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Re: 2014-2015 hockey season....SPOILERS...scores/game results.....

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Hi Donna, Yes I saw both of the plays that you mentioned and the one on JT Miller should have been attempt to injure which would include a game misconduct a major 5 minute penalty and a review by the league office. The hit on Zuc major five minute penalty for boarding and also match penalty, which would include missing the Jets next game. I am getting so fed up watching these officials during these games. It is really hard for me to enjoy the games because of all the inconsistencies with what they call and what they do not call. I cannot even imagine how the players would know what is and wha... Continue Reading


Re: Why would this be?? Every friend I had in high school, has had knee replacement,

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rina33, Why the obsession with step-ups? Not many things worse than uncontrolled step-ups, except maybe Torn major knee ligiments. I always needed strong quads, as those are the primary muscles you for playing ice hockey. I had tons of exercises to work the quads that were safe and controlled. Never could figure why so many chose to punish their knees when these things were marketed. My Physical Therapist friend said they brought him a whole lot of business when they were "the IN thing". Continue Reading


Re: Sleep Study

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I have had 6 sleep studies. They were originally done to check my Oxygen Saturation levels while sleeping. This was after suffering Aspiration Pneumonia with my first heart attack. 3 studies came back positive for mild sleep apnea and 3 came back negative for sleep apnea. Used an Oxygen Concentrator for 6 months after my bout with thjs deadly type of pneumonia. Further testing showed I was maintaining sufficient Oxygen Saturation levels when sleeping. Have not used any machine for years now. Continue Reading


Re: Boycott growing!

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I don't see boycotts being good regardless of a perception. 2 can read the same words and come away with a totally different understanding. To me? This might be 1 of them. Continue Reading


Re: Premier PC Support - Ryan

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dooBdoo, how bout you report me as inappropriate and maybe webbie will remove this stuff. Can't report a thread unless you know how to do it. Continue Reading


Re: Do you think a pilot that has a mental illness should lose his job?

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brii, How about a subway or a Greyhound bus with the identical type of driver/pilot? Continue Reading


Re: Mc Donald's testing all day breakfast

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I hope they are successful. I think there are millions like myself where "the time of day" is not a factor in what I choose to eat. Pasta in the morning a waffle for dinner, my body does not react or over-react to what time of the day certain foods enter it's digestive tract. I do not eat fast foods, but I like seeing all busineses succeed! Continue Reading


Re: Do you think a pilot that has a mental illness should lose his job?

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Generally speaking? No. There are millions in the USA that have a mental illness, and a large percentage of them are treated and living happy and successful lives. I include myself in those numbers and am not ashamed/embarrassed or apologetic to admit it. I take regular medications/have regular visits with my doctor and as I have said on this and other forums many times: "I will always consider myself as recovering, but never will I say I am cured". How about Bus Drivers/Subway Operators/Train Engineers? I could go on and on. All mental illnesses ARE NOT the same, just like all knee injuries ... Continue Reading


Re: Recovering from hip surgery is a long hard road

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emmysmom, Unfortuately my injury was not from an accident. My wife and I were members of a Sports Club and they were having a Coed Broom Ball game on the ice after 1 of our Pro team'game. It was for fun and also for a charity. You use a soccer size ball and brooms and each mixed gender team tries to put the ball past a goalie in the opponents net. At that time, in the 1980's, I had played ice hockey for many years, thus was a very good skater. Guess 1 guy on the opposing didn't like that. I am skating with the ball on my broom and was going to pass it over to my so she could try to score a go... Continue Reading

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