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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 3/27?

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I actually used up a L'Oreal Tru Match concealer twist up pencil in the N 4-5 shade! I tossed out a couple of Covergirl mascaras as I regularly throw out mascaras that I'm using after 3 months. I also tossed out a couple of Body Shop lipsticks that became sticky. Continue Reading


Re: Founder of Orthoheel Stabbed to Death

In All About Shoes 1427522364.423

Totally sad to read this news. While I don't wear Orthoheel or Vionic shoes I do have some Orthoheel partial inserts that I bought when Orthoheel first came to Canada and Mr. Vasyli was the vendor. Continue Reading


Re: A254211 $699.00 Pathetic

In All About Handbags 1427522194.553

On 3/27/2015 kahootz said: What confuses me is this GILI handbag (A252216) that's now selling for $754!!! It started out at $577, then after Lisa left I think it was priced around $699. The price just keeps going up, I just don't get it! Do they think that since Lisa left these things will become more desirable and so they raise the prices? The irony is that QVC hasn't replaced the old videoclip with Lisa Robertson (which I watched) so you can easily see the old price and learn that only 300 bags were made of this item so that it's a limited edition or whatever QVC wants to call it. The vide... Continue Reading


Re: Prices of clothing (and other products) lately on Q has made me get off the couch &

In Fashion Talk 1427521674.587

I'm in Canada but I feel the same way and I pretty much stopped buying clothes off the internet and returned to bricks and mortar shopping for clothes for a couple of reasons: price (I'm good at scoping out deals), and fit (I can try on the clothes and decide if the item fits or not) and there's no returns or restocking fees or return postage to pay. Jeans and pants need to fit well and I am ready and willing to try on as many pairs as I need to find one that I like that fits well in store. I only order off the internet if I get free shipping to the store for pick-up and that's because I orde... Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Outrageous Price Increase

In Fashion Talk 1427443880.257

A252216 Remember the G.I.L.I. haircalf bag that Lisa Robertson presented when QVC did the whole red carpet show in Hollywood more than a year ago? In the videoclip the bag is $577.82 and I recall that the QVC viewers thought that was a very expensive bag. So now take a look at the price... now it's $754.00 and the shipping on this bag is $14.22. Really? Wow!$uslarge$&vid=y#vidPla... Continue Reading


Re: New GILI designer

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.I finally got a better look at the faux leather jacket A262717 as the video clip finally played (must have been server overload earlier in the day as probably everyone was trying to look at the clips from this hour) and all I can say is the jacket is worse than I thought. A262717 is just plain U.G.L.Y. and no amount of schmoozing by the Jills is going to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. The asymmetrical hemline is just plain weird looking. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI designer

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OK, for some reason none of the QVC videos will play very well, they will play for a few seconds and then stop no matter if I'm using a desktop or an ipad. But I did get a look at the jacket that's being mentioned A262717 and I'm sorry but it does not look attractive, period. It especially doesn't look good on the host Jill B. and I don't think she can carry off the peep toe shootie. She looks like a fish out of water in that get-up. I did watch the presentation for the skirt A263423 and the vendor Jill M. is just OK, nothing special about her presentation at all. Continue Reading


Re: Gili Show - hosted by Jill Bauer and guest Jill Martin???????????

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On 3/26/2015 misschristy said: I don't know who this Jill Martin is. Can anyone recommend a video to watch her in? She seems to generate a lot of negativity in the Community. You can see a QVC video of Jill Martin selling a vacuum on item V33106. Her other QVC products for the closet are on clearance too. Continue Reading


Re: Gili Show - hosted by Jill Bauer and guest Jill Martin???????????

In Fashion Talk 1427308678.39

I like Jill B. presenting the Joan Rivers clothing because it is a more conservative clothing line. G.I.L.I. is or is supposed to be a more cutting edge look, a rock and roll look for the jackets at least and the clothes, bags, and shoes just don't seem like something that Jill B. would wear at all. Jill M. dresses like she wants to be a Real housewife of NY on facebook but I just never bought into that she was a good vendor when she was selling her closet organizational decor (which was overpriced for what it was). I don't think anyone at QVC has that "It Girl" factor to carry on the G.I.L.I... Continue Reading


Re: do you keep handbags out of dust cover for storage?

In All About Handbags 1427306948.893

I keep my stored handbags in their dust bags or pillowcases so that there is no chance of any color transfer from one bag to another. Continue Reading

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