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Re: Evine sent me a 'HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY' email.....

In Beauty Banter 1430569784.89

Wow.... Well EVINE is a 5 letter word for CHEAP! Continue Reading


Re: O/T: THIS is fashion?

In Beauty Banter 1430568883.23

The G.I.L.I. skirt looks like it was made from a mesh laundry bag. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Martin as new GILI creative director - what do you think?

In Fashion Talk 1430564356.507

Sorry but the G.I.L.I. skirt that looks like it was made out of a mesh laundry bag was riding up on the models and it did not fit them well as saddlebags were emphasized. The tank top looks like shapewear, not clothing that you can wear under a jacket. You could also tell that it was not sewn well as the rippled neckline and front seams were obvious. Jill is trying but she has little to work with. Those G.I.L.I. clothes are awful. Continue Reading


Re: Does it seem strange that vendors are surprised when they see their items on air?

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I think it's a sign of a lazy vendor, yes, a lazy vendor when they do not know what they are selling. They are not prepared and it shows. Continue Reading


Re: Aimee Kestenburg

In All About Handbags 1430524529.603

I own 2 of the Aimee Kestenberg bags. While they are OK, they aren't something that I would repurchase in a different color. I own the black bag that's the same as A236369, but I bought from a bricks and mortar store's website. The suede is not colorfast (as is most suede) and the strap developed hairline cracks along the painted edges of the cross body strap at the top of the shoulder likely due to the weight of the filled bag. This would not be a bag that you would want to wear if it's raining. http://www.qvc.com/Aimee-Kestenberg-Pebble-Leather-Flap-Crossbody.product.A236369.html?sc=A23636... Continue Reading


Re: where is the program guide?

In Q Did What? 1430523527.503

All of these QVC home page changes have to do with making their home page Google mobile friendly to optimize their search engine rankings with google. Try googling "google mobile friendly" to read all the details of what's involved. Desktop friendly doesn't matter anymore as people move away from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices like tablets and phones. But why QVC has such an ugly format that is not intuitive or simple to use and that involves more clicks is beyond me. They aren't selling ads on their website so the number of click throughs is irrelevant to their website sales.... Continue Reading


Re: I'm done with Target......

In Fashion Talk 1430373825.357

I posted further up this thread about the real Lilly Pulitzer linen pants that look like PJs that I saw at Winners in Canada. Well they also got a second pair in a better color (blue, green, and white lighthouses print) that looked very beachy and a week later they got marked down from $29.99 to $23 CDN. So I decided to buy them as they fit well. (The pink and green pair in the same size were too short in the rise). So I showed my sister the pants as I had already told her about the Target fiasco and how I had seen the real deal pants at Winners. She joked that "you aren't going to wear them ... Continue Reading


Re: How Do I Get the Insider?

In WEN 1430352973.207

Thanks for the link to the Insider magazine. I just want to read it since I am not currently buying from QVC. I'm interested in reading some of the articles about the vendors as some of the same vendors sell in Canada on TSC. Even when QVC shipped to Canada, I seldom bought a TSV unless it was a cosmetics one. I personally think it's bizaare that QVC limits the distribution of their ezine given that they must use a lot of resources to put it together. Continue Reading


Re: They changed the website again? And are we appreciated?

In Q Did What? 1430351880.157

On 4/29/2015 SHOPR said: On 4/29/2015 kittymomNC said: Well, I finally found one place where it says "Watch Live" that will work - all the way at the bottom on the left - if I'm on the Home Page, I have to click on either Todays Special Value, and scroll down, or on New Arrivals or Hot Picks or Items on Air... but I always have to scroll down to the bottom of the list on the left to get to Quick Links. There is "watch live" that I can click on and actually watch live! It's just added more steps to things that were so quick to get to from the home page. And I still don't understand why none of... Continue Reading


Re: Where is the 'Items Recently on Air' category ?

In Q Did What? 1430332804.053

QVC's redesign is not intuitive at all. Their redesign is to satisfy google and make it mobile friendly so that they don't lose their place in the search rankings when a potential customer does a google search for stuff sold on QVC. Thus all the hidden menus and click throughs to actually surf the QVC site. Google has enough power that they are pretty much strong arming websites to change over their websites from desktop friendly to only mobile friendly or the websites will lose their rankings in search or even won't show up in search. Continue Reading

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