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Re: DISH Network

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Just so some who replied know. I do watch other news channels but my primary and preferential choice is Fox News. What others think of it is up to them and their choice. I have always been a person that likes to here all sides, the right side/the other side and the side in the middle. I didn't want to make this a plug for or against Fox News, just letting others know about what is going on with Dish customers and this network. And CNN was back on within 3 weeks when Turner Broadcasting Network was negotiating a contract with Dish Network. I don't know how many stations were included, but only... Continue Reading


Re: Transferring pictures from the Samsung Galaxy 21X camera to a laptop

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On 12/21/2014 benzgirl said: Thanks ladies. But with this camera you don't have to plug anything into the laptop. The camera and the laptop communicate with each other just by being in the same proximity. Sounds easy, right? Lol. I think you are talking transfer via Wi-Fi which is wireless. I suggest if you want the easier way? Do as the ladies suggested and that is via USB, which is called a hard wire connection. All cameras are not the same procedure when talking Wi-Fi, but via USB they are all pretty much the same. If you don't want to do it thru USB you may have to wait for husband to be ... Continue Reading


Re: DISH Network

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On 12/21/2014 patbz said: John call them and ask for a discount, I did with the Turner thing and got a 3 month partial discount. I called them last week as soon as I saw Fox running the notice about Dish dropping them soon. Went online also to fill out the petition about this. I am going to get a $20 per month discount for 6 months, unless I decide to drop them. Today was the first time I have called them in 11 years where I had a 20 minute wait time, even on Sundays. They said they are overloaded with calls from their unhappy Fox Network watching customers. I would think it is a bluff, but I... Continue Reading


Re: Issue Again with My Neighbor

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DARING GREATLY While I know it is not easy to do it the way I suggested, I have found over my lifetime that for me that is the only way that this will work. I am pretty much known as a giving person, but I never allow anyone outside of my family to control any aspect of my life. And this includes my Adult Hockey League which I have ran now for 52 years. Have had to make some decision regarding friends in connection with my hockey league rules and unfortunately it cost me their friendships. I have rules of how I want the game to be played and "anyone/everyone", friend or no friend, has to ab... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have any news on Lisa

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On 12/21/2014 Preds said: On 12/21/2014 hckynut said: What happened to Lisa? She has moved on to bigger and hopefully better things John! Hi Preds, Thank you for the reply. I really don't watch QVC anymore. Seems like the other couple shopping networks have more of the things in which I am interested. Say Electronics! Wish Lisa well in her new adventures. Continue Reading


Re: A study about Dr. Oz: less than half of his claims are backed up by science

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A study about Dr. Oz: less than half of his claims are backed up by science But they say 97% of "select scientists" believe in Global Warming, opps, Climate Change. I ain't one that replies completely on science because way too many of them can be, and are, what you say "bought". Continue Reading


Re: DISH Network

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On 12/21/2014 anon said: DirecTV is better anyway. I've had DirecTV in the past and there is a reason I went to Dish Network. When I know more than the Tech people I am speaking with? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have any news on Lisa

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What happened to Lisa? Continue Reading


DISH Network

Last Reply by MaggieToo 1419245200.847 | Started by hckynut in Viewpoints

They done it, they dropped Fox News. Said they are negotiating and they are getting tons of calls from disgruntled customers. When they dropped Turner Networks it lasted 3 weeks. I will wait 3 weeks and if they ain't got Fox News back? Hello DirecTV for me. Continue Reading


Re: Ham, Turkey, Prime Rib, Lamb, Lobster, etc. etc....Tell Me About Your "Holiday Meal"!!

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My meal? Probably some brown rice along with a nice salad and a big glass of milk. Continue Reading

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