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Re: If Isaac Mizrahi sold his company to Excel Brands in 2011 who designs his clothes for QVC?

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You aren't the only one who gets the impression that I.M. has never seen some of the items before that he's presenting on air. He's someone who will put his name on anything...tissue, paper towels, yarn, dishes. Continue Reading


Re: Paula's Choice new blush/contour palette available

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The colors look nice but I doubt I would buy this right now as I have a couple of nice Physicians Formula BB bronzer and blush duos in both the light and light medium shades and they are fairly matte and not shimmery. The Paula's Choice one does look nice if you are looking for a useable makeup palette. Continue Reading


Re: Target

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It will be layoffs at their HQ for the most part. If you want to read about Target's disastrous entry and exit from Canada, just use google to search for news articles. Target will likely be leaving a lot of unpaid bills in Canada as their suppliers will likely only see pennies on the dollar. Target Canada never offered online shopping nor could you check for inventory to see if something was in stock in store. I won't miss them once they leave Canada for good but I do feel for the 17,000 employees who are losing their jobs. Continue Reading


Re: Jeans with holes

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I have a few pairs of distressed jeans bought on sale from Target and Winners. I've looked at some pairs and have seen some that have fabric patches sewn on the underside of the holes and vertical long zig zag lines to hold the holes together so that's what I did to mine so it looks frayed but no skin showing through. Continue Reading


Re: New GiLi bag Amy presented on new show......

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What a total design flaw to show those bags with stiff middle zips that don't lay flat against the bag. It was noticable on the camel version. Continue Reading


Re: Why is Amy wearing Vince Camuto Shoes?

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Peep toe shooties look cute if the peep toe is constructed properly -- those are not which is why the pitch of the shoe causes her toes to hang over the shoe end. I would have thought she would have worn those cute Clarks sandals she was selling. I don't think QVC sells distressed jeans either. I did think it was nice to mike the models when the GILI bag was being shown but there was an obvious design flaw in the triple entry bag as the middle zipper did not lay properly on the camel color bag. The zip ends stuck out like ear flaps! Continue Reading


Re: Guiliana has the TS tonight on HSN~

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Commenting on hair and hairstyles has always been a big part of Fashion Police. Jared Leto's long hair was fodder for FP. Joan Rivers used to also make fun of herself and one episode where Keri Hilson was a guest they did a b... stole my look with their own hair and Joan handed Keri an extension after unclipping it from her own hair. Giuliana has always been the straight foil for Joan, but it doesn't work so well now that she wants to be funny. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 2/27?

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I used up half a box of hair color as I do a root touch up every week. I went through my beauty stash and got rid of a bottle of Renpure Pomegranite co-wash and a bottle of Renpure argan oil shampoo and a matching conditioner. I don't like the scent of these products. Continue Reading


Re: Christie Brinkley skincare line premiere

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I read the derm behind the new line is Dr Doris Day (not the singer actress -- she just has the same name.) I'm pretty sure that Dr Day has had another skin care line on electronic tv. Christie must not be loyal to her derms as she did used to be associated with Dr Patricia Wexler's skin care line. Continue Reading


Re: Guiliana has the TS tonight on HSN~

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Maybe entertainment journalists should wonder why Zendaya is on the red carpet in the first place as she's never made a movie shown in theaters and doesn't have a movie in production or pre-production according to IMDB. I guess being a Disney princess or a DWTS alumni is enough to get an invite. Continue Reading

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