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Re: Did you have cataract surgery?

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Yes, both eyes about 2 months apart a few years ago. For my left eye I decided on a Multi-Focal lens(iol)and for my right eye I went with the standard Mono-Focal lens. Cost extra for the Multi lens but now I no longer need to wear glasses for anything and I had been wearing tri-focals for over 25 years. Continue Reading


Re: Daughter just got engaged........

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On 4/18/2014 tashy said: I am happy for her, BUT I really wish they would use their senses and have a small wedding, just immediate family. My husband and I have paid for all her degrees, she has three. We helped furnish her apt,help her moved twice,we are just tired. They are getting $2000.00 as a gift. I am hoping she realize they don't have that type of money for a big wedding. I am going to sit back and keep my mouth shut, maybe reality will wake them up when the see how much this stuff going to cost. Go to the courthouse and have a reception later. Most of the people will be from his sid... Continue Reading


Re: Pain Management

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On 4/18/2014 happy housewife said: It sounds as though your PCP did the right thing and sent you to a vascular surgeon to have the problem treated - pain clinics are for people who have incurable chronic and severe pain. They are not for people who have treatable conditions. Pain Clinics can be for anyone not just those with chronic pain. As I've said here numerous times my nephew is an Anesthesiologist and he owns 5 Pain Clinics. He owns 2 in our city/one in a city about 30 miles from my home/1 in California and 1 in South Korea. He went to Cardiology school for 3 years and decided to chang... Continue Reading


Re: Total gym users, be careful!

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On 4/18/2014 skuggles said: I bought it several years ago, and I think I had to purchase Rosalie's tape separately. I followed it after I "learned" it by heart. No problems. I outgrew the machine in about six months and it has been sitting in a closet ever since. A gym membership has been a far better investment for me. Outgrew it? Never heard that one before. Have had my TG 2000 for well over 20+ years and I will never outgrow it. I don't know about the newer models, but on my TG 2000 I can put a bar through the sled and add steel or plastic weights to it for more resistance. Depending on t... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone following this disturbing story

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On 4/18/2014 Clover29 said: On 4/17/2014 aprilskies said: That was just a sad story. Poor babies. I am glad she got a high bond. She doesn't belong on the streets. She needs mental help and hope she gets it. She's not a danger to the public. Naw! Why would anyone think she would harm a BIG person. Everyone that kills someone else doesn't mean they would ever be a danger to anyone else in public. Same with the ones that kill in the schools, they only had certain targets so why lock them up when the pubic at large would be perfectly safe? Continue Reading



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Tony Little Micropedic. Tried tons of them and this one is by far the best for our family. Continue Reading


Re: Why do you like posting here?

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Why do you like posting here? I enjoy it. What's not to like about learning about others experiences in life and sharing some of your own with them? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone following this disturbing story

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I saw some of it on HLN but they really haven't gotten much more info that I have seen. Like many that spoke on the show I was watching, I think there are more people involved in this, what I see as a coverup, than they are telling us. Don't see any way that without the help of someone this woman could disguise that many pregnancies and nobody knowing about it, especially her older children. Decades ago this type of story would be hard for me to believe, but in this era of time? There will or are probably worse stories that is not known(yet)by the public. Sickening is the first thought in my ... Continue Reading


Re: NY Rangers!!! SPOILERS.... game results/scores

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Rangers/Flyers: Other than the first few minutes the Rangers completely controlled every aspect of this game. Offensive/Defensive and the Neutral Zone. Hank finally got a night off in a big game and was pretty much an on-ice spectator for the best part of the last 2 periods. Once again as mentioned here before, if special teams are on top of their game that team will be very hard to beat. Throw in all 4 lines that can play good hockey? That makes for a winning combo for sure. Congrats for such an outstanding game Rangers. Now it is on to game #2. Continue Reading


Re: Total gym users, be careful!

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On 4/17/2014 di-mc said: OK, I'm now convinced my Total Gym is out to get me! After my incident the other day when my foot got caught, I had another painful experience tonight. I figured I learned my lesson and realized I had to be very careful when changing lines, etc. Well, tonight I was using the wing bar and doing the exercise where you put your feet between the upper and lower parts of the bar and extend out and using your legs pull yourself towards the stand. I did a number of them, then tried to get off the board. My hair got caught! If my husband wasn't close by, I'd have been stuck f... Continue Reading

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