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Re: Diane Gillman

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The last time Diane Gilman was on The Shopping Channel in Canada, she had a new representative assisting her and between those two women and the host, it was literally a one upmanship trainwreck tv. Diane never used to be unwatchable, but she's become so in the last year. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Aimee Kestenberg???

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Aimee Kestenberg just got married is likely why she's not on air on QVC. David Dangle, is on The Shopping Channel in Canada saying that he had to miss Aimee's wedding because he had to go to Canada for Joan Rivers shows. Did you know that Aimee designed the Joan Rivers leather handbag A251183 sold on QVC? Continue Reading


Re: shop til you drop! Beauties, what did you purchase this past week ending 8/22/14?

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Clothing wise I bought 4 Style & Co tops on clearance at Macy's. They were a great deal and much cheaper on clearance then the same brand at Hudson's Bay store in Canada. Two Revlon lipsticks in the color 619 Rose and Shine. A Sonia Kashuk sheer lip stick in fushia, an eyeshadow quad in taupe shades, and a brow pencil. Continue Reading


Re: What do you carry in your purses cosmetic bag?

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I also carry a narrow makeup bag as I don't want makeup staining the inside of my handbag. I have a lipstick, concealer, small brow pencil, small bottle of advil, a few toothpicks, breath spray, oil blotting sheets, nail file, and face powder in my makeup bag. Continue Reading


Re: Gucci Cosmetics

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The Gucci line of makeup is being made by Procter & Gamble. while the packaging is lovely, just how much different will the actual ingredients be from the Covergirl makeup which is also a P & G company? Charlotte Casiraghi will be the face of the Gucci makeup line, she's the beautiful older daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco. Charlotte has been the face of 3 fashion campaigns for Gucci already and she wears a lot of Gucci clothing and carries their handbags. I think she should quit smoking though if she wants to be a beauty brand ambassador as smoking is starting to age her face ... Continue Reading


Re: QVC's Beauty Customer Choice Awards nominees seems a bit odd.

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The beauty award is a marketing tool only and has about as much legitimacy as those beauty "clinical studies" do. The companies that makes the most money for QVC are the "nominees" picked by QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty vendors -Do you think they use models of the age that is their target audience?

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I notice that a lot of the Laura Geller powders have a lot of shimmer in them so perhaps they don't look to great on older skin with some lines or wrinkles. IT Cosmetics has both shimmer and matte makeup and the focus is anti-aging while my impression is that the Laura Geller line is a color cosmetics line. As to the Mally line, it's also my impression that it's a color cosmetic line that would use young models. I thought that Mally's was the best selline cosmetic line on QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Plastic microbeads

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The plastic or polyethylene microbeads don't dissolve or deteriorate and they are too small to be caught in the filters at sewage treatment plants so they end up on the riverbeds or seabeds and then the fish and other wildlife eat them thinking they are food so then they end up in the food supply chain from the bottom up is why some states will be banning plastic beads from cosmetic products but that won't start until about 2018 I read. Continue Reading


Re: Please post your fashion finds and details like we did last summer, Walmart, JCP, Macy's, etc.

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On 8/9/2014 Andreatoo said: On 8/8/2014 TY said: I bought some high waisted skinny denim jeans at Target Canada. In the Mossimo brand I have to size up to a size 16 in these (in most brands I wear a size 14) as they are geared to younger women. If you look online at the U.S. Target's website you'll see various high waisted skinny jeans and some high waisted junior sized demim leggings which I take a size 17 in them. As Target Canada does not have an e-commerce store, the selection of in store jeans is smaller but for $29.99 (same as the U.S. price) it's worth a look see as Target Canada got... Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Expert? Really?

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I think Jacqui Stafford is an OK vendor on TSC in Canada but it's hard to tell the sizing of the IM clothing because some of it is Isaac Mizrahi Live! and some of it is his pink label clothes which are sized smaller. The plus size model is a 12-14 and some of the pink label clothes don't fit her well because they are too small across the bustline, especially the jackets and some of the tops. It's hard to say how well this line is doing in Canada as it's been nearly a year that they've been a vendor and there's still stuff that hasn't sold in that amount of time and TSC does mark down clothes ... Continue Reading

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