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Given that the average rate of return for QVC purchases (and I imagine other shopping channels have similar rates of returns) is about 20%, I would imagine that not showing the inside of the bag at all or poorly showing the inside of the bag would not only impact the original amount of sales, but also impact the return rate too. When a bag in person doesn't match what you thought it was going to be it's likely to get returned. Bags are too expensive to settle for just an "OK" one when bought without being able to see it in person first. As you can tell my pet peeve is when vendors and hosts d... Continue Reading


Re: NeNe Leakes

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TSC in Canada apparently will have this RHOA as a vendor in August. Well, it should be interesting to see whether she does well or not. Some of the other HSN clothing vendors have been OK and some have been one hit wonders. Continue Reading


Re: NEW Maybelline Nude Eyeshadow Palette & Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation

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I bought the Maybelline eyeshadow palette just for the matte eyeshadows. I don't intend to use the glitter ones though. Continue Reading


Re: Tria before and after pic

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On 7/27/2014 PuppyBreath said: Yes, the Tria rep stated she uses the device. Therefore, she shouldn't have the very deep wrinkles/creases I see across her entire forehead when she raises her eyebrows, when making a statement. I couldn't take my eyes off them last night on the kick off of the TSV. I think someone has said something to her as she is doing it less often. But, they are VERY pronounced for someone so young. That issue alone makes me a total non-believer in this system. I noticed her forehead lines too, at least you can tell she isn't using Botox there. Some people are just prone ... Continue Reading


Re: Tria before and after pic

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OK, so I watched the videoclip for the Tria laser TSV A262023 and I do think that the vendor Ereka Vetrini looks like she does have melasma. I suspect that it's also exacerbated by sun exposure as her chest area looks a bit red and sunburned, I would guess she was outdoors without enough facial protection. Melasma is hard to treat and hard to get rid of and sun exposure, even incidental can trigger that unwanted brown pigment especially on the upper lip area. Summers are probably the worst. But the posters in this thread do have a good point in asking if the Tria laser can trigger or make mel... Continue Reading


Re: It's Friday, Beauties. What did you purchase this past week ending 7/25/14?

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3 glitter nail polishes on sale, one is by Revlon, the other 2 by Sally Hansen. 1 Annabelle graphite gray twist up eyeliner pencil. A Jergens self tanner foam -- no smell at first but it definitely smells when the color develops. Continue Reading


Re: Do you feel prettier if you have cosmetics on that are top dollar?

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I like pretty things but I also know that highr prices don't mean a better product. I loathe being ambushed by pushy sales people at department store cosmetic counters and do my best to avoid them at bricks and mortar stores. I prefer to try new things but on my own terms so that means drug stores or the internet or Winners for my beauty products. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Sold Paula's Choice

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On 7/23/2014 rac71 said: It took me a while to find information about the company being sold. I first found Bertram Capital's posting that they invested in the company, but nothing about a corporate buyout or change in President or CEO. I then found this: It looks like Bertram Capital is now the majority shareholder, but it does not appear anyone intends to cheapen the brand. The added capital likely helps with R & D. It seems the company has done more formula impro... Continue Reading


Re: Who's got the time, skill, storage space, and $ for this type of Christmas decorating???

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Who's got the time, skill, storage space, and $ for this type of Christmas decorating??? Candy Spelling? Tori Spelling? Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1405985368.093

Christmas in July used to be only 1 day -- July 25 -- now it seems like it lasts at least a weekend if not a week with Christmas specials sprinkled throughout the week. It may only be 150 days+ until Christmas but I don't want to see any holiday stuff until after Halloween. Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Summer?!? Continue Reading

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