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Clarks Artisan Copper Sage pumps

Started by TY in Clarks 1417151395.493

After looking for the Clarks Artisan Copper Sage pumps in the leopard print for more than a year, I finally found a pair in Canada at a Ronson's outlet store in a size 8.5M. I read the reviews for the identical shoe that QVC used to sell, A236951 so I knew I had to size up half a size as the shoe tends to run narrow according to the reviews. I tried on the size 8M and 8.5M and I agree that the shoe runs narrow. I do like the kitten heel as I can't wear a very high heel anymore. The black Friday sales here in Canada started today in some stores and earlier this week as well (we have Canadian T... Continue Reading


Re: A259270 Dooney & Bourke Highland Holiday Satchel

In Dooney & Bourke 1416809814.537

I like the red plaid but since it's designed so the plaid is on the bias (both colors) it would look better if the plaid was symmetrical in both directions so that it doesn't look off kilter when placed on the bias. Red plaid seems to be a favorite this holiday season, I see red plaid in shirts, pjs, and scarves but I think this is the first red plaid handbag I've seen! Continue Reading


Re: I was diagnosed with a eye condition called Blepharitis

In Beauty Banter 1416792377.27

Paula Begoun leaves out fragrances and coloring from her skin care products so the OP may want to look also at any other skin care, eye makeup or hair care products to see if there are any other ingredients including fragrances that could be irritating to her eye area. Continue Reading


Re: How many jackets will you buy when the body is one fabric and the sleeves another?

In Fashion Talk 1416730300.983

On 11/22/2014 tototwo said: Zero. I also don't understand the leggings/pants that are leatherette in front and knit in back. Who wears those??!! I actually own a pair of those kinds of black slim pants, they are faux leather in the front and a matte ponte di roma knit in the back. They are pull on with a wide waistband and they are a dressy looking alternative to skinny jeans. I would only wear them with a tunic top though and I did wear them already with a nice color blocked polyester georgette top. The pants fit well, aren't too tight fitting or revealing and they are comfortable standing... Continue Reading


Re: Shipping rose overnight

In Fashion Talk 1416711396.15

QVC makes a lot of money on shipping. I agree that it's likely a way to pad the 4th quarter bottom line as most people don't notice slight increases in shipping prices. Raise the per unit average price of the item and then raise the per unit average shipping costs to increase the bottom line. But it sure adds up. QVC still has better prices on Joan Rivers clothing and jewelry than TSC in Canada though even with the exchange rate, you are getting a better deal on her stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if there is another price increase after the new year rolls around too. Continue Reading


Re: no Dooneys for the Queen

In All About Handbags 1416710987.193

The U.K. Daily Mail regularly writes about the Queen's wardrobe including the brand of handbag she carries. Here are links to 2 recent articles: Continue Reading


Re: Tin foil over credit cards works just as well as the purses/wallets

In All About Handbags 1416640164.013

Aluminum foil will rip easily so I have those cheap aluminum foil lined paper cardboard sleeves that you can insert your credit card in. Most credit and debit cards have chips in them if they are issued in Canada as nearly all retailers have chip readers now. Continue Reading


Re: How many jackets will you buy when the body is one fabric and the sleeves another?

In Fashion Talk 1416639976.91

I have 2 mixed media jackets. One is a blue denim jacket with black faux leather sleeves and the other is a winter weight quilted black faux leather jacket with black knit fabric insets at the side panels of the waist and the underarm of the sleeves. The knit fabric pills so the jacket would have been a lot more useful if it was all faux leather. The denim jacket is just fine and it's a fall or spring jacket but not a summer or winter one. Continue Reading


Re: Eternity Scarves, Pro or Con?

In Fashion Talk 1416287036.55

I do like eternity scarves but only when they can comfortably wound around twice and not be bulky. I have even taken some regular scarves and sewn my own eternity scarf by sewing the ends of the scarf together. If you are talking about the I.M. TSV scarf, it looks nice but not for that price plus shipping. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Shopping Research Drives Black Friday openings! Is this you?

In Fashion Talk 1416220370.537

I made the mistake of going to a local mall on Sunday. In Canada the malls wait until after Remembrance Day (same day as Veterans Day) to start decorating the mall including the Santa village. Santa is at the mall now and so are the shoppers. Our Thanksgiving is in October so there's not the stress of cooking a big holiday dinner like the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday has but stores and online retailers here participate in the black Friday hoopla too! I have cut back on gift giving so I don't feel like I have to buy anything just because of the black Friday or cyber Monday sales. Continue Reading

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