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Re: HSN on Comcast -You have trouble changing the channel...

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On 7/28/2014 Cookie06 said: I live in Washington state and in the area I live we have Comcast as our cable/internet provider. I am so sick of being on the HSN channel and when you try to change the channel you can't, the order screen comes up or you simply can't change it to a different channel. I have never had this problem with QVC. Anyone else have this problem? Eventually you can change it, but not the way you should be able to. I am going to write to Comcast and complain. That is the only thing I can think of to do???? My guess is there is a setting in the Comcast Receiver or DVR or ... Continue Reading


Re: A frivolous curiosity....

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On 7/28/2014 Jules5280 said: For those of you that have dogs and/or cats, do they follow you to the bathroom? It was a thought I was pondering this morning because mine does, and so did the dog I had before, so I figured I cannot be alone. My puppy is quite humorous, even if she is sleeping or otherwise occupied, once she sees me get up to use the bathroom she follows me. Sometimes she is satisfied to know where I am and leaves, but other times she wants to stay there with me, and I have to tell her to get out. In the morning when I shower, she is constantly checking on me, sticking her head ... Continue Reading


Re: Bose speaker for use as additional car speaker???

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On 7/28/2014 VolvoGirl said: What would you be sending to the Bose mini? I have a Bose mini too. Like from your iPhone, iPod or tablet or from the car radio? I'm new with it too so I may be all wet. But if you want to play from your device I think your device will only send to 1 place, either to the Bose or your car speakers. Hi VolvoGirl I can understand playing a device through a vehicle audio systems but I don't understand wanting a speaker to add to a systems that probably already might be a 4/5 speaker system. Adding a speaker that does nothing but reproduce monophonic sound don't mak... Continue Reading


Re: Resistance Band Users

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On 7/28/2014 HonnyBrown said: I use them alongside of my weights, so I do them on on alternate days. hckynut, question: why would you use resistance for stretching? Or are you talking stretching like a cool down or Pilates? Hi HonnyBrown I might have worded my reply incorrectly. I don't suggest, or use it myself, resistance of any type for stretching. The stretching I am talking about is the type that everyone should do for the flexibility of the muscles that are in constant use just by standing, some even when sitting. Most are on the rear side of the body starting with the cervical area ... Continue Reading


Re: Used Shoes...Do you Ever Buy Them?

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Hi Sunny, I bought hundreds of pairs of running shoes during my running days and I still am wearing some of them. Running shoes I quit using to train or to race when then reached the 500 mile usage, some sooner some a bit later, but all pretty close to the 500 miles. Many of them look like brand new and the only thing missing from them is the original cushioning and maybe a lit of stability in the heel counters caused by pronation. Other than that they are perfect for wearing around and for any movement that does not involve continual physical impact with the ground or treadmill or whatever... Continue Reading


Re: Things I've kept for sentimental value

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Most of what my mother left that was of any dollar value went to my 3 older sisters and that was by agreement with all 4 of us. What I kept was only a couple things she used to wear regularly and that to me has more value than any amount of $$$$. Continue Reading


Re: Accumulating greeting cards

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All this is an individual thing. Some like keeping things saying they are important to them. Others like to think everything is important to them, and by this point in your life I would think you know yourself well enough to make this decision. Everyone is different and one only need watch a few minutes of a "hoarding show" to see how different people can be when it comes to keeping things. Continue Reading


Re: A ? about thank you cards

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If in doubt I am sure he will do what it thinks is best. If he feels like he wants to sent a TY card? To me that is up to him to decide not anyone else. Continue Reading


Re: My new diet has solved many problems but created some new issues

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I've quit a lot of things and have had "kickback" on almost all of them, including smoking. It is more a mental than a physical issue, unless your body is not getting all the nutrients needed to function properly. I would like to assume that if you are working with a dietician or nutritionist that this would not be the reason. My suggestion is to deal with it like you do any other craving that you quit for whatever reason. I use different mental methods of dealing with things that "I think" I might want, but I really do not need them. Sure, this is easy for me to say, but it was not quite as ... Continue Reading


Re: Resistance Band Users

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On 7/28/2014 Wink said: I recently purchased resistance bands to use on days when I don't go to the gym. But now I'm wondering how often I should use them. I go to the gym and do weights usually Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. There are some weeks that I don't get there on Friday and I was going to substitute the bands for the weights. My question is, do you treat resistance bands the same way as weights? I don't do weights on back to back days, but is that true with the bands? If I do weights on Monday and then the bands on Tuesdays is that overworking those muscles? Looking for some input so... Continue Reading

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