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Re: Cat that has 10 lives

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Outdoor-Indoor Felines life expectancy? 3 years. Indoor only felines life expectancy? 13 years! Some humans do not deserve the love given them by these animals. Continue Reading


Re: Back up cameras in new cars, (and other new features).

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The more that is done FOR the driver? Could it mean even less focus on the task on hand, which should be driving? I prefer relying less on technology, and some call me a techno-geek, and more on my driving experiences. Most all electronics fail and it is seldom known when. Continue Reading


Re: 2014-2015 hockey season....SPOILERS...scores/game results.....

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My Rangers deserved better. They played their usual uptempo game, but got beat that night by a better team.The Islanders are a team to be reckoned with. Continue Reading


Re: Yes folks, doctors do go on strike.

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Some of my doctor friends and relàtives were given a choice. Become an employee of "corporation" or? Most of them are now affiliated with different hospitals. Three of them moved to other cities to practice, 2 of these doctors are ER doctors. The others moved there practices to other local hospitals. That is about all I know about this, but a "Union" was never mentioned by any of them. Continue Reading


Re: I'd appreciate your prayers and good thoughts

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Our thoughts are with you and your husband. Update if possible. I care. Continue Reading


Re: Any First Hand Experiences with Stitches (Sutures)?

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HonnyBrown, Playing and being a Ref in hockey all my adult life equals lots of cuts, and worse. Lost track of number of surgeries and invasive procedures, many of which required opening me up. Many were long before disolving stitches any many I removed myself. Sounds like a "BIG OUCH", but the mental part of being out of commission were much more painful for me. Hope things have worked out for you by now. Continue Reading


Re: Nervous Breakdown?

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Hooty, I have had some "not so nice" comments aimed my way pertaining to these illnesses. Like most negative things said to me or about me, I try my best to ignore them and also consider the source of the comments, Lucky? I prefer thinking it is because of my life experiences. Continue Reading


Re: Everything you type is recorded. Even if you don’t post.

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I don't know if this or fact or fiction. And to be truthful I don't really care. I try to concern myself only with things over which I have control, and this is not one of them.If there are those that want to read everything I type? I say, "have at it"! Continue Reading


Re: Nice People!

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What a great post to read.There are many nice and good hearted people in this world, and I am thankful that I have met many of them during my lifetime. Continue Reading

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