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Re: Recent Email From QVC Sent in Error

In Q Did What?, Q News 1414563716.07

I'm glad that QVC has let their customers know via this board that they have sent out an email in error and that they have also sent out another email announcing the error as I deleted the first email thinking that it was spam and would have blocked the email address as well. Given that I'm in Canada and QVC hasn't shipped to Canada in nearly 2 years, the email was a surprise. Continue Reading


Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

In Jewelry Talk 1414371268.943

Before QVC stopped shipping to Canada I would buy the occasional Connemara marble Irish ring or pendant. The last piece of jewelry I bought from QVC was an amber stretch bracelet on clearance. I don't know how good or bad jewelry sales are on the Canadian shopping channel but they mostly sell overpriced silver and overpriced costume jewelry as they are trying to go upscale. I figure I don't need or want overpriced real or faux jewelry and only buy the occasional Joan Rivers watch when they are on sale. (Of course after Joan passed away I bought a couple of things as mementos). This year I bou... Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Drugstore Mascara?

In Beauty Banter 1413948609.013

I don't have a favorite, I used to like Covergirl NatureLuxe mascara (in the light apple green tube) but that's been discontinued. Continue Reading


Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

In Beauty Banter 1413948509.087

I'd say Renee has had her eyes done, upper lids for sure because she had hooded lids. I would guess that they may have even started to affect her vision as she's always had narrow eyelids. She's also let her brows grow in and lightened them so there's not a pronounced arch in her brows either. She has a higher forehead but it's hard to tell if that's from a forehead lift or if she has a receding hairline. Renee does look different but it's not an awful look by any means. Also print photos can be somewhat deceiving, I would wonder what she looks like on tv or film to see if the difference in h... Continue Reading


Re: Diane Gilman has sold 85,000 jeans today!

In Fashion Talk 1413707963.257

I notice that this thread started in July so it's hard to tell just what style number jeans the OP is talking about. I won't buy DG2 jeans anymore, there's just to much of a chance with the fit of her jeans and in Canada the customer who buy her clothing line from TSC get dinged by shipping charges and return fees if they return clothing without doing an exchange. Also exchanges are not possible if your size is sold out. It's just not worth the trouble as I can find nice jeans in bricks and mortar stores where I get to try the jeans on first and decide if they fit well or not. Continue Reading


Re: Report on Joan's death issued

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1413707513.807

These reports don't change my mind. I think Joan died from medical error and it was preventable. She didn't die of natural causes, she died because a medical procedure went terribly wrong and I do think it's the clinic's and doctors fault that she died. I hope Melissa does sue because I don't think she'll ever know the truth unless she does. That clinic and those doctors are in full CYA mode. Continue Reading


Re: How many eyeshadows do you all NEED ?

In Beauty Banter 1413707031.713

As pretty as eyeshadow palettes are, I generally only use 1 or 2 neutral shades of eyeshadow at a time. Palettes pretty much sit unused and after a while I end up throwing them out or giving them away. Continue Reading


Re: Nice job david with joan rivers line

In Fashion Talk 1413281260.523

I watched part of the shows on Monday and early Tuesday morning and I agree, David did a wonderful job and so did the hosts and models. Joan would have loved it! Continue Reading


Re: JR Quilted Faux Leather Jacket

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1413253956.62

I think that the quilted Joan Rivers faux leather jacket is lovely. It's a moto inspired Chanel style jacket and it nearly sold out on The Shopping Channel in Canada a couple of weeks ago. And QVC customers sure are getting a much better price, it's $60 U.S. vs $109 CDN..ouch! I didn't buy the jacket then or now but if it comes back and isn't waitlisted on QVC, I'm tempted to buy it and send it to a relative...that's how much I like it! Continue Reading


Re: ot/do shipping charges keep you from buying ?

In Beauty Banter 1413178815.34

Yes, shipping charges definitely affect my decisions because it's cheaper a lot of times to go to a bricks and mortar store to shop or look for a website with free shipping and free returns or websites where the customer can return an item in store. Continue Reading

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