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Re: Horrendous prints/fabrics

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PJ bottoms disguised as capri pants? I guess if you want to wear PJ's in public, the TSV pants are a "good" start! Continue Reading


Re: End of season shopping

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I got back from the mall a short time ago and picked up a long sleeve ITY jersey pink and animal print tunic top with a drape neck from Hudson's Bay store. The size on the label said it was a petite large (brand is Peter Nygard) but I could tell this was a regular large and not a petite large, I think the wrong size label was sewn into the neckline. I also bought a clearance Maidenform bra at Target Canada (I own several of the same bra already) and tried on 2 of them in my size, one fit and the other was too small, again they had sewn in labels so I think that one was sized correctly and the... Continue Reading


Re: 15 years from now: what 2014 fashion trends will we look back & laugh or cringe at?

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Cheap rayon knit fabric that pills. Crazy looking engineered prints. Continue Reading


Re: Covered up

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For a beach coverup I would pick a non see through caftan top with a pair of capri pants. And I would also have a giant beach towel too for drying off and wrapping myself. Continue Reading


Re: I had a pair of unworn Sofft sandals start to fall apart on me today! :(

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I've been going through my shoes in boxes and I'm donating a few pairs of shoes that aren't comfortable as well as donating 2 pair of Sofft black shoes, the patent leather pumps are starting to peel on the sewn edge of the vamp on the left shoe and the patent leather slingbacks are "outgassing" like a carpet (the slingbacks were FFANY shoes from about 3 years ago) and I don't think that the odor is going to go away. I guess some shoes don't age well. Continue Reading


Re: What Did You Get From The Sephora Sale

In Beauty Banter 1397449677.61

Nothing here either. i went into the Sephora store and wanted to get the Pantone radiant orchid lip balm as I already own one that I paid full price for a couple of weeks ago, but nope, none available. As I was leaving the store a sales person was pulling down one of the giant posters that hung from the window display that was an ad for the Pantone radiant orchid makeup line so I would guess that Sephora won't be restocking them. Continue Reading


Re: I had a pair of unworn Sofft sandals start to fall apart on me today! :(

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On 4/13/2014 annabellethecat said: Yikes! I had that happen about 1 years ago with a pair of Clarks. Actually two pair fell apart on me but the worse ones were when I was getting out of my car going into the Dentist's office! The entire sole came from the top of the shoe! It looked like one of those clown shoes! I took it off until I got up to his office then slid my foot inside to the chair! I had all of these chores I was going to do but had to head home for more shoes. Then I was going through my shoes and found a pair of Clarks (again clogs) and pulled on them and they separated. Not as b... Continue Reading


Re: I had a pair of unworn Sofft sandals start to fall apart on me today! :(

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On 4/13/2014 Bird mama said: Wow, what a rip - Sofft shoes are not cheap ($) either. I'm pretty sure I paid more than $50 for the Sofft sandals too. I took a closer look at the solse and there wasn't just one hairline crack, there were two in the left shoe. I'm lucky that they didn't fall apart while I was walking in the park. I cut the straps off the sandals to save the pretty turquoise blue and lime green leather flowers sewn on the straps and turned one of the flowers into a purse charm this afternoon. I tossed the rest of the shoes into the trash. . Continue Reading


Re: How do you like the boyfriend cardigan's fit?

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1397423726.857

I decided to return the boyfriend cardigan and not re-order it in a size smaller because I think it is just to boxy of a fit for me as I have an hourglass figure. I do think the peony print is pretty though and I'm keeping the matching scarf. Continue Reading


Re: New store in town - Nordstrom Rack

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On 4/10/2014 Vamp said: On 4/9/2014 TY said: I love the Nordstrom Rack stores. Hopefully when Nordstrom opens in Vancouver, BC (probably won't be for at least another year or so) they will also consider bringing a Nordstrom Rack to the lower mainland area as the closest one in the U.S. is near Alderwood Mall north of Seattle. They should put one in the Seattle Premium Outlet mall in Marysville, WA too. I haven't been there in decades, but the Nordstrom Rack near Sea-Tac is the biggest one I have ever been in--tons of great stuff! I used to shop at the one in downtown Portland, OR all the ti... Continue Reading

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