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Re: Joan Rivers proves once again she will say anything

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Comedians get away with a lot of things because they say it is considered "comedy", and I use that term loosely. Others can say the same things public and they would hear a lot of not so nice adjectives thrown their way. Some might even be arrested go to court for slander. Another thing that I know from living it "with old age one can say more things and get away with it" than some in younger age brackets. Have always been a tell it like I see it person, but I try to at least use some common sense if saying things some may not like to hear. Continue Reading


Re: Very public marriage proposals

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On 4/23/2014 Jannabelle said: What do you think of them? I was watching a video of some that went wrong, the girl ran away, poor guys, but why did they have to surprise her in public? It seems like it should be a private thing to me....your thoughts? I think they are ridiculous and done only by someone that wants attention. Wonder if any follow-ups are done on if the actually got married or it was all a commercial hoax? If not a hoax, data on how long their marriage lasted. Seems like many nowadays want to have their "minutes on the screen" so to speak and any way they can get it. JMO of cou... Continue Reading


Re: Terrier3, about my cat....and anyone else who may have some ideas?

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On 4/23/2014 kittymomNC said: I didn't know if you saw my last post - I had not realized you were asking because I had said I was up at 3:00 am with a sick cat-LOL. I've posted about her on other threads. She is 16 and has had kidney disease for 3 years, with twice a week fluid treatments and as much special diet food as I can get her to eat. She now may have some dementia and was on a med for that which "may" have caused an episode that took us to the emergency vet this last Sat. am. Her kidney numbers have started going up in the last 6 weeks, and we've upped her fluids to 3X a week. It's a... Continue Reading


Re: So Now It's Forbidden

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On 4/23/2014 KittyLouWhoToo said: to discuss beautiful people? What's up with that? Guess they don't want me talking about the beautiful ladies I've met here. :-) Continue Reading


Re: Relationship advice please.

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I must be missing something here. I have been anemic and treated and still need treatment regularly. B-12 shots/blood transfusions and Iron Infusions to name a few of the treatments on a regular basis. I ain't quite getting why anemia and some neuropathy and thyroid problems has you "home bound 90% at 48 years old". Maybe I am missing something here but I can tell you I have a whole lot more health issues going on that the ones mentioned about and I am not home bound and I will be 75 in less than 2 months. I didn't read your whole post because I couldn't get past being home bound with these t... Continue Reading


Re: I'm getting new but want to transfer only some files

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Check this link out it may help you. Transfering Files windows-7 Continue Reading


Re: There's a software update ready for download.

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Don't get this thread at all. Just a statement or a question? Continue Reading


Re: Does everyone buy screen protector/covers ...

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I don't even know what they are, but then again a cell phone to me is more like a clock for me than a telephone. It's major use for me is to know the exact time of the day to make sure in coordinates with that of the ice rink. At $3.65 per minute ain't no way we aren't going to be on the same exact time. Continue Reading


Re: Do I Need An HDMI Cable For My DVD Player

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On 4/23/2014 jordan2 said: I went to Best Buy today to buy a couple of HDMI cables (I bought a sound bar too). Instead of wasting time I asked a worker where I could find them. He takes me to a room where they have the REALLY high end tvs, the cables there were $60 and $100! I said that I didn't want to spend that much and was told you didn't need expensive cables. He said those people don't know what they are talking about and if you want to have to replace them in 3 months, that's up to you. He then showed me some lesser priced cables. He showed me $10 ones and felt like he was mocking me. ... Continue Reading


Re: Do I Need An HDMI Cable For My DVD Player

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On 4/22/2014 jordan2 said: I just purchased a Samsung 50" HD TV and was wondering if I need an HDMI cable to hook up my DVD player? The player is not new. Do you need a special DVD player for HD tv, or doesn't anyone buy DVD anymore, but purchase Blue-Ray players? If your DVD player has an HDMI output it is much better to use just 1 cable, which is this one. If you use any other type of connection to your HDTV you will also have to run and "audio cable or cables" depending on the type of Audio "outputs on your DVD player" and also on the type of "Audio Inputs" on your HDTV. Most all new TV ... Continue Reading

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