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Re: Ha! Spider on Antonella's set!!!

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OMG, such a cute pix...like the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet. I dislike spiders too! The other day I woke up to a small one on my bed next to me. I wonder why my cats didn't get it first! Continue Reading


Re: I just ordered a Joan River's pin...

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I ordered a couple of things from TSC in Canada to remember Joan: her "Do it now" scarf and the baby bee enamel bracelet. I received the bracelet today and it's a lovely pastel line bracelet, very dainty too. I'm still awaiting the scarf. I wore her ladybug enamel bracelet the day of her memorial service and I've been wearing her watches every day. Canadians adored Joan too, she was a regular visitor to TSC for 18 years. I wish we had the great selection of bees that you ladies do. I was going to order her Russian egg bracelet but it sold out so I've decided to get her white gardenia enamel b... Continue Reading


Re: Joan Tributes

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On 9/9/2014 hopeQ1 said: On 9/5/2014 HiLo said: I noticed that a mourner on one of the other sites was remembering Joan Rivers by planting a tree in Israel. If not that, maybe the best thing you could do to pay her tribute is to support Israel. Aren't you getting a bit carried away? Do you do this for everyone you know that passes? I think many people on these threads are carried away with their so called "grief" for Joan are only so involved because she is a celebrity, and because she was on QVC. Doubt you would feel the same way about any other celebrity if you didn't know much about them ... Continue Reading


Re: White silicone watch strap yellowing

In All About Accessories 1410249206.25

Yup, white silicone on anything is hard to keep clean. ever notice how dirty looking Braun electric toothbrush handles get? They have silicone wrapped handles to prevent slippage. Continue Reading


Re: What I really loved about Joan Rivers...

In Jewelry Talk 1410248832.907

On 9/7/2014 depglass said: Funny isn't it, that she had more money than all the QVC hosts combined and yet she wore her own stuff. Hosts, you could take a lesson here. Lower yourself to wear the QVC items you are selling to us. Yup! Seems like it would be common sense too. Continue Reading


Re: What I really loved about Joan Rivers...

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Joan was a smart and savvy business person and she clearly liked her own clothing and jewelry line as she wore it and was photographed wearing her own stuff. She lasted at QVC for nearly 25 years and at QVC for 18 years. How many other celebs or vendors of any kind could say the same? She didn't have to wear her own line or use her own beauty products. Other vendors could learn a lot from her, not only her work ethic but how she treats the people who she worked with. How many vendors including celebs look unprepared like they've never seen the item they are selling before? Not Joan, she knew ... Continue Reading


Re: QVC LIVE FEED on your computer

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Try a different browser than Internet Explorer would be my suggestion. Continue Reading


Re: QVC if you are revamping the ceo here are some suggestions

In Suggestion Box 1410247438.337

My only suggestion. Ship to Canada again. Why give the only shopping channel already in Canada, TSC, a total monopoly in TV shopping? Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still have/watch a black and white TV?

In Viewpoints 1410247238.99

No black and white tv here. I used to have a small one that you could plug into a cigarette lighter to watch in the car if you could get reception with rabbit ears. I still have a 13 inch box color tv that I'll keep until it dies, it has better color than my small flat panel tv. Continue Reading


Re: Always Wondered Why David Letterman....

In Fashion Talk 1410246912.843

David Letterman and fashion are words I wouldn't expect to see in the same sentence. I did chuckle at his tribute to Joan Rivers because he was surprised that Joan sold clothes and jewelry on QVC....he had no idea! Just like a guy, I thought.... Someone who probably has never watched QVC and likely someone who hates shopping! Ha! Continue Reading

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