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Re: Tony Stewart to Race on Sunday 8/31

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On 8/28/2014 cody said: Thank you for that information John. I wasn't aware of how easily he could be replaced. I really don't know much about racing, which is obvious here. My intent was to point out that not many folks could just take off work after an on the job accident which I believe this was. O/T, how is that baby boxer doing? You and Cindy are just the BEST to give those pups a chance to find a forever home. Bless you both! Hi cody, At times some sports get pretty complicated and unless one follows them regularly it is easy to get lost in all the many rules and regulations. And my ... Continue Reading


Re: when you start a thread,

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On 8/28/2014 Justice4all said: How do you start a thread? Open one of the forums, say Viewpoints. Look around the area where this one says "New Reply". There would will see where it says "New Discussion". Click on that and "there ya go". Continue Reading


Re: The Real in Reality

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On 8/28/2014 voyager1980 said: Hmm So they poof but don't know why. Hi voyager1980 There was more to their e-mail. I did not put everything that was said about my thread in my prior reply. To sum it up it pretty much said that some threads are more prone to go "south" than others and thus are deleted. That I understand, as I have seen many of them go that direction, some of which I was a party for the reason it got deleted. Continue Reading


Re: when you start a thread,

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On 8/28/2014 sylviahomeatlast said: do you like to keep in touch with those who reply? I sort of feel as if it is part of the conversation to reply --- or do you simply drop off the topic and move on? Most of the time, depending on the topic of the thread and the number of replies, I try to keep in touch with those that responded or asked questions about the thread. I am one that believes that if someone starts a thread asking a question, it is only good manners to reply to those that take the time to try to answer them for you. No way I simply drop them. Never have and never will. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers now in a coma

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On 8/28/2014 twopeas said: A few weeks ago I almost had to have an endoscopy done. I did not want it and fortunately did not have to go through with it. They assured me that the anesthetic used is simply a "twilight". I wonder if Joan would have had the cardiac and respiratory issue if she had been at home or at work and not going through any procedure. Perhaps it was coincidental? With all of the surgeries she has had, it's hard to imagine that something so minor (in comparison to..) would cause this. I just love Joan and am praying for her full recovery. When I was diagnosed with Barrett's... Continue Reading


Re: Tony Stewart to Race on Sunday 8/31

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On 8/28/2014 cody said: If I had had an on-the-job accident while working...I wouldn't have been able to take a year off because of it. Who would? He has sponsors and a crew. What happens to them while he takes off work? While I am glad Tony is going to drive here is what I think would have happened had he or Nascar decided he would not drive for the rest of this season. When drivers are injured it is common for them to pick another driver to take over the car for it's sponsors and it's crew. Many times a regular driver is even replaced when they race on a Road Course. I've seen them get dri... Continue Reading


Re: I pad not charging

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We use Android systems but I have lost count of how many bad cords my wife has replaced. Continue Reading


Re: The Real in Reality

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On 8/28/2014 sophiamarie said: Did they explain why they deleted your original post??? It would be interesting to know their reasoning. The person sending me the e-mail said this: " We reviewed the thread and were unable to determine why the thread was deleted." "The thread has since been undeleted". Continue Reading


Re: Tony Stewart to Race on Sunday 8/31

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I am glad to hear this news. Tony will never forget what happened and will carry that burden with him as long as he is alive. Hopefully this will not change his way of driving in the Sprint Cup races even though I am more of a fan of the way "Gentleman Bill Elliott" used to drive in his prime than Tony's style of driving. Think this is a positive for Nascar also. Continue Reading


Re: The Real in Reality

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This is a copy of what I put in my "amazes me" thread also. Thanks to the QVC team for undeleting my original post after I e-mailed them asking why it was deleted. They responded very quickly to my request and I want to thank them and also let others know that they do listen. Continue Reading

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