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Re: O/T Question to those that shower/shampoo in the evening

In Beauty Banter 1422430556.403

I don't think it's an odd question. Sometimes I will have night sweats if I have forgotten to take my HRT meds. Also this winter I hauled out my down and feather duvet and because the weather this January has turned warm, I'm finding it too hot in the middle of the night and it's making me sweat. I'm just about to put it away for the season as I don't think that the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, B.C. area will be seeing a lot of winter cold temperatures at night for the rest of the winter. It's been a fairly mild winter and even Sunday and Monday were sunny and warm. I was able to take my ... Continue Reading


Re: Too many 24-Hour Events

In Q Did What? 1422429959.707

I like beauty, but won't watch cooking shows, gardening shows, or marathon jewelry shows and I won't look closely at those items either. I feel sorry for the customers who are bombarded with Kitchenaid and Vitamix shows...all on the same day..ugh! Continue Reading


Re: Where is Aimee Kestenberg?

In All About Handbags 1422429612.857

On 1/27/2015 mommy2nia said: my sister lives in Canada and said that aimee is selling out all the time on TSC.. not sure why you dont think they are selling? regarding QVC, i just saw 2 new shows from her last week. i believe new purses are coming soon! Aimee's bags that sold out were marked down a couple of times, a showstopper bag that she had took a year before all the inventory was gone. I also read the reviews and while she may have sold bags, I also think enough get returned because the customer isn't satisfied with them in some way. The bags with the fabric snake print are the last ... Continue Reading


Re: Where is Aimee Kestenberg?

In All About Handbags 1422344095.987

No idea, but Aimee is an infrequent vendor on TSC in Canada and she was on air last week in Canada. I don't think that her handbags are selling well in Canada as some inventory has been marked down a couple of times. The reviews on TSC are mixed. I saw one cute evening bag style that I thought was cute until I read the reviews about the red bag bleeding color. I have one of her clutch bags with a removable crossbody strap that could use a redesign as the strap will become undone as the lobster claw clasp is easily pushed open by a non-removable leather tassel zipper pull that is too bulky. Continue Reading


Re: anyone else enjoying Joan Rivers collection today?

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1422342354.393

I didn't watch the shows but I have had my eye on a Joan Rivers quilted faux leather jacket A258346 as the price is nice and I like the Chanel style moto jacket with jeans. Since I'm in Canada and QVC doesn't ship to Canada anymore, I bought the same jacket from TSC in Canada since it's on sale and I can get it 20% off with their promo code. Even so it's about 20% higher in price than QVC. TSC doesn't ship to the U.S. either. I used to buy a lot of Joan Rivers clothes and readers when QVC shipped to Canada as the price spread was and is so large between the two companies on regular priced Joa... Continue Reading


Re: Melissa files lawsuit over Joan's death

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1422341422.6

Yup, I read the article. Joan Rivers received appalling medical care, IMO. I hope Melissa takes the clinic, the owners of the clinic, and the 5 doctors involved to the cleaners. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Graff On HSN

In Beauty Banter 1422296431.62

Dr Graf used to be a vendor on TSC in Canada a long time ago, probably more than 10 years ago and I read that she's coming back to TSC so I took a look at the online videoclips. Yup, another vendor doc with extensive cosmetic procedures. I wonder if she thinks the lab coat makes her seem more authorative? Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1422269660.163

On 1/23/2015 stevieb said: Interesting that this thread should resurface, probably as part of the robo-troll hitting the boards earlier in the week, but timely nonetheless, based on the apparent decision to retool and rethink 'togather' announced earlier this week... I'll stand by my earlier assessment that it's largely superfluous drivel that would only make sense if a larger pool of products were being highlighted. They aren't and it doesn't... But yes, of course, let's give it's champion even more room to mess things up... Sounds like QVC dumped their Canadian customers for no real reason... Continue Reading


Re: Wardrobe All-Stars vs. Wardrobe Benchwarmers

In Fashion Talk 1422218987.94

My benchwarmer jeans have changed this past year and a half as I put away my bootcut jeans and I'm only wearing skinny ones now. I'd love to say that they are all stars but I seldom wear black jeans because they are pet fur magnets. My all star tops in winter are animal print crossover, long sleeve ITY jersey knit tops. I have an assortment. All star shoes are black flats by Clarks and Hush Puppies, clogs and mules in bllack and.brown by Born, B.O.C., Naturalizer, and Hush Puppies. All my dresses are benchwarmers, I wore a dress once last year. Continue Reading


Re: The styling of Isaac's models

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1422185026.853

The overloading of accessories is a stylist trick to disguise ill fitting clothes. Continue Reading

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