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Re: Sephora's 26 Days Of Meh

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The last time I bought something from Sephora it was to use a $15 promo on a $50 purchase and that was a couple of weeks ago so I bought two fragrance rollerballs, one a Tory Burch one and the other a Burberry Brit Sheer one. They were the last ones in stock too. I dislike going into their stores now as the sales people swoop down like crows going for a meal! Oh and they wanted me to do an email survey afterwards about their service. I dumped that email like it was spam. Continue Reading


Re: new holiday bags anyone...?

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I have a Soprano handbag from TSC that is my Christmas gift, I picked it out and let my husband know that it's from him. As he doesn't like shopping as much as I do and he would have no idea of what handbag I want, that suited him just fine. It's sold out now as the bag was on sale. I put it in a gift bag and won't open it until Christmas! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Security tag still on Kohls purchase

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I check for those sensor tags too. One time American Eagle left a sensor tag on a Christmas gift...a sweater that was a gift for my daughter and I didn't discover it until it was near Christmas. So I had to hammer it off and luckily it came off easily. It wasn't one of those ink sensors either or else I would have had to wait until after Christmas to go back to the store and have it removed. Continue Reading


Re: When will Dr. Denese have a special?

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Being in Canada, I don't buy from QVC anymore unless I want something and have it shipped to a relative in the U.S. Sorry but I used to like Dr Denese but I'm not willing to jump through hoops to buy her stuff. The Dr Denese stuff on the Canadian Amazon is outrageous in price. A Guthy Renker infomercial certainly would likely also have a Canadian version just like the Perricone one or the Proactiv one so it would be to my benefit if her company does go the infomercial route. QVC no longer ships to Canada and Dr Denese was one of the few products that I bought especially the Daily Defense Crea... Continue Reading


Re: worst christmas present

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I don't recall getting any bad Christmas presents. I do remember my mom getting a gag gift from someone at her bridge club -- this was when I was a child -- she got a box of chocolate covered ants. I mean really? Continue Reading


Re: OT - Order History Missing?

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Yes, QVC seems to have started to regularly purge older order histories but it seems haphazard as everything from 2012 - 2009 is gone, 2008 is there, everything from 2007 and before is gone. One of my last orders was a 6oz. tube of Dr Denese SPF Daily Defense Cream which she usually brings to QVC twice a year and that's missing from 2012 order history. I think QVC probably corrupted some database and can't restore some of the newer order histories. Oh, and one of the items from 2008 that's in my order history is a Michael Phelps Olympic t shirt...I bought that for my daughter back in the day.... Continue Reading



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Credit cards and debit cards in Canada regularly have the chip. As to RFID, many companies do have the Pay Pass up here too although I will not use the tap and pay method. The RFID sleeves are pretty cheap, I've seen them at the drug stores for about $2.00. I keep my cards in those sleeves and I also have an RFID wallet too. I don't think you have to pay a lot of money for RFID sleeves or an RFID wallet either. Continue Reading


Re: Buying clothes in 2015: What will you do differently?

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For me, 2014 was the year of the skinny jeans or slim leg jeans. I plan on continuing wearing skinny jeans in 2015. I have put all of my bootcut jeans away for now. As to other clothing, I don't plan on doing anything different next year. I like jeans with a pretty top, one with floaty sleeves in the spring or summer. As I have photographed my wardrobe since 2009 I can pull up my Adobe starter album to see what I have and what I've given away or thrown out in 2014. I think one thing I need to do more is to try on my tops each season as some were too tight or became too small (showing back fat... Continue Reading


Re: 50+ ladies- Will you rock a RED holiday lip this season?

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No, I don't care for red lipsticks and I prefer to use a dusty rose or berry shade of lipstick. Continue Reading


Re: Review of Tweak-d shampoo

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I bought and tried the purple can of Tweaked. Meh. I dislike the strong scent and it didn't help with retaining color at the roots. I have not tried WEN and am not interested in doing so, I have tried the cleansing conditioners from Pantene and Herbal Essence and they don't spare my hair color at the roots either. I've even tried just using warm water to wash my hair and that seems to help somewhat. I wouldn't repurchase Tweaked and I've used Ojon before. Continue Reading

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