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Re: Giants Parade

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What's this parade about? Continue Reading


Re: Do you believe that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth?

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Do you believe that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth? Might have during my heavy drinking days. I believed I saw a lot of things that most others didn't see. Since I gave up that habit(addiction, take your pick)I haven't seen anything that I couldn't touch/see or smell. And that includes when even under heavy local sedation's. Nope, do not believe it. Continue Reading


Re: Wedding Gift Etiquette

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It this is not her 1st wedding, and she is a cousin with which you "are not very close"? I know what I would give and it would be nothing for either reason or a combination of both. But remember, this is a male perspective and I don't know many males that make these types of decisions. These things are usually made by their SO or wife. Continue Reading


Re: Anoyone have this happen after cataract surgery?

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No problem like that after my left eye, which I chose to have a Multi-focal iol lens, nor right eye, which is a Mono-focal iol lens. Continue Reading


Re: Are You Wearing a Costume Today?

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Are You Wearing a Costume Today? My wife I sometimes refers to it as costume. I however see it as my every day look. It is a "homeless man", as she likes to call it. Continue Reading


Re: Trying to Avoid Total Knee Replacement

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Trying to Avoid Total Knee Replacement Why? Continue Reading


Re: just a real quick question

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I have no idea what you said. Continue Reading


Re: Sciatica?

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On 10/30/2014 dulwich said:(1) Thank you all Ladies this has been so helpful. I am(2) seeing Dr On Monday and we do have several good physio-therapists here in our small town. Your advice is gratefully received as I have been staggering around in agony your comments have been helpful. dulwich, (1)-I am a male and you are welcome. (2)- Until the source is found a "physio-therapists" cannot address the exact cause, thus cannot address the correct process needed to help a problem. Know several in this field and none of them do any Physical Therapy without a written prescription of the proble... Continue Reading


Re: Do you find this photo of Bethenny Frankel shocking?

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Do you find this photo of Bethenny Frankel shocking? Hi minky, No I do not. I ran many road races, including full 26.2 mile marathon races. I looked similar to that in a male body, and lot of the female runners did not look much different. Body weight, be it real light or real heavy, is not an indicator of good or bad health nor excellent or bad physical fitness. A picture says nothing to me about ones overall health or physical fitness level. Continue Reading


Re: Ebola Test

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On 10/30/2014 toodles11 said: I was wondering if you had to have symptoms for the ebola test to show positive. Do they even know? We have so few hospitals that are ready to deal with ebola right now, it just seems better to take precautions until they have training and know what they are doing. Doctors Without Borders does lots of training. Shouldn't we? Fortunately I live in the city where 2 of the Ebola patients have come and gone. Were I to have any doubt? Spent time there having multiple double balloon enteroscopies for colon bleeding. That would be the ER that would be my first stop. Continue Reading

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