper also. I paid a total of $69 delivered to my door. Now this one is also a Fax Machine(4 in 1)and I have used it many times. Easy on ink and I bought 10 replacement tanks for $34 and with me printing mostly in "ink saving mode", that will last me for years. Even tho... Continue Reading


Re: WOW! It's been forever since I've posted (3yrs ago)

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On 7/22/2014 5Mls2M-T said: hckynut, funny you should say as I DEFINITELY remember you!!! I remember MinkBunny, Circles, Ipod (or something close).... Now that I started calliing nics the others escape me.......Oh and Sunala (I think)....... Hckynut, I remember you are an older man (60ish) and a few years ago you were ill...Glad to see you are still in the "community".... Hi 5Mls2M-T, Maybe since I am one of the few males I am more easily remembered. I know it couldn't be because of my very short posts. Yep, now I am an "old man" of 75 and doing better than I was when I was that "60ish".... Continue Reading


Re: Posting activity

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Could be because so many now use so many "nics" people like myself would like to know who the OP really might be. Strange question from someone with such a minimal amount of posts, but then I know there are "readers", and then there are people like myself that cannot talk/type enough. Been here a long time and this is nothing new. What some see as "great threads" others see as "duds". Just sayin! Continue Reading


Re: Davenport??

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My family has used all the names you mention and a few others. Continue Reading


Re: WOW! It's been forever since I've posted (3yrs ago)

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Can't say that I recognize your "nic", but glad to hear you have found something to make your life more happy during your absence. I've been around here for over 14 years now and just can't remember this nic. Continue Reading


Re: 20 minutes later . . . too late to cancel an order

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I think because of this technological age once something is input into "the system" it takes much more to get it cancelled. I've had this happen to me a couple of times on other venues, but I understand the computer age and its complications that come with having everything being "instant". Now with smaller companies that have no "distributors" other than their business location I have been successful in canceling something even later in the process. Big to me equals more problems and one need look no further than the biggest of the big to see what happens when there are too many involved in ... Continue Reading


Re: Friends hurtful comments (how to ignore?)

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I don't choose to "ignore" and I don't care if I've known them since my birth 75 years ago. My way of what you call "ignoring", as I say in about every thread similar to this is, "speak up". Don't felinefoot around, tell her exactly what is bothering you in plain understandable and unmistakable words. Why some choose to be on any of those social media websites escapes me, but to each their own. Now if FB is the source of the problem? Solution for me would be pretty simple, after I first "spoke up", and then eliminated that source. Just because 2 people are "best friends" does not mean their m... Continue Reading


Re: DESTROYING a Network / What happened to TRUTV?

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On 7/22/2014 Caravaggio said: Trials should not be on TV and the Pistorius case is in South Africa which proves this network is just looking for the sensational not actual US law. Do you know any media source that doesn't look for the sensational? I can remember the "good old days" when they didn't have to interrupt a program to tell me "the governor just had a potty break". Now every media source "has to be the 1st to report" any and everything, some networks before they even have it fact checked. Facts? Hey, they don't mean a thing as long as we are first at reporting it. Every media sourc... Continue Reading


Re: DESTROYING a Network / What happened to TRUTV?

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On 7/21/2014 HHC1 said: HLN brought in huge numbers from the last trials. I think when it came down to it, they just weren't a legal network.....C'mon, they had the perfect set up. They pulled huge ratings from daytime trial coverage and then increased their audience at night by making the trial the subject of their night time line up. Now I did DVR all the shows including the night time ones and I loved watching and listening to the night shows after watching the trial of that day. It's a shame that this is no longer done and I think it will take a major cable network player to get into tha... Continue Reading

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