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Re: NFL Doesn't Need the Help Anymore...

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Always wondered why the National Hockey League blacks out games here in Nebraska when they are being played on the East Coast. Still ain't got a straight answer from anyone connected to the NHL or my satellite provider. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a role model ?

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I did, but she died in 1969. It was/is my mother. Continue Reading


Re: This forum used to be bustling with activity.

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It hasn't changed. Been around here for over 14 years and there have always been slower times with fewer threads. Now that there is a specific forum for about any and everything, Viewpoints doesn't have quite the same activity it did when there were on 6 total Forums here. Seems pretty much the same to me other than many deciding they need multiple "nics", for some strange reason. Continue Reading



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What did you do to help the situation? Did you get a license plate number or the phone number of the teen? I don't do any walking outside but for necessities. I do all of my walking on one of our treadmills. Do walk the Boxers that my wife is fostering while she is at work. Were I to walk on streets or roads I would carry 2 things with me, and 1 of them would be a cell phone ant the other? I will only say it can go "bang, bang" if trouble arises. Would have been able to call 911 and I certainly would have and if the guy drove off? I would have his plate number he he could be in some serious t... Continue Reading


Re: Cell phones in public places

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I can't remember the last time I talked on my cell phone. If I remember correctly it was to call the power company when our power went out, and that was months ago. Since then I have dug out my old phone that plugs right into a phone wall jack now I don't even need my cell phone. People that talk/text incessantly on cell phones have an addiction and some day they may come around to realizing it. Maybe even before they have to join CPA and take the steps necessary to relearn, how to live life without something they were not born with, attached to their ears and fingers. Continue Reading


Re: stealing Halloween decor

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Anyone coming on my property close to anything of value, will be looking down the ------ of something on which they are on the wrong end. I doubt it would take much more, especially for teens looking for some kicks. Continue Reading


Re: The Big House Break In

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Doesn't surprise me at all. And an unlocked door to boot! Has anyone been fired by this administration, in any department? Continue Reading


Re: New modem makes a difference

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On 9/30/2014 glb613 said: I bought a Motorola Surfboard SB6121. I did a speed test and I'm getting 30 mbps download and 6 mbps upload. And here I feel like I am in heaven when I went from 1.5mbps to 7mbps download and .80mbps uploads. The 1.5 was the max available for my area for several years now. I think some time soon I may be able to get 12mbps download speed, but I ain't gonna hold my breath. And Centurylink has TV ads showing 1gbps download speeds. I wonder who gets those and how much it costs for it. Continue Reading


Re: Comcast tech help . . . HELP!

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Hi Ford1224, As one that has worked with and on electronics since my teens, I understand what it takes to move some of the components to get to the cables. To me this is about as ridiculous and inexcusable as it can get with any company with which a person does regular business. If they are having a Network type of problem they should certainly know that before they start having people moving around heavy components. Way too many electronic component companies seem to love to make it harder for the customer to work on them. Why else would they put "black words on black products"? Most of th... Continue Reading


Re: Do You Take Out Protection Plans For Your Electronics

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Do You Take Out Protection Plans For Your Electronics The only "protection plans" I've ever taken out in my life are on the many new cars that I ordered. Most came with only 1 year warranties, and since I sell all of them myself, having a remaining warranty on them always makes them much easier to sell. Through in low mileage and excellent condition and I've never had a problem selling any of them for the price I have wanted. While I've bought electronics since the 1950's, many of them things most here probably didn't know existed, I have never, ever purchased an extended warranty on any o... Continue Reading

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