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Re: Automated telephone customer service

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Clover29, I've gotten calls with male voices like what you have explained. They have been some type of sales speel, or some type of survey. Now I do answer survey calls by live people, depending on the topic. But a robotic incoming call? Nope Continue Reading


Re: 29 yr. old policewoman killed in Omaha

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She was buried yesterday with a huge ceremony that included thousands of people lining the 7 mile drive from church to cemetary. They stood on the streets for hours, in pouring rain, to honor this fallen Police Officer. Officer Kerrie Orozco, REST IN PEACE ______________E.T.A. I found out today THAT Church that protests at funerals of fallen soldiers tried to do it here. They were completely walled off from evev seeing the funeral procession by a large group called "The Patriots", and not to long after they left. A BIG THANK YOU to those involved with that Patriot Organization. Continue Reading


Re: Automated telephone customer service

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Optiions: Press 1 or say yes. I think to speak with a real person option is about 5 minutes later with the robots, and I don't usually listen that long. Continue Reading


Re: Automated telephone customer service

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Thank you for your reply. Most robots I deal with via telephone give me the choice of "say yes, or press 1". I always choose the "press" option. Continue Reading


Re: Kristie Alley

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I have always seen her as a beauiful lady, and I also thought her name was Kirstie. Continue Reading


Re: Automated telephone customer service

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I missed your point, please expound. Continue Reading


Re: Self-Improvement tips... important for self-growth :)

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I am way too far gone for self improvement tips. Think I have maxed on my time for self improvement. Besides, I kinda like myself just the way I am Aw, aw! Think I here the word narcissist in the backround. Continue Reading


Re: Attorney Defends DC Murder Suspect on Today Show

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I saw that attorney on a couple different shows last week. He was going on and on about how good a man this suspected murderer is and always has been. He said he represented him in some of his other 8, or whatever the number, of criminal charges. He appears to me to be, somewhat like myself, a blowhard that wants to make himself relevant in the Legal Defense World. Now while I may be a blowhard, I don't say someone with a long criminal rap sheet, is a nice and gentle man. Continue Reading


Re: Jon Stewart - Runs a Program for Vets...

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Believe or not, Jon and Bill O' Reilly had at least 1 debate, that I know of, to raise money for the veterans. I have a feeling that even though their political views are 180 apart, they are friends. I have seen both of them on each others cable shows. Both of these men are great when it comes to helping veterans. Continue Reading


Re: 2014-2015 hockey season....SPOILERS...scores/game results.....

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"redwingsgal", You mention a Lightning fan wearing an Yzerman jersey. Steve Yzerman is the Vice President and General Manager of the Lightning, and I think he was a big part in putting this team together, piece by piece. This fan might be showing his gratitude to Yzerman for putting together such a good team for the fans to watch. Pretty sure he played his whole NHL career with the Wings didn't he. Some history from my little hockey town. Gordie Howe started his Pro Hockey career right here in our city with the USHL Omaha Knights. I saw him play many of those home games. Another Wings great a... Continue Reading

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